Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Not a single lie detected in this video below, she lays out the complete truth. I’ve been stating for the longest while now that giving so many rights to women is a recipe for disaster especially when those rights are coming from the State, an entity we thinking brothers already know is staunchly against strong families, happy marriages, prosperous, fruitful and meaningful relationships.

Women should NOT be levelled up to be on an equal footing with men because men and women ARE NOT EQUAL. We are inherently different and those who are attempting to blur the lines between men and women ie push forward their androgynous agenda in short are in league with the forces of darkness. Again, as we’ve pointed out many times before it is white men who have created these problems within the same Western societies they’re now complaining about.

As Afrofuturism1 has pointed out before, don’t allow these white male family and society wreckers to now push their “we’re all in it together” doctrine because this position is no different to free thinking black men providing clean up services for reckless, dysfunctional and degenerate black women, why should you help rectify errors that which you as black men had no part in creating to begin with?

Women in general behave like children, this is why they will never be satisfied and will simply ask for more and more and more and more the more rights and privileges that are handed down to them. Though I believe that the women’s movement has been a pestilence and an eternal stain upon the image of women, if you compare the beginning of the movement to what you have today, the evidence is staring you in the face.

When women first began campaigning for rights there were only a few things that they had on the docket, compare that to today where women in the West have completely surpassed men in rights and privileges, yet these same women still aren’t satisfied and are continuing to ask for more, smh.

What do women want, the answer is they don’t know what they want, however they NEED a man to lay down the law and put rules in place in order to subdue that Jezebel spirit that resides within most of them. As an SYSBM proponent the rules for dealing with women are simple, you lay down the law and have the rules and regulations in place that are required for a long term stable relationship, those women who accept your standing and have no problems with you being the ruler and the authority over them can be worked with, those women however who refuse to submit to your authority, terms and conditions MUST be kicked to the kerb, this applies to domestic and foreign women equally of all races no matter how attractive the womann may be.

The moment you begin to allow certain things to slide in a relationship that you ought not to is the moment you begin running into trouble. Never disrespect yourself and lower your standards believing that you’re obligated to cater towards a female who herself has no direction and cannot control her impulses.

I still stand by my statement, women are meant to be ruled over and be heavily controlled by men(but NOT in a slave master type of sense) and it is only under such conditions that they will ever find peace, happiness, joy and fulfilment in their lives. If we already know that spoiling children will most definitely end in catastrophe, why would anybody believe that handing down so many rights to women wouldn’t have the same disastrous effects?

If women honestly believe that they can incorporate the many anti family, anti marriage rights and laws created by the state into any relationships they embark upon and think that said relationship/marriage will last then I have some beach front property in London to sell them. The best way to succeed in having a good and long lasting relationship/marriage in 2019 and beyond is for women to leave the government completely out of it including discarding of any reachable laws, rules and regulations they conveniently dangle in front of them.

It’s a shame really, the woman is supposed to be a help meet for the man, however unfortunately many women in the world and especially in the West have turned into a pestilence upon male society and they have been permitted to do so via these same dick policing white males who just like the black witch wish to severely limit the black man’s dating options.

You may not be able to rewrite nationwide laws, however you certainly can control what goes on in your immediate vicinity and put specific rules in place to where any woman won’t have a chance to run an Okey Dokey or a Kansas City Shuffle on you. As a heterosexual thinking black man not dealing with black women as a collective already is a major step forward in avoiding much pain and suffering in your present and future life.

Anyway, that’s my rant for this Open Mic Wednesday, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? As per usual enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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  1. Verbs 2015.

    That Asa Brighton woman spoke the raw truth on the female bullshit in the world. I fucking hate feminism and feminists plus it is the worst thing to happen to mankind. You cant reprogram men and women with all this 50 years of toxic social engineering to be the same when it is clear as day that men and woman are different and will always be different because men are builders and woman are nuturers and it has been this way for billions of years plus even in the animal kingdom that the female animal looks after the kids while the male animals hunts and kills for food for its offspring and survival. If feminism was never invented then this world would be a much better place to live.

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    • Here is the thing, who cares what a woman thinks at this time, even if she’s talking…, correction, even if she sounds like she saying all the right things, who cares???? In 2019 with everything the way it is now, it’s either follow our lead (MEN), or f🤬🤬🤬 off and keep it moving. I will only entertain thoughts and ideas from likeminded MEN. I now see why men in the past kept their women subservient, women in charge or given ANY kind of power just f🤬🤬🤬s things up.

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      • Off Grid On Code,

        You ought to care seeing as you are one of the main proponents constantly referring to white and other non black women as our allies in the shadows(which I happen to agree with). Doesn’t the video illustrate your point?

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      • I played a third party in this observation

        Verbs, it seems as if he’s saying it’s too little too late for them. Regardless of skin color. The social contract is ruined . I could be wrong and he’ll tell you himself, but that’s why I got out of what he said.

        I noticed a lot of older and now some younger generation are dismissive of women making these comments because they either said it themselves or they heard it before. Similar to the “dear black man” videos. To them, It’s like they’re stating the obvious to get a pat on the back. Especially if it’s aimed towards men, even though women are the ones who really need to hear this. Which I completely understand.

        But I also understand what you mean. Her intentions can be questioned, but she still drops nuggets that is still useful. That we can still use in conversations with the BW about what they’re doing about feminism. Since they like to claim this loyalty bulshit . It’s like take a few nuggets from her and dismiss whatever you feel is disingenuous. You can vet this woman at another time. The facts are still the facts regardless of the speaker is what you’re saying it seems to me.

        Just an observation. I think it could be a good article and what some of us in the comments could debate the merits on both sides.

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      • Thanks Mack, no disrespect to any brother here, like I told verbs, sometimes I get so angry with rage, I just lash out. Thank god I have brothers here who understands what’s up. Have a great week end gents.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Agreed, feminism is a pestilence upon any society it permeates and worse still are the men who enforce the garbage believing that they are acting for the greater good.

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    • A homosexual and a (possibly) skin bleached weaved up BW, and to no surprise she is Nigerian. Like I always say, I don’t want anymore African immigrants, because this is what we are getting.

