SYSBM – The Basic Fundamentals Of The Lifestyle

SYSBM for those who may not know stands for “Save Yourself Black Men”. Save ourselves from what you may ask, simple, the pile of ashes and rubble that is currently called the black community as well as the malevolent black females responsible for putting the same community into the toilet. In light of some information that was brought forward to me by King Sigma, I’ve just put together a short list as to what SYSBM is and isn’t, what we accept and don’t accept. The list below is not the be all and end all of the lifestyle, feel free to add to it.

1. SYSBM(the movement, philosophy and lifestyle originated, created and founded by MAD BUS DRIVER) IS NOT ABOUT SAVING THE BLACK COMMUNITY. As far as we are concerned the black community is dead and black women were the ones who killed it. By the way as I’ve mentioned before black women ARE THE BLACK COMMUNITY, black men on the other hand in their eyes are not considered to be part of the black community, the black female looks upon them as OUTSIDE HELP to forward her agenda and her agenda alone.

2. We at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable recognise the necessity to EXCLUDE black women from any and all building and construction endeavours due to the fact that the modern day black female’s contractual obligation towards the State is to keep black society and black men flat on their faces until the end of time. In other words, you CANNOT build anything with the black witch in your midst, NOTHING YOU ATTEMPT TO BUILD WILL BE SUCCESSFUL because she at the same time will try her best to sabotage and destroy the works(as per her State occupation).

3. SYSBM is all about expanding upon one’s dating, marrying and procreation options with high quality women. Now, SYSBM does still include quality, functional, feminine, good looking, in shape, natural, submissive, cooperative and CHILD FREE black women, HOWEVER it is widely recognised by the SYSBM troops that at this point such women have become an extreme rarity to the point of extinction. Thus the non mixed black female by default is excluded as a viable and sustainable choice of companion by true SYSBM practitioners. Free thinking black men who practice SYSBM will almost certainly find themselves dealing with quality women of non black ethnicities or mixed race females. Additionally SYSBM REJECTS SCRAGGLE DAGGLES FROM ALL RACES OF WOMEN.

4. As stated concerning MGTOW, SYSBM and IBMOR though there may be similarities in the lifestyles ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME. From what I understand concerning IBMOR the woman you’re to settle down, marry and procreate with must be a black female, on the other hand the SYSBM lifestyle gives black men the freedom the date, marry and procreate with quality women of ANY ethnicity, in other words you are not restricted to the black siren alone.

5. SYSBM encourages the black man to travel the world and to experience new people and new cultures. As I’ve stated before, as a black man who lives in the United Kingdom this recent attack on passport holding black men from the passport and dick policing units of the pro black female black male community is a foreign concept to me as over here possessing a passport is a fundamental tenet of black people period. As I’ve stated before, in the UK as a black man NOT having a passport will be looked at as very strange and frowned upon.

6. SYSBM is all about honesty and self improvement, this is yet another reason why the SYSBM brotherhood rejects the modern day westernised black female and recognises that we cannot mesh together with her. The current philosophy of the black female in 2019 and beyond is to blame black men for everything that goes wrong in their lives yet take accountability for absolutely NOTHING. Any relationship where only one party is ever held to account is a doomed one from the start.

7. SYSBM STAUNCHLY REJECTS FEMINISM, HOMOSEXUALITY, LGBTQP and any and all related branches, we do not support such lifestyles that are decadent, reprobate, degenerate, dysfunctional, reprehensible, malevolent, abominable, unnatural and contaminated. Additionally, we DO NOT believe that men and women require equal rights because we accept the inherent differences between the sexes. Men and women ARE NOT THE SAME, it is the man’s duty to lead and the woman’s duty to follow his lead. This is yet another reason why black male/black female relationships typically do not work, black women refuse to submit to and be lead by the right type of black men, though they’ll have no problems following the lead of 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse, Cheddar Boy, Mincy, Shorty Fist and Shifty Sizzler. Men and women are equal in VALUE but NOT in terms of rank and authority. The man is in charge of the woman, any women who refuse to accept this as such MUST BE REJECTED.

8. As stated before, the original founder of the SYSBM movement is MBD(Mad Bus Driver), he was the one who began blowing the SYSBM trumpet around 6-7 years ago. Although he doesn’t really like to take the credit surrounding the movement and it’s growth, it cannot be denied that he is the originator, creator and foundational pillar of the philosophy and the lifestyle attached.

9. SYSBM is all about structure, family building and leaving a legacy behind, the modern day black witch on the other hand rejects the building of the family and instead chooses to embrace vanity, feminism and single motherhood which at their roots are all anti family.

10. SYSBM unlike the black community(which is black women) prioritises and puts the heterosexual, free thinking black man first as it recognises his importance as a free thinker, a leader and a builder.

11. SYSBM is all about the increase of one’s finances and assets as well as the reduction of one’s debt, the modern day black female on the other hand has little to no concept of group economics as well as building solid wealth. The overwhelming majority of black women simply want to spend money to indulge the Jezebel spirits within themselves and have no problems getting into heavy debt or bringing black men into deep debt in order to satisfy their carnal urges.

12. For me personally SYSBM is all about the improvement of one’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Having suffered for years at the hands of the malevolent black female it is extremely important for SYSBM practicing, free thinking black men to deprogram and decontaminate themselves from the years of ritualistic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of black women.

13. SYSBM encourages connections with other black men who hold to a similar mindset, HOWEVER already having your own base in place first. There are too many black men who don’t know what their own purpose in life is, yet these dudes “seem” to have the “right ideas” when it comes to what other brothers ought to be doing with their own lives. SYSBM unlike the black community IS NOT A HIVE MINDED PHILOSOPHY, IT IS A MUST FOR YOU TO RETAIN YOUR INDIVIDUAL MINDSET AS WELL AS YOUR OWN PURPOSE.

14. SYSBM unlike the black community holds ALL people to account for their wrongdoings, we will apply blame and culpability WHEREVER IT IS DUE. We do not excuse black women for their transgressions nor do we continually blame the white man for anything and everything wrong in black society. We do not condone nor accept reprobate and degenerate behaviour from any group, this includes black women.

15. We SYSBM knights ARE NOT the property of black women, we are not beholden to black women nor do we feel obligated to protect and defend black females. As far as we are concerned since black women continually claim to be “strong and independent” and since they openly choose to embrace the philosophies of Babylon via their worship and obedience to the State, therefore they have now become government property and thus it is the State’s job as their owners to protect them, NOT OURS.

