Really?? Where Are Your Standards Bruh?

Meanwhile, somewhere in Africa


Linkybaba, where you at bruh, are these the kind of chicks you dudes in Africa are swooning after and seeking marriage from? In marrying any woman she’ll be the one to take on board YOUR last name, however we unfortunately have men especially black men who are still on this feminism/worship the woman nonsense. This is exactly what getting down on one knee signifies, that the woman is over you and as a result she is to be exalted above yourself as the man even though the man at minimum by observing nature itself is supposed to be the head of the woman.

I understand that many of these passport hating Negroes who have managed to get themselves black women have compromised heavily in many areas, the chick above represents your typical black female in 2019 world-wide especially in the US and UK, gutterface, overweight, weave/wig wearing, horror flick type specimens who way overestimate their value in the dating market mainly due to the hoards of simps who are recklessly gassing up the heads of these broads.

Why is the simp upset, the chick looks like a 50 car pile up on the motorway(freeway for my US brothers), he dodged a huge bullet with her rejection, however the simp typically doesn’t see rejection from a group of ugly, failed women as beneficial. See, this is the problem with large swaths of black men, they have been deeply bewitched and conditioned to pursue trash, however at the same time they get extremely jealous whenever they observe free thinking brothers scooping up extremely attractive non black women because unlike us they simply don’t have the courage to break free from the plantation and seek after what is in their best interests.

The massive problem with black women as a collective today is that they aren’t quality women anymore, remember the article I wrote at the beginning of May this year in which I compared black women of today to those from the 1950s and 60s, that article entitled Contrast and Compare can be seen here. In 2019 most westernised black women due to their embrace of feminism coupled with the extra testosterone they carry look like sea monsters from the great deep, I’ll be honest, I know a few attractive black women however outside of them I haven’t seen any for a very long time.

This is another problem that I’ve observed, because many black men have been raised around fat and ugly weave wearing black females for most of their lives, a lot of them unfortunately believe that these in the gutter standards are normal. They look at ugly, fat weave/wig wearing black females and honestly believe that this is the best they can achieve.

Just hanging out with plain Jane looking non black women will snap you out of the black witch’s “accept my weave wearing ugliness” trance, I walk the streets of London everyday and it is getting increasingly difficult to find black women who are attractive and sporting their natural hair. Black men, reject ugly, overweight, weave/wig wearing chicken heads, you don’t have to lower your standards for trash and garbage.

If those black men who still deal with black women demanded better and refuse to cut corners then black women would fix up overnight, however in most cases due to not having any decent standards, self respect and integrity themselves, those same black men have learned to accept things that they should’ve outright rejected. For example I point blank refuse to deal with any chick who chooses to wear the hair of a different race of women on their head, however there are large swaths of black men who regularly accept the dysfunctional and unhygienic weave wearing culture that black women bring to the table.

There is also a contingent of black men roaming about who have accepted fat black females. Again, because black women by trade are lazy and refuse to look after themselves, they have pushed the fat acceptance agenda upon black male society and unfortunately once again there are too many Negroes who are willing to give these fatties a squeeze and a pass. These fat black women have become so brazen now that they are proudly defending their “fatness” in articles like this one:

Addtionally, remember the two part series of articles I wrote back in July 2017 dealing with fat black women moving in to use fat acceptance as well as twerking as their new hustle, those article can be seen below:

Gentlemen, just remember that those black women and their simp underlings who are attempting to shame you back onto the plantation will expect you to deal with black women like in the above video as well as the links I’ve provided. The standards of attractiveness in black female society are way deep in sludge and sewer water, free thinking black men noted this a long time ago and decided to exit the building in order to seek out attractive women elsewhere.

No amount of shaming and Reed Richards, Fantastic 4 ridiculous type reaching by the pro black female simp regiments is going to make us free thinking brethren return to a group of women who have already declared their hatred for the same, you pro black flunkies who continue to denigrate, castigate and besmirch free thinking, passport owning brothers are on your own with your black queanies, BYE!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Fall For The Ugly Fat Acceptance Sorcery

Most High Bless

198 thoughts on “Really?? Where Are Your Standards Bruh?

  1. This is a classic example of how i always say. That BW fuckery is global problem, and there is not many attractive women in Africa when i go to Africa i don’t find many attractive. Too many negros are too thirsty.

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    • Black British Guy,

      As I said many times before at this stage the only women I rate in Africa are those on the horn of the continent, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and any other countries in that particular area.

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    • I said the same a while back. I have yet to meet a African BW here in the US that I have found attractive, but as Verbs pointed out the relatively small amount of African migrants we have in the US are West African.. The ones that I have seen here are either fat, busted, and ugly or not bad physically yet still have the face of a BM.

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    • This is why I shake my head at the notion of finding a foreign black woman because it is a global problem. White supremacy is global so naturally the white man’s most loyal house pets will be found globally.

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      • Would you believe there’s a meme where it suggests if a black man wants a foreign woman, to get a Black one? It showed pictures of African women from several countries, but they looked like the ABW.

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      • LMFAO. Yeah, OK. The fact they still believe they have the right to dictate who a black man MUST date and marry indicates they are no different from Western negresses. Say NO to black women!

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      • That’s fine with me. I make no apologies for the fact my preference is for olive/light brown to copper coloured Latin women or the same complexion middle eastern or east Indian. 😎👍🏿

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  2. African men are some of the biggest simps when i see shit like this it makes African men like me who have standards look bad.