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  2. I don’t know how long this video is going to be up. This is something that I’m desensitized too personally, (I can even watch some BW and WM adult features without being triggered, but I digress) but this really exposed something about these women that well we already knew. The BW Romantics that’s a different story. Shout out to the young King Sigma and his panel. This video may be taken down because the rats are doing damage control on steroids right now. LOL! FYI, I do have it downloaded on my hard drive. Will you have time, enjoy, especially after the one hour mark.

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  4. I found out that Shawn James was teaming up with Sandman MGTOW to target black men with passports to get black men to join his mgtow movement. However, when Shawn was pushing the black love and black family narrative, I posted to Shawn all of Sandman videos attacking black women and telling black men to go mgtow, which is again what Shawn was talking about from the very beginning. Of course, Shawn disable the comments after everyone agreed with me on his Facebook posts. So how we know who originated the whole anti black man passport narrative it was Sandman mgtow and Shawn James.

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    • Again, notice that slippery slope MGTOW movement. Black men need SYSBM and nothing else at that point. At this point, I see MGTOW as nothing but a lazy, equally as decadent as feminism rage quit, nothing mature or conservative about it.

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      • The original founder of the MGTOW concept is a brown skin , Barbarossa. At least the contemporary version of the philosophy. At its highest level it has nothing to do with race. Is it going your own way even from societal Concepts. When MGTOW start using the race aspect, can you really say they’re going their own way? They still believe in society’s preconceived notion racial social construct. Male nature revolves around freedom and Independence. Patriarchy is not even considered male nature because patriarchy emphasized a system. Not complete freedom and independence from any system. In its raw form. I question whether some of the guys claiming MGTOW are willing to look at the Unapologetic nature of man. Or are using this to protest feminism, relationships, the marriage system, and the gynocracy. If I’m going to watch their material, I rather watch that material that have more intellectual and deeper perspective. Like Barbarossa, Stardusk, Colttaine, even coach Greg Adams. To name a few. Ijs

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      • The latter. It’s ALL just a means nowadays to rail against feminism, albeit in arguably ineffective, lazy way. Again, it’s VERY much like black women and swirling.

        This is again why is say black men should be SYSBM and stick with that. Other people’s groups are not meant for us or our issues, and ANY ideology that tries to gloss over things such as ethnicity and culture is doomed to run into huge issues due to trying to appeal to a mass audience. ANY movement or product that tries to be “for everybody” will never be truly effective, as it has to water itself down to be able to gloss over group and individual nuances.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I have to agree with you, however the reason why I still say that MGTOW can be used as a temporary pitstop for black men in exceptional circumstances is because there are folks like Anton Nikolaev who are completely surrounded by scraggle daggles. Jamaica is over 92% black, until one can get themselves out of that type of situation MGTOW might serve as a temporary refuge, however I would still have to say that black men should be heading towards the SYSBM lifestyle regardless of their current position because it is purposely built for us, that I can’t argue with at all.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Like King Sigma said in his hangout, with the overwhelming majority of these black women willing to literally worship and serve their white lord and saviour, how can these dudes even justify the MGTOW movement at this juncture?

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      • If those guys didn’t want to deal with them, they wouldn’t be so obsessed with them. Many of them are ironically the biggest simps and cucks. It’d be like a vegan that can’t shut up about steak.

        It’s basically like race baiting politicians like sharpton, without their boogeyman, they have no way to stay relevant and generate shekels.

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    • @Robert Chavis. That just proves that white supremacy works with black women and the black woman’s servants. That is the axis of white supremacy. The white man, the black woman, the pro black simp.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      James and Sandman are wasting their time believing that they can convert passport carrying SYSBM brothers over to MGTOW and further persuade them to throw their passports in the trash, it isn’t going to happen.

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      • Why would SYSBM throw their passports away they are going to get laughed out the Gym good luck with trying to get brothers to throw away their passports. These clowns are comical.

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  5. Notice again that it is a white Woman (blonde no less) who put this out there. Do you see black women taking feminism to task like this? Hell no! Hell, you see several non-black, namely white Women forming counter groups to women’s lib and such. I remember the Moms March led by Kevin Sorbo’s wife, and he’s a ****ing celebrity, yet you don’t see them trying to push this liberal stuff.

    As Verbs pointed out, it is white men who pushed and continue to push this liberal nonsense in the name of progressivism. Transgenderism is their latest leg on this many tentacled beast. I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it, white men who are now complaining about the mess that they’ve created are no different than black women trying to swirl to escape responsibility for their messes. It’s funny how the white man wants to tell others about responsibility yet refuses to tend to this one, as it would involve painting a giant target on his back and admitting his hand in the destruction of the west.

    Stop micromanaging about women but still letting any non-black, namely white man buddy up with you. That’s no different from simping, except that it’s actually worse because it’s not even with a woman, but another man. Why do you think, with that groupie Simping mentality amongst these white men’s group where you worship everything that they say, that there is such an undercurrent of homosexuality? Again, why do you think still that the biggest “conservatives” only TALK against feminism, while it is ironically women like Devos who are actually overturning these laws?!!!!! What’s ALPHA about that? Again, white men have all this power still, despite cucking themselves for every new fangled liberal whim, so there’s NO excuse as to why they can’t get things done. Instead, the same women that they do nothing but bitch about are doing their jobs for them. More and more black men need to light up white men’s asses over this feminism of theirs, hell, that’s a “blame whitey” that I could get behind, namely because they NEVER get called out for it.

    Also, as mentioned, I’m sick of seeing these hypocritical white men who are the farthest thing from family oriented but are then mad when the women aren’t either. Hell, even Stefan molyneux gets pushed about random women not having more kids before 30, meanwhile this dude only has one child! It is this hypocrisy that is getting the white Man the hatred that he deserves, in many areas.

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    • “Notice again that it is a white Woman (blonde no less) who put this out there. Do you see black women taking feminism to task like this? Hell no! Hell, you see several non-black, namely white Women forming counter groups to women’s lib and such.”

      Yeah, I noticed that, too; you also don’t see White men in these marches that White women orchestrate to combat feminism and the evil laws they brought about.

      P.S. I have only seen one Black woman take Black feminism to task years ago on Facebook, but her video was taken down.

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  6. Ava’s video was on point; what especially stuck out to me was how she paralleled the misandry of “women only” spaces to the racism of South Africa’s apartheid and their “Whites only” benches.