16. SYSBM MEMBERS ARE NOT DICK POLICE OFFICERS, unlike the pro black female/black women first pundits we on the flip side do not attempt to bully and intimidate black men into dating non black women, we simply show them the evidence of black female skullduggery and dysfunction and in light of this advise/recommend that black men ought to seek out love and companionship elsewhere. Most black men refuse to listen and still choose to deal with black women at their own peril, that is not our problem, their blood is not on our hands, we did our part by at least showing them what the real deal is with these 2019 and beyond black females.

17. SYSBM does not obligate black men to swear allegiance to the lifestyle, there is nowhere you have to sign your name in blood, free thinking black men are free to take the SYSBM philosophy and tailor it to their personal needs according to their own lives.

18. SYSBM members have nothing to do with the black community as a whole and have no problems declaring and standing by such a position. It was the so called “community” that in most cases ousted free thinking brothers from its ranks to begin with, we accepted its decision and subsequently moved on.

19. SYSBM PRACTITIONERS ARE NOT CLEAN UP MEN, we refuse to accept the current decadent and degenerate single mother philosophy being pushed by black women within black society, we will NOT be returning to the so called “community” to clean up anybody’s mess ie date and wife up single black mothers. We have high standards, single motherhood and the janky fruits thereof are totally unacceptable. We solidly practice and believe that a man should start his own family tree/legacy from scratch, NOT take onboard the children of another.

20. SYSBM is all about looking out for children and the future, this is one of the core reasons why we choose NOT to have children with black women, because black women as a collective hold a deep disdain and hatred for black children and thus will not hesitate to destroy such offspring either via abortion or if the child survives to being born using sexual, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse to destroy the child’s body and mind.

21. SYSBM DOES NOT PUT NON BLACK WOMEN ON A PEDESTAL, this is a frequent fabrication often used by black women as well as their pro black female/black women first brigades, we simply admire non black women as a group despite their various shortcomings for their overall cleaner appearance, presentation as well as their wiser lifestyle choices. There may indeed be individuals within the movement who do put their particular preferences of non black women on a pedestal, however the SYSBM philosophy DOES NOT.

22. SYSBM brothers do not deal with non black women who have black females as friends because hanging around black women is guaranteed to leave them contaminated and thus no different to the dysfunctional black females we walked away from to begin with.

23. THE SYSBM brotherhood WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATING OR HORSE-TRADING WITH ANY BLACK WOMEN ON ANY LEVEL AT ANYTIME, black women have chosen their particular path, in like manner SYSBM brothers have chosen theirs. Both pathways are completely opposite to one another and thus cannot be meshed together.

Gentlemen, as stated before this list is not the be all and end all, if you see areas that are missing then please feel free to chime in. #sysbmforlife #ebm #fixbyexit

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Is The Most Viable And Sustainable Option For The Thinking Black Man

Most High Bless

235 thoughts on “SYSBM – The Basic Fundamentals Of The Lifestyle

  1. For me personally SYSBM is all about the improvement of one’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Having suffered for years at the hands of the malevolent black female it is extremely important for SYSBM practicing, free thinking black men to deprogram and decontaminate themselves from the years of ritualistic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of black women.

    This right here, all day long. A 30 year journey of deprogramming and decontamination of the filth that is the black woman’s mindset. Never again will anybody subject me to that kind of mind and soul rape that many children go through by just having a black narcissistic mother.

    The elites learnt this long ago – program the women, and you have the race. So it’s time to launch a new race. One which has at least a good shot at being successful in life.

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    • Michel,

      Indeed and yet another reason why we refuse to have children with black women, having been through the trenches and the war ourselves first hand, we already know what horrible treatment these black sirens would subject their children to. I refuse to allow these black harpies to continue the cycle of abuse, the buck stops with the SYSBM brotherhood. By dating and marrying out black men have a proper chance of fixing the damage caused by these same black women who claim to care about black men and the black community.

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      • @Verbs

        If Jason “The HIV Pimp”Pope spreading HIV to 600+ Daggles doesn’t shake the SIMPS loose from the Daggle’s nipple, then nothing will.

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      • Babatunde, keep preaching the truth and I will keep donating to your EXTREMELY IMPORTANT work. So … here is a topic for you to ponder discussing on one of your future podcasts.
        There are enough images of the Black Madonna and Child all over Europe to prove that the ONLY people in the world who STILL do not know that Christ came, BEFORE, as the Black child of Black parents are American Christians. There are YouTube videos, which ANYONE can google, which show the Pope and a room full of other White Europeans praying to an image of the Black Madonna and her Black Jesus.
        But, with these Black whores currently aborting 900 Black babies every day of the week, while birthing 3 out 4 Black babies out of wedlock, does this not STRONGLY SUGGEST that Christ will return, the next time, as the child of a Black man and a non-Black woman?
        Furthermore, does this not explain PERFECTLY why this modern day Black witch is so compelled (by her father, the devil) to convince Black men that mating with a White woman means you are a RACE TRAITOR (read John 11:45-48)?
        And, does this not explain PERFECTLY why all those Klansmen of the Jim Crow era were compelled by their father, the devil, to CRUCIFY Black men suspected of mating with White women … in a manner so disturbingly similar to how their White European ancestors from Rome CRUCIFIED Black Jesus 2019 years ago?
        My God in heaven! This MONSTROUS Black witch has convinced MOST of humanity that a Black man CANNOT lead and CANNOT build … is that not EXACTLY what the Dragon of the Book of Revelations would lead his children to do, out of DESPERATION, because he KNOWS that his time is short, and he KNOWS scripture enough to KNOW what Christ will look like when he comes back (read Revelation 1:13-15).
        The Dragon uses White Supremacists, and Black women, to “wage war against the remnant of the seed of the Woman Clothed in the Sun”. Scripture, specifically Revelation 12:12-17, warned us this would come to pass in the Last Days. Now, that description in the 12trh chapter of Revelation … is it not of Auset/Isis? And is Malachi 4:2 not an OBVIOUS reference to Kemet’s Winged Sun Orb, even to the point of referring to Christ as SUN with a ‘U’ instead of a ‘O’? And is not the MOST OBVIOUS scriptural connection to the ORIGINAL PRE-EGYPTOLOGIST Black Christ Child/Heru/Horus the fact that EVERY CHRISTIAN in our world today PRAYS to the same name which the biblical Jesus prayed to, the same name KEMET used for the One Most High … AMEN (read Matthew 6:9-13)?

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      • I hate black women with all my lige and might i will never marry one ive suffer pstsd by the hands of the tetsoretrone filled amgry women all of them i have ledt the communtiy im only 18 but my hatred grows each day fuck all of them im swicthing amd i hope every single ome of the black bitches die by themselves

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    • @Michel I am glad there is a clearer understanding of what SYSBM is and its origins. I was mistaken in thinking hardcore tito started it as a black alternative to mgtow.

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    • So im considering a Long-term movement, can SYSBM be sustained with the focus and hate on the BW? I personally think it won’t work for long.

      I completely understand the frustration and sentiment, but this movement might have to be rebranded to forget who to blame for the break down of the “Black Family”. But for Black men that want to focus on creating a family as they represent the Black Patriarch, whether its with a BW or a non-BW.
      America has a culture that has promoted disruption and chaos in the black American community. But the trend isn’t the same or as extreme in Europe and other parts of the western world. We need a global narrative, SYSBM will grow, but the narrative is stuck on the American experience

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      • Damienthelondoner,

        SYSBM was born out of black female dysfunction, you cannot detach that element from the philosophy. There are always new brothers who are seeking freedom from the trauma as well as the mental scars, chains and shackles that have been inflicted on them by the black witch, therefore dealing with black female skullduggery and dysfunction will always be a part of SYSBM in order to help liberate other like minded black men.

        As for those like myself, I have moved on in terms of finding a quality stargate, getting my mind, body(health) and finances right(I’m currently debt free), travelling (obviously not now in light of this COVID-19 scamdemic), making investments etc. The only thing left for me to do is to start a family. Don’t think that SYSBM practitioners aren’t doing anything else with our lives, we just don’t feel the need to advertise what we’re doing behind the scenes.

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      • Thanks for your reply brother.
        You make a good point, it’ll be more convenient for a new movement to sprout out of this one instead of a rebrand. Now I understand.
        A movement that accommodates those that have moved on and never looking back.
        The Matriarch is in dysfunction and was never meant to thrive, it’s not biologically possible for BW to hold rank. It will have an expiry date.
        We’ll need to prepare ourselves for that time.
        SYSBM was a foundation, while the long-term movement would look like an alliance of level-headed black men, unfazed by social and political agendas.
        I’ve started my own blog that’ll explore this further;
        Thanks for your platform.

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  3. @Verbs

    The #SYSBM Fundamentals now my screensaver on both my phone and computer.

    White Girls Today…White Girls Tomorrow…White Girls FOREVER…#TeamWhiteGirls
    Those are my tenants .

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      I believe that because of the Jason Roger Pope incident, there are a few simps that may have finally realised just how insignificant most black women see them as and as a result have chosen to step down from representing them. The Jason Pope case is a slam dunk times 50 as far as I am concerned, the true nature of black women has been revealed in such a manner where these dudes can’t roll into denial from any angle.

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      • @Verbs
        The Transcontinental Whore Synthetic G, Chrissie “The colorism crybaby” are literally contorting themselves into knots trying to blame this on Black Men. The Daggle are GENETICALLY INCAPABLE of taking responsibility for their actions.

        Those diseased whores need to be identified and reportrd to the CDC and the local health board. And there also needs to be some sort of Public Service announcement in that area to warn Black Men of those diseased creatures, but you know there won’t be because they don’t give a damn about Black Men.

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        Cynthia G at this point is blowing trumpets without sound, she completely discredited herself when she decided to get knocked up by Robert Perkins aka Trap House Jim. she’s been trying her best to muster the same momentum she had before but to no avail, good as far as I am concerned.

        Chrissie as we all know is a fat black female who can’t get the men she wants because of the fact that she isn’t attractive. Both of these sirens are a joke, their attempts to blame the Jason Roger Pope situation on black men is nothing short of comedy.

        Indeed, it is in the public’s interest to know who the slack jawed females are who had unprotected sex with and allowed Jason Pope to nut up in them raw.

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      • Didn’t Chrissie and Cynthia G get the memo?

        We black men paid Jason Pope to infect 600 scraggles and spread it round the piss-terhood. Oh, and we’re “terrorists” and “the white men”of our communiteh, with self-hate, colorism and featurism because we hate our mamas and we sell-outs and coons and uncle Toms but we ain’t shit anyway, we should have stepped up and “proteckted” us because “only a grown ass man likes stretch marks, stretched out vagina and seven bastard kids in tow, because “were not stepdads, we just cleaned up” outta black luv.

        Or Chrissie and Cynthia G are just failures in life. Either option works…

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  4. White queen exposes failure of Progressive ‘multi-culturalism’:

    It’s honestly over for the Progressives at this point. Their system of academic deification and scientism is falling apart, the lamestream media is being exposed as a propaganda outlet and the Russiagate fiasco shows how much they really care about the people they claim to serve, which is absolutely 0.

    With black men and white females leaving the plantation at record numbers, the black woman and the incels have become one of the biggest jokes known to man.

    As people tire of single momma raised scum terrorising the hood – and decent people and overvaxxed edgelord doped up to the max brats making everything and anything a political issue expect more losses in the comic book, video game and animation industry and black hoes getting their asses handed to them: nobody will give a shit when the low level neocons and ignorant SJWs throw a fit and the alt righters act up and retaliate.

    Payback is a bitch and the clown show is feeling the burn with L on top of L barraging them like Star Platinum’s Chain Punch.

    The shoe is on the other foot, and it’s kicking ass left right and center as racist Jews and the white Nat overseers and black hoes cry out in pain and blame black men for it.

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    • She, too, can see through the smoke and recognize what’s really going in; her account confirms what Michael Knowles said about Greta Thunberg being exploited by her parents and the International Left for this climate change hysteria.

      P.S. For someone who speaks English as a second language, her English is very well spoken.

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      • Indeed. White women from these exotic areas tend to be well educated. If we had more legal immigrants like her and ApostateProphet with interest in assimilation, and less Scumbag Shylocks and Head Chopper Mohammeds, we would be much better off. I grew up as a intellectual and skeptic and trust me – most of the people in the movement are self serving bastards only interested in personal gain and showing how tolerant and woke they are – textbook signs of pathological diabolical naricassism. No different from the alt right, pro wacks and black hoes really.

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  5. I really do appreciate your writing this article, Verbs, because I’ve never had the basics of SYSBM broken down like this; I learned more about the lifestyle as I read through your website.

    The next move I need to make is reading your books; I’ll search for them on Amazon.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I do remember writing this article below back in October 2017 in relation to the dating, marriage and procreation aspect of the SYSBM lifestyle because Cynthia G and her ilk were trying to claim that swirling and black men dating interracial are one and the same when they are NOT:

      Anything I can do to clarify things I will. The support in buying the books is always much appreciated brother.

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    • you can’t build anything with most western blkwomen… The fairly decent saving themselves for thier master when they have bad experiences do they seek blkmen… These are the beasts blkmen are expected to deal with…

      Women with multiple kids by thugs..who now see the light after giving their prime years up to degenrates

      Ex-wenches and swirlers..with mixed kids…who now see the light after wenching in their prime years.

      Women who’ll spend all your earnings on vanity tattoos,weaves,fake booty,fake breast fake attitude.

      The state of the western bw is a state where you have to catch em before they turn 18 or else you cant find one without thug kids ..since thinking bm have standards we loose out on this..most thinking bm would rather maturemature into manhood for a few years before having kids

      There’s not much option left for blkmen with standards sysbm is the only option. If you still keen on blkwn you’ll have to go south america obviously not everyblk women there are great but there’s still hope there..or some parts of africa..but as we know … parts of Africa becoming more american ghettorized…they think being civilized is acting a fool and tslking in american ghetto lingo ..twerking..beaching..stupid shit like that…like south Africa, Nigeria, Ghana,Kenya..Mozambique women are coons.. Angloan women whorshipp white verbs stated only horn of African women might be viable..that’s not to say they don’t have bad eggs though.

      Its open season on she beasts, now more so than ever ,
      ssinc Monstersball movie 2001 and ghettogaggers started in 2005 I noticed the sexual disrespect of bw have other nonblkmen are emboldened to mistreat any bw they see ..not that I care…..if I see a beast getting beat up by a nonblk spouse or partner I’ll walk away back in the day I’d stood up for her ..if she ain’t my blood relative then fukit…even then itll have to be a relative that was nice to me.

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  6. Another point we can add to the list is never to date a non Black woman who has an abundance of scraggle daggles as close friends, because they will end up emulating their negative attributes.

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  7. After looking at this, The only thing I will say is this: SYSBM ALL DAY, EVERYDAY! I’m glad as a 20 year old black man, I’ve caught this info real early. I got better things to do with my life than to be chasing after the American sistas (which they’re not our women, and they sold us black men out big time), trying to wife up an already made family, trying to rebuild the communitah, even though them thugs and baby mamas need to be the ones to rebuild, not us, and damn sure not trying to risk my damn life over no damn race war, nor trying to protect the sistas since they said they “strong and independent.” Where would I be if I was doing all this nonsense just to crap the black race “strong”, or be loyal to the black race?

    If it wasn’t from Verbs, Kirk Jones, MBD, King Sigma, and other brothas like them, I would’ve been living closed minded for the rest of my life. For black men, It really time for a change. All this being race loyal, trying to protect the sistas, trying to fight a stupid race war, trying to do something for the communitah but at the end it’s getting destroyed by other blacks, and hell even “self improve” just to get some black cookie, or washed up women, it starting to not be worth it. When I say it starting to not be worth it, I starting to see the end results of brothas being taking for granted, getting hurt, in jail, or even worse, dead. I said to myself: If I’m gonna live longer, I need to do a couple of things, and this is for me:
    1) Don’t worry about the black communitah because they have no interest in me, but I’m not finna babysit them neither.
    2) Self improve to become a better version of myself, not for some black witch.
    3) Always stay being myself.
    4) Stay out of trouble (I get things happen, but in the end, I ain’t trying to get caught up in no mess at all).
    5) Travel to see the world and get out of that mindset of just being at home, and just staying in one place because that’s not good for you at all.
    6) Have standards for myself, no just accept anyone or anything because I’m not that dude that just sleep with whatever that moves, plus I’m trying to be clean from STDS and HIV.
    7) Not let people shoot me down because of who I am.
    8) Leave the black american women alone, like for-real for-real. Because there’s no hope of me of trying to get with them, plus they hate black men, but love Day Day and Rum Rum, and Chads.
    9) Be around some quality stargates (as in Kirk Jones would say), whenever it’s a Latina, Asian, European, Oceania, or Mixed, and I always say as a black man like myself, I’m pretty much better off with either non black women or mixed women.


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  8. Greetings brother Verbs and everyone else. It’s been awhile. I’ve been missing in action on this site for some time. Life and all that…

    Hope everyone is doing good and finding their path in life. I thought now would be as good a time as any to make my return to the trenches.

    That’s a great list. Blue Collar Trevor just added an important one. Non-black females that hang around and have daggle friends are to be avoided like daggles, because they are indeed basically one and the same.

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      Always good to hear from you brother. Trust me, we know how life can be sometimes. Yes sir, I’ve just added in what Blue Collar Trevor said because that point is extremely important. The black witch contaminates everything she comes into contact with.

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    • Thank you, brother. I’ve always believed that the only thing worse than a ghetto black woman is a white woman who acts like a ghetto black woman to land black men. That shit is disgusting and insulting all at once.

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      • True indeed. Whenever I come in contact with one of them I just role my eyes, ignore them and keep it moving.

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  9. This is why I continually say, FUCK THE BLACK COMMUNITY. There is next to nothing there worth saving. Dealing with these head cases will either land you in jail, dead, stuck in a living hell you cannot escape, have you in crippling debt, raising kids that are not yours; and if they are yours you are stuck dealing with their black bitch of a mother or drained by child support once you finally get sick of her.

    There is so much information, so many brothers who are willing to talk about their experiences and give tips, there is no reason to at the very least question why anybody would continue dealing with these clowns.

    I have zero sympathy for the idiot who rolls the dice, and takes the chance dealing with these deranged oil tankers.

    SYSBM. Your life, finances and sanity may very well depend on it.

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    • Stephen,

      Agreed, the modern black community is a basket case that really ought to be left alone as at this stage there really isn’t anything left to salvage within it, however the pro black female pundits would disagree and will still champion the black witch and the heap of ashes and rubble she rules over. Therefore it is THEIR job to attempt to save black society by themselves, they shouldn’t be bothering us with the same dead end, meaningless task.

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  10. Fantastic post, brother. THIS is what SYSBM is all about. And as far as MGTOW is concerned, while I do agree with a lot of their talking points, their entire movement consists of pissed off white men who allowed women to have too much power and now they can’t handle it.

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      • Well said. Alt righters and incels aren’t my problem anyways, let the virtue signalling skeptics and Neocons deal with that can of worms. They sold out for scientific accolade and street cred, no janitors round here.

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      • Yes! I remember telling Brian Solonge that none of this MGTOW bullshit was in existence when they thought their skin tone would exempt them from this crap. They’re the ones who allowed these bitches all this power and had fuck all to say when black men were taking the heat. Now all of a sudden they’re getting hit and want to “go their own way”. GTFOH.

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    • Míster Perfect,

      Thanks bro. I too am not completely against MGTOW as it can serve useful towards black men who are stuck in a very hard spot where SYSBM may not be practical, however as I stated before I believe that because black men have SYSBM, MGTOW should only be used as a temporary pitstop if there aren’t other options within reach.

      Contributor Anton Nikolaev springs to mind, he lives in a country that is packed full to the brim of black women.

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      • MGTOW has very sound talking points and advice, I’ll give them that. I just don’t take stock in them because for all the shit they talk, they’re only one blow job away from being blue pill sissies.

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  11. Verbs 2015.

    What a fantastic SYSBM list and I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date single mothers of any race and black women as a childfree black man at 37. Fuck the black community because its been dead for many years now and it’s not going to get any better because the black community doesn’t want to fix its problems. I am SYSBM for life man and I have been living the sysbm lifestyle for 21 years now since I was 16 years old in 1998. 😊

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Single mothers are nothing but a liability and a burden, only in black society are black men shamed because they refuse to deal with them. In non black cultures single motherhood is shunned hence why the women of those cultures typically make wiser choices. The black communities in the US and the UK are both dead ducks which need to be buried and forgotten.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Black women always try to shame me because I refuse to them and I refuse to date single mothers because I have high standards in which I am not going to lower for anyone because black women and women in general always have high standards in dating the men that they want and nobody shames them for it.

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  12. @Verbs I will be pinning this article. It needs to be shared and read. Along with Mad Bus Driver’s upload yesterday, there is no reason for confusion about the SYSBM perspective.

    “SYSBM what it is and what it is not, and we are not about rebuilding the Black community”

    Your list is like The Declaration of #SYSBM Independence.

    Thank you for taking the time to breakdown the basic SYSBM outlook #ebm #SYSBM #FixbyExit

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    • King Sigma,

      It’s all good brother. You’re right, there was a need to put out some kind of declaration concerning the SYSBM philosophy/lifestyle. I remember MBD in his earlier days and how the pro black female flunkies used to mock him for wearing a motorcycle helmet(now a knight’s helmet).

      How times have sure changed, they’re not laughing at him anymore especially since more black men are making the decision to give black women the middle finger and take their chances elsewhere with women from non black backgrounds. The free thinking brotherhood continues to march forward.

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      • “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, THEN THEY COMING RUNNING TO YOU FOR PROTECTION, then you win”

        MBD is receiving his redemption as we close 2019, #SYSBM ranks are growing by the week.

        Jason Roger Pope aka DJ AIDs was a nuke to the Hotep hustlers, Black Magic Misandrists, Genocide Warrior Class, Bed Buck Breeders, Pulpit Pimps, White Cucks, SJWs and other social parasites that have bled Black society dry. They are all eerily silent because they are the Sword, Shield, and Concubines of white supremacy we always knew they were!

        Go be free Black man, you owe AmeriKanda nothing…

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      • @King Sigma

        I was laughing at comments under various YouTube videos about DJ AIDS where BM were saying that this was judgement for thirsty promiscuous BW. Women who are not promiscuous, use protection, and are good judges of character (making them more selective about who they sleep with) don’t have a high STD rate or bastard kids. BW on the other hand are walking HIV and STD epidemics in this country and bastard baby (future community terrorist) factories. They are straight up plague bearers to whatever community they end up in, spreading disease and dysfunction (via feral bastard kids) in the community.

        The days of arguing and debating with BW are coming to an end and good BM are slowly and quietly finding the door leading out of AmeriKanda. Now that these women are slowly waking up from their “strong and independent” pipe dream its satisfying to see how shocked they are at the “good BM shortage”.

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  13. About Time it was laid out like a sheet for all to see. I SUPPORT THIS POST 100% . I don’t think I have any complaints #sybm . Great drop bro.

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    • Truth. The Progressive movement has marshaled it’s army of socially engineered thug negroes and white beta males and bedwench black females for a reason. Black men dating out is hurting the slave masters’ pockets and people are getting sick and tired of these SJWs ruining everything, alt righters and incels throwing a fit like babies whenever things don’t go their way and black hoes’ denegrate behavior.

      The hammer is coming down and as SJWs and their counterparts in black women and beta white males whine and complain even more, the clown show continues to expose itself.

      Keep the Wall up guys and remember, no janitors round here.

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  14. SYSBM: for and by black men. I repeat, MEN who are BLACK. Not men, not black people, black men, and a select few of those. More and more, our ranks will rise, with hoteps and pro-black movements probably giving way to either disaster or legit cults.

    There it is, what we ARE and what we are NOT, so never let this fish lipped simps or hair hatted harpies say otherwise.

    And more and more young black men, teens and up, are going to start loudly proclaiming SYSBM, mark my words.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Even though I stopped dealing with black women around 2005, up until about 3 years ago I still held to a sliver of hope that black women would see the light and thus change for the better. However when I began using Facebook regularly in 2016 is when I finally saw the true dark nature of the black witch and from there I realised that the only viable way forward for black men was to walk away from black women as a group completely.

      Indeed, when I personally chose to take onboard and push the SYSBM philosophy, I recognised that the message would only be accepted by the few, not the many. As I wrote in Negro Wars most black men will become casualties and victims of the same black women they worship and pine after, a sad future for them but nonetheless an uncensored one.

      As we’ve stated many times before, SYSBM cannot be stopped and with the continued decline of black women, more black men will choose to embrace SYSBM in record numbers.

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  15. When I read number 7 and I saw the names Mincy and Shorty Fist, I just couldn’t stop laughing. Christ, Verbs2015 is creative but anyhow. As what happened with Jason Roger Pope, I was just like SYSBM. Because thinking black men just said “no way” and walk off even further. Black women wearing weave in a huge numbers. Black women having children by their own, no matter if its three, five, fifteen or twenty five children. Black women are chasing these thugs who are worthless and the white beta males that just wanna have sex with them, it just go on and on and on!

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    • Money Cultural,

      Jason Roger Pope as far as I’m concerned has been the biggest revelation of black women and where their true loyalties lie since the days of chattel slavery. Their so called claim of “loyalty towards black men” is nothing short of a joke, the dude was able to run through well over 1000 black women and it’s now come out that in the majority of cases it was his at the time girlfriend as well as other black women who brought black female upon black female to him.

      Cynthia G and Chrissie can try all the want to twist this case to try to blame black men, however with this being so blatantly the fault of black women by an overwhelming margin, both of them might as well place dunce caps on their heads at this point.

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  16. To the thinking black men. These ghetto hoodrats don’t want you. But I know that you don’t want them. So take your options elsewhere and whatever ambition you have, go for it. Get my money right and your mind right. Let these simps take these worthless hoodrats because these simps like Brendan Pratt and Tyrone Thompson will take them and be with them in a relationship and a marriage.

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  17. I liked that list. Number 17 was highlighted for me and something to remember and consider. We are our OWN individual at the end of the day and we can tailor this to fit us. MGTOW really ought to factor in and with SYSBM because after all, MEN are GOING THEIR OWN WAY as long as it follows some or all these listed.

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    • Cornelius J,

      The pro black female simps as well as their black female leaders demand nothing but blood, sweat and tears from you with no reciprocation whatsoever, its all about black men choosing their own path, one that is NOT bound by the black witch and her parasitic community.

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  18. SYSBM is a haven for the Thinking Black Man, not the denizens of Blackistan who have run roughshod through the “communitah” and turned it into a 3rd-world hell hole. While the rotting zombified corpse of what used to be the black community idolizes and props up guys with names like Two Snacks, Shorty Short, Cheesy Grill and Spare Rib, SYSBM celebrates the engineer, the computer analyst, the teacher, the lawyer, as well as the plumber, the carpenter, the electrician, and all those black men who use their minds and their skills to better themselves and benefit the people around them. We don’t consider educated black men to be “lames”, but the very builders who are necessary for a strong community to thrive. Smart black men are welcomed among the ranks of SYSBM. Black men, who would otherwise be classified as nerds or geeks, recognize that outside of the “communitah” education and intelligence are highly-valued, especially among non-black women. That is why the men of SYSBM look to build families and communities with non-black women who share their values and their desire to build a legacy that will outlive them. Long live SYSBM!

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      • Thanks, Verbs. That’s what SYSBM means for me. I was shocked to discover that, even among so-called educated black women, smart, educated black men are not valued. Only in Bizzaro World (as Obsidian refers to the “communitah”) are thuggish, violent, and criminal men valued over men who are intelligent, hard-working and responsible. Only in the so-called black community is that even possible. I appreciate this site, especially since lately so many frauds who only pretended to be for thinking black men have shown their true colors. This site and BlackAvengerTV are the only true sanctuaries we have left. Even Tommy Sotomayor has become a white supremacist in blackface. Outside of this site, BlackAvengerTV and MadBusDriverX on YouTube, I don’t follow much else.

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      • Morpheus2275, In response to the flagging campaign on YouTube, in 2017, I created site to give opinionated black men a platform to speak freely, while preserving the YouTube channels. I came close to scrapping it, and then I came close to marketing the site to other demographics. However, since men such as yourself actually find value in the site, I will keep the site running for now.

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  19. Gentlemen,

    Read and keep in mind tenet number 3 while watching the following video, these chicks are from the Dominican Republic. Doesn’t this dodgy behaviour look very familiar to you:

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    • You are certainly welcomed to your preference, but I would definitely give the black women of Brazil a try, if for no other reason than the late great Charles Tyler, himself a practicing SYSBM soldier even if he never claimed to be so, gave the black women of Brazil so much praise and held them in much higher esteem than the she-beasts we have here in the States. More for me, I guess. 😄

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      • Yeah. I haven’t crossed them off the list quite yet, as some of them particularly the mixed ones, don’t look half bad. But I’ve heard that scraggle influence has been making its way down there as well.

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      • I remember when he died. Can’t wait for more of you SYSBM dick suckers to go his way, dead chasing a pipe dream. 🙂

        At this point, I don’t care, let it all burn. Everything and everyone.

        By the way, thank you for posting our screencap some several days back. You have no idea what you’re messing with.

        You’re messing with MANY users of the platform.

        We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Don’t fuck with 4chan. You will only be warned several times.


      • 4chanisthebestchan,

        Posting your screencap??? Am I supposed to know what you’re talking about? What are you talking about, chasing a pipe dream, most of us are living the reality because we made up our minds to not be victims and to manoeuvre around the garbage being thrown in our direction.

        “Messing with many users of the platform”, nobody here is concerned with 4Chan bruh, what on earth are you talking about? Have you taken your meds today? This is a thinking black men’s platform, you’ve got the wrong people.

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      • @internetincel (oka) “4chan”.
        I bet I could line up every member of your esoteric, pimply faced, cheeto stained, basement dwelling trailer ape community like a set of Domino Rally and knock you all over with the feathers from a fedora.

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      • Don’t pay the fool any mind. These idiots and the Progressives live for attention and theatrics just like the racist Jew. Hence the outrage culture and inability to let others live in peace.

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      • Well said. These fools and the SJWs ruined gaming, comics, hell even comic books and anime with their bullshit. They are no different from the black woman really. Consistently needing to prove shit and living for the fight, just like the plantation owner

        Liked by 3 people

      • @Anton N
        pure facts. They really did ruin gaming. It’s like the hobby is just a front for their little circlejerk.

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      • Truth. The SJWs and the alt-righters can take a trip straight to hell along with the neocons as far as I am concerned. Most of these little shitheads just want to talk tough and look like a big bad ass when in reality both of these groups are bullies and jackasses looking for attention. It’s part of the reason why I don’t feed trolls: they aren’t worth it.

        And if you think I’m joking remember Atheism+ and Gamergate. The skeptical movement was the predecessor to the alt-right, although both of them claim to oppose each other.

        Whiny arrogant little shits the whole bloody lot of them. Complaining about ‘muh feels’ and ‘muh IQ’ from a safe space while being one of the chosen people, or throwing a fit like babies because a woman rejected them. It’s sad really.

        The boomers sold out for free love, drugs and peace and this is the result.

        A population of ignorant, self righteous and warlike brats, unable to properly socialize with anyone and clostered away into their own little sections of hate and repeated feedback.

        This is why I don’t care when neocons and progressives whine about these SJWs and incels. You intellectuals and academics had around 40 years to change it, but no, showing off how smart you were and behaving like a big fucking douchebag was more important than raising your kids to respect the rule of law and civilization. Payback is a bitch.

        No clean up men here, if racist Jews and Muslims want slaves they can get some from all the migrants and refugees they have as slaves.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        The thing I respected about Charles Tyler is that he conducted himself class. He never trashed the opposition. In fact, in my opinion, he gave them more respect that they were entitled. He expressed his criticism and dissatisfaction with the status quo, and he did something about it.

        Charles got his finances in order so that he could move how he wanted. I believe he traded Forex to help support his lifestyle.

        When he passed, I learned a lot about his critics via their comments– they have no class.

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    • afrankblackman,

      Agreed. I mean to each his own, but why go all the way to Brazil for the same old thing. If I was spending my good money to go down there, I’d be on the hunt for an Adriana Lima or as close to it as my money could buy.

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    • Random Rebuttal: I concur. Further, I have no interest in visiting Brazil or the DR. RE: Brazil: I don’t know or want to take the time to learn Portuguese.

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  20. I would like to be recognize as an Knight of the SYSBM. My vow is to continue to spread the good work and virtues of SYSBM and how it saved my life.

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  21. At last a proper SYSBM Manifesto. Let the word go forth far and wide. So let it be written, so let it be done. I was just speaking with a 19-year-old black youth today about the importance of travel, and how your mindset changes when you have visited places where you are actually valued, so I’m doing my part. Props to you young bucks who read and post here as well. Glad you are avoiding the traps many older black men like me fell into. Great job, Verbs.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      Thanks brother. I’m amazed at how young a lot of the guys that comment here are, when I was in my 20s information like this was passed about via word of mouth, the internet was still very young at that time and we had to wade our way through the garbage of dysfunctional women via trial and error. I’m glad that times have changed, this way the younger warriors can get clued up in minutes, days, weeks and months rather than years.

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  22. HRC calls Tulsi Russian asset:

    Progressives stirring up the black female and her white Zaddy to cause chaos(as well as make everyone else’s days miserable):

    Young Black Intellectual exposes the ruin Antifa and the DemoKKKrats have done to California [the CPSU was supposed to take it over, but apparently halted that plan]:

    More news on California:

    Keep the wall up guys, it’s clear it’s needed. No janitors round here.

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    • California’s a shit hole, thanks to liberal Democrats. Now residents have to deal with water restrictions that have been made into law. It’s just insane. How much water are all those illegal immigrants using??

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      • Jesus Christ, that actually happened? And yet all these Progressives find time to do is run up and down and beat up conservatives and provoke the scum of the net. Intellectual deification and academic fascism is killing the West, and if these idiots think they will be the first to seize power they will be wrong. They will be just lined up against the wall and shot along with the white nats and pro wacks they claim to be fighting against.

        Bezmenov was absolutely correct.

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      • “How much water are all those illegal immigrants using??”

        Morpheus2275, once a wetback, always a wetback.

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      • @Blue Collar,

        Yep. Wetbacks will be wetbacks. I’m working at a place all this week where they are shifty as hell. They are all ‘on code’. The hate is real.

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    • Hillary did not even mention Tulsaad by name, but she hollered like a hit dog and announced she wouldn’t run as a third-party spoiler. haha. HRC killed her candidacy with one tweet. That old lady got y’all shook.

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      • Hillary is a lying genocidal b….h. How people can still support her or any of the Democratic candidates, or even the RINOs is a good example of the power of propaganda and psychological warfare on people.

        Liked by 3 people

    • The secretary at my job is a California native, yet she’s a conservative and left because she saw the hell that was coming and knew better than to stay.

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  23. Jeez. That horrid looking creature in front looks like a female wookie. Especially when she turns to the side. And you just know some thirsty ass Dominican thug is sticking his penis into that monstrosity. The term ‘doing the nasty’ has seldom been more applicable.

    I can’t even imagine the sounds she makes while he’s blowing her back out.

    Then again… yes I can.

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  24. This is my observation.

    IBMOR is just a group of black men in the United States that want a small number of cooperative, good black North American women (less than 5%). They’re not willing to date foreign black women from non-westernized countries because these women can’t relate to the struggle like black women can with black men here in the U.S.. If IBMORs can’t find their quality black women here in North America, they’ll stick it out being single.

    The younger IBMORs who wants foreign, non-westernized black women are in the wrong group. These men should be in the EBM sect. The older IBMORs from the baby boomer and elder Gen-X generations do desire to have that black community prior to integration during the time of segregation and Jim Crow in the southern U.S. states. IBMORs in general do have a small Hebrew Israellite religious slant unlike the IBMOR YouTuber called ‘Black Heart’ who considers himself a Muslim, married to an non-ADOS woman.

    So-called IBMORs (EBMs) are open to African, Caribbean, and South American black women (as long as said women are free of Westernized Feminist programming and show no “scraggle daggle” tendencies) but I want to add women from the Philippines and Thailand. I think many ‘Escape Black Men’ followers want melanated women ranging for dark to brown skin from the countries mentioned above while we in SYSBM have no such limitations on whether the women are dark or light, mixed, foreign country of origin, etc…


    Liked by 5 people

      • @Verbs the sheboon has to let everyone on the planet know she is open for business. Drug an disease not free? No problem!

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      • What else do you expect? On Deviantart I encountered one of the ‘chosen people’ who was upset his race was being called out and wanted to throw a fit. The poster quickly trounced his ass with facts and logic and the fool still wanted to come back for more. Just like the denizen of 4chan who thought this was Tumblr or some SJW run site where people would run in fear or ask big daddy Moshe to make the problem go away.

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    • She’s right: this is her expression of protest, because being a cheap cum rag is the only way in which the black witch can express herself. Now, many anti passport simps talk about anti black sentiment, and that is a growing threat in some of these countries, especially with some of these savage “migrants”. However, and even bigger fulfillment of that prophecy will be these simps’ QUEENIES going overseas and showing their ass, literally and figuratively. At the very least, expect these witches to be unwelcome, even as sex objects. I hope it happens, I hope they literally start going missing overseas.

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  25. Concerning this 4chan troll, this is the face of these racist white dudes who try to trap you with that “brotherhood” crap, just do you can be their foot soldier. Once you start finding your niche and leaving their grasp of control, they hate it and try to stop it. They’re no different from black hoes.

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    • afrofuturism1, 4chanisbestchan is either a black female or a hotep. White incels aren’t could care less about sites where black men congregate. Their online actions tend to mimic their offline actions. They don’t frequent “black enclaves.”

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      • I have to disagree here. White males follow us around like a shadow and you can set your watch to their obsession with us. So it doesn’t surprise me we’d get a bunch of low testosterone white males lurking over the cool kids club as they always do.

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      • Yeah, the “mainstream” incels probably lurk on this board, so I recant my assertion that they don’t frequent online “black enclaves.” However, I strongly suspect 4chanisbestchan is a black female or a Hotep, based on the deep-seated hatred in the following comment:

        “I remember when he died. Can’t wait for more of you SYSBM dick suckers to go his way, dead chasing a pipe dream.”

        “…chasing a pipe dream” is boilerplate verbiage only uttered by folks in the so-called “black sector” of YouTube who assail black men who travel. Further, white incels had no truck with Tyler, because he pursued foreign women of the same phenotype. I doubt he was even on the white incels radar. The only groups who had an issue with Tyler are black females and Hoteps.

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      • @afrofuturism for sure. Oh well, as long as they are biological dead ends they can hate who they want. I am not offended nor do I care what a white guy who plays up in another man’s fecal matter thinks of me.

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      • @afrofuturism Muslims are weakening and caving into the feminism and LGBT. The last people who will resist are black people. Probably African. people are definitely getting sick of the Sodomites though.

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      • Really? Damn, though I’m not surprised to some extent. Most Arab/desi Muslims love them some Bacha bazi (look it up at your own peril), and the only fights they put up are against women. Have you ever seen a Muslim in a fist fight?

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      • @afrofuturism oh I heard of that, trust me. All this is understandable when you consider the source. Muslims, Arab, etc. Just about every non-black male is a borderline homosexual beta-male by default. This is why black men are globally hated. We’re the only men on the planet. Nothing spells masculinity like blowing yourself and a crowd of people up for 72 vaginas*

        *because I’m sure there will be sex and reproduction in heaven due to death.

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      • Non-black men, with the exception of possibly Eastern Europeans, can’t decide whether to be animalistic savages or cucks.

        A Muslim walls into a hotel. He says “how much for a room for my wife and I?”

        The owner says “$35 for a night”

        The jubilant Muslim says “what a deal!”, and walked outside to get his wife.

        He came back with a goat.

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  26. Standing ovation!!

    #SYSBM saves lives, saves treasure and saves SACRED HONOR.

    Those of us who practice the lifestyle swear by it because it gives us TANGIBLE results.

    SYSBM until the casket drops!!

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  27. Well said article, in regards to the final point I was at a party last week all white women, with some black, white and Asian men, the vibe was wonderful and relaxing. White women with too many black female friends is a big red flag same with Asian women.

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  29. Great article, some brothas just don’t understand the being exposed to multiple cultures and different tribes of women would elevate him to a whole other level. I understand some brothas having a preference for sistas, but there are just too many benefits to going SYSBM not to. For every black woman the don’t want you there are many more non-black women that do.

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    • MacySYSBM,

      As we’ve stated before, SYSBM for the free thinking brother is no longer an option, it must now be looked upon as a mandatory pathway. Those black men who still choose to deal with black women will only have themselves to blame when they get their hands badly bitten.

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  30. If the manosphere is majority white, why do you guys think white women are better? And I say this as a black man who has dated white women (and only been with them sexually). So I’m not a hater or jealous as you guys like to claim. And my reason for that is based off of demographics, not because I only sought them out


      • It’s most white men complaining about black women. And they’re based in North America and Europe. So again, why if one group of men are complaining about their own women do you think they’re somehow better?


      • Justin,

        It’s clearly observable on so many levels that black women are in a far worse state than other groups of women, why even ask such a redundant question? The key word is ” better” not perfect.

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  33. Babatunde, keep preaching the truth and I will keep donating to your EXTREMELY IMPORTANT work. So … here is a topic for you to ponder discussing on one of your future podcasts.
    There are enough images of the Black Madonna and Child all over Europe to prove that the ONLY people in the world who STILL do not know that Christ came, BEFORE, as the Black child of Black parents are American Christians. There are YouTube videos, which ANYONE can google, which show the Pope and a room full of other White Europeans praying to an image of the Black Madonna and her Black Jesus.
    But, with these Black whores currently aborting 900 Black babies every day of the week, while birthing 3 out 4 Black babies out of wedlock, does this not STRONGLY SUGGEST that Christ will return, the next time, as the child of a Black man and a non-Black woman?
    Furthermore, does this not explain PERFECTLY why this modern day Black witch is so compelled (by her father, the devil) to convince Black men that mating with a White woman means you are a RACE TRAITOR (read John 11:45-48)?
    And, does this not explain PERFECTLY why all those Klansmen of the Jim Crow era were compelled by their father, the devil, to CRUCIFY Black men suspected of mating with White women … in a manner so disturbingly similar to how their White European ancestors from Rome CRUCIFIED Black Jesus 2019 years ago?
    My God in heaven! This MONSTROUS Black witch has convinced MOST of humanity that a Black man CANNOT lead and CANNOT build … is that not EXACTLY what the Dragon of the Book of Revelations would lead his children to do, out of DESPERATION, because he KNOWS that his time is short, and he KNOWS scripture enough to KNOW what Christ will look like when he comes back (read Revelation 1:13-15).
    The Dragon uses White Supremacists, and Black women, to “wage war against the remnant of the seed of the Woman Clothed in the Sun”. Scripture, specifically Revelation 12:12-17, warned us this would come to pass in the Last Days. Now, that description in the 12trh chapter of Revelation … is it not of Auset/Isis? And is Malachi 4:2 not an OBVIOUS reference to Kemet’s Winged Sun Orb, even to the point of referring to Christ as SUN with a ‘U’ instead of a ‘O’? And is not the MOST OBVIOUS scriptural connection to the ORIGINAL PRE-EGYPTOLOGIST Black Christ Child/Heru/Horus the fact that EVERY CHRISTIAN in our world today PRAYS to the same name which the biblical Jesus prayed to, the same name KEMET used for the One Most High … AMEN (read Matthew 6:9-13)?


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  53. Just wanted to drop a quick YOU GUYS SUCK.
    your sons will look at you like WTF??


    • Ras Au-t Amam,

      Pyramid head, where is your smoke for these dysfunctional animals:

      When you have the balls to check violent savages like this first then come to me, until then shut up and keep it moving.


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