Are SYSBM Brothers “Complaining” About Black Women?


By now I’m sure that you’ve all come across and read the above article written by the leftist pro black female/black women first, double cream certified simp named Aaron Fountain that claims to take a critical look at the SYSBM movement. One of the main talking points in his article is that SYSBM is a misogynistic philosophy, however this claim is soon to be realised as beyond ridiculous when you read the tenets of the SYSBM Basic Fundamentals Of The Lifestyle article.

Fountain in his article additionally levies the accusation that SYSBM is “anti black”, yet here we are at Slaying Evil, a group of free thinking black men congregating, communicating and networking amongst each other, so much for us being “anti black”. No, the truth of the matter is SYSBM is ANTI SCUM, ANTI DYSFUNCTIONAL BLACK FEMALE AND ANTI DYSFUNCTIONAL BLACK COMMUNITY, this can clearly be observed in the tenets of SYSBM that I wrote about last month.

I don’t really want to deal with his article per say, to be honest it would be too easy to deconstruct all of the false talking points contained therein, besides Kirigakure Jones has already produced a beyond thorough commentary and break down on the article, he has also spoken on Aaron Fountain, that video can be seen here, Mad Bus Driver has also weighed in and placed his two cents on the table, his take on the article can be seen here. However there is a common theme that continues to rear it’s ugly head everytime the subject of black female dysfunction is raised by free thinking brothers and that is the word complaining.

It seems to me that there are too many black folks(black women and their simp advocate flunkies such as Aaron Fountain in particular) walking around who recklessly launch the word “complaining” out at anybody who is attempting to raise awareness with regards to black female skullduggery and dysfunction. As I stated in Negro Wars and many times before on the website, the black female is viewed as the sacred cow of the community, in fact she IS the community and thus in her own eyes as well as her black male worshippers is beyond scrutiny and examination.

However as per SYSBM The Basic Fundamentals Of The Lifestyle tenet number 14, we free thinking black men hold to the position that black women are NOT EXEMPT FROM SCRUTINY AND EXAMINATION and thus will be dealt with accordingly. Let’s now deal with this “complaining about black women” talk. A complaint is an act of pointing out that something is wrong, unsatisfactory or below standard, however attached to such an action in the overwhelming majority of cases comes the expectation of improvements being made because the individual still wishes to have some sort of interaction/connection to that which was complained about.

However, the SYSBM brotherhood want nothing to do with black women, NOTHING, we’ve moved on from black women as a collective and thus aren’t concerned about them changing their ways and behaviour for the better. When we talk about black women and their destructive nature we are simply raising awareness as well as warning other black men concerning the true nature of these malevolent creatures. Speaking and demonstrating the truth concerning black women and their dysfunctional disposition DOES NOT equate to “complaining”.

However at the same time on the flip side of the coin, in light of the endless death and destruction black women have and are still bringing upon black society in addition to their open warfare against black men on behalf of the State, black men have every right to talk about, complain, raise awareness, issues and concerns regarding the modern day black female and how we are being affected by her reckless decisions, choices and actions.

That’s right, even though SYSBM brothers have stopped dealing with dysfunctional black women the overwhelming majority of us still have to interact with black women and the devil spawn seedlings they produce in some sort of capacity.

See, you have to understand that whenever black women and guys like Fountain talk about black men complaining about black women and their dysfunction, they are essentially attempting to shame us into silence so that these same black females can continue to run amok unabated, what kind of wicked attitude is that? Writers like Fountain are the gate keepers of black female destruction, it is their job to ensure that black women can continue their relentless attacks upon black men and black society at large in order to destroy what remains of the black nation.

Why isn’t Fountain talking about the observable destruction that black women are currently engaging in especially when it comes to issues such as abortion and infanticide? Why doesn’t Fountain talk about the dysfunctional, destructive, dangerous and unhygienic weave/wig wearing practice that black women have been partaking in for at least the past 20 years? If Aaron Fountain cares about black women ie the black community so much then where were his articles on Jason Roger Pope, the 42 year old white male from South Carolina who infected well over 700 black women with HIV?

See, unlike Fountain and others like him I can bring the in your face, as bright as day receipts to the table without hesitation. See over here at Slaying Evil as well as other SYSBM headquarters we deal with the hard facts and have no problems supplying the hard evidence in order to bolster our positions. Black women as a collective are beyond profound failure and there is nothing that Fountain or any other black female supporters can do to prove such a statement is incorrect.

My suggestion to Fountain is that he needs to deal with the main issues afflicting black society, that is this modern day black female, you have a community to save bruh. Choosing to highlight and focus on a group of black men who have opted out of dealing with the dysfunctional black community as well as its equally degenerate inhabitants will not remedy black female dysfunction.

Deal with the real issues Fountain, why aren’t you talking about the real threats to the black community, that are Bottom Shelf Brad, 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Mincey, Cheddar Boy, Slim Sauce, Midnight Freddy and the black women who are lining up around the block ready to be impregnated by these same guys? These individuals are the real threats to black society, NOT SYSBM!

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Cannot Be Stopped

Most High Bless

233 thoughts on “Are SYSBM Brothers “Complaining” About Black Women?

  1. Why doesnt Aaron fountain jr deal with the real issues amongst the black communiteh?

    Because he’s the slave catcher. Employed by the black witch to steer the freedmen tback onto the plantation field to breed more black bodies. Bodies for the judicial, prison and abortion complexes. What? Aaron didn’t mention that in his article?

    What would it have done if the number of 1,900 aborted feti daily was published on his blog? How about the billion dollar weave industry? Maybe publish the end of year accounts from a select few private prisons?

    We are priceless≤/strong> Just ask those industries who stand to lose billions by us walking off the reservation. That’s why Aaron Fountain wrote his pseudo academic shit piece. He must get paid and his immediate master aslo must get paid.

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    • Michel,

      I completely agree, Fountain serves the black witch who in turn serves various industrial complexes including the ones you mentioned. Black women are certainly beginning to feel the heat of black men leaving the building, as I stated many times before, the pro black female simp is the black woman’s last bastion of hope in trying to get free thinking black men back onto the plantation, however Aaron Fountain doesn’t understand SYSBM, once we leave WE’RE NEVER COMING BACK!

      Again, notice how these pro black female/black women first simps spend more of their time attacking productive, free thinking black men who want nothing to do with an unproductive community rather than actually dealing with the various shortcomings of black society. It’s not about building with these fellows, in reality guys like Fountain simply wish to keep the black witch in place so that she can continue destroying the black community with little to no resistance, smh.

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    • @Michel Thank god for DJ Kidd. Now those who choose to deal with the daggle can pay for it with their lives. As for me, that was the last straw. I will pull out all the stops against any Negro who fixes his mind, not even his mouth, to form the words attempting to lure me back to the lowest form of female life in all of creation. Everything about the black community spells DEATH. I am a black man and I deserve better. I don’t care if no she-ape thinks I don’t deserve better, I don’t care if any faggot Negro eunuch thinks I don’t deserve better, I declare with my mouth I deserve better and I speak it into existence.

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      • But dats misogynoir! U hate ur own racce!

        Don’t they know the shaming tactics have been overplayed? Just like a good thing – sex with multiple women, eating Timbits and the Leafs winning it gets old eventually. You can predict the type of language in advance, so Dr Fountainhead and his ilk can be rebutted on autopilot. It’s as if the black witch haven’t updated their book of spells given to them by her pale master.