    Now, it’s interesting how you posted this video where feminism is discussed; in light of this current climate change hysteria movement, I see it moving in the same path feminism paved: a movement led by silly women that will bring in more taxation and indoctrination of children to defy authority.

    Do you notice how the politicians want to have a “carbon tax” in place? Likewise, feminism brought in the taxation of women; that’s more money for the rich people they complain about being “too rich”. Also, we have young people who are striking when they should be in class, which brings me to their mascot, Greta Thunberg.

    It is my firm belief that Greta Thunberg is the perfect puppet to lead this movement; one, she’s female; two, she’s a child; three, she’s mentally ill. She sounds like a feminist in training to me; Thunberg has even credited her Asperger’s syndrome as her “superpower” (sorta like feminists saying their “high sensitivity” is a blessing). Also, why is a mentally ill child speaking to world leaders at the United Nations?

    Honestly, without her faux outrage, I doubt the movement would’ve advanced beyond where politicians alone took it. Michael Knowles called it correctly when he said she was being exploited by her parents and the Left. I’ve yet to hear scientists come out and confirm what these politicians are saying about climate change.

    I tend to quote Ra’s Al Ghul a lot, but his words still ring true: “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents”. Don’t be deceived, and stay SYSBM!

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  7. That chick in the video, I have to admit. She was speaking truth. To be honest, I ain’t saying nothing when them articles and questions keep on popping up of why birth rates are declining, why marriage rates are declining, why aren’t men and women connecting, why the LGBTQ is rising and straight heterosexual relationships declining and all this, all because they trying to be equal (which I believe men and women were definitely not created to be equal), and trying to have power over men. I really got to ask these questions, and these are the most serious, most concern questions that really need to be answer like for-real for-real: How would the world be if men around the globe disappear? Would every country survive if women took over everything with these laws and metoo and all this? On low-key, I swear the human race will be extinct because of this garbage. That’s all I got to say on this topic because I really don’t like hearing stuff about this because with all this metoo and these laws that catering to women a lot, trying to rule over everything, it will not survive.

    Now on to my saying, after watching King Sigma’s livestream Monday, I had got to thinking about something because he done expose the shit out of BW’s worship for non black men (especially white men). It’s funny because as black men, we were told to only date black women because we’re black, our mothers’ black, we need to be loyal to our race, stick with our own, but black women be told they can date whoever they want, like that shit is borderline double standards. What’s also crazy is that when King Sigma show the receipts on his video of the BW’s thirst for White men while disrespecting the white girl who liked a black man, a couple of the black women were all this: Leave our men alone, Black men belong to us, Why not get a Chad, and I was like “When did black women start becoming race loyal to black men”. I swear the new black family in the future will be a Black man with an non black woman mixed woman, or foreign black woman (perhaps), because American Black Women are not race loyal at all. They breed with men that have the same race as us black men, but they breeding with them thugs, playas, and bums, and not with black men like us. If it’s one thing I need to be loyal and stick to, is the women that chose to be by my side, cooperating with me, supporting me, and loves to be around me whenever it be an Latina, Asian, European, Oceania, or Mixed. All this be race loyal to black women, How should I be race loyal to the black women if she doesn’t respect black men?

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    • I suspect that the future black women in the black family in the west will, at blackest, look like Alicia Keys or Demetria Obilor. Darker skinned and non mixed black women will become a permanent underclass.

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      • I think that a lot of dark skinned BW can see this coming which is contributing to their anger and mental instability. I rarely ever see dark skinned BW in any type of advertisement anymore.

        The thing about it is that (barring facial features) if they stayed in shape, had pleasant attitudes, stopped fucking losers and having bastard kids they would have a chance at getting a man IMO. But they don’t want to do that, they would rather continue their toxic hedonistic ways and try to shame men into wanting them.

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    • Because the black woman doesn’t belong to the black man. Never has never will. If you trace your roots back to Africa, the first century and a half had African black men being shipped over to North and South America. Those men had relationships with either native women, or any lower to middle-class white women that were already there themselves. The African women did not get put on ships until about the mid 1700s. They were separate and only brought together for breeding purposes. At least those that were enslave. A sizable minority of black folks were freed. Then, after numerous insurrections at the plantations, the woman was put in charge of the men. Similar to how some of the European ancestors were enslaved. There were stories of plantations were the slaves in the overseers in the owners were cordial and looked at each other like a employee-employer relationship . From their own words. And I read them in numerous visits to history museums and books that I read over the years especially in college.
      Not to mention that story I told some of you guys about women in the family and relationships they had with police officers and members of the KKK in the early 20th century. And some of my mixed aunts and older cousins.

      After the Civil War , numerous black women were clamoring to their white BF and the lovers to marry them . This is about the time where you started seeing a lot of the hbcus popping up . Because they need the schools for the mixed and now the newly freed black people. That’s not including the fact that there were numerous consensual relationships between European slave owners, European overseers and the black female slaves. Yes you got status if you were with a white European, are even the mother of a child who married a white European . That commercial from the spring is facts.

      If it wasn’t for the fascist Jim Crow system and the expansion of social classes based on race, this country would have been look like Brazil. Black woman’s loyalty always has been always will be to power and those who are in charge. It’s not about the social construct of race, it’s about power and status.

      Even the concept of black love is been artificially controlled by outside forces. The true American way is miscegenation. Vast majority of us Americans are mixed anyway. Sometimes a couple of generations back. I

      I tell you, these women supposed to be educated, but they lack absolute education about their own history. At least they try to hide it. They will play dumb and use plausible deniability. Like the tweets they try to hide claiming loyalty but chasing dudes that look like Tom Holland Spider-Man. (You should see what happened to him in the Joker I won’t spoil it)

      And this is just a brief history lesson for now.

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      • @Mack G

        Facts. Human + Human = Human. All that interracial shit is the product of the European colonial church conquest system with their fictitious notion of color and multiple races. Before that it was class and caste systems which humans used to divide up the people.

        Name one African nation that practiced “black love”. In fact there was no “white people” until around 1687 and it was based on creating a favored class after Bacon’s Rebellion to divide the indentured servants of various European and African nationalities and play them against on another, which Anton Nikolaev mentions when he talks about how the Planters played the groups against other groups.

        The hilarious part is that all of these nationalities have families among the nations that are intermarried and they all work together and use various constructs to well…move history.

