They’re Still Up To No Good – Yet Another Delivery

Here we go with the next delivery. As per usual black women love using cars as weapons, whenever you have an angry black female behind the wheel, be sure to move out of reach because she will not hesitate to run you over. We’ve seen this happen so many times before, black women as a collective are killing machines, they already engage in killing children inside and outside of the womb on the regular, you better believe they will not hesitate to kill you if you rub them up the wrong way:

Remember when I released my two part series on black women and their smelly vaginas as a result of them having little to no sexual hygiene standards, the first article in April 2017 and the second just last month?

Well, look like we’ve got another case of a black female going around with a putrid cooch, this woman’s vagina smells so bad that her own daughter had to lay the smackdown and tell her the truth. Note, for as long as the the mother has been fixing the child’s hair the odour problem has been present.

Like I stated in Negro Wars, the overwhelming majority of black girls aren’t taught by their mothers how to keep their snatches clean. Remember, the mother noted that her daughter ALWAYS gets funny around her as soon as she goes to braid her hair. No, she wasn’t wrong for calling you out, you’re the one who’s wrong for not cleaning your vagina properly and subjecting everybody else to the horrific smell witch:

In the next video we have the product of a typical single mother household, this is how the black witch commonly raises her children but remember at the same time the pro black female/B1 crowd still expect black men of quality to date, marry and procreate with these open failure women. As I’ve stated many times before, not thank you, I’ll pass, I have high standards. And you wonder why today’s black youth for the most part are lost and in a complete mess, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:

In the Next video Lil Cheezy got a bit too bright and was subsequently dealt with by an oil tanker type black queanie, the dude caught a serious fade. Remember how many of you have mentioned time and time again about the fact that black women on average are so much bigger than black men. This guy should’ve known better than to run his mouth at that Kraken:

Here in the next video clip we have a black female who is impatient and can’t wait for her Popeye’s chicken sandwiches. These recent episodes of certain blacks in the US going crazy over Popeye’s chicken sandwiches has been beyond an embarrassment for black people on the whole. Talk about breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes.

Not that I eat the stuff these days, however if I really wanted a chicken sandwich there are plenty of Indian and Pakistani owned and run fried chicken shops here in my area that I could go to and I’m sure that it’s the same case in the US. This obsession with chicken and the fact that certain black folks are willing to do anything to get their hands on some has really gotten out of hand:

Next we have a black female engaging in one of her favourite pastimes, twerking, but the mating call is swiftly interrupted by a cockroach who thought it could get to it’s destination because old girls was distracted, not so. Here is yet another illustration of how too many black women live in absolutely filthy conditions and are quite comfortable residing in the gutter:

Finally, here is a group of black women engaging in another favourite pastime, robbery. Remember that article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I talked about how more black women would be moving more into the areas of prostitution, escorting and robbery as a result of their white father cutting off significant chunks of their benefits as well as giving them a hard divorce? Those times are upon us now and things are about to get much worse in the near future:

Times are getting extremely hard for the materialistic black witch, she must satisfy Jezebel by any and all means necessary, nobody is safe from these reprobate fiends. As always, keep that Wall up and refortify it at all levels. As I’ve stated before, it’s a wrap for black women as a collective and they did this to themselves. If you know what’s good for you you’ll avoid black women at all costs.

The witch above I highly suspect is lying her backside off, she probably didn’t even deal with college men because undoubtedly like most black women she looked upon them as “lames and squares”. From the looks of things yes she appears to be a single mother who I believe managed to land herself a simp clean up man. Since the simps are willing to lick the boots of these women, they should instead turn to them for help and protection instead of constantly pestering the free thinking brothers who left the community years ago or in some cases grew up outside of it.

Like I’ve stated before, black women as a group love shafting and railroading black men, it’s a pity that most black men still refuse to accept the writing on the wall concerning black women being their enemies, oh well, that’s their problem not mine, when they get bitten by these sirens in the end they’ll only have themselves to blame. Here is yet more evidence of the fact that black women as a collective DON’T LIKE BLACK MEN:

The above black witch’s Twitter page is dedicated to unfiltered misandry and the disparagement of black men, you’ll have to check out her tweets for yourselves to believe it. It’s funny though, she claims that she’s involved in an interracial relationship but yet she’s still got so much time on her hands to berate and besmirch the image and reputation of the same guys she has supposedly moved on from, make that make sense.

SYSBM gentlemen, Sol Bey’s twitter page is a window into how most black women feel about black men, more brothers are going to be forced to wake up and accept that chicks like this represent the majority of black female, not a minority. #sysbmforlife

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of These Black Sirens, They’re Bad For Your Health At Every Level

Most High Bless

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  1. verbs,pls your name is phony,i doubt if you truly of nigerian descent,wat part of nigeria are you from,your name doesnt feel right unless its just an alias,babatunde is yoruba,umanah is efik


  2. I don’t give a shit about black women. When I see these videos it reinforces I made the right decision to go mgtow, and I’m glad I don’t live in area where there is a large number of negroes too much crime and dysfunction. Notice how alot of the negroes in the video speak “ebonics” broken English. Its embarrassing how some negroes sound like they have step of a slave plantation

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    • Black British Guy,

      It’s sad that in order to find peace and stability we are forced to move to areas where less black folks are, this is all the modern day black female’s doing through feminism and fatherless home welfare policies which has bred the decadent and dysfunctional single motherhood culture.

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  3. I would love to see Taz defend this. There is no way you can possibly build anything with black women. She’s loves being cheap, too hyper emotional, passive aggressive and arrogant to be even in a relationship with anyone.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Taz and the rest of the pro black/B1 crowd would have us just accept these Shaneekas in their run down, gutter and degenerate state. As you said, we simply cannot build with black women as a group, from Juns Beauty supply to the nail salon in Chicago to this evidence right here, the L’s continue to roll in at an astronomical rate for the black witch contingent.

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      • Supreme King Coon,

        Let me just say you are a genius! LOVE your videos! The visual approach and sense of irony and humor is what’s needed in the SYSBM space! I’m subscribed, keep ‘em coming!

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      • Schadenfreude – Thank you for watching my vid and subscribing the to channel. I really want to build a channel of high quality content to separate us from the pack. We all know that “Slim Sauce” hates reading and learning things out of the accepted knowledge base of what is considered “black”. So I figured that content for thinking black men (and our supporters) should be quite different from their crap. Again, thank you for your support and I hope to continue to bring you all great content!

