How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 7

By now I’m sure that most if not all of you are aware of Jason Roger Pope aka DJ Kid, a popular DJ from the Florence area of South Carolina who was arrested in August this year on a series of charges including sleeping with underage girls and human trafficking. It has also been made known that Pope has Aids and set upon a mission to infect as many black women as he could. In 2012-13 his body count at age 36 was almost 700 black women deep, my reckoning is that in 2019 his body count of black females had probably more than doubled that figure up until the point of his arrest.


Some of Pope’s so called “victims”, even though it’s already well known that the overwhelming majority of black women embrace the whore and slut culture from a very young age anyway:

At the age of 36(now 42), 6 years ago this is what Pope had to say regarding how many black women he’d already dicked down up to that point:

Here is a hangout King Sigma recently did on this whole episode, already at the time of publishing this article its garnered over well over 140,000 views and the meter is still climbing at maximum velocity:

And here is the video of the white man berating black women for their unconditional worship of white males which Sigma featured at the beginning of the hangout:

Here is a recent conversation in which Pope confessed what his true objective was in skeeting up in so many black females:

But remember this Nigerian black whore who we recently talked about who stated that she would rather be a white man’s whore as opposed to being the wife of a black man, that she only allows white men to ejaculate inside her and how she loves to role play during sex with her white lord and saviour:

I honestly have to laugh at the pro black female/black woman first flower pot head Negroes who go around berating free thinking black men for expanding upon their dating options as they really have no idea just how deep the rabbit hole goes in relation to the modern day black woman and her worship, admiration and exaltation of the Caucasian male.

Many believed it was solely the upper tier of black women who desire themselves a white man, however these horrific specimens above reveal quite a different story. In King Sigma’s last hangout there was a gentlemen who stated that black women in the South don’t worship or desire white men like that, looks like that dude is going to have to eat his words with a side of ketchup and mustard.

White male worshipping black women are across the board, from the upper tiers of black female society to the lower dregs of the same regardless of where they reside in the world yet alone the US and other Western countries. We already know and have seen how black women in certain parts of Africa(mainly the west and the southern parts) fawn over and worship white men to the hilt, black women who live in the West are no different.

What about the Black Female first proponent Taz Exclusives aka The Goat, do you think he’ll hold these black sirens accountable for sleeping with this dude? What about the black sorceress/high priestess of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin, will she have anything to say regarding herself and her swirling acolytes worshipping at the feet of and exalting white men who come in any and all conditions? What about the black witch of Scalp Summit, one Miss Cynthia G, since she’s always running at the mouth about white supremacy as well as constantly going in on free thinking black men, will she be brave enough to acknowledge that amongst black female society there is a severe epidemic of white male worship?

Some of these black women eventually found out that Pope had Aids but they still chose to sleep with him. Don’t think for a second that I believe that the revelation of him having Aids is a recent one, I personally believe that they’ve known about it for a long time but purposely chose to turn a blind eye to it because as we know in the eyes of black women, the white man is god.

The first thing that stood out to me about the women Jason Roger Pope dealt with is how ugly and grotesque looking the overwhelming majority of them are, remember, these are the same women that so called “select black men” are proud to be claimed by, these are also the same women who would refer to myself as well as other thinking black men as “non select” ie “educated lames and squares”. As Afrofuturism1 would point out, note the shade of the overwhelming majority of these women, that’s right, dark skinned broads, the same miscreants who love to talk that Colourism garbage. Gentlemen, look at the state of the women above, are you really that concerned about these females passing over you for the likes of Slim Sauce, Lil Cheezy from the block, 12 Gauge Mike, Shoulder Mac, Field Mouse and Shorty Fist?

Yet again, just like the article I wrote back in May of this year entitled Contrast And Compare, the case of there being a serious lack of attractive black women in general is once again proven to be correct. Out of the pictures above as well as those in the provided Facebook links, I could find maybe 1 or 2 women that were OK ie basic looking broads. However, going through those photos most of the time I was cringing with disgust at the quality of women I was witnessing.

There is definitely an inbreeding epidemic going on within certain claves of black society and the above photos as far as I’m concerned prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

You so called “select black men” can have these Freddy Kruger Nightmare On Elm Street revisited looking type broads, there is NOTHING to be proud of in being viewed and chosen as “select” by women who look like unidentified sea creatures from the deep lagoon. The term “black don’t crack” can be squarely thrown out of the window looking at these broads. As I’ve stated many times before, in this modern day and time because the quality of most black women is squarely deep in the sewer, as a black man if you still choose to deal with them you’re going to have to compromise on some or many things, looks being one of them.

However, As King Sigma pointed out in the above hangout, these so called “select” black men WILL face immediate relegation when a bottom shelf Brad or any white man in any condition steps onto the scene. In other words, so called “select” black men will only be considered as such by these black sirens as long as there are no white men in the vicinity.

Here is something else I’ve talked about many times before as well as in my book Negro Wars, in the same way that the pro black woman/B1 simp doesn’t understand his place, role and relationship regarding the black female, the black woman in like manner doesn’t understand her place, relationship and her role concerning the white male. The pro black simp to the black woman is simply a tool to be used at her disposal most of the time without reward in order to forward her agenda and her agenda alone.

Now when it comes down to the black woman, in the same manner as the simp she is merely a tool to be used by the white male to forward his agenda and his agenda alone which happens to be to keep black men and black society as a whole on their faces. Unfortunately because black women as a collective have happily volunteered to sell their own people down the river in exchange for crumbs from their white lord, master, saviour and father’s table, in their delusional minds black women seem to believe that they will eventually gain something extra out of the relationship the more they “put in that work” for their white father, however nothing could be further from the truth.

As in the case of R. Kelly, I believe that most of the mothers of the young girls involved either pimped their daughters out to Pope or at least encouraged their daughters to perform sex acts with him in exchange for benefits and dainty treats, as we already know black women don’t care about black children and will deliberately place their children in harms way in order to prevent their seed from outshining them, this is the typical malevolent, evil nature of the black witch, here are some examples I provided in an article I wrote back in August of this year:

Jason Pope was openly engaging in Eugenics against black folks using the black witch as the primary tool of virus distribution and black women as per usual because of their unconditional love and worship of white men were easily hoodwinked and bamboozled into participating in theirs and the black men who slept with them afterwards own demise. Pope even bragged about how easy it was to dick down black women. There you have it folks, your modern day black female in bed with the same white supremacists she’s always claiming to be fighting against.

Again, the pro black female/black women first pundits cannot talk about free thinking black men getting passports and expanding upon their dating options before they deal with this massive pink elephant in the room, the modern day black female, her deep seated lust for white men and their seed in order to bring forth mixed children with bright green/blue/grey/hazel eyes and “good hair”. Additionally, always remember that black women love mixed children as long as THE MOTHER IS BLACK, let it be known that black women as a group have an utter disdain and hatred for mixed children who come from black men.

Black women will learn nothing from this episode just like they learned nothing from the Jun’s beauty supply saga as well and the Tyrone Muhammed throwing bricks through the nail shop windows because the management were supposedly “disrespecting black women” episode. They’ll continue to worship their almighty lord and saviour and their white god will continue to reward them how he pleases, even if it means recompensing them with literal death as payment.

Gentlemen, as per usual expect many black women to come out of the woodwork and blame heterosexual thinking black men for this at some point since they point blank refuse to hold themselves to account for their own reckless actions, as always keep the Wall up and fortified, get those passports and never be afraid to expand upon your dating options.