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      • ‘Progressive/yid’ master you mean. Remember who opened the doors of Europe and Africa to Brad and Chad during the 1840s. And yes, it is pathetically easy to predict what Progressives and incels will do in advance. Bezmenov was absolutely correct.

        If we had thrown out Progressive ideology from higher education after WW2, and used Civil Rights as a means of keeping us black men as well as white women in the house, Bi Bi wouldn’t be thinking of building back his Reich and Xi would be shaking in fear, instead of using technology stolen from the West to oppress Hong Kong protesters.

        The boomers fucked up big time, and we’re paying the price DEARLY for their mistakes.

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    • Good point. Massa Moshe doesn’t want to lose his trillions from the rap music, prison industrial complex and the victimhood mentality black women, incels and simps have. Can’t have Becky and Jamal attempting to break free if you’re a trillionare cult banker for Sunni Islam and the one world Caliphate, it’s bad for business and useful idiots whom you have to play off against each other.

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  2. western black males are lost.birth in the richest region of the world,were the best of everything can be accessed,yet they are the least educated and poorest blacks,they are gradually even loosing their influence on music,music,even rap and hiphop is now dominated by females and latinos,sports are being dominated by whites.African blacks are coming in an taking over,soon western blacks might return to slave mode.smh…


      • These low IQ incels and simps are living proof feminism and Progressism were bad ideas. We should have banned Progressives after 1838 and wiped their fucking ideas from the history books. Then we wouldn’t have these feminist and single mama raised scumbags shooting down half the block and being used as an excuse for totalitarianism.

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      • Black Caesar,

        He probably keeps coming here, because he seeks attention.

        I never understood why people go to online spaces where the view of its members differs from theirs. I can’t imagine creating a StormFront account, logging in, and going back and forth with the members. The same holds for LipStick Alley. I want nothing to do with them. I don’t even want to breath the same air as them, if I can prevent it.

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      • @Black Avenger.
        I have a feeling that may be a black female. Only black females drone on and on about how powerless black men are supposed to be.
        Hope you are enjoying your vacation nonetheless, brother.

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      • “Only black females drone on and on about how powerless black men are supposed to be.

        Yet they follow us all over the internet, get mad when we say we want to date and marry out, and get even madder when non-black females want us. They should be happy when us “powerless” black men leave the building. Why are they so mad? 😀

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      • Attention and resources. Just a black man of means not trying to date or defend Black women and who is taking his time,money and sperm outside the race is damaging to black women. Just not choosing black women is painful enough to them.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        LOL. And the same thing with “broke this and that”, always with the hard -er. Why are black women complaining that “broke men” are leaving for other women. They’re mad because us “broke men” can get far better and attractive women who don’t have to buy their body parts from Asians. LMAO

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      • You would think so too! Aren’t all black women degreed homeowners with their all natural hair who just can’t seem to find even one black man to help them lead? A entire race of superwomen

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      • @fellhandedbjorn
        LOL Truth.
        I mean, it’s never their fault why they can’t find and keep a “good man” now is it?

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    • You africans cant even stay in africa,just like your presiduntz who love coming over to germany and getting free shit from the west,you western nigrrians love beating uo your presiduntz and leaders who love stealing money from all the goverment and charidee money weve bin giving you from time ago.africans in england arent even balllers theyre just fat bastards with fat keys because dey is landlords wif five six seven people in a two bedroom flat, wif de council dey don care,dey love teefing other peoples money,nigerians are nobody special in england,just thieving bastards who only care about being nigerian nothing else,all dat petrol money gon 2ur hed, rusian mafia money gon 2ur hed 2, rusian and chinese mafia r gud people,dey dont kill yr family for state detts…

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      • Meanwhile, it appears the Chinese malfeasance is receiving global attention. Last December, John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, had accused China of using “bribes, opaque agreements and the strategic use of debt to hold states in Africa captive to Beijing’s wishes and demands”.

        Chinese counter reaction has also been blunt: “Nigeria has the most,thieves in the world,” says Thomas Liu, who runs the medicine company,

        using the sort of uncompromising language that grates from Accra to Kinshasa. “You have to avoid being tricked.”

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      • Some things never change. The simps and alt right’s lust for pussy and the Progressive desire for total power, no matter what the cost or who foots the bill, will be the downfall of the West. Tubman and Cujoe must be shaking their heads in disgust at heaven at this. Many wars, a campaign and a long struggle to end slavery and all the plantation masters have to do is promise Brad and Shaniqia treats. It’s sad really.

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      • I’ll just leave this here, because apparently some of these African immigrants think that they are god’s gift to blackness, even though their own countries are third world despite being resource rich and are still selling slaves:

        Nigerians’ reputation for crime has made them unwelcome in Britain, says country’s president

        “Nigeria’s president has warned his fellow citizens to stop trying to make asylum claims in Britain, saying that their reputation for criminality has made it hard for them to be “accepted” abroad.”
        “”Some Nigerians claim is that life is too difficult back home, but they have also made it difficult for Europeans and Americans to accept them because of the number of Nigerians in prisons all over the world accused of drug trafficking or human trafficking,” he told The Telegraph.

        “I don’t think Nigerians have anybody to blame. They can remain at home, where their services are required to rebuild the country.””

        US charges 80 people, mostly Nigerians, in $46m internet scam. Seventeen people arrested after unearthing of ‘one of the largest cases of its kind in US history’.

        “US authorities have announced charges against 80 people, most of them Nigerians, in a wide-ranging fraud and money laundering operation that netted millions of dollars from victims of internet con jobs.

        American authorities on Thursday unsealed a 252-count grand jury indictment charging those people in an operation that procured at least $46m from victims of internet scam jobs.”

        As for African Blacks coming in and “taking over”, the US is tired of black immigrants and isn’t trying to hide that fact:
        The Trump administration just made its first move in a clampdown on US visas for Nigerians

        “Nigeria accounted for over 25% of non-immigrant visas issued to Africans in 2018 alone—but that may be set to change. The United States embassy has announced an immediate indefinite suspension of interview waivers for visa renewals for applicants in Nigeria.”
        I swear that some of these Nigerian immigrants are some of the most arrogant and delusional mofos that I have ever come across.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Trump putting the clampdown on these arrogant African Negroes emigrating to America is reason enough to support him in 2020. No disrespect to Brother Verbs, but some of his brethren like linkybaba need to be brought to heel. In fact, Trump is pushing for more white emigration to the USA, not necessarily a bad thing. We got more homegrown negroes than we know what do with as it is.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        Trump has been cracking down an African visas and immigration for a couple years now. My wife works with two immigrants that were telling her about a year ago that they were filling out visa applications for Canada because they didn’t believe that their US visas would be renewed. I never understood where this arrogance from some of these African immigrants was coming from.
        Their people sold ours into slavery and didn’t lift a finger to help us while we suffered in the West for hundreds of years, despite that we still welcomed them into our communities and called them brother and sister, big mistake, thankfully more ADOS are starting to see what a mistake that was and dumping pan-Africanisim and focusing on our people only.