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  4. Baba if you get a chance, check out my new videos on my channel. Doing something a little different from the rest. I hope you enjoy.

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  6. Wow! Just yesterday I saw a comment from king sigma detailing a black female beating her children with a hammer. That was literally the saddest thing I’ve ever seen recently on any bros pages. I’m no softey but that literally almost made me cry…… A hammer????? Seriously?????? I built a deck last year I had my little cousin’s over and we were teaching them how to build their father told me to watch them around the tools. At that time I felt a huge weight to protect my silly little cousins from something as simple as a hammer. Even though building said deck was exhausting I made dam sure the little boy’s were safe. This broad hit kids with a hammer that’s disgusting, beyond evil. #WOS

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    • G1,

      These decadent sirens will get theirs, they’ve heavily deluded themselves into believing that they will enter the pearly gates of heaven when they pass onto the next life, however their true father Satan has a nasty surprise waiting for them.

      The best thing black men with smarts can do in the meantime is NOT to put their seed into black women already knowing and seeing the lack of love, care and attention they demonstrate towards black children.

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      • Instead of praising women for having children out of wedlock, they should be shamed. Intentionally having a child out of wedlock is a form of child abuse.

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  7. Once again with the Popeye’s chicken! Are they putting crack cocaine in the secret recipe or what?

    I was a chicken shop addict back in the day, before I learnt how to cook for myself. YouTube is basically a television cookbook. Like, I can literally select my own flavours. It’s empowering to be responsible for your own nutrition.

    Sadly da yoot of today go to these places because their lazy ass mother can’t cook for shit, then wonder why little Taquisha is 100lbs overweight.

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    • Michel,

      The overwhelming majority of the time I cook my own meals, it isn’t complicated. I haven’t been inside a chicken shop in a number of years. Indeed, you can use YouTube to greatly increase your knowledge of cooking.

      Black women have become the laziest bunch of women on the planet, they used to cook up meals for an entire army and pride themselves on their versatility, nowadays however it’s all about microwave dinners and processed junk, smh.

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    • I thought these chicks were such masters of the kitchen? That’s what they always say “dem white girls cant cook!”. Meanwhile all Shaneequa can cook is Chitterling Casserole with a side of Slim Jim and Bologna Bisque. Takis and hot Cheetos garnish is optional.

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    • Michel — INCELS ? We have asked the question of how can a man be an INCEL if he is anywhere near black females? Many USA black females will have sex for a Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

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    • “Sadly da yoot of today go to these places because their lazy ass mother can’t cook for shit, then wonder why little Taquisha is 100lbs overweight.”

      Yep, check out the angry hoodrat in this video who is complaining about not being able to feed her kids because Popeyes ran out of chicken. She could go an cook them something nutritious so they wouldn’t end up looking like Fat Albert, but we know the queans “aint got no time fo dat”.

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      • Put most ghetto blacks in front of a camera and they will turn anything into a mockery, there are so many examples:

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      • James SYSBM, that video is classic fodder for people who love to stereotype black people. At my former job, a couple of co-workers, white males, were playing the video in an adjacent cubicle. I could hear one of them say under his breath, “Well, that’s how they act. That’s what we were talking about earlier…”

        It’s always some Negro bucking his/her eyes in front of a news camera. Shit is sickening.

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      • This is also a “classic”:

        “Sir, are you from Houston?”
        “Man, I’m from Port Arthur, Texas, and I’m a FEMALE.”
        LOL. Shouting out her gang while she is in the squad car and on the verge of tears claiming to be innocent. TBH though if you pull the weave off of many of these BW’s heads they would look like Donna Goudeuax, like a BM. lol

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      • @BATV Yup. And they know it will work because Negroes will do anything for attention. They learn it from black women who are the world’s biggest attention whores. Look at how they dress and carry themselves for god’s sake. So to the average Negro, any attention is good attention. Negroes like this cannot survive in a sleepy suburb with white picket fences. Not enough drama and even less chances of making an ass of yourself in front of a TV camera.

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    • Michel — “…Taquisha is 100 lbs overweight.” The bodies of USA black females have changed for the worst in recent decades. Black females have been, historically, rather slender, proportional, and muscular. —– The USA black females of today are, as a group, overweight with excess body fat.

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  8. What is your opinion on male circumcision?

    Do you think it’s right ir wrong or even a choice?

    I’ve heard a lot of MRA’s discuss this, in my opinion these same men are part of the dominant society but refuse take action and instead bitch and moan. It’s like they forgot the lesson of taking control, well its lost them if they can only talk the talk.

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    • Exactly, many of these MRAs (mostly white dudes mind you, who compared to black men still have power) will bring this up to bitch and moan without actually getting anything done. It’s funny to me how many of the local politicians I’ve seen trying to get gynocentric laws, especially on college campuses, undone are white women.

      The circumcision issue is a one that is worthwhile, and it is kind of a random thing to have done for non-religious reasons. Unfortunately, too many of these MRAs are the male equivalent of feminists, so NOTHING actually gets done in their realm.

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    • I am 100% against circumcision. And yeah, white males complaining about the laws their peers put into place makes me laugh hysterically. If they weren’t such inherent cucks, they wouldn’t have given their women any “rights”. Men who fear women make me laugh. Like most of these pro-black negroes.

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      • Exactly. Slim Shady, False Flag Fredowitz, Talmudist Ted and Massa Moshe wouldn’t survive without these state sponsored neo fascist organizations and these self righteous progressives and skeptics accusing everyone who disagrees with the party line as ‘anti semetic’ ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’. These debunkers seem to have forgotten Trotsky was a huge racist who expanded the use of the n word to Slavs and was Hitler’s ideological mentor. Khrushchev was a scumbag hippie who altered borders to his whim and who helped create the terror problem with groups like the PLO, yet people like Stalin, Reagan and Thatcher are seen as dictator’s and evil oppressors.

        The West catipulated to Communism a long time ago and the beta white male still mentally living in the overseer’s house, the intellectual Community which still behaves like they are stuck in high school and thr cult of street cred and attention mongering is the exact reason for most of the problems we are in.

        The old guys knew what they were doing when they became so ‘anti semetic’ after slavery ended. If we had listened to them and kept the plantation owners on the plantation and people like Marx in concrete pursuits instead of cooking up schemes to expand slavery things would have been a lot different.

        This is why I laugh at neocons and Progressives when they complain about the alt right clown show: they helped create the very problem they complain so hard about.

