Are These Your Queens? Always Ready To Fight In Any Condition – Part 8


What you have just seen above constitutes your typical black female in 2019, excessively overweight and always ready to get into a fight no matter what condition she’s in. Did you see the black witch at the end of the video in the mobility scooter who attempted to get involved in the fight? Again, I’ll continue to raise the same question every time I bring forward a video of black women getting their royal rumble scrap on, exactly what is feminine and attractive about this type of behaviour?

These will be the same black women who will call you a lame and a square yet at the same time expect you to take them and their devil spawn brood of unbridled brats onboard. Talking about how thinking black men cannot handle “a strong black woman”, no, we’re just not interested in breaking our backs and suffering from hernias attempting to lift oil tankers, aircraft carriers and wide load super cruisers.

Now, I believe that I’ve mentioned this before, back last year when I visited a close friend in Atlanta, he dropped me off at a local Golden Corral while he went to attend a business meeting. Now, I sat near the entrance and observed the folks coming and going and at least 95% of the black women who came into the restaurant were the size of the women you saw in the above video, some were even larger.

Again, notice how black women as a collective are always ready to fight other individuals, however they never seem to be interested in fighting and warring against obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure etc. Since black women as a collective aren’t concerned about themselves namely their own health, how on earth do they expect others to be concerned for them?

They keep talking about black men protecting them, however observing the video above and already knowing how most black women(particularly dark skinned black females) come preloaded with extra testosterone, does it honestly look like they need any protecting? And black women cannot seem to figure out why more black men are turning their backs on them in favour of non black females.

As contributor Afrofuturism1 has pointed out a number of times, where are the endless videos of Mexican, Arab, Pakistani or Indian women engaging in massive group fights and equally being encouraged to continue brawling by other women of their specific peer groups? You noticed that black female in the background who shouted “get that bitch, get that bitch”, why are the elder black women encouraging the younger generations to involve themselves in violent behaviour instead of steering them away from such negativity? Did you also hear the crying children in the background, how many times have we seen and heard that before?

I’ll continue to repeat the same statement again and again, most black women are defective beyond repair and as a result should be avoided at all costs. Defective beyond repair means just that, defective beyond repair. Black female skullduggery and dysfunction reached a point of being indefensible a very long time ago, only black women and their pro black female/B1 stooge simp squadrons are fruitlessly attempting to save the black female’s image and reputation which is already in the sewer.

Thinking black men, observe the video above and gaze upon the heavy bullets and artillery you dodged. Another one for the archives and yet more evidence laid out upon the table that supports black men embarking on the SYSBM movement. Date out black men, as I continue to tell you over and over again you don’t have to tolerate no maternal instinct, loudmouth, overweight, violent, disrespectful, uncooperative black termagants, you can do better for yourselves, you deserve better. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Negro Wars Was And Is Still Accurate Concerning Black Female Dysfunction

Most High Bless

153 thoughts on “Are These Your Queens? Always Ready To Fight In Any Condition – Part 8

  1. “They keep talking about black men protecting them, however observing the video above and already knowing how most black women (particularly dark skinned black females) come preloaded with extra testosterone, does it honestly look like they need any protecting?”

    I read the above quote and I thought to myself, “it seems they don’t need our protection when they fight each other, but only when they have to face Slim Sauce, their White daddy, or any non Black man who pays his hand on them; the only protection they need is the kind that prevents them from having bastard children!

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women these days are fucking embarrassing and they have no shame in their foolishness. Its no wonder why sysbm black men like us refuse to date them in droves and these black women are stupid enough to think that their white overlord and saviour is gonna date them when these black women tell us that they are going to get themselves a white man.

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    • Let these hoes keep on fooling themselves, non black women lust after Caribbean men in Canada and the US and the dating out rate is growing. Not even Talmudist Ted and Slum Lord Shlomo can stop it, leave the cucking to Brad and Chad.