        And do research on female slave owners in South Carolina, Lousiana,etc as well as how some West African women had a practice of marrying Dutch slave traders and pirates to gain special status for themselves and their children. Again this practice survives with the mating with a man to make “light skin babies”.

        For the record I have no issue with inter-national marriage unions, but sometimes the politics behind these decisions are downright dishonorable. We must usually view the act with INTENT in mind, except in specific cases.

        As for the history, I strong suspect many women are aware of it, but repress it in order to keep control. One has to ask themselves why does the so called Black American Man not know his national descent name, when every other group in the world knows theirs? Is that not suspicious? And do not tell me it is is lost.. unless you have taken some secret oath to stay quiet.

        Which points to my final point is that many of these individuals are bound by oath taken behind closed doors and get brownie points for ruining the future generations and leading them into ditches. As I said before if you stripped many of our children from the Witch Coven and popular enterainment, you would probably see a respectable nation in a generation or two.

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    • I’m sorry, but it legit has to be said: not only is this dude more broke than Batman’s back during Knightfall, but even I as a man can tell that he’s ugly as hell. With those teeth and facial features, he looks almost like a failed clone of Umar Johnson, a Simp Bizarro of sorts.

      That’s all to say nothing of his aforementioned Aspergers estate social awkwardness. This dude talks about leftovers, but what about black women over here? Hell, he knows that he himself could NEVER get his first pick of the litter. Btw, we all know that his preference is NOT black Women, but if he can’t hash it out with them, we know that he can’t get a white or other non black woman.

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  8. I visited the jimmy johns that I once worked at recently to check in on how things were going. My old managers were pretty good: a Latino guy and a white woman. The white woman HATED liberals, and was the bane of her dyke and black bisexual woman assistant managers’ existence. Well, the bi black chick is now manager, a job that she literally isn’t qualified for and only has because she screwed one of the old area managers.

    Well, her new assistant is a wigger white guy. I’d be embarrassed as hell to work with this guy, doing nothing but saying “nigga” and quoting rap music. Insecure blacks have allowed these ghetto whites to come and slum it up with them. Dude is fat as hell, but brags about dating a black girl that gives good head and that he doesn’t trust white women. This speaks volumes folks. For one, notice that black Women will take ANY quality white man, namely one who acts just like the thugs they claim to hate. Secondly, with ghetto whites, the common denominator is ALWAYS black women, not black men. Insecure black women feel honored to have these white come slum it up with them, it’s just what they do. Also, if this fast bastard is the face of the “I don’t trust women” crowd, again of the race that caused this, do you REALLY want the loser as an ally? His issue with white women is probably that he couldn’t slum it up with them as easily, being the slob that he is.

    Ironically, they can’t keep employees now, with many stalwarts (both employees and customers) quitting because of the unprofessional new management.

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  9. Keep the Wall up brothers, it could save your life. As the US inches close to Sodom and Gomorrah this will only get worse:

    Three STDs reach all-time highs in the US, new CDC report says

    We all know who have the highest STD rates in the nation. After being run through by pookie and ray ray after they are released from prison (where many of them were probably running through other men) they bring the diseases home to their thug loving “queens”.

    Avoid the plague bearers and SYSBM.

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    • Notice that they won’t mention the usual suspects (and they SHOULD). Get ready for black Women to become the face of STDs.

      This will only increase as they’re forced to resort to prostitution to survive.

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  10. LOL, D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E!

    Look at the lengths BW have to go to beg white men to take them. How much do you want to bet those kids are from some loser BM that’s in jail? Good luck with that.


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    • Literally specifies white men only…..
      Notice the shade! I hope these dark skinned women DO breed themselves out, and that they become extinct in both the west and Africa. They hate themselves so damn much, why SHOULD they exist? If you can’t personally see any reason for your existence, than there probably isn’t one.

      And three damn kids, at that. But men going overseas are the ones getting leftovers, right Shawn James?

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    • I remember this picture, it was somewhere in Africa. Even in Africa the same truths hold, look at the skin tone, masculine face, read hair weave, and half bald head.

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    • Hahaha!! I’m just going to go this way🚶🚶🚶🚶hahaha!! Tell your African troll to check his woman. Or he doesn’t have to check his woman and make it easier for some of us to have one night stands, roleplay, and bang them like we are Lex Steele. And then they get married to you. I’m sure you guys remember that story.haha!


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    Now see, I can honestly expect that type of decadence from black churches in the hood (though it would still be shocking) but this is something else for a white church. Again, notice that these white men, even ones of the so called cloth, are the first to push this decadence and liberalism, validating a stripper of all people. If that’s how they roll, WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY would your black ass feel sorrow or comradeship with them about feminism?!!! Like, I don’t get it! Stop trying to team up with everyone else, that’s the same insecurity that black women have. Sure as hell don’t team up with the whiny edgelords (as Anton Nikolaev calls them) who are just bitching about the fire that they lit!

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  12. In terms of the white woman in the video being like the “Dear black men” of white women, sorry, I refuse to equate white men’s problems with ours. Again, if anything, white men need to be stood up and and made to apologize, hat in hand, for their pushing of feminism in the first damn place. They pushed that which sold them, so don’t feel sorry now that the pyromaniac is being burned by the flame he lit. White women are the only ones coming to the table on the that issue, when they at least legitimately have SEVERAL beefs with white men. Again, notice that actual conservative, housewife white Women such as the Mormon Wife With a Purpose (who was kicked off of YouTube I think) exist. Do black men have anything that like that em masse? Hell no, so don’t act like THEY are the same boat as us, that’s exactly what they want. That way, they can use you as grunts to fend off the goblins that they created in their own labs.

    White men would be and are being foolish for rejecting actual conservative women right off the rip. Is there any wonder why said women are leaving for greener (and darker) pastures?

    Again, stop talking about vetting women but jacking off whenever one of these white dudes plays cheerleader to infiltrate your personal movements.

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  13. “Ask Nathaniel” is a dating coach now? Nathaniel’s narrative is if you can’t bag these women here in the United States and you decide to go to a foreign country to find good, quality women then you’re weak.

    Remember, this dude turned 58 last Monday (9/30) so we have a late baby boomer giving dating advice to the younger generation as if he’s a mid-to-late Gen-Xer. What’s going on here?