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      • @Anton Nikolaev
        Exactly right. And let’s not forget the Christian church. Clowns like John hagee are schills for Israel. So on the white side of the pulpit you’ve got pro-Israel brainwashing and on the black side we have pro-Democrat brainwashing. Both of which serve jewish interests. And both sides get cuckold, female-worship training.

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  9. Once again, black women are losing their place to be anything. Nowadays, it just seems too dangerous to cohabit with a black woman, especially in America, or the UK. And yet, the biggest myth still out there that Black women are the most desired, well this one, huge important question needs to be extremely answer: If Black women were the most desired on this planet earth, would they be doing all this silly shit we be seeing of them (fighting, having a big chip on their shoulder, acting masculine, beating their kids like they was another woman trying to diss them, being so damned demanding, opening their legs to dudes that’s not gonna commit to them anyways, popping out babies you can’t afford, waiting until the last minute to get with a good man, being too sexual everywhere they go)?

    Like I said before, the evidence is getting even more stronger, and black women don’t even care, but they want us black men to take them in, protect them, and cherish them while acting masculine and thinking they run the place. Do I really have to put the math of this? Oh What the Hell:

    Women + Masculine Energy = Unattractive
    Women + Feminine Energy = Attractive

    Now the simps and pro blacks need to tell me this: Where’s the femininity of black women nowadays, especially in America and UK, or Some Parts of Africa? Because last time I checked, Feminine does not mean being Strong, Assertive, and Independent, and taking over.

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  10. This video, in addition to the video you shared of Bounty Hunter D yesterday, just make you sick! I gotta give it to B.H.D.; he showed great restraint in dealing with that negress. I hope that guy cut her off and moved on.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s a solid chicken wrap for these broads, there is no angle from which they can be defended. The bottom line is that you cannot build with this modern day black female.

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  11. Also, notice how those chicks just got right back up after being RAN OVER. There are ANIMALS that die from head on collisions like that, but these chicks got right back up to scrap.

    These chicks are conduits of evil, that’s where they get this endless strength. Notice that other women fall the freak out when a man hits them. These chicks knock men out though!

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      • @Anton Nikolaev

        If only the reflection capacity and willingness to change for the better was as strong as the zenkai!

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      • @Anton N.
        FACTS. it is occurring to me that they are putting something in either the water, vaccines or fast food. Something is going on. I believe something is being put in either one of those things that is turning people homosexuals and women into men. I think Canada may be a testing ground for this too. If you notice, some of the most masculine women come from here. And that is across all women. We got some women here with voices so deep, they could sing Barry White songs. LOL We also have a LOT of homos in Toronto. I think Toronto may even be gayer than San Francisco. I can’t remember which YouTuber it was but I think also Verbs touched on the fact that women who come over HERE are not good in terms of foreign women. That’s where I made my mistake about foreign women.

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      • Damn straight. The evidence is there but the cult of scientism refuses to accept it because that would force them to grow up and take action. This is why I stopped out of the skeptic Community because they had become a bunch of whining babies complaining about a problem they helped create.

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  12. Hands down the worst smelling female I have ever seen was a linebacker built black woman. And this was while sitting next to her in a bus shelter! I left immediately because I couldn’t take it and walked to the next stop to flush the stench out of my head. Then these sheboons wanna talk about fat white women. I’ve been with fat white women and they literally had NO SMELL. Word to the wise, Negresses, white men don’t tolerate that so you might wanna invest in a 50 gallon drum of Summer’s Eve. I’ve been told by white men how black pussy STINKS.

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    • Oh god, if their body and unwashed weave smells like Funyuns, Old Fish and Newports, imagine that hellhole…..

      I bet various varmints and woodland creatures try to escape these chicks’ cooch whenever they piss.

      Fat white women, but most black women are big as hell. At least most fat white women still look like WOMEN, not Fred Rerun Berry.

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    • >I’ve been told by white men how black pussy STINKS.

      Especially avoid those oil tankers wearing tons of perfume. That’s a dead giveaway – masking the funk.


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    • Its really sad for the young girls because as Verbs pointed out they were never taught proper hygiene, but at some point they have to realize that their crotch isn’t supposed to stink and learn how to keep it clean.

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      • @James SYSBM

        Agreed. Many of them have inherent potential to be good quality people but they would need to be seperated from their mothers, community, and raised in some isolated environment away from popular media.

        It is really some type of ritual to cultivate demonic frequencies. Why else would proper bathing not be taught? If you look carefully there is always some pervasive agenda (spoken or unspoken) to promote wrong, chaos, and disorder. And I believe that is to prepare suitable vessels for lesser energies to inhabit.

        I would liken it to reverse training, instead of going to the gym and eating right they do the opposite. Instead of learning for good reason they either shun it or just get the degree without the knowledge. Instead of protecting children then prostitute them. ETC.

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      • All they got to do is buy a bar a soap or a bottle of body wash at the dollar store. Then take a shower or bath on a regular basis. How expensive is that?

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  13. Well, damn. That stuff is worse than what’s on Sotomayor’s channel.

    I felt bad for that little girl who was squaring up. Everyone thought it was cute, but she has so much pain to both endure and inflict in her future, with that kind of vibration.

    I felt bad also for the guy knocked out by that big manatee. It’s amazing that if he smacked her back, people would say, “she’s female,” as if she lacked physical power. Now people are going to ruthlessly make fun of him for life. Legs like tree trunks. And I bet there are guys having sex with that. Yikes.

    You guys have to endure a lot. I truly feel horrible, especially about the child abuse element. I was a victim of that myself but good God, BW in these videos are on a whole other level. I can see why you are choosing other races of women. The good news there is that a high I.Q., high vibration black man is generally sought after by other races of women. At the same time, the bad news is that these same men seem to be getting shafted in their own community, by their own women and dysfunctional men, who seem to be in the majority in big cities in the U.S.

    In any case, I feel that no man should pursue an American woman, not when there’s a whole world’s worth of East European, East Asian, and South American chicks to choose from. I’ve already taught my sons this. The whole world is at the disposal of the red pilled man, if he’s willing to go where he’s appreciated, which is not the United States, unfortunately.

    Anyway, you guys can conquer the world. That’s the benefit you get for dealing with the riff raff. You get through that, nothing is gonna stop you.

