Open Mic Wednesday

Apparently there is a growing incel community amongst Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Nepalese men who are referred to by the white incel community as “currycels”, I kid you not:

In this next article a South Asian incel points out that there is a lot of racism within the incel movement. Of course there is, any sort of movement or organisation that is dominated by whites will always have the racism element as white folks place their nationality first above all, not matter what the cause:

Here are some other links I think you may find interesting:

Now in UK news we’ve been telling our US brothers that the black witch over here is just as violent and dysfunctional. Remember in my article last Friday how I talk about the Pakistanis and the Indians having the monopoly on the hair and beauty supply stores in the UK, well check out this video of a few young, hothead UK based black sirens going head to head with Sajid and Jamil:

How much do you want to bet that the shop owners caught these wild feral devil spawn seedlings stealing, hence why store shutters were down even though the door was open? As I’ve already stated in Negro Wars, black female violence and dysfunction is an international problem. Notice how as in the case of black women in the US, these chicks talk like dudes, “are you dumb fam?”. You cannot make this stuff up.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is upon us, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Slaying Evil – Proud To Be Standing In The Corner Of The Heterosexual Thinking Black Man

Most High Bless

319 thoughts on “Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Oh boy, the new world is going to be tough for Indian/Pak men. Like I said before, the insult they use for their women: “we get it, you like black guys” will become a self fulfilling prophecy for their asses. Get ready for #TeamDesiWomen

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  2. “currycels” huh? 🤣
    Like I say time and time again, the black man is the only real man. That’s why he is hated by all including what appears to be his natural counterpart. They hate black men because all non-black males are borderline homosexual beta males. Another reason is because we simply have more balls, more intestinal fortitude, more resilience than non black males. I speak only of thinking black men for the most part as the thugs are every bit as feminized as trees non black betas. I don’t know how arranged marriage works so I can’t comment of the effectiveness of that in reducing the incel population. What I do know is if these incels* spent as much time developing a personality as they do beigg fixated on us, they may have some success. I don’t know how attractive to women these guys think obsessing over other men is.
    Now, onto the sheboons. Am I surprised? They needed to get a sound beat down but these non black males can’t even say no to a female let alone fight one. If most black men weren’t such simps they’d have long since given black women the discipline they deserve and today they’d be fetching our slippers and newspaper every morning. 😂 One or these days these people are going to say “enough is enough” and shut their doors to black people. Then what are black people going to do having not built any businesses of their own. I really think the black female is a legitimately feral beast. Very little is human about them. No other organism behaves as dysfunctionally as they do. Their whole M. O. of existing is to be the opposite of creation.
    Now for off topic.
    Politics. Yay. Truedope won again! Four more years of selfies by some guy with as much male hormones as a McDonald’s beef patty. At least it is a minority government. Won’t last two years.
    Sports. Raptors home opener was yesterfay and we won. 🏀🔥
    Washington wins game one of the world series. As some of you may or may not know, the Washington nationals used to be the Montreal expos. So I am torn what team to root for but I will take Houston based on their pitching. ⚾
    Leefs lose to Boston last night. I think they’re at 5wins 4loses so far. I think they got two overtime loses as well. 🏒
    I think this Jason pope issue is the final nail in the coffin for me. I can’t see how there won’t be a huge epidemic of new aids cases from this. He has slept with over a thousand women. Those women most likely have taken their commode they called vaginas to some pookie and maybe even some regular black men. Some of those black men have probably already spread it to new people. Some of whom may be non black. It is simply too dangerous to sleep with black women. You will die. Gee, of all the other healthy attributes she had left while she was still saleable.
    Oh, and Shawn James is just looking pathetic at this point. I can’t believe how easy it is to get a following in black society. All you literally have to do is pander to women and pretend to be “of God”. See how the sheboon has inextricably linked the race with the slavetituion known as the church?
    That’s my ramblings. Sorry I haven’t been around as much. Been working.

    *I personally don’t believe in incels. They can easily take a couple bucks and get laid. If not, there is a world full of black females that will screw you no matter what you look like or what you are infected with as long as you’re not a black male. Every one of these socalled incels could have twenty black females on his arm worshiping him just to get a mongrel dirty baby with green eyes and good hair.

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    • @Black Caesar

      We truly are the original men. Is it any wonder why trillions upon trillions of dollars are spent on mind controlling, dick policing, jailing, killing, enslaving, breeding, aborting and abusing black boys and men over 400 years, if we were truly inferior? Why is it that a fucking Honey Monster looking neckbeards with three chins shits his pants when he sees me?

      Arranged marriage is simply a carry over from the dowry tradition. The woman goes to live with the husband’s family. Forced marriage is another beast entirelyz that’s hand chopping territory.

      Trudeau and a minority government. I didn’t think Scheer had enough to beat the left wing Liberal government, but the real tragedy is how bloody fixed the system is – no Bloc threat? NPD didn’t even make inroads? Come on man. Canada – socialist heart, capitalist mind.

      Oh, and fuck Boston. Did I say that enough? But why not get behind the Bluejays?

      Shawn James: is there anything left to say right now? Of course there is! Thighs thicker that what he can afford to buy and eat 😂 Praise the Lord for dem wings.

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      • @Michel so true. All the effort they put in controlling, abusing and even killing us and not only are we still here, we’ll be 1/4 of the globe in thirty years (for all you pro black “the race will die if you don’t wife up the daggle” negroes)
        Ah right. So you basically buy your wife. Probably wone work to curb the incel population there. I noticed that with the progressive westernization of places like India this phenomenon started to rise.
        Socialist heart capitalist mind. That should be on the coat of arms lol. 🤣 Truer descriptions of this country have not been written. I seriously thought scheer would take it but his campaign sucked. Canada is notoriously anti religion (as long as the religion isn’t trending) so scheer nor jagmeet had a chance. I hope they call an election quickly.
        Yeah Boston sucks. I don’t normally watch a lot of NHL but I would like to see them free a just once. Lol. Jays season is over. It was a rebuild season and pretty much all of the 2015 dream team is gone. Rough season but there is crazy potential there. We just need arms. We got the bats.
        There’s a book he can write. John Haynes Dark Meat. The man who rules youtube is tempted by a sultry, succulent coleslaw in this action packed adventure…

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      • Stephen Harper at least had concrete plans for spending (cutting) and a definitive ideology (loyalist, traditional, redressing the progressive balance) but Andrew Scheer tried to be too wishy washy and reactive against Trudeau’s ideas. But there is an appetite for conservative ideals, even though most of their votes were “I hate Justin”.
        The NDP has gone back to being the joke party with no founding principles other than “we’re liberals on weed”. Jack Layton is sorely missed. Bloc? On se sépare, maudit pirates, câlisse de nation

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      • @Michel yeah I voted for harper back then. Actually I remember that election because I met this HOT like light skinned Indian or Lebanese chick while working at the polls. SYSBM!
        There definitely is an appetite for conservative ideals. Look at the last mayoral election. The red spots are slowly turning blue. Unfortunately back in the day when harper came in, Ontario had just elected that clown Dalton McGuinty so it’s understandable if harper never was able to do much. One more thing. A big pookie and Ray Ray shooting occurred during harper’s admin in Toronto. The only politicians who visited the victims were harper and Rob Ford. Two white Conservatives. Not one liberal or NDumP member.
        I don’t remember too much of Jack Layton’s policies to be honest.
        And your French is way better than mine. I had to look that up. Lol. Ten years in esl gone! If Quebec was t’s another referendum we should just let em go this time. Lol. Alberta apparently wants to exit as well. I can understand that.