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  3. Freudian analysis warning

    As I’ve said on my narcissist blog, the black child is raised by a violent, overbearing, iron-handed brutal witch. She beats the child into submission so he sees her as a literal god. The “black woman is god” rhetoric comes from that mental and physical subjugation the evil witch deals out.

    SIMPs are still seeking and craving validation from their mothers through other women, and since men validation through sexual intercourse, that’s what they do. This is also where the incest vibe also comes into play – the child wants to merge with the mother.

    Have you noticed all SIMPs are extremely protective of their mothers?

    If only SIMPs were brave enough to face their internal pain and be honest about who dealt them a heavy psychological blow, they could find peace and self respect. But only 5% ever do. It’s deep, agonising, painful shadow work. It’s much easier to look outward for someone to blame… and it’s never the mother.

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    • Michel,

      Was just talking about this yesterday on TPOT’s livestream, there are so many black men walking around mentally wounded from the years of trauma their black mothers subjected them to. It’s exactly what we talked about before, the lack of affection, love and attention most black boys experience leaves a huge void which they later on in life try to fill through sexual conquests.

      These simps need to heal themselves instead of attempting to shame other black men namely free thinking brothers into venturing down the same paths of destruction they are.

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    • “Have you noticed all SIMPs are extremely protective of their mothers? ”

      Wow, bells went off after I saw this statement. Have you ever heard a woman tell you or insinuate that if you “treat your mother bad” you will pass that treatment onto other women? That is how the cycle continues. Women co-sign the abuse of boys especially black boys. I have been with women who defend the mother even after I describe the abuse in detail. So men, be extra careful who you choose.

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      • Do you talk to your woman like you talk to your mother?

        You bash black women you bash your mother?

        and the all-time classic:

        Your mother is black?

        Guess the common denominator…

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      • Thats why a good liberal arts education is so important, ( i dont mean liberal arts college) I mean the traditional sciences of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric.

        They seek to deny the individuality of REAL EXISTENCE and are most desirous to keep you on the mental slavery plantation with general concepts which reduce to mental servitude.

        But Jesus said judge the tree by its fruit. I will leave the reader to deduce which “God” these people really serve.

        The co-sign is real. I have personally seen these women in stores discussing gleefully how they abuse their sons…(while yelling at her daughter). Clearly you have a cult operating.

        Notice how they throw around words like Mother with no context. I mean do you ever hear this demented collective talk about “The Duties of a Mother/Parent”. No accountability and No Standards is their Constitutional Code of Procedure.

        In fact Carnio did an excellent job last week breaking down some of the specifics of their Constitutional Codes and Procedures. I think he gave a good 10-13 point synopsis.

        Predatory Parenting, Cancer, Crab,Crabs in a Barrel, Lunatics, Asheroth worship,Moon children, etc.

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      • Carnio’s Post (Reposted by Request)

        Originally posted by Carnio

        [may be dubbed
        “Foundational Constitutional Principles for the Soviet Socialist Republic of Blackistan Church Religion”]

        Carnio SYSBM Aug 23, 2019 at 10:30
        “Since these heifers have joined the workforce, if they wish to spend a little extra they can at least go Dutch on the final bill.”

        Unfortunately, Verbs, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic of Blackistan, The state religion, which what we all know right now as 4th-wave Feminism, is incompatible with logic and equality. Because you and I own a penis, our existance is simply to redistribute all of our time and resources to Black women and to do it with a smile. This rule of law has been openly approved by it’s church leaders (some call them baptists, some call them Pentacosts etc) and it’s Axis of white power Allanice known as US or ga– I mean A and (Un)Hollywood.

        What this means is, Black women, are such special snowflakes that ALL BLACK MEN :
        – Simps
        – Pyramid headed frying pan african communists
        – Sexually frustrated, Dick-policing Incels (ie Shawn James)
        – Big Black Bubba, 2 Shots, lil’ cheesy, TayShawn etc
        – and of course SYSBM

        MUST serve any black and all black women. and you must do it with a smile on your faces! Any black man who doesn’t kiss the fly infested ass of any black woman after she has taken a fresh dump on the subway is a self-hating cockroach because our mother is black™. You must understand, Verbs, that in the era of the curren law of USSRB, a black man MUST NOT:
        – Use Logic
        – Call out BS when you see it
        – Critize black women for any reason at all
        – Have sex with, talk to or even sneeze in the same direction as a white/Asian woman
        – Be Corny (Speak proper English, be educated, Be well traveled, have an open mind,etc)
        – Look and dress fashionable or at least decent clothing that doesn’t represent the gangster culture,
        – Have or grow up with a father
        – Masculine ( Not the “TOXIC” masuclinity in which murdering, killing and other ciminal behavior that black women get wet over)
        – etc

        other wise you will be charged with “BASHING BLACK WOMEN” and sent to the far east to the Gulags, to which is actually known as the “Church” in where you willneed to find Jebus, where you will be given the Litmist test of your blackness because Your mother is black™1!1!1!!!11!!1!!!

        Fortunatley however, the Knights of SYSBM will continue to de-cancerized the “black thought” from potential thinking black men and remove this virus from thios earth!

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        Anton Nikolaev Aug 23, 2019 at 13:20
        Yes indeed. Though I believe that it’s more of like Nazi Germany in the 30s with all the ethnic Socialism and race power/purity ideology, ya got it right.