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  14. I just wanna point out that the above comment isn’t me trying to pander. It’s just a fact that everybody loves a truly accomplished black guy. Neil deGrasse Tyson is an example. That’s simply a fact.

    But I am commenting mostly because they video of the bitch beating her child over stupid headphones sent me back to places I wish to never go.
    Knowing that for all I went through, these little boys have it WORSE. That’s mind boggling. And deeply psychologically stressful for anyone with a shred of empathy for men and boys. Again, just a fact.

    I didn’t want anyone to think I had an agenda or was pandering.

    Abuse of children infuriates, especially when it’s male children. Because no one gives a shit it feels like.

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    • Well said my lurking brother of European ancestry.

      That being said I have seen abuses on your side of young men as well, particularly of doping up normal male children on ADHD medicine because they like to run around and play like normal male children. The more docile males seem to be preferred especially by their mothers who are often involved in the social science fields. It seems to go unnoticed and then you have these spazzed out dudes from being on all types of medication for years.

      From PBS Frontline Series, Episode “Medicating Kids” (2001)

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  15. Verbs 2015.

    Black women rejecting me is a blessing in disguise because I haven’t ended up as a baby daddy with multiple kids from these broads and it frees me up to get with a beautiful childfree non black women on my own terms. 😊💯🌞

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly, now they see that they’re bound up and you are a free man, they want you to step and play the clean up man for the foolish choices they made in the past, in other words voluntarily tangle yourself up in their mess.

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      • I played cleanup janitor for my first wife. Worst mistake I ever made. But I was young, horny and liked being a father. Little did I realize at the time what a trap I had walked into! Avoid dating a woman who already has children. p.s. The kids will pull that “You’re not my daddy” as soon as you tell them “no” or try to discipline them. It’s not good for anyone involved – except the ratchet woman.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t saving no black women or any woman who made foolish choices in the past by getting knocked up from the wrong man and having multiple kids from him only to ask me to be the clean up man for their stupid life decisions. No thanks I will pass.

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    • @Quincy
      LMAO true. If a black woman is not interested in you, that means you are an “educated lame” ie: a good, smart, poroductive and highly intelligent person.
      If a black woman is interested in you, you need HELP.

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    • I looked at her twitter account and noticed that she was talking about the number of BM that marry out in relation to the number of BM that marry overall. These chicks complain that good BM don’t want them and don’t want to marry them but how often do you see them with a ring on their finger when with a non-BM? A lot of these chicks are hoodrats, baby mommas, and whores and aren’t marriage material, changing the race of the man that they date wont change that.

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  16. Big girl had some hands though I was impressed at her body movement and tight swing. She reminded me of a young Tommy “Hitman” Hearns or Mashiba from Hajime no Ippo.Dude did not even know what hit him and definitely should have stayed in his weight class. We need to get her in Bellator STAT!

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  17. Once again, Brother Verbs dives into the gutter so we don’t have to. This was the mother load of evidence. Verbs could shut down the blog right now, but the fuckery of ghetto black females is an inexhaustible energy source that keeps on giving. Pookie, Ray Ray, Nook Nook and Day Day all say the “educated lame” and “passport bro” is supposed to come back to the hood and rebuild for these “queens.” Nope, this is the world they fought for, no bailouts here. Enjoy.

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  18. I know that black are using their cars as weapons and they are steeling but when I saw that pregnant woman dancing, I said who breed this woman off? Until I found out it was Cheddar Street, 38. Slim, Roof Top Trey, 357 Johnny and Long Dick .44 pregnant her. Well one of them. Black women are causing nothing but chaos and mayhem and there is nothing to do to stop these broads. These hoodrats are becoming more lethal then ever now!

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    • They intentionally don’t use birth control, too. There’s no excuse for that. They could get it for free at any public health department!

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  19. Oh yeah, now I remember “Sol Bey”. I destroyed her on twitter multiple times. Can’t link my posts because Twitter bans me before I can even finish signing up. I am that dangerous. 😎😂

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  20. “I love when a black guy thinks I’ll acknowledge him because I’m black and I act like he don’t exist.” — Sol Bey.

    True Story: Back in 2012, before I even knew about this gender war, and before the Manosphere, I was part of an interview team that was scheduled to interview a black female for a newly vacant IT administration position.

    She arrived ahead of time, which was good. So, the team proceeded to meet her in the lobby. I was the first one to enter the lobby. I made eye contact with her, and she rolled her eyes. Mind you, this is 2012, before I even knew about this gender war, and before the Manosphere. So, I excused it and figured she was having a bad morning. However, when the team lead, a white male, entered the lobby, her demeanor changed– she was respectful, smiling, and doing all the stuff the things that black females do in the presence of white males. In other words, she code switched, on the fly.

    After the greetings, if you can call it that, we proceeded to the interview room. The interview was composed of two parts: part one was a warm up; where the team lead asks the interviewee general questions (i.e., why do you want to work here? what is your background?, etc). Part two is purely technical where I ask technical questions with increasing difficulty.

    She aced part one. In fact, my team lead was impressed by her. I could tell he was impressed by her and actually liked her, because I had worked with him for three years and I had become adept at reading his body language.

    Now on to part two of the interview. This part of the interview did not go well for the following reasons:

    1. Failure to make eye contact when answering my questions. When I ask her a question, she would look at the team lead to give the answer. I thought that was odd, given that when I am being interviewed, I make it a point to make contact with all people interviewing me.

    2. She gave weak answers to some of the easy questions, and gave completely wrong answers to many of the easy questions. It was so bad, I cut the technical interview short– if she cannot answer the easy questions, she won’t be able to answer the hard questions.

    At the end of the interview, she warmly thanked the team lead. Before she ended her ending conversation with him, I had already exited the room.

    Little did she know that the team lead gave me the SOLE authority to hire for the vacant position, because he knew that I had to work closely with the person we hired, and he knew I had a great working relationship with person who vacated the position.

    So, he asked me, “what do you think? Yay, or nay?” Obviously, I said nay, because she didn’t have technical chops. He agreed. However, I could have said Yay, and brought her up to speed. But, her behavior was so disrespectful, I couldn’t do it. Besides, I am sure she would have went over my head to get her way with the team lead.

    Now fast forward to 2019, it all makes sense. Keep making your posts, Verb. People are learning and listening.

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    • BATV,

      Yes sir, will do. I enjoyed reading this account, it simply confirms everything we know concerning black women and their negative attitudes towards black men especially their incredibly disrespectful nature when dealing with us.