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      • “Not even Talmudist Ted and Slum Lord Shlomo”
        Gets me every time. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
        How about Hollowcost Herschel. 😂😂😂

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      • I use these terms to differentiate between the ultra violent Muslims and the thug Jews who most people in the know associate with globalism, communism and slavery and people like Dr Norman Finkelstein and Milton Friedman. It’s important people know the difference as Talmundists use anti semetism and anti Muslim sentiment to coerce Jews and Muslims into making aliyah for Isreal and the Muslim nations…here is where the pack of clowns known as the alt right and the pro black simps come in.

        The Holocaust should be expanded to the whole of WW2 by the way. Stalin was a piece of shit and a utter scumbag but he managed to convince FDR to join the Allies.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      White men who previously had no problems dating black women are themselves beginning to give these sirens a wide berth because of their unbridled, wild antics. White men don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with women like this. Overweight and also violent, like I keep on saying it’s a wrap for these broads especially now that more black men are choosing to give them the boot.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. You see black women guilt tripping white men into dating them and if these white men reject these black women then he would accused of being a racist which is laughable because the majority of white men prefer to date their own race of women because they are better looking, feminine and more ladylike and why on hell would a white man pick a black woman who wears a weave and is fake looking from head to toe over a white woman when that same white man not only has unlimited options to choose from from his own race of women who have their own hair and looks more natural , he has unlimited choice in the world with other races of women who also have their own hair and look more natural as well because we all know that white men are the number one choice of man on the planet when it comes to womens dating choices. Also I prefer to date childfree non black women too.

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      • Why would a white man go with a black woman?

        No idea, but they’re definitely around. More of a middle class thing… Nowhere near the amount of brothers dating out though.

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    • I’ve had many a black woman try to maneuver her wide berth into my calm port, but they’ve been turned back to open waters every time.

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    • It’s worse in Jamaica trust me. We got knives, machetes, anything at all in these fights. Think the Raid but with less Kung Fu, more military grade weaponry and set in a English speaking Favella when you hear Jamaica.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      The material just keeps on coming brother. This stuff isn’t happening in a corner, unlike what the B1 pundit Taz says, this behaviour amongst black women is a common trend. Black women will continue to put their dysfunctional behaviour on public display and as a result even more black men will choose to walk away from them. The future is bright, the future for thinking black men is SYSBM.

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  4. This is the reason why I fully support that The daft should be extended to women. And if the US government ever had to impose a military mandate like they do in some countries in Asia like Mongolia, South Korea etc They need to mandate it for both the men and the women. I don’t understand why the USA government doesn’t impose a daft for men AND women! This video right here should be plenty enough evidence that women are just as capable as men in being violent .

    Black women are always up and open and ready to FIGHT! since war and blood-lust is all they know and care, why don’t they join the freaking army!? Since they hate us thinking black men so much because we are “Soft” then why don’t they go to these war torn countries and fight! that way it would be heaven on earth for savage beasts like these!

    Women in Mongolia, Middle east, Sri Lanka (the Tamil Tigers) etc are soft sweet and feminine yet they fight to protect their each-other. yet, these black women loooooooove to fight EACHOTHER all the time. Why don’t they put their fighting skills to a good use? Why waste talent? Even Tyrones cannot take it with black women anymore! Sheesh!

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  5. Man, I starting to question about the attractiveness of black women. After evidence and evidence of black women and their dysfunctional ways, the serious question that needs to be answer from these simps that stay defending the black women is: What one good quality trait is coming out of the black woman, especially the goddamn American black woman, since they talking about “these’s our queenz, our mothers, this and that, the black woman is the backbone?” The way black women act nowadays, especially in America, ain’t so funny and cool at all. Like how’s a woman is gonna attract a man if she’s: A) violent as hell, ready to fight somebody instead of being civilized to any situation, B) Stay opening her legs to dudes that just look at her as a hoe, which this is how most black women portray themselves nowadays as being nasty, C) always demanding shit, D) stay acting like she’s got a big chip on her shoulder for no goddamn reason, E) have poor ass hygenie like no brushing teeth, or taking a bath, or cleaning up after themselves, and F) staying having this diva attitude like she’s all that. Bruh I think a lot of black women, especially in America, lost their goddamn place to be anything. Once again, that testosterone is not for women at all.