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      • This is so absurd. It’s painful to read.

        You ever notice when wm speak of their superiority, it’s always based on a discussion of numbers.

        You’re entire claim to why you niggas are so great……
        Is you’re still alive. Really? The whites never tried to wipe you out. Whites and BW are the ones keeping you alive. It sure isn’t BM productivity lmao.

        “See? If we weren’t superior, they wouldn’t be conquering us like that.”
        BM Logic. Smh.

        I notice you all live in WM led countries. U.K., Canada, etc.

        Why aren’t there countries ruled by BM, that are perfect for you?
        You niggas want to live under the WM, are desperate for the WM’s woman, and complain about how the WM can easily get women of your race, but also claim you’re superior.
        Fucking transparent ass inferiority complex having basic ass dusties.

        And you better get ready, cuz Brad is now getting tired of y’all fuckery. Jose has been tired of it, and is going to put BM asses in check fast.


      • @NotYourBabyMama

        Dry your eyes, witch.

        You’re already behind Fentanyl Fiend Fred and Bottom Shelf Brad so it’s only a matter of time before you contract HIV. Stock up on the anti-viral pills, darling.

        Support your superior WHITE KANGZ, bro!


    • Black Caesar,

      You’re certainly taking advantage of open mic Wednesday, lol. You covered a lot of stuff there. You’re right on the incel issue, with black women holding up all white men as gods, outside of hiring a prostitute/escort these dudes could easily satisfy their sexual frustrations with any black female of their choosing, even though they would much prefer to do this with one of their own female counterparts.

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    • Truth. I personally couldn’t give a shit about the alt right or the Progressives. Let them fight out and destroy each other. Non black women in the Americas lust after us Caribbean men, why bother with idiots when you can just pick up a mate with ease?

      No janitors round here.

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    • @Black Caesar,

      True, these incels could all be drowning in Black punany, but it’s White women they desire; that reveals something these incels have in common with the daggles: they both desire mates that show little to no interest in them, but get upset when the ones they envy the most have more success than them.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t understand why white guys can be incels when the whole world of women worship them like gods no matter what they look like. Unlike black men, white men have a much easier life in general and if they went through half the racism and discrimination bullshit that black men go through on a regular basis they would not survive and they would kill themselves. White men who are incels have some serious mental issues. We as black men go through bullshit every day because life is hard as it is for a black man but we fight through the problems and stay strong because nothing is handed to us as black men as we have to get everything we want from scratch with no help from anyone whereas Asian men and white men they get everything handed to them from jobs, business, cars, money, women, and homes from their families.

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    • @quincy
      The reason is because the white man is mainly desired for his resources and a percentage want his genetics.
      We don’t have resources and are on the bottom globally but still manage to attract women.
      That’s what pisses them off.
      Again, as a feminized beta male, the white man reasons as a child. He doesn’t want us to have what he has. It would make him appear less significant. It’s like a kid at school or a sibling who would ger pissy because you ended up getting the same toy. The white mind is too fixated on the black male penis to be of any use to most females beyond financial.

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      • Black Caesar.

        I fully agree with you bro. The irony is that we as black men as a collective are the poorest men on the planet with little to no resources but we still attract top quality looking non black women and that’s what the incel white man and the racist white man fears because his number one spot is being challenged by black men.

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      • @anton
        Thats right. Even the anti hebe sentiment is rising. People are sick of the bagel brigade and their sympathy whoring over some non existent hollow cost.

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      • Truth. Not even their legion of pro wacks, white nats and black hoes can save them from judgement. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. They destroyed civilization with the help of the Progressives just to spite black men and look at what it got them.

        They can go deal with the alt right and beta males themselves, slavery ended in 1838.

        The Holocaust did exist by the way…we call it WW2. Big fucking disaster and a unnecessary catastrophe, that happened cuz KKK Wilson was sucking British dick and Trotsky couldn’t take a loss.

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      • @anton
        “They destroyed civilization with the help of the Progressives just to spite black men and look at what it got them.”


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      • Thanks man. These clowns whine about ‘anti-semitism’ which THEY created, to try and piss on black males yet try to be proud of your heritage and both the alt-right, the far left and the skeptics will call you a racist and a sexist.

        They can deal with the alt right, refugees and migrants themselves, no clean up men here.

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      • @anton yes the pretend jooz are a few candlesticks short of a menorah. Hate blacks, whine about anti semitism, hate whites on the surface while furthering white nationalism. They’re all over the place.

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      • How’s it going to claim anything as being anti-semitic, when’s the Semitic culture entails Eastern Africa and Western Arabia? Basically, claiming that you’re anti-semitic if you going to get that group, but you’re not even Semitic. That’s why I don’t take the it’s the J boys fault seriously. Even the Bible said that them J boys were going to be phony

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      • @mack g. Yup the synagogue of Satan in full effect. Semitic is a language and Arabic is a Semitic language. The make believe Jews are ten times the anti semites anyone else is. Ain’t no way a bunch of whiny, sexually depraved racist POSes are “God’s chosen”.

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    • Again, these guys talk about others being entitled but are the height of entitlement themselves. They want a woman to lay out the red carpet for them and to not have to compete for anything. Again, feminism, which was of there own making, is still at his point a convenient excuse, especially given their power and influence. Feminism didn’t make Alex Minassian do his evil acts to unknown innocents, that was his own psychosis. Black men deal with the height of matriarchy, yet even they don’t whine as much as these guys.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      They’ve got no excuses for not being able to obtain sex, black women would lap up these White incels by the thousands, all they need to do is turn up and these same black females will immediately prostrate themselves, fall down at Lord Euro’s feet, worship him and do anything he so desires.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. These black women love their white lord and saviour to the point where they would do anything for him no matter what station in life he is at or what he looks like whereas as black men we have to be so perfect in every department even before we get a sniff or a hello from a black woman and I am talking about us SYSBM black men not the thug black men that these black klingon women also love so much.

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  5. Currycels, and they wear this as a badge of honor? That’s literally if similar black men called themselves niggercels.

    These Indian/Pakistani/Arab men are some of the lowest forms of male life on earth, legit male versions of black women. They are physically and behaviorally the least attractive men, and no woman wants to deal with them. Their own woman will begin deserting them more and more, and the veneer will start rubbing off of the white men too, as they notice the same things with them.

    Notice their effeminacy by how they couldn’t handle the black chicks, who were actually thin specimens for their species. Arabs/desis only seem masculine or “based” as these white dudes (which spell checked as lgbt, lmfao) say, because their women have no other options in their home countries. Let em come to the west, it’s over.

    Not to dick police, but those dudes are known for having the slimmest jims possible, even more so than asian men.

    Desi ladies, let’s get together and #breedemout

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The Indians/Pakistani community is especially militant when it comes to black folks. When they first began coming over to the UK, being beaten up by the BNP, NF and other extreme right wing white groups, they pretended to connect with black folks, however as per usual once their numbers built up they began giving black people here the middle finger.

      The memes depicting these dudes as being unromantic are so many and accurate to the core. They are also another group who will go ham on a Desi female for dating and marrying a black man. You’re right, outside of their home countries they have an extremely hard time competing with other men.

      Indeed, we’ve proven the slim size of their weeners many times here before.

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  6. Check out this freak show:

    Seriously, the world, like with black women, is about to get sick of trannies, before turning on the LGBT in general. This creature is the height of degeneracy. It’s a hate crime that you aren’t in a PORNO?!!! This legit sounds like a black woman! Again, who’s the face of this stuff, too? White MEN, that’s who!

