They Have No Shame Nor Standards – Another Package Delivered


This is exactly why we SYSBM soldiers strictly advise other thinking black men NOT to deal with white women who hang around black women as this is the typical garbage you’ll have to deal with:

Note how the two booty models below are on tag ie they’re criminals, smh.

Below we have a group of Baltimore’s finest who decided while in the midst of a rally against gun violence to twerk on the side of the street, smh:

Here we have a disabled, weave wearing black female who despite her handicaps still has no problems listening to gutter trash music talking about “riding dick all night” and even attempts to get her twerk on, smh. Even when mangled up in an electric wheelchair, these black sirens will still find themselves wallowing in ratchet, in the sewer, beyond primitive behaviours. The sad thing is there are black men out there who would dick down this chick given the chance, smh:

But I thought that black women already came preloaded with plenty of posterior:

Black women are rarely if ever in the limelight for anything positive, it’s always something negative and typically whorish. Don’t worry, watch this slut till the end, it gets interesting and messy:

I’ll let you guys speak on what you wish. All I’ll do is repeat what content creator and contributor Afrofuturism1 frequently points out in relation to black female dysfunction, NOTE THE SHADE of the overwhelming majority of the culprits involved in the skullduggery, enough said. Black women are straight up basket cases, there is absolutely no redemption for the overwhelming majority of them.

Black men who still choose to deal with black women usually must compromise heavily on something, a few things or many because the quality of black women in 2019 is such that it can be compared to wading through piles of garbage. Yet another package delivered into your lap, Thebackhandofreality, are those L’s at the ready for distribution?

Whenever black women or one of these stupid, brain damaged pro black/black first simps rolls up and questions you as to why you’re not “protecting black females”, feel free to point them towards this article and many others and ask them why should you protect black women who portray themselves and behave in such a foul and disgusting manner?

Remember, according to certain black men we’re supposed to be upset and disgruntled because black women passed us up for the likes of Cheezy Grill, Two Snacks, Cheddar Boy and Chunky Bruh, really? With the women above being your typically everyday assortment of black females to choose from, exactly what would we thinking brothers be disgruntled about, I’ll wait? You know what to do, walk away brothers, just walk away. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM For Life

Most High Bless

108 thoughts on “They Have No Shame Nor Standards – Another Package Delivered

  1. A smorgasbord of “Dark and Lovely” beauties that @d1ckh38d can holler at for that prized cooch, even the ones with the criminal tags.

    What? @d1ckh38d is ***STILL**** single? Fucking hell 😂

    Mercedes, Honda, BMW, Renault? Nope! More like HMS Westminster, The Quean Mary, HMS Victory and the Costa Concordia.

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  2. Despite the evidence on the table, many black men will still fantasise, masturbate over and try to holler at a witch like this.

    For those of you who are still interested in these types of women, even though the evidence is starting at you in the face….good luck to all of you, you will need it.

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  3. Thanks, Verbs, for the Friday Freak Show! You dumpster dive so we don’t have to. Even at 38 seconds I couldn’t make it through some of those videos. Grimace from McDonaldland with her titties touching the ground twerking to “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe was the show-stopper. Horrific! Runner up: the cerebral palsy chick all mangled up in the wheelchair and still trying to twerk. SMH.

    Thank the gods I have long ago leveled up, up and away from ratchet black hoes and I don’t have to deal with them on any level. I can tell you from experience that only America breeds these Section 8 ghetto lowlifes. Get that passport and see the world, gents. Shit, just get on a Megabus, pick a destination and leave your city for a weekend.

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    • Schandenfreude,

      The women are so far from being women at this stage it’s ridiculous. At best they are extremely mentally ill, at worst these females are possessed by evil spirits. What part of any of the behaviours displayed above are feminine and appealing to men, I’ll wait. Black men who aren’t brainwashed or who have broken free from their programming and indoctrination ought to be running for the hills as fast as they can.

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    • Ducati Rottie,

      These women don’t behave like decent human beings in the slightest, I’m sticking with my possessed by evil spiritual entities proposal. And they wonder why more black men are walking away from them in droves.