Black women, the only group of females who prioritise non black men over their own male counterparts, and these chicks are supposed to “have our backs”? I think not, avoid black women at all costs, they are the local enforcement arm of white supremacy within black society and will continue to be so until they hit the grave. Black women may share the same skin colour as us but they ARE NOT PART OF US NEITHER FOR OUR CAUSES NOR CONCERNS. #sysbmforlife

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Lord Euro Strikes At The Black Female Once Again

Most High Bless

204 thoughts on “How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God – Part 7

  1. It’s a lot of select men and dating coaches that are very silent about this issue. I have not heard one peep from Oshay, Shawn James, obsidian, or even Taz about this. Also, think about the black women that had sexual with Mr. Pope who work at places like amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Victoria secret’s, Food lion,. This is very bad.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      This is an extremely bad look for black women on all levels, however I’m glad that this story is out because it’s yet another nail in that rotten coffin demonstrating who black women really work for, love adore and worship. As far as I am concerned this is yet more evidence that seals the case for so called “non select” black men to date and marry out, black women don’t want us and they’ll only tolerate the likes of Trap House Jim And Shorty Fist as long as their isn’t as King Sigma refers to him as, a bottom shelf Brad loitering about. As Michel mentioned, where are the pro black female pundits on this story, so far nowhere to be found.

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  2. I’d like to see how many times he had to visit his local health clinic with a drip or an itch . he’s not bragging he had quality but how easy it was . I’ve said it before (somewhere) as long as there are black females on earth a white dude should never have go without cheap quick nasty sex . the worship of the white penis is the reason so many white undercover cops can pull sting operations

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    • Knutz,

      Black women are a group of highly insecure, mentally ill creatures, they seem to think that they can escape their demons ie cure themselves via swirling, however nothing could be further from the truth. Agreed, as has been pointed out before, with a plethora of black women literally willing to worship white men in any and all conditions, groups like MGTOW shouldn’t exist at all. Black women love white men more than white women do, make that make sense, smh.

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  3. I’ve noticed when a mixed race couple walks by it’s always the black female doing the clutching ( as if he might break and run away) dude is embarrassed because he knows he not with the best all while I’m thinking man you can do better.

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    • I have noticed that a couple times too. One time I saw a young dark skinned BW on a bench sitting next to a young WM with her arm around him and he was looking terrified.

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    • That is not what I think when I see Black males with women across the diaspora. I often think how all Blacks should breed out in order to save themselves from the inherent hatred which exists between the genders.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      I honestly don’t know how the dude mustered up the courage to go through with it, 99% of the chicks in those photos were beyond horrid looking. The term “black don’t crack” can be clean thrown out of the window with these broads.

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    • A WM using BW to spread disease, dysfunction, and destruction through black community, in other words, the same old game plan they have been using BW for.

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      • James SYSBM,

        Black women in general are so obsessed with always getting one over on black men they they will participate in any schemes to harm and kill us, even if it means they also get taken out in the process. #sysbmforeternity

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  5. This is the most DAMNING evidence that black women and white men are one in the same. Why won’t these pan-africanists just accept this? Why can’t the simps just let sysbm be sysbm, and passport guys be passport guys? WHy do they have to drag all the rest of us along with them in the quick sand when the over bearing evidence is rigt in front of their damn faces?!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      A lot of these guys still have hope that they can find “the one”, they really don’t believe that things in black female society are as bad as we say they are even with the mountain loads of evidence we bring to the table.

      As I stated in Negro Wars, many black men will become casualties and victims of the same black women they love so much and chase after.

      I agree, it’s one thing for them to voluntarily walk through the gates of death chasing after black women, however they SHOULD NOT expect black men who can see the perils and the dangers ahead to follow them.

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  6. Brothers,

    Aren’t you glad you’re a “non select” free black man? Just imagine the thousand of dollars/pounds you’ve saved on HIV medication, shots and pills because you decided to save yourself? Who knows what disgusting diseases you could have trapped yourself dealing with cruise ship, armour plated mammoth tank, hungry hungry hippos who sat on some white dick?

    As Eddie Murphy said: If that isn’t a hint and a half for all y’all asses, I don’t know what is.

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  7. Damn shame, just damn shame. To be honest on a couple of things, I’m glad I didn’t had sex with one black female, I’m glad I viewed as a so called “non select” because I rather be “non select” than a kiss ass, and I’m glad I ain’t found “the one” or ain’t finding “the one”. Hmm, I wonder what them pro blacks and black women 1st dudes got to say about this. After watching King Sigma livestream about this, which it hit over a thousand views, so I know that done probably went viral, this really done definitely shed a big light on black women’s worship for white men. I completely lost of words to say about this because this was borderline disgusting, and black women are gonna have the nerve to shift the damn blame on black men. Well, to tell the truth, I don’t think the blaming it on the black men ain’t gonna work on this one, because their thirst level of worship for white men is off the damn chart. For these black women 1st dudes and pro blacks that’s out here telling us to stick with our own and hold out for the one, Nah man, I’m cool on that, I don’t want no part of that because that crap is just nasty. Plus, this white dude infected over 100s of black girls with hiv, I’m good G.

    This is why in America, they need to start taking sexual health education to an extreme standpoint because all this unprotected sex is starting to scare me man. I look at the stds statistics on alarm website (I type in states with the most stds), and I live in the south, and my home state is on that top 10 list. I don’t know if these people are acting like they too good to use condoms (making excuses) or nobody didn’t teach them sex education.

    For these people that acting like they too good for condoms or keep on saying condoms break, let me give them a reality lesson. The condoms can break or tear if
    A) They were expose to heat and sunlight
    B) You using oil or lotions based products instead of water-based lubricants.
    C) They expired (check the expiration date on them.)
    D) Don’t carry one in your wallet
    E) They don’t fit properly
    F) There’s too much friction and not enough lubrication (such as not leaving enough room at the tip)
    G) You open that condom with your teeth or scissors (which you not suppose to)
    H) The condoms comes in contact with a person’s nails, teeth, piercings, rings, or other sharp edges.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      When I look at the women who are claiming these so called “select” black men or as Obsidian refers to them as, the Select F-Boys, I am very comfortable in being a non select thinking black man. I also have to laugh because these so called “select” black men who are berating the thinking brothers about being so called “non select”, continue to conveniently omit the fact that this so called ranking only applies to black female society, the same so called “non select” black man is immediately viewed as “select” by non black women in general. Seeing as non black females are in a much better condition than black women, having black women class me as “non select” really is no skin off my nose at all. Again, which thinking brother is losing any sleep over being labelled as “non select” by any of these creatures above, I’ll wait?

      All of this “select” talk being slung about by these same so called “select” black men as if thinking brothers are somehow missing out on quality black women, is this what they’re inferring as some kind of quality:

      12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce can have these broads, Bottom Shelf Brad should also feel free to take his pickings from the sewer, as for me, just like you said bro, I’m good.

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      • You know what’s funny about what makes us different from the “select guys”, they do not have no type of standards, that’s why we different. I rather choose quality over quantity. If someone oughta put me in a room fill with women, I’m gonna choose the most quality ones.

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      • These photos along with the ones you posted above are what the average BW looks like today. The darker they are the uglier they are usually. These chicks know that nobody wants them except for easy, behind closed doors, gutter sex, which is why the pookies, ray rays, Jason Popes, Ghetto Gaggers cast and crew, and Ari Nagels of the world are able to run through them. They are walking biological weapons, spreading disease and producing bastard kids to terrorize and destabilize the black community.

