They Love Blood, Literally – Still Think Black Women Are Mentally Stable?


Yes, you just read and saw the above correctly. Don’t be one of these guys who says “nah, this can’t be real, it has to be fabricated” as you’d only be fooling yourself. I strictly notified you in Negro Wars that black women hadn’t bottomed out yet and that the worst of them was still yet to come. One of the main reasons why black women are still able to run so much game on so many brothers is because there are too many black men out here who like true suckers are always willing to give black women the benefit of the doubt.

Blood is the life-force of the body, when you begin messing around with it outside of where it’s supposed to be, that is now entering into some grade A witchcraft and sorcery. With stunts like this are you really surprised at the astronomical rates of abortion that take place within black female society? I keep on telling you that black women love blood, they are akin to vampires, however unlike Drakula unfortunately these black sirens can actually walk in the daylight and be unharmed.

Remember, these are the same women who will do anything to look like white women. I came across this photo on Facebook recently, looks like somebody has tapped into the weave/wig market and decided to combine those products with beanie hats into a fused package, take a look for yourselves:

Again, as I stated in Negro Wars black women love being exploited and there are merchants on every corner ready to place them on the merchandising chopping block especially your institutional church beast pastors.

Now, back to the blood situation, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if somebody upon seeing this devised a product based upon human blood and touted it towards black women as some sort of miracle hair growth formula. You and I know full well that black women would be lining up around the block to buy it as most black women simply aren’t that intelligent at all.

You see, unlike many black men anything extraordinary and outlandish that is linked to black women I take very seriously because I understand these black witches, know and fully comprehend that they are capable of anything and everything. We know that black women are leaving the church and now entering into witchcraft and sorcery, we see black women on the streets wearing the hair of non black women on their heads trying their utmost to look like Becky and Linda.

We’ve seen black women across in the US and in Kenya dumpster diving for weave, we’ve seen them get punched in the face and tacked to the ground by Asian store owners only for these same black females to return to those same stores, why wouldn’t they believe that putting period blood in their hair and on the scalp would lead to hair growth?

The stupidity, ignorance and the outright lack of intelligence demonstrated by most black women is a primary reason why free thinking black men have chosen to walk away from them as they recognise that such laggards and lummoxes can be a serious threat to one’s health and life in critical and dangerous times. Can you imagine the smell emanating from the woman’s head who chooses to engage in such a practice, and you have dudes out here who will still uphold and exalt these women as quality even though everybody can see that black women as a collective are 20 feet deep in muck and filth.

Continue to date out gentlemen, get those passports and keep that Wall up, as I’ve stated before black women will continue to sink deeper and deeper into the mire of degradation, therefore when they begin engaging in new forms of reprobation and degeneracy, we really shouldn’t be surprised as such behaviour as it is to be expected from them. The key to understanding the modern day black female is this, expect the unexpected.

Black women are mentally ill and there is nothing that the pro black female/black women first brigades can do to explain away their sickness of the mind, making excuses on the black witch’s behalf instead of confronting her deteriorating condition is doing her no favours whatsoever. I thought these pro black bootlickers claimed to care for their people, if this is the case then why is the mental health of the modern day black female being neglected by them?


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Blood Loving Black Females

Most High Bless

133 thoughts on “They Love Blood, Literally – Still Think Black Women Are Mentally Stable?

  1. This is sick Baba…my goodness, next they’ll be bathing in feces to grow their hair…do anything but maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and change their attitudes to decrease self-inflicted stress.

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  2. The mental disorder of being a narcissist. A narcissist, typically, develops when a young child develops an inferiority complex. —- During the first five years of a black female’s life she develops an inferiority complex about her hair and physical appearance. —- For the rest of their lives, black females will feel inferior about their physical appearance. — Males, of all races, can develop a sense of self based on money, education, or social status. Such male matters do not impact young boys early in life. — Females, however, have their physical appearance stamped upon them early in life. ————— Black women, as a group, are narcissists. The majority of black females suffer from mental disorders.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      “Black women as a group are narcissists. The majority of black females suffer from mental disorders”.