    “Again, notice how black women as a collective are always ready to fight other individuals, however they never seem to be interested in fighting and warring against obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure etc. Since black women as a collective aren’t concerned about themselves namely their own health, how on earth do they expect others to be concerned for them?”

    That’s a good one there Verbs. They always ready to throw hands, but they can’t throw at their health problems. All I can say is that let them throw hands because they gonna fight their selves to a early grave, and I got no last words to speak to them at their funeral. Whenever I hear black women say “Black men don’t protect us”, The question that extremely needs to be answer from the black women is this: WHAT PROTECTION DOES THE BLACK WOMEN NEED FROM BLACK MEN SINCE THE BLACK WOMEN STAY PUTTING US BLACK MEN DOWN? One minute they say they strong and independent, but the next minute asking for protection, like bro, I’m done with the black women, especially in America. The only black women I got with are Afro Latina, Blasians, Ethiopian, or Somalians. No American Black women, nor UK black women neither. I just deal with Non black women or mixed women in general.

    Another thing too, I should’ve post this question on Open Mic, but I was busy Wednesday. When these black women and simps tell us black men to “build for the black community, stand up for the black women,” Why is it that when a black man does do stuff like that, something mess up happened? After hearing about that simp that got arrested for trying to defend the “black queens” by busting out the nail salon windows because the treatment black women get at these nail salon business (Heard it from Kid Organic, that man knows what’s up), I be like why just stop going there and embrace your own beauty instead of being a knock off non black woman? Once they be wearing non black women’s hair, bleaching skin and all that, they already losing points from the damn jump. Sorry for this long rant, but I had to get this off my chest like forreal. Once again, not trying to be racist or down the black race, but after all the events I heard and seen, this is why I don’t have a lot of “black friends”. The only black people I can communicate with are open minded, free thinking black men. I remember a old teacher of mines used to say, there’s racism everywhere, but the worst is from people who share the same skin tone as you.

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    • “Whenever I hear black women say “Black men don’t protect us”, The question that extremely needs to be answer from the black women is this: WHAT PROTECTION DOES THE BLACK WOMEN NEED FROM BLACK MEN SINCE THE BLACK WOMEN STAY PUTTING US BLACK MEN DOWN?”

      They DON’T NEED our protection! They can perfectly FIGHT and protect themselves! Look at this video:

      A black PREGNANT women Fought and WON!:

      Another brawl in the street:

      Two balloons Going at it Dio vs Jotaro Style:


      (40 secs)

      OPS sorry wrong video again!!!
      (She got every combo that wasn’t on the menu !!!!:)


      The list could go on forever!
      Honestly, Do these women need protection? F*** NO! They are perfectly capable of fending for themselves. so if any black woman can jump up here and say how black men don’t protect black women,…..hmmmm well….I wonder why!…..

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      • The Chinese woman just served that scraggle daggle a takeout of Ls.

        She wlll be featured in the next L Express commercial.

        L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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      • Damn straight. We need more of this shit to start happening to beta males and black hoes. These clowns need to learn their place and keep their nosy asses where they don’t belong.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      There are no quality traits with most black women today, this is why the B1 pundits have to instead use shaming tactics against the thinking brothers, they know that their product is of poor value but they want us to accept it anyway, no thanks, I’ll pass, I’ve got standards.

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    • @D.K.P.
      Your rant is completely justified and requires no apologies. It is better to be alone than in bad company. That’s why I deal with black people on an individual basis and ONLY intelligent, thinking black men. And I don’t deal with black women whatsoever. Never have and never will. Never been attracted to them for a reason. I don’t have self-hate I have impeccable taste.