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      • Well said. Let Brad, Chad,Slim Shady, Lil Sleazy and Buckshot Barney as well as Talmudist Ted have them and the Incel house negroes the chosen people created. No janitors round here.

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    • During the 80s and especially 90s, I grew up seeing these commercials about where are condoms are used abstinence. On the radio, on TV, hell MTV even did numerous specials about the HIV and AIDS epidemic before it became what it is now. Of course, they still have a sexually charge Channel even then. Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra had in a trance at times, lol ( I met Jenny McCarthy about 10 years ago, my nephew met Melissa McCarthy a few years ago. Their uncle is a professor at our alma mater. I digress). Salt-n-Peppa and George Michael even had songs that went gold that was talking about safe sex. But yet, you will seem as a square if you did use rubbers.

      I bulshit you not oh, people were actually looked at as being lame for using protection. And women with that K.C. Shuffle of “I’m on birth control”, ” I’m allergic to condoms”, and “I have a condom you can use.” My dad insisted on me avoiding them chicks because he said they’re going to try to get me caught up. Which he was right. He said that some younger chicks tried the same thing with him. Which I seen for myself. But you are seen as being rebellious and cool if you didn’t wear a rubber.

      Not to mention the 80/20 rule, and women turning tricks with non black men. Oh, they don’t want to talk about that. And that STD epidemic was being talked about in Atlanta even then, LOL! So when I said I’ve been hearing this shit since I was a kid. That’s not something to say to sound cool. I literally been hearing this shit since I was a kid. They know the solutions, but now do they have the desire and heart to do it.

      Oh I’m sorry, one of these pictures that was posted, a chick with a weave looking like Lenny from Snatch; with a forehead that look like the windshield of a fucking Jaguar, LOL I’m done!

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    • TBH, I don’t use condoms. Well, I don’t use them about 90% of the time. However, I have been sleeping with only one woman for 5 years and we both get tested regularly.

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  8. F🤬CK and damn you all to hell VERBS!!!!! 😂😂😂 At least one Ron my Facebook page, I show quality men of color with select non-black women… what I just saw on this post makes me want rip my retinals out! What the hell were those creatures!?!?!?! Now if you will excuse me, some black witch got some of her white girlfriends to speak up for her on my Facebook page…in fact either black women are pretending to be white girls or they found some white girls sympathetic to their lost cause.

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    • Off Grid On Code,

      The dearth of attractive black women within black female society is much worse than we thought, like I’ll continue to repeat again and again, those black men who choose to still deal with black women are going to have to compromise in areas especially in the department of attraction. As the master teacher MBD has shown us, once a thinking black man goes SYSBM, finding an attractive female no longer becomes an issue.

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      • Bro, I’m new to hosting a page, and I’m finding out that handling trolls is not as easy as it sounds. Should I just roast their asses, leave them be and let them post whatever they want as so their f🤬🤬ery can be seen?

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      • Trolls focus a lot of energy off themselves, so just reverse the polarity. Depends on how much energy you have to spare.

        SYSBM is an exclusive club so deleting motherfuckers might just be the best option.

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        You’ll notice a troll straight away, usually refuses to deal with the points raised and immediately goes in to talk about something completely different. The problem is on Facebook when these black sirens realise that they cannot change the narrative they’ll try to have your page taken down. On Facebook the best course of action is to block them because they’ll bring more of the scum in your direction.

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    • These shebeasts are washed up failures who’s prime ended in mid teens having kids for degenerate thug blkmen as we all know she beast have the lowest prime years of all..what else is there for them to do than go on self destruct mode..they know no sane blkmen with a healthy self esteem will go near them with thier thug spawn kids that’s why they act extra aggressive towards thinking bm .all that talk and high expectations of blk men being rich..six feet tall etc. is a defence mechanism..a little too late.only thing .left is a realisation that they’ve fuked up then comes anger,hatred ,paypack towards blkmen by dehumanizing themselfs to their slave masters.blks in the west are pretty much done..and since Africans are going down same ghettoamericanized path they too are doomed
      I personally don’t care any race that can’t read the writing on the wall time and time again.. Will die out.

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      • @Verbs

        The past 2 weeks have caused major medical problems for me from laughing so hard. My diaphragm has been overworked to the point of exhaustion ..LOL!

        First, the BLACK WHORES going after the White Female at the Football Game for wanting to date a Black Man while lusting after “Bottom Shelf Brad”.

        Now, remember going back to the Black Whores TERRORIZING the White Woman at the Football Game, in those very same HYPOCRITICAL Twitter comments, black females where PROUDLY proclaimimg that they wanted to be… “THE WHITE MAN’S WHORE”!

        Well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, not only did they fulfill their LIFELONG lust to be the
        “WHITE MAN’S WHORE”, but they also received as a wonderful secondary prize…A LIFE TIME SUPPLY OF HIV! ..LOL!!

        Bottom Shelf Brad morphed into Oprah…You Get HIV…You GET HIV…and YOU GET HIV…LOL!

        This has been an absolutely DEVASTATING Year in the “L” taking department for BLACK WHORES and I couldn’t even imagine It could surpass 2018, but as usual BLACK WHORES love to test their levels of DEBAUCHERY and are always up to the challenge to see JUST HOW LOW…CAN THEY GO.

        What more evidence
        do Black Men need to stay as far away as possible from these 300lb, DISEASED, weave wearing, tatted up, Section 8, EBT Card, 5 baby daddies, $0 Networth waddling WHORISH LAND WHALES.?

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        I remember we all agreed at the end of 2018 that 2019 would usher in many more Ls for the black witch contingent that the previous year and we weren’t wrong at all. These black women are so lost that not even the best GPS/location devices on the planet could find them, their mentalities are so twisted and warped to the point where at this point they can’t even stop themselves from self destructing from the evil they’re engaging in.

        This right here has been one of the most devastating Ls to date that black women have taken and the year isn’t even done yet. Bottom shelf Brad snookered these dark harpies wholesale, however as I’ve stated before, they won’t learn anything from this event, they’ll return right back to licking the muddy boots of their white lord and saviour which is why I don’t feel sorry for black women as a collective in the slightest.

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      • @TWG
        “Bottom Shelf Brad morphed into Oprah…You Get HIV…You GET HIV…and YOU GET HIV…LOL!”

        holy shit

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      • Verbs hit it on the head. The Iranian, Pakistani and Indian women running Big Tech know how to deal with the black hoes and beta white males. Expect more beatdowns and incidents of Left Hook Larry and thug negroes and incels getting their just desserts. The shoe is on the other foot and kicking the SJWs and Neocons hard already with falling comic book sales and mass rejection of woke ideology.

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  10. This fake wannabe gangster/Ali G looking Bottom Shelf Brad is the White equivalent of Pookie; being a DJ, he could be getting with platinum brawds, but instead settled for these gremlin looking sirens (the screenshot of those texts explain why). This guy should be hung for his crimes!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Dude was slumming it hard with sewer level black females and passing on the Aids virus to them knowing full well that they would bring it back to the black male population, smh. Black women and the dudes that continue to deal with them aren’t that bright at all.

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    • No he could not get with any platinum brawd, for less than $500 an hour. Just because he says he’s a dj doesn’t mean anything. Trying to make these inbred beasts represent any group is just non-sense. This is what low iq people do when there is not enough of a society to influence them in other directions. Our society has dissolved into dust over the last 20 years. Jew control of government and media, uncontested by the larger population.


  11. First off, that menagerie of creatures? Disgusting! Who knew that Rowling has a new series: Fattastic Beasts and Where to **** Them!