      Quote of the day right here. Cosign the rest of what you stated. Bottom line is these women are not right in the head, combine this with their narcissistic nature and things get very ugly and messy.

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    • Well said. BW are narcissists who are driven crazy by the fact that society doesn’t view them as desirable or attractive. They are willing to do anything to make themselves more desirable, dumpster dive for weed, acid baths to bleach their skin, and now using bodily waste in their hair.

      Keep the Wall up.

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  4. Yet people wonder why I don’t want the backward, primitive, superstitious scragggledaggle to be the mother of my future children. This is the same demographic that believe taking it in the ass will give them a bigger ass (I’ve actually heard them say this) as opposed to doing squats & lunges at the gym. They’ll buy any line of bullshit as long as it promises results without any serious effort or hard work (daggles hate hard work almost as much as they do personal accountability). I have a theory: Show me a primitive, “backward” culture and I will show you a culture that is either a matriarchy or was a matriarchy at one time.

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  5. Black women: Seriously, is there anything on Earth more vile? This story doesn’t surprise me one bit. In keeping with the black witch’s tradition of being led like oxen by the nose by white feminists, of course they’d be putting public heath at risk with their bodily fluids as they do. This is definitely witchcraft though. These are some seriously deprived and demonic women and that probably explains why #SYSBM guys are not attracted to them. I don’t believe black men have done anything in history bad enough to be cursed with these things as our counterparts. It is depressing and totally unfair. That is why I stopped being pro-black because I am not going to join in and criticize black men who date out and boost black women instead.
    The white man is the devil and the black woman is his mistress.
    Zero exceptions.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Remember, these are the same females who won’t hesitate to inject liquids that are meant for other purposes into their butt cheeks in the name of getting a bigger butt, but I thought that black women already came prepackaged with large butts. These are the same chicks who will let any and every man nut up in them and not clean themselves afterwards. The bottom line is black women as a group are unhygienic period.

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    • You mean the racist Jew and the Sunni Muslim who he banks for. Brad and Chad are distractions conviently placed so that Bi Bi can steal the West’s technology unnoticed. Do you honestly think the Progressives could have seized power in the 1840s and initiated ‘colonialism’ without somebody helping them?

      Look up Atheism+ and recall the links I sent you on the skeptic community.

      Do you really think these mental retards are capable of doing anything else except being a nuisance in people’s ears? They may be vile and disgusting yes, but judgement is being served on them and their alt right/incel hellspawn as I speak.

      Without the fuckup that was the Napoleonic era, do you really think Mohammed and Moshe would have gotten away with the World Wars, Communism and Fascism?

      The elites create the problems of Progressive ideology/white supremacy and the black hoe and unleash them upon their enemies before dropping the hammer on all opposition.

      Remember O’Connell’s videos. White supremacists and Progressives are nuisances yes, but like the Aztlan movement they are distractions designed to balkanize the West so that China and Israel can take over easily.

      Some idiot whining over Neo Nazis in a university, or a idiot fool looking for attention via trolling is not a genuine threat. They are examples of a failed education system and warnings of the dangers of post modernism, nothing more.

      The real threat is Saudi Israel and Bi Bi’s best bud Xi Jinping, and the City of London Muslim extremists running the world.

      When robots and AI take over who fucked up the West won’t mean shit.

      Black women and beta white males have served their purpose of destabilization and are being disposed of. If strong action is not taken against the other agents of the subverter our descendants will be working in gulags in Alaska cursing our names forever.

      The plan has always been to distract future resistance groups with controversal bit ultimately unimportant issues before implementing the one world caliphate. Unruly slaves acting up and fighting each other over the scraps Massa Moshe throws them are not a real threat.

      They can always be dealt with after the Neo Axis Belt and Road and the Sunni Muslim world domination plan has been defeated.