        Meanwhile Nigerians are fleeing into whatever western country will have them now that Europe and the US are closing the door and increasingly refusing to renew their visas. And Nigerians are LITERALLY being run out of South Africa.

        Nigerians are walking into Canada, prompting request for U.S. to take action

        “Many Haitians had lived in the United States for years before suddenly learning they would lose their protected status and fleeing north. But many of the Nigerian asylum seekers are arriving in Quebec with recently issued U.S. visitor visas, said Mathieu Genest, a spokesman for Canada’s immigration minister.”
        “Canada is not asking U.S. officials to refuse entry to Nigerians, Genest said. It is seeking stricter screening to ensure that Nigerians who are granted U.S. visitor visas truly intend to return home.”


        Canada adopts new immigration policy that spells trouble for Nigerian migrants

        “Nigerians notoriously make up a sizeable majority of thousands of people who have walked into Canada from the United States to file refugee claims since January 2017. The trend worried the Canadian government so much that two officials were sent to Lagos earlier this year to work directly with their counterparts in the U.S. visa office to collaborate on how to lower the number of migrants who make asylum claims in Canada using a U.S. visa.”

        Nigerians repatriated from South Africa after attacks

        “A flight carrying 189 Nigerians landed in the commercial capital Lagos late Wednesday, with some of those onboard punching the air and singing the national anthem while waving pictures of burnt shops. “I ran for my life, they would have killed me,” Samson Aliyu, a clothes seller who lived in South Africa for two years, told AFP news agency. “They burnt my shop, everything,” he added.”

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      • The unmitigated gall of linkydick to claim his brothers are superior to us western folk. His countrymen are being burnt alive by their own Chinese oveelords and we’re the problem? Fuck outta here.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Good deal, at least for US citizens. I don’t agree with Tariq Nasheed on everything, but I do credit him for bringing the concept of #ADOS into the conversation. African immigrants to the USA have always looked down on FBAs, now that the smarter FBAs are beginning to look out for themselves only, some are calling for “unity.” It’s a parallel with SYSBM; most of these BW never wanted us to begin with, dismissed us as “lames” and “squares.” Now that we dislike them back and are walking away, it’s “Dear Black Man.” LMAO.

        Keep the wall up, brethren.

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      • @Michel

        The Chinese colonizers have also become so bold that they are opening restaurants and not allowing any Africans inside, seriously:

        Inside A Chinese Restaurant In Lagos That Does Not Allow Black People

        “To think that only the Chinese are allowed entry has since sparked an online outrage as it was also learnt that Nigerians and other Blacks are in fact, allowed patronage if they are accompanied by a Chinese.”

        This Chinese Restaurant In Nigeria Has A ‘No Africans Allowed’ Policy

        “Nigerians are not allowed to enter or order food at a racist Chinese restaurant called Shi Shi in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital.”

        Creating Chinese only spaces is just another step on the road to colonization along with Chinese built infrastructure and “Debt Trap Diplomacy”.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        “It’s a parallel with SYSBM; most of these BW never wanted us to begin with, dismissed us as “lames” and “squares.””

        Precisely, their people never cared about ours until they had an opportunity to immigrate to the US and eat the fruit of what our ancestors (the ones they sold into slavery and forgot about) fought for (freedom, civil rights, affirmative action, grant and scholarships for black, etc). Many of these African immigrants (specifically the Nigerians from what I have seen) are nothing more than grifters and culture vultures. Thankfully our people are waking up to that fact and thankfully the US gov and public is done with them as well. America has lost its taste for immigrants and refugees and I don’t see it coming back soon.

        As Tariq says now that ADOS is closing the kitchen and not allowing other groups (immigrants, LGBT, Democrats, liberals, etc.) to eat for free often at our expense like we used to, they are all crying foul and now calling for unity. Its too late for that, time to take the Nigerian president’s advise and return to their home country to build it up.

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    • @linkybaba

      You need to trade in that 1952 black & white TV you have for a 2019 model, because I don’t know what the hell it is you’re lookkng at. Prove that women dominate hip/hop and that whites dominate sports. I’ll wait…LOL

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    • @Michel



      I agree with Trump’s immigration policies, Look at it this way: most brown people who come here from foreign countries are from third world countries which are also poor (low GDP/GNP), violent, and/or war-torn. If I were President, I wouldn’t want those people here. I don’t think what he said about wanting more Nordish/Scandinavian immigration was about race (at least not primarily), because those countries are some of the richest (high GDP/GNP) and least violent on Earth.

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    • You African apes need to worry more about Lord Euro and Charlie Chan taking your resources and less about astute-minded black men leaving behind the dysfunction that infects most black communities in the world, including Africa and the Caribbean.


  3. That article by that 9-inch heel licking invertebrate is probably the sloppiest attack against SYSBM I have seen yet. Not even worth reading. I gave it a quick skim when it was published. To be honest, I went to the page to fuck with the supporters of that article in the comment section. LOL

    I mean, if luring free black men back to the plantation were that serious, then these Negroes need to do something about it. Come right here and force me to date or marry a black bitch. Come right here and force me to devoting my life helping these negative-IQ pavement monkeys. Come right here and make me stay in the communitah. Don’t be a little online, shit-talking bitch. Put your reparations dollars where your mouth is.

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    • Black Caesar,

      As I keep on saying, if these dudes were serious about getting thinking brothers back onto the plantation then they would be busy trying their best to improve the model they want us to date, marry and procreate with, however we see nothing of the sort because just like the black female these pro black woman simps believe that we don’t deserve quality.

      Not on my watch, I date who I want to date, I have sex with who I choose to have sex with and no pro black flunkies are going to determine otherwise. These dudes really have their work cut out for them when it comes down to the SYSBM brotherhood, they really don’t understand how dedicated we are to keeping a safe and very long distance away from the black witch and the janky community she rules over.

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    • These Progressives and alt right clowns ain’t worth it. Putting white women back in the house and getting rid of Communism within education and mass media would solve this SJW/incel problem to be honest, as well as reinstating the draft. Too many fucking idiots with estrogen and testotorone flowing high in front of a damn screen these days.

      This article only proves that ‘white supremacy’ is nothing more than a extension of Progressivism which the chosen ones use to atomise and fragment the West. Mark my words, the idiots at Snopes and IrrationalWiki’s adolescent need to prove how ‘smart’ they are, will have us back in chains along with black females’ and beta white males’ greed, if they are not dealt with soon enough. Mark my words.

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      • @Anton
        They’re scared now. As Michel and Verbs pointed out above, the system is dependent on black bodies. “Progressives” depend on them just as much as white supremacists (they are both one in the same anyway). SYSBM is cutting off the flow of fetuses for the progessive abortion mill, dysfunctional black people that the hook-nosed ones need to fuel their economy with everything from movies about black dysfunction to the drug trade. And most off all bodies for the prison mill proving white supremacists some much needed ego booster shots. The more and more I think about it, I see the common thread between the Shylocks, the pro-blacks, white supremacists and black women.

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      • They’re all the fucking same. Only difference is the white nats are honest enough to admit where their ideology comes from. They all feed on each other, hence why I ignore or mock them when I encounter them.

        Judgement is coming soon and it will catch the whole blasted scheme unawares. I’m a agnostic honestly, but justice always gets its way. Remember that.

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      • Amen. The universe bends toward justice. The longer they try and hold it back, the more devastating it will be.