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  5. That article about fat black women and healthcare was full of victimology; goes to show that black women don’t care about their health. They’d rather risk dying to get attention than extend their life by proper health and diet practices.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      But according to the pro black female first pundits we’re still supposed to deal with these women who present themselves to us in such an unhealthy condition. No thanks, I’ll pass.

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    • Yep. BW who stay in shape and take care of their bodies have the best bodies in the world IMO (facial features not withstanding). Fat BW (which are the majority in the US) are lazy and unhealthy, they want to shame people into accepting them as beautiful even though most people don’t want to. An example was the fat, weaved up Nigerian chick a while back that was on twitter complaining about BM finding ICE bae attractive.

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  6. I don’t remember who it was that said that at a biological level, most blacks would seem to be unfit for the modern world. I find myself agreeing more and more with this, as I see several of the issues in black America even stronger in DA MUDDALAND!

    Again, from what the white Christian pastors told me, African was this last bastion of Christianity and family values. So, wtf is this stuff? Feminism of the highest order! And fat acceptance out the wazoo. Now, part of the latter is probably how natural obese non mixed black women are. Since these dudes are stuck with these chicks, the simping begins. Just import thousands of Chinese cuties and breed them out.

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    • “I don’t remember who it was that said that at a biological level, most blacks would seem to be unfit for the modern world.”

      On a biological level BM and Asians are the fittest group in the US, I posted an article about it a while back. While every group in the US is getting fatter and sicker BM and Asians were the only two groups avoiding that trend.

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      • Yeah, I agree with you bro. Most black men I see out are thin or clearly workout. Not sure what’s going on with black women, but they refuse to take advice from people who are actually trying to help them. They will have to find their own way in life.

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      • Robert,

        Black women as a collective have turned into decadent lazy slobs, not only don’t they work out but they also eat the worst and unhealthiest foods imaginable.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I believe that was contributor Ken who made that statement and a Tariq Nasheed pro black came here to the site and tried to shame me for mostly agreeing with it. A lot of dude in Africa are simps, large contingents of these women look like feral billy goats and yet these guys will still chase after these chicks.

      He was proposing to the broad knowing full well that she was wearing a wig, what kind of gutter standard is that?

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      • Billy goat GRUFF

        The things that these pro-blacks refuse to deal with is that these non-mixed black chicks are pretty ugly. If the natural phenotype for these chicks is so horrid, and you know that they get prettier the less black they are, why keep breeding with them?

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  7. looool,guys on this forum are funny as hell.U guys dont understand the dynamics of Africa lol.Do u know why the guy decided to propose publicly and why the girl rejected,look at the way the guy reacted violently,he probably wanted to induce the girl to forcefully marry him for reasons best known to him.You guys dnt know how bad nigerian guys can be,if you knew u wud pity the females


    • Linkybaba,

      I know just how bad Nigerian men can be because I know two Nigerian women who split up with their significant others because the men were violent. One of those chicks then had the cheek to roll in my direction afterward with her two children en tow expecting me to perform clean up services. Of course she quickly found out that my occupation was and still is NOT to be a janitor for her mess or anybody else’s for that matter.

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    • Now see why Nigerian women come to America and chase us men. I also see why they’d be marrying outside of their race and banging Asian dudes. Even though some of their family may be against it, they could care less . They don’t have much to work with. This illiterate dude with lack of comprehension is a great example. Some of the African women I’ve dated have told me about stereotypes that this guy fit into, I’m thinking that these women are just you know, talking s*** and trying to deflect from their dirt, and not take responsibility. I guess not. They have to work with African man like this one who don’t have the guts to hold his women accountable (even though those women are loyal to the upper-class Nigerians, and they have no problem telling you that. But I digress) and basically says stuff to them to try to get laid. And these women do say that these guys say that to get their attention or to get in their pants, too. and the women think that they’re Hypocrites cuz some of these guys messed with non black women. Ijs

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  8. this commenters are so idiotic ,God no wonder western blacks are the way they are,so self hating,AFRICA as so much food that literally half of it goes to waste,pple eat fucking alot,we are not impoverished,you guys dont know anything,nigerian men look beyound beauty before marrying.You guys are so obsessed with Africa women fucking foreign men,men in Africa dont give a damn,u guys reek of idious inferiority complex


    • Self-hating?
      First off, nobody said All Nigerian or African women. I have dated and am dating a brown skin Ethiopian-Ugandan college student now. We’re talking about a specific type of woman. You cannot be this f****** dense.
      We’re not Nigerian fool. Your ancestors, if they weren’t slaves themselves, sold us to f****** Europeans. You got the gall to call us self haters? We wouldn’t be in this situation wasn’t for your selfish, arrogant , pretentious ancestors. You call that loyalty?

      It’s not our fault that the upper class of your Society uses you like peasants. While they make them and their families and Legacies richer working with the Chinese. That’s nothing new in your history . Duh! We are not a part of you. You don’t get to lay claim over us like you used to back in the slavery days, claiming self-hate like you’re a BW.

      Just for that I should go f*** this Nigerian chick that’s on my homeboys FB friends list. But I’ve been seeing someone so I ain’t going to do her like that, LOL!