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    • “ I made eye contact with her, and she rolled her eyes”

      I have experienced this so many times it’s ridiculous. With these BW it’s see a BM = automatic disrespect. These chicks hate BM and don’t even like seeing us around and don’t respect us, not much different from racist whites.

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      • @James SYSBM, yep. Back in 2012, I was still in my blue pill phase. So, I fully didn’t grasp what was going on. However, I wasn’t stupid enough to hire her.

        Yes, many BW give off the energy of racist whites; but not all. In fact, we interviewed a second black female for the position. I noticed that the woman had a familiar last name. Turns out, her husband, recruited me at a previous job. He actually gave me possible answers that I should focus on in preparation for the interview. Once, I realized who she was, I felt obligated to return the favor by recommending her for hire. She declined the offer, because she found another job offering her more money.

        She is rare though, in that many of the black females I encounter in my line of work I don’t want to associate with; granted, there aren’t many of them in this line of work to begin with.

        And don’t get me started on when they are operating in “leadership” positions. After two contracts where a black woman was at the helm, I have made it a point to never work on a contract where a black woman is the program manager for the following reasons:

        1. On one contact, the customer purposely did not renew, because of the black female program manager’s bad attitude. The customer did not say this officially. But I learned this when I was recruited to work for the future company who won the contract. Her antics caused 50 people to scramble for a new job.

        2. On another contract, the morale was so low, because of the “leadership” of the black female operating at the helm. Needless to say, I left that job after four months.

        The B1/pro-black contingent will have you believing that we are imagining the instances we cite.

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  21. Can someone explain to me how these black women call themselves the most educated but can’t cook a good dinner yet alone have basic hygiene etiquette???? When it comes to black women I get very confused 🤷‍♂️.

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    • I see it all the time in the skeptic community and the Progressives. Bunch of self righteous punks who think beating down some Flat Earther or ranting about some state sponsored Neo Is more important than corruption in high places, or genuine solutions to poverty. These guys are useful idiots to the highest degree for Trotskyists and bankster thugs yet call themselves enlightened and the new rulers of man.

      Like the black woman and the beta white male they think they will have the power to wipe out their opponents when the system collapses, however when the Hammer of Western military might is brought down domestically and the sickle of radical Islam really begins to cut as the Gold Star of the US Army rises in the name of Prolateran Internationalism, they will all be wiped out or thrown in concentration camps once the battle between National Bolshevism (EU/Putin/Mao) and Internationalist Communism (Neocon/Social Justice/Trotskyist ideology in general) begins.

      Just watch it

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  22. Sol Bey’s posts are interesting to me. Her posts represent how many Black Women think of Black Men. These delusional Black Bitches actually think Black Men want them? Maybe Slim Sauce and Rooftop Trey do but certainly not thinking brothers. Usually once I see a Black bitch coming from a distance I go an entirely different direction. I will never acknowledge the Black Witch nor do I want anything to do with her.

    The Black Witch has this habit where if you even look in her direction she’ll immediately look all stuck up as if anyone actually wants the scum known as Black “Women”. This bald head, stink pussy Black Witch actually has convinced herself that Black Men want her! In the words of Zuri from Black Panther “Some Truths are too much to Bear”. And the truth is Black Women are the least desired group of Women on the Planet, that truth is too much for them to bear so they delude themselves into thinking men out there want them.

    This is one of the downsides to being single for me. I’ve dated several attractive Latinas in the past. Usually once the Black Witch sees me with an attractive Puerto Rican or Dominican chick she knows what time it is. Right there and then she can see that I’m a thinking brotha that wants nothing to do with her ugly, bald ass. All good though I’ll be travelling soon enough, I’m either going to Colombia or Puerto Rico. Leaning towards PR for right now. We’ll see.


    Liked by 5 people

    • FACTS. Black women are as mentally ill as David Carroll explains. Being a black woman should be considered a mental illness. Sadly, we are all cursed with having them as our counterparts which is why I like SYSBM. It breaks the cycle and the curse. I heard a lot of SYSBM talking about Cartagena, Columbia. I had a quick look at the area on google Maps street view. Now, I am mostly only interested in olive-skinned to nice brown latinas with a nice full figure (not into skinny, short or petitte women at all) and in those few minutes of browsing I seen some nice specimens on the street view. 😍 So I’ll add that to one of my stops when I start traveling. Ain’t no way I’m taking no stench-pussy, sweaty weave, linebacker built, testosterone sink ass black woman over that! LOL 😆😆😆

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      • Black Caesar —– The experts inform that black females, as a group, have the mental disorder of narcissism. [Along with other mental disorders]. Narcissism is usually caused by childhood trauma. The view is that black females, at around age 5, discover that white girls and black girls do not have the same hair. — This fact causes childhood trauma for most black girls. — Black females spend the rest of their lives being insecure about the mere hair that grows out of a person’s scalp. — One can see this narcissism in black females as a group. — For example, black females constantly tell the lie that large numbers of white females wear hair weave. As a narcissist, black females are not capable of having substantial love for black children, black men, or black people. Narcissistic black females will be 100 pounds overweight and describe themselves as being thick and sexy. Narcissistic black females will spend huge amounts of money attempting to look something like non-black females. These black females will then project their insecurities onto non-black females and state that non-black females are attempting to look like black females. ———— Black females, as a group, have a mental disorder. Please note that the assessment that black females have a mental disorder is not bashing or name-calling anymore than an assessment that an individual is obese.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @Gregory C.
        Totally agreed but I gotta also believe verbs assessment that black women are demonically possessed. A lot of mental illness is just demon possession. I can’t chalk it off as just childhood trauma because they enjoy it too much. They take pleasure in dysfunction. The straight hair is to appeal to their demonic counterparts; the white male. That’s my opinion anyway.

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  23. I for one am disturbed by the sudden influx of palefaces on this blog. Strange how they don’t want us in their neighborhoods, offices, boardrooms, country clubs, or messing with their women, but they manage to seek us out and find us no matter what obscure corner of the internet we manage to gather in.

    BW are ours to bitch about because we’re the ones who are expected to wife up these wildebeests and clean up their mess. I don’t need white boys cheerleading. Especially since people like them helped socially-engineer this fuckery in the first place. BATV’s story above illustrates how BW fall to their knees with their mouths open for a white boy, yet give BM the side-eye. I’ve got nothing in common with these dudes in this regard. If they want to bitch about white females, there are plenty of MGTOW boards and blogs where they can complain about their ex-wives, divorce rape, and tattooed, lesbian, 3rd wave feminist Hillary voters.

