Their First Love Isn’t For Black Men – The Uphill Struggle For The Pro Black Female/B1 Squads


Black women as a group with their obsessive and compulsive love for their white male lord and saviour will take on board any white man in any condition, I’ve stated this repeatedly on this website. This dude barely has any legs and yet black women in their desperation for those mixed babies with good hair and blue/grey/green/hazel eyes will allow any white man to jump onboard.

Yet these will be the same black women who demand that free thinking brothers like us bring A, B, C, D, E, F and G to the table before they even sniff in our direction. Now, I don’t have any ill will towards the dude and the fact that he has a severe impediment, however when the pro black female/B1 contingents walk around berating and disparaging free thinking black men for expanding upon their dating options, why don’t they ever have anything to say about black women like the above who manage to do the same?

Of course not, black women are the sacred cow of the community, in their eyes as well as the pro blacks she conveniently can do no wrong and must never be questioned. Yet this is how the black witch repays those men who choose to dedicate their lives to worshipping her as well as exalting and propping her up, she gets together with a white fellow who practically has no legs.

This slack handed attitude by the pro black female/B1 community is one of the main reasons why black women can freely hop the fence in their attempts to climb Swirl Mountain and if they fail return back to the same black society they abandoned and begin barking orders at the same black men they snubbed and spat in the faces of, the cleavage showing black Jezebel, one Miss Irene Yvette springs to mind.

Mind you this is the same black witch who calls herself a Christian yet has no problems flashing her cleavage for the boys on YouTube, smh. As Christ stated, “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. What was the point of bringing up Miss Yvette, simple, to demonstrate the fact that without already having rigorous standards and a moral compass in place, the pro black female/B1 pundits and supporters will achieve absolutely nothing in their endeavours for a better black society.

There are very few people outside of myself who have had the nuts to call the black witch Yvette out on her Jezebel type mannerisms, most black men she has come into contact with unfortunately have much preferred to lick her muddy boots and be mesmerised by her big breasts even though at the same time she chooses to spit in their faces. If only those black men would look past the “titties” and witness the true dark malevolent siren that stands in front of them.

The point I’m making here is the first love black women have is NOT towards black men, it is totally invested in their white lord and saviour and if this black witch above with her disabled boyfriend happens to fall from the summit of Swirl Mountain, she just like the rest of these failed swirlers will roll right back into the black community and be welcomed with open arms by these same pro black female simps who cannot seem to think past their penises, however as in the case of Irene Yvette she doesn’t love black men nor black society, she would only use both as a sanctuary she can escape to in order to not have to be constantly reminded of her failures, be very aware of these swirlers.

Understand that if the desirability of black women were to be flipped on its head tomorrow and they instead became the most desired women on the planet, you would see I estimate at least 90% of them opt to go with non black men. Now, on the flip side however the reality of the matter is non black women are the most desired women on the planet with white women leading the charge, however you’ll notice how they for the majority part remain loyal to their male counterparts.

Your modern day black female in 2019 is a narcissistic, deep level, ultra misandrist who views black men as slaves and property to be used in order to forward her agenda and her agenda alone. In the black female’s mind you are the “fall back” option, this is why they get extremely upset when they see thinking brothers packing their bags and heading out the door choosing NOT to wait as can be seen in this short clip below:

However, remember back in October 2016 Professor Trick Daddy warned these black harpies to “tighten up” otherwise they’d find themselves being relegated into the deepest, darkest levels of obscurity and banishment:

Again, free moving and thinking brothers don’t care what black women do as we’ve moved on to greener pastures, however it seems that black women still believe that they have the right to dictate to black men who they should and shouldn’t date even when they’re in a relationship with or married to a white man and have mixed children en tow.

Again, this is one of the primary reasons why thinking black men and black women most definitely cannot mesh and black male/black female relationships are in the toilet, black women and their unconditional adoration and worship of white men is a serious obstacle and stumbling block in the way of any form of progression within black society. How on earth are these pro black female pundits going to get past the black woman’s deep obsession with white men and having mixed children with good hair and green/blue/grey eyes?

King Sigma just this week hosted a hangout(thanks to TeamWhiteGirls for giving me the heads up) in which he brought forward numerous receipts of black women going in on a white female who wanted to identify a black man she saw at a local football game, however as you’ll see from the video these same black women as per usual were found lusting and fawning over white men while at the same time heavily berating a white woman for just simply wanting to go on a date with a black man, smh:

Again, black women believe that they are fully permitted to be hypocrites when it comes to interracial dating, in their disjointed and topsy turvy minds they can date and marry white men yet black men according to those same warped craniums aren’t allowed to do the same when it comes to white women. Again, its all about bringing forth mixed children at any cost, just look at what this black siren had to say about it:

Remember, this should come as no surprise to us as the black witch of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin alongside her black male child killer sidekick Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu some years ago recommended that black women slay unborn black male children, here is an article I wrote in December 2016 in relation to their proposed recommendations:

Those black men who are still trying to convince themselves that black women love them and have their backs with such a plethora of evidence demonstrating the complete opposite deserve any evil and ill will black women bring upon them as a result of their wilful ignorance. BLACK WOMEN DON’T WANT BLACK MEN NOR DO THEY DESIRE TO HAVE BLACK CHILDREN, again, they only date, have sex with and marry black men because no other races of men will deal with them en mass.

Again, for those who need reminding just how treacherous black women as a collective are, remember the first instalment in my 6 part series How Black Women Worship And interact With Whitey Their God, unlike Twitter these same black female bread and circus minstrels cannot come here and flag down this archived evidence.

This is your white male worshipping black witch at work which is why I continue to advise black men with sense and intelligence to simply walk away. BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT OUR WOMEN, they never have been and they never will be. How much more evidence must be placed on the table to prove something that has already been proven many times over? Rest assured, if this modern day black female could put black men back in chains tomorrow, you better believe that she would try her utmost to make it happen.

Remember these were the same black women who had no shame declaring and embarking upon their mixed and light skinned black men loving and worshipping journeys during the 1990s, that practice wasn’t just based in the US, black witches here in the UK were also spouting off the same “I love me a light skinned/mixed race black man with green/hazel eyes” talk, I remember that period very well because I was in college at the time.