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    • Anton Nikolaev,

      They’re only interested in fighting against black men at the behest of their white lord and saviour. Trying to save their own lives though in fighting against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc is out of the question, smh.

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  6. These chicks are some hungry hungry hippos 🦛!

    These chicks seem young yet we’re big as Buicks. Why are these black women so damn big, especially compared to their male counterparts?

    Now of course the elder beast was egging it on, as we’ve discussed most black elders actively encourage the youth to do the dumbest stuff, and then turn around and chastise them for it. Most old black women don’t develop any real sense of morality until age 97, 3 seconds before they die. That’s why they’ll be old as hell yet still getting their cervix stabbed by Young Skillet, Slim Biscuit, and Honey Cum in the backyard.

    Also, old ho in the hover round was probably not that old herself. Most black women are invalids and decrepit by 50. So much for black don’t crack.

    Notice the distinct lack of anything resembling an Alicia Keys or Summer Kellsey looking mixed or light skinned woman. Dark skinned women are their own worst enemy.

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    • “Why are these black women so damn big, especially compared to their male counterparts”

      A combination of hormonal imbalance, horrible diet, and lack of exercise has turned these women into the orcs that they are today.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is what I was talking about on Obsidian’s show yesterday when I once again went up against the B1 pundit Taz Exclusives aka Goat Boy, the extra testosterone dark skinned black women carry is a detriment to them because they tend to lean towards violent and destructive behaviour much more than any other group.

      Nobody is checking for such a heavy group of females, black women have taken being overweight to the next level. 60% obese and 80% overweight for US black women and they have the cheek to tell black men to “step their game up”. No, first step your health up and lose some weight woman.

      Again, where are the conflict resolution skills, black women as a collective much prefer to roll straight into battle rather than look for ways to avoid confrontations, smh.

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      • These chicks look horrible and have the unfeminine frames even when thin. Typically the black women that look good are not only slim but mixed/lighter skinned, as the extra testosterone that darker skinned ones have makes them look like some basketball player when they lose weight.

        I’ve never seen such biological masculinity in a group of women. People need to start being honest about it too. Black Women can blame their liberal masters for it. Globalism allows black and other men to see how unfeminine black women are compared to other women.

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      • Thank God for that. These hoes caused the fall of the black community: Herman Cain and Thomas Sowell would never have gotten the chance to exist in this outrage culture, ultra woke/alt right age.

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      • I heard obsidian’s show and man did he lit Shawn backside up good. You can tell that was some grown man talk right there. Also, you definitely took it to Taz so much so, he couldn’t disagree with the evidence you put out. I know once the cuts begin again, I’m not going to clean up no community.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Thanks bro. Taz is a lightweight, he cannot debate me because he cannot defend the black witch plain and simple.


  7. Yes indeed. These hoes look like Hippos with the strength and vitality of orcs and the breeding rate of goblins. Soka Soka…even Goblin Slayer is going to have a hard time dealing with these hoes.

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  8. These chicks have extremely short fuses, they and anyone raised by them (you can usually tell who they are by their ghetto first name) should be avoided whenever possible. They swear that they don’t love thugs, but we seem them drawn to thugs, having kids with thugs, and “raising” their sons to be useless bums and thugs. Even prison bars cant keep these whores away from their need for “thug love”. Is it just me or are the majority of stories that I see of women COs having affairs with inmates usually BW? In my area anytime I read a story about it in the paper its always a BW:

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  9. There’s no point of helping these tyrants because they not only have any intentions of changing for the better, they expect everyone to conform to how they live in all areas. Black women, as a totality, have no endearing qualities that would attract my attention. They have the energy to fight other people, no matter their age, gender, or race, but when it comes to self-improvement in all areas, they’re cry and complain about putting in the work to do it. They’re straight-up lazy!!. We as forward-thinking black men, have no need or want for these beasts.