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      • Well said. People are getting sick and tired of Talmudist racism and the single momma and feminist raised domestic terrorists it has created. I’m not a clean up man for the mistakes of Professor Brown and Race Baiter Randrellweiss, this is why I prefer not to deal with SJWs, neocons, Progressives and the alt right. They’re not worth the effort to beat into the ground and plus, when robots take over they will all be made obsolete anyways. Serves em right.

        The Progressives and neocons were warned by guys like Bezmenov and Goltyzn, over and over again and they ignored it so they could beat down productive immigrant women for being the wrong religion while protecting scumbags who belonged to the ‘chosen ones’ from criticism and arrest, protect their egos by allowing psychratic drugs to decimate the West’s inventive and productive base needed to stop China and Isreal from taking over the planet,and creating a entire generation of edgelords and whiny brats knowing nothing about what Tubman and Cujoe fought hard for to protect via allowimg the regressive left to conquer higher education and the mass media.

        Now that their mistakes have come to bite them back in the ass they want black men to do the auxiliary work. So much for being ‘woke’ and tolerant, me?

        Tel Aviv and Shanghai boom while Detroit, Paris and Nigeria drink lead.

        The same people behind the ‘alt-right’ which is nothing more than a Aztlan style Psy op designed to discredit resistance against NATO world domination or the one world Caliphate run by the tribal moon God AI under the Third Temple, created the Atheism+ scandal.

        While the denizens of 4chan and Snopes are fighting each other China is buying up Africa and European ports.

        The Incel movement is a big fucking joke and only exists to give ignorant academics something to sneer down upon.

        What I think the elites will do is crash the economy, blame it on Trump or some other leader who isn’t playing ball, and usher in the ‘Squad’ in the US to save the day just like what Communist puppet Voya Putin did in Russia.

        Fuck em all, I’ve got better things to do than deal with a bunch of whiners fighting each other on the net. Once I renew my Visa and get that cash rolling in, I’m out of the Americas.

        I hear black men are feeling the love in East Asia. Especially places like Singapore and Japan. It’s a better choice anyways.

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      • @Anton N
        HA! Good point. I can’t wait to see what these progressives will do when their jobs become obsolete. Where are they gonna buy their $15 lattes from?
        I am also investing in leaving this white liberal cesspool, Canada as well. I am thinking about a place like the Philippines. The cost of living there is low, they are led by a leader with actual balls, they don’t take any shit and their women possess the trifecta of beauty (asian+spanish+melanin).
        The only hurdle is making a living and the language barrier.
        I am not going to bust my ass to pay the exorbitant rent costs here. Hoishel Matzohstein wants that but he can go grab 7 of his friends and sit on a menorah. Bottom shelf brad wants that but he can go pound sand and take more estrogen pills.
        No slaves over here as you would say.

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      • Tactical thinking is not a point of Progressives and white nats. This is why I just leave them alone to tear each other apart to be honest. The ‘two Benz and 30 gyal’ eat a food mentality is killing the West.

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      • Thanks man. They whine about mass shooters yet provide the drugs and the motivation for the cycle to continue. Think of it, which set of people has a chance to stand against Bi Bi and Xi? A unified force of people United in national pride and sovereignty, or a bunch of squabbling brats all fighting each other for the scraps at Massa’s table. Tel Aviv and Shanghai boom when Detroit drinks lead – the Belt and Road goes on. Fools like Pastor James will be lost in pussy worship and crowdfunding and the Progressives will have destroyed any means of resistance, so when Colonel Won and Fuher Ransenweiss walk into the ruins of DC the conquest will be a cakewalk.

        Never mind Putin’s Communist credentials, the alt media laps him up and blasts Trump, who is actually trying to stop the problem while unaware their nations are being destroyed from within.

        The West is finished.

        Communists and Soviets have won, completely and all they had to do was give the regressive left a push. White Zaddy and Shaniqia will be pushed to the side again and we will all become Korean, Chinese or Russian Jewish slaves in the Brave New World.

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      • @Anton N
        Well spoken.
        And it was all because the white man believed Massa Shekelbergstein when he told him he was better than everyone. Now there is no one left to stand up for him who was the prize the hebes had their eye on all along.

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      • You took the words out of my mouth. I don’t feel sorry for racist Jews and white beta males to be honest. The clown car is tearing itself apart and we’re getting a front row seat. The race power ideology of simps and white nats is just a warmed over version of Talmudist thought designed to cause chaos and destruction anyways.

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      • @Anton N
        I definitely have no sympathy for kikes. They were the invisible hand in our oppression. Whites I couldn’t give two shits about. White men are CUCKS by nature too scared to tell his woman “no”, too scared to be one from the crowd of likewise beta males controlled by the kikes. Now centuries later they wanna whine and recruit who they think are still their servants, us black men, into fighting their battles for them.
        Just look at the faces of the alt-right movement. A bunch of brylcreem and checkered shirt wearing cucks talmbout “you will not replace us”. Hey, whiteboy, you were replaced from day one, you were just too busy self-sucking to know it.

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      • How is it that White lumberjack looking soy boys can cry in their avocado sandwiches about “don’t trust Women, we’re all in it together” when they simultaneously hiding and grabbing their girlfriends tight in case she fancies some black seed?

        One dude had a 5 at best and thought he would lose her to me?

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      • Black Caesar I try to explain all the time to the feeble-minded among our people that alt-right and white liberalism are two sides of the same valueless coin. Neither has the interests of black folks at heart. The best thing to do is to band with like-minded black men and leave the whole cauldron of dysfunction behind to burn to the ground.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    SYSBM black men like us are not complaining about the black community, we are just simply pointing out fuckery that goes on in the community as we speak the raw truth and black women, pro black simps and racist white men hate hearing the raw truth. Oh well they will have to learn the hard way as the old carribean saying goes”if you don’t hear, then you must feel”. 😊😊😊

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    • This is why I despise Progressives and skeptics even more than I hate the alt right and pro wacks. These people simply can’t seem to learn to leave others alone and are rank hypocrites who claim to be free thinkers despite worshipping pedos like James Randi like gods. When their stupid ideologies come to bite them back in the ass now, they will throw a fit and whine just like the incels their feminist ideology created. the Fuck em all and the alt right/pro wack fascists, they don’t have to deal with Man Man shooting down half the block and scandal on top of scandal.

      No janitors round here.

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    • I took a brief look at Fountain, Jr.’s Twitter and saw a little bit of the back-and-forth you had with him; I guess he will continue to disregard the stats you shared because they are from “right wing think tanks”.

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  6. Michel,
    you are a loser quit this china talk,its stale.How many times do i have to let you know that these write ups are western sponsored propanganda.Thats why the western black male is too naive and are the weakest male in the world.They believe every shit their white masters tell them.


    • U africans love dat chinese money, dey give u lots an lots of mafia money because dey lov nigerians,dey fink dey are in nigeria for investment only,dem nigerians r idiots,dey cant even see when man is in dey own backyard to take der shit,chinese man even say nogerians are biggest teefs in de world,dats som shameful shit,how is it propaganda wen its written by ur own countries newspapers with yr own jurnalists,r u stupid doe, u must be smokin dat gud shit,dat means u nigerians also beleeve dat whiet masters propaganda becoz it was written by u nigerian idiots den.u really must be smokin dat weed doe,chinese mafia r gud people dey dont lock up ur workers an set fire to dem becoz dey is bored,innit.