Swirl Mountain is a beast that has claimed many casualties and victims, most black women will never see the summit and of the few that do most of them will not be able to hold on, however they would rather fail trying to climb such a huge structure than come to the negotiating table and talk with your blackside, always keep this in mind whenever you see these ex swirlers throwing on their bootleg pro black trench coats pretending to be “down”.

The only men the overwhelming majority of black women are willing to negotiate with on any level are non black men(white men first) and at a push mixed and very light skinned black men. Only those men who can give black women the mixed babies with the good hair and bright coloured eyes they so desire will be considered as equal to or greater than them.

Finally, black women love white folks and will back them especially if they inflict harm or damage upon heterosexual free thinking black men, the recent Amber Guyger murder trial has shown us just how deeply in bed black women are with their white lord and saviour and his kingdom. Here is a screenshot of a Justice for Amber Guyger Facebook group and look at the photos of some of the main individuals already in the group and supporting it, enough said:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

These Black Female Traitors Will Sell You Down The River For Mere Crumbs From Their White Master’s Table

Most High Bless

149 thoughts on “Their First Love Isn’t For Black Men – The Uphill Struggle For The Pro Black Female/B1 Squads

  1. “Again, free moving and thinking brothers don’t care what black women do as we’ve moved on to greener pastures, however it seems that black women still believe that they have the right to dictate to black men who they should and shouldn’t date even when they’re in a relationship with or married to a white man and have mixed children en tow.”

    And this is the focal point of this issue for me. Notwithstanding the rest of this awesome piece, the number one problem I’ve always had with interracial relationships is the hypocrisy of black women (I’ll get to the white men on a later date). You cannot sit there with white dick in your mouth criticizing the brothers you didn’t want in the first place for dating interracially. We are not beholden to you, we don’t owe you anything, and we are not obligated to sit around looking stupid while waiting for you to finish riding the cock carousel.

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  2. All I can say is that any

    Dating Coach
    Youtube Know It All
    Religious Clergy
    Imposter Elder

    and encourages getting with these women and is not teaching you how to perform Lvl 49- 256 Grand Exorcism Spells, or supplying your with a life time supply of holy water, or giving you access to the Lazurus Pit is probably trying to sell you into an early grave and back into slavery. If they are not even offering 10,000 hours of free legal counseling then you know its bullshit. All parts need to be included or the deal doesn’t make sense.

    Jesus cast 7 demons out of Mary Magdelene before dealing with her, what the fuck are these blind negroes talking about then?

    These dudes was probably setting up dates (slaves) for the Gorgons and Amazons back in the day.

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  3. This deformed white dude wallowing around on the floor like a platypus, yet your black ass got to be 6 feet tall minimum to even catch a black hoe’s eye. I’m done.

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    • @Schadenfreude
      This proves the phenomenon of the “incel” to be questionable. How can there be so many incels, mostly Asian and white, when black women will put their own kids in a woodchipper just to drink out of their toilets. It’s a buyers market for non black men to get as much black pussy as possible. And now we know it doesn’t matter if you have AIDS. They will still sleep with you by the hundreds.

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      • Black Caesar,

        It’s simple. Incels just don’t want black pussy, that’s all. They would rather be INvoluntary CELibate than mess with black girls. They feel like they’re entitled to the top-shelf white girls who get banged by Frat Boy Chad and Black Tyrone (which really pisses them off). BW got pussy on clearance sale and still no takers. Tough break.

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      • @Schadenfreude LOL! Black women can’t give it away and yet they try to compensate by artificially inflating the price.

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  4. Social scientists have examined the USA black female for decades. I will write, later, on the works of Professors E. Franklin Frazier, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Satoshi Kanazawa, and Trick Daddy.

    From Professor Frazier, in the 1930s, to Professor Daddy, in year 2016, the black female has been examined as a negative for black people.

    These scholars have been attacked by black women. It would be better for black women to give some reasoned view as to why they view these men as wrong.

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    • Yeah, Trick Daddy did a good interview with Vlad a while back talking about how much it sucked to be raised by a single black mother with multiple children. He even said in the interview when his mom would come home with a new boyfriend he would think “Damn, this dude is about to just get my momma pregnant and leave her.” How sad is it for a child to have those thoughts? Like we always say, a lot of young BM who have the misfortune of being raised by black single mothers will grow up to be SYSBM.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I’ve seen that particular interview floating about on YouTube, I’ll have to check it out. These black sirens stay hoeing and being sluts for life and they’ll have no hesitation in bragging about being proud slappers as well.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      You still make me laugh with the “Professor Trick Daddy” line, lol, but again, we can’t say that he was wrong to advise black women to “tighten up” or else.

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    • Because it hurts their fragile ego and feelings. Which is a tall tale sign of narcissistic personality disorder with a schizophrenic frame. And they lacked the mental, psychological, emotional stability to self-evaluate and deal with the challenges they have. Which is why they have low self-esteem. If mental and psychological Fields weren’t so fucking political, these women will be institutionalized. They know these situations exist, they just don’t want people talking about it. They want everybody to be quiet. Like children, they stick their fingers in their ears and yell


      And they project the shame that they feel deep in their hearts unto others by trying to use retarded shaming tactics. All people feel shame I believe, it’s just where do you have the strong enough self-esteem to self evaluate and confront those challenges. Otherwise they’re going to be looked at as sex objects.

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    • Satoshi Kanazawa is a fucking genius. Back when that article cam out, I didn’t like it because I was still in the frame of mind that “we are all in this together”. Yeah, I still had hope for the communitah and still considered a niggra as a mate.

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  5. I’ve noticed something on Instagram that I found interesting. If you ever search for the hashtag #interracial on IG, you’ll get a plethora of photos of black women and white men. You might see just a handful of photos of black men with white women in your results. But when you find photos of black men and white women, 9 times outta 10, the photos are not tagged #interracial, especially if they’re on a white woman’s page. It’s as if black women want to announce to the world that they are in an interracial relationship whereas white women see their relationships with black men as normal. Just a thought.