    This dude is some sort of wigger, which is one of the most disgusting things possible. Ghetto whites are literally white people who can’t compete in white society, so they disrespect the “niggas” they hang around by slumming it up around them.

    Those women were ugly as hell, and pretty much all dark skinned. As kid organic says, swirling is a dark skinned woman’s game. As mentioned, he was using STDs as a eugenics weapon against blacks, how is he not deemed a huge threat to da cummoonitty, yet thinking black men are? This also shows how nasty black Women are, that they just slept with the guy like that.

    Again, as Verbs says, how and why do incels and MGTOW even exist? These dudes could be swimming in black cooch, as long as they have a pulse. Hell, given that black women draw benefits off of dead kids, maybe the pulse isn’t even necessary. These guys really have no real complaints to make, let alone given their power and influence.

    There’s always such pearl clutching and kvetching over black men with white and other non black women: will there be a warning now for black Women and these predatory white men? Speaking of predators, dude was literally ****ing minors, which is what white men are known for, but it’s passport brothers who are traveling to rape and molestation kids? Smgdh.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      To call these women ugly is actually being quite conservative, never have I see such a collection of beastly looking specimens in all of my life. And these are the same women running around talking that “black don’t crack” garbage, man, one look from any of these chicks will easily shattered the toughest mirrors on the planet.

      It goes back to what King Sigma stated in his hangout, these black sirens give white men like Pope diplomatic immunity, in other words Lord Euro is free to do as he pleases without any recourse or penalties incurred. Again, where are these pro blacks on this story, as per usual nowhere to be found.

      White men are so at ease with black women, they know that most black women are of such low self esteem, extreme self hatred and low self confidence that they are able to be scooped up by them in any condition. A black woman will much prefer to pick up a disease ridden white male living out of a shack and move him into her house/apartment before she would ever deal with a successful blue/white collar, hard working black man, smh.

      The Wall just got 50 feet higher, stay away from these diseased black females at all costs.

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  12. Those are some DISGUSTING looking women, they look like they stink. And as you and everyone else will point out, notice the skin tone, tattoos, etc. This is what the average BW looks like today.

    “As in the case of R. Kelly, I believe that most of the mothers of the young girls involved either pimped their daughters out to Pope or at least encouraged their daughters to perform sex acts with him in exchange for benefits and dainty treats, as we already know black women don’t care about black children”

    Speaking of that, I just saw this on CNN:
    Suicide attempts by black teens are increasing, study says

    Just more proof of how “strong and independent” single black mothers who “don’t need no man” are destroying the community. We already know that most of these teens probably had the misfortune of being born to a single black mother and living in poverty, also I wonder how many of these teens were born with HIV or some other STD? If you care about your children keep you seed out of these women, and keep the Wall up.

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  13. Another heartbreaking story about the pathology of these black witches. This “mother” sent her son to the doctor 323 ties, had him undergo 13 major surgeries between 2009 and 2016. Here is the kicker – he was completely healthy the entire time!!! The kid is now only 10 years old and his father had be fighting to gain custody of him for years!!! Here’s the story

    By the way if you haven’t already, check out my new video Origins of Park Apeism on Black Avenger TV. Become a subscriber to know when I drop a new video.

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  14. this dude is fucking various players from the English Premier League. I even seen a few players on the Chicago Bears. Why would I want to negotiate with women who are so ugly they have to get their baby drunk just to breastfeed it? Some of those bitches had 5:00 shadow.

    Trust me, with this story going viral , you will hear the aforementioned people talking about it. Why? Because there’s money to be made. They’re followers of money. They just steal the hubcaps instead of inventing the wheel. Lol!

    And to think I have to have a back-and-forth with certain people claiming that blacks destroy the neighborhood and that they have done everything for black people. You know the usual rejects that Anton be talkin about. These guys wouldn’t stop. I didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the history I know about Europe, and them claiming that Africans weren’t there. These idiots ain’t been to the various museums in Europe. The Prado Museum. The Dutch national museum. The Frankfort Museum. I just have to let them have the last word because I gave them more attention than their own fucking parents, LOL!

    The king of controversy. The name he gave himself, did a news story about it during the King Sigma live stream.

    SYSBM #Winning #LeaveThemAlone #TheHIVThatSwirls

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  15. Verbs 2015.

    Wow a white man can have aids which is one of the worst diseases ever and he can still attract black women smh. As a young looking slim built short dude at 5ft 7in tall I am so fucking glad that I am a non select black man in black womens eyes because I can escape the drama that these so called select black men go through with these black women when they get these ugly ass black women pregnant and have multiple kids from these broads and they are trapped with these women for the rest of their lives especially when they have to pay child support for their kids meanwhile I have the pleasure of getting with a pretty childfree non black women who I can have a good life with. I never found black women attractive because they always look fake from head to toe and they look very manly. Black women and pro black simps are gonna think I am being racist for saying that I don’t find black women attractive but I don’t give a shit on who gets offended. I will never ever have kids with a black women because they make the worst mothers on the planet and they make the most stupidist and dumb choices in life.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Again, looking at these horrible creatures, how are we as so called “non select” black men losing out? It’s the same racket that the pro black female, frying pan African pundits use when they allude to so called “great things” going on in black society that we’re somehow missing out on because we chose to walk away from the community.

      Nothing positive is happening within black society at all because these same pro black female simp bootlickers are protecting the very same evil women who alongside their white lord and saviour are responsible for its demise. You did well avoiding black women as does any black man who wishes to preserve his life, continue avoiding them at all costs.

      I wear my so called “non select” badge with pride and honour as we can see the “selection” the so called “select guys” have to choose from, yuck, yuck and yuck again, lol.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I want to live until I am 90 years old and if you get with a black women she will put your in a early grave due to the stress and bullshit that you go through with them. Those pictures of those black women look monsteriously ugly like the alien queen from the alien films, what sane man will shack up with those horrid bitches.

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  16. Verbs2015,

    The screenshot of the texts and the other evidence you provided is very telling. I really think that many of these Lower-Shelf Brads and their BW companions HATE black men, specially the Thinking Black men. These WM/BW couples hate seeing black men with attractive non-black women. We already know that the average ABW has CONTEMPT for black men by default. These Lower-Shelf Brad and the Scraggle Daggle are made for each other. We, as thinking, classic black men, have to steer clear of them. The ABW is not loyal.. she was NEVER loyal. King Sigma’s previous livestream exposed the fake loyalty for all to see. The proof is irrefutable.

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    • My Ice Is Colder,

      King Sigma has been on a serious roll recently laying out the evidence of the traitorous Westernised black female for all to see, as many of us here have stated before, it’s getting too difficult for black women and the pro black female pundits to cover up the treachery and the many shortcomings of these benighted black harridans, especially their deep seated hatred and rooted disloyalty towards black men.

      As we’ve stated here before, racist white men like Pope and black women are two sides of the same decadent, rusty, putrid coin. Both shall rot in Hell for their evil actions against black society and especially against thinking black men, the pro black female/black women first simps shall also be cast into the fire.

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  17. Also, it has to be added, what did any of these dusky, musty hoes get for all this, save for AIDS and a 2 inch dinagling? They did all this and that guy (who looked just as hood and ratchet as they did)probably didn’t even buy them a damn Happy Meal. Meanwhile, for these same chicks, “dem niggas” gotta be 6 ft, 30 inch dick, and a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. See how they’ll genuflect for whitey?

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    • Afro,

      It’s just like I said in the last entry, that freak white boy with no thighs was wallowing around on the floor like a platypus and he could get a black chick, while you’ve got be 6 foot minimum to even get a smile from one of these hoes. Now they laying with the monster trying to bring that shit over to black men. I’m done.