      Stop projecting! You the one worrying about who African women f*** . And it’s obvious you have a inferiority complex. (Dumbass don’t even know how to use the word). We don’t give a f*** about who they f******. How many times does that have to be said. But you supposed to be smarter than us? FOH

      You just keep making it easier for me to go out with your women, if I want. And then send them back to you after they “sow their oats.” In fact, I just saw my Facebook feed two weekends ago that a Nigerian cutie, who I used to smash, got married to some Nigerian dude. If he only knew when we did, and how she love to role-play LOL! she was track athlete while in college, so she kept her body right. The Nigerian women definitely don’t mind getting a little freak with some of us, but they will marry a native to say face in their family. Game recognize game.

      No disrespect to any other Nigerian descendants, I just get sick of some of them being pretentious when they talk s*** when they’re not even respected in their own Society.

      At least Ghana apologize so to speak

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  9. This African women that you deride as ugly,you guys dont know what they sometimes have gone through with us,many women have endured shit,helped their men,sacrificed for their men in so many ways,life is beyond beauty,many so called beautiful white or whatever women will not go through the shit or endure the shit African women do with their men,many African women have done alot for their men,you wouldnt imagine the shit they go through here,its not just about being slim,sexy and beautiful


  10. We are the only race on Earth where the men are more handsome than the women are pretty. I mean look at that dude compared to that hair-hatted Sigmund the Sea Monster he tried to propose to, he could get a woman of any race.

    I see these ugly African women out and about, who manage to be fat no matter how impoverished the land is where they come from, and wonder if back the day, they were top-of-the-line in their villages before television came to Africa and their men got to see what non-African women actually looked like. Or that first generation got to go to the West, tasted the fruits, and never came back.

    The plot twist is that African chicks who look like something are spreading their cheeks for white boys only.

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    • They ROASTED this chick on twitter, so bad that she had to lock her accounts. She was twerking and popping her ass and vagina on video while waving an American flag (even though she is Nigerian), pregnant, and doing it all in front of a WM like it was a strip club or something. Yet ANOTHER example of why we don’t need anymore African immigrants, we have enough dysfunction in the US black community without importing more.

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    • You gotta….. why am I even shocked at this point?

      Of course black women aren’t victims of white racism: as Tommy Sotomayor says, they’re the right hand of it!

      This chick was twerking with this dusty, flabby dude. Again, notice that they will open their muskhole to any ol white guy off of the street, but a black man has to HARD or at least visibly rich to even get a smile.

      These chicks BREATHE colonialism, and yet have the nerve to talk about black Americans! I’m with James, **** these Africans, at least the women, as they are the most self hating savages imaginable. No wonder why Europe is getting tired of them.

      Again, we probably need more outright racism from whites, as too many self hating negroes, namely bedwenches, would then be forced to clean up their act.


      Notice that she said her HUSBAND’s people, btw. ****ing whore

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      • I’m seriously starting to wonder if Nigerian BW are actually worse than US BW. The skin bleaching and self hate with the Nigerian chicks seems to be on another level. The Nigerian men seem to be ok for the most part, but like you pointed out the Nigerian women though……………………….

        As far as Africans in Europe goes, African migrants are fueling the rise of the right in Europe. They could possibly be responsible for far right governments slowly taking hold in the EU. In their defense Europe does owe Africa for all of the resources that were stolen over the years, a Marshall plan for parts of Africa funded by the EU could possibly be a good thing for both sides, but the EU would have to get past the corruption in Africa for it to work properly.

        The US on the other hand doesn’t owe Africa anything. A lot of African immigrants trying to justify their presence in the US try to say that they come here because the US stole resources from Africa. lol The “resources” the US got from Africa were our ancestors, slaves, and most of the were not stolen, they were SOLD by other Africans, this is a reality that a lot of Africans don’t like to discuss. As far as resources the Chinese, Indians, and Russians aren’t having trouble making money, starting businesses, and finding resources in Africa, but if you listen to some of these African immigrants they make it sound like Europe took EVERYTHING. lol

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      • Those Africans have some damn nerve talking about what the colonizers took (like it’s Black Freaking Panther) when they chastise American blacks for making excuses. Meanwhile, they are getting raped as we speak by China and Russia TODAY, yet do nothing.

        Nigerian Women are some of the worst I’ve ever seen, ugly ones, too. Get ya hoes, Verbs! Lol, they YOUR cousins.

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    • I applaud it and I hope the trend becomes universal. Black women need to stick with the white man. They are both scum and I’m glad it is not a black child that will suffer the indignity of emerging from that commode known as the black womb.

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    • Also, as you said, we are the only men who actually look a lot better and more comely than the women.

      People need to be more honest about this, it’s one of the big reasons why no one wants to date black women.

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    • Shorty Fist,

      These West, central and southern African chicks are the worst when it comes down to licking the muddy boots of Mr Euro, of course grounded simps like Linkybaba will still continue to defend these types of women to the hilt.

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  11. Verbs 2015.

    That African women in that video look like a ugly ass baboon with a wig on her head. I am so glad that I don’t date black women as a childfree black man at 37, because they all look the same to me as there is no diversity amongst black women because they all want to copy each other by look fake from head to toe especially in the streets of London and throughout the world. I will never lower my dating standards to get with a ugly woman because in that case I rather stay single than get with a ugly woman just for the sake of being in a relationship. These black simps need to raise their dating standards because they can attract almost any race of women that they want if they break out of the black womens trance and travel the world.

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  12. Pro black simps and black women are already up in arms about the rapper named Young Jeezy dating the Asian chick tv host named Jeannie Mai..

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    • Pathetic. Black women certainly are delusional beasts. At least he won’t lose all his money like he would if he were with a black female.