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    • They know that the collapse of black women is drawing near due to budget cuts and that the thinking black men are not getting with these dating coaches daughters.

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    • I get what he’s saying, but this guy clearly refuses to read the writing on the wall; thinking Black men aren’t feeling these American brawds anymore.

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    • He had to hide to black junction tv because he was getting that work over at YouTube and now, he’s e-begging for food and toiletries 🧴 because a lot of people unsubscribed from him and the donations was cut short.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Verbs 2015.

        Because he’s getting that work at black avenger as well. He’s trying to hide after attacking the passport brothers. I noticed how obsidian has not been playing Shawn james’s comic video in the beginning of his shows lately. It’s a lot of shady stuff going on lately.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Robert Chavis,

        Obsidian a while ago came out and chastised Shawn James in light of our debate, even he couldn’t back the janky path James has now embarked upon. James has never held a passport or dealt with foreign women but yet he still feels that he has the authority to speak on issues that he’s not qualified to speak about. Like I said before guys like myself King Sigma, Kirigakure Jones, MBD etc cleaned house and left that debate last month, as far as we’re concerned all of the redundant talking points raised by various anti passport/pro restricting the movement for free thinking black men pundits were dealt with ie rubbished.

        I had no idea that he was getting that work over at black, burn my passport, put money into a community that hates me and wife up a black male hating misandrist black witch, no thanks, I’ll pass and equally will have no regrets about making such a decision.

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    • Notice that fake thug white men are no issue for black women, but if a black man has less than a doctorate, he has to jump through 100000 hoops.

      Who wants to bet that Trudeau also had black women all over him when he went in blackface?

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  14. You something? After view Shawn James latest video, and his previous videos criticizing “passport brothers,” I said, his argument appears sound– why abandon American black women for foreign black women who exhibit the same dysfunction they are claiming to avoid?

    Then I paused and identified the underlying assumptions of his argument, which are:

    1. traveling black men are establishing relationships with only dysfunctional foreign black women and excluding sane foreign women entirely,

    2. the black foreign women’s (and other foreign women’s) dysfunction is at the same rate as that of the American black woman,

    In my opinion, if those underlying assumptions can be debunked, then his argument falls apart.

    On another note: I agree with his other argument that traveling black men need to keep their head on swivel when traveling. That goes without saying.

    Now on to my main point: I am having difficulty reconciling two diametrically opposing views. On the one hand, he has a video titles, Why Men Can’t Love Negro Women – circa 2016, which makes the argument for why black men cannot love black women. But on the other hand, his recent videos vehemently criticizes traveling black men for walking away from black women.

    In my opinion, instead of emphasizing stuff that doesn’t really matter such as: lack of traveling experience, lack of home ownership, and indigency, I would simply ask him the following critical questions:

    1. Has the black woman undergone a metamorphosis from 2016 until now; rendering the aforementioned video irrelevant?

    2. Can you please explain what looks like a 180 degree change in your beliefs?


    Liked by 5 people

    • Why does he wear a suit and tie to these videos, but not a damn interview?

      In terms of foreign women, hell, most black men seeking foreign women aren’t checking for foreign black ones either, so there’s that. That’s why that motherland talk is nonsense: they’re even worse than their western counterparts in Africa.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Verbs,

        Yeah, I guess someone should. But people are too busy launching ad-hominens, and playing the dozens, instead of analyzing his body of work, and asking him critical questions.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I did on Facebook produce receipts especially since his team up with Sandman. Also, a lot of other people are on to him as well. He was being protected by obsidian and black avenger until Shawn low key dissed them hence why he went to bitchue and black junction tv.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Robert Chavis,

        We have to remember that James has a right to free speech just like we do, however if he’s going to make certain statements that are out of pocket then he has to expect harsh criticism to come his way. Shawn James spoke and is still speaking out of turn and as a result he was and still is being reprimanded swiftly for his transgression. If I did a sudden 180 degree turn and instead began licking the muddy boots of black women, I would fully expect the thinking black man’s regiment to come after me with 52 cannons blazing.

        Liked by 7 people

      • Robert Chavis,

        I protect free speech, and as a consequence I protect Shawn James’ right to say what he wants. SJ still posts on BATV, occasionally. In fact, the same video that is on BlackJunction is featured in BATV. SJ will always be welcomed to post on BATV. And I will always protect his right to free speech.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Shawn James is correct on one thing. — Black women are not capable of love or being loved. The black woman is not capable of loving herself. ———– As a result the black woman does not have love for another human being.

        Liked by 3 people

    • See, that’s the problem with protecting Shawn is because he gets to just like the other anti passport men, accuse us of having sex with children in other countries and attack men that never said anything about him. It’s my job to counter that because soon, many innocent black men are going to be targeted because they got passports. It’s like when Taz tried to put JV (she was on obsidian’s show a few times) and other black women on the black avenger website to once again attack thinking black men. Yes, Shawn does have freedom of speech, but what about innocent black men who are targeted because of his rhetoric???? See what I’m saying. Just like when rudemp made that video saying black men were having sex with kids in other countries, do you know how dangerous that is especially if custom agents watch their videos??? Innocent people can be put in prison because of lies by James and supersly tv, and rudemp.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Exactly, that’s no different than false rape charges. Again, don’t let this shit slide just because there’s a black or male face saying it. Hell, James gets extra heat.

        Liked by 5 people

      • BATV doesn’t waiver in its mission of defending free speech. That’s what separates it from hypocrites. People are good with the idea of free speech as long as they agree with the speech, but want to abridge it when they find the speech offense.

        If you don’t like what SJ, or others say, then, as you have already stated, intelligently counter it, which I also defend.

        I have lost Patreons because I support Obsidian. I have also lost Patreons because I support Shawn James. I have lost Patreons, because a pro-black content creator, “The Haze of Our Lives” posts content on BATV. All that is fine. I say fuck ’em. The mission from the start was to give black men a platform to speak freely. If people don’t like, fuck ’em, then can go over to Black Junction TV.


      • Speaking of the Patreons: I would rather have ZERO Patreons, than have people dictate who BATV should defend.