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      • No prob man. Just wanted to make things clear. Circlejerking idiots fighting each other for power and position are not a threat, they’re a circus. A fake issue designed to distract us from Belt and Road and the one world caliphate ruled by the AI Quantum supercomputer tribal moon god.

        There was a video game that came out called ‘Watchdogs’ which exposed the issue perfectly. Cyber power is key and who controls the computer, controls the world.

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      • The anime No Guns Life is essentially this type of world described in animation. It’s funny, how the Progressives and the incels can find time to fight each other yet cannot even find the time to look up information like this.

        They’ll all be dead or working in gulags when the hammer drops anyways, along with the Simps, thug Negroes and the black queen. Ah well. It’s not my problem.

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      • @Anton N And you’re right. I have been saying it for years that they have been pushing people to put their whole lives on computers for the day when they can erase a human being by hitting the “Delete” key. It’s just like 1984.

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      • Or the E Pandora Project from the Freezing manga. Beta white males and low level progressives are merely a means to a end for this goal. The plan is to have most of humanity locked away in smart cities where everything will be controlled and nothing will be private anymore.

        The channel ‘The Hated One’ explains what is going on much better than I could.

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  6. Something i forgot to say on Wednesday post NBA player Patrick Patterson called black chicks “bulldogs” and right on schedule they got upset, i was like huh bulldog was to nice i would said Hippo, water buffalo, cow, silver back gorilla, etc.

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  7. What the bloody hell is this? [no pun intended] These satanic brawds are seriously putting period blood in their hair now? Could you imagine the odor emanating from their heads? This is how crazy feminism makes a woman; the Jezebel spirit just gets stronger and stronger with the scraggle daggle. A few short months ago, I saw something where some daggle said she wears her vagina juices as a perfume; how disgusting can these brawds get? The first thought I had when I saw that is the same thought I now have as I read this: if these sirens think it’s okay to use period blood to stimulate hair growth, then they should be perfectly fine with R. Kelly peeing on a 15-year-old girl; I’m just saying.

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  8. First, as far as these weave beanie hats go, is this the daggle equivalent of the beanie baby craze of the 90s? As crazy as that was, at least the white people doing it had lofty, and sometimes noble gowns for it. They intended to use these admittedly money generating items to get rich or put their kids in college, where as daggles simply put other communities’ kids in college while their own starve just for this weave.

    As for the period blood, WTF?!!! Legit, which daggle tried this for the first time to test the hypothesis? Secondly, black women really are ultra feminists. Feminists so called support femininity, but actually disparage it. They’re the main ones taking normal female body functions and making them into something nasty. Thus, scraggle daggle now puts menstrual blood on her nappy bur head to make it grow. Really? Given their penchant for corpses, I’m waiting for them to use aborted fetuses as love potions to win back the hearts and dicks of Cold Chillin’, Lil’ Shit Stain, Sweet Baby Drey, and Big Black Chauncey.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’m not really surprised with anything coming from black women anymore, of course the simps will doubt that black women can and would engage in this kind of behaviour, however seeing as they’ve already clearly demonstrated their love for blood in other departments ie abortions as well as street fighting, why would anybody with common sense and intelligence be shocked, the love of blood is in the black female’s nature.

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  9. Wow! The more black women get weirder and weirder, the less options they’ll ever have due to their stupid ways. Who in the hell told them period blood works good on their hair? Don’t answer that, because I kind of know the answer. I swear black women got the biggest self-hatred in them, and I’m already at conclusions that black women loving being a whole another person than themselves. The weave/wig wearing, the color contacts, the injections they put in their bodies, skin bleaching, fake nails, color hair dying, and now period blood on their hair? Something tells me in the back of my head that I completely lost all attractions of black women. I’m sorry, but the black women is getting way out of their head with their weirdness.


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  10. As was said many times before:

    It’s a wrap for the Scraggle Daggle. Defective WELL BEYOND repair.