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    • Anthonym78,

      This is my point, these women aren’t even making an effort to improve themselves, yet they expect the thinking brothers to roll in and build(clean up) for them. Like I’ve stated many times before I’ve still to receive an answer from the communist pro black female lackies to the following question, in 2019 what positive qualities do black women have to offer that I should consider them over other races of women? All they can point to is skin colour, however as the saying goes, “not all skin folks are kin folks”.

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    • I’m interested in driving for Uber myself, and one thing that I’ve learned is the importance of a dashcam. In the event that something happens, the camera will save you; also, this is evidence that hood rats shouldn’t be allowed to do rideshare service.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor, back in 2016, I drove for Uber for shits and giggles, and the social interaction with different passengers. I stopped, because I didn’t want to put a lot of wear and tear on my vehicle. I must say you do meet interesting people driving Uber.

        On Halloween 2016, one drunk woman started massaging the top of my head and started kissing my ear…LOL. My reaction was, WTF???

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  10. I have been saying the following for many many years and even Hardcore Tito reiterated it:
    The only other things besides the “strong black woman” that I’ve heard of that needed to be “handled” were nuclear, biological or other types of waste, wild animals and insane people.

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  11. Self-hate? 😂 That’s exactly the type of ghetto psychology that Dr. Phil nor Oprah would even touch. It is self-love to date out. How would you feel if you went into a 5-star restaurant and ordered the chef’s signature dish only to have them come out and bring a paperbag full of dog crap on a plastic tray? You’d be offended. This is how offensive it is for pro-blacks to offer these…things to thinking black men, even regardless of their personal situation. I wouldn’t wish these manatees on even Shawn James.

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    • Black Caesar, although I am not “Team Becky,” I fully support black men who are. At the end of the day, it is none of my damn business who black men choose to date and marry.

      I just don’t get the pro-black crowd who want to disparage black men who choose to date out. They should mind their business.

      Here’s the irony, the very harpies who malign black men for dating out, don’t even want those black men. What they want is for those black men to be miserable, just like them. It gets even better– many of them are former swirlers. You can make this shit up.

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      • @BATV Yup. The first smoking gun I encountered that exposed the frauds that are pro-blacks were some of these “pro-black” women. Synthetic G, Paris Moolan and that lightskinned landwhale Chyna Fox. All of whom were former swirlers. They prove that as much as they carry on about black men, they only sees black men as a last resort. In my opinion, there is no exception to the rule that women will whore themselves out to men of a dominant society. Overall, women have a built-in level of disloyalty that can only be controlled by strict societal restrictions and stigmas. Black woman are the most obvious exhibits of that rule. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a pro-black female. Only a black female that is not-marketable to white men who fulfils her desperation for a mate by shapeshifting into a package they think the men of their desire want. All women do this.
        P.S. I am not team Becky either but I fully support brothers who are. In the end they piss of both the white man and the black woman, two of our greatest enemies.

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      • @Black Caesar, What I don’t get is the fucking hypocrisy. Both groups have been fucking out, er, I mean dating out, for centuries. The landwhale’s antics you cited is apropos for the discussion– criticizes black men, for dating out, but publicly disclosed the same preference. Wait, it gets better– how can you be pro-black, and you don’t even identify as black (Ethnicity: Other)?

        Hell, at least Rachel attempted to pass as black…lol.

        You can’t make this shit up.

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  12. Not these beasties wouldn’t be nearly as chided for being fat if they at least looked like this woman:

    View this post on Instagram

    Thick 👋🏻 @fashionnovacurve #fashionnovacurve

    A post shared by Megan Powers (@meganmariepowerss) on

    Now she might be big for some, but I would personally have no problem bending her over and riding dat ass like Hi ho Silver. The point is, the bodies that black women lay such claim to are being sported mostly by white and Latina women, mixed ones at blackest.

