How Black Women Abuse, Brutalise, Traumatise And Sexualise Black Children


Firstly, African women especially from the west and the south of the continent are some of the most brutal and barbaric monsters and savages I have ever come across, they show their children absolutely no compassion whatsoever and just like black women from other parts of the globe they always feel the need to instil fear, intimidate, enact violence and bully their children in order to feel “in charge”.

Yet the pro black/black first pundits would have you believe that it is possible to form a union with such women even though it is clearly evident that black women as a collective absolutely hate black children. This is an international hatred of black children, this isn’t just limited to black women in the US as I explained in Negro Wars.

How many times have we seen black women beating and bashing in the heads of their black children, many more than we can count. Where are the so called “good black women” speaking out against this type of behaviour, nowhere to be found. Remember back in November 2016, that black wench who ejected her young son out of the house because he voted for Trump in a mock election held at his school, who rightfully reported her backside to the authorities? NOT black women.

Again, here are some photos taken at various pro life rallies, if black women care so much about children then why are they never found at any of these marches and if by chance there are black females in attendance, they aren’t even registering as a blip on the radar because their numbers are so small and insignificant:

Yep, black women are no where to be found but if you head down to your local abortion clinic, you’ll find these black females lining up around the block ready to snuff out the life of an innocent black child, smh. Where are the pro black/black first pundits when it comes down to these issues? Why is it that these bootlickers are the ones attempting to discourage us from dating out, yet the same women they love to say “don’t know the black man’s struggle” are the very ones putting their lives on the line for children that aren’t even of the same heritage as themselves?

Again, these women above are marching for the lives of children from all ethnicities especially those of the black persuasion because black children are the ones being assassinated the most. Again, maybe I’m missing something here as I haven’t seen black women get involved in any type of marches or events in relation to the protection of children both inside the womb and without.

Abortion is one of the giant pink elephants in the room that the #blacklove #problack #blackfirst point blank refuse to deal with because they don’t have the courage to put their queanies under the spotlight. Another issue here in relation to black women’s hatred for black children is the fact that they are chasing after white men for their seed in order to give birth to the mixed race children that they really love.

Look at the Jewish maths professor out of New York, one Mr Ari Nagel, the overwhelming majority of his clients are black women and by the way black women from around the world are lining up to get their hands on this guy’s seed, not just black women in the US. Notice the likes of D32018 aka Bootlicker and Goat Boy aka Taz Exclusives are quiet as church mice when it comes down to these black sirens chasing down Mr Euro for his sperm.

This has to be one of the top reasons as to why thinking black men CANNOT form coalitions and families with your average black female, black men in general care about the lives of black children, black women on the other side of the coin do not. Again, when was the last time you witnessed a black female standing up for the lives of children both inside the womb as well as out, I’ll wait?

You can now understand why there are so many black men walking around with mental health issues, being raised by this modern day black female and having to endure day after day of psychological trauma as well as mental and physical abuse can really take its toll on a black man’s mind if he doesn’t know how to decontaminate himself from the sorcery, abuse and shake off the years of witchcraft the black siren has been slamming into his mind.

The other videos speak for themselves and show you the damage that black women willingly inflict upon the youth. Twerking with a young boy and simulating sex with him, really? Most of these boys that grow up in single mother households are turned out by the depraved black women who live around or have close contact with them. Don’t believe for a second that black men are the number one abusers of children in black society, it’s black women plus they are the ones who have almost 100% access to these youngsters under most circumstances.

Then there’s the other video of the daughter trying to explain to her black mother that her live in boyfriend is sexually molesting her but the mother isn’t interested in the slightest because Two Snacks/6 Pack/Shifty Sizzler/Field Mouse/Trap House Jim no doubt is giving her that “good dick”. The dumb mother even went as far as to accuse the daughter of wanting the boyfriend for herself, and these are the women that we are expected to date, marry and procreate with? No thanks, I’ll pass. You guys can give your takes on the other vids, they speak for themselves.

Most abusers of children are women not men, this is the inconvenient truth that the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about because it goes directly against the feminism/victimhood protocol. In this Western system it is so easy to constantly paint men as the abusers/the bad guys in the three quarter length trench coats standing outside parks and schools attempting to lure young children away with a bag of pick n mix sweets, however because of this false image the real prolific abusers of children(women) are able to slip through the net because the system is set up to where they’ll most likely never be questioned or looked upon with suspicion.

Gentlemen, don’t ever implant your seed into these wicked black females, NEVER, they simply aren’t deserving of it. There are plenty of non black women to choose from who will value you, the children you produce with them and not hold a grudge against them, choose them instead. So called “black love” and “black unity” is dead and black women were the ones who killed it when they decided to exchange a man in the home for government, its temporary benefits as well as the edicts and tenets of feminism.

Finally, this is why people like myself continue to talk about black women, because black women are still actively engaging in destructive and damaging activities against their own people especially the youth. This is why I cannot understand why certain black men would state that we should no longer talk about black women and move on with our lives, that can only and will only happen when black women STOP engaging in destructive behaviour against black folks.

How can you possibly move on from a group who is actively waging war against you? Are black women still aborting children at an alarming rate, YES. Are black women still physically, emotionally, sexually, verbally, mentally and spiritually abusing black children, YES. Are black women still disparaging heterosexual free thinking black men, YES.

Are black women still using their white father’s arm of feminism to inflict pain, suffering and misery upon the very community they claim to love and care about, YES. Are black women still using the system against black fathers, YES. Are black women still demonstrating monumental hypocrisy when it comes down to interracial dating, YES.

Are black women still walking around talking about culture appropriation while at the same time wearing the hair of non black females upon their heads, YES. Are black women still openly engaging in ultra violent behaviour, YES. Lastly, do most of us black men still have to interact with black women in some way, shape or form, YES.

This is my whole point, the only way that you can truly “move on” from black women is if you live in a country or an area where their population is extremely low to non existent. Don’t listen to these guys telling you to “move on” from black women knowing full well that you personally still have to deal with them in some capacity.

Those who use the words “move on” in terms of black women really mean giving the black witch even more room to continue her skullduggery, mark those who engage in such language and give them an extremely wide berth as they clearly work on behalf of the daggle and they mean you no good. In 2019 despite all of the evidence being laid out unfortunately we have large swaths of black men who still believe that black women are their friends, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Is The Black Man’s Salvation

Most High Bless

160 thoughts on “How Black Women Abuse, Brutalise, Traumatise And Sexualise Black Children

      • 12 in the afternoon British time?

        Interesting, I usually get notifications of your articles being posted around 4-5 CST in the morning; I work 3rd shift at my job.

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  1. Again, I’ll say this: whatever spurious comments you have against white women (they have no ass, their skin ages fast, they’re albinos etc…) they know how to look after and raise their children with the utmost care.

    I challenge @d1ckh3d and @Goat Fucker and anybody else to put together EIGHT videos online showing white women whipping, punching, abusing and simulating sex acts on their children. I’ll wait…

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    • Michel,

      Those stereotypes that the pro black/black first pundits rattle off aren’t even valid in this day and age, as we’ve discussed before modern day white women have evolved far beyond those 1970s and 80s depictions. It makes me laugh how they say the white man is the devil along side his woman, yet the “devil” white woman is the one who cares more about black children than the black witches hurling these empty accusations, smh.

      I don’t see white women as a collective brutalising, abusing and sexualising their children like the black witch and those few white women who do engage in such malevolent practices are immediately shunned by white female society, not embraced.

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      • Say what you want to about Barack Obama, but it took a White woman to raise him (the first “black” U.S. President).

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    • I can’t argue with you there. White women even take better care of black children than black women do. The best “mothers” I’ve ever had were two white babysitters I had when I was small. It was a white woman who saved that child from those silverback pavement apes fighting at Disney World. Black women are biological anomalies. Nowhere in the animal kingdom exists a female of a species this indifferent to her offspring.