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  4. I thing I find mind blowing about bw is they have the highest ridiculous standards, but bw are at the bottom of sexual market place.

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    • It’s a way of preserving their fucked up mental state and ego.

      If no one can meet their ridiculous dumbass standards the world is at fault not them

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      • “It’s a way of preserving their fucked up mental state and ego.”

        Yep, these chicks know that they are trash, in many cases their arrogance is just a defense/coping mechanism.

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      • DarthAmon,

        Their so called “standards” aren’t even standards at all when you look at them, they’re simply asset measurement criterias that black men who chose to deal with these feral hogs must fit into in order to be used…………………….sorry “accepted”.

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    • Black British Guy,

      That’s because most black women are mentally damaged beyond repair. Indeed, they are at the bottom of the barrel, however in their delusional minds they still feel they’re on top even though they frequently attempt to dick police/shame black men into sticking with them alone, smh.

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  5. Okay, let’s start from the top; the first video with the ratchet White girl and the Black sirens shows the degeneracy of this generation of women. Also, they only tolerate that White girl for now; we all know how they truly feel about Becky. None of those brawds had class.

    Next, all of those videos with these rolie polie fat chicks were disgusting (the red snowcone headed one was pathetic); that one with the chick who threw up on her simp boyfriend made me turn my head away. I didn’t bother watching the one with the handicapped girl; I’d seen it on Facebook, and that was so…bizarrely dreadful.

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      • That, or she levels up on them and prospers financially over what these daggles have been doing for free online.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      But we heterosexual thinking brothers are supposed to feel jilted because we were rejected by women like the above…………NOT. This is exactly what black men who choose to deal with black women have to select from, not me, no sir.

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  6. Verbs you came out firing on all cylinders today.Wow! Im amazed and disgusted at the same time.The next time my mum tells me to break up with my Russian Becky and find myself a nice church going christian black women (their the worst) I’ll just show her this article.

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      • @michel right? The worst part about it is she acts like she is doing me a favor when she does this bs

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    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      The church going black witch is the worst, more time they are bigger whores than the clubbing type black women they claim to be different from(even though both dress exactly the same). Hold on tight to your Becky and ensure that she’s protected from these disgruntled black harpies.

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      • @verb trust me I know all about the so called God loving christian negro via the women in my family.I know exactly how repugnant these women are.My Russian Becky knows that I ride for no matter what and would never let any harm come to her.

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  8. Verbs 2015.

    I thank the Lord that I don’t date black women and I was never attracted to them in the first place. Also I will refuse to any non black women who has lots of ghetto black female friends because she will turn into one of those women as well. I still get black male simps telling me that non black women are not interested in black men, but I see black men with non black women all the time all over London being relationships so this disproves that black male simps argument altogether.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black male simps in the UK can’t run that “non black women aren’t interested in black men” garbage when the dating out numbers for UK black men are at 55% and climbing. If I wasn’t already in a relationship I could easily land myself a Becky, Cindy, Ming, Lopez, Suzuki, Patel, Sadiq etc tomorrow.

      I walk the streets of London and all I see are weaved up, rough looking black females. Got on an Overground train yesterday and some Caribbean woman was applying skin bleaching cream to her face right in front of me. Of course when I checked the colour of her hands they were brown as her face once was, smh.

      These chicks hate being black themselves but there is something wrong with us if as thinking brothers we choose to deal with the genuine articles over the knock offs.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Black women are the biggest self haters on the planet because they are always trying to change their whole appearance to look like a fake knock off white woman and its no wonder why black men are getting with non black women and other races of women with straight hair because we can play with their hair when we are having sex with them and these non black woman can jump in the swimming pool and get in the shower and get their hair wet and their hair is free because it grows out of their heads naturally unlike black women who spends billions of pounds each year to get a damn fake weave/wig to get with their white god, their white father, their overlord and saviour. Also when I see black women bleaching their skin to make it lighter, I just wanna vomit because I find it so sickening because it is not natural looking and black women these days have definitely got some mental issues, but they accuse black men of colourism and they always cry on YouTube that no man wants to date them because of their skin colour smdh.