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    • While banging Japanese chicks. Do you see why I don’t focus on these idiotic Simps and alt righters and concentrate my efforts on exposing technology theft and the Sunni Muslim ‘globalist’ plot to balkanize the West so that the fake state of Israel and China can take over?

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  11. Verbs 2015.

    Black women’s obsession and need for weave to look like a fake looking becky white woman has reached apocalyptic levels. All I see in the streets of London is black women looking like manniquin clowns and they play with their weave like its their real hair smfh. 😂😂😂😂

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I see the same garbage bro, it’s sickening, yet these are the same sirens who will turn around and call us sellouts, uncle Toms and coons because we prefer to deal with feminine, functional, demure, submissive, cooperative, NATURAL, in shape, CHILD FREE women, smh.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I rather be with a childfree non black women who is natural with her Own Hair, rather then get with a fake knock off weaved headed black women who is desperately trying to be white that’s its really pathetic. This big time self hate at it’s purest form.

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  12. Damn, forget the BT-1000, black hoes have now gone full Queen of the Damned. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Just when you thought these black hoes have hit rock-bottom, they jackhammer down to even worse sub-levels. The worst is yet to come. So glad I don’t mess with these heffas. Brothers, keep the wall up.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Cleopatra bathed herself in milk, expect these harpies in the near future to begin bathing themselves in blood(if they haven’t started already), coming soon to a city near you, stay tuned and beware!

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  13. Right, black women have lose their minds now big time. I bet you that they will say that mix blood with weave in your hair and it makes it go natural. Black women are mentally ill. Black women have now become worse every single because of their foolish behaviour and they enjoy it. If they have a huge hate for white women, they why the hell they are copying the white woman’s hairstyle? There are the retarded women on this damn plant and these simps are by their sides defending these hoodrats.

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  14. Black women are making themselves less and less attractive and no man wants to date them. And they are complaining that why black men are not dating them. Because of their bad behaviour and black men are turning away from them and black women are suffering. How can black women say that period blood can make their hair grow? I have never heard anything like this. But anyway, I’m goanna drink my rum and lemonade with blackcurrant juice and watch Arsenal fan TV about Unai Emery getting sacked. Oh yeah, there was a terrorist incident in Central London today. Be careful out there guys.

    Enjoy your weekend, blessid!

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  15. “laggards and lummoxes”. LOLOL!! That’s a good one. But for real I don’t stick around or mess around with black women into any type of debauchery like this witchcraft or not. I knew a few black women who were sisters that was into the Wiccan thing. I swear at times being around one caused a minor car crash.

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    • Evil attracts evil. It’s why Chabad and Wahabbis love black hoes and white beta males, because it allows them to achieve their goals more covertly. Think about it, why do you think the West has been on a downward spiral into madness ever since Progressives seized power around the 1840s? Africa is a joke and Europe, including Russia is a collection of failed states ruled by corrupt politicians who are literally being controlled by Communists into doing their will. The entitled soyboys of Snopes and IrrationalWiki, as well as the edgelords of 4chan,will be easy pickings for the well trained and extremely disciplined Chinese and South Korean troops aiding the European Soviets when the shit hits the fan. Most of these fools wouldn’t pass basic training anyways. If you don’t believe me look at the response to the CCP’s oppression of Hong Kong, only Trump is doing a damn thing.

      The synagogue and the mosque knew what they were doing when they seduced black women and Progressives with promises of power and glory, as long as they kept black men and white females on the plantation.

      Remember Zimbabwe and South Africa and how the Communists used the pro wacks to destroy these two nations. When things get bad expect more mass shootings, weave thefts and other dysfunctional breakdowns. These thug Negroes and incels are killing people over chicken sandwichhes and pussy now. What do you think will happen when the welfare runs out and Momma’s basement is no longer inhabitable?

      Yesterday right here in Jamdown, Pookie and Ray Jay invaded the home of a Italian woman and her black Jamaican husband in Negril and killed them after stealing their stuff. A few days before that, a teacher threatened to kill a misbehaving student in from of the whole class.