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    • Not to mention the feminization of black boys . Now I know why my Uncle took us boys away from the women in the house and we just talked and did manly things like shine our shoes . I’m not a shrink but I’ve been around a long time and women IMHO were never meant to be head of household

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      • Knutz,

        Preach. My uncle and step-grandfather used to take me fishing and taught me how to clean fish. My other uncle taught me about jazz. My dad taught me how to make my bed and clean up behind myself. By the time my dad left, I already had a good foundation. These poor black boys today in single babymama homes don’t stand a chance.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I just watched the second video that you uploaded, and I am fucking discusted on how the black women beat her baby son really badly, poor baby. My step mum who is African used to beat me bad if I didn’t do well at school or if I got bad grades in secondary school because we all know that African women and black women in general place so much emphasis on getting good grades in gcses, a levels and degrees and if you don’t achieve those qualifications especially if a are a black boy/black man then you are a loser for life. The funny thing is that when it came to other races of kids that me and my step mum knew about who were mucking about at school and getting into trouble and going through their teenager problems, my mum always, always made excuses for them saying things like that kid is going through a rough time in their life, but my step mum always wanted me to be perfect and not make any mistakes in life and be a good boy, in other words I am not allowed to be human and be a normal teenager and even my step mums ex boyfriend who is white was also on my case on do well in school even though I hated school because I wasn’t naturally academic like everyone else. It’s only a few months ago that my step mum finally admitted that she put way too much pressure on me to do well in education and she realised that everyone learns differently and in their own pace and I think to myself it’s 23 years too late because I achieved 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees without her help. I can never ever procreate with a black women because she will treat my kid the same way black women in general treat their kids by beating them and instill fear into them and I am not into that shit because black women in general make the worst parents on the planet. If I do have kids it’s gonna be with a non black women because they know how to be better mothers, wives and girlfriends and I always wanted to have mixed race kids because I want them to have a much easier life than I did because mixed race people in general aren’t seen as a big threat to society as much as black people are especially black men.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      African women can be some of the worst individuals when it comes down to raising black children, everywhere you look and see black women raising black children in the overwhelming majority of cases it is in a violent and dysfunctional manner. Yet despite the evidence laid out here you’ll have some black men who will have the audacity to claim that black women as a collective are still “a catch”. Exactly how are any of the above women quality?

      A long time ago I had to face the fact that black women were goners and that my highest chances of finding a decent woman lay with expanding upon my dating options. Men of any race naturally desire their own female counterparts first, however in the case of black women because they are a complete basket case destined for damnation, thinking black men at least have faced up to the truth and realised that at this stage dealing with non black females is a far safer, more viable and sustainable option.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. In the streets of London almost every part of London I go when comes to black mothers with their young kids I always see them beating their kids in front of people without any decoram and it’s no wonder why black kids in general grow up with such mental issues and hatred towards their black mothers especially as they get older and I really do feel sorry for black children these days.

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  3. Dumb and brainwashed niggers and nigeresses slaves should not have rights to children period. And I type that out of anger of seeing children being abused and I also acknowledge that those women were omce children and were probably abused in the same way. Either way it has to end at some point.

    Utterly ridiculous. And fuck the evil simps who condone this bullshit cult ritual abuse, they are even worse.

    That is all. Dirty ass culture needs to go extinct for it is not fit for this planet. Pure mental insanity.

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    • Lurker,

      Don’t feel that you have to restrict yourself in how you express yourself sir, this is a free speech platform for thinking brothers. The simps reflect exactly the same corrupt and evil mindset as the black witch, hence why they too must be shunned and cut off. Neither the black witch nor her simp flunkies take the daily ritualistic abuse of black children seriously which as far as I am concerned is a major problem.

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  4. Ive Said it before and ill say it again, i really think the biggest issue with black behavior Especially Black women lies deeper than any social or economic issues, i truly beleive it is indeed mostly genetic. The West/Central/South African Negro is indeed way far behind the rest of the world in nearly every category besides sports and entertainment, i truly believe the modern Matrix that requires learning, good life choices, responsibilty, Adapating to New Environments and applying knowledge is something that goes against the Genes of the Negro. In other words, most blacks are not smart enough or diciplined enough to lead the new world or compete in the fields that create social, economic, and political progress. The black Woman is simply a product of a Archiac race that has not evolved into a more civilized world, she is only behaving in the ways her limited brain allows. The Nanny state and western social order of feminism only brings out the worst in her already savage Nature. Black women are nearly always 20 to 30 seconds away from animal brain instincts, they can only delay it for a short time before their true Nature rears its head. It takes intelligence to make good breeding choices, problem solve, learn from mistakes, take responsibilty, respect others, think ahead, reason and common sense. Being a female already puts women behind in these areas, being a black woman makes it far worse when you couple thier already strong and savage Nature with no male authority to keep her balanced and in line. I am not suprised by the black woman anymore, i understand in the end she should not be expected to live up to modern Standards of civility and proper behavior. In the end of course there are some exceptions but the percentage is to low to push for any real change, this is the same with blacks in general, this is why most Areas where blacks are the Majority, living and behavior standards are below those of other races.

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    • Ken,

      I personally think that the overwhelming majority of black women are inherently evil and thus the forces of darkness have no problems utilising them for their malevolent bidding. I do also agree that there are many black folks who simply aren’t cut out for the Matrix though at the same time it has to be acknowledged that the Matrix itself is artificial and thus under circumstances where other more natural options are available realistically ought to be outright rejected. The bottom line for the thinking black man is to minimise their contact with these women as much as possible and to NOT impregnate them under any circumstances.

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    • I truly believe that you’re on to something. I will say that at the very least, black men need to depart from black women, namely in Africa. Notice how much better black men with literally ANY other group of women as a mate, and how much better the families end up.

      Why do you think I say #breedthemout? Most black people at a genetic level are not compatible with either Western AND EASTERN modern society, nor the facsimile of it that will be imposed upon them as da muddaland is recolonized.

      The best thing to do that black men can physically control is to dessert the QUEEN and marry/mate with non-black women, creating a new bloodline.

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      • Man just this morning a black man woke up and I had to smile . His hispanic female friend came yesterday and took him to a concert she paid for her own drinks and food meanwhile the black woman he financed a car for only comes to see him when she’s broke and hungry . This morning he said the hell with this crap or something to that effect . There is so much truth on this page I just shake my head

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    • This is one of the reasons why Black America is not ready for eugenics. Deep down, the ilks of Black America know they are wrong for their dysfunctional behaviors. But rather than take accountability and own up to changing their ways for thr betterment of the collective, Black America would rather play the victim mentality and just everything and everyone for their dysfunctions. Eugenics also scares them because it means a lot of them would not be allowed to pass their genes on to the next generation, eliminating them from spreading their corruption.

      But Black America is indirectly being bred out as we speak. With a lot of brothers either dating out or vowing to remain fatherless for the rest of their lives, Black America is starting to be divided into 3 groups, with the dregs of modern Black America slowly becoming a class of Untouchables. Black women, and the dysfunctional males that worship them, have no one to blame but themselves for the underclass position they are starting to be put into.

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      • I’ve seen it for myself . Preaching like you mean it . It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my assessment of dark people

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    • I think this evolutionary psychology explanation has some merit, but in looking at ultimate causes we must go to metaphysics and spiritual factors. In the end nature is the result of divine activity and truth. What I derive from these references is simply that there can be a STEEP PRICE for wrong living and if this wrong living is ritually and habitually passed on then you would have sickness of the genetic level that is being passed on.

      One may also review the subject area called “Epi-genetics” for more modern and scientific information on how decision making can affect genetic trait activation intra life and on to the next generation. Epigenetic manipulation is how they can from regular wild rats, lab rats suitable for laboratory purposes and research.

      A few Holy Books give some insight on this condition:

      Exodus 34: 6-7
      “the LORD passed in front of Moses and called out: “The LORD, the LORD God (Al or El Yhwh), is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in loving devotion and faithfulness, 7maintaining loving devotion to a thousand generations, forgiving iniquity, transgression, and sin. Yet He will by no means excuse the guilty; He will visit the iniquity of the fathers on their children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.”

      Surah 5:60

      “60. Shall I tell thee of a worse (case) than theirs for retribution with Allah? Worse (is the
      case of him) whom Allah hath cursed, him on whom His wrath hath fallen! Worse is he of
      whose sort Allah hath turned some to APES and SWINE, and who serveth idols. Such are in
      worse plight and further astray from the plain road.”

      In all reality, I can not fathom what sicknesses of the heart and mind would cause a people to be so recalcitrant against repenting and striving to do good. I could not fathom rationalizing doing bad…even after it is clear that it is not working just because some negro leader guys and the local deviants tell me “its ok”. I dunno man I wonder if some of them have lost control over their will in some form or fashion. Because who in their right mind could be so committed to obvious failure.