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      • MBD mentioned exactly this on one of his videos a few years ago! He stated that when you go on any form of social media and you intentionally type in Interracial black men and white women in the search engine, you’re immediately flooded with images of black women with white men. He said it was because some black harpy (my word, not his) was specifically going around tagging posts of BM/WF couples with THEIR garbage instead. Insuring that even if you weren’t looking for that, you’d have to deal with it anyway! He’s right of course because otherwise you would not be subjected to any other images than what you were originally searching for. I swear, they simply cannot leave us alone, can they? The western black woman will be damned before she let’s you ride off into the sunset with your non black female of choice and it seems that the only shame she has left is admitting to this very unhealthy obsession she has to that end! Peep how they tried to delete all those damning tweets of the black witch wanting to control the dating practices of thinking brothers while the livestream was taking place! 😆 If you guys come into contact with info that irrefutably proves our point in the future about the black demoness, I strongly advise that you save such info and mirror it to other sites before you do anything else, THEN drop the hammer during a livestream event, not before! Peace brothers!

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    • Morpheus2275,

      MBD has also talked about this, black women are deliberately using black men/white women tags to make it seem as if their interracial dating ratio matches ours, however nothing could be further from the truth. We as black men don’t need to announce that we are dating white and other non black women, we just go ahead and do it because we can.

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      • I must’ve missed MBD’s video on that ’cause I swear I had no idea that was going on. The daggles will go to any lengths, I guess.

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    • LOL, Black men and white women don’t need the validation. Notice out of all of these videos and hashtags being posted, how many of them are being posted by white men? Asian women, who actually date white men in high numbers don’t even do this.


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    • As Anton always says. Pro black simps, the daggle are the same as these white nationalists, leftists and other servants of the chosen people who hate free thinking black men. And so I have noticed that on Google images you will find ten times more photos of BW WM couples than BM and non black couples. Even if the search term isn’t specific. That leads me to believe that a) as you said, black women take more pictures to flaunt their Ir dating.
      Or b) google and other social media have tailored their algorithms to give the impression that BM non white female couples are rare. That would be done to appease the whiny white boys and sheboons who both are committed to upholding the plantation (Communitahhh) and white supremacy.

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  6. As far as I’m concern, they can sleep with whoever they want, but they ain’t finna come crying their little silly asses to me after being dogged out by them white men or non black men, or them thugs and playas too. Do these black women even think that after having their “fun”, and sleeping with anyone or anything, they gonna have some black man waiting for them in their 30s and up, because common sense oughta tell me if a chick chose that life of having her “fun”, having a high body count, love being passed around, the odds of her trying to find a “good man” is gonna be super slim, and trust me, a lot of black women fit this narrative, since they love being the white man’s toy. They always say them white girls and other non black women look at us as fetishes, but they got a strong, thirsty ass fetish for white men, so what does that tells me?

    The hypocrisy in interracial dating is real, and for black women having the audacity to tell us we should just be with our own race while they be with whoever, that’s a big no-no. Like who in the hell are these black women telling us who we suppose to date? Boy I’m so glad I don’t have Black Women (American, UK, and Africa) on my list of women I deal with, the only ones I can deal with are either Afro-Latina, Trinidadian, Blasian, Somali, or Ethopian, that’s it. Majority of the time of the women I deal with are Latinas, Asians, Oceania, Europeans, or Mixed women. If these black american women, pro black/ black women 1st simps, and beta white men got a problem with it, then I suggest they live with it because interracial dating, interracial relationships, interracial marriages, and interracial friendships between black men and non black women or mixed women are not gonna go away.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      SYSBM cannot be stopped, black women always brag about their relationships with white men lasting the longest, however the part they conveniently omit is the fact that they have to get the white man to begin which for the overwhelming majority of black women simply won’t happen.

      How white and other non black women look at black men is none of the business of these black witches since they’ve already registered their disinterest in the same free thinking brothers.

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    • @D.K.

      I would have agreed with you about the East African women and other diaspora Black women. But I’m starting to have a 3rd eye/side eye of them too. Brian Solange produced a podcast on the white male worshiper Ilhan Omar. She left her 3rd husband to be with a sloppy white boy as soon as she became a U.S. Rep.

      Don’t get me wrong, the non-diaspora BW are hands down on average more attractive than the ADOS women. But again, the software program has to be audited NO MATTER how good she looks. The red pill lens must be warn at all-times.

      My default position with all BW is to suspect them of being white male worshipers until proven otherwise at this juncture.

      The depth of Black misandry is much deeper than we realize. We must continue to dig deeper into this hatred of BM and worship of WM as the year flips.

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      • @king sigma
        Yeah she is a model Muslim alright. 🤣
        Let’s just forget about religion when it comes to any woman first.
        Second, I don’t trust any black female because I know it is her default nature to worship white men. Wtth every thing I learn about them the less and less it seems like casual brainwashing rather than spiritual inclination.

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    • After listening to Brian Solange expose on the incestuous & white male worshiping U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar a U.S. Somali Immigrant.

      We have only begun to scratch the surface of the depths of Black misandry as the year comes to a close.
      How deep and dark is the rabbit hole? Does Ilhan Omar represent what Black Diaspora women will do as soon as they are free from the Black patriarchal code of their societies?

      Either way, this is a Renaissance moment for Black men, as they are waking up to the miandric enemy within.

      You owe NOBODY anything. #EBM

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  7. Okay, a few things I need to share:

    (1) That White dude, with or without that condition, isn’t even the quality type (i.e lip piercings, tattoos, looks like a dope fiend).

    (2) I’m not surprised that Black women are rallying behind Amber Guyger (exposed as a racist and a side piece to a married man) who is the embodiment of “America’s Sweetheart” (blonde hair, blue eyes); we must realize that they not only envy her for her looks, but they lust after girls like her, too.

    (3) I got through the first hour of King Sigma’s livestream; the evidence presented was off the chain! That brought back to mind my post from a few weeks ago on “Open Mic Wednesday” where my boss told me about this Latino who vented about me speaking to his wife and checking out his daughter; he did this to deflect from the issue at hand: his failure to move his trailer from in front of our gate. I like that hashtag #BreathingWhileBlackMale, because I was just minding my own business, doing my job, yet this Latino father felt some type of way about me.

    (4) I just had the thought that every incel could benefit by seeing the receipts shared in King Sigma’s livestream; then I remembered that it’s not Black women they want. Elliot Rogers and Alek Minassian were frustrated at seeing Black men with White women (just like the bedwenches who ganged up on Sarah on her Twitter page).

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      As we’ve stated before, black women will give any white male a pass because to her he is still god and can give her those mixed children she so desperately wants to bring into the world, cripple or no cripple.

      I cosign the rest of what you said, at the end of the day black women cannot stop black men from walking off the plantation and finding themselves a non black woman, they need to stop trying.