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  13. Was on my lunch break at a cafeteria style restaurant that I like and while in line an older BM pointed out that there was a fly flying around. Immediately a BW (short, fat, dark skinned, and with a nose ring) looked at the old man and said something like “So what it ain’t landing on the food!” to the old man in a rude tone and then mean mugged him. Pops looked shocked (I’m not sure why, he should know how BW are, or possibly he was only used to dealing with BW from his generation) and two other BW behind the counter started making comments too.

    These chicks are crazy, even pointing out a simple observation sent them into a rage. They are constantly looking for a reason to snap at someone (usually another black person), just stay away from them and avoid conversation. Keep the Wall up, many of these BW are miserable and looking for someone to take their frustration out on, keep them behind the Wall.

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    • @J.S.
      Now we know why hoodboogers act the way they do. It is not masculine to bare your ass, pull a gun because another man “disrespeckted” you, and so forth. Black women are undoubtedly the cause of the destruction of the black community. Discussion closed. But it’s self-hate not to want that? LOL. I dare one of these pro-blacks to push black women onto me to my face. I triple dare them! 😂

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      I keep on stating that the wrong group of women unfortunately have been given the most fertile wombs on the planet. Black women, number one child killers both inside and outside of the womb. 😠😠😠😠😠😠

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    • And of course her name is “Tynaizha” and she named her poor child “Jah’vi”. Once again, this is the new black underclass, you can identify them by their first name and to a lesser degree their weight and skin tone.

      ““Specifically, there’s a text message on this defendant’s phone on Aug. 22, 2018: ‘Jah’vi’s gonna make me get a case for real. I’m gonna knock him smooth out and call the cops on myself. I can’t stand him,’“Moran said.” “He had fresh broken ribs, as well as healing ones, Moran said. His body was also wrapped in the same brand of Walmart trash bags found at his mother’s house, he said.”

      I just posted a story like this about a week ago of another BW who killed her child and left him to rot, BW are the worst mothers in the country by far. They give zero shits about where their children are raised, who they let father their children (most often thugs and bums outside of marriage), or even giving the poor kid a respectable name with meaning. Look for more stories like this as the Wall gets taller and the welfare slowly gets cut off. SYSBM, and save your seed to by not putting it in one of these dysfunctional BW.

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      • What you’re witnessing is the collapse of black society and the media refusal to talk about it on a national level. See, black women know the game is almost over for them because it will be revenge when all bets are off. The job cuts, the rising rent, food prices going up, oh, they know that there are many black men are waiting to unleash brimstone on them.

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    • Again and again and again. The black woman IS the white man. THE BLACK WOMAN IS THE WHITE MAN. Both are the DEVIL. Only two types of people took pleasure in the suffering and death of black children. Black women and white men.

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    • These mentally disturbed hoes ain’t shit. There is absolutely nothing redeemable about them. If this isn’t proof enough you need to avoid ninety-nine percent of these parasites nothing is. You’re doing yourself, your potential child and family a true disservice by getting with your modern day black woman; regardless of where she is from.

      They need to be avoided as if your life or child’s life depends on it. Because as we’re seeing, it honestly might. I hope that judge throws the book at her, and makes an example out of her and doesn’t go easy trying to claim some mental disorder. She’s lucky this happened in liberal ass New Jersey, and won’t get the death penalty.

      These types of heartbreaking stories are all too common when it comes to the dysfunctional hellhole that’s the black community. Which is why I have no problem saying fuck the black community, and I hope it burns to the ground with all of these useless dysfunctional parasites.

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  14. Yo Babatundae! Yo Verbs! You can’t call that a royal rumble, that is a heifer rumble my brother. And then I couldn’t stop laughing that you call them oil tankers, aircraft carriers and wide load super cruisers. And did you see the next heifer trying to run over of of the other heifers? What is she trying to do? Do a hit and run? But anyway, these women are not my queens. They are nothing but peasants really and the men that breed them are peasants as well. You can’t ram your wood in their coochie. It goes to show that these simps are thirsty.