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    • Three questions for Ken and the black men who co-signed his statement above:

      1. How is what you wrote different from the beliefs of white supremacists? Point it out.
      2. If what you say is true, shouldn’t nonblack women shun you guys as completely as you shun black women? After all, if what you say is true, you carry inferiority in your genes, correct?
      3. Is there anything wrong with black women clamoring for the Sperminator’s seed (as mentioned earlier in the replies), given that black men’s seed is inferior?

      No disrespect intended. I’m just asking you to expand on your mindset and world view for all the people who might stumble across this site.


      • Youseemmentallyweak,

        1. Just because words come out of the mouths of white supremacists, it doesn’t mean that some of what they’re saying isn’t true(based upon the current circumstances they themselves created). The dysfunctional Negro is an example of an individual that has been crafted from a specific environment that has been built by these same white supremacists. Ken I’m sure was referring to black folks in general terms, there are always exceptions to the rule, the thinking black man being the exception in the case listed above, a contingent of black folks that don’t fit the dysfunctional demographic.

        2. Again, those black men who choose to reject the dysfunctional matriarchal religion that black women expect all of black society to cleave to and worship are already demonstrating their superiority over the rest of the group. The inferior genes are clearly possessed by those unproductive black men who wallow in dysfunction, reprobate behaviours and feel comfortable in doing so, not those who rail against such decadent practices and recognise them to be non productive garbage. Non black women recognise quality from the trash, hence why in the overwhelming majority of cases they’ll scoop up quality black men.

        Non black women must reject the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Lil Cheezy and Chunky Bruh as these are the unproductive black males within black society, however those non black females who don’t have a problem dealing with black men should accept the responsible hard working, educated, intelligent, forward thinking brothers as they’ve already been doing.

        3. The black man’s seed is NOT inferior, now I would agree that unfortunately we have contingents of inferior black men along side inferior black women who are engaging in most of the breeding within black society which isn’t good. It is obvious to me that the black man’s seed is the most superior and robust on the planet, hence why these same white supremacists are trying their utmost to reduce the black population.

        We have the least amount of spending power on the planet and yet we’re still seen as a threat to these dudes, it seems to me that there is something more to this than money and the particular black male who is viewed as the biggest threat by the black female as well as her white lord and saviour is the heterosexual free thinking black man.

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      • Verbs,

        You’re weak. You’re dancing around what the white supremacist said, spinning and rationalizing.


        “i truly believe the modern Matrix that requires learning, good life choices, responsibilty, Adapating to New Environments and applying knowledge is something that goes against the Genes of the Negro. In other words, most blacks are not smart enough or diciplined enough to lead the new world or compete in the fields that create social, economic, and political progress. The black Woman is simply a product of a Archiac race ”

        … is the exact opposite of this:

        “It is obvious to me that the black man’s seed is the most superior and robust on the planet, hence why these same white supremacists are trying their utmost to reduce the black population.”

        … and you’re lying to yourself if you try to claim otherwise.

        You should set yourself straight. If you’re in bed with white supremacy, you’re no better than the women you talk shit about. In fact, you’re worse, because as a man you’re supposed to be stronger than that.

        When you cosign with white supremacists like that you’re nothing but their BITCH. At least the women remain women when they’re letting zaddy fuck them up the ass. You, on the other hand, can no longer call yourself a man when you bitch out like that. Repent.


      • Youseemmentallyweak,

        I had a feeling you’d return and attempt to gas light some foolishness, you have the audacity to claim that I’m not being a strong man, yet you couldn’t even be honest with the true ulterior motives behind your questioning. You pro black/black first pundits are a bunch of idiots, anybody who doesn’t bow down to the sacred cow ie the black witch and the dysfunction that comes with her is automatically aligned with white supremacy, this is the level of your intelligence.

        The first quote you posted wasn’t even made by myself, why don’t you draw quotes from MY RESPONSE to Ken? Again, as I stated before it is obvious that there are certain contingents of black folks who don’t fit the dysfunctional demographic, you can see this for yourself. In bed with white supremacy how, because I despise dysfunctional women and because I refuse to cosign the rampant dysfunctional behaviour that is rife throughout black society, is that your logic?

        That “daddy” term you got from Tariq Nasheed, he doesn’t even live around black folks because he himself knows that the overwhelming majority of black folks aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm. Point to things that I’VE said directly that supposedly align me with white supremacy, don’t quote one person over here and then take something I’ve said and attempt to merge the two. Nice try though.

        If you’re a black man and you don’t feel that there is anything wrong with black women then YOU stick with them, enjoy yourself, however don’t come here and attempt to dick police thinking brothers, you won’t get far at all. Not liking the dregs of black male society as well as scumbag black females does not equate to cosigning white supremacists, where do you knuckleheads get off?

        Your quote:

        “No disrespect intended. I’m just asking you to expand on your mindset and world view for all the people who might stumble across this site”.

        Now we know that this statement was a pile of garbage, though I had a feeling that you were disingenuous from the start I was still curious as to what direction you were going in.

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      • Yeah but you cosigned that guy’s statement. There’s no defending that. Period.

        You’re a black man who calls all your ancestors (and your progeny, if you ever have any) genetically inferior.

        Does it get deeper than that? And now you’re doubling down.

        Face it — there’s no defending that, and no excusing that. You cosigned.

        That’s the definition of WEAK.

        Picture yourself with that white supremacists’ foot on your neck. Psychologically, that’s exactly where you are.


        They’ll call your kids “low IQ” and declare that their kids are better than your kids — and you cosign.

        They say their grandparents are superior to your grandparents — and you cosign.

        Read Ken’s statement again and answer the following question honestly:

        Do you cosign?

        (Watch him ignore the question ^^^… )


      • Pro Black Mentally Weak Drone,

        If you’re as intelligent as you’re trying to make out then you would’ve dived straight into deconstructing Ken’s position instead of pathetically attempting to shame and make us feel guilty about cosigning it. Who is the weak one again? Calling black men who don’t cosign the dysfunction of the modern day black female as well as the community she’s almost completely ruined white supremacist supporters isn’t anything new, you pro black/black first pundits and advocates have been doing this forever.

        Your black community is “broken”, I would suggest that you get round to fixing it ASAP instead of going back and forth online with individuals you feel support the same white supremacist infrastructure that you claim to be fighting against, where is the “intelligence” in that? All the best.

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      • Me: “Watch him ignore the question.”
        Him: **crickets**

        Stop being stupid enough to cosign white-supremacists. That way, you don’t corner yourself like a mental weakling.

        I know you feel inferior to white people, but please don’t project that onto the rest of us.


      • Youseemmentallyweak,

        I have an even better suggestion. Stop trying to converse with black men you feel are cosigning white supremacy, that way you’re not holding yourself back from fixing the black community you believe in. I never stated that I personally feel inferior to anybody, however getting into that discussion would be wasting more of your time as you’ve got a community to repair.

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      • You are a descendant of Africans. Yet you cosigned the following:

        “The West/Central/South African Negro is indeed way far behind the rest of the world in nearly every category besides sports and entertainment, i truly believe the modern Matrix that requires learning, good life choices, responsibilty, Adapating to New Environments and applying knowledge is something that goes against the Genes of the Negro. In other words, most blacks are not smart enough or diciplined enough to lead the new world or compete in the fields that create social, economic, and political progress. The black Woman is simply a product of a Archiac race that has not evolved into a more civilized world, she is only behaving in the ways her limited brain allows. ”

        …That is an endorsement of the superiority of nonblack people as a collective.

        The fact that you don’t have the intellect to see that, or the ethics to admit that you’re wrong in cosigning it, is evidence of your PERSONAL inferiority.

        And since presumptuousness is pretty much synonymous for STUPIDITY, your presuming that I’m “problack” or whatever is evidence of your stupidity.

        FACT — the nazi who wrote the quote above is INFERIOR, and needs the societal “head start” and birthright privilege in order to compete with SUPERIOR BLACK MEN.

        FACT — YOU are an INFERIOR SPECIMEN, in that you can be maneuvered into shitting on your own ancestry and progeny — people who suffered so that you can live — while you side with white supremacists who want nothing more than to wipe you from the earth.

        FACT — You argue like a BITCH, continuing even when you KNOW you’re wrong. At least the other cosigners had the good sense to simply not respond when I called them out for cosigning this nazi weakling.

        The spiritual realm is real. Repent!