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    • Clowns like these mass shooters are products of toxic Feminism and pussy worship anyways. They’re not my problem, leave them to the Progressive and Neocons to clean up. Black hoes will deal with any sort of trash as long as he’s white.

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    I remember back in the mid 1990s when I was in secondary school, black women all wanted the mixed race men or light skinned black men with blue,Hazel or green eyes because they wanted to have mixed race children with those light eyes and good hair and nobody batted a eyelid on it and if anything everybody supported the black womens dating choices and nobody shames them for it plus black women wouldn’t date black guys like me unless I was a big thug tall black man. The irony and hypocrisy of it all is that if a black man says that he only dates non black women, then the whole world loses its fucking mind and demands that the black man to only date black women and stick with the black race because of the so called black love. I say fuck that shit because I prefer to date childfree non black women and I would not let any black woman,pro black simps and racist white men to shame me for my dating choices. What makes me laugh about this whole thing is that a white man can just turn up no matter whether he is rich or poor, good looking or ugly, black women will accept that white man with open arms whereas if it was a black man we have to be perfect like we have to be 6ft tall as a minimum height,have 4 university degrees,be super good looking, be light skinned black or mixed race, be super rich or have a well paid job,drive a expensive car, live in a expensive home in a nice neighbourhood, have good hair etc. SYSBM black men like me are fed up of this shit and walking away from this unrealistic crap and going for non black women who appreciate us for who we are. I am so glad that black women was never into me because it saved me from the drama and bullshit and it frees me up to date non black women as a childfree black man at 37 and when I see black couples in the streets of London,the black man is always looking miserable especially if he has kids with that woman.

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    • Thank you! See I remember when black women were going apeshit crazy for lighter skinned men with slick hair. We darker brothers weren’t good enough and they displayed that right in our faces. Now the tide has turned, white and nonblack women are coming after US, and now these booger bats can’t take it.

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        I fully agree with you bro. As a brown skinned man I always seem to attract white woman with brown/Hazel eyes, Turkish women or Turkish Cypriot, Greek women or Greek Cypriot women and Indian women and black women hate me for it but you know what I don’t give a shit about these black womens hurt feelings.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      How are black men supposed to stick within the black race and deal with black women only when black women themselves don’t want to do the same? It’s all well and good these pro black female brown nosers berating thinking brothers for dating who they want to date, however you’ll notice that they never address the other side of the coin, black women, their obsession with white men and mixed children. Neither the black witch nor her pro black female/B1 flunkies will ever shame me into dating a group of women who I have no interest in whatsoever and additionally who’ve made it clear that they’re not interested in me either. These chicks are a joke, like you said as a black man dealing with these sirens you cannot have a blemish or a spot on you, yet as a white male you can be the height of a midget with a disability and these same black women will take you onboard without question, smh.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. As a short slim built black man at 5ft 7in tall, black women won’t even look at me and I don’t exist in their eyes which is a blessing in disguise.

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    • @quincy
      For those who are still confused:

      “black woman,pro black simps and racist white men”

      And again

      “black woman,pro black simps and racist white men”

      And again

      “black woman,pro black simps and racist white men”

      Now do you see how all three of those parties are the pillars of white supremacy?

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  10. I seriously doubt that that BW is really dating that guy, she is probably just doing it for attention. But then again BW value swirling so much that she might just go ahead and produce some disabled bastard kids for him. Like Verbs said, no disrespect to the disabled guy, but why would a woman wont to date or have children with him? But again this is BW we are talking about so logic goes out the window.

    BW and their thug lovers/offspring have to learn things the hard way and then hope that someone (Good BM) will save them afterward. I remember seeing an interview on Youtube where two BM who both did time in prison were talking about how it took going to prison for them to realize that “thug life” was a trap and doesn’t have a good ending, and that “squares” are the ones who end up winning in life. Most people raised in a stable two parent household know this from a young age, its common sense, but the bastard children of Shaniqua have to get locked up/knocked up to learn this.

    I remember the dude in the interview saying something along the lines of “Man you gonna be locked up thinking being in prison is cool and that you are gaining street cred, meanwhile your baby momma is bending over for a square dude with a job, money, and good credit because he can provide for her and you cant.”

    Keep the Wall up.

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    • Serves em right. Serve the woke or the street cred and get wrecked. Black women and beta white males are quickly learning that no one wants to deal with their shit, as things get tough expect the Indian, Iranian and Pakistani women now controlling Big Tech to lay down some wicked censorship on the alt right and the rate of black men dating out to go through the roof as the single momma and feminist raised scum act up more and more, and all the progressives and neocons can offer is ‘muh Islam’ ‘muh feels’, soloquisms, excuses and logical fallacies to explain their behavior.

      The black hoes can keep their low quality white trash, we thinking black men can have all the nerdy girls, educated immigrants and traditional white women the incels and alt righters shoved away for one night stands and drama.

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      • @anton
        Big fucking facts. 💯💯💯🔥🔥
        The more I think about it the more alike these people are. Fuck em. The new age doesn’t deserve to have some primitive minded individuals brought into it.

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      • Well said. These black hoes, thug negroes, ignorant SJWs and childish white beta males really are savages and anyone saying otherwise is a big fucking fool. Not even apes behave in such a manner, they must be bred out at all costs.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Seeing as the overwhelming majority of black women worship any and most things white, we shouldn’t really be surprised at this at all. Black women killing unborn black children at an astronomical rate, black women hugging a racist and a cold blooded killer in court, black women literally throwing themselves at white men in order to get their seed so that they can birth those mixed children they love, nothing surprises me with regards to black women anymore.

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  11. To all you young brothers, this is new. For us who had to deal with the community for YEARS, putting up with the BEST of black women to get with the worst of men (white and black) only to get used up and come hollering about a “where are all the good men at?” and try to curb FREE think black men from getting with non-black women, we have put up with it for YEARS… is OUR TIME MEN! Now and forevermore we free ourselves from the burden of dealing with the queens and their clean up crew. Sysbm today and forever forever gents.

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  12. Regarding the “Black Women Own The Conversation” video, the first hairhatted brawd was referring to Chris Brown; isn’t it funny how these panels never have any thinking Black men to counter their talking points?