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  18. True story: Back in the dark times when I taught at an inner city public school on the way home I would sometimes pull over to a rest stop to wind down. As Dr David Carroll has noted the dysfunction in the present day black community (led by the matriarchy of black women) as exemplified in the public school system was overwhelming for me. Anyway one day I was at the rest stop and this 50 year old black woman is kissing up on this white man who, as I could see, had no right arm. Now I am NOT knocking the man for having no arm but I am saying that this same woman would not give black men the time of day if they had the same physical handicap.

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    • Jedi Master Coon,

      As long as the white dude has a functioning penis which the black witch can jump on to and viable seed that she can syphon into her putrid, contaminated snatch, the physical state of the white male is irrelevant to her. The white man is god to these black female miscreants regardless of his condition.

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    • I have friends who teach in New York City, and I’ve heard absolutely ridiculous stories. It’s getting to the point where there aren’t enough incentives to get even brand new teachers because of how bad these kids are, how underpaid they are, and how their hands are tied when trying to discipline these kids.

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  19. Pro Blacks are white supremacists that are furthering the agenda by way of the black female into shaming thinking black men into risking getting disease, jail time or contribute to the fatherless statistics.

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    • Black Caesar,

      “But these be our queens though, the black woman is god, we gotta protect and respect the black woman, you a coon for not dealing with black women, you’re mother’s black” and all the usual garbage that comes with these silage, compost heap pro black female Negroes.

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    • Well said. This isn’t even white supremacy, as the chosen people ran the slave ships and plantations before Von Slatcher and Frankendoss managed to abolish slavery. This is a collaborative effort between the corrupt ‘progressive’ movement and racist Jews to bring black men and white women back on the plantation.

      Dudes like Pope as well as the neocons and fake liberals that created them need to go take a trip along with the pro wacks and the black queenies.

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  20. Verbs my brother bringing that hot fires as usual.I got no sympathy for any man regardless of race who deals with black women.Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

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    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Thanks bro. Me neither, the writing is on the wall regarding black women and has been for a very long time, those who still choose to deal with the black witch and get bitten in the process did it to themselves, they have no room or right to complain.

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  21. Another thought,

    * Low Class Chad directly involved in passing AIDS into the communiteh, with BW spreading it amongst themselves.

    * Black women selecting the worst type of men to procreate with, outputting more dysfunctional blacks in order to fund police, prison, abortion and judicial systems.

    * Free thinking black men forced out of the community and making new races and tribes with White and other women.

    * Incels like Shawn James and pro-wacks who are eliminated from the gene pool.

    * Children being genocided and ritually soul murdered.

    * Adults engaging in self- ethnic cleansing / employed as free prison labour.

    The game is up, the Black race in the West is finished. We are toast. The elites have us on lock. #sysbm

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  22. I would argue that what Jason Pope did to these black witches is not eugenics, but dygenics. He helped to contaminate the gene pool of black america, which will contribute to more dysfunction from these black witches. Eugenics, especially from us thinking brothers, is simply not participating in contributing our seed to this contaminated gene pool. That’s why I will continue to tell thinking brothers, the worst you can do to your seed is to give it to these black witches, and this case with Jason Pope validates it all.

    #SYSBM #EBM #FixItByExit #MySeedMyChoice

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    • Sigma Jones,

      I didn’t even know the word dysgenic existed, I had to look it up. Indeed, black men with sense and intelligence should never place their seed into these black witches and they will simply be perpetuating the rotes cycle.

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  23. Veebs2015l5,

    Even, white men are tired of black women addiction to weave.
    Jason lee, is a gentleman who have enough and decide to tell the truth.

    You, already know that black women accuse him of being a colorist, or a hater because she stand up for Evelyn.

    Oh,Black women trying now to create a new word ”FEATURISM”
    If u don’t know dark skin women who have soft facial feature are now the new ”Light skin women”
    to them.

    Yes, u not thinking wrong black women with prononced ”WEST AFRICAN FEATURE” should be the standard of black beauty in their crazy mindset.

    This women is straight up ”Ugly looking and look like your typical nigga from the block. U must be kidding me if u think that these
    ”things” are gonna be the standard of beauty anytime soon.

    To finish dark skin black women themselves see light skin women and white as more beautiful to them, that’s why they are so addict to weave, straight hair, blue eyed contact, colored hair and treat dark skin child like shit, but mix kids like royalty, enough said!

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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      I agree with you 100% bro, the chick look horrific which is typically what most black women in 2019 look like, a hard faced beast from the Serengeti. Once you remove the weave and the make up from the majority of these black females you soon get to see the real Rocky Horror show that stands in front of you.

      There is no way in Hell that I am accepting that busted specimen above as a beauty standard, forget it man, that is solidly out of the question. Sorry, I refuse to accept Lil Cheezy from the block as the new standard of black female beauty, it isn’t going to happen.

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  24. The BAW is finished. A bottom shelf white boy who emulates thug culture openly admits that he fucked all those women because he wanted the women to then spread aids to black men. What do the swirlers have to say about this I wonder?

    All their talking points have been destroyed.
    You can’t blame this HIV epidemic on black men or DL black men anymore when one fucking white boy can infect 600 women. He is right. All of those women he infected WILL come back and try to infect black men to please their white daddy. The HIV will spread like a wild fire. These demons will come for you and try to infect you any way they can. If you don’t fuck them they will throw aids blood at you or spit in your drink if they serve you at a restaurant.

    SYSBM is no longer a personal choice or a lifestyle. IT IS MANDATORY. IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR SURVIVAL NO DIFFERENT THAN WATER OR SUNLIGHT. Damn near all of these black bitches out here have HIV,HPV, Herpes,or full blown AIDS. They worship thugs and white boys. They get all these bastard kids from thugs and HIV from Brad then they bring it all back to you and say “Man Up.”

    I don’t hear a fucking peep out of the Negrofaggotsphere, Swirl Channels, or The Dick Police. All of them are silent because they are trying to figure out a way to blame US for it. Soon you will hear how a real man will date a woman who is HIV positive. SYSBM for life. If you are dumb enough to still play clean up man for these women (who lets be honest here. The aliens from Mars Attacks look more attractive) then you can look forward to having HIV in your future. These people will go full reaver (From the Firefly TV show) when the number of IR marriages between BM/Non-BF and pasport bro’s increase. The shaun James of the world don’t want to be the only ones stuck with these disease ridden freaks. I also notice the “dating coaches” who try to shame black men into dating black women are also silent on this. I swear you can hear a pin drop.

    Clean cut, child free, Black men with no criminal record and a six-pack are desired all over the world by beautiful women and I’m getting mine. Meanwhile the simps can sort through all of bottem shelf brads bio-hazzards and Tyrone’s baby mommas. Have fun with that shit bro. We will create a new superior race with non-black and foreign black women. Our children will rise to greatness. Yours will die out and be forgotten in time like tears in the rain. That’s what all of this is really about to me. It’s not just about finding better mates. I want pookie and the daggle bloodline severed. All of them have to go epically their children so they don’t grow up and make more. In a way I’m glad he infected all of them with aids. The sooner all of these people die the better. I hope you simps and black women lurking on this site read this. I want you to know what we really think about you. Or at least what I think about you. I hate you nigger scum like Hitler hated the Jews. You have done everything in your power to destroy the black race then have the nerve to say people like US are destroying it simply by refusing to be clean up men.