    They are more and more getting chin checked and dirt napped.

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      • @anton
        Wow you just opened my eyes to something. Think about it. Aren’t these feminists, homos, and transgenders incels themselves? That explain to me why they are so predatory. They are trying to coerce and legislate men into being attracted to them. If that isn’t a damn incel I dunno what is.

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      • Good point there. Remember this: ‘alt right’ was coined by Nuttyyahoo. Most mass shooters are on SSRIs. The CIA and Chinese MSS use drugs to undermine target populations. The Progressive movement relies on the white nats to push a agenda and racist Jews have bankrolled destructive movements in the past, as a fuck you to black men and Western Civilization.

        It all makes sense once you think deeply about it. They want us to waste our energy on the incels and black women/white Zaddy, so we can’t leave the plantation. If the militant progressive movements and alt right fall psychiatry goes out of business, and the prison, educational and victimhood industrial complexes go next.

        A lot of these trolls are simply immature brats looking for attention. Cut them off after exposing them and throwing them out, then hit em harder than before.

        These idiots, the Incel and SJWs, talk tough but would piss themselves they were to encounter the deep web. These guys don’t play unlike the denizens of 4chan and, and will truly fuck you up if you get on their bad side.

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      • Good point. Oooh the irony…Pooh and the Fuher must be steaming in rage at this one. Bi Bi and Xi are rebuilding the Axis as the West burns. Putin is a reluctant buddy who’s kept in line through blackmail and the promise that the EUSSR will be dealt with…so the Czars can rule over Europe.

        Check it out. They restored many Czarist symbols after the CPSU fled to Western Europe.

        Putin has even mentioned ‘restoring’ the monarchy even though his government was on good terms with the Czarina.

        Nuttyyahoo said that in order for the Reich to rise, the Americas would be transformed into the biggest collection of welfare states om the planet, then it would blow away like dust. Hence the black hoe and her white Zaddy, this simp and beta male apocalypse and all these cults like SJW. All theatre to distract us from Belt and Road and Talpiot, as well as the reinstatement of Chattel slavery. These Progressives and alt righters have no idea their actions are merely bringing back the chains really.

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      • @anton I believe it. When the cost of living gets high enough the groups you mentioned will beg for slavery just to eat. Thankfully I’ll be long dead before the real shit happens.

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      • Word. The elites know this and this is why they focus on programming through education and the mass media. Consumerism and scientism for the ignorant masses, and radical extremism for the black hoes, simps and beta males. Drugs from vaccines to SSRIs, made mandatory by bioweapon pandemics. Disagree with the almighty State and a death squad will blow down your door.

        We’re seen this already and were warned. But you see, the truth would set many people free and put the slave system out of business. And that was rather uncomfortable to the leaders of the skeptical Community who loved their accolade, their respect, and the praise they got from ignorant peons.

        So from the little I could get, I believe they made a deal with the devil. Relentlessly bash UFO nuts, pro wacks and Neo Nazis and focus on other irrelevant issues. In return we [the elites] will give you power beyond your wildest dreams, and the respect you crave.

        Like idiots the fools took up the deal. Now that the slave owner has tons of illegal immigrants and refugees, he no longer needs the Progressives, the skeptics and the neo Nazis, pro wacks and black hoes.

        This is what they fail to understand. They threw away the good black men, the otakus, the educated lames and the true nerds for power and fame when things were good.

        Now that the Wall is hitting, they want us to come in and fix their mistakes like idiots.

        No thanks, slavery ended in 1838.

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    • “Speaking to the local newspaper, Ria said: ‘I am reporting this as a hate crime. It’s like calling someone who is black the ‘N’ word.’ ”

      Excuse me?!?

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      • @BCT
        The white liberal is worse than David duke. White LGBTQ are worse than the guy who founded the KKK.
        Someone needs to tell that mentally ill sodomites that we didn’t transform into black. We were born black. I am so glad these homos are biological dead ends. The earth is very self cleaning.

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      • Yes indeed. I’m glad you get it. Had a troll attack my Deviantart account, throwing words out of his mouth and accusing me of being an uneducated dunce because I was calling out the tribe and their butt buddies the Progressives. I ripped the guy apart and blocked his ass off my page, turned out the dude didn’t even have a single art piece.

        He was just there to whine and cause problems….just like the black hoe and the white nats.

        As for the KKK remember what I said about Pike.

        Racist Jews feed off anti Semitism and victimhood points. Cut them off and the entire scam collapses.

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      • Sadly you are correct. These idiots love to whine about being victimized, but look at who created white supremacy and the black witch.

        Serves em right, they created this mess now let em fix it.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      A portion of general public through constant propaganda and legislation have accepted these freaks of nature, yet the freaks rather than being appreciative of the fact that people aren’t randomly punching them in the face, are now walking around with arrogance and pomp and on top of this intimidating those that opened the door to them, smh. They’ll soon receive their overdue recompense.

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    • @afrofuturism
      That’s their little progressive matrix and I have nothing to do with it. I’d pay to see someone attempt to get me to assimilate and worship these mentally ill sodomites. They deserve every best down or dirt nap coming to them.

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    • For fuck sakes there’s a whole fucking genre online and on PornHub that is devoted to tranny porn. A whole group where guys prefer that. I personally have no problem with it. I blame women for being overly and inexcusability (sp) accepting of something that they have to compete against, just so they can get some attention and status.

      The thing is, they all want mainstream acceptance from guys who don’t even know or care that this . This tells me that a lot of them are not really secure in what they are. What they CHOSE to be. No different from homosexuals have their own group, but trying to jump in on other people’s pursuits. Because deep down inside, they’re not comfortable being what they are.

      The wild part is, one of my cousins who is a swole muscle up homo, told me how fake they are. And how they’re being used as tools. I told him, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If pedophilia comes more acceptable, guess who’s going to get the Heat? And he said gays.

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      • Anyone who prefers these trannies (a la Black British Gay/Simp Gayer) is gay, at least bi. They can bring up women all they want, at the end up the day, they like going up Choco Boulevard with another man.

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  7. Those BW in that video got off easy. Those two guys were taking it easy on them, simply pushing and throwing them instead of punching them.

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  8. First it’s white incels, now South Asian incels, what type of incels finna be next man? Damn what the hell is going on? For white dudes, they’re like first place, they have it easy, but they up and about bitching and moaning talking about they can’t get the hot girl they prefer, or the women don’t want them, so they take the most obvious way thinking it’s Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, harass innocent women no matter what ethnicity (could be White, Asian, Latina, European, Island, or Mixed), and/or making online threats causing an alarm to the city, but yet call us black men threats? That’s funny, coming from a group of men that’s trying to start a war around the globe because they can’t laid? Man suck it up! Now for the black women, once again, the future for black women is definitely not gonna be pretty for them if they still gonna keep this act up, and no wonder why black women are really the least desired. They say “black women are the most loyal”, but are they loyal around a black man? That’s the most important question that needs to be answer.

    To my open topic, Last night, I was watching 2 videos on black avenger from Brian Solonge, shout out to that brotha because he be exposing the crap out of black women and their lust of white men. It’s funny how some black women say they don’t wanna date black men who date white women or non black women, or has dated them, but how would they feel it a black man said he wouldn’t date black women who date white men, or has dated white men? Boy the simps and black women would be questioning that black man heavily. It just that the relationships between black women and non black men be questionable because after that jason pope incident and black women being extremely thirsty for white men, I think they’re perfect for each other in my opinion, since black women don’t love black men. And it got me thinking like are the black women and non black men relationships be legit sometimes, or they just fetishes for each other?