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    • One thing I agree is when I’m fucking non black women I love playing with their hair. I was playing with that Pakistani escort hair I fucked on Saturday

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  9. Wow, Just Wow! Just plain old nasty of the black women in America. Like I said, the evidence of the black women in America is strong, and it’s still gonna be stronger than never. I lost zero interest with the black woman in America, all they know how to do is be hyper sexual and masculine. And yet, even though the black simps are gonna tell me to “keep it black” or “hold out for the one”, which I’m not finna play that because that’s been out since the fairy tales story. They say they are the most desired and the most educated and all this, but still act like a dumbass. I’m a still hold on to my personal preferences and keep my standards high, and if the black women and simps don’t like it, live with it because I’m not finna my life in one box or one circle. Since black women don’t have no shame nor standards neither, they are pretty much disqualified from the dating scene, and it’s official, black women in America aren’t fit to be wives/girlfriends (they can’t get pass the girlfriend phase to be a wife), all because they wanna have their fun and wait until the last minute to get with a “good man”. After looking at the videos of these black women doing the most disgusting shit ever, It’s just disappointing. Boy I’m glad I’m still young because I ain’t tryna wife up none of these women, just too much for me.

    By the way, the video with the white girl with them three black girls, bruh when I have a non black girlfriend, I gonna like keep her away the black women because I ain’t time to deal with that nonsense of black women at all.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Black women want to stay perpetual teenagers, they many times never grow up, 50, 60 year old black women still “hitting the club” looking to shake a leg if they can even lift them at that stage. I used to be one of those “I’m holding out for the one” type of guys but it soon dawned on me that these women were digging themselves deeper into the pit of Hell and had absolutely no intentions of changing their ways for the better, therefore my plans had to change for my own sake.

      Remember, this isn’t the pre internet days where black women could turn around and blame the mainstream media for putting out bad representations of them, nope, black women themselves through social media are openly telling the entire globe that this is what they are all about. Nobody else is making black women look bad, black women are doing it themselves.

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  10. You gotta be shitting me….

    In the case of ghetto white women, notice the common denominator: black FEMALE friends. It’s not and never has been black men who are the problem. Conversely, whites who hang around blacks like they are the rejects of their society, but know that insecure blacks will accept them with ease. Thus, they slum it up. Black Women will also use these hood white chucks to act like “see, they just like us, so stay on plantation!”

    As for the twerking disabled chick, are you ****ing shittin me….
    She looks like a pretzel trying to shake off its salt. But some simp will somehow screw this mangled up genetic screw up and she’ll somehow have more Toxic Avenger, ****ed up children.

    The fix a flat ass needs no comment.

    The real kicker is the old women fighting. Now, I will admit that this video is actually funny, but also sad because even these hood dudes realize how ****ed their aunts, mommas, and grandmas are, still fighting, ****ing, and fussing. Even outside of reading, writing, and arithmetic, they still just get three Fs.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women contaminate anything and everything they touch and come into contact with including non black females as the Jezebel spirit is very strong within them but we as thinking brothers aren’t supposed to call this observation out. Black women can keep their plantation and the daggles that reside on it, I’m not interested in the slightest.

      Where are the websites promoting the positives black women are involved in and doing, nowhere to be found because for the majority part black women are up to no good and will continue in such a manner until they hit their graves.

      Like I said before, these chicks are done, it’s a straight wrap for these broads and nobody can salvage their beat down and broken image and reputation, NOBODY!

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  11. Now the chick calling herself BMW, I will admit that if she lost weight she wouldn’t look bad. Notice she is a bit lighter. Hmmm…..

    Most of these chicks looked like Unicron vs The Blob. The chick with the “thinner” t-shirt needs to sit down somewhere. Better yet, don’t sit down, get off of your big fat ass, and lose weight!

    How many simp and thug nuts have these chicks taken to the face since this article has been posted? Exactly.