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    • Yours Truly,

      That was a slam dunk of a statement right there, especially the part in relation to SYSBM practices now needing to become mandatory for black men as an essential part of their survival(well at least those black men who can read and accept the writing on the wall concerning black women as a collective). As you stated, as more black men begin giving black women a wide berth, these dark sirens will become increasingly vindictive, nasty and ultra evil minded as they see more thinking brothers riding off into the sunset with their non black female significant others. As Anton Nikolaev always says, sorry, no clean up men over here.

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      • Yours Truly,

        King Sigma, MDB, myself, SKC and the rest of the thinking brotherhood are bringing down that fire straight from heaven, it has to be done as I cannot deal with lies and those who choose to uphold them.

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    • Yours Truly,

      There is literally a tear in my eye as I type this. EPIC POST, MAN.


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      • I’ve got a tear in my eye, sadly these are tears of despair as the scale of devastation is clear for everyone to see. How this can happen with receipts brought to the table, and nobody is brought to justice? Are we all supposed to turn a blind eye to this kind of biological assassination by an agent of white supremacy? Are we all just going to accept BW saying that “well, y’all niggaz never stepped up, you never protected us, so this is what you get?” Shall we just all say fuck it and leave? I’ll never be a pro-wack, but shit, this is truly sickening.

        I’m just flabbergasted and full of exasperation at this story. Thought one poster screwimg trannies was the cherry on the shit cake, but goddamn…

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      • Michel,

        Guess what, bro. It is not your problem to fix. It is a fucking ghetto problem. If you mess with ugly, trash black female sheboons from dirty South Carolina, fucking them raw, it might be your problem. You don’t, do you? So there you go.

        I don’t know what you mean by “brought to justice.” Bottom Shelf Brad is locked up. Hopefully they’ll kill that dude in prison, just like they got a pedophile just this week. Let the trash take itself out.

        And why so shook about Black British Guy and his tranny love? He’s a fucking freak. Again, not your problem.

        I personally do not give a shit about any of these people. This is what happens out in these streets. I am the “boring, lame, non-select” guy who messes with Euro and Asian women exclusively. I was tested last year for HIV and came up negative, so fuck those people.

        SYSBM means leveling up and out of the black dysfunction. Let these dumb plantation negroes burn up. The “superior” white man had to bottom-feed dick-first with nasty Section 8 pussy just to try to fuck black men. Him and them black hoes deserve every bit of suffering they got coming, if you ask me.

        Keep the wall up and your spirits high. Even dumb King Kong-ass niggas are on YouTube crying for “educated lames” to come back and rebuild. Fuck them jailhouse motherfuckers. Big loud “alpha” niggas but can’t build a doghouse for they queenz.

        Guys like us are winning. Turn that frown upside down.

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      • Well said. You certainly summed it up. It’s not just about dating it’s leaving racial black dysfunction.

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      • Fell Handed Bjorn,

        Indeed sir. SYSBM is about dating and mating up and out, just like women have done for centuries. Now it’s our turn. A whole spectrum of females are now available for the worldly black man who’s got his shit together, and the hood is feeling the heat. Pookie, Sheniqua and their Section 8 babies are on their own.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Bro, you’re absolutely right. Dunno why I got so emotional about this story… going through some tough times personally.

        The problem with living across the pond is you hear stories like this and assume it’s widespread across the country, when this dude was just localised to dirty South Carolina ghetto nasties.

        It’s going to be fun watching the usual suspects try to twist themselves into a pretzel to reach for us. It’s our fault, but we must go solve it? For all they know, Jason Pope could have been sent by us…


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    • Could not have put it better myself! This brotha is cooking with white hot plasma! I’d like to give it two thumbs, both knees and a couple of elbows up if it were possible, lol! Also, you did bring up an interesting reality for thinking brothers in the very near future when we take our non black women to restaurants. As time progresses, it will become more evident that BM who interracially date ARE doing so for the expressed purpose of avoiding the multitude of headaches that protrude from black women without the baked in reason of “I can’t help it, I just fell for her” as a salve for the butthurt of black women and pro black simps. The future will hold black men who proudly will date all women that strike his fancy EXCEPT bw while daring anyone anywhere to have a problem with it. Obviously, with this increase in our boldness will come an answer from the peanut gallery trying to derail our relationships or otherwise ruin our lives for escaping their evil clutches by trying to poison us via their diseased bodily fluids when we take our significant others out to dine in various restaurants. Brothers, be very aware when you dine out with your non black women, I don’t need some perpetually jealous black toilet stain contaminating my food or drink (or that of my ladies) because she feels some sort of way about being replaced as the standard mate for thinking black men! Be bold, screw their feelings…..but beware of the servers and handlers that are around your food! Be smart and SYSBM until the end of time!

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      • Andre,

        “Brothers, be very aware when you dine out with your non black women, I don’t need some perpetually jealous black toilet stain contaminating my food and drink (or that of my ladies) because she feels some kind of way about being replaced as the standard mate for thinking black men”.

        That perpetually jealous black toilet stain part had me cracking up, however what you’ve stated is very true, as time goes on these black females will take their jealousy and evil to the next level, we’ve talked about this many times before thus brothers must be prepared for the inevitable.

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  25. @Verbs

    I had to pin this to the LIVECAST video for “Surviving Bottom Shelf Brad: Case Study #1 Jason Rogers Pope”. Odd that Free Thinking Brothas are forced to bring attention to such an evildoer as ‘DJ HIV’, while the genocide warrior class is busy killing each other, and growing their BW1st genocide squad. Y

    You hit gold with this statement, “There you have it folks, your modern day black female in bed with the same white supremacists she’s always claiming to be fighting against.”

    That is the paradox that the BW1st Brigade has to unravel as we enter one of the most important election years in American history. So far, the BW1st drones, white cucks, Ms. Anne, Black misandrists, white male worshipers and THOTs are silent on the heinous crimes committed by their White God.

    BW1st drones, why did over 700+ of your’Black Qweenz’ living in a city with a Black population near 50% and the State of South Carolina having the 5th largest Black population in the USA – throw themselves at the feet of DJ HIV????

    Still think the BW1st, Black Rednecks, and Hotep Communists believe Black lives Matter? #EBM #SYSBM #FixbyExit

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    • King Sigma,

      You did it again brother, another slam dunk of a hangout bringing nothing but the hard facts to the table the pro black female/black women first squads refuse to touch. Exactly, why is it always the free thinking brotherhood bringing light to these particular episodes and any and all evildoers who inflict harm and pain upon black society and especially black men?

      As you stated the black witch will always give her white lord and saviour a pass no matter how much of an evil wretch he turns out to be, not one of the usual suspects who love going in on the thinking black men’s regiment has called this skullduggery out, as I stated in Negro Wars the pro blacks, racist white men and black women are all working in confederacy with one another against free thinking black men like us as well as against the very black community they claim to care about.

      This is a monumental L for these delusional black sirens, it was already a solid wrap for them before, however this case here has ensured that they can never recover or redeem themselves from this malevolence they deliberately chose to commit themselves to forever.


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  26. When I heard about this story, I was waiting for Verbs2015 to wrote about this and when I saw the article this morning, I know it, I bloody knew it. And when I saw the black women he has infected, I said bomba claat! You see the ghetto ratchet hoodrats! Most of them are wearing weave and most of them look terrible. Not even the average black man will never go for these type of women. Only the simps will go for these hoodrats. This is story of the year and probably the biggest story of the decade. Wow!