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  9. “currycel
    An “incel” (aka involuntary celibate) of South Asian background (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.). A currycel is typically a facially unattractive, sub-8 manlet studying Computer Science or Biochemistry at a local state university. He is a kissless, hand-holdless virgin who naively believes that women will be twerking all over his dick the moment gets that internship at Google or is admitted to Medical School. He will probably never find true love in his life and will inevitably get thrown into an arranged marriage with some curry slut who pretends to be a virgin on their wedding night. For the currycel, it was over before it even began.”

    Savage lol

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  10. It’s HILARIOUS that the bastion of White Boy worshipping… AKA…”The Shade Room”, has posted ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Jason “The HIV Pimp” Pope. They’ve posted an artice about the two guys for Love & Hip Hip allegedly pimping two women out, they’ve posted Tank…TWICE, they’ve posted an article about 14 dead bodies being found in a Tractor Trailer in the UK, but of course NOTHING about their White “Kang” Jason “The HIV Pimp” Pope…HMMMM…I wonder why…LOL

    The reasons are very ,very SIMPLE…

    1. They know they can’t possibly crush the spirits of the Daggles attempting to climb “swirl mountain”…

    2. They know they can’t possibly show their LORD AND SAVIOR “THE WHITE KANG” in a negative light…

    3. This seriously impedes The Daggles obsession of living vicariously through the small number of Daggles who’ve successfully reached the summit of “Swirl Mountain”…

    PS..The reason Paris “Booty Lips Milan has said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this Cosmic sized “L”, is because as usual the Daggles always and I do mean ALWAYS, paint themselves into a philosophical corner from which they cannot escape.

    Whenever something happens to a Black Man Ms Booty Lips favorite tagline is…. “Not Our Problem Black Women”. So I would say to Ms Booty Lips…”Not Our Problem”!

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    • Crazy K, Pissie, Madame Fruitloop and all the other Prince Euro worshipping wildebeest were so quiet on Jason “HIV Positive” Pope, you could hear a mouse pissing on concrete. In Chicago.

      Jason Pope landed such a heavyweight knockout punch to the right side of they domes, their turning into salted pretzels trying to blame Black men. Whats new, huh?

      The Pink Pill course: how to atrract Bottom Shelf Brad with AIDS. Now $100 a month, contains a reusable home test kit for HPV, herpes and Chlamydia. While stocks last.

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  11. There’s a channel on YouTube called ‘To Catch A Cheater’ where they had a Pakistani man test his wife with a body building Chad; the man lost his cool when he phoned his wife, and his wife told him point blank that they weren’t in Pakistan anymore. The insecurity of these curry dudes is wild.

    More “woke” news:

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    • I don’t get it? You’d have to be biologically female to have menstruation, so why attack women in this manner?

      As to that tweet from the Trans activists:
      If you need the removal of a symbol to feel included, whose sense of self is fragile here? Real women or pretend women?

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    • “There’s a channel on YouTube called ‘To Catch A Cheater’ where they had a Pakistani man test his wife with a body building Chad; the man lost his cool when he phoned his wife, and his wife told him point blank that they weren’t in Pakistan anymore.”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an arranged marriage and she never wanted to be with him to begin with. Given that they weren’t living in Pakistan anymore she didn’t have to stay with him or fear him.

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      • I don’t blame her either. It’s doubtful that she was receiving marital romance of any sort.

        Hopefully her man Omar can sate himself with some bacha bazi, since they love that so much.

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      • Actually, she was with a friend, and the friend was the flirtatious one; she didn’t even want to be bothered talking to the body builder Chad and let her husband know that was the case. Her husband screamed at her on the phone, “What is her name? What is that whore’s name?” I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried initiating a divorce, but knowing how violent these men are, she probably just bears with him to avoid an attack.

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    • Good news for the feminine product industry. A bunch of dusty, mentally ill men are going to be jamming tampons up their asses to feel like women. 🤣🤣🤣

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  12. I read the article. My thoughts:

    “In this next article a South Asian incel points out that there is a lot of racism within the incel movement. Of course there is, any sort of movement or organisation that is dominated by whites will always have the racism element as white folks place their nationality first above all, not matter what the cause”

    BINGO! That’s why I don’t associate myself with “mainstream” movements such as RedPill and Men’s Rights Advocacy (MRA), even though our interest may overlap. I pick the elements that suit me, and operate in my own sphere. I don’t want to go to their conferences and rub elbows.


    “Still, Sharma has no plans to abandon his fellow incels — no matter how racist they might be.

    Sharma is a fool. They (Indian incels) should take a page from the IBMOR folks and start their own incel movement.

    RE: “INCELS”

    Can I be honest here? There is no such thing as an “incel.” The problem here is the other “I-word–” INERTIA, as in too lazy to overcome their own inertia and get a girlfriend or some ass. SMH.

    They are too lazy to find a market where they are celebrated. I don’t give a shit what you look like. Hell, even Ephialtes (the incel-looking person who betrayed Sparta, in the movie 300) managed to get some tail, courtesy of Xerxes, as a reward for his betrayal. They need to put in the work (minus the treachery, of course), and find the market where they are celebrated.


    You know, I don’t want to read some Indian’s lament over the racism he reads on Reddit or 4chan, because I witnessed first-hand how my good friend (and former college teammate) was treated by Indians, when he took on an Indian girlfriend. The racism was just as bad as the white racism expressed in the article’s BlackPill citation, ranting over white women dating Indian men.


    I met my good friend in college in 1996. Back then, he was SYSBM, before there was such a movement. I remember him saying he doesn’t date black women and want nothing to do with them. Well, having grown up in Baltimore, a pro-black mecca, I said he was CRAZY! He grew up in Compton, California. Those brothers out West always marched to a different beat.

    To this day, we still keep and contact, and I had tell him he was right. He replied, “Right about what???” I replied, “your stance on black women.” He busted out laughing, reminded me of my stupid stance, and asked me, “It took you 20 years to figure that out, Mr. Academic All-Conference???” To this day, he still loves to take digs at me.

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  13. What do you all think about women that do their male up on public transport like trains?

    Personally I find it disrespectful and would often move away to another empty seat as life is too short that nonsense you don’t see men shaving on the trains do we.

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    • Ironically, I as I was driving to the car shop this morning, there was this muscle car (Challenger, I think), where its driver was slow to acknowledge the green light, and after acknowledging the green light, was driving extremely slow. Being the “assertive driver” that I am, I quickly swerved around the driver.

      As I was passing the car, the dumb idiot was a woman (a black woman) putting on applying make up while she was driving.

      People (men and women, alike) should do their grooming at home. If need be, they need to get up earlier and take care of it before they depart to work.

      To answer you question, I find those people a nuisance.

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    • Sometimes when a woman is applying makeup, she’s doing it in response to seeing a potential alpha male mate (even if she’s already engaged). It’s peacocking, the same way men manspread on the tube.

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  14. Obsidian will have a damn good show today. He will have a conversation with the esteemed Professor Loury, a highly intelligent scholar. I expect the show to be a refreshing departure from the norm. High-brow guests, such as Professor Loury, are a welcomed park ape repellent (i.e., park apes don’t find intellectuals entertaining and tend to change the channel).