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    • Lol. I lurk on here, but I had to butt in on your comment.
      MK11 is a total pos. They need to put the chick characters back in those hot ass costumes from 9. I didn’t buy that shit for that and other reasons.

      Those old heifers would probably fit right in with the cast of characters, lol.

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  12. So I call Myself trying to do it the right way. I was talking to this Young Black Woman whose number I got a few days before just trying to get to know Her and all the while We were talking She kept on telling a Baby who was a Boy to shut up and eat His food. Turns out She was a single Mother. After talking to Her for about 15 minutes I heard a click. She hung up on My ass and didn’t call Back. Man Black Women get bored when You try to get to know Them. If Your not talking about buying Them something or giving Them some Money then a Majority of Them have no use for You especially if You are In the 92 percent of Black Men They ignore. Now if Your in the 8 percent of Black Men they all like to suck and fuck on They will text and call You like crazy trying to get You to come over or They come to Your place to get Their backs blown out. This is how it is Man.

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    • I’d dessert them entirely. The worth a damn ones are like a three titted unicorn at this point, super rare.

      IF you just had to have a “black” one, date a mixed one, namely a half Latin one if she just has to be “melanated”.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      Black women aren’t great individuals to try to hold a conversation with at all, they won’t dedicate any attention in your direction and will frequently cut the conversation to talk to other folks around them or to go off and do something else. I didn’t have the phone cut off on me back in the day, however I remember plenty of occasions where these heifers would have no problems in cutting the conversation in order to speak to somebody else in the room, smh.

      Like I keep on saying, it’s a wrap for these broads man. Unless you’re coming at them like 12 Gauge Mike, Lil Cheezy or Slim Sauce forget it man. I came across a skit a while back that depicted exactly what you’re talking about to the T, if I find it I’ll post it here.

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  13. You say it all the time Verbs 2017 to not mess with and avoid Simgle Mother Baby Mommas but it’s tough Man. It’s like Every Black Woman You come into contact with Has at least One child. The over 70 percent Single Mother rate and 60 percent of Them having Children By multiple Baby Fathers is real. If You notice though none of These Women are Married. It’s sad Man.

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    • There was a black chick who tried hitting me up at my old job. I’ll admit that she had a fat as and some huge tits, but even then, I was skeptical of her sweet demeanor.

      Come to find out, this chick that was 4 years younger than me despite looking at least 5 years older, had not one but two bastard children.

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    • Once you start realizing that many of the BW that you have tried to talk already had a bastard kid and that statistically many of the ones you will meet probably do, you cut your losses and just stop trying to approach them. If you still choose to deal with them let them come to you and show you that they aren’t hoodrats and single moms if they want to date you. Otherwise keep the Wall up.

      Dealing with attitude, drama, hedonism, and bastard kids is the price you have to pay to deal with modern day BW.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      Once you expand upon your dating options you increase your chances of finding a woman without children exponentially. You’ll be hard pressed to find a attractive, feminine, submissive black woman who additionally has NO children. I personally wouldn’t bother looking in the direction of black women period as they are a lost cause at this point.

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  14. Black hoes and beta white males stay losing once more. Look at the behavior of these chicks, downright disgraceful yet these females and white supremacists call themselves ‘kangz’ and ‘queens’. No different from the slave masters and their constant cry of racism and anti semetism if somebody should dare to oppose them, of course the simps and their left wing counterparts in the incels are to black females and racist white males what the SJWs and skeptic community is to the powers that be.

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  15. I like white women. However, it’s always been my personal belief that the only thing worse than a ghetto black woman is a white woman who behaves like a ghetto black woman. And after I held back my vomit from the bitch in the yellow pants, I remembered that the only reason this shit gets over is because of the simps and whores who cheer it on. The two bitches with the probation ankle monitors prove that while they may be reasonably attractive, they’re nothing more than a couple of criminal hood thotbots at their core. Again, to the black women who have the nerve to say black men are destroying their image, fuck you! No one is forcing you to do the shit you do. You’re well aware of what you’re doing, you know you’re being recorded and you’re perfectly fine with it being publicly broadcast on the internet. So don’t blame us.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      The daggles must be avoided in all their forms, this includes ghetto white females who have been inducted and initiated by the black witch herself. I was debating whether to post that video of the oil tanker in the yellow pants, however all evidence must be laid out on the table. Like you said, black women have destroyed their own image and reputation via their own hands, they have nobody else to blame but themselves.