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      • Verbs,

        In America black hoes expect us black male voters to just gloss over the bedwenchery of Kamala Harris and her whole white step-family. If Obama had come on the scene with a white chick back in 2004, he’d be Law Professor Obama, not Ex-President Obama.

        Gays and matriarchal simps are the only ones falling for Kamala.

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  13. I noticed a while back what seems to be a trend of men-and not just black men but men altogether-pursuing fat, chubby, frumpy dumpy women with the misconception that “2s, 3s and 4s” will somehow love them better because they are rejects and the scrapings of the sexual market place. Nothing could be further from the truth. In my experience, you are likely to be treated better by a supremely attractive non-black woman (I mean model caliber) than you are by anything less than a “7”, especially in the West. No black woman period will treat you as you expect to be treated as a black man so they should be ruled out altogether. Even the dusty Negroes should jump ship. Maybe then their confidence levels will increase and they will feel better about themselves and improve themselves.
    Obsidian said something interesting on his last livestream. He said that most successful people have wives. That isn’t to say you need one to be successful but it got me thinking about why there are so few successful and rich black males. With other races, they have the benefit of proper women who actually help them build from the ground up because all non-black woman have a history of sticking by their men even in cases of extreme poverty and even colonization. The black women is the physical property of the white man and his most loyal house pet. It has been that way long before the slave trade and this is well documented. So the black man really has no woman and that includes family members. The black man has no mother, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. This is my explanation as to why whenever you do see successful and rich black men, nine times out of ten they are married to non-black women.
    This is my explanation for why the concept of marrying and breeding with black women is so absurd. It is like a slave union in which there will always be the white master to oversee the relationship and make sure the union and the resulting family will be brought up serving white supremacy through their own dysfunction. You will basically be in a threesome with white men if you engage with a black female. This has literally been my experience.
    I say the black woman and the white man deserve each other because they are both the scum of humanity and their union will hopefully result in them both being bred out. I don’t like white women at all because I think pale skin is disgusting but I 100% support brothers who do date and marry them for no other reason than the fact they are helping to breed out white men. Black men need to start seeing their worth. You are a threat and society wants to keep you at the bottom, impoverished, and accepting of slave scraps for a reason. It is because you are truly the superior being and non-black women know this but in many cases can’t express it to the potential dangers they are in with their own low-testosterone, inherently beta and homosexual male counterparts. Black men need to stop thinking like slaves believing they should be happy with (as King Sigma brilliantly put) substandard women that are assigned to them. This socially engineered black female was assigned to you, black man, by white supremacy.

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  14. Man, just looking at black women today, I hate to break it, but I don’t see black women as women anymore. All I see is a bunch of savages on me. I am very lucky to have standards because for people to tell me to lower my standards and soften up, they need to get out more and be around different people. For black men that be jealous of other brothas that scooping up non black women or mixed women, they need a reality check because not everybody is gonna live in a box. I just wish more and more black men would start having standards and quit trying to accept 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s all the time. If somebody would’ve try to hook me up with a woman that’s not attractive to me because “she’s nice”, the answer will be hell no, because my standards are freakin high. Like for me, I look at it both ways, is she both physically and mentally attractive, not just one thing. I don’t accept a girl just because she’s nice, I don’t do that.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      I had several blind dates in my younger years, not one of these chicks turned out to be attractive. Eventually I started turning blind dates down because I pretty much knew at that point that the women I was being set up with would look like sea monsters. Like I said to Shawn James yesterday, the range of attractive black women to choose from in these modern times is in the sewer works. I too refuse to settle for a chick who has a nice personality but who has the look of a ninja turtle 🐢.

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    • These insecure negros like to put their failures on all black men.With this recent uptick in dick policing from these simps I believe a lot of these guys failed at sysbm and are trying to put that failure and insecurity on brothers that were successfully at sysbm

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        He failure to build anything substantial so far is already a serious blemish on his image and reputation. We free thinking brothers are the ones who have accepted the truth and moved on, James unfortunately is still living in the 1980s.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Haha what a loser. Funny how he can dick police brothers when his own life is a shambles, broke and living with mama at 50. Black men aren’t defeated, but he is. Meanwhile I was in London 2 weeks ago and am typing this from another European city. I’m a “Passport Bro” and you can be too. Fuck Shawn James. He should get his money up before poppin’ all that lip.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      As mentioned before, it is typically those shouting the loudest about rebuilding the community who are the usual suspects engaging in the least amount of work. A strong black community begins with having strong black families, that is the core NOT the infrastructure, that comes afterwards.

      Therefore when Shawn James lands himself a black queanie then I’ll begin to take him seriously on his claim to want to rebuild black society. James and the rest of the black empowerment pundits want to go about the process of rebuilding backwards.

      Liked by 5 people

  15. You see black men from Africa can’t get a African woman who natural hair. These women are wearing nothing but weave in their head. Its goanna be difficult for black men to look for a natural black women and I know that black natural women are around but now its goanna be in small numbers. And black men start to think that they might as well date outside their race because they will not deal with this weave crap. And the weave on black women smell mouldy. Smh!

    Liked by 7 people

    • Very true. As a African born in the UK. Most of my female relatives in Africa are weaved up. Finding a bw without weave is like catching lightning in a bottle

      Liked by 7 people

      • Yes indeed. Black men built Western Europe and Africa and look at the disgrace 100 something years after WW1.