    See yall in about 10 minutes.

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    • Welp, the Oman had only 140-something listeners (normally 300+) during the conversation, and not comments from Pookie and Nay Nay. So, high-brow guests are a park ape repellent.

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  15. Lately, black women been taking lots of L’s as of late. Next year after the election. I truly think that the vast majority of thinking black men will leave black women for good. Bottom Shelf brad proved that black women are dysfunctional.

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  16. These incels and these currycels need to stop think about gyal and get money, especially black men. Now black women! They will not stop spending their easy eared money on buying weave at the Asian man shop. There are so many hair shops in Harlesden, Willesden wear I’m originally from, Watford as well. They have hair shops for black to buy this eave just to look a white woman and try to get a white man. But here this now. Black women are getting sex down brutally by bottom barrel Brad and black women can’t flex them white woman’s hairstyle. They fail on that in quick flash. Black women have a huge uncontrollable addiction for this weave, whatever it’s blonde, brunette, jet black, pink, blue, red, green, yellow or multiple colours of weave.

    Enjoy your night guys.

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  17. Just a thought still no word from the Me To Movement about DJ Kid crickets is all I hear. These ingrates are absolute clowns and fucktards.

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  18. how many of you heard of Dr John Money? he along with Benjamin Harry and Kinsey started the transgender/ gender ideology movement they started the “gender is a social construct” nonsense. a walter heyer a former transgender (returned to his biological male identity) talks about this. his videos are all over youtube and have a website/movement called sex change regret. the 3 founders of the trangender movement were pedophiles

    Where did the transgender idea come from? | Walt Heyer


    The Story of David Reimer: A Transgender Experiment


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    • @TBM Not to derail your comment but speaking of transgenderism a father recently lost a battle in court concerning his child that his non biological mother forced into transgenderism. See, if you can guess the race and gender judge who sided with the white witch.

      The black woman is the devil.

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      • Black Caesar,

        That judge needs to be burned at the stake. Black women are nothing but evil scum, the black witch contributing towards the disintegration of that family and feeling proud of her accomplishments, smh.

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      • @Verbs FACTS. The black woman is the white man. And just like the white man, when they don’t get their way or aren’t worshiped enough, they wanna destroy everything and everyone in their paths. Kinda like their Lord and Saviour DJ HIV and other people who deliberately go around infecting others.

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      • There’s another Twitter thread on the subject here:

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      • I am not surprised. I am almost certain had a black female judge had presided over my custody battle, I most certainly would have lost custody.

        People say this is a hate site against black women. The owner and members are only pointing out occurrences and giving an opinion. SMH.

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      • I just read the state governor, state attorney general, and cps are now involved and looking into it. Hopefully they put an end to this insanity, and find a way to disbar this useless judge. This entire situation is disheartening and sickening.

        All this goes to show you is how fathers have next to no rights, or say when it comes to their own children. But women across the board wonder why men don’t want to have kids, get married these days.

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    • “How many of you heard of Dr John Money? He along with Benjamin Harry and Kinsey started the transgender/ gender ideology movement they started the “gender is a social construct” nonsense.”

      See, I was tolerant of the bullshit notion of “race is a social construct,” because we are all human beings and we all bleed. But, I cannot accept the idea of gender being a social construct, for the following reasons:

      1. Athletics: you can interchange genders in sports at a high level, “social construct, or not.”

      2. Gender: Men don’t birth children. There are clear distinctions between men and women, “social construct, or not.”

      Only an intellectual can convince a man that he is fucking a woman, when in fact he is fucking a man.

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      • Many of these intellectuals are self righteous fools and clowns who think they are hot shit because of their IQ. The elites know this and exploit these feelings to create destructive ideologies.

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  19. this is why bitch niggas like Shaun James fail when they call black men incel. Black men who have problems getting black women to date them don’t run people over with cars and go on shooting sprees. We just date non-black men and keep it moving. These white and Indian men however feel entitled to women and kill them when rejected. This just pushes more women to Black men lol.

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    • “The #DJKidd story proves how dangerous it is for Black girls and Black women to be unprotected.”

      Actually science tells them the dangers of women being “unprotected”, but they let pookie, ray ray, and DJ AIDS have unprotected sex with them anyway.

      STDs are sexist, and women are the losers. Here’s why

      “One reason STDs are sexist: In heterosexual pairings, they are more readily transmitted from the man to the woman than from the woman to the man.
      “So at any one exposure, a susceptible woman is more likely to catch it than a susceptible man,” Handsfield said. That’s because the lining of the vagina is thinner and more delicate than the skin on a penis, so it’s easier for bacteria and viruses to penetrate and take hold. Once there, the moist environment of the vagina is perfect for growth”

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    • Black Caesar,

      Yet another dumb black female who believes that we are going to get into a conversation and proceed back and forth with her. Free thinking black men are DONE dealing with this kind of empty, circular rebuff, we’re simply walking away from these black sirens plain and simple. She’s arguing with herself. Again, isn’t this behaviour(response) typical of your average modern day black female, not an accountable, responsible nor honest bone in the witch’s body(please see SYSBM tenet number 6).

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      • @Verbs. I tried to destroy what I could but she left me with little to work with. She has a shitty, poorly thought out, poorly written rebuttal peppered with that Classic Canadian (well more Toronto) “I have no sense of comedic wit, cleverness, timing or style but I’m gonna try to be funny anyway”. This is what we got up here man. Not just straight up hood daggles but pseudo-intellectual, fully-assimilated, white feminist ingratiated negresses.

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      • Black Caesar,

        You pretty much nailed all of her dumb rebuttal talking points, but to be honest it wouldn’t have been that hard of a job anyway viewing her lack of intelligence and reading comprehension skills, lol. I hear you bro, I believe that all of the Commonwealth countries suffer from this same pestilent dysfunctional, leftist black female epidemic.

        I really have to take my hat off to you for not getting involved with these women, they really are a serious burden and a liability upon black men as well as the black race as a whole. We’ve got the same here in the UK bro, black women who believe that they are white and have been accepted into white society. They look foolish and utterly ridiculous but hey, that’s black women as a collective for you.

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      • @verbs thanks king. I think the black people who came here immigrated from the same countries as the UK. So it doesn’t surprise me that there are similarities. But this chick who wrote that, I know all about her type. I am almost positive she’s got one of those lesbian pillar cuts and wears it natural for slave play. There is no more pathetic organism than the black feminist.

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    • I’ll destroy a couple of her verbal yeast infection that evidently has fallen on blind, non-following, non-liking eyes…

      “”Free thinking black men who practice SYSBM…”

      Record scratch. Can’t be all that fee thinking of your following this list, can you?”

      Reading comprehension is not her strong suit:

      “The list below is not the be all and end all of the lifestyle, feel free to add to it.”

      Sheboon logic at it’s finest. By her logic, citizens living under a constitution or Charter of Rights and Freedoms are NOT free thinkers.

      4) you can find high quality women anywhere including Black women, but we’re scraggle daggle witches?

      Not surprisingly, the difference between the two is lost on her.

      5) you look down on those who have passports. Sounds elitist to my (checks passport) Black Canadian scraggle daggle self.

      Put the crack pipe down, Shartqueefda. There is absolutely no reference to that sentiment at all anywhere on this site.