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  16. You just ruined my lunch Verbs. Every single one of these hoes are an utter waste of life. I cannot stand these black whores at all. Nothing good comes from messing with them. And the whites women who decide to hang around them, are even we’re because they feel they need to one up her dysfunctional destructive ways.

    They also better be careful. These machines will turn on them the second they learn the white girl is getting dicked down by a black man. Best to just avoid them. I personally don’t mess with any woman who has more than three black woman friends. I’ve seen first hand they’ll try to fuck their man behind their back, and are surprisingly successful.

    All it goes to show you is these whores will destroy your life even if it means ruining a friendship in the process. I’m convinced they live only to see us suffer. All the more reason to keep that wall fortified.

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  17. More L’s successfully delivered – courtesy of L Express.

    L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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    • DHL is now muscling in on Amazon’s L delivery monopoly by launching DH-L Xpress. New York, Southern California and Chicago will benefit immediately from the new competition, with Atlanta, Dallas and Washington-DMV following in Q4 2019.

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      • DHS, FedEx, UPS and Amazon are wholly-owned subsidiaries of L Express.


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  18. In the first video, why does the larger sized human wearing the the lime green dress have on a necklace that says “GOKU”.

    What is the story behind that one….

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    • It’s their way of trying to infiltrate a male space/interest for attention. We all know these hoes ain’t genuinely interested in anime/manga. Hell I can vividly remember all the years I caught hell especially from bw for my love of anime and manga.

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      • DarthAmon, facts. I am a lifelong comic, anime and sci-fi fan. Used to be the quickest way to run off a black wench was to tell her you liked anything with “star” in the title. Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and she’d look at you all cross-eyed before running for the hills. I had a buddy who brought his black then-girlfriend up to the comic shop once and she was sighing, rolling her eyes, and sucking her teeth the whole time. The only black women you’d see at a comic convention were the moms dropping their sons off to pick them up later. Now these black hoes who in the past wouldn’t date you if you were a nerd, are now claiming to be super fans. Fuck outta here.

        The irony is these same bitches who curved you back in the day in favor of goons, now have comic and anime geek sons and are looking for that same beta male nerd they dissed 20 years earlier to come back and help raise their bastard kids LOL.

        The good thing about middle age is you have seen the whole cycle of life unfold on these heffas. Fuck ’em. Keep the wall up like Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch LMAO!


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      • Black women used to get their thug alpha males to attack Thinking black men who were into anime and x-men comics. Black women just do anything for attention. Of course black women at church are far worse.

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      • The reason why women have invaded male spaces and hobbies in recent years is directly proportional to the amount of men shunning relationships. They do it for attention and nothing more. Notice how online they will make it a point to let everyone know they are female because nothing destroys the female psyche more than internet anonymity.

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  19. I know about the video with the three black girls and the white girl. Tommy Sotomayor did a video on them three girls and I talked about it called White Trashiness and here this. You cannot be with a white girl who hangs around with black girls because she is nothing but trashy like the other the ratchet black girls. The girl is has a fine body, she is just trashy. But another thing. With all of the four girls on the video, who is the one who has her natural hair? The white woman, because she can grow it naturally and the three black girls has to buy it and sew it or glue it in their hair. Right, you can’t go wrong with these black broads. Its just nothing but pure ratchetness with these hoodrats and it will continue. Why? Because these simps will do anything for these heifty whore and can’t wait to sleep with them. Even of the cost of their own death.

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  20. Your right on everything about these hoodrats. They have no shame at all. And these simps just defending these women for what? To get between their legs. I have no issues if a black man