      When the hammer drops there will be no one to help the hoodrats and the ignorant snobs who consider themselves ‘woke’ and ‘hip’. They threw away the good men for bad boys, gangbanging cultists with dreams of world domination as well as fame and fortune, and now that the thug Negroes and incels are turning on these entitled toxic feminists and black hoes, they want someone to save them from their mistakes.

      No thanks, slavery ended in 1838. Fix your own damn problems for once black hoes and beta males.

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  16. This UK BW had the nerve to say that BM don’t have options, meanwhile more BM date out than BW and BW are writing articles and making videos begging people to date them and find them attractive:

    Keep the Wall up

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    • James SYSBM,

      Thanks for posting this video, very entertaining. I didn’t know Tommy had a new channel. Looks like they flagged him off Instagram, too. I hadn’t even noticed until I did a search. The funniest part was when Tommy called the BW an “English Bulldog.” LMAO!

      These insecure black hoes provide no end of entertainment. You are absolutely right that as the wall grows higher and more high-value black men bail out, these BW are getting more desperate.

      Brother Verbs is also correct that they won’t just let you go off into the sunset with your non-black woman without having something to say.

      For me it’s karma, how many decent dudes did these broads reject and humiliate in their prime? If they actually saw potential and built with their men instead of trying to keep them down, they wouldn’t be alone and crying today.

      Oh well not my problem. Get the popcorn and keep the wall up!

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  17. Black Queen of the Damned lied about abduction attempt, Atlanta police say:–law/east-point-woman-lied-about-abduction-attempt-police-say/AgD5IRIHFnpKZM5scdCvPK/

    Are you surprised the Black Witch made up a story to harm ALL Black men in the ATL area? Yet they demand protection and provision from you Free Thinking Brothas…

    Bet the usual suspects will be silent; where are the Black Magic Feminists, #Metoo misandrists, Genocide Warrior class, Hotep Communist drones, BW 1st simps, white cucks, SJWs & Team Swirl on this one?

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      • Progressives and incels will fight each other over the lamest of things yet can’t do simple research on topics more important than ego boosting and pussy points. The regressive left is a prime example of what not to do and it’s numerous fuckups should be displayed for all to see.

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      • @Anton N
        Speaking of which. Pastor “Finger Lickin Good” has a new video up preaching to incels. LOL. I guess he finally realized who his target audience is. 😂😂😂

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      • Lol. Some things never change. Incels and feminist bitch slave owner losers like Sarkessan and Quinn are a joke. Whiny narricastic pieces of shit, utterly delusional and unable to come to terms with reality. Bezmenov was correct, and we in the West were fools for ignoring his warnings.

        The entire Progressive movement is a joke along with the ROK/’red pill’ crew.

        The former are a bunch of egotistical whiny snobs with absolutely 0 self awareness or understanding of things that don’t fit their ideology, stuck at Starbucks and hanging out on and IrrationalWiki saying ‘tinfoil hatters will not replace us’ while censorsing, beating down and dehumanizing those with different opinions on their echo chamber whinefest blogs, just like the Nazis they claim to hate, as well as beating down innocent people who refuse to bow to their madness once they get of their college campuses. Antifa is the new KKK.

        I grew up when Bill Nye and Micheal Shermeer were the hot stuff in the intellectual community.

        Many of us who were initially enamored with the skeptic movement had to leave once we discovered it was run by bat shit insane artists, Neo Nazi defectors, authority worshipping ass kissers and homosexual pedrasts in love with their own egos.

        The MGTOW/alt right crew…sigh. Just another example of the madness that is the last days.

        The far left should have never gotten control over education, much less rise to any position of power after the abolition of slavery or even post WW1. We made a mistake when we allowed Wilson and the Brits to escape Scot free with their crimes and encouragement of racism and class strife.