      6) I love that you’re about self improvement and honesty, so let’s try it:

      Be honest: some White guy called you the n word and said you’d never be able to fuck Becky the head cheerleader and that started a whole MOVEMENT. That you’re sexist, homophobic–

      Admit it fellas, you weren’t expecting this wench to defend a white man, even during this discourse!
      Like clockwork, she hides behind her shield. Hey, turning to other races as a black man as a result of racism is far more reasonable and sane that being called the n word during sex. A passtime black women enjoy. That is not the case, however. I find it hilarious how her belief that IR relationships between black men and non-black women are reactive. They really do think we date inter-racially for the same reasons they do. Isn’t it pretty sexist in and of itself to claim a female would only be interested in a man as the result of the actions of another man?

      7) oh wait. Just read ahead to point 7 and saw you are homophobic and transphobic because those folks managed to THRIVE in the face of adversity, but you…

      You guys though I was joking or exaggerating about Canada being a leftist cesspool? I’d love to see her list of so-called LGBTQ adversities because I’d be feeling pretty good if I could put a dress on and dominate women’s sports. So aside from being wordlessly stupid she is also a brainwashed Marxbot (average Canadian). Moving along…

      Is this what we call Black Incels? Mad bus drivers?

      Well well well, little miss “progessive” sounds elitist I think. You guys have no clue how white these Canadian sheboons believe they are. It’s hilarious. A bus driver in Toronto, if he gains enough seniority can make upwards of 6 figures. That was such common knowledge that it actually became a public point of contention and sparked a us vs. them rivalry between transit users and transit staff for years. Furthermore, as I understand it, MBD either has a wife or girlfriend. Two things I am positive this negress either does not have or goes through like boxes of Summer’s Eve.



      Put the fentanyl down too.

      10) there are single free thinking Black men? Where they at? Asking for witch.

      Told ya she was single.

      11) Hennessy is not a Jezebel spirit thankyouverymuch

      Moscato tho? That shit IS EVIL

      Most red-pilled men know all about alcoholic women. You’d do well to see if you can get that drink in boxes for your future though.

      We also believe in building wealth. We’ve tried. But then we pay your car note, rent, lend you fifty until payday and

      No, sweetie, you pay for Pooky and Ray Ray’s car notes, rent, etc. Are you really blaming your dusty exes for the fact the black woman’s net worth couldn’t give them enough financial latitude to supersize their fries?

      12) sorry you had it rough. Truly. But blaming all for the sins of one is exactly what you’re accusing Black Witch Agents of the State (BWAS) of doing and well…

      There is more than one sheboon. All men globally know this. There are enough bad to support any claims we have against the whole without even using proper statistic gathering methods. What do you care anyway?

      14) you specidically shout out Black women and White men. Hmmm. What about White women? Okay. Not ALL White women…

      Just…. 53%

      How long were you guys waiting for her to defend brad and impugn Becky. I stopped my stopwatch at about 5mins 13secs and 300ms.

      15) you say you’re not beholden to us Black women or feel obligated to protect us.

      WE KNOW.

      Don’t act surprised because you are getting exactly what you asked for? Just learn some jujitsu or kungfu or something when one of those 4’11” Asians open up a can of bruce lee after your failed attempts to stuff 50 bundles inside your coat.

      18) “SYSBM members have nothing to do with the black community…”

      Yeah we know Kanye, take your dockers and torn up sweatshirts down the road to Calabasas. WE KNOW

      Kanye and his wife are still married. Where’s your husband?

      19) so you don’t fucks with single moms. Got it. Buuuuuut can you maybe tell the Black guys who dicked and dashed to come back? You got their number?

      Nope. That’s your job. If you were dumb/horny/whorish/a whore/black female enough to screw a guy barebacked who didn’t put a ring on it, welp… Oh wait, you thought a man who is NOT married to you has obligations?

      20) Okay but when the baby comes out looking like you,you know EVERYONE IS GONNA CALL IT BLACK, INCLUDING: your gay brother on law, her racist grandad (who will call it “a black”) and the cops when they beat your baby for jaywalking.

      You’re a sharp one, ain’t ya. No shit the child will be black. That’s a good thing! It means we can continue to perpetuate the race WITHOUT black women. Besides, if any cops beat our children we know who will be right there in the courtroom stroking the cops hair and giving the cop a Bible.

      When the protest happens for that police beating, did you want us Black witches on the front line protesting with you for better optics or nah?

      You will have to consult your white lesbian masters who’ve co-opted your movement.

      21. Overall cleaner appearance.


      HAHAHAHA black women don’t wash…full stop!

      Based on your intimate knowledge with other races of women? See? You’re just like us? The reality is, most men know all too well of the black female’s personal hygiene. It is frequently discussed here. I suggest you read them.

      22. Wow. So they can’t even have us as friends? Okay.

      There is no difference between the average black woman’s attitude towards her black husband, boyfriend, friend, grocer, bank teller, guy passing her on the street that dares look at her.

      (sorry if I screwed up the formatting. I tried HTML)

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      • @Black Caesar

        You are doing the Lord’s work, tearing to pieces this dumbass witch. Nice to see Verbs’ verbal pummeling continues to get simps and witches where it hurts: their narcissistic egos.

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      • @Michel
        I first heard about SYSBM maybe four years ago from tito the fresh. I liked the philosophy but didn’t think it would become this deadly. I found these two clowns on Twitter just doing a random search for “SYSBM” because I am looking to follow more content. I also found some militant ibmor clown who claims SYSBM promote westernized non black women.

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      • Excellent rebuke. You guys should send her the link to Verbs page on black female sexual hygiene which is usually at the bottom of this page. Just to see her head explode.

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  20. Here is the thing, black women 40 and under are still under the programing that everyone owes them something and black men are their property. To black women in this age group, black men are nothing more than utilities, and what’s worst, their male counterparts go along with this, so much so, they will attack another black man on the word of a black woman. Free thinking black men are like NEO to their agents, when confronted by one of us, they don’t know how to handle us, we fuck up their core programming.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      I’m so glad to be a free thinking black man though as many of us I wasn’t always this way. It’s so good to break free from the chains and the shackles of the black witch, her pro black female flunkies and the rotten corpse of a community she rules over. You’re right, a group like us shouldn’t exist, the fact that we’re here demonstrates the failure on the part of these black sirens to keep black men in check ie brainwashed on the plantation serving them.

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  21. Here we have a simp triggered by the article. Are you as surprised as I am that his entire following is black female? 🤣

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    • Black Caesar,

      Typical pro black female simps, just like their black female leaders they love paying attention to things that have nothing to do with them. These pro black female simps are dumb as hell, black women treat them worse than garbage and yet they still return to them with their tongues hanging out looking for a pat on the back and a Scoobie snack, smh. The bewitchment and the hypnosis is strong in that simp.

      These pyramid head, red, black and green dudes are so delusional, they honestly believe that they’re somehow being honourable and noble for accepting being treating like trash by their female counterparts, smh.

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      • @verbs. All this is interconnected. They get that mindset from the church which is promoted by the single mohhers that raised them. The purpose of the black female is very simple as per the dictates of her master. And that is to produce on one hand as much raw bodies for cheap prison labour and on the other spiritually, mentally and almost physically castrate black males so they are not a threat and stay non competitive.
        They can’t be better because they can’t know better.
        The black male simp cannot be reformed anymore than the black witch herself or her white master.

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    • Black Caesar,

      A group of black men occupying their own space who don’t worship the sacred cow of black society aka the black female and who also don’t wish to be associated with the scum of black society as a whole, in the eyes of these delusionals are viewed as “self hating, alt right supporters”???? You’re right bro, western society holds some of the dumbest black folks within it and you’ll notice that they are the ones who typically support the left, smh.