        The old guys knew what they were doing when they warned us to keep the slave owners on the plantation and avoid excessive debt as well as AstroTurf movements such as Socialism and Feminism.

        Looking at these beta males and self righteousness champagne socialists fighting each other on the streets and being a nuisance to decent society, we can see that the old guys’ worst fears have become a reality.

        Keep the Wall up guys, black women and white men sold out to Shlomo, Fredowitz and Hanselstein on the slave market and now that these dudes have abandoned them for migrants and refugees they want white women and black men to clean up the mess.

        They can stay with the plantation owner they love so much, slavery ended in 1838, for Christ’s sake.

        Liked by 5 people


        A BW will fight a black man tooth and nail for her right to wear wigs and weave, but that exact same bitch will gladly go natural to appear more slave-like to her white lord and master.

        Liked by 7 people

    • “And the weave on black women smell mouldy. Smh!”

      They are walking around with hair clippings from another woman glued to their scalp, it probably does stink. Combine that with the fact that weave is expensive and so they probably leave it in longer than it should be in. There was a video of BW in Kenya pulling weave out of garbage dumps, washing them in buckets, and wearing/selling them.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Pathetic. From ruling Europe and Africa to this. Look at the EU with all these barbarians and ethno nat fools making a mockery of Western African civilization and tell me if this would have happened if the likes of Von Slatcher were still in charge and hadn’t been genocided by WW1 which that bastard Trotsky started, just so he could spread his toxic fascism to the world.

        Pro wacks,white supremacists, black hoes and Neocons are a disgrace to civilization and should be treated as such.

        Liked by 3 people

      • James SYSBM,

        I’ve had several experiences walking past black women wearing either weaves or wigs and in the majority of cases the smell was foul. This is exactly what happens when you don’t wash your hair for months and additionally don’t allow air to the scalp. These women are done, it’s a clean wrap.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Money Cultural,

      Trying to find an attractive black female with natural hair who’s in shape, feminine and submissive is the proverbial needle in the haystack mission. Black women embracing the artificial Becky wannabe look has made them look even more repulsive and ugly. If you want to increase your chances of finding an attractive female you must look outside of black female society, that’s the truth that the pro black female flunkies point blank refuse to accept.

      Liked by 5 people

      • @verbs
        Believe it or not, the only black female I’ve ever seen in my life that actually fit that description was a 60+ year old black female I worked with once! She looked like she was in her 30s or 40s. She looked better at 60+ than most sheboons of my generation do in their 20s. Not an ounce of fat on her body, natural hair, copper coloured skin, in shape and nice and feminine to a fault. And she was still dating at her age! 😮😄

        Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve dated several West African chicks in the weave academic five years ago wasn’t too bad. It’s gotten worse. If not at American levels yet in my opinion, but if you want to be with a African woman, particularly from West or Central or even parts of southern Africa, you got about 5 to 10 years top before that weave epidemic hits critical mass. Eastern Africa is The Sweet Spot. North Africa is second. Not necessarily because of the mixed bloodline.

      Because it has less of a Western influence than other parts of the continent, especially West Africa. They have, for the most part, maintain their traditional culture; especially Ethiopia.
      But we don’t want to talk about that.

      Liked by 4 people

  16. Hahaha, serves the black hoes and racist white males right. Let them stay on the Great House with Massa Moshe and Head Chopper Mohammed, if they want Chattel to cut the cane they can get it from all these migrants they have as slaves.

    No janitors round here.

    Liked by 4 people

  17. Linkybaba is just simping hard like Shawn James, Tyrone Thompson, Clifton Rainey, Money Woodgrain, etc. Black men have no lost focus of what they are doing now because they have become simpletons and they defending these good for nothing heifty ghetto ratchet women who have weave in their hair and have children with one, five, ten or fifteen children with different men and most of the worthless gutter women are single mothers and the simps love single mothers.
    Have a blessid weekend!

    Liked by 7 people

    • Indeed. The simps are no different from Marx who sold out the Ancien Regime for money, Churchill the traitor who helped blow up the Lusiantia, and the three stooges Luxemburg, Hitler and Trotsky who helped give fascism and Communism the kick start they needed.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Yes indeed. Blacks foolishly kept to fascism instead of focusing on rebuilding and ensuring Lil Sleazy, Massa Moshe and Talmudist Ted could never hurt anyone ever again.

        As a result we have Nazis fighting for power and Communists rioting in the streets, a reputation of criminals and thugs due to the likes of Six Shot Slim and Shady B from the block sponsored by your usual suspects, our continents destroyed by uncontrolled migration and race power over common sense and a demoralized population distracted by amusements and popularity with whatever vestiges of culture remaining removed or destroyed by ignorant spoiled brats who frankly need a ass whooping and stern discipline.

        Liked by 6 people

  18. Reposted: New Measure for Simps and Dick Police

    Proposed Measure: Keep them on the Issue of Marriage

    In light of all of thew new attacks against FREEDOM and SELF DETERMINATION and BASIC RIGHTS OF MEN (men and woman included), I hereby propose the implementation of the following measure for those who seek to undermine and subvert these basic rights. These individuals and collectives are commonly known by names, monikers, and brands such as “simp” “dick police” “witches” “warlocks” and other relevant identifiers.

    Standard #1. Keep these individuals on the issue of marriage and let them go no further.