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      • @Michel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
        If we are approaching “slave mode” then why are Africans moving to places on the cusp of entering “slave mode”?

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      • @Michel They’d do well to go SYSBM. Massa Charley Chan ain’t bringing his women with him*. He’s coming for da african KWEEENZZZ.

        *what’s left of the female Chinese population anyway.

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      • @Black Caesar
        “If we are approaching “slave mode” then why are Africans moving to places on the cusp of entering “slave mode”?”

        I guess doing that is better than being an ACTUAL slave in Africa and Europe.

        ‘It Was As if We Weren’t Human.’ Inside the Modern Slave Trade Trapping African Migrants

        ““I went to her house for help, thinking I would find comfort in a fellow Nigerian,” says Gladys bitterly. “Instead, she wanted to use me.” Gladys had no money, no papers and no place to stay. She says she had no choice but to do what the woman demanded.”

        “A week later, on March 22, 2018, he and 148 other Nigerians landed in Lagos on a chartered plane. It was no small irony that Iabarot and his fellow Nigerians, many of them rescued from cases of indentured servitude, forced labor and outright slave auctions, were processed through the cargo terminal.
        So far, more than 10,000 Nigerians have returned home through the aid agency’s repatriation program”

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      • @Black Caesar

        The news is literally FILLED with stories about Nigerian slaves for the past few years:

        West African slavery lives on, 400 years after transatlantic trade began

        “LAGOS (Reuters) – Blessing was only six years old when her mother arranged for her to become an unpaid housemaid for a family in the Nigerian city of Abuja, on the promise they would put her through school. In her home town in southwest Nigeria, her mother had trouble making enough money to feed her three children. But when Blessing arrived in Abuja, instead of going to school, the family worked her round-the-clock, beat her with an electrical wire if she forgot one of her chores and fed her rotten leftovers.”

        “Africa has the highest prevalence of slavery, with more than seven victims for every 1,000 people, according to a 2017 report by human rights group Walk Free Foundation and the International Labour Office.”

        Nigerians return from slavery in Libya to thriving sex-trafficking industry back home

        “Many of the biggest prostitution bosses are Nigerian “madams” who were once trafficked themselves. Women make up more than 40 percent of convicted traffickers, according to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, or NAPTIP, Nigeria’s primary anti-trafficking authority.”

        “An older Benin City man named Sonny described how for almost a decade he had smuggled Nigerian girls into sex slavery in Libya. He insisted he had stopped some 15 years ago, leaving the lucrative trade to younger men.

        “In Nigeria, the girl is free, but there is no food,” he said, grinning. “In Libya, she eats chicken every blessed day.”

        Asked how long it would take girls to pay off their debt, he responded: “They don’t.””

        “In early December, Loveth sat crying in a plastic chair outside the motel with her small, round belly bulging from her thin frame, a pregnancy resulting from the rape in Libya. Later, doctors told her it was too late for an abortion, and she decided to put the baby up for adoption.

        She said she was happy to have left Libya but not to be back in Nigeria “because I have no place to go.””

        For any Nigerian to fix their mouths to talk about Western Blacks is a straight up joke. I really don’t understand where all of this arrogance from Nigerians comes from, they are delusional.

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  7. That tampon sucking ameoba known as “Garage Autonomist” picked a fight with me without preparing his last will and testament.

    Wish him luck, fellas

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  8. Aaron Fountain, Jr.’s article is another leftist hit piece on heterosexual Black men who refuse to go along with the program; he must’ve gone through lots of material to have chosen the bits and pieces he used to put that crappy article together. However, he was careful to include the buzzwords “misogynoir” and “anti-Black” to virtue signal the Black witches coven and their legion of pro-Black women/B1 simps; if that is not mind control, I don’t know what is. It’s very easy to control the thoughts of Black people with this method; it’s the same fear mongering politicians use to control the Black vote. Theatricality and deception, anyone?

    He also resorts to using the same lingo and talking points as the daggle, like this: “The best way to combat this ideology is for Black men to join Black women in calling out its logical fallacies. How are Black men somehow better off with white women when those marriages have the highest rate of divorce out of all interracial couplings (to which, MadBusDriverX’s response is “so what”)? Black men as a collective group lack wealth, access to capital, and are less educated than Black women, so how can distancing oneself, if even possible, lead to salvation?” Where have we heard this before? Note how he is calling for Black men to join with the daggles to oppose us.

    Also note how he uses the same talking points as Black women to throw Black men under the bus with the interracial marriage statistics (that’s the fault of our dick policing society), presenting us as being broke, and less educated than our female counterparts. There’s another characteristic to note about Black women and their simp eunuchs: they can never present any new, original talking points; oh, and he tried to charge US as being colourstruck when we say we are protecting our seeds by reproducing with non-Black women to have kids with the “fair skin and good hair”. Nope, that’s the swirlers who want that fair skinned baby with “good hair”.

    A. A. Ron messed up when he tried to come at us with his Black quean’s outdated rhetoric; I bet you he’s on his way to the Church of the Original Recipe to speak to its senior pastor over some zinger burgers (paid for with your Patreon “tithes”) on how he’s doing the Most High’s work by attacking SYSBM and throwing us under the bus. He might even grow a messy flat top to match Pastor Bargain Bucket!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      What this passport hating, pro black female Negroes say makes no difference to us, as had been stated before SYSBM is an ideology that will continue to grow because dysfunctional black females and their rancid community are the very reason the movement exists to begin with. By black women dispatching flunkies such as Fountain to attack us, they are only helping out the SYSBM lifestyle even more. Black women aren’t that bright, remember the hit list they made 2 years ago of various black male YouTubers they wanted to take out, how successful was that manoeuvre?

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    • The Church of the Original Recipe

      Still gets me! Aren’t these senior pastors with their wives?
      Oh sorry I forgot. Dats EVIL!!!!

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      • @Michel There are 11 commandments instead of ten but it’s just a list of the herbs and spices.
        Pastor 2-piece descended from Mt. Kentucky with two paper plates inscribed with the 11 commandments. One in each hand.

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    • “Black men as a collective group lack wealth, access to capital, and are less educated than Black women, so how can distancing oneself, if even possible, lead to salvation?”

      If Black men are so “less than,” then why is it a problem when we leave the building en masse? If Black women are such a race of over-achieving super women, why doesn’t anyone want them?

      Questions, questions.

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  9. If these pro blacks, black women 1st type of men are worried about this “black community” and black women, why can’t they just fix it and leave us brothas who don’t want nothing to do with the black community out of it? These dudes always talking about come back and save/fix the community, but what are we black men gonna get out of fixing the community? Plus, if we tried to fix it, it’s gonna get tear down regardless, so there’s no point in trying to save the “black community.” The only thing us black men can do is leave and go on about our business. After by reading that article, the dude who wrote this is a low-key kiss-ass for sure.