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      • @verbs that comment did it for me too. 🤣
        We are self hating alt righters because we don’t want some HIV infected, weave wearing, disobedient, loud mouthed, overweight, obnoxious sheboon with five kids by six fathers.
        Alright then.
        I’m a self hating alt righter.
        But I’m a happy one.
        🤣 🤣 🤣
        SYSBM or death.

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      • I’m a “self-hater” because I want my kids to be brought up by a woman who gives a shit about them?

        I’m a “self-hater” because i like my women with their own hair in their head?

        I’m a “self-hater” because White girls like me?

        I’m a “self-hater” because I quite like to be HIV and herpes free?

        I’m a “self-hater” because my girlfriend doesn’t want to physically fight me seven days a week

        I’m a “self-hater” because I quite like my children to have the same father?

        Alrighty then. I’m a “self-hater” for life.

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    • The worst thing is ol’ SIMP is unaware that he’s too pussy entranced and bewitched to even form a coherent argument.

      We’re white supremacists with an inferiority complex, because we refuse to add bodies to the prison/abortion system? How does that work exactly? Is Jason Pope a black ally for spreading the the “love” to the communiteh?

      I don’t expect an answer. Of course.

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    • These sheboons are terrible, but these male apologist simps are even worse. The lengths they will go to to defend these whores (despite all of the overwhelming evidence of their dysfunctional behavior) is pathetic and sad.

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  22. So I go to my local Sainsbury’s, as it’s pouring down, I come to the entrance to see one old masculine looking black witch. I stop for her to leave, she thanks me by giving me one of the dirtiest look I’ve seen from a dark skinned old hag. No doubt she’s a council worker, as it’s nearby.

    Never doing that again. Fuck the communiteh.

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  23. Did you guys see that Twitter thread in which Black Women were complaining that Black male students were able to make friends outside of the race easier than them?
    Here’s a link:
    Black Women continue to show they are desperate and insecure fools. Why any man would choose to deal with a Black Woman is beyond me. Personally, it gives me great joy when I see Black males at a young age already avoiding Black females. We need our young Black males to focus on their education and to not allow Slim Sauce and the Black Witch to harm them while they are on the come up.

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    • That thread is hilarious yet sad! This chick is literally trying to look like a victim because no one even wants black women as friends? That’s black women, not anyone else! See how they refuse accountability!

      The sad part is, this is actually a decent looking chick, especially for a black woman. Thus, her lack of friends is entirely her own fault. And you know that the “white spaces” thing is really code for dating out, though it is funny that black men succeed way more in those circles than black Women, despite black Women being the right hand of white supremacy and black men being dogged in the media.

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      • That “black girl magic” is actually witchcraft, which is a big reason why other groups are giving these chicks a wide berth.

        I hope more black boys see this, realize the advantage that they have, and leave these harpies in the dust.

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    • Also, notice that “monitory” bullshit. Black Women are always trying to include non-blacks in their struggle and vice versa, no different from that “people of color/ black and brown people” crap.

      She says that “minority” boys are seen as cool? No, BLACK boys are, who the hell wants to hang out with asian and Indian boys? Conversely, I can assure you that asian and desi GIRLS are NOT ostracized.

      Seriously, just breed them out. It’d honestly be best if most black women, especially dark ones, just got sterilized at this point, just so to not pass on more insecurity and failure.

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      • I love how blacks in the US are getting away from that dumb “minority” BS. I am a BLACK man, (specifically a descendant of the slaves that helped to build this country), I have no problem being a BLACK man, I am not a “person of color” which is a catch all term that liberals and democrats like to use to lump all non-white people together. A lot of blacks (mainly BW) are so desperate for acceptance that they are willing to throw their lot in with other non-black groups just to feel accepted, even if said groups give them nothing in return and take from them.

        “She says that “minority” boys are seen as cool? No, BLACK boys are”
        Exactly, thank you. Next thing you know these chicks will be saying that rap, jazz, the blues, etc. is “minority” culture. BW will be quick to sell us out if it means a pat on the head from some liberals/democrats/white feminists.

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      • Yep, who are the REAL coons and sellouts? Hell, why are the black women with DJ AIDS asking other “people of color” for protection, since they’re so close apparently. Oh yeah, cuz those groups want NOTHING to do with blacks outside of using them, and are typically far more racist than the whites that blacks bitch about yet idolize.

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      • @afrofuturism1

        Yeah we are starting to see the true colors of some of our liberal “allies” now that many blacks are threatening to stay home on election day unless the Democrats put forward a black agenda. They have gotten so used to using us and our history/icons (civil rights movement, MLK, etc) for their own agendas they are shocked that a growing number of us are starting to tell them hands off our history/culture and to get lost.

        Being led by BM (no surprise) the black community is slowly starting to grow a spine again politically.

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      • @James
        What’s the difference between “coloured” and “people of colour”?
        That whole thread is like the black female white worship equivalent of those True Forced Lonliness losers.

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      • afrofuturism1 —- Tommy Sotomayor and others have stated that it is a form of child abuse for a black male to procreate with a black female. This view is that black females hate the black children that such a relationship will produce. — The black male child will be considered a nig*a. The black female child will hate her hair and physical appearance.

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    • JW,

      The problem with black women as a group is they have become a bunch of perpetual complainers and whiners, non black folks have clocked onto this and also notice that black men are much easier to get along with, even some of those who are pro black female at least still possess the skillset to socialise outside of their respective groups(even though many choose not to).

      The black female in question doesn’t actually look that bad, however more and more black women are being relegated to the sidelines as more and more people including their own male counterparts choose not to associate with them. Always remember, they did it to themselves.

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      • Of course, they overlooked that doing that time, even longer, black women have been paired up with white and non black men. Who am I kidding? They’re Hypocrites and they never bring that up. Both dark skin and light-skinned BW, since I was a kid. Black men with other races of women only became common in the mid-90s. And still nowhere near the number of the women with non black men. My teenage years, when I was already dating IR.

        And of course, the PAWGS were on my radar during puberty. Jenna von Oy, Carmen Electra, and Jennie Garth from 90210 are partially responsible for that., LOL! Latinas became more prominent when I got to high school. Especially this short hair big booty girl on In Living Color. You all can guess who that is now? She has that booty insured, LOL. Fun times lol!

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      • They know that they are being sidelined, but as you said they did it to themselves. After a few decades of them saying that they are strong and independent and don’t need us, they are seeing the Wall:

        This article is a GOLD MINE:
        Black Boys Have an Easier Time Fitting In at Suburban Schools Than Black Girls

        “While the boys could display a certain amount of aggression, the girls felt they were penalized for doing so.”
        You mean to tell me that people would rather deal with feminine women rather than aggressive ones? No way……………….

        “She also found that overall, the girls who participated in diversity programs paid a social cost because they “failed to embody characteristics of femininity” that would have valorized them in the school hierarchy.”
        Young BW go into non-black spaces filled with feminine non-black girls and then realize how un-feminine they are, then get penalized for it, its beautiful. Its almost like an allegory for BW who come to the West from Africa.

        “Though, as presaged by high-school sexual politics, they were still three times less likely than black men to marry outside of their race.”
        Not for lack of trying though, but because non-BM don’t want them.