    Example: “So how many queens are you willing to marry RIGHT NOW?” “In the next 5 years?” “What is your limit ?” “If you were paid extra would this number increase?” “Why has not Tyrone attempted to marry you” etc.

    Standard #2 Never let them leave that issue.

    Monogamous marriage should not be an issue for them anyway since they are descendant from the ancient yadadada, As far as I know only modern European Christianity proscribed a limit and as they say “that is the whyt man religion”. and therefore

    Standard #3 (If married or with one woman) When will you pick up another queen to add to your family, or Why not? These women need you to step up the plate and build. We might call this the Polite Standard. Cite Historical Precedents if you feel the need to.

    Standard #4 Where are your mental health centers, family centers, cultural development centers, Charm and Etiquette schools, Baby Development centers, Independent Family Protection agencies, etc. What is your current timeline to build such facilities? How much are you willing to invest today? How much are you saving toward building such facilities? And so forth.

    Keep them to task at all times! Practice what you preach! Lead by Example! And show you are down with your own program and talking points and not just simping for pussy and social currency.

    or STFU

    Liked by 7 people

    • 🤣 🤣 🤣
      “if you want an image of the future, imagine a stiletto standing on the face of a simp forever” -O’Brien. (Two-Thousand-and-Nineteen by George Orwell)

      Liked by 4 people

  19. This is going to be off topic.
    Free mic wensday is just too far away..


    I watched the live stream with Verbs, Obsidian and King Sigma. I may have missed exactly what King Sigma said a bit about how that loads of black women are joining witch craft. I never pay attention to stuff like this because I NEVER mess with that stuff . It’s NO joke.

    This just in, a black women who apperantly was in a zombie like state and tried to canabalize a white guy.

    WTF?! Like really? This is on some whole new level of insanity! They are trying to eat people!!! The hell man!

    Is there like a wave of demons possessing black women as of late? I mean it just does not go any deeper in insanity! These women are truly evil beings!

    I don’t even think mentally ill people would do something like this !! This witch craft stuff is some serious business! You will NOT hear or see me promoting Any black magic, witchcraft, Wicca, voodoo or any supernatural stuff! These women openly invite evil spirits in their life and low and behold they become possessed and do crazy things! Dancing naked at a public place, now acting biting people?!

    It’s probably the reason why so many of them go full on lesbian and incestic.

    Liked by 7 people

    • These chicks are sick in the head, or maybe demonically possessed. And of course it was a dark skinned BW named “Tasheena”. Listen to the simps with the camera telling the Arab driver “Don’t hit her man”. SMDH Keep the Wall up, stuff like this will become more common as the Wall grows.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Yare Yare Daze. Black women love the dark arts and occultic works, no wonder they behave in such a manner. Leave the lifting of oil tankers and road rollers to DIO Brando, Bart Jotaro Simpson-Kujo and Clark Kent aka Kal El.

      These guys know what to do with these stuff, no janitors round here guys.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Women as a whole are demon possessed and likewise simps but the black woman is the devil. If we want to believe she is the first woman, then she is THAT Eve who sold out to the devil the minute she was created. That’s why there is no such thing to me as a good black woman.

      Liked by 4 people

    • @Carnio

      Might be mentally ill, but might also be trying to qualify for some type of government benefit such as a disability payment.

      Liked by 4 people

  20. Also could wait til Wednesday:

    More dangerous bastardlings. Again, I thought black didn’t crack? That damn demonic boy is eight years younger than me and looks like he could be my older brother.

    Y’all think colorism is an issue now? Just wait til the ONLY black people that non-blacks want around are El Debarge types, all because the black QUEENS need a willing regiment of savages to go out and act a fool.

    And look at his name. Smh….

    Liked by 6 people

    • “Just wait til the ONLY black people that non-blacks want around are El Debarge types, all because the black QUEENS need a willing regiment of savages to go out and act a fool.”

      I was thinking that today in respect to BW. In the various stores that I was today all of the models and ads that were on the walls either had a WW, AW, or a fair skinned/tan woman (Latin, bright skinned BW, mixed BW), NO dark skinned BW. Seriously I didn’t see one dark skinned BW in any of their ads. We have reached the beginning of the dark skinned, fat, ghetto named, “underclass” that no one will want around.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Pathetic. I told this would start happening in the West if Slim Jim and False Flag Fredowitz were not kicked off the block and the likes of Slum Lord Shlomo and Head Chopper Mohammed removed from position of power. In Jamaica we have bands of up to 20 men roaming the streets with military grade weaponry just looking for someone to kill, the cops had to start covering up how many guns and drugs they were finding due to how frequently these busts were occuring. And we can thank Messers Castro and George Schref with their street mobs, dope dealing and terror groups for this madness which puts the most dastardly mass shooting to shame.

      Modern liberalism is a joke and needs to go down the drain quickly or else we all disappear with it.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Ooh the irony. As I stated in my article, the plantation owners still view us black men and white women as field slaves and domestic servants. They want black males to be the clean up man and keep on supporting this failed race power ideology that has done nothing to help our plight, act like fools so they can fill up the private prisons and maintain the broken families needed for globalism to work.

        Neocons and Progressives also view black men as slaves but in a different manner. They want to keep us weak and sniveling so they can maintain their racism industrial complex and whine on their echo chamber sites about problems they helped create.

        Thinking black men recognize these propaganda mind tricks and stay far away from them as possible.

        No janitors round here, if Moskolvitch and Frezwinstein want slaves they can get some from all the refugees and immigrants they exploit.