    In your zeal to embrace these mofos, never forget who got us here. Redlining, the projects, the welfare state, double-minority hiring practices, wholesale murder by police, pushing the LGBT agenda among weak-minded blacks, the bedwench agenda in pop culture, all designed to disenfranchise the black man and uplift the black feminist. Who is in charge of this shit? It ain’t us.

    I can’t help but deal with these dudes in real life since they sign checks, but this is a space for brothers to vent.

    Just my .05

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    • @False Flag Fredowitz
      The white male is totally possessed with us. The white man is the devil. We are god’s chosen, or at least it very much seems that way. White men follow us around like a shadow because they always need to know what we are doing, thinking and saying. Why? So they can see if we are plotting revenge against them. There has never been a time in history where the white man has not injected himself and feeling he has the right to do so in every aspect of our lives. His spiritual counterpart, the black female is the exact same way. I call it SAS (snow ape surveillance). I joined SYSBM because MGTOW was not specific to black males who are innocent victims of a system that white men created and that includes feminism. White men were the oens who created and signed feminism into law. They created all the divorce laws, child support laws, welfare laws. ETC. So for them to whine about these things is laughable. What I do not need are white males around SYSBM. (save yourself BLACK MAN) is what it means. Remember, the black woman and the white man are demonic counterparts. Both of them believe we, black men, are not entitled to have anything of our own, especially if it’s anything that would benefit us. White men come here to bring their demonic spirits into our spaces. A demon is like a cockroach. They can find the crumbs in the dark.

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      • BTW I speak of SYSBM as a community. In the end this is Verbs blog and he is entitled to allow whoever he chooses onto it.

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      • Black Caesar,

        Racist white folks are becoming increasingly concerned regarding the SYSBM brotherhood because of the fact that we recognise the enemy that they have deliberately set up within our midst, the modern day black female and unlike the pro black simp/B1 contingent, we aren’t afraid to cut black women off and start a fresh with non black females in terms of long term relationships and starting a family.

        Unlike what the pro blacks continue to repeat, breaking away from black women and the so called community IS fighting against white supremacy because we know that the black female in conjunction with her sqaud of goons plus the police are the local enforcement arm of the same said white supremacy in black society.

        As MBD continues to state over and over again, SYSBM cannot be stopped either by disgruntled black women or their racist white male overlords. The good thing about SYSBM unlike other black movements in the past and present is it is decentralised, therefore there is NO central point that can be targeted, taken down and thus destroy the movement.

        Those places that are seen as hubs of the SYSBM movement and philosophy including this website if taken down tomorrow WILL NOT alter what black men as individuals embarking upon the SYSBM path are doing, it will still be business as usual. Ideas and philosophies cannot be destroyed.

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      • Yup, but remember that the beta white male is the action arm of the racist Jew. I view white supremacists and simps as modern day overseers, Progressives and low level neocons as the slaves who love the master so much they would rather die a slave than leave the fucking plantation and black men and white females as the people who basically keep the whole thing together.

        Liked by 3 people

      • 💯💯💯Facts. those are the ones who push the Anti-Semite “shame-to-silence” tactic. Someone wanna tell these self-professed “intelligentsia” that Semitic is a language and Arabic is a Semitic language.😂 If anything the Matzoh crowd are the real anti-Semites.

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      • Lol good one right there. Slum Lord Shlomo and Massa Moshe don’t want people to leave the plantation. This is why they use the beta males and simps as false opposition to the Progressives/skeptics.

        The thug negroes, black hoes and the rednecks will be used to keep everyone else in line once the Hammer drops and shit gets real.

        This is why breeding these denegrates out in stable relationships is important. By doing so we are denying the plantation owners a reliable source of slaves.

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    • @F.F.F.
      I hope you can find your way out of the matrix too brother. best decision I ever made was to not allow my life to be in the hands of white people and put my hard earned labour into their pockets. I will work for myself. I am also seriously considering moving to another country. But only if I can establish an e-business that at least gives me an income I can live on. I have zero intention of having a wife and family so that will save me a lot of $$$.

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    • Exactly. White men always begin making appearances to “scope things out” whenever there’s a group of black discussing politics, sports, the weather, dogs, rabbits, the election, business, entertainment, philosophy, anime, comic books, religion, spirituality, sex, defecation, urination, etc.. just like black women, they feel that they still OWN black men, and will conversely feel slightly and “segregated” (ironic, huh?) when blacks with actual integrity have enough self esteem to not want to deal with them. They don’t feel this way with Asians and the like because they know that those groups don’t need them, but they’re used to blacks and women genuflecting before them. I wonder why SYSBM is such a threat then?…

      As you, I, and Verbs have mentioned, they are the ones who pushed or at least sat idly by as this stuff was pushed into the mainstream. When it was exclusively black men getting railroaded by child support, they ran the deadbeat dad line. Now they want to bitch about the Frankenstein monster that THEY creased? That’s like a pyromaniac bemoaning the flame he unleashes on others when it finally consumes him, too.

      As mentioned, all they do is bitch moan and groan, despite their power and influence. They could’ve stopped feminism overnight, and honestly still probably could if they got off of their lazy decadent entitled asses and actually did something for once. Again, it is the same white women that they talk about who are undoing much of these gynocentric laws, leaving white men without a chicken bone to stand on.

      Look out for more of them extending an olive branch in the future. Their fate will mirror the Daggle’s. Don’t fall for the “we men are all in this together” lie. It’s the same game that white feminists run on black women.

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      • @afrofuturism 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
        I said that for YEARS. White men could have stopped feminism in its tracks if they weren’t such inherent homosexual/beta males. What were the women gonna do? Fight them? If they get out of line then they’ll have no husband, no employment and they will perish on the streets. It is so easy to keep women in line if it weren’t for the fact that like 90% of all males are beta males who have the Ahab spirit and fear women. And yes, white men cheerfully stood buy and mocked us when we were going through our troubles but now that the experiment on our society is becoming an objective in theirs, they wanna claim “we’re in this together, duuude!”. Just about all non-black males do this. So to all non-black males, you can hold your own castanets.