        “Another finding from her study was that because of the gender dynamics present at the school—the need to conform to prevalent male dominance in the school—“neither the white suburban boys nor the black Diversify boys were interested in dating” the minority girls. The girls reported being seen by boys at their schools as “aggressive” and not having the “Barbie doll” look. The boys felt that dating the white girls was “easier” because they “can’t handle the black girls.””
        Same old tired lines………

        Liked by 6 people


        You’re right, same old BM-hating tired shit, couched in some bullshit pseudo scientific article.

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      • I only handle things that I am well paid to handle. Like those who handle insane people, dangerous waste and wild animals. None of them would do it for free.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Like I have said before, people don’t really want BW around unless they are giving up sex or being used in management to control other black workers (plantation mammies).

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  24. There are numerous opportunities for those of us who live in the U.S to be successful. Still as Black men we are persecuted on a daily basis here. It kills me that when brothas overcome everything in their way to become successful the Black Witch then feels entitled to you. For some weird reason Black women think they own successful Black Men.

    To any Black Woman reading this, I want you to realize that there are Black men like us that HATE you. You think we don’t see how you go out of your way to disrespect us? You think we wouldn’t see the way you’ve bashed us for decades? You think we don’t see how you’ve always teamed up with the White Man to keep us down? So why do you think we would want anything to do with you demons?

    We as thinking brothas will overcome all the obstacles in our way to become successful and then we shall date and marry quality Non-Black Women. There is nothing you Black Women or your simps can do to stop this. I hope that fact kills you inside. Black Women you are absolute scum and I wish you nothing but the worst.


    Liked by 7 people

    • @JW. Facts. Any black female (or any female for that matter) that feels she is entitled to me will have the record set straight immediately. And as it stands now given the DJ HIV case, it would take several billion, my own airport/airline and my own island/nation for me to even consider playing sexual russian roulette with black women.

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  25. For Your Entertainment pleasure, here’s Tommy Sotomayor roasting the brass tooth goat. And he just absolutely embarrassed this guy. And got over 2,000 live listeners. He hasn’t put up numbers like this in awhile but why not use the Cynthia G lackeys to get your numbers back up? Fucking Tommy, making a smart move about time lol!

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  26. Katie Hill admits to relationship with campaign staffer after ethics probe announced over separate alleged relationship

    “In a letter to constituents released Wednesday night, Hill writes, “During the final tumultuous years of my abusive marriage, I became involved in a relationship with someone on my campaign. I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgment. For that I apologize. I wish nothing but the best for her and hope everyone respects her privacy in this difficult time.””

    If the tables were turned and this was a married man having a relationship with a female staffer he would be getting me too’d to death right now. But this woman is a Democrat and apparently a lesbian, so we aren’t hearing much about this.

    Liked by 8 people

  27. You guys know what’s funny about that “You can’t handle a strong Black Woman” talk? Black Women for the most part are on their best behavior when they interact with their White Lord and Savior. They act WAY differently when they are dealing with White and Non-Black men. Which means they only reserve their argumentative bullshit for Black men.

    When it comes to Black men the Black witch is willing to argue and fight 24/7, 365 days a year. Luckily we thinking brothas don’t have to ever worry about that as we don’t deal with Black Women. Let Rooftop Trey and other idiots go deal with Black bitches. Poor Rooftop Trey has to deal with a Bald head, stank pussy Black bitch screaming at him daily for the rest of his life. The Black Witch is going to pull all types of stunts on him that she would never pull with a White man. LMAO!


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  28. today on the subway this young white girl got onh. she was looking and staring at me. i then fell asleep and wake up seconds before the train reaches the final stop on that line. as i wake up the young white girl was looking at me. probably she was looking at me the whole time i was sleeping. even when i am sleeping i managed to attract a white girl without doing anything while the straggle daggle complaining about not finding friends in “white spaces”

    Liked by 7 people

    • Gentlemen —- Check out the latest music video by LIZZO. The music video is basically celebrating the black female’s obsession with hair and nails. —- Black females do not understand that they cannot promote the stereotypes about them while, at the same time, stating that such such stereotypes do not exist. By the way, the majority of hair worn in the video is fake hair or heavily manipulated hair.

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  29. Late entry to this weeks open mic (no need to disrupt current threads) look at this video, and I will break down why WE must stay away from the “community”…

    Basically, simps are overemotional and non logical. Like children they break the rules and expect not to suffer the consequences and when they do, how do they react?????

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  30. Another late addition to Open Mic Wednesday. Another so-called alpha male King Kong nigga who gets black hoes’ panties wet revealed to be a lowkey faggot. Tank over here with dicks in his mouth, but it “doesn’t make you gay.” First Malik Yoba with the trannies, now this nigga.

    Turns out the so-called “beta male coons” are the only ones who have NOT tasted penis or messed with trannies.

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  31. If any SYSBM brothers are taking a trip to Canada to get some white women I would advise against Toronto and suggest you go up north Ontario to the country or other less urban places. Most of the females there rarely see black men and you WILL get stared down as I did yesterday when I was up North and practically all the white young ladies there were staring me down wanting some Caesar dressing. 😂
    Go to cottage country in the summer and I guarantee you will walk back to the airport with a limp. LOL
    SYSBM forever

    Liked by 1 person

      • @afrankblackman I think O man mentioned that on one of his streams but I don’t remember him talking about movies which would have been a good idea actually. Oh well, get woke go broke as Mr. 1989 says. 😂

        Liked by 3 people

      • @afrankblackman His mom gives him one of those KFC utensil packets per week. so it’s no wonder he has to crowdfund for TP since all he has for the week is the napkin and moist towelette. 🤣🤣🤣

        Liked by 1 person

      • @verbs. LMAO! That is actually a good idea. I think Shawn was put under a spell by these black witches. Why else would he embark on such a destructive path for his business.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Guess when his Spellbound novel takes place??? Seriously, he has a thing for white goth girls and light skinned/biracial women. He’s just too much of a bitch to admit that and because he’s broke as fuck, he shamed black men into Black Love (a black man with a crispy fat fugly).

        Liked by 3 people

      • Afrankblackman,

        As you keep saying, the dude is stuck in a time warp. Black love if we really think about it has never truly existed so to speak because black women have always had a strong lusting after Lord Euro. Black women love any condition white men first, then 12 Gauge Mike/Mincy/Trap House Jim, they don’t have any time for free thinking brothers which is one of many reasons why ourselves and black women simply cannot mesh together.

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      • Afrankblackman,

        I have to laugh, I just checked the comments of Shawn James’s passport disparaging videos and he is still getting that work. Conversely, here is a non black guy talking about how to obtain your first passport and you’ll notice that the comment section is completely different from that of Shawn James, nobody is calling this dude a passport simp, sad, self hater, nobody is accusing him of travelling just to have sex with women etc:

        The first comment at the top of the comment section reads as follows:

        “A U.S. Passport is an extremely powerful document. It grants visa-free access to 186 countries and can prove both identity and citizenship”.

        White folks especially white men have sense when it comes to travelling the world, they recognise just how powerful of a document a passport is but not Reverend Bargain Bucket, himself and his followers without travelling outside of their home country somehow believe that they are already in the land of milk and honey, smh.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Black Caesar,

        As Afrankblackman keeps on saying, Shawn James is stuck in the past, 1989 to be exact. By refusing to work he shot himself in the foot because that type of interaction with other people would’ve given him a serious foot up in terms of socialising skills.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @Verbs. True. Money can be made if you know where to look. I made more money in a day than he does in a month with donations yesterday simply by posting one ad. I also learned like 4 different trades the same day. It is weird. He is stuck in 1989 but his entitlement is pure 2019.

        Liked by 3 people

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