    This video is a good example of why we’ve decided to go SYSBM and not look back. I, for one, am sick of being subjected to listening to busted women complain about issues they brought on themselves, and then twist it to blame ALL Black men. Why wouldn’t we check for non black women when not only do they look better, but they are nicer and easier to approach?

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Oprah is no different to Derrick Jaxn or your local on the corner black pastor, she has her researchers who have their ears to the ground and who visit websites like this all the time, she knows exactly what the real deal is and as a result WON’T invite on black men to counter the garbage because from that point onwards it would be a solid wrap.

      See, the SYSBM brotherhood doesn’t need Oprah or any large platforms, we are simply implementing changes we wish to see on the local level and as a result it is forcing these bigger platforms to form panels and to have these types of conversation on the national stages. Their efforts to ignore us at this stage are futile.

      Liked by 6 people

  13. Black women would screw a dying white man’s carcass if his dick still worked. They hate themselves so much, but it’s BLACK MEN who are getting bottom of the barrel mates and self haters, right?

    The one with the disabled boyfriend is the shame of a nation. Even if she isn’t legitimately dating the guy, that’s actually worse because it shows how far they’ll go to seem wanted.

    The thumbnail is fitting. Viola Davis is a known bedwench, and she BRAGGED about being in a movie with racist Neeson. They ain’t worth a DAMN!

    Again, for Shawn James and co, what of value do black men get by sticking with these worthless wastes of breath? They still have yet to give an answer. And do you not see how they are the culprits behind the cumoonitties’ demise?

    Since they love mixed babies and light skinned men so damn much, breed them out and make Alicia Keys the face of black women.

    Liked by 9 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      Remember, these are the same black women who are lining up around the world wanting to get themselves some of the Sperminator’s seed, the only women on the planet who chase after other races of men and their seed over their own male counterparts, smh.

      As far as I am concerned the conclusion is obvious and simple, since black women desire mixed children so badly, black men SHOULD NOT deal with them and instead should leave them to be snapped up by Gerald and Earl(whenever that will be, maybe never).

      Again, you’ll notice how once again the pro blacks refuse to improve their product ie deal with its many flaws and problems first before presenting it to their target audience. They have the same mentality as these black women, they believe that we should accept their cruddy merchandise without condition, no sir, not me, never, not at all.

      Liked by 6 people

  14. i have never seen such an array of pathetic men such as the ones on this site,you hate blackwomen yet talk about them all dat,jeez


    • Linkybaba,

      Nowhere near as pathetic as a dude watching his home country and continent be overrun with Chinese, but instead of taking action he sits there twiddling his thumbs, navel gazing and going into complete denial when confronted with the truth, smh. Keep it moving bruh.

      Liked by 7 people

      • bro,your always coming with this Chinese shit,quit talking about this Chinese shit cos you are so ill informed.You do not know anything.Get a life bro,black women aren’t your problem,your weakness and insecurity is the problem


  15. “Understand that if the desirability of black women were to be flipped on its head tomorrow and they instead became the most desired women on the planet, you would see I estimate at least 90% of them opt to go with non black men.” ~ Verbs

    This is the crux of the issue for me, as it is proven time and time again that ‘black love’ to black misandrists means, ‘I can’t find a non-BM’. While, ‘black love’ to the Black Woman 1st simps means, they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their white male worshiping queens. You’ll notice the silence from BW1st simps on the ‘white male worship’ conversation that took off after the Amber Guyger Trial minstrel show.

    The era of the SYSBM Renaissance Man has arrived. It will become more clear, as more and more free thinking brothas begin to move away from discussions about the plight of da communitah and focus on self-actualization topics.

    The white male worship is foresight into the 2020 U.S. election outcomes, as white Hollywood & political elites have specifically focused on pandering to the low self-esteem of Black women in commercials and movies. They understand that, while BM may be fighting for financial reparations and equal access, the BW only needs ‘The Bottom Shelf Brad Plan for Reparations’ aka white male validation; and Black unity and Black love is pushed immediately off the table.

    Mark my words, by the end of 2020, the BW1st movement will be the laughing stock of subjects, as the BW1 simps realize they were always focused on the WRONG enemy…

    Liked by 9 people

    • King Sigma,

      One of the main reasons why free thinking brothers have moved away from black women and black society as a whole is because they see how black women are deliberately sabotaging and destroying the same community they claim to care for and the pro black female simps are the gatekeepers who allow such destruction to take place by purposely turning a blind eye to what is going on.

      As I’ve stated many times before and in Negro Wars, the so called community is dead and these traitorous black women were the ones who killed it with the funding and the assistance of their white lord and saviour in conjunction with the heavy grunt work, protection and security services of the pro black female simp squadrons.

      Are these pro black female simps honestly that dumb and stupid to see the blatant disregard black women have for them, but yet they’ll still continue to back her and her selfish causes?

      Liked by 7 people

      • @Verbs

        They talk about white supremacy, but fail to realize the black gynocrat, black misandrist, and white worshiper are the shield of white domination. While her simp male counterpart, especially the Black Redneck Thug are the sword of White supremacy. They claim to be fighting this system, but via their actions, culture, etc. they are the greatest ally of white supremacy.

        The traitors will realize the depth of their treason, once all the black gender affirmative action hires are removed from their cushy white collar jobs over the next decade.

        When they can no longer use the state to guarantee a certain percentage of those cushy spots in academia and corporate America; what will they do then? What will the the gynocentric simp do, when he can no longer hide behind the state supported female Qweenz?

        Keep digging the trenches and putting up that wall. The War of the Hotep Communist v. Simp Thugs & The War of the Unicorns are all on the horizon.

        Soon enough, the Free Thinking brothas will be relieved of all concern #EBM #SYSBM #FIxbyExit

        ~K. Sigma

        Liked by 7 people

  16. I see that Stinkbaba has reared his ugly head. Good sir, do you pay as much notice to the goings on in your country, where the Chinese are literally and figuratively screwing your assholes bloody?