        There is not a dime’s difference between the alt right and the fake liberal colonialist ‘white man’s burden’ progressive movement. Remember who revived the KKK and helped the Brits start WW1.

        Decent people of all races are getting sick and tired of these circus show Brownshirt ivory tower ignorant snobbish brats and their thug negro and incel Frankenstein creations. The Middle Eastern and Iranian women running Big Tech especially. I can’t imagine the pain these Queens must be going through, having to censor legitimate opinions because some feminist raised shitbag, high on Ritalin and doped up to the max with poisoned vaccines is causing trouble online. We need spaces to hold the mentality unstable and unsound… but the problem is Psychiatry is utterly corrupt and in the hands of the enemy.

        The mosque knew what it was doing when it sent out it’s agents in the ‘synagogue of S…. N’ and funded the racist punks of the French Revolution to destabilize the West.

        The bastards spawn of the boomers can’t spell ‘Palestine’, ‘Prolaterian internationalism’ or ‘Hegallian dialetic’, nor will they even take the time to understand what these terms mean, but they will have all the time in the world to fight each other like a bunch of animals over the net over pointless issues. And they have the gall to call us black men ‘savages’. Ah well, the narricarist always deflects and projects. Not my problem. They’ll find out when Freddy FEMA kicks down their door and drags them away to a REX 84 KGB-run concentration camp, what a civil war was fought fought to save them from. Plenty of dissatisfied Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and more recently white American women from the South waiting for us thinking black men.

        Do you see why I ignore or mock the shit out of these incels and Progressives? They’re not worth the effort and I have better things to do than deal with a bunch of egotistical whiny snobs fighting each other over the scraps from Massa Moshe’s table.

        Keep the wall up and leave the slaves fighting each other over Popeye’s chicken and pussy. No auxiliary staff round here.

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      • @Anton N
        Jesus christ I heard that mic drop all the way up here in Canada.
        💣 💣💣🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯
        Savage comment sir. Not a single lie to be found.
        I lost all respect for the scientific community a while back too. It became clear they were part of the agenda to legitimize socialist objectives and engineering. I lost all respect for Bill Nye many years ago. Then there was the emergence of “truth” sites like snopes run by (gasp) kikes. The consolidation of news media, especially in Canada, to control all narratives. The more I think about it the more I realize that either the powers that be are extremely sloppy or the general public is extremely stupid.
        I don’t belong to any hook nosed, circumcised, child molesting kikes, dog eating zipper heads or goat fucking sand niggers. All of them can go pound sand/matzoh balls/fortune cookies.

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      • Good point. Be careful Black Caesar, you would’nt want the snowflakes of Berkerly and Head Chopper Mohammed to hear that. The general public has been dumbed down by a corrupt education system and reality TV and the mosque and the synagogue really don’t care anymore.

        Fact checking sites like Snopes are for useful idiots with no sense of self awareness looking for someone to sneer down upon. The cult of scientism/credentialism and their fuckups in the form of thug Negroes and attention seeking, brain damaged, Ritalin high incels can go take a one way trip to Hell and leave decent people alone.

        Bezmenov and Dr O Connell were right all along. Idiots like Pastor Raven Doushinji and the alt right incel crew will run the Truth Movement into the ground while the Progressives destroy the West…and Tell Aviv, Beijing and Seoul make plans to be the new superpowers. ‘Lulzs’ and ‘Gender studies’ are absolutely no hope against well trained PLA and ROKAF troops who come from countries who top the world in STEM.

        It’s clown world out there, and the Progressives have no one to blame but themselves for this current mess. Fools like Sarkessan and Quinn threw away the good guys and the nerds for thugs and bad boys, and now that it’s hitting them back in the face. Sorry black women and progressives, no janitors round here.