    • I agree with you there Mr Ken. The only thing I will add or slightly disagree with is that it is not in the DNA of black women to be evil. Black women CHOOSE to be evil. They KNOW EXACTLY what they are doing and they simply enjoy every last minute of it and then commentate their horrendous actions as though their children are prey for hunting sports. They blow their bugles or phones etc. (like those fox hunting nut cases) to their blood thirsty, nasty female friends and relatives, following the brutal attacks etc. and be rewarded for their unspeakable violence towards their children with pats on their backs and egging each other on, or worst still, comparisons with how violent one was with a child compared to how violent another woman was with their own child and so on. Women like that also encourage others to beat their children in their absence, hence when if a child perhaps has done something wrong but only something completely minor or in most cases, nothing at all, hence many people saying that they got beaten by their teacher, then their neighbour, then their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and finally their mothers etc. all in one day………….most African mothers like brother Verbs said, are sadistic savages…………………they will never change and it is too distressing. Look at every video that was shown on this. Those women need to be dealt with by The Most High……………I am still in tears for those beautiful innocent children. God bless those precious children’s souls…………………… All the very best and please stay safe and continue life peacefully and joyfully, well away from that evilness. God bless!

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    • David Carroll said that black people lack the entrepreneurship gene and as a result they are completely dependent on other races for everything but sports and entertainment. There are obviously exceptions to this rule but the new age can’t sustain primitive thinking and acting people.

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  5. Notice how most of these BW in the clips are single mothers. Single mothers raise fucked up children who become demons look at the black community. I think all single mothers should have their children took off them especially BW and be sterililised. The Black children who who raise by single mothers are going to be so fucked up this is why there is so much crime and dyfunction in the Negro community.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Single mothers are the worst with black single mothers being at the top of the list. It’s very rare to have quality youngsters come out of single mother households, most turn out to be devil spawn because they have been raised in such a fashion by their savage matriarchs.

      Most black women are so mentally fragged that they honestly believe physical abuse is equal to physical chastisement. These chicks have no maternal instincts whatsoever, thus how can any black man build a solid family with them?

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    • I’d say, if they are on any form of government assistance and become pregnant again, they have two options

      1. Have the kid and keep it, but lose any government subsidies, or

      2. Stay on government assistance, BUT give the kid to a family IMMEDIATELY after giving birth and subsequently being sterilized.

      That’ll cut the faucet right there, as most would rather stay on assistance.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        As Quincy Fitzpatrick would say, I completely agree with you bro. These sirens need to be shut down right at the source and we all know that most black women love money over their children.

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  6. Even though i don’t want children I can’t stand child abuse I’m all for beating kids when they need it but there is a very fine line. The way that African witch was slapping her boy he could have had brain damage people forget that very young children are very fragile. And that black boy dry humping that BW i’m not even suprised noticed it was carribean music. Nothing suprises me anymore

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  7. Those daycare videos brought back some memories of a daycare I used to go to as a boy growing up in New York; Black women ran daycares are hells on earth for children.

    That video of the 16 year old daughter is the most infuriating thing in this post to me; that mother’s boyfriend is a simp turned predator. This is the selfish nature of the Black witch; she would sacrifice the safety of her own seed for some DNA (Dick N Attention).

    The fact that she’d even accuse her daughter of such a thing shows how Black mothers are in constant competition with their daughters; kudos to the daughter for filming that encounter.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women want their children to be tainted because they don’t want to be outshone by them, hence why they allow 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce to go into their daughters rooms to do what they do best. Non black mothers typically push for their children to do better than they did, not the black witch though.

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  8. Just remember that these black women only want the alpha male. I had an big black woman tell me that she likes them hood dudes and is a single mother of four. I told her that I’m not interested.


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    • “I had a big black woman tell me that she likes them hood dudes and is a single mother of four. I told her that I’m not interested.”

      Where exactly do you be coming in contact with these beasts? Hahaha.

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  9. [speaking on the recent Disney world toon town fiasco]

    “Black woman you cant even take care of your kids…white woman has to take care of your kids for you”

    -Dr. David Carroll

    That statement should be appended to the last verse of the Bible because it’s the absolute truth.

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  10. After watching them videos, I’m just extremely disgusted with single black mothers. If I ever had kids (which I may or may not Idk cuz it’s expensive to raise a kid), it will definitely not be with a black woman, especially an Black American Woman. Since new technology is out, and if law enforcement catch this of what the black women is doing to their kids, they would’ve had their kids tooking away in a heartbeat. As of this point, black women lost their place to be anything, and no wonder why they getting replace left and right. I remember when I was a teenager, my mom told me when I grow up, bring home some black babies, some chocolate and light skin babies, and I look at my mom with a confused face and in my head I was like, is my mom prejudice or something? Please believe me, I’m not putting my seed in one of these black women at all because black women are officially the least desired women on this planet and there’s just too many problems with them, and it’s just bad for my health to be even dealing with them. These black women can bullying and shame people all they want too, but at the end of the day, they really lost respect in all places and lost attraction. The black women in America is not attracted to me anymore, I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with it.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Black women grow worse by the day yet we’ll still have black men coming out of the woodwork talking that “but these be our queens though” garbage. Just look at this stuff, it isn’t even hard to find because black women are the very ones putting this material out on social media for the entire world to see. But the likes of Cynthia G, Chrissie, Madame Logicbomb, Christelyn Karazin, Simone 56 and the rest of that ilk refuse to talk about these savages but are instead quick to put thinking black men in their mouths because we choose to date out.

      Like I said before black women as a group are a basket case headed for damnation, leave them alone and the simps who worship them to face their judgement by themselves, who am I to interfere with the Most High’s recompense?

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  11. Absolute truth!! Another great truth article!! As a totality, black women are the most insecure, unstable, self-centered people on this earth. They feel they’re the greatest thing since the wheel, yet they treat everyone like they’re the scum of the earth. These bootlickers will follow them like mindless, gutless wimps while thinking black men like myself will never date them. I mentioned it to friends of mine since I was a child that they’re bossy. They want everything their way, but they’re the laziest people on this planet.

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    • Anthonym78,

      They point blank refuse to address their own faults but instead choose to project their many shortfalls and failures onto thinking black men, the very individuals they’ve made clear they want nothing to do with outside of wanting us to “step up” and perform the duties of janitors for them once the hard realities of single motherhood begin to kick in. They’ve got a whole army of simps to syphon resources from. Black women should harass them and leave thinking brothers alone. WE ARE NOT JANITORS.

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  12. Verbs 2015,

    Yes the modern Black woman in the west is being used by the Masters of the Matrix to destroy black Manhood, morals, future generations, feed Gov and Private institutions and Political parties who capitolise off of never ending black failure and dysfunction. Of course the end goal is Race war and increased Totalitarian Gov Policies and Police/surveillance state that will lead to less freedom and open oppression of the masses and eventually open Eugenics. This has also Spawned the RIC(Racism Industrial Complex) fueled by Gov think tanks, Liberal Media, SJW and special interest groups who make money and help engineer society by claiming oppression of blacks, more Marxist Policies, Egalitarianism, indoctrination instead of education, limiting freedom of speech, limiting free market/economic solutions, and massive Government dependency on everything. But even without all this, the black woman is ill equipped to be in any leadership position, she is engineered to Breed to much, is short sighted, primitive in her thoughts and actions, and would need to be heavilly monitored in any situation. I indeed beleive the souls that tend to possesses black womens bodies are indeed in a lower state of awarness of themselves and the world they live in, black women have become perfect vessels for a level of consciousness that is regressive and not alligned with the positive universal forces that can improve the human condition. Of course we all can learn and grow, maybe if black women were in another matrix or one with Nature and less distractions they could help be a example of positive human potential. Sadly in this Matrix they are far from that with Few exceptions

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  13. As Verbs stated, these African and Caribbean women are the most abusive on the PLANET. They are also the most likely to use God or some damned religion as justification. Hmmm…. didn’t the white man use to do the same thing?

    Most black men were sexually initiated at young ass ages by their mothers, aunts, sisters, step moms, grandmas, and baby sitters. This needs to be brought up more, and black women need to join their zaddy as the face of child molestation. How the hell was the one chick pretending to get her back beat out not arrested?

    Notice how they speak around children, but then have to gall to get mad when their kids “act grown”. What do you expect? You discuss things that kids shouldn’t hear, in an especially inappropriate fashion, and then wonder why they’re repeating it.