    One thing that I notice is that when these people in the “black community” throw us “educated lames, squares” out the community, when some stuff happens, now all of a sudden they want us brothas to come back and rebuild the community and stick up for black people. But the problem is that now they want the brothas who went to school, the brothas who don’t get in trouble a lot, the brothas who don’t hang around thugs, the brothas who ain’t about a gang life, the brothas who ain’t got a whole bunch of baby mommas, the brothas who doing something for themselves, the brothas who got hobbies outside of partying, doing dope, and smoking weed, to fix the community after they call them lames, corny, and squares? If you’re one of them brothas I just mentioned, including me, we’re better off being outcasts of the black community because the black community don’t need our help. The people in the so called black community needs to fix it themselves.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Free thinking brothers get nothing out of fixing the so called community because we are viewed as slaves in it’s eyes as per the edicts of the black witch herself.

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    • “If these pro blacks, black women 1st type of men are worried about this “black community” and black women, why can’t they just fix it and leave us brothas who don’t want nothing to do with the black community out of it?”

      As you pointed out, they need us because they cant fix it, they need Good BM to fix it. Many BW coming off of their feminism hangover are starting to begrudgingly admit this, but its too late.

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  10. I’m reposting this comment from the article to see what your response is:

    These men are all the same and so are the handful of subcultures they belong to. It doesn’t matter if we are talking IBMOR, INCEL, SYSBM, MGTOW, BGTOW, TradCon, even the so-called “Pro-Black” males. It all doesn’t matter because they share the same narrtive about women and taaht narrative is women have somehow been “liberated” and now run thing particularly in the black community which can be proven
    “The glass ceiling is still the biggest barrier to advancement, but in a surprisingly low-level area: the first rung of management. The report revealed that only 72 women were promoted or hired to manager for every 100 men. This means that only 38% of women have made it to management versus 62% of men. The stats for Latinx and black women are significantly lower.”

    The simian “logic” often applied by pretend-intellectuals Like Babatunde Umanah is that if a black women happens to be the default adult in a given household this equals to a “matriarchy” and therefore if the majority of household in the given black community are female-“lead” then the black community is somehow a matriarchy. This of course is false and the continued false dichotomy these guys run in order to place themselves as the so-called victim. Let’s not forget, Nazimism used a victim narrative to foment anti-antisemitism in order to justify violence and to create a system of oppression. These losers are looking to do the same. While some sects are looking to not have anything to do with black women – please do! We need less batterers and abusive leach-like sociopaths in black women’s lives, the other sects are looking to beat black women into submission Handmaiden style. (IBMOR).

    The false dichotomy that the black community is is a failed community because it is run by black women is their biggest lie. Let’s move on:
    “In 2017, for example, Black women earned 61 cents for every dollar earned by white men, amounting to $23,653 less in earnings over an entire year. In the span of a 40-year career, this translates into an average lifetime earnings gap of $946,120 between Black women and white men.”
    This does not sound like a powerbase in the community to me. Does it to you?

    We see these ephebophile jackals in their social media content always throwing stats to boast at the “failure” of black women but giving info like this to these low lives is like giving monkeys a machine gun.
    what they always MISS in the false narratives they craft is the cause of the low-stats of economic stats of bw.
    The combination of racism and sexism and classism is a triple threat for women of color. Even a lazy try at research will show many studies pointing to the same root.
    She gets paid lower than her white male and female counterpart and her black male counterpart regardless of her educated background and skill set.…

    The answer to all of this of course is to change the system. To actually fight. I believe that only a radical social international movement made up of real allies looking to destroy the wholistic system of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy is going to change things. But in the meantime, these men are on the side of oppression. You don’t have to believe me, just hear and read their words.


      • You know why Verbs. He has to report back to /pol/ on 4chan.
        Our pain is their gain. After the kikes and white boys fucked up the west with feminism and globalism they want ALL men to come together and fix their mess. They thought that the fire would be contained in the black community. They see all their boys becoming soy boys and their women open their legs for Muslim terrorists who pimp their white daughters with impunity. Black men are walking away from the fuckery and these fuckings losers are coming out of the goddamn walls trying to stop us from being free.

        The Matrix needs warm bodies to use as batteries and Verbs you are like Morpheus on steroids unplugging 100’s of people every day and each of the people you unplug will tell their friends and so on.

        They need our seed to fund another generation of their bullshit.
        More Abortions for Moloch via black whores.
        More Tyrones to fill the prisons
        More welfare expansion to gain more government control I.e. Mark of the beast chips.
        More of seeing blacks in poverty so white boys can feel good about themselves while the kikes fuck him up the ass even more.

        The CIA has turned Asian men into hatsu miku looking freaks and white men into soy boys. The plan was to emasculate men through single mother homes and rap/pop music. All these rappers wearing dresses didn’t encourage all black men to put on dresses and act like bitches. The white boys growing up in single mother homes however took to the soy like a fat kid in a candy store. The Asian men become ” fresh little meat” regardless of parental status. Mexicans are too busy trying to tell everyone they are really white.

        It’s all eyes on us and were telling these freaks to clean up your own backyard and fuck off. I love it.

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      • Not just white soy boys but the overweight soy lumberjack looking hipsters with the bear hugging beard and the stretched out earring. Cookie cutter neo-racists

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      • @Michel You just described the entire non-black male population of Toronto.
        If you were to gather up all their nuts and extract whatever testosterone is in there, you will find a McDonald’s beef patty has more male hormones.

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    • Justin,

      This was my response to the above comment:

      You purport to know much yet know very little, for starters you do realise that there was a women’s LIBERATION movement that began in the 1960s which in the 21st century has now morphed into the 4th wave feminism movement, you’re attempting to argue against actual history, not somebody’s personal belief, smdh. Posting a barrage of information doesn’t automatically mean that any of it is relevant to the particular topic being discussed.

      The main crux of your argument is that because black women are supposedly disadvantaged when it comes to pay and work conditions and promotion, that this somehow proves that they aren’t running their households and the black community at large. This makes absolutely no sense because an individual can be poor and still be in charge of running their household, albeit not very well.

      Additionally you’ve omitted the fact that a disproportionate number of black females are claiming various benefits and welfare treats from the State(a convenient omission on your part). Again, I hope you understand that finances are not the be all and end all to running a household, thus the overwhelming majority of the information you’ve posted is vestigial.

      The black community is the West is most certainly NOT a patriarchy, additionally to suggest otherwise is simply arguing against what can be clearly observed by everybody who has eyes to see. Black women via their embrace of feminism in addition to sponsorship from the State have destroyed black society for the majority part, these are the historical facts that I’m not going to get into a back and forth debate on.

      How you believe that pay gaps between white men and black women somehow get them off the hook for the untold destruction they’ve wrought upon their own people is beyond the most brightest mind, even if this was a sound argument what about black women and their horrific abortion numbers, the fact that they use abortion at 5 times the rate of white women, the fact that number of years ago the abortion figures for black women were so high that the black population percentage in the US actually dropped from 13% to 12.5%.

      The US black population because of black women using abortion as a contraceptive has remained stagnant at around 13% for well over 20 years, meanwhile the Latin American population has now surpassed that of blacks, it is currently hovering at around 17-18%. Black women in conjunction with their white lord and saviour have ruined black society and there is more than one way to prove it”.

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    • My response:

      I am not sure if your request for a response was directed at Babatunde, or the members of this site.

      My position is not based on the above comment and statistics. My position is purely anecdotal: I have dealt with black American women (romantically, platonically, and in passing) from my teens to my 40s. That means I have over 25 years of anecdotal data to work with.