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      • @Anton N. ugh that clown faced cunt Sarkeesian is from here. Toronto is probably ground zero in the west for feminist harpies and their beta male stiletto licking eunuchs. Turn on the radio or TV here and you’ll see what I mean. Every single male on the radio sounds like a faggot, every one of them on TV wears pink shirts, ties and jackets. LMFAO. You should also see the universities here. It’s no wonder they are such productive idiot factories. Makes me glad I had the foresight to not put myself into debt to go to college, especially since there are no jobs here. That’s right, while these college idiots were trying their nest to be as mindless sheep as possible, your country axes job after jbo after job while the cost of living skyrockets every 5 years. I’m sure they’ll learn how to deal with that in gender studies class or those “muslim prayer rooms” they have in colleges today. Yes, you read that right. I worked at a college in my end of town and it had prayer rooms (for muslims only) and foot washing terminals in the bathrooms. Not to mention “inclusive washrooms” (with no urinals btw for women who want to be men at the moment). You don’t know what it’s like to be literally inundated with an entire society of retards like this, bro. At least Jamaica’s population is rather small. My parents came from country so they had their little worlds carved out away from the madness of the city. This is why I am seriously thinking of buying a one way ticket somewhere and leaving this shit. The first thing I will do is burn my birth certificate and SIN (canadian equivalent of social security) card. Those cards indicate that you are a corporation too!
        I think Westerners may be the dumbest, and weakest out of all humanity. This is perfectly diplayed by the level of overcompensation they live day by day. The tattoos, the sailor talk, the pride and honour they take in being stupid, all just masks they wear to cover up the fact they are too weak to fight anything. Look at these other countries banning togather to fight back. Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, etc.
        What is your explanation for why Westerners are so weak compared to them? My guess is because they have little so they have little to lose.
        Westerners are so dumb they allowed themselves to be enslaved by iPhones! LMFAO!
        I’m like, you dipshits, social media, smart phones and etc serve the hidden agende to divide and conquer right down to the individual!
        This is why the west can be conqeured without a single shot fired.


      • I can only imagine. Ah well. It’s funny, how Progressives whine about being oppressed by everyone around them yet bully and abuse those who differ from them. They and their white Nat foot soldiers will get their comeuppance, don’t you worry. You are absolutely correct, the average modern Westerner won’t fight back because his mind has been distracted by mass media and the TV.

        Trotsky and Khrushchev knew what they were doing. The Commies and Islamists were playing geopolitical chess while the ignorant Progressives were lost in gender liberation and rewriting history – to cover up their failures. Stalin had to blackmail FDR into joining the Allies and refused to give the ‘word’ that would have transformed America into the vanguard of world socialist revolution – but he, Reagan and Thatcher are considered evil dictators today. The fools doing this censoring know nothing of Pol Pot and the Shining Path yet want to control other people’s opinions.

        The skeptic community got their dream alright, of being worshipped and approved by everyone, but for what? Fame? Money? Power?

        And then they wonder why their kids become incels, militant feminists and communists, and join the alt right. The evidence was right there of course ‘intellectuals’, but you were too distracted fighting Flat Earth to drop your pride, lower your fucking egos and spend time with your kids.

        Serves them fucking right to be honest. You foolish skeptics helped control public discourse in favor of the man and now you’re being disposed of when you’re no longer useful.

        The only problem I have with the alt righters and the other militant regressives wiping each other out is the innocents who will get caught in the crossfire.

        No janitorial services round here. Progressives can go take a trip and fuck off along with the alt right and pro wack Brownshirt goose stepping Simps.

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      • @Anton N
        “The only problem I have with the alt righters and the other militant regressives wiping each other out is the innocents who will get caught in the crossfire.”



      • No problem man. This is why I absolutely hate thug Negroes and incels. Like their racist Jewish master they cannot live without drama and chaos and talk, behave and think as if they have come straight from the ‘progressive’ plantation.

        The boomers sold out, big time and the damage is clear. Traditional white women lose their jobs and Middle Eastern and Indian queens have to live in fear in places like California and Canadiastan, because of Slum Lord Shlomo’s incel and thug Negro hellspawn tearing up the place over chicken sandwiches and pussy.