      • I could care less if Customs agents watch videos accusing black men of have sex with kids abroad. Do you know why? I could care less, because:

        1. Black men aren’t traveling abroad to fuck kids. That’s not what we do.

        2. Customs agents need EVIDENCE of such deeds.

        3. Since black men aren’t traveling abroad to have sex with kids, traveling black men have nothing to worry about.

        I going on vacation next month, I am not in the least bit worried about customs, the locals, etc. My head is on a swivel for con artists who prey on tourists.

        Liked by 3 people

  15. I have to again begin going back to my hypothesis that liberalism, in being a mental disorder, is also a good gauge for people with mental and physical disorders. I’ve noticed that several black women, particularly of the liberal college crowd, are diagnosed more and more with Chrohns, PCOS, and other chronic illnesses. Many report that these diagnoses were given in recent years, too.

    For as much rickamarole as some of these clickbait “conservatives” make about blue haired college harpies, they, in their own laziness, simply laugh at these things as opposed to digging deeper. Many of these liberals, male and female, are on tons of medication for god knows what. This would be EXCELLENT ammunition in culture wars, and a reason to reject liberalism. Much like the Church and it’s half assed “resistance” against homosexuality, however, actual evidence and facts will be discarded in favor of kvetching and bullshit.

    Liked by 2 people

  16. You see what feminism has done to women, especially black women? It has destroyed their minds big time. Guy are talking about Shawn James. I know guys, the new simp has lost it now. The only thing he should get lost in is his creativity and his writing. That’s what he needs to do. Focus on his next book. I don’t care if his book is a action adventure, a crime thriller, a urban satire or an erotic yarn, he needs to think about his next book. It seems like the hoodrat’s fanny has made him lost his creative mind and I don’t know if he can get out of that coochie trance. Oh boy! Blessid people and get make that money.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Given that he shares a last name with E.L. James, I could see Shawn writing 50 Shades of Grease: The KFC Whore

      “I took off my greasy apron, and had nothing left, Dave a smile and a month old weave. He looked at me with a face that begged to gorge on the food before him. His fingers caressed my breasts, legs, and thighs, but my biscuit belonged to his tongue. In no time at all, I was screaming loud enough to be heard at the Arby’s next door. With my grease trap ready to explode, I shouted at the top of my lungs, “it’s finger lickin good!”

      Liked by 4 people

  17. Black academics like Dr. Claude Anderson have been warning us American Blacks (descendants of slaves) about this for years, if nothing changes a lot of blacks in the US are headed into permanent underclass status:

    BW breeding for decades with the worst BM that they can find are fueling this with the aid of the WM’s welfare. In the future (or arguably right now) dark skin, ghetto name, bastard kids, etc. will be like the untouchables in this country. Like I said above I think that a lot of BW see this coming which is why they are trying to get in the good graces of good BM, but it’s too late.

    Liked by 5 people

  18. One topic that I think should be looked into more is food deserts in these hoods. Literally, NO restaurants, NO grocery stores, and of course the hoodrats sndvtheir liberal handlers will blame that pesky racism. The truth is, why would any of these chains, or even a local one, want to operate in these hell holes?

    Black people themselves won’t open them up, he’ll, they only patronize OTHER races and communities for that damn weave. Said weaves’ billion dollar industry status automatically debunks any rhetoric of lack of resources.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Yeah man, why open one when you will have to worry about people (and employees) stealing from you, robbing, and acting a fool in your store. How much would insurance even be to open a store in a ghetto area? How much of a hassle would it be to collect your money from the Government, as many if not most people will be paying with food stamps and WIC.

      In some hoods in my area I see foreigner run gas stations selling meat because there are no grocery stores, smh. I thank God that I was raised in a rural two parent household, that is almost like winning the lottery at birth for a black child in the US.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Jesus Christ, gas station lunch meat? Hell to the no!

        As you mentioned, most of the people are going to pay with food stamps anyways, so what money is there to be made? I remember a few years back when a taco truck (a booming business, btw) was first making the rounds. They were initially stationed in the hood, and got a lot of foot traffic. The issue was that it was WHITES and other Latinos as their patrons, as the blacks in the area only had food stamps. That’s also part of the reason why the KFC franchise that was literally across the street had headed out for greener pastures years ago. Then, in the last two years, the grocery store across the street closed too. You simply can’t sustain a business in these conditions.

        Liked by 4 people

    • “…food deserts…” ————- Many people simply refuse to do business with the USA black underclass. Non-black business people will be charged with racism. —- Black business people have to deal with self-hate racism. —– SYSBM

      Liked by 4 people

  19. Check out this video as quickly as you can. Then read my rant. Excuse the spelling as I am using Google Voice or if you’re familiar with the title and the topic, carry on to the rant.

    I’m wondering how you’re not expecting Brothers to be cynical, when they’ve been raised around mostly insecure women. These guys quote the stats about out-of-wedlock births, but apparently they just ignore the consequences. These guys are not emotionally stable enough to be able to express themselves without cynicism. Because that’s self ideal, self-esteem, self-image, is established by strong men, not women. Even after she broke up with my dad, my mom understood this and made sure that I spent time with my dad, especially as a teenager. The women have been doing it all the time. This is basic psychological studying. Not to condone what they’re doing, but damn you guys (ppl in the video and comment section) surprised?

    I understand how some people feel about the podcaster in this video. But what I find interesting is that the guys who are still willing to even listen to this are starting to get very cynical and they’re starting to be disrespectful. A good amount of guys do not take what she (the female in the title) saying seriously, they believe she being disingenuous fake and just saying stuff just to win an argument. Not come to the truth. . This is now becoming comical to me and I’m just finding myself just laughing. But hey, negotiations right?

    Some of the cynical dudes just need to swallow that red pill and bounce. But they can’tor choose not to; and a lot of them need to start looking inside themselves to find out where this pain is coming from and confront it.

    It is a process, but is one of these men are going to have to use. Habits and processes don’t die overnight. Old habits die hard. It will start by taking an inside-out approach to understanding yourself, instead of going by what Society has label you as. Take control of your destiny

    That being said, I have no sympathy for these fools. I can’t believe that the podcast expecting these dudes to have any type of control their emotions when the people who raised them almost no creatures.

    You got 7 out of 10 of these guys being raised by single moms. And it shows. I’m wondering how all these guys quote stats about single Parenthood in the BC, and not looking at the consequences of it. But young man raised by unstable women treat women better ? It makes no philosophical, psychological sense. I really honestly think that these dudes who are for the community really do not comprehend the task is going to take. Or they do, but they try to do damage control. Which only makes it worse.