    As stated time and time again, #breedthemout. I predict that in the next couple of generations in the west, non-mixed blacks will be the untouchable caste, permanent underclass of blacks. Bet on it!

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    • “As Verbs stated, these African and Caribbean women are the most abusive on the PLANET. They are also the most likely to use God or some damned religion as justification.”

      That is so true, it’s not even funny; I can tell you from experience how true that is. I personally have nothing against God or religion, but the way they try to work religion into secular or civil matters makes it impossible to reason with them sometimes; this is why I no longer discuss certain things with my mom, for I can predict her response before she even responds.

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      • @Blue Collar Trevor

        I think that is precisely why they do it, so that the light of reason can not reach them. Indeed is pointless to “discuss” things with individuals who have some warped religious applications. Communication involves “a meeting of the minds” and that alone says enough.

        What is even more amazing is how they will avoid the plan application of God’s word, like when you have a problem to go deal with the person you have the problem with directly and in a good hearted manner, not with scorn and anger. Also not gossiping, backbiting, etc. loving on another, not being impartial in judgment, yeaaaaa all that good and practical stuff that seems to be overlooked.

        Romans 2:23-24

        23You who boast in the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? 24As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the nations because of you.”

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      • @Blue Collar Trevor
        I see what you mean. Predicting their responses is like predicting the weather… when it’s already raining cats and dogs.

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  14. It’s been well documented at this point that black women by and large are the worst stewards of children. I personally blame the court system for allowing children to stay in these horrible situations under the ridiculous belief that the mother is the best custodial parent. As I was watching these bitches abuse their children, it occurred to me that women in general, black women in particular, are the biggest hypocrites and most self serving whores on earth. These are the same bitches who with a straight face will tell the world that “any man who hits a woman is a coward”. “He’s stronger than her and should be able to show some restraint”. I find it funny how they never seem to apply that same logic to themselves in regards to these babies. It’s one thing to spank a child on their butts. It’s a whole different dynamic to slap them in the face, throw them to the ground by their shirt collar and step on their heads. And it’s downright pathetic that a mother could be so starved for dick and attention that she would refute her own daughter’s claim of being molested without investigating.

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    • Míster Perfect,

      Black women are the perfect candidates who advertise themselves as the type of women NOT to get with, are we really that surprised that more and more black men are choosing to give these chicks a wide berth? This reminds me of another article I wrote at the beginning of this year in which I showcased yet another black harpy going full ham on her son because this is what these black female savages know and do best:

      As I stated in Negro Wars black women are bullies by trade, this is one of many reasons why they cannot relate to or communicate with their children on any level outside of abuse, they view the likes of attention, affection, love, dialogue, showing compassion and understanding towards their children as somehow being “weak”. As Afrofuturism1 continues to say, breed them out, they simply aren’t a requirement in order for black men to continue their legacy and family tree.

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      • Absolutely, brother. And I know you have a smattering of simps, whores and their apologists who like to lurk on this platform. So with your blessing and on behalf of every like minded brother here, I’d like to offer a big fat “FUCK YOU” to every single one of those punks. Don’t come here complaining about hate speech against black women and thugs when their degeneracy in abundance is what provides the material. There’s no way in fucking hell that any of these videos can be justified or excused. So take your pro black queen rhetoric and stick it up your asses.

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    • @Mister Perfect

      Exactly!!! How can that miscultured group say men hitting women is bad, but allow the woman to knock the living decency and mental aptitude out of CHILDREN which includes young girls.Imagine hitting grown women is bad, but hitting weak (and other abuses) and defenseless young women is okay? What in the fucking Animal Farm is that doublespeak bullshit. Not in this century.

      Since when do moral people divide evil into biological sex designation? That is most certainly a false dichotomy. Evil is Evil. Ill intent is Ill intent.

      Zero logic. These people are straight idiots and demon worshipers. Is your soul worth a lil worn out vagina? I think not. These simps would not even be accepted by eunuchs.

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  15. Those videos are……
    very difficult to watch.
    The rage regarding the treatment of those precious gifts (children) consumes me….
    I’m at a loss of words…

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  16. That 3rd video really did something to me. Yes, the other videos were bad, but that one really pissed me off. How the hell are you gonna threaten your child after they just told you your boyfriend was molesting them? Someone needs to call CPS. Hopefully that young girl can heal from that drama, and not end up going down the wrong path.

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    • Robert,

      You have to understand that black women as a collective have become inherently wicked, they want their children to be abused and molested, this is how their satanic minds work. Unlike non black mothers black women don’t seek to keep their children pure and protected, they instead seek to get them contaminated as early as possible. Again, black women don’t want the best for their children as they don’t want to be outshone by them, sad and disgusting at the same time.

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  17. I’m reading Verbs article, and we have all read so many great articles from Verbs. We get the news footage from Kid Organic, Brian Solange, Tommy S etc. No mattter how dysfunctional the succubae presents herself, you are supposed to accept these broken women.

    BM are FORCED by circumstances in the Western cesspool to seek feminine, attractive, and cooperative women wherever they can be found on the planet. Yet, you got- Shawn James, that many of us supported now joining the Dick Police Patrols

    There is a blatant conspiracy of Black misandrists allied against seeing free thinking BM ever be happy. It is so disappointing and baffling to see the number of BM that hate free thinking BM; whom want to see free thinking BM suffer in misery as they suffer in misery.

    I’ll say it again, and I’m going to keep saying it; free thinking BM have no friends, at best we have allies.

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    • “Don’t know why my comment didn’t post”

      Hate to say it, but dude legit does look like Frankenstein. Add that together with his very obvious insecurities and personal failures, and you see why he is where he is, and why he wants to keep other brothas from going farther.

      Don’t use your personal faults and failures (which were probably self inflicted) to dissuade others from succeeding. Like I said, these older simps have many times ruined their own lives, and typically can’t even really blame anyone else for their choices, so now they project like a damn movie theater. Misery loves company, so this dude and his white male counterparts are inviting you to their pity party, and hoping to God that you bring snacks.

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      • @Afro You nailed it.

        A lot of these dudes project their own insecurities and self-imposed limited outlook on free thinking Black men. It is one of the specific reasons, I tell Black men to ‘do you’ – fuck the collective. Shawn hasn’t even been to any of the nations that passport bros frequent; likely hasn’t even been out of his region of the USA but he is ‘objective’ and ‘thinking critically’ about the life of passport bros.

        This was an bad look for Shawn James, and I hope free thinking BM are wise enough to steer clear of this limited thinking and perspective. However, I’m sure the Black misandrists and their White masters will love this video.

        It reminds me of those slaves on the plantations that discouraged the runaways from fleeing…

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    • King Sigma,

      More and more black men who we thought were on our side are beginning to come out of the woodwork and show their true colours. I didn’t even know about Shawn James and his new dick policing stance until contributor Mack G brought it to my attention. This is very disappointing from him, obviously these black sirens have slowly been working their magic on his mind.

      This is exactly why I say division is a good thing when dealing with a dysfunctional society as then at least you know who is who. Only a fool would discourage black men from travelling which at it’s first point of call is all about escaping the Matrix and getting in much needed rest and relaxation from work and the daily rat race.

      If quality black women were in abundance then I could understand such a stance to a degree, however black women as a collective are clearly bogged down deep in the sewer but yet the dude still expects us to deal with them? No thanks, I’ll pass.


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      • @Verbs Honestly, I am shocked by this Shawn James hit piece on Passport Bros and SYBM. Kiri Jones completed a response vid to this non-sense:
        As you said, division is a GOOD thing and I hear you and MOT constantly making those points. There has to be a certain entry level and basic standards for access to certain groups and associations. For me, if you are hell bent on dick policing other Black men – stay far away from me.
        What stood out in the Shawn James video, is the fact that he was talking about a subject he has no first hand knowledge of. Furthermore, he was speaking on the success and failures of the relationships of men he has never met or spoken to. Yet, where is the proof for his successful relationships with American women – especially the ABW?
        Why not hold up his own successful relationships with American Black women that BM can aspire to replicate? I asked the same question of Mr. Pro-Black – Jason Black or Umar Johnson, etc.; whom promote the greatness of American Black Women but neither has found the time to marry one in their middle age.
        So, this Hotep Communist rhetoric rarely matches the reality of the western mating cesspool. As we learned from Brother Polight, sexual communism for THEE but SYBM for me…

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      • “More and more black men who we thought were on our side are beginning to come out of the woodwork and show their true colours.”