    Liked by 7 people

  17. With the fast pace of SYSBM exposing these black women, I been seeing some of these dating coaches say outright that they’re leaving the black manosphere 2.0 case in point is Allan roger Currie who even made a video about it. The old dating coaches know that their daughters messed the game up and speaking on dating coaches, I find it very interesting that a lot of dudes got their kids aborted by the very black women that they want free thinking black men to save them and marry them.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Robert Chavis,

      Lets be honest here, if you’re a dating coach who is specifically dealing with black men who wish to get with black women, you’re going to have a multitude of black men who have a minuscule amount of quality black women to choose from. As we’ve discussed here many times before attractive black women have gone the way of the Dodo bird, I wrote an article back in April 2017 dealing with the severe dearth of attractive black women and how black women alongside their white male media arm were and still are attempting to make ugly black women the face of black female beauty:

      Sorry, black women are on their own and they’ve brought such a heavy calamity upon themselves. Everybody is walking away from these women including the only men who are still willing to deal with en masse, these heifers are in serious trouble.

      Liked by 8 people

      • @Verbs Soon, in America Dating Coaches will be getting sued by clients for fraud in the near future.

        In Europe and Canada they are starting to arrest PUAs in the #MeToo era, the existing UNREGULATED dating coach industry is in its death stage.

        Stay tuned…

        Liked by 7 people

      • @ King Sigma

        That reminds me of the story of the BW who paid an “elite” dating coach thousands of dollars to find her a man and the “elite” coach couldn’t find any takers. lol

        Liked by 6 people

      • bullshit video,ubongking or whatever he calls himself is talking trash,please stop listening to these lowlife trouble maker Nigerians talking shit,they know nothing,why do they not talk about the indians that control major manufacturing and factories in Nigeria or the lebanese that monopolised construction in nigeria for decades.The chinese have been mining in Nigeria for decades its not a new thing.So many things to say,i just dont like typing so much.All i can say its a win-win situation.Let me just say this,Africans are not dumb.we know what we doing.The whites only used force of advanced weapons to crush africans in the past,but if you talking about making deals Africans got all it takes,Africans know what they doing.I fully support the chinese contribution to Africans development.Let me also say that infrastructure is not just beauty and asthetics,its not decoration,these infrastructures are necessary investment that can only make africans richer.You guys dont know know how much trade is hampered by poor infrastructure in Africa.These things are expediently needed now.This ubongking man talking is probably based in the UK blowing grammar,instead of coming down here to do things for his country he is talking about chinese.This guy doesnt know that these lamps is talking about,especially in Nigeria the templates are given to the chinese by igbo business men to produce many of these consumer products,most of the workers in these government initiated infrastructure developments being built in Nigeria are Nigerians.I’m tired of people just making comments as if Africans are dumbos that cannot think,we are probably even smarter than these chinese fuckers.The only thing holding Africa back for as these decades as been bad wicked leadership mostly fueled by wetern imperialism.The west are the actual rogue lions not the chinese.


      • @Verbs, I live in the Atlanta Georgia metro area and this place is actually considered one where an “abundance” of attractive black women reside. Compared to many places I have been in the USA, that seems somewhat true. HOWEVER, just a casual look at the average black woman here is DEPRESSING. i would hate to be in other places for long where the women looked worse. The reason why this area has a massive black female population is because they come here from all over from places where they cannot possibly put themselves above non black women. They bully their beliefs upon black men (who dont have standards) because their numbers are HIGH and that THEY are the only choice to deal with. Further more, interracial dating is very low in the Atlanta area due to racists whites and immigrant groups who stay to their own kind. Black women sadly become the default group for black men. Not me though, i will do without sex before I deal with amerikkkan black women in 2019!!!

        Liked by 8 people

      • Rick Scorpio,

        Black women use a variety of different external appendages to hide their hideous looking selves, once you begin to remove the weaves/wigs, fake eye lashes, construction site layers of make-up, implants etc, what you’re left with are horror flick looking chicks on steroids. I had no idea that black women in Atlanta were running that kind of witchcraft, I would rather throw myself into the deepest parts of Hell than deal with one of these modern day black sirens. I imagine it must be hell for the black men in Atlanta who do manage to find non black women to date and marry, black women must be giving them the evil stare and uttering the most foul sayings out loud in jealousy, smh.

        Liked by 5 people

    • let me have fun with this African troll try to run interference on men who he’s inferior to. He straight-up tried to derail a really great comment thread that was just started

      Nobody said all, so this dude is borderline illiterate but of course I’m not surprised. And I think he is salty because I used to smash some of these African chicks who are now married. And I don’t think they do some of the sexual stuff for the husband’s that they did for me. If it makes you feel any better, I got one of my closest friends, who is white, who has done the same thing.

      But he wanted to bullshit us and claim that we hate black women. They’re not trying to fuck you guy. And they don’t respect you because they know that they have their shortcomings. But little African lames like you want to come out to us and you ain’t got the heart to call her out. And the guys that you claim hate black women do. What does that say about you?

      You make it easy for me to bang African chicks thank you! And trust me they have no problem talking shit about you African dudes. like how some of you fake ass dudes come on this page, claiming that you love black women. Then out of your own mouth say and have banged a thick white woman and other non black women. their words not mine

      and you can miss me with the rest of your bullshit. Africans believe in classism, so course the upper-class the ruling class of your culture don’t mind using you fools and developing relationships with the Chinese, Europeans, us Americans, in other cultures. how the fuck you think some of us ended up in North and South America and Europe fool ? Because we were traded 4 something. Get the fuck out of here! This has been going on before your dumbass was born!

      When the European traders come in. They negotiate, some of the African Elders and ruling-class class would offer access to land, and certain upper class women. In Exchange they will get money, interest, kids and others get accepted to American and European schools, and women throughout history. Because they believed in classism. It’s no different today just more specialized and expanded. There’s even a large African Enclave in China that have developed numerous businesses. And I’m networking with one of those guys now . Nothing new.

      Hell, some ruling class Europeans even used teachings from different tribes as a template for their culture. Especially those that believe in esoteric teachings. These are facts.

      stop bullshiting us. hate is a emotion and we’re speaking facts, so know the difference. And that’s all attention I’m going to give you. You’re welcome!

      Liked by 6 people

    • Lol dating coaches. Why is it dating coaches were not needed back in the days of quality women. But now we need play diagrams, strategies and etc just to appeal to 2019 women? As far as I knew a coach was there to help you achieve something of tangible or intangible value like a sports victory. I don’t consider trying to appeal to the lowest females on the planet something that needs to be coached.
      If anything we need SYSBM coaches.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. As you look at this you begin to think “There is no way I’m dating these ghetto ratchet ghetto gagging hoodrats. The reason why they are wearing this damn weave is just to get a white man. I have no issues of interracial dating but when black women dates a white guy, its nothing but a racist beta male or a bottom of the barrel white man. When a black woman dates outside her race, no one say a thing but when a black man dates outside his race, they are throwing daggers at him. These ghetto hoodrats, all they do is to have children with one man to another and wear weave trying to look to compete with the white woman.