    That is the reason why Verbs stand out. I just find it interesting.
    Just a little view from the “negotiations” have your popcorn gentleman

    #SYSBM #LeaveThemAlone #FixByExit

    p.s. (shout out to MBDX) Mumia obsidian Ali is doing a show about this cynicism today. He is honestly perplexed. These guys really do underestimate just how interracial dating is going to expand. Want to preserve the black population? do like some of my friends who are college professors and work in White Collar America do, get with and marry an African, afro-latina, or Caribbean women. That number is increasing and most people don’t even see it yet. Except the ADOS advocates

    Liked by 2 people

    • Of course they’re cynical because look at all of the years of these dating coaches and so called select men telling thinking black men that they ain’t shit. I mean, really, how much mental abuse you’re going to take until you outright ignore everything that is of the black woman. A lot of men are at the wits end and especially with the cuts coming in, black men are going straight SYSBM. Black women will be a permanent underclass and these YouTube simps that are age 60 are done and so is their family line.

      Liked by 4 people

  20. Just had to share this FB comment snippet.

    White chick says her black man never liked black women, in response to the topic of discussion and a black women went full retard in attacking her/her man in response, even though the black woman already has a black man.

    Poor dude don’t know what he procreated with.

    If the comment gets deleted, I have the screenshot on standby.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Any man that equates traditionalism with feminism is just as worthless as a liberal. That’s classic liberal anti-family rhetoric, which gives rise to these selfish, overgrown teenagers that you see on YouTube in their 40s+.

      Honestly, miss me with that male disposability bullshit. It’d be different if he said BLACK male disposability, but tat whiny rhetoric Mr. Graham is speaking is of the same liberal mindset that BIRTHED feminism. This is why anyone claiming to still be a liberal but that complains about feminism should be looked at as a spastic/retard/useful idiot.

      You can’t go on bout ALPHA this, ALPHA that, but then get mad when you have to actually compete. Hmmm…. who does that sound like? You see why I say black men shouldn’t parrot these whites dudes’ talking points. Jesus Christ, I’m being validated and proven right by the day….

      Liked by 3 people

    • Smelly heads and privates aren’t even the main reasons why Black men are checking out.

      Interracial couples in England are through the roof as you all know (55%), it doesn’t matter that the author reckons it’s “alarming” and some revenge tactic, BM have been shown the light. Why go for the counterfeit Becky, when there are a shit ton of real and available Beckies, Natasha, Sharon and Melissas all around town?

      Liked by 4 people

      • With more African men going to Brussels, France, and Nordic countries, do you think they’re getting with BLACK women? Hell no! Hell, the weather there is too cold for these weave headed harpies!

        Liked by 3 people

      • Michel,

        The image and reputation of the modern day black female as I have stated many times before is deep in the sewer system, as James SYSBM stated, at this stage the current below the gutter condition of black women as a group simply cannot be ignored anymore. Additionally as you stated more than ever before more black men are seeing the light and deciding that they can do much better for themselves.

        Why choose the black female with the weave on her head trying her hardest to look like Becky when instead you can settle for the genuine article which is in a much better condition anyway?

        Liked by 3 people

    • The truth about western and westernized BW is becoming unavoidable and for the past 10 years or so BM have been increasingly speaking out. Tommy always talks about how when he used to date BW their weaves stank when you got too close to them and how their opened vaginas would stink when penetrated during sex.

      The sad fact of the matter is that these “strong and independent” single moms raising 3/4 of black children today have little to nothing to teach their kids. They cant teach them proper hygiene, how to identify a good BM, how to take pride in their natural beauty, etc. because they don’t know about those things either. Its the blind leading the blind as they say.

      Liked by 4 people

      • They ARE teaching their girls how to shaft Black men through lying to authorities, pregnancy trapping, constant berating and stealing of resources. The boys get taught how to fly off the handle at nothing, how to have swag and how not to be a punk ass bitch.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @ Michel
        “They ARE teaching their girls how to shaft Black men through lying to authorities, pregnancy trapping, constant berating and stealing of resources.”

        Yep, they learn all of that from their mothers. Basically hoodrat bootcamp.

        Liked by 5 people

      • James SYSBM,

        As I’ve stated many times before as far as I am concerned black women who wear weaves are suffering from severe mental illness(demon possession when looked at from a spiritual perspective), the practice simply isn’t normal, however as per usual there are too many black men who have allowed this reprobate unhygienic behaviour to slide. Not Verbs 2015, never on my watch.

        The severe lack of hygiene that so many black women engage in is also yet another area that cannot be ignored even though black women have tried their hardest to brush this particular inconvenient truth under an extremely thick rug.

        Liked by 4 people

    • First off, this site is stinking up (no pun intended) all the right noses. There is definite traffic headed your way, though not all of it good. Now, I will give the woman props for writing about the issue on her OWN forum, and even seemingly admonishing other black women for their laziness. Notice also how her husband was QUICK to agree with our points.

      Notice still that she ran with the “Becky wishes that she could be us” bullshit. If it was white Women who were jealous of black women, then this article wouldn’t exist. Black women have to always do something to act like they can compete with Becky, even when it’s right in front of them concerning how they are NOT.

      Seriously, as I keep saying, just breed them out. They can’t be insecure if they’re extinct.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Notice that these white guys have to be coached to be masculine. Tell me I’m lying when I say that even feminism has become a convenient excuse for them. Black men face way more matriarchy and feminism, and yet are just naturally men with “swag” if you will.

      As I mentioned, notice that this “alpha” stuff is just a hustle, namely on YouTube. It said million pound industry? Guys, we’ve found the white man’s equivalent to weave!

      Liked by 3 people

    • Mad props to the guy. As he pointed out, the Chinese are swooping in and offering infrastructure that these Africans were too lazy to create for their own people, so now they are indebted to the Chinese.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I disagree.

        The worst people to be indebted to are the Russians. They don’t play.

        Linkybaba go physically stop the Russians, motherfucker would be smoked clean.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Michel,

        But who do you see trying to take over the entire planet and who has committed the worst atrocities against their own people, it’s not the Russians. If it came down to the Russians or the Chinese, I personally would prefer to be in the hands of the Russians than the Chinese anyday of the week.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The Russians are taking over, just not in the most overt way unlike China. Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Crimea. Let’s not forget the mass deaths under the Bolshevik Revolution too, where useful idiots would be sent to gulag to freeze to death.