        On that note, back in the early days of MGTOW and the online gender wars there was a saying, “Many MGTOW are only one blowjob away from being a simp.” This is still true, a lot of guys who claim to be SYSBM would turn simp the minute some hoodrat gave him some sex.

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      • “This is exactly why I say division is a good thing when dealing with a dysfunctional society as then at least you know who is who.”

        EXACTLY. We need MORE separation in the black community, not unity as many of the pro-blacks used to say. I don’t want to be unified with the dead weight that makes up a large part of the black community. A healthy dose of “elitism” would do us good and move us forward as a community. Like TBA said in one of his old but good videos, everyone has a right to speak, but we messed up when we started letting ghetto blacks and dumb people in general believe that they had a right to be heard. Now we have a sea of stupid that the remaining intelligent and functional blacks are drowning in, and its time for us to get out of the pool.

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    • He’s just like obsidian, they talk shit to black men who date out and go SYSBM. Problem with Shawn is that he has not had a job in over 25 years and live with mom for over 40 in the NYC. Shawn is an omega male who hates beta males because he has to answer to them.

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      • @Robert C. You make several good points. Its the “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO’ standard that afflicts many victims of the gynocracy. I have told Shawn several times that he keeps attacking Beta males, when beta males are far less the problem than Gammas and Omega males. And I use the hierarchical tree of Alpha/Sigma/Higher Beta/Lower Beta/Gamma/and Omegas.

        The Beta male pays the price for his simping because his class represents the hardest workers in a system. Whereas the Gammas are clueless and the Omegas are potentially violent.

        That makes since that Shawn keeps attacking Beta males based on the info you provided, because you are correct – Omegas and Gammas do have to answer to Beta males…

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      • Wait…. dude has not worked for over 25 years? So this guy who is trying to give life advice has not worked since I was born? Wtf?!!!!!!!!

        If he were making legit money on YouTube, that’d be one thing. Nope, dude is just a capital L LOSER!

        That’s the problem with guys like this. They will call others simps and cucks when they are the biggest ones.

        He’d fit right in with our very successful friends, the incels.

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      • When I was still listening to Obsidian, he was taking about how Shawn James has not worked in 10 years.

        I had no idea it was DOUBLE that…!

        If this is true, then it means that the last time this bum had a job, I was in the FIRST grade in elementary school (year 2 of primary school for our British friends).

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      • That’s really funny. This guy hasn’t had a job before I was born. That’s 3 years before I was born. Truly pathetic I’ll say.

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      • Facts. I am out of work at the moment (trying to become self-employed as I am done with employers) but I will go out and mow lawns for money if it came down to that. 25 years out of the workforce is retirement. I just find it funny he criticizes people on welfare while having his hand out for donations.

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    • Wow, talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I actually had some respect for Shawn James and even bought some of his comic books to show support for a brother. But now that he came out with this video, sad to say but I can’t support him anymore. And he is one of those older negros who just won’t date out, or his social skills are too poor for him to successfully date out.

      This is yet again, one more reason to only be associated with like-minded brothers who are true practitioners of SYSBM. SYSBM is not for every brother, and negros like Shawn James will just get left behind. At least he has no children at all, so I at least tip my hat to him not contributing to create more spawns of the Black American Matriarchy. But outside of that, he can stay on his side of the fence and let brothers like us continue to travel around the world.

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      • @Sigma Jones Trust me, there are few as shocked as me. I have been a supporter of Shawn James since last year and didn’t see this sort of attack and propaganda against SYBM and Passport Bros coming.

        These dudes even the free thinking BM that refuses to bow to their toothless demands to stay on the plantation and be miserable alongside them in AmeriKanda.

        Still, its good to see people’s true beliefs about things because its better to know now than later. What distrubs me about his video, is that many like you and I supported this dude when he couldn’t afford a new computer or phone. There was no reason to make a dick policing video against the free association of free thinking BM unless you are a Hotep Communist, white supremacist, Black misandrist or jealous cat.

        I’ve been saying #FixbyExit #SYBM this whole time. You are correct connect with like-minded brothas and leave this hating dudes far behind.

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      • Shawn James is not being very smart with this one. He just fucked his money up and for what? Black women? Really? He alienated a sizeable chunk of his fanbase and potential revenue stream over black women? HAHAHA There really is something missing in the brains of most negroes. I myself was about to buy two of his books this week but there’s no way I wanna hear about any “Man Crisis” from someone who panders to women, uses female talking points, complains about women being the death of the “black Manosphere” while making women moderators on his livestrems, etc. He is just another hustler in the black community. Sales must not be doing so well so, like Daniel Bryan of the WWE, he’s turned full heel. He’s yet another negro with that pastor complex who loves to give advice while being a living embodiment of the failure of said advice.

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    • I never did subscribe to Shawn James on YouTube, although I did enjoy some of what I saw on his channel; now, I can’t support him at all because he flashed his dick police badge. There’s a reason why I quote Ra’s Al Ghul and Bane on theatricality and deception being “powerful agents to the uninitiated”; Shawn utilized this art when he used A$AP Rocky and Bakari Henderson (even Emmitt Till) as examples to try and scare Black men from traveling abroad. Is that not the same fearmongering the Black witches use?

      Let’s also keep in mind Shawn is not SYSBM; he probably hasn’t had a relationship for as long as he’s been unemployed (if not longer); that’s another thing about MGTOW dudes: many of them are low-key, dick policing simps. This guy spoke as if what happened to A$AP Rocky and Bakari Henderson WILL happen to you; nothing can be further from the truth. Shawn clearly needs to do some research before he speaks on how “illogical” it is for brothers to get their passports and travel because I’ve heard only positive things.

      I think I’ve said enough on this guy; he needs to take several seats with his uneven, butter knife hairline.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        The dude not owning a passport and as a result having not travelled outside of the US is simply not qualified to speak on travelling and all related subjects, thus he should not be taken seriously other than to debunk the trash he rattled off so that up and coming brothers are not hoodwinked by the “don’t travel outside of your home country, whitey is going to get you” witchcraft.

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  18. One of the more out-spoken Passport Bro content creators- The Ralo Show- has responded to Shawn James. So already, Kiri Jones and Ralo have responded. I suspect more responses from others over the next few days.

    Free thinking Black men are tired of being dick-policed by othersy. It just befuddles the mind to see the energy other BM put into trying to control the movements of free thinking BM…

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    • One thing that these simps always bring up is racism abroad. I won’t act like this isn’t a problem. It is ESPECIALLY going to become a problem in Europe here soon, as things get more right wing by the second. If that was their real concern, however, these dudes would put their energy toward combatting the racism of these foreign regimes, as opposed to being cowards and attacking nothing but other black men.

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      • @Afro There is no place on the planet that a Black man can escape some degree of hatred. We are the most hated and despised, because we are the most envied. However, a Black man is more likely to be killed or incarcerated in the USA than anywhere else – these are certified facts. A Black man in Shawn’s city of New York is more likely to be killed on the streets of Harlem than in the cities most Black men visit-again facts.

        These dudes love attacking other BM then talk about the racism from other groups – how dumb is that?

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    • I knew something was up when obsidian kept on advertising his books and when people pointed out that Shawn didn’t have a job for years, obsidian blocked them. Also if you go to his Facebook channel, he promotes the shit out of gothic white women and even links their YouTube videos to his Facebook page. It’s okay for him, not for us.

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  19. Dudes like James are a true cautionary tale about the zombie like status of most black men’s “lives” in the hood. They’re born, the die, and not much happens in between. They never develop any real passions, hobbies, interests, dreams, or goals to try to work toward and fight for.

    Usually, I would look at the QUEENIES to blame, but I honestly can’t even do that in this case. Dude should have known what the QUEENIES were about and stopped dealing with them, let alone fixed his own problems (that were HIS to control, btw).

    If you attach yourself to this “community”, all you will ever have in your life is a revolving door of accomplishing nothing. Dude is like someone hate-liking someone vacation posts online. Like I said, people who don’t or can’t have something that they REALLY want will pretend to diminish it to make themselves feel better about not having it.

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      • Michel,

        I was just discussing this dude on King Sigma’s hangout yesterday, unlike himself we brought nothing but indisputable facts to the table which clearly showed that black men in the US and in other western countries are more at risk on their own home turfs than travelling to a foreign country. The geezer is definitely demonstrating incel traits.