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      • It was all cool when they could point their finger and say ” well, at least I’m not a nigger”. Now, that trap they set for us is turning against them, we’re taking their women and now it’s “we’re with you, all in the same boat together” bullshit. Yeah, sure…

        They know full well the United States was built on the backs of black men. If we go, the US goes with us. That race totem pole is changing places. The very last thing any White man wants to be is a nigger.

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      • The last thing any white man wants is to be in competition.

        It’s honestly pathetic to see these white men complain about male disposability and things like that, whilst talking about “being alpha”. If you had a problem with losers allowing, you wouldn’t big up being an “alpha”! These guys are hypocrites who just hate having to compete for what was once just handed to them. But to them, it’s everyone ELSE who is entitled.

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      • “As you, I, and Verbs have mentioned, they are the ones who pushed or at least sat idly by as this stuff was pushed into the mainstream. When it was exclusively black men getting railroaded by child support, they ran the deadbeat dad line. Now they want to bitch about the Frankenstein monster that THEY created?”

        This reminded me of a quote by Pastor Martin Niemöller: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

        I honestly believe that the woes these White beta males complain about will end as soon as they acknowledge AS A WHOLE that they are responsible for the mess that they socially engineered Blackistan to become and the propaganda put out against Black men to demonize us and uplift Black feminists above us; sadly, I doubt that they will do so anytime soon.

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      • It is just like with black women. They refuse to admit their hand in creating that which they complain about. White MGTOW and swirling: two entitled groups rejecting responsibility.

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  24. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t saving no black women or any woman who made foolish choices in the past by getting knocked up from the wrong man and having multiple kids from him only to ask me in the future to be the clean up man for their stupid life decisions. No thanks I will pass because I have high standards for myself.

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  25. Hey verbs
    First off appreciate this forum’s openness to allowing us black men to talk about the abuse we endured as children through our black moms. I have a very tenuous relationship with my mother for all of reasons you have mentioned. As a child she was a hoarder and our apt looked like a terrorist had blown himself up in it. I could never have friends over and I think it stunted my social development a lot. Like the many black women you have cited she also had horrible hygiene often laying around in her underwear and never cleaning herself. Tampons and maxi pads were foreign terms to her. My dad provided for us but he worked a 1 to 11 shift and was not really home much. Recently mom had a stroke and in an attempt to be a decent son had her stay with my family but it was the same habits. Hygiene so bad she made the guest room smell, continued hoarding and cruelty towards my kids to the point that we had an intervention and kicked her out back to her own place. I kind of felt bad but not really. She’s in her 70s and has learned nothing. Still doing the stuff she did in her 20s and 30s.

    Sorry for such a long rant. One last thing. Regarding the last section of your article where the black woman says thugs treated her better than college men. Not to go deep into it but I went to an Ivy League school. Interestingly there was a ghetto black school I mean modern HBCU a few blocks down the street. The black women would always overlook me as an educated lame and would invite the thug black boys from the ghetto school onto campus where they would inevitably cause trouble. Since white folks didn’t play that the police would come and then these same black women would come to me talking about black unity and wanting to protest the school and the police for police brutality. I am not making this up

    Liked by 5 people

    • Jedi Master Coon,

      I’m glad to stand in the corner of the heterosexual free thinking black man, I’m simply doing my part to help those black men who wish to free themselves from the years of brainwashing, witchcraft and sorcery they have suffered and endured at the hands of this modern day black female. Black women as a collective simply aren’t very hygienic on any level at all, here is another clipping I came across concerning a thot named Megan Thee Stallion and her smelly box as described by rapper Wiz Khalifa:

      Your mother won’t change, the nasty habits she’s picked up in her younger years have stuck with her because your father wasn’t home that much to check her and to keep things in order, my mother is exactly the same, loves to hoard junk and rubbish and has no problem living in such cramped and limited spaces as a result of holding onto so much stuff she hasn’t used in many years.

      Most black women stay lazy and stubborn for life, they refuse to change for anybody, even for the betterment of themselves. By the way, your children should interact with your mother as little as possible because she will pass down her janky practices to them. Don’t feel disheartened for kicking her out, you absolutely did the right thing as she not only brought a funky smell into your house but an evil spirit too.

      Liked by 4 people

      • @verbs. Thanks for helping to open my eyes to the fact that black women love living in squalor. My mother is no different. Absolutely loves living in filth and stench because as the old saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness” and black women are far from godly. I mean, I was able to find and secure and apartment and move in within 1 week when I was 26 and in 28 years she hasn’t had any drive or brains to move out of the ghetto. If it weren’t for your book and this page I wouldn’t have fully understood why. The reason is she likes it here, needs the drama, needs the filth and hoped we’d get killed so she could collect the insurance money. The one bill she actually put effort in paying for was our insurance policies. I wonder why. Black women are human garbage that needs to be taken out.

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  26. Verbs, I forgot to mention that you were the focus of a segment of a livestream over on Taz’s channel. The discussion was centered around your argument that diluting black blood to is the solution to improving the race.

    If black folks reject eugenics (i.e., only high IQ blacks should produce children, other blacks should be sterilized), a notion I support, you know you are going to receive strenuous push back to your “dilution” argument.

    Liked by 5 people

    • BATV,

      I still stand by that statement, I’ve declared the same position over on Nylah’s channel as well. At the end of the day it’s all about quality, you as a classic black man if you want to produce children will seek to do it with the best women available. In 2019 we simply don’t see quality women within black female society anymore, even the so called upstanding, professional, corporate, educated black women still have the hood rat mentality hence why even they will openly confess their love and attraction towards Trap House Jim, Chunky Bruh and Field Mouse.

      The problem with the pro black/B1 preserve the race crowd is they don’t want to improve their product(the black female), they expect us to accept the black woman in her current gutter, deep in the sewer state. As free thinking brothers in the eyes of black women themselves as well as their helpers we’re not allowed to have standards when it comes down to considering this black female as a potential mate. This is the third package article I’ve delivered containing black women engaging in the most dysfunctional garbage known to mankind, but we’re still expected to form coalitions and alliances with these women??

      If these dudes are so concerned about melanin, there are plenty of women from the horn of Africa to choose from(the only so called black women I would pay any attention to at this time). We also have lovely dark skinned women from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc. Black women through their continued persistent in dysfunctional antics have completely thrown away any chance of rebuilding black society in this lifetime, therefore brothers who have no problems expanding upon their dating options will automatically seek out alternatives.