      In 2016, I came to the conclusion that it is best for ME not to deal with black American women romantically; and to only deal with them in non-romantic situations when I must, or at my sporadic choosing. Presently, I have only one black American woman who is a platonic friend. Also, I have a cordial business relationship with another black American woman.

      My position was further buttressed when I traveled abroad this month. I had the opportunity to compare and contrast, which confirmed that I am not imagining the reasons for my position, and that my position is correct for ME and my happiness.

      My goal from now until I take my last breath is to live my best life. I could care less about your, or anyone else’s, objection.

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    • Just because we, as black men, are critiquing black people doesn’t give you, a Caucasoid, any license to come here and spew your racist, but clockwork obsession with us.
      You’re a long way from Starbucks.

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  11. You have to laugh at characters like Aaron Fountain Jr. accusing us thinking SYSBM Brothers of “Complaining” About Black Women when said characters are complaining about us to their audience aka mentally unstable readers. Tac for tic. SYSBM.

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  12. Like I said years ago, You would think these dudes would be happy other men are leaving the playing field AS that would mean less competition from those same men.

    But no, they clearly are more concerned with other men leaving their sphere of operations. And when the men leave they leave collectively by some degree also their finances, the prescence, their children, etc. Basically they are removing access to themselves and their property.

    Clearly these types are leeches, parasites, control freaks, molesters of weak minds, and unconscionable deceivers and misrepresenters of fact.

    Lust, Greed, Jealousy, Pride, Envy, Anger, and Sloth are the 7 principles of these Desperados. As always they move largely by piracy and propoganda. Make no mistake beneathe all of these chaos and nonsense you are dealing with a dark religious order.

    Slavery was constitutionally outlawed in 1865, but since do criminals follows laws when it is not to their advantage….and mind you these people largely vote for the Demo party that tried to keep them in bondage.

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  13. They are in a lot of pain and grief. Black men are taking their options elsewhere and this is painful. Black men were always looked at as the “back up option” when all else has failed for black women and that option is RAPIDLY shrinking so this is the hypocrisy. I highly doubt this PHD having person is going to confront any black man in real life with a SYSBM T-shirt much less DOX anyone. I’m not even concerned I’m hoping someone like this pulls up on me IRL over a sysbm sticker on my car.

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    • Fellhandedbjorn,

      These type of bootlickers work from behind the scenes because they know that is the safest place for them, again, these guys are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast on behalf of the black witch because the fact remains that it is the free thinking brothers who are the very ones required to fix the “community” that black women have broken.

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  14. These people refuse to take their own medicine.

    1. On the one hand, they argue that black men who date/marry interracially don’t have the right to criticize black women’s dysfunctional behavior. However, they refuse to accept the position that if you don’t date/marry interracially, then you don’t have the right to criticize those who do.

    2. Your opposition (mainly black liberals and pro-blacks) will respond to your criticism of black dysfunctional behavior with, “you’re complaining.” However, if white conservatives (and racists) respond to their criticism of racism and discrimination with, “you’re complaining,” then I am almost certain they would blow a gasket.

    Does anyone see the glaring hypocrisy here?

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    • Hypocrisy is part of their constitutional law. If they took their own medicine then they would not be sick.

      Honestly the more you analyze them you are just sharpening your critical thinking and judgment faculties. Do not expect to find coherence from their words. Honestly if you sit down you could honestly map out all their arguments in like one of those business process flow charts.

      When you look at the state of the minds of these people, you should be EASILY able to imagine how so many of our predecessors ended up in slavery, especially once informational channels were down. They are pretty much operating on pure Roman intrigue which has been worsened with their own unbaked dogmatic fallacies.

      They use the kind of dumb shit that only works when you enslave a mind from birth.

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  15. Verbs2015,

    Has Fountain reached out to you to understand why you hold the position that you hold? Also, has he communicated his end goal, or what he hopes to accomplish? Well, that might be a rhetorical question, because I surmise his end goal is to paint SYSBM (and similar groups) in a negative light through the use of false inferences (e.g., Black women are in danger of physical harm, because SYSBM, and similar groups, criticizes black female dysfunction harshly).

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    • B Avenger,

      The muddy bootlicking coward Fountain hasn’t reached out to me in the slightest, as you said his end goal is to paint SYSBM in a deplorable light, however how can you successfully discredit a group of individuals who have chosen to separate themselves from a group of women and a community which those same women being sponsored by Lord Euro have turned into a pile of ashes and rubble?

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  16. First we have Shawn James and now this fool Aaron Fountain. In 2019, we have nothing but simps defending these worthless ghetto ratchet hoodrats that have a huge love for Bottom Shelf Brad, Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Thick Cock Tyrone, 12 Gauge Mike, Pimp L, Corner Boy Ronny, Big Dick Rodney, Ruff Neck Desmond, 357. Jimmy and Cheddar Street. He needs to know that black women don’t even like men like him because they don’t want a man that will lick up to them and they don’t care about him. So let him continue to defend these ghetto hoodrats. He son find out that they don’t care about him.

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  17. Yesterday I was heading to North London and this brown skin girl come on the train from Carpenters Park Station. She was a brown skin women, nice brown skin, legs brown as well. But she had weave. Red weave. Let me tell you something. Black women are wearing more weave then ever just to keep the obsession of the white woman. But they say that they hate their arch enemy. But why are they are wearing this weave. Look at the black churches. You see the amount of weave these black women wear? My Goodness.
    More simps are getting their diploma of simping. Enjoy your night guys!

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    • @Money C:
      What is up with the blonde hair trend now. Even some black males are dying their hair blonde. They probably got it from their mother’s. Do any of these women really think they’ll be confused for a genuine blonde? It boggles the mind, sir.

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  18. This yellow ‘journalist’ plantation drone is a perfect example of the deflection game the Black Gynocracy tries to run to avoid the real issues.

    Jason Roger Pope aka DJ HIV is one of the most notorious stories to hit Black American in years. This bio-terrorist was ANTI-BLACK, committed hate crimes against Black men, women and children, and trafficked in Black girls. That is relevant bio-racism and hatred of Black people but nothing from this castrated plantation drone. This is the work of another pandering simp, targeting Black men, who maybe in the past were silenced by the media and limitations of technology – but no longer.

    These plantation drones will learn in due time that the truth will win in the final analysis. We are armed with facts and data that cannot be disputed. DJ HIV has blown up their Wakandan lie, and he is the name the BW 1st drone dare not say, and he is just one of an army of pedophiles and bio-terrorists prowling the streets of urban America.

    2020 is the year of the Free Thinking Brothas, and nobody is going to stop it, especially not pansies like the plantation drones. CNN and the mainstream media have been wise to avoid giving air-time to red pill content, as they would be the wind that carries the message worldwide at an accelerated rate. Yet, this plantation drone doesn’t realize he is working pro bono for Free Thinking Brothas – the irony, eh?

    The rising tide that will wash away the gynocracy’s regressive monopoly on the Black image over next 12 months will be a joy to behold. Stay tuned…

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    • “The rising tide that will wash away the gynocracy’s regressive monopoly on the Black image over next 12 months will be a joy to behold.”

      Big facts.
      We’re mad as hell and we’re not taking it anymore.