    Liked by 5 people

  19. I saw the screen shot photo of Amber Guyger and black women supporting it. They are supporting this because they one, they hate the heterosexual black man and two, they want Amber’s hair. They wanna look like a blonde white woman. Black women has nothing but mentally ill and they need to looked away in a mental hospital.
    Enjoy your weekend fellas. You know why its goanna rain in the weekend, because the rain needs to wash the ghetto ratchet hoodrats and the ghetto gaggers away.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Money Cultural,

      The weather here is ridiculous and is so not the one, meanwhile in Atlanta they’ve just finished getting through temperatures of between 80-90 degrees. Anybody who loves rain and grey skies for most of the year, the UK is your spot.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Man, I remember how ATL use to be. Black women were fine and feminine, but the damn simps fucked it up. Just like the simps in the pro black sector enabled all kinds of fuckery. And Rick is right about racism…ironically its the so-called liberal transplant you have to watch out for most. Interracial isn’t an option unless you go to the outskirts or rural areas. Alot of interracial SYSBM going out there. Matter of fact, I need to do that!

        Liked by 3 people

  20. …I am of the opinion one can NEVER truly claim to know what black women are all about despite years of observation on them. Just when you think you know the lowest debts of depravity they have sunk to, along comes more depravity to beat the last ideas you knew of. It was actually another black woman who has not been heard of in years called Shahrazad Ali who spoke of the nature of the negro woman around white men. She even stated you cannot leave a black woman in a room with a white man for very long without the situation potentially turning sexual. The ingrained nature to shine their teeth in ANY white man’s face is shocking when you realize the extent they will go through. I once was performing security at a check point in a government court building. I would notice one unusually friendly black female come in flirting with the white male I was with everyday for months. One would easily think this woman knew who this guy was since the conversations had sexual overtones with them. The white man had no idea what the woman’s name was to my surprise nor did he even care to know. To a black man like me who is fully aware of the “mammy” mentality, she appeared to be doing this with the hopes I might be jealous which I certainly was not. I simply cannot understand how so many black men are hell bent on staying with these treasonous negro Jezebels. They are laying in bed and impregnating women who DESPISE their asses and the offspring from the black man. The modern day black man has claims to the black woman as being his race of woman. He has nothing to lose by going to other races since he is a “free agent” who can sign up for who ever he pleases. Black women in amerikkka (jamaica also) can go to hell soaked in gasoline panties and box of dynamite for all I care now!!!

    Liked by 10 people

    • I had a similar experience one time at work. I was sitting at the desk when a young BW was there and a young WM came up. Apparently she knew him and a he kept talking to my coworker about how nice he was and how he was the smartest man she new etc. She was trying to make me jealous because in my peripheral vision I would see her glance in my direction occasionally with a slight smirk on her face.

      After about 2 minutes of that I rested my left hand under my chin so that my wedding ring was showing. She looked over and saw it and in my peripheral vision I saw her expression change to surprise when she saw it, she gave it a rest with the ass kissing after that.

      She was kissing that white guys ass and I bet he had no intention of being with her, meanwhile the BM that she was trying to make jealous is happily married and didn’t gaf anyway.

      It was a hilarious moment. Keep the Wall up.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Preach. Let’s not be naïve however and think this problem is confined to the USA. Canadian black women are the same. I believe they are the same globally and with too few exceptions to pass the cost/benefit of pursuing them.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. I’m stunned by the specific attempt to abort black male children. I had no idea that was a thing. That is so evil. They’ve sold their souls to the devil if they think like that. I can’t imagine aborting any child much less going after a specific gender. God be with all those little souls.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Verbs2015,

      No words needed, u will notice the shade of the women. The same women crying about ”COLORISM” are the same one begging white DADDY, to have mixed kids and ”good hair”
      Make that make SENSE.
      COLORISM BIGGEST PROMOTERS & PERPETUATORS ARE Black women,funny thing is they don’t even realise it 😂

      Liked by 6 people

      • See, this is the danger black females face when they deify white males. Since their God (Jesus Christ) is perfect, and their God doesn’t have HIV, they assume that white males don’t have HIV, and it’s those down-low black men who are spreading HIV.

        I primarily blame the white male worship cottage industrial complex for this travesty.

        Liked by 7 people

      • Tyrone Nix,

        Yep, just as my article proves, white men are literal gods to black women, this is how the dude was able to bust nuts in so many of them. Don’t be surprised at this, black women would bail this dude out of jail, suck him off and allow him to nut in them again if they could. Remember, they like this guy don’t have a moral compass to begin with.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Damn Verbs, this is a straight ammo pile for a future post right here……………
        We always talk about how the BW is one of the WM’s main tools for the destabilization of the black community, and this twitter thread is filled with truth:

        I feel nothing either, he stated that he went after BW (notice the skin tone of those BW) because he (like the whole world) knew that they are EASY. Keep the Wall up, especially if you live in Florence SC.

        Liked by 8 people

      • James SYSBM,

        Will black women learn anything from this, NO, they’ll be back sucking the penis of another Aids infested white male before this story goes luke warm. Remember, Chucky Bruh, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse are the ones within black male society infecting these same heifers with STDs. Remember, black women also have no problems getting dicked down by homosexuals, didn’t somebody last month post the link to an article talking about how black women are increasingly choosing to hook up with bisexual black men?

        Liked by 7 people

      • This might be nitpicking, but why the fuck this fruity ass negro insist on calling these fucking peasants supremacist? You already already helping out there low self-esteem by giving them a label their own fucking group don’t give them. That’s subconscious inferiority, but I’m going to leave that alone.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @james
        Forget that.
        I am keeping the hazmat suit up in addition to the wall with a 50 gallon drum of penicillin.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @mack
        True. But I don’t think the word “supremacist” means they are supreme. The word literally means that the subject believes they are supreme.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Michel
        The black woman IS the white man.
        Now both in terms of spreading disease for population control.
        The black woman is ready to die to maintain white supremacy but I’m supposed to wait until they’ve finished being run through like a turnstile and then wife them up for the Communitahhh? 🤣
        Yeah. Anyone who believes that is welcome to come right to my front door and promote they item. I dare you.