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  15. And when I saw that wheel chair, I was thinking which simp is goanna be sitting on it? I’m just waiting patiently. You can’t be in a relationship with a heifer because of what I have seen on the video. Its much better if you go for a slim black woman or a curvy black woman but the thing is that the black women are just wearing this damn weave and its impossible to see a black women in her natural state.
    Blessid people. Have a good weekend!

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  16. “Why are these black women so damn big, especially compared to their male counterparts”

    A combination of hormonal imbalance, horrible diet, and lack of exercise has turned these women into the orcs that they are today.

    That’s a great answer to a great question. Now can you answer my question on why black women, not only act so masculine, but it seems like they actually physically become masculine? As if their body frames mutate and evolve, Charles Darwin style, into a man’s body only short from growing a penis.

    Even if black women lost all their weight, these women will still turn us off with how ridiculous masculine they naturally are! I mean DAMN! Why would I , a straight man, be attracted to anything resembling another man! ?

    I know verbs said that if you complain long and hard enough, mother nature will give you what you want. But DAMN, I THOUGHT he was just joking!! I didn’t think this a real phenomenon!!

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  17. In the UK is 60% interracial dating for Negro men and non BW how long will it take for it to get to 80% or 90% in the UK?

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      • @michel

        It’s going to take sometime here in the states. Too many older brothers here are too scared to jump into the unknown, or being ridiculed and shamed and I honestly feel some fear being happy. They’d rather stay in their miserable, failed relationships than take a chance with someone who isn’t black because “they momma black”.

        It’s Stockholm syndrome at its finest. Or worst depending how you look at things.

        I will say things are changing with the younger generation (not millennials, I’m 34 and technically an millennial albeit on the older end), and they no longer care. I see plenty of them with white, Hispanic and a serious uptick with Asian and Indian women in New York at least. They legit don’t give a fuck, and that’s the one good thing about them and it’s refreshing to see.

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    • My Ice Is Colder,
      Wow. I’ve watched this video like 25 times (I’ve got YouTube auto-repeat on my browser). Best content yet. “Supreme King Coon” has a great sense of humor and his editing skills are impressive. The bit from 3:20-4:05 was especially hilarious. Very creative, intelligent approach that makes those low-seeded ghetto niggas and niggettes sound even more like morons, I hope he sticks with it.

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      • Verbs,

        Yup the products of impoverished single-mama households go on to put women at risk. But I’m sure that point will be lost in the race to castigate all men.

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      • Some things never change. Black females will go for any old Jotaro or Wrecking Ball from the block no matter what the race, but will ignore the brother with a decent job or in the process of getting one because he’s a lame. The barbarity of black hoes, thugs and beta males is on full display for all to see, and as the dating out rate increases expect to see more ready pasty mass shootings and random acts of terror.
        Keep the Wall up guys, SYSBM is unstoppable and not even Massa Moshe can do anything.

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    • Where are the Simp Generals to protect their queens from wild nigger attacks? Will they make videos calling out these deranged beings?

      I will wait. Will they raise money to prosecute and have these devils locked away forever? No the will probably go after some Asian shop owner or brother going on vacation.

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      • Fuck it.
        I’m buying a one way tickets somewhere overseas and I’m not coming back. Rather die on the street of a foreign country than live among niggas.

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  18. @False Flag Fredowitz

    **** that all men noise, I don’t give a shit at this point about other men. Many of them, namely western white men, made their beds, so let em lay in it.

    The issue is the image of black men. I will say, however, why the frick would any woman that isn’t bisexual or a dyke rap? It is VERY unattractive if you ask me.

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  19. I’m sure you guys have heard by now of the Black man who busted the windows of the Asian nail salon because of their “treatment of black women”. Essentially, the same thing that happened at that Asian weave shop a little while ago is repeating itself at this nail salon. I’m just gonna leave this here, but remember guys ” Yu BlaCK MEn don’t StANd up FoR us QUEenz!”

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