        Triads or the Russian mafia? I wouldn’t want to owe any kind of money to either…


  21. I was in obsidian’s chat room on Mixlr today when he had Kevin samels on or St Kevin as he calls him. Obsidian read my comment about how the non select men are not cynical and just taking their resources and moving on away from the community. So he calls us losers and I respond to him that the dating coaches are upset because book sales have been going down and that stores like forever 21 filed bankruptcy and his and Kevin response was was “okay, now what” and then I stated that we’re keeping our money to ourselves and hoarding it and this got both of them upset by saying that cynical non select men need to spend their money on dates, clothes and image consultants. Obsidian stayed that the vast majority of dating coaches money come from white men and that if they relied on black men, they would be homeless. What that tells me is that a lot of men are going full SYSBM and leaving the plantation in droves. I even brought up how the school system in their communities are failing and stores are closing and obsidian said, “you’re just going after dating coaches and now stepping your game up”. My name is EtherealDesire when he start reading my comments if you go to the replay of his show today. A lot of these select/dating coaches are in fear of SYSBM because as obsidian and Allan roger Currie and Shawn James get older, the more black men will leave the community for good. I can’t believe that I’m alive to witness the shift that is happening and that more brothers are going SYSBM.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Robert Chavis,

      As far as I am concerned here at Slaying Evil at this juncture SYSBM is the most viable, suitable and sustainable option for the free thinking black man. One of the main reasons why we see more thinking black men leaving the community is because black women as a collective are no longer of any substantial quality and value. As I’ve stated before, if as a black man you still choose to deal with black women, because their standard is in the sewer, you’re going to have to compromise on something, weave, fake eye lashes, fake nails, weight, tattoos, attractiveness, health(including sexual), attitude etc.

      My article tomorrow will demonstrate even further why more black men are leaving black society as a whole. The community cannot be saved, even Obsidian has admitted this himself. It’s a chicken wrap for black women and the mess of a society they’ve created, as mentioned before they are going to have to fall back on the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Field Mouse and Shorty Fist because I most definitely am NOT going to save them and such will be the attitude of more black men to come.

      Besides, black women as a collective have made it clear that they’re NOT interested in the educated lames and the squares, thus as a free thinking black man I accepted their position and I simply moved on. What you’ve suggested with more black men going SYSBM linked to why they aren’t putting big money into the dating coach scene is extremely plausible, I never thought about it from that angle.

      Typically most dating coaches will teach men how to deal with and manoeuvre around the dysfunctional western female, however when you begin to implement SYSBM dysfunctional women especially those of the black variety are immediately scratched off the list of options because you recognise them as NOT BEING NORMAL and so they’re automatically discarded of.

      SYSBM already has its own rigorous dating protocols and standards built into the lifestyle, therefore the dating coach per say is no longer a requirement once a free thinking brother embarks upon the SYSBM pathway.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Exactly. These dating coaches never thought that the educated lame/non select men could cut the middle man out until they figured it out that SYSBM has gone full blown and there is no longer a negotiation table to go to because the thinking black man walked away from dysfunction black women and how, the image consultant guy is upset because you don’t need flashy clothes, shoes, or watches, to get a woman, all you need is a passport and use your brain. Wow. It just amazes me how much SYSBM has grown.

        Liked by 2 people

  22. You gotta be shitting me…..

    First off, why are these LGBT freaks begging for EQUALITY? See, this is why you can’t complain about feminism but let these homos off the hook. They simply want SUPREMACY, NOT equality.

    Notice it was a black tranny, looking like a damn science experiment. Honestly, it didn’t look too different from an actual black woman, so there’s that. These democrats are going to lose a LOT of support by doubling down on these trannies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yet she got to fantasize about being in a commercial opposite a fruity white man. Again, dark skinned black women just need to be bred out and replaced by the mixed women that they idolize themselves so much. Also, why isn’t Nyongo going to African countries, if she feels like such a victim of colorism here? The main ones talking about racism and colorism will NEVER dessert white people, as they find their ice colder.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. Never mind black and white are legal status they keep playing these games to keep people sleep in the Matrix. Just follow the money trail to see who benefits from promoting colorism, racism, victimism and civil rights topics and ask yourself why do not other groups in this country need special laws and weird names to get Justice to work consistently on their behalf?

    I do not understand how a people can have such poor morale and low self esteem over the visually observed color of their outer organ (Skin) How can anyone convince you that the hue of your skin is something to be ashamed about or that one color is better than other (Except in cases of functional ability to absorb sunlight?).

    If they practiced the standards of good and right living they would not have such dumb issues. Do these parents not instill any sense of culture and values in their children? Are these people merely ruled by the popular media or is is just a cover up for a massive national sellout and this stories and concepts are merely distractions to cover up and divert from the dark and malicious agenda at work.

    If you merely teach children to whine and complain, and that some super strong whitey .Euro man dominated their ancestors and still dominates them, when in reality they were educated by your ancestors and taught the principles of civilization THEN clearly there is a design in place to create a weak mass of slaves to be controlled.

    This slave experiment is the so called black “community” with the so called “white” community many of which are slaves to similar slave programming, although seemingly in a better condition at the moment, but rapidly worsening. I mean when we talk about “Western decadency” we are largely talking about the behaviors and agendas pushed out of and through largely through the agency of masses of individuals from these two class groups of the U.S.A.

    In chaotic times likes this the remenant of sane individuals must move forward with standards and values that are conducive to Freedom and Justice and based on Truth.

    Legislated equality is not real equality because you can not pass a law to make people do right and be fair, only to punish wrong doing. MLK right said he integrated his people into a burning house, he just brought a shit ton of wood to the fire party. And then they started voting for the political party that burned wooden crosses and PULLED THEM OUT OF PUBLIC OFFICES by threat of VIOLENCE after the Union soldiers left the South.

    Save Yourselves! For there are many traitors in your midst.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. A late one, but had to share.

    She can’t seem to understand that leaving your kid in a hot car – even with the windows down – while you go do your nails, is a crime. Note that TWO pairs oh hancuffs were needed for this land whale.


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