        Liked by 2 people

      • There was that story years ago that Tommy Sotomayor covered about the black Women lying saying that some black man in New York was infecting them. Turns out? It was a hoax! Yet will this get the same treatment from black women?

        Liked by 4 people

  22. This is episode 3 of “Good Times”, however it is labeled as episode 1. If you watch the episode they are subtly playing at the family dynamics. The ending of the episode has a very good scene in which the mother shows the duality her in understanding, though she acknowledges the truth of how the matter is resolved yet interestingly is still speaking to a strange image of her lord. There are also comments made about the cultural norms of who is supposed to be “head of household”.

    I submit this piece of classic American television entertainment for the viewers intellectual review.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Verbs2015,
    See When it Boils Right Down to it, White Men as a Whole are by Women Especially American Black Women are seen as that Quintessential Stallion. That Can do no Wrong & When They do Do Wrong it’s Easily Over Looked & Forgiven, But Black Men/Straight-Forward Thinking Black Men are Seen as Run Down Mules Who in The Eyes of the World are Seen as The Lesser Species & When they Mess up. It’s Either Send his Ass to the Glue Factory or Put it Out of it’s Misery. See it’s One Thing to Not Get the Time of Day From Certain Attractive Non-Black Females Cause You Expect That, But for American Black Females to Follow Suit in That Mind Set That HURTS, And If You do Get With a Certain Black Female From ”The Club”. Then All They See You as is a Walking Talking ATM Machine. Someone to give them Everything They Want, Be The Father to Their Odd Number of Kids From Other Random Dudes & Never Get Anything in Return Accept Attitude, Disrespect & A Toll on Your Health or Maybe Even Your Life. My Philosophy to Those Who Visit Your Blog is To Save These Photos in Your Picture File Like I Do, And If You Come Across a Ratchet American Black Female Who Sees you With an Attractive Non-Black Female Say Why you Datin Her? ”Yo Moma Black”. Show a Photo Like The One With Those Self Hating Ratchet Females on Your Phone or Tablet Device & Say to That Person ”Yeah, Well Tell that to the Ghetto Gaggers Holding These Signs in These Photos”. Bottom Line. Continue to Keep the SYSBM Walls Up!!!

    Liked by 6 people

    • Shawn Swint,

      The evidence that has been posted on this page is a slam dunk indictment against these black females, not even the most used sewer pipe in the world has any filth to the level of this modern day black female, and they wonder why they remain single at such a high clip. Black women have rendered themselves to be disease ridden scum that nobody wants, they’re destined for hellfire, good black men must separate themselves from the damned.

      Liked by 7 people

  24. The republicans are the party of white supremacy and the democrats are the party of refugees, illegal immigrants, and sodomites. This ranting black tranny symbolizes the modern day democrat party:

    Notice how this black tranny that snatched the mic and went on a rant not only looks like a real BW but acts like them too. Keep the Wall up.

    Liked by 3 people

    • That tranny was disturbing. “Black trans women are dying!” Good! Homeboy won’t mention how they usually get dirt napped after tricking men into sex. Once they realize what’s up, they sent these freaks straight to Hell where they belong.

      That lgbt town hall is part of why the democrats are doomed. Again, what other rights do these freaks want? LGBT are no different from feminists, hell they are probably worse because they’re even more of a protected class. Again, though, those white “conservatives” were gays’ friends.

      Liked by 3 people

  25. King Sigma did a video on the arrest of Jason Pope. Look him up. There were other post in this comment Thread about what he did. This is the video that they did on YouTube about it. You may want to download this, cuz I don’t know how long this is going to stay up. But this type of actions is American as apple pie. And it has happened because BW and WM have a secret rendezvous, but front like they don’t like each other. This is why I told the story of how some of my parents relatives are mixed due to their moms having affairs with Sheriff and known KKK members. Hell, some of the women who were involved with overseers and slave owners brought back DVDs to male slaves and even children. You won’t hear about that in your traditional slave narrative.

    #SYSBM #FixByExit #LeaveThemAlone

    Liked by 3 people

  26. >Their First Love Isn’t For Black Men

    Welcome to another episode of Negro Bedwench.

    They keep telling on themselves.


    Liked by 4 people

  27. Man I’m so glad I dont with black women, I do hate how they always checking me trying to flirt with me. That mixed baby fever is strong I feel like if they get there hands on me, there gonna chop my hair off and turn it into weave🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

  28. As I say repeatedly. I firmly believe we went into chains in the first place because of black women’s genetic worship of white men. There’s no way they could take those many warriors without some help on the inside and I do believe some cases were documented. I dunno how matriarchal classical African society was but if those guys over there were the simps that we have over here today then it is understandable.
    I always say that most black men have the poorest tastes in women out of the entire animal kingdom. It is as if black men were successfully conditioned to hate good things of quality and instead worship garbage. I don’t care what the black status quo thinks or does. I deserve better and I will have it or none at all. Women are a liability rather than an asset. They cost they don’t contribute. So even if these pro black eunuchs were paying our bills and for the dates, gifts, wedding, childeen, retirement, etc as they try and dictate who we should date, they still need to be mercilessly ridiculed.
    I don’t think there’s anything in creation more pathetic and worthless than a female worshiper. You are basically not human. And so this is why I believe the moniker of “eunuch” for these pro black simps is perfect. The eunuchs job historically was to serve the Queen with zero in return. Sort of like a worker bee. They don’t get to have sex with the queen, the queen doesn’t want them but they are to work for her benefit and comfort and then die. That is the life of these perpetually single pro black thirsty simps.
    Black people will not budge, ever because these types exist as the counterpart to the black female. As you said, Verbs, both exist to keep black society nailed down.
    I have no respect for males who can’t tell a woman “no” or “get out”. Historically women were kept out of male spaces and philosophical discussions for a very good reason. Women do not possess logic. Her presence in those places is 1000% for attention and nothing more. So what kind of sheep let’s some failed swirler fire up her webcam and tell black men what to do as if flashing her wares that white men easily were able to transfer their fluids to is somehow going to hypnotize me. 🤣🤣🤣
    The black man is the only male of any species without a female counterpart. It is that clear. That leaves black men completely free to do whatever they want. Some negroes really do prefer to be enslaved though.

    Liked by 2 people

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