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      • You would think this man could try his luck at comic-con, where he stands a chance of atleast socializing with gothic women or those women who like to dress gothic. But I guess when you haven’t dated or been in a relationship with a woman since the 80’s, there are deeper issues that no sane woman wants to deal with.

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  20. These black hoes are truly demon possessed, ignoring your daughter accusing your boyfriend of raping her? That’s demented and sick beyond words.

    As for the alt right clowns and the Neo Nazis running around like it’s the post WW1 era, ignore them. They aren’t even right wing all they want is unrestricted pussy access and ethnic caste socialism.

    These beta males and the SJWs need to go drive off a cliff and leave decent people alone.

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    • Exactly, there’s nothing conservative about them. They just want something to blame, despite having the world as their oyster. Bitches!!

      Black Women enjoy violence, torture, and other anti social tendencies. I believe that they even unknowingly engage in these acts, as it gives them strength.

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      • Lol. As Verbs stated many of these black hoes engage in the dark arts just like the slave master, many of these beta males and champagne socialists engage in the occult which is why modern Western soceity is so miserable, bleak and utterly fucked up…like a Judge Dredd comic book.

        These white nationalists as stated before aren’t even right wing, just edgelords and attention seekers looking for street cred.

        Guys like RockingMre and ApostateProphet on YouTube are more right wing than these white nat idiots and guess what: they’re legal immigrants who actually assimilated into their host cultures.

        Most of the people speaking out about the alt right and SJWs are either legal immigrants or descendants of legal immigrants.

        These white boys have a literal army of dissatisfied, angry and frustrated people who are literally seething with righteousness anger at being passed over for Slim Shady, Lil Sleazy, Buckshot Barny, Slum Lord Shlomo and False Flag Fredowitz in the name of fake diversity, but all these beta males do is whine and behave like babies when they don’t get their way.

        It’s why I ignored the alt right a long time ago, if these white boys refuse to pick themselves up and deal with problems themselves while hypocritically calling themselves ‘kings’ then why should I care?

        And people wonder why non black women in the Americas lust after masculine Caribbean men who don’t do this multiple genders and crybaby routine.

        Liked by 5 people

  21. As you see these black women who has children, what is not there in these households? A father. These households has no man in there, just a damn matriarch who is living off the government. No only that they are abusing their children mostly young girls, they sexualizing them. That’s why you see these black boys grow up to deprive black women and they young girls, well they become whores. Is it worth the risk having children with black women? You have to be very careful which black women you have kids with but where you goanna find a good black women who is not like these whores on these videos. But now, its impossible to find a black women who act like these whores on the videos of this article.

    Liked by 5 people

  22. And you these simps keep on defending these worthless women who got breeded by Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mike, Roof Top Jimmy, Big Dick Rodney, AK – 47 Don, Ruff Neck Tommy and the infamous Slim Sauce. And these simps have the right to call these women beautiful? You know, these simps are full of it! Looks like the simps is more loved then the heterosexual black male because he’s the only man that will defend these good for nothing heifer type hoodrats. And will stop at nothing to sleep with them. Enjoy your weekend guys. Blessid!

    Liked by 5 people

  23. So now, Mr. Shawn James has another video coming up where he compares brothers who date out to “swirlers”. LOL you can’t make this up. Talk about a huge fall from grace. Calling brothers who date or marry non-black women “swirlers” is asinine. Hard to take you seriously if you haven’t dated or been in a relationship with any woman since the 80’s.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Sigma Jones,

      So the dude is doubling down on stupid, no worries, article coming out on Monday dealing with these bootlicking black men who attempt to throw shade on owning a passport and using it. The dude’s train has clean come off the tracks and hit the sand drag.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Oh the train has definitely derailed for sure. And I don’t see him ever recovering from this. His channel and blog will likely become the home for incels and black pill losers.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Shawn James has gone full-blown simp. Oh, well. I was never a huge fan. I like dudes who are SYSBM by choice, not because they’re dusty, like Shawn is. I’m a living, breathing “Passport Bro.” I was in London last weekend, and Verbs as webmaster here can see my current location clear as day. There’s definitely a movement afoot to keep thinking negroes on the plantation, and failing that, sending the slave catchers (simps) after you.

        That news item last week of the black dude in TX marching down the street in chains with the two white slave catchers (cops) on horseback was no coincidence.

        One of the YouTube guys saw it coming; that thinking black men would eventually tune out black female cackle, so Step Two would be to activate black male simps, faggots and familiars to Dick Police other black men.

        Stay strong and keep the wall up like Jon Snow, gents. Get your shit and do you.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      But according to Shawn James we should remain on the plantation and salvage one of these broken beyond repair savages. Get outta here with that garbage, I evidence each week why I stopped dealing with these disjointed and deranged sirens over 14 years ago. He can deal with them if he so desires, NOT ME.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Shawn can go body slam a cactus in the Nevada desert if he feels thinking Black men should stay here in the matrix to deal with the scraggle daggle; I’m currently working on saving up money where I can support myself and be independent because I’d like to travel someday, as well.

        Liked by 4 people

  24. After watching Shawn james dick policing video. I have unsubscribed from his channel. Even though I don’t date women only pump and dump women. I can’t stand the dick policing. With Shawn james I agree he is a loser, he isn’t qualified to give any negro advice when’s he’s been unemployed for many decades, 40 and still lives with his mama. Obviously he’s never been outside the USA. He tries to make it out like he’s some “alpha” but he’s just a incel. I bet he has very poor social skills I bet he can’t even make eye contact with people. He’s probably social awarkward.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Black British Guy,

      I’m just watching his latest video and I have to say that it’s extremely disappointing garbage. How does this guy all of a sudden consider himself an expert on travelling, foreign women and their nature when he doesn’t own a passport and has never left the US? The daggle have gotten to this dude, he’s compromised and shame on those black men in the comment sections of his videos who are actually agree with the crap spewing from his mouth. Dude is clearly living the lifestyle of a hermit but feigns himself to be a professional on world affairs, get outta here with that garbage. Article coming on Monday dealing with this rubbish, stay tuned.

      Liked by 4 people

    • I unsubbed as well. To be honest, I saw some red flags in his content but this was totally unexpected. Glad he came out of the closet before I could make any purchases. He saved me a couple bucks.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. This couldn’t wait till Wednesday, sorry VERBS.
    Has anyone seen or caught on to how CYNTHIA G is now doing her version of what MBD does!?!?!?!?!

    Wow, they really have NO originality (Black Women) just do as the men do with snark and venom.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Paul Anthony,

      Yep, we see what she’s doing, the woman is not original at all. Notice how MBD will post videos of black male/non black female couples and at the same time explain why black men should expand upon their dating options, the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G however will openly disparage black men for dating out as if there aren’t any fundamental reasons behind the shift. We already know why more black men are giving black women the middle finger, however G is a disingenuous buzzard who as a typical black woman won’t tell the entire story.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Cynthia G is essential to black men to serve as the single solitary reason why non-black women are the only sane choice for thinking black men.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Paul Anthony,

      The real story here is that fat, out of shape white bitches are still a come-up over a comparable black chick for your average black man.

      72% of black women in America are obese, so if you dated within your race as a black man, you’d probably end up with a fat black chick anyway. Not counting OOW kids, mental illness, STD risk, babydaddy drama, debt, and a net worth of $5.

      In trying to clown black men, Cynthia G is only pointing out that BW are being rejected in favor of these out of shape WW.

      Liked by 6 people

      • Ha! Great point. I love the “black men only get fat white women” ego salve that black women seem to have on hand when faced with black men who don’t want them. If a black man would rather an overweight white woman to any black female that says nothing about the man. We know how hard it is for men to get women compared with vice versa. Besides, a younger fat white woman is far more likely to be more feminine than any black female. This article corroborates your findings as well:
        Notice the article says 4 out of 5 black women are SERIOUSLY OVERWEIGHT. That means “all aboard the SSSBBW (super steam ship)”. At least fat white women make some effort to go to the gym.

        Liked by 1 person

  26. There’s lead in Newark’s water. A mom worries her 5-year-old is ‘being poisoned’

    Ghettos are poisonous places in every sense imaginable. Poisonous social environment, Poisonous old homes and apts, Poisonous “families”, Poisonous water due to old infrastructure, Poisonous “churches” often sucking resources from the community and returning nothing to it, etc… This is just one of many examples.