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    • Money Cultural,

      Black women as a collective are too far gone to be saved at this point, there is absolutely no redemption for them from this. As I stated before it was already a solid chicken wrap for these broads from way back, however with this revelation hitting the news, black women as a collective are now destined to be permanently relegated to the depths of obscurity and banishment. All the best to the or black simps who still wish to wife up these HIV/AIDS infected heifers, however DO NOT ever expect thinking black men to follow that same path of insanity.

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    • In his show on this topic even Tariq Nasheed had to put his pro-blackness aside for a moment and acknowledge the fact that it was mostly dark skinned and ugly BW that do stuff like this.

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  27. And it goes to show that black women love the white man more then us black men. And there is the proof right there. They put on this weave trying to look like a white woman but they hate it when they see a black man holding hands or making love with their arch enemy known as the white woman. Black men in South Carolina need to because of these hoodrats. They better use protection now after what happened with these hoodrats got infected by the bottom shelf Brad. Black men from South Carolina, you better use protection from these ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging black women.
    Blessid guys!

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  28. An “L” of biblical proportions. I’m actually interested in seeing how they

    1. Go about damage control.

    2. Find a way to blame this on black men. (If black men didn’t make us feel so insecure then…)

    LOL, their s#@& is Soo exposed it’s not even funny. Hilarious.

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      • So, because of black mens colorism, these wide load infected victims (what else?) with self esteem in the toilet lent themselves to have sex a white man with AIDS?

        Is that the best effort at mental gymnastics they could muster up? D-

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      • Black hoes and white nats are just as cruel and evil as the racist Jew slave masters that control them. Same mindset of ‘I’m owed shit because I’m a particular victim group’ (notice guys like Buffet and Trump don’t engage in this shit, with the Donald even declaring a war on the alt right under the guise of fighting ‘anti-semitism’), same racist tactics and thinking and same love for dark arts. These people are not my problem, as I keep on saying let the neocons, Progressives and the chosen people deal with that mess. No janitors round here.

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  29. Brother Verbs,

    I knew you would chime in on this, and you did not disappoint. When I saw his posts about how he ate the pussy and asses of these musky hoes I almost threw up. And this was before the side-order of HIV. So much for “down low black men spreading AIDS” lie. This has got to be the most epic (literal) Swirl Mountain Graveyard entry ever.

    Of course, the SYSBM regiments have nothing to worry about as we don’t entertain such nasty, bottom-feeding black hoes on any level. Trump needs to quarantine that part of South Carolina and purify it (identify those nasty hoes and shove them into a furnace).

    Keep dating and marrying out, gents. It’s gone from a choice to a must. Leave these black bitches alone. It can literally save your life!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      At first I wasn’t going to write an article about this but when King Sigma dropped that monumental hangout, I had to get a piece of the action realising just how serious this situation is. As yourself and Yours Truly have stated, SYSBM has now become a must for thinking black men, this path is no longer an option. These black females continue to dig themselves deeper into the trenches of filth and degeneracy and they’ve done it to themselves. Avoid black women like the plague unless you want some plagues yourself.

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  30. “As in the case of R. Kelly, I believe that most of the mothers of the young girls involved either pimped their daughters out to Pope or at least encouraged their daughters to perform sex acts with him in exchange for benefits and dainty treats, as we already know black women don’t care about black children and will deliberately place their children in harms way in order to prevent their seed from outshining them, this is the typical malevolent, evil nature of the black witch…” – Verbs2015, 10/14/2019

    The above is what you get when there isn’t a strong black father in the home. But yet, the courts overwhelmingly, and blindly, grant custody to the mother. The courts need to get its head out of its ass and weigh each custody issue on its own merits.

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    • B Avenger,

      Yes sir, the calamities called single mother households that these disjointed, mentally ill black females have been running at a failure for many years by themselves evidence the need for fathers in the home so many times over. I strongly believe that these courts and the janky judges that run them are fully in on the agenda to destroy the family unit, at this point the evidence points too strongly in that direction.

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  31. There’s no way in hell B1/Pro-Whack “BW is god” hoteps can recover from this. This so called club promoter has probably slept with more “woke queans” than even Pookie and Ray Ray. How the hell can Taz, D32018, Umar, or any hotep hope to explain this away?

    Not only did he sleep with hundreds of black sirens with virtually no effort, he also used simultaneously them as an instrument of BIOLIGICAL WARFARE, killing two birds with one proverbial stone.

    I believe BW will try hard to bury this story by flagging videos, I’m downloading MBDs video as we speak. Smh.

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    • SunGodRa,

      Jason Roger Pope has single handedly has exposed just how deep white male worship amongst the black female population goes. These chicks are done, they can try to bury whatever they want, however the damage is already done. It will be interesting though to see how black women will implement damage control protocols, lol.

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  32. Any and all statements about how black men “are on the down low”, sleeping with multiple women (while potentially true to both, but they are smart enough in most instances to be safe and take necessary precautions) are officially irrelevant.

    There is simply no way the black whores in that area didn’t know this man was just sleeping around targeting them unprotected. If this sack of shit was easily able to sleep with that many hair hats before someone caught on, how many others did he sleep with that haven’t come forward? How many other men like him are doing the same exact thing that are unaccounted for?

    Any one who is willingly sleeping with these animals deserves whatever comes to them. This is utterly sickening on about every level. These black hoes seriously aren’t shit. Their lust for a a mixed baby with light eyes, and good hair is pathetic, and dangerous to everyone around them.

    I truthfully loathe most of these black whores, their supporters anybody who makes excuses for them. I do everything imaginable to avoid even coming in contact with black bitches and their hordes of kids who in all likelihood won’t be worth anything due to the upbringing their useless mothers.

    No amount of shaming will change my mind about them as it has been made up a very long time ago.

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  33. The article,if you want to call it that, at the diaspora 7 website isn’t attributed to anyone. In plain English: We don’t know who wrote this shit.
    The claims regarding his HIV status are unsubstantied.
    How do you sleep with that many women unprotected without contracting or spreading other STDs while avoiding pregnancies?

    This story strains credulity beyond logic but if it suits your narrative…

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    • Oh boy…here is the black male simp coming here to defend his white man :3 Why is it always feminine black men like Cottrell always running to defend a white man, white faggot or black female?

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      • Fell Handed Bjorn,

        This is why the so called black community will forever remain in the gutter, because there are too many bewitched and blinded black men within it who always feel the need to defend black female skullduggery and dysfunction at any cost, smh.

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      • Indeed and it’s so fanatical on their part they love to defend anyone who is white and clearly in the wrong. Even the black homosexual will turn on his own to defend a white man, white homosexual at any cost. Ed Buck bodied 3 black men and it’s perfectly fine. No black homosexual or black feminist got upset or even said a peep..

        When we respondCollective Black male laughter about DJ KiDD really has them burning….you see the actual hurt in that comment that black men aren’t in the wrong and are moving on as a unit.

        Literally. SYSBM.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Nothing to refute. You are either a black womanizer or angry white male. Regardless. Nobody here gives a fuck what you are saying and nobody gives a fuck about your masters you check in with. You aren’t confronting any black male with any non black female on the streets so save your toughness for Lipstick Alley and the homosexuals you gain succor from.

        Frankly I would love for you to stick around while we discuss how we will take it all apart. Because the pain is real. Your black female masters are in the crosshairs.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I’m neither one of those things. I don’t care who other brothers sleep with and don’t even know how you can infer that from anything I’ve said. And I think I will stick around…


    • Cottrell Evans,

      Are you really going to deliberately skip over the main theme of my article which is in relation to black women as a collective and their unconditional worship of white men in any condition? The HIV/AIDS part of the account is NOT my main focus which you’ve got a whole heap to say about, yet you’re completely silent on the black female, her infatuation with white men and her desire to have mixed race children over black ones. There’s always a simp ready to step in and defend these gutter women no matter what evil and degeneracy they engage in, smh.