      As Afrofuturism1 continues to say, breeding these black sirens out is the best, most viable and sustainable way to break the cycle and the curses black women wish to see continue perpetuating amongst their people. Since when do men procreate with their enemies? The so called black community is DEAD and it’s supporters and proponents are going to have to learn this the hard way.

      Liked by 5 people

      • The cool thing about SYSBM is that it’s already a form of eugenics. The smart and brightest black men of America are already passing their seeds on to quality non-black women. 30% of black men with at least a college degree are bound to date or marry outside of their race. And that number will continue to climb as the years go by. The mere fact that the pro-blacks and b1 negros are worried about gentrification and eugenics is already too late. Thinking Brothers have been passed the warning signs, we are now executing our plans.

        Liked by 6 people

    • @This is what Anton N. is always saying and it set bells off. These pro-black simps are no different from neo-Nazis. Same eugenics mindset! Same “have children for the race” mindset.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Same group of people controlling both groups of clowns. Why do you think Hitler, Mussuloni and Trotsky were sent in to fuck up what Ludendorf and Garvey started?

        These white nats and simps are nothing more than propaganda organs and nuisances really. Bunch of clowns lost in the Bolshevick Revolution/post WW1 mindset which started with ‘Juden Raus!’ and ‘Death to Christianity’ and ended in death camps, ‘gas chambers’ for the faithful to fight over while the total cost of BOTH World Wars being ignored, a destroyed Africa and Europe right for Soviet pickings and the transformation of American power into the Hammer of real communism.

        Screw the beta males and Strassner Quisling type pro wack simps, life is too short and precious to be spent fighting useful idiots, foot soliders and fucking clowns looking for attention.

        Leave the grunt work to all the inbred bestiality supporting refugees Talmudists and Neocons have as slaves.

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    • @BATV In Black America you have “reverse natural selection” materializing when the woman of that particular community are procreating with the low-tier men instead of the high-tier men of that community.

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  27. The video of the little dagglet (toddler daggle) says it all. Initially, I thought daggle attributes didn’t manifest themselves until the teen years; but, I was disavowed of that notion when my kid would come home from school, complaining about females exhibiting daggle behavior.

    So, I assumed that daggle attributes appear in the pre-teen years. Now, the above video has caused me to, yet again, abandon my assumption of when daggledom begins in females.

    Does daggledom begin in females during pre-natal stages???? Jeeeeeeesh!!!

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  28. @SigmaJones “The cool thing about SYSBM is that it’s already a form of eugenics. The smart and brightest black men of America are already passing their seeds on to quality non-black women. 30% of black men with at least a college degree are bound to date or marry outside of their race. And that number will continue to climb as the years go by. The mere fact that the pro-blacks and b1 negros are worried about gentrification and eugenics is already too late. Thinking Brothers have been passed the warning signs, we are now executing our plans”.

    I heard sarge williepete is contemplating leaving the community and marrying out.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Minister Jap is silently converting over to SYSBM as well. He came out with two videos stating how if a brother is dating these daggles and black witches, he has to be gay in some form or fashion. And to be honest, he has a legit argument in that corner. So when you have a street guy like Minister Jap making those declarations, you know it’s a wrap for the rest of the so called black community.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Sigma Jones,

        I’ll personally hold out on Minister Jap taking the SYSBM route until I see him actually start dating non black women as he’s been known to flip flop on his position.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Verbs

        I agree. I found it interesting he came out with those two vids. But like you, I won’t take him seriously until he’s appearing with only non-black women. Any brother who still deal with daggles are to be avoided until they overcome their addiction to them.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Trick Daddy, earlier, let the world know that even a “street guy” is moving away from black women. Do you remember Trick Daddy’s video informing black females that they need to tighten up?

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  29. Off topic, but….


    When you make gay as Jussie Smollet’s fiasco look like the greatest scheme of all time…..

    And wtf is up with that dudes hairline? He legit looks like a daggle. These failed athletes are always stirring up some mess to blame white people and get money out of it. Meanwhile, only half breeds like Kaepernick win.

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  30. The delusional scams of black females. Loni Love, a black female, is all over the place complaining about black men–supposedly–being upset about her being with a white man. It is well known that black women, as a group, get upset about black men being in relationships with non-black women. —- It is also a well-known fact that black men, as a group, do not get upset about black women being in relationships with non-black men. In the USA, 80% of interracial relationships involving blacks have a black man and a non-black female. — It appears that in nations, such as the UK, the percentage is even higher. Given the low marriage rates of USA black women, it would be good for more USA black women to be in relationships with non-black men. Given the mental disorders that most black women have, people are just unable to convince them that most black men do not give a hoot about black women dating non-black men. Finally, the facts are that very few non-black men want to be in a relationship with black females. LOL. Even black lesbians, at least most black lesbians with a net worth of more than 1K (USD), do not want a relationship with a black female.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Gregory Chandler,

      Loni Love is 48 years old, dark-skinned, and fat, otherwise known as a mammy. I guarantee no black man in the world cares that she snagged herself a white simp.The delusion is real. I wish her the best.

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      • Actually, thinking black men should start recruiting non-black men to get with black women. —– Society will be better off when black women stop procreating with the bottom 10% of black men. — [ However, many of these black women will be procreating with the bottom 5% of white men. Well at least the mixed female children will not have a need for hair weave].

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  31. Reparations discussion aside, this graph shows how dire the situation is for blacks in the US. This graph from 2013 showed that half of black households (which are mostly single mothers) were worth LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR. If it wasn’t for the WM’s food stamps and section 8 most would likely be homeless and/or starving. I doubt that things have gotten better in the six years since then. This is just more asphalt on the road being paved to underclass status for a lot of the US black community.
    There aren’t enough well paid and educated BM in the US to pull the black community and all these single mothers out of this slump even if we wanted to. Tone said in one of his videos that only 16% of BM in the US had a bachelors degree or higher, assuming that they are the top earners, how many hoodrats and bastard kids would they have to take on to fix this mess? Could they even afford all of them? Beyond that, how many of those brothers in that 16% are even interested in dating BW? Keep your health and finances in order brothers, and keep the Wall up:

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  32. James SYSBM “Beyond that, how many of those brothers in that 16% are even interested in dating BW?” —– I will also add, how many black women are even interested in dating those educated black men? We all know that many black single mothers, especially those women under age 40, still want to get with thug-type men. The so-called “educated lames” are often not able to get with single black women even if single black men want to have relationships with them. The SYSBM movement exists, in part, because mainstream black females do not want quality men.


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