    In this article a single black mother named “Shakima” is concerned that her son is being poisoned by the high amounts of lead in the water in her area. “”It is once again a population of poor, predominantly minority people who are disproportionately burdened by contamination. Flint wasn’t the first example. Newark is not the last example.””

    “Newark kids’ blood lead levels are top in state
    The city tested Thomas’ water in the fall of 2017 for lead and said it was about 9 parts per billion, below the 15 parts per billion (ppb) limit at which the US Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, requires official corrective action to be taken. Thomas learned the result from a letter sent by the city that she shared with CNN.”

    This is just ONE of the ghettos in this country where the kids are drinking lead water, which you all know is toxic and hinders brain development in children among other negative effects. Combine the lead driven mental retardation with being raised by a single mother BW in a poverty stricken ghetto and what hope does a black child have in this situation? Being born to a black single mother is one of the worst things that can happen to a child.

    Assuming that the single mother BW in this article isn’t divorced or widowed, was she concerned about the health and future of her son when she got pregnant outside of marriage? Who is the father of her son and why isn’t he providing her with resources to either move to a different area or at least install a few simple lead removing water filtration systems in one of the faucets in the home so that she wont have to be carrying pallets of bottled water into the house? I found one under-sink lead water filter for $100 dollars and a whole home lead water filtration system for $600 on amazon, from the looks of them I doubt that either one would be complicated to install. But we all know most of these women had bastard kids with a broke pookie or ray ray who doesn’t give a shit about them after they foolishly throw their legs open for him.
    Oh well.

    Either way its more judgement for the BW and unfortunately her children are suffering too. Keep the Wall up, there will be many BW trying to crawl over it in the future with their “Dear BM” talk when they get tired of drinking lead tainted water, living in increasingly neglected neighborhoods, and losing welfare benefits under the increasingly right wing US government. White daddy is slowly cutting them off.

    Liked by 5 people

  27. Lord, preserve the children.

    I have always quoted homicide statistics when discussing race. That and the gap in technological/cultural development. I never will again. The first two videos nearly had me crying. I do not cry, ever.
    No wonder there’s a crime problem; look at what is happening to these children when they are babies. How could any male reach his potential being raised by these savages? These women have to be demonically possessed. Any group of men would fill the prisons if their mothers were like the ones in the videos.

    I don’t think I can criticize black men as a collective ever again. The things I’ve seen, going through this website, and watching Tommy Sotomayor, have opened my eyes to the sheer dysfunction of these single mother homes.

    I really hope and pray that all you SYSBM guys find a nice white girl or other race girl. Even the pro blacks who call people Neanderthals and talk about head lice and a sunburns all day, don’t deserve anything approaching that kind of mistreatment.

    I pray for healing, deliverance, and vindication for all these children, and for those adults who have lived with trauma created by childhood abuse.
    Any black man who has survived that mistreatment, and grows into a good man, is a hero.

    Liked by 4 people

    • White Lurker,

      The best thing that we heterosexual free thinking black men of the SYSBM Roundtable can do now that we fully understand what is going on is NOT put our seed into these black female monsters. As I stated in my book Negro Wars this modern day black female is the terrorist of the black community and unfortunately it is commonly black children who suffer at the hands of her foul and evil conduct.

      Black women as a collective are straight up devils who work hand in glove with Satan himself and we thinking brothers want NO PART of such wicked works. Recognising this ultimately the best thing SYSBM brothers can do is to seek out love and companionship elsewhere ie with non black women. This website is my effort to help other black men see the light as well as to help them make the right choices concerning their futures especially relating to who they choose to date, marry and have children with.

      Liked by 5 people

    • The hoteps claim the black woman is “god”
      The black woman is actually the devil.
      Literally the devil.
      I celebrate her impending extinction with unsurpassable, unmitigated glee.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. I think black america should be re enslaved,tthe people are a useless bunch,the men and women are a disgrace to the blackworld


    • It legit is becoming more and more obvious that the OVERWHELMING majority of BW/WW relationships are literally race play relationships. I remember the article that Verbs did once where the mixed woman resented being called a nigger bitch by her white husband.

      Much like in Europe, America is about to get VERY right wing. The few white men who do not automatically exclude black women (and that includes mixed ones) will be explicit in doing it for race play reasons, as black women get more desperate and willing to do so.

      Half white mixed women, namely those who never could pass as white, will also faced harder scrutiny.

      Also, note the lack of shame in putting this crap online? Again, this shows you how even the white men who marry these QUEENIES probably don’t love them, and are just slumming it up because the whore is willing to give him the worship that the world at large is starting to stop.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Caught this on my Twitter feed as well. Weird how Christelyn Karazin or Cynthia G never report on the dark side of Swirl Mountain. Also weird how these kinds of demeaning stories never seem to emerge when black men date or marry white women. Let’s hope they don’t find her black ass dead somewhere.

      Liked by 2 people

  29. I forget to say with that Shawn James BW wouldn’t be interested in because he’s not “hood” enough and obviously he’s not the sterotypical Negro, to be fair Shawn James is a quite a smart guy he has a higher average IQ then most Negroes.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Black British Guy,

      For the dude to be coming out against travelling having not had any personal first hand experience in it as far as I am concerned demonstrates that the dude isn’t that bright at all. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t like Slim Cheezy, Mack Sauce and Midnight Freddy however watching his videos on this particular topic his logic and reasoning skills are seriously lacking.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. What is this stupid nigga saying? i met my wife from Colombia and she acts like a lady, submits, cuddles, the whole nine yards. He’s under the impression that black men who gets a woman from another country is weak but he fails to realise is that latin america’s men are hyper masculine very macho people. The only problem is these men dont have a nice or kind bone in there body which is why alot of these women are starting to look over seas for other men because they know for one they can get a man thats not a bum and with aspirations in life and some one thats going to treat her with love and respect but still have a masculine frame. In other words they dont respond to weak men they won’t give you the time of day. And its the white man thats seen as the target the most not blacks because black or even dark skin people are perceived to be poor. Although im very fair skin and rather ambiguous and a young one (28), i still faced the same shit my fellow darker counter parts has gone through as well. So when i became a successful internet business owner, i didn’t date any western women because i think there all a risk no matter the race my brother married a white girl Fucking annoying, argumentative gotta require my brother to check in with her all the time so i called off western woman and found my love were the same person she baby, me treat like an emperor. and i poor in to her and women like her are quite common over there just not all of course that goes anywhere. I got plenty of white friends much older than me same thing found such a good spirited romantic caring woman from else where in the world and were all happy. Keep it up exposing these mud beasts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s exactly the point I made that shut him down in the comment section. I said, how can men who travel or date outside the race “hate themselves” when you yourself repeatedly state that it takes confidence to attract women in the first place. How can one hate themselves and be confident at the same time. Female worshipers have female logic and that is no logic at all.

      Liked by 1 person

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  32. I am lucky. I have two brothers that although they may have more financial success, they are complete, emasculated SIMPS. I was the only one in my family to totally ignore and rebel against our mother. I am also consequently the smartest one in the family and the most multi-talented. Our mother is a total pig. As feminine as a construction site, a white daddy Jesus obsessed lunatic (catholic to boot), sexually suspect with pederast leanings (black female pedophilia is an all too common thing in the black community that needs to be discussed), completely ignorant and a failure in terms of career, finances and anything else you can name. I raised myself. The radio raised me and taught me how to speak because I listened to old school DJs, I read more than my brothers, I learn more daily than my brother (I look up articles or random facts online for about 18 hours each day) and I certainly know more about fixing things and problem-solving than anyone else in the family. The few years of watching my equally disturbing father perform manual tasks must have paid off but I still claim I raised myself. All credit goes to me. LOL. I would rather castrate myself with a pair of hedge clipper than ever waste my seed in a black female. No sheboon will ever raise my children. Hell, I don’t trust any rotten female of the day to raise them.

    Liked by 1 person

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  34. That’s a good article, Verbs. I also want you to consider why some Black men become serial killers. It’s their mothers who abused and traumatized their sons to the point of hating women. All came from single abusive Black mothers. Example, serial killer Henry Louis Wallace and Anthony Sowell. Both came from abusive families, their mothers degraded their sons and sexually abused them, belittled their sons. I think most Black females are toxic.

    Here are the links:,%20Henry.DOC

    Click to access 2016-Ohio-8025.pdf

    Liked by 2 people

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