        Liked by 4 people

  21. You guys remember our hero Left Hook Harry? I came across this Twitter post regarding him. This couldn’t wait until Open Mic Wednesday.
    If you watch the clip, they don’t show that feral pack of Sheniquas taunting him and pushing him around, just the Left Hook of Justice. The video does however show this little black hoe squaring off on a grown-ass man. Of course that’s glossed over in favor of insta-outrage.
    Apparently he had to pay a $200 fine. Money well spent if you ask me. I love it.

    Liked by 6 people

    • BW squat out bastard kids like it ain’t nothing and give them all kinds of crazy names, because they don’t gaf about their kids. Their kids are just a gov check to them, this poor kids mom named him Demon, yes, you read that right:

      As I have always said, dark skin, ghetto name, = the new permanent black underclass. I feel bad for these kids because you cant pick your family, and many black children born to black single mothers are almost destined for failure given the conditions they are raised in.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Imagine his mother yelling at one of his games, “That’s my Demon!”; to make matters worse, the page stated his cousin’s name is Jadeveon. SYSBM or nothing!

        Liked by 3 people

      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        It goes back to what we’ve been saying before about black women deliberately jinxing their children from the rip by giving them some of the dumbest names known to man.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. Another L for BW and to no surprise the “model” in this ad is Nigerian. I posted above that I was wondering if Nigerian women were worse than BW, I am no longer wondering. The tweet has Nigerian women defending this mess and white people laughing at it. Dark skinned, fat, and masculine BW are desperate to make people think they are attractive. Imagine having to see this on you commute everyday, this will make people even more disgusted by BW. This also gives me even more reason to be anti-immigration:

    Keep the Wall up, but if BW keep getting fatter and they keep importing more from West Africa we may end up need multiple Walls.

    Liked by 6 people

  23. Black women are now ridiculing and talking s#!& about Albert Haynesworth (the NFL player who when accused of rape by a BA claimed he “Didn’t even like black girls”) as he has some serious health issues. I love how the commenters are acting as if he is asking black women specifically. It’s funny how black women are so strong yet they get so offended by the statement of one black male athlete. Just goes to show you how insecure and weak they truly are.

    Liked by 5 people

  24. All i can say is that you guys are totally misinformed about nigerian women or about Africa generally,until you see things yourself you will remain ignorant,true generally speaking nigerian/african women are not as decent,feminine as they used to be,but there are genuine reasons for those and the men arent better either,Also,African cultural restrictions and norms that enforced conditioned behaviour from women as been let go by Africans,there is hardly any cultural oblligation of women anymore,especially young single women,women are so free now in Africa,there are good and negative sides to it,example whoredom and prostitution as sky rocketed in Africa,this explains the so called chinese dicking down you guys talk about,you guys dont know that there is a lot of prostitution in Africa especially nigeria,at every street,you can find whorehouses everywere,while lots of young girls, are semiprostitutes,there is a culture of pay for sex in Africa,anyman with money be chinese irish or finish can fuck any number of girls he wants,you just have to have the money and its being tolerated by men who are the beneficiaries,most of the girls you think chinese are fucking are prostitutes,and its not as exagerated as the internet will have you guys believe,apparently you guys focus so much on the negatives,i find it difficult to go into details when i post,i dnt know about blackwomen in the west but if you talking about African/nigerian women you have to be careful,they go through a whole lot,its not easy for them,they are actually trying,most of the negative attitudes you see from them in most cases is due to pent up fustration,they are rebelling.Even weave wearing ,bleaching stuffs are mostly done to please and appease men .many women have been raped and molested from childhood,rape and pedophila is massive in nigeria.lastly you guys are thoroughly misinformed on chinas activities and about Africans in general,Africans and Africa is improving massively,but the world isnt noticing,,it will come as a shocker to the world


    • linkybaba — “…massively…” It seems like many Nigerian women are getting massive in matters of weight. ————- Perhaps 10% of the Nigerians are eating 50% of the food. —— Meanwhile many Nigerians do not get enough to eat.

      Liked by 2 people

      • most nigerians that you think do not get enough food are the dregs of the society,the lowest of the lows,mostly in the northern part of the country or those who are not earning enough or are not being paid their wages,which is quite common here,but its not due to lack or non availability of food but in nigeria unlike the west,were there is a social cushion like food stamps etc,over here if you dont have money you are fucked,nobody gives a damn about you.


    • @linkybab

      Sounds rough. I personally have not had problems with women from African nations, Western or Eastern. They have not violated or antagonized me. That being said the bleaching is a sad epidemic. It looks terrible in many cases. The weave is also excessive, but hey that is their personal choice. I do not recall getting bad customer service from them. But they way SOME of them treat their children is pretty bad.

      That being said @linkybaba what are you doing to help your fellow Nigerian women? Any plans to open up a women’s shelter or adopt some youth?

      Liked by 2 people

    • Shorty Fist,

      These are the unstable black sirens that Reverend Shawn James wants us to build with, smh. How is the dude recording telling the Uber driver not to hit the feral beast, I would’ve put the witch to sleep. This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, how violent women SHOULD NOT be tolerated under any circumstances because by you refusing to take action, they feed even deeper into the violent spirit and emotion.

      Certain contingents of men have to snap out of these “deer caught in the headlights” moments whenever they encounter a violent woman, mens have every right to defend themselves from such feral hogs.

      Liked by 1 person

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