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      • @Black Caesar enemies of Black men never expected non-conformist Black men to strike back – well they were wrong…

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    • King Sigma,

      I cosign everything you’ve said, as stated the dude is actually doing SYSBM a favour and bringing light to the fact that there are black men out here who see through the constant lies, the propaganda and who refuse to go along with the black female run gynocracy.

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      • @Verbs

        Guys like the plantation drone that wrote article believe that they are in someway gaining ‘respect’ from the gynocracy they cape for, but the same females wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire. Most of them will never accept the truth and will run themselves ragged and end up right back in the same position – as the daggles useful idiots.

        #SYSBM is the mode 2019, #EBM is the mood in 2020.

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  19. First, as Black Caesar pointed out, notice faggy use of feminist/liberal terms like “binary” and “misogynoir.” Only black Women use that dumbass latter term, and it’s a dumb one. They literally have a word for their victimhood mentality.

    If the dude is “suspect”, that explains why he’s defending his best pal, the black queen. Honestly, when it comes to gay men and black women, who’s imitating who at this point?

    Also, it’s crazy that SYSBM is gaining such traction and drawing such heat. You had the one guy trying to label us a hate group, and now this. Once this hits the mainstream wind, it’s over for black women even faster than it is currently. I hope that DJ HIV gets more traction too.

    As mentioned, why are they complaining about us when we don’t even want them (and vice versa)? They pushed us away, but as their options are dwindling, they NEED a plan B. Let em die! Seriously, I want to see them starving on the streets and their bloodline culled. On the ashes of their world, we’ll build a better one!

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    • This is the “Plan B” these hoes need. I can smell the waft through the screen. Remember, these are the black queens we’re supposed to rescue.

      Keep the wall up.

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      • And notice the bargain basement becky among them. This is why if you are going to date out make damn sure the woman you date has/wants nothing to do with black “culture”(degeneracy).

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      • Verbs2015,

        As you know I am on vacation. While on vacation, I am able to compare and contrast. To avoid of engaging in so-called hate speech and misogyny, I will just say the difference is like night and day.

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      • Verbs,

        Ugh @ “Stank Walk.” Yup, the educated, accomplished brother is supposed to reach back and wife up that trash, really? These are now the kids and grandkids of the 90s crack babies and the lifelong Section 8 queens. Black men with anything going for themselves are wise to walk away. SYSBM to the fullest!

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      • Schadenfreude,

        SYSBM brothers like myself will not be dating or wifing up any sub par sewage sludge ever. Keep the Wall up and fully fortified.


    • @afrofuturism Well said. Just take a look at “Garage Autonomist’s” Twitter description:

      “I make visual podcasts for youtube. I’m an Afrikan autonomist, father, writer, techie & lover of the human race. Race and gender are social constructs.”

      It is blatantly obvious that all this opposition is coming from as Anton N repeatedly tells us, the progressives, white supremacists and their servants (black male eunuchs and black women).

      Liked by 4 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      As I stated before these dudes have no idea just how deeply SYSBM brothers are invested in the lifestyle, they just like the black witch still believe that they can shame us back onto the plantation, however having been free for so long we are NOT coming back ever.

      As we’ll continue to repeat over and over again and as you’ve mentioned before, SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the free thinking brother. An ideology created by black men for black men specifically, we cannot go wrong with it.

      Black women should simply turn to the men that they constantly are bragging about, Spanner Boy and Field Mouse are their preferred choices, like you said from the beginning they didn’t want us, we accepted their decision and simply moved on, therefore why can’t they do the same?

      Liked by 5 people

      • Spanner Boy sounds like the name of some weird 80s anime cartoon. LOOOOL
        “Spanner Boy! He can unclog a thousand sinks and impregnate 700+ black women in a single leap!”

        Liked by 3 people

  20. These cream-certified simps like Aaron Fountain, Justin Johnson, the Garage Autonomist, etc. are bitching, crying and arguing more than actual women. Meanwhile, the BW they’re defending are rewarding their loyalty by fucking, sucking, and getting pregnant by Buc Buc, Doc Glock, and Trey Dizzle from the corner. SMDH.

    Looks like SYSBM has hit the big time. Keep the wall up, brethren!

    Liked by 7 people

  21. Derrick Jaxn already these people the blue print for financial success in less than 5 minutes. But you have these dudes that clearly want ATTENTION FROM MEN. They not even getting views just spreading nonsense and not even as fast as that criminal DJ.

    I dont know what the fork these guys are trying to do?? These dudes need to put the keyboard down and record some R&B songs or some Neo soul if they are really trying to impress the girls and get their $$$.

    Trying to be some pseudo intellectual around a trash topic like defending/dressing up obvious dysfunction is extremely difficult. And if even you get “picked up” by some major funder, it will be difficult for you to keep putting out material.

    If you do not believe me then go look at that d90210 guy and his desolate blog, you might find a lost Israelite wandering around looking for Moses and Joshua but you shall surely find little of substance over yonder.

    Liked by 6 people

  22. It’s a lot of racist comments here & quite frankly this isn’t the place for this. Ignore linky. He’s obviously is a troll. I’m black American & I don’t find it respectful to diss Nigerians when we’re using a Nigerian man platform. Global white supremacy is screwing all of us over & that’s what we should be trying to fight not each other on this site.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well said I’ve been seeing that as well. Let’s not bring that shit on this board. I don’t give a concern about white men or their issues. My concern is only my fellow black men in the sysbm life.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Gtfo out of here with the tone policing. You disagree fine as men we can disagree but you shouldn’t do this or that tone is frankly weak and wimpy.

      As far as the Nigerian thing dude (most likely a woman pretending or effeminate) came here and started shit. More importantly notice how even though you don’t like what was said about the Nigerian people you couldn’t deny the evidence and that is what truly matters not the delivery.

      Men lie women lie facts and evidence don’t

      Liked by 5 people

      • DarthAmon,

        I didn’t quite know how to respond. So, I left it alone. I agree with you. In essence, if a person comes into the space with a bellicose disposition, then he/she gets what they get.

        That’s just like walking up to a complete stranger, and punching him in his face. You don’t get to choose the modality in which the victim responds. You have to accept whatever is returned.

        Liked by 3 people

      • If someone had no respect to come talking smack about my position in life, don’t then come crying in your diapers when you get the same snack talk back.

        Don’t start shit you can’t handle. Don’t like it? Tough.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Like I said in my original comment, I’m a black American aka ADOS man. This site is for so called black men regardless where they’re from to help them find better partners. I never said what you said was not true, but it’s irrelevant to this site. like I said before, baba is Nigerian & you’re disrespecting his site.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Screw that, black men’s main difference from black women is their ability to CALL OUT their lesser members, whereas black women defend them.

      Conversely, even Verbs himself has taken Linkybaba to task, and he should. I have NO camaraderie with those who defend the black queen, be they black men or anyone else.

      Liked by 4 people

  23. I’m absolutely sickened by the video of all those apes flashing their guns and shouting at the camera. They really believe that they are the only ones who have guns. I wish someone had a Napalm Grenade to throw in that little ass room that they were in and rid the planet of their worthless asses.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. Pingback: Whataboutism: What Black Anti-Feminist Online Communities Say I Should Write About – Pookies, Daggles, and Maggles

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