        Tel Aviv and Dubai booms while Detroit and LA drink lead – all part of the fascist plan to build the Fourth Reich on top of the ruins of the West. Hence ‘white zaddy and the trannies taking over and sending in political refugees to steal the jobs’, corruption by progressive politicans, the pointless wars, moral degradation, etc etc. Hellyweird is owned by China and Israel. Commies took over entertainment a long time ago – gamers and otakus fought back. Bring SJW or incel shit to a light novel forum and they will kick your ass of the site – which is why the 4chan and Tumblr idiots don’t fuck with these guys.

        We SYSBM guys need to support people like Chandler Chump and Mike Nificent who are BLACK MALE YouTubers.

        The corrupt Russian state is in on the scam as the Soviets have been given Europe and Africa to rule – but that might change if the Communists gain power in the Americas again.

        Either way the West is fucked – World Communism from NATO or Fascist domination from Mecca, Tel Aviv, Beijing and Seoul. The former is using the latter as an excuse to push Prolaterian Internationalism – Trotsky despite his madness was a genius at strategy.

        Smart cities for the goy/kafirs and gulags for the dissidents – straight out of Judge Dredd, No Guns Life, Watchdogs and Academy Battle City Asterisk/Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. The mindless followers of fools like Randi and Richard Dawkins – the typical fake skeptic will be given UFOOLology and other fake movements to fight and guys like Richard Spencer and Pastor Zinger Man will help them in this regard right until the end – until a boot kicks down their door.

        Then they will find out beer bellies, tough talk from Momma’s basement on 4chan, and whining about Creationists is no match for jet fighters and Soviet soldiers in US uniforms wielding M4 rifles – or Chinese and South Korean counter insurgency troops depending on who wins.

        Bi Bi stealing US Tech and selling it to Czar Putin and Il Duce Pooh is the biggest. threat to Western civilization and the security of the Americas in over 200 years.

        The regressive left needs to stop fighting each other and get real – but of course they’re too busy taking soy and doing all sort of madness for the lulz.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Of course she lied. Hell, anytime one of these bitches open their useless mouth, it’s a lie 9/10 times. The lengths they go to get any attention is pitiful.

      I hope they actually charge her ass for falsifying a report and in turn wasting their time, and potentially putting other people at risk for investigating bullshit.

      I refuse to protect one of these clowns. You’re strong and independent, protect your damn self.

      Liked by 5 people

      • @stephen Indeed, all they do is lie and somehow they would convince you and eye that we men semi-protected by due process should give that up to ‘believe all women.’ Pure madness in the minds of the misandrists and the eunuchs that follow their lead.

        Liked by 5 people

    • @stephen Trump is a necessary evil type of trade-off. He is unabashedly patriarchal, while the Left authoritarians are castrated men or mentally deranged misandrists. Gotta pick your poison…

      Liked by 2 people

    • BW will continue to tell lies like this both for attention (that no one gives them otherwise) and also for sympathy donations (the GoFund Me hustle).

      Liked by 4 people

  18. This bitch! So black men are supposed to swoop in like Superman whenever a black woman is in danger? That’s what cops are for, Miss.

    Liked by 3 people

    • King Sigma posted a comment where it was revealed that her cousin was lying; I also noticed that she turned off the comments under her video because the truth is out there now and folks would light her cousin up.

      Liked by 3 people

  19. The fuckery of sistas is coming so fast and furious that it’s hopeless to stay on topic before another kraken rears its head! LOL! Too funny.

    And the comments under that Black Youth Project article are still lit over two weeks later. None of the other articles that I glanced at have any comments under them. So SYSBM probably drove the most traffic to that site than it ever saw before. Another example of how black feminism is fueled by heterosexual black male bodies.

    Happy Sunday!

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  20. It’s funny, just this morning I saw a video recommendation on YouTube about hair growth hacks by a White woman with really long hair; guess what she didn’t use in her hair?

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