      Liked by 6 people

      • This is why I dont bother. Once all the evidence is out…they still will fix their retarded mouth to say something…ANYTHING to help these nasty bitches save face. All of these simps will be reduced to ashes along with the whores they love so much. At this point any man still arguing in favor of BAW whatsoever is anathema as far as I’m concerned and can walk straight into hellfire for all I care.

        Liked by 6 people

      • The main thrust of your argument is thin because I believe these young women would’ve responded to any man displaying social status as he did regardless of race. Plus, he was a trick and had no standards.


      • Cottrell Evans,

        If you’re attempting to present a counter argument against black women worshipping white men, forget it, you won’t get very far at all. Unlike yourself I deal with the facts, not what I “believe”. This article is number 7 demonstrating the true nature of black females towards white men, perhaps you ought to check out the other 6 parts in this series before talking about “thin arguments”. Also we have the case of the Sperminator aka Ari Nagel who has black women around the block(and around the world for that matter) lining up for his seed so that they can have those mixed children they desire so badly:

        Then we have the account of a French man who won the lottery and decided to go on a sex tour of 6 African countries with his friend sleeping with 1400 black women and impregnating 600 of them:

        Then remaining in Africa we have the situation of black women over there being knocked up by the truckloads by Chinese immigrants:

        As I’ve stated before, most black men are not ready to accept the true nature of the modern day black female, her first love is NOT towards black men and unfortunately many black men such as yourself point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall. That’s your problem not mine, however your “beliefs” don’t override the facts, sorry sir.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nice try but you should’ve kept it at six parts because you clearly overreached on this one.
        And I think will read the remainder of the series while I am at it…


      • Cottrell Evans,

        When you bring forward evidence to counter the position then we can take you seriously. Black women are throwing themselves at white men worldwide, you’re given the evidence but still choose to remain in denial, like I said before, that’s your problem not mine. The facts remain and don’t care about your feelings.

        Liked by 2 people

      • That story about the French lottery winner is fake. On every site I visited, the story is presented almost exactly the same, like a press release.
        This story isn’t covered by any reputable news agency on the planet.
        You’ve got to do better…


      • Cottrell Evans,

        The case for white male worship on the part of black women has already been proven even if we removed the French lottery winner account from the equation, thus no further action is required on my part. Reputable news agencies?? I sincerely hope that you’re not referring to any mainstream media outlets.

        Exactly what “reputable” news agencies are you referring to bearing in mind that the mainstream media specialises in NOT reporting on the important issues that matter or outright chooses to lie to the general public on others?

        Liked by 2 people

    • Matriarchal simp drones like Cottrell Evans above stay in denial about the true nature of these gutter black hoes, and make fools of themselves trying to cover for them even after over 600 of them got infected by one white dick.

      The man went to jail, so clearly he committed sex crimes. Yet Evans calls the news “unsubstantiated.” What exactly are these nasty black hoes doing for him in return as he struggles to defend their “honor?”

      N O T H I N G

      Liked by 1 person

      • Who’s dick policing now…smh?
        Defending Jason Pope or the women involved with him was never the point.
        But it’s obvious that perpetuating an agenda is more important than verifying facts.


      • Please. Most of you have moved on already. Patrick Patterson. Dwayne Wade’s son. Lizzo. Or whatever the topic of the day is. And don’t pretend you know where I stand on this or any other issue.


  34. Once again this is why after a certain point…there is no reason to address trolls. There is nothing to address…you could literally fill the page with links and not say anything. At a certain point you will ppl NATURALLY stop addressing these ppl and disregard their existence entirely.

    Liked by 8 people

  35. Do you guys remember the Black feminist from Buzzfeed who lamented the fact that Harvey Weinstein raped only White women?:

    Here’s an article by Age of Shitlords breaking down that article:

    These Black sirens are such great bedwenches, that they will settle with being raped by their White lord and savior if it means that he found them attractive enough to have nonconsensual sex with them; you can’t make this up!

    Liked by 6 people

  36. Ahehehehe….awww man! These punk ass n*ggacunts bruh I tell ya!

    Is there gonna be a docudrama made called….”surviving the pope”? and I’m not talking about the catholic pope….I’m talking about this wack ass dj kid pope.

    Liked by 6 people

      • @afrofuturism1 Hahaaaa yeah! Imagine this though now that I’m here….And uh?
        Lemme go ahead and interject this B.O.L.O…..All the n*ggacunts that warmed the same belly of this white muthaf*cka, they’re literally gonna “forgiyiv hiyim” plus make a gofundme page, make “free dj bae” tshirts and sweaters like they did one jeremy meeks, be at his court sentencing, and see to it that they give they “gawdt” hugs and then some!

        Smmfh…Brothas! From now til infinity, you have to look at, view, generalize, scrutinize, perceive, and classify 99.9% of these typical western pieces of sh*t raggedy n*ggacunts as nothing but a bunch of goddamn swammies(swirl mammies) and/or usual swirlspects! In your local area wherever you go and reside! Just have to….
        Oh and another thing…Aheheheheehehehe….
        This is Non Discouragingly Pathetic to even bring this up….
        Let’s keep it Raw and think in this vain….Now….do you brothas think the “women” of his kind gonna ridiculously shame and throw rocks at this white boy calling him a f*ckin mudshark? A coal burner? A n*gger lover”

        Yet another Rhetorical Question that I’m forced to ask. I hope I get some answers.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Themelancholictigah,

      These chicks are a complete and utter disgrace and to think they hate us thinking black men because we choose to hold them to account unlike the simp squads.

      Liked by 5 people

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  41. I’ve never seen so many men in the comments, who can’t seem to get fucked. There’s a reason black women don’t want to sleep with you. Maybe you should elaborate on why black girls “embrace the slut and whore culture.” Or can the author not see outside of his shallow view of the world? Let me know when you all drop dead please thanks xoxo


    • Whore:

      Black women refusing to fuck us are doing us a favour. I know you’re slightly stupid as that ill-fitting weave is probably cutting off oxygen to that commode you call a brain, but if you have the reading comprehension skills of a speck of primordial jelly, you’d see that this story is about 700+ black women infected with HIV from One man. What does that tell you? It means most black women with diseases are catching them from a minority of males. DJ AIDS’ ultimate goal was to infect black men through black women. So yes, black women refusing to sleep with us thinking black men is not only saving our life’s but spoiling yet another white man’s half assed eugenics programme.

      It is also not lost on me how the knee-jerk response black women’s pea brains can come up with when criticized is the total admittance that they are only good for one thing.

      One more thing. If black women were so desirable and sex with them such a gift, 70% of you motherfuckers wouldn’t be single. Black women are and forever will be the least desirable females out of all species. Yes, I said species.

      I’d tell you to go fuck a cactus but you’d probably be standing in front of it the whole time demanding it buy you dinner.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Chelsea,

      We really don’t care who black women choose to sleep with, the problems we have are the fact that devil spawn seedling babies are normally conceived out of their sexual unions with the gutter of black male society and in addition to this these same “strong and independent” black whores expect the same black men they rejected to “step up” and clean up the mess they created with their own hands.

      It’s not what you think witch, don’t get too bright up in here. Remember, despite your opinion having no value here whatsoever you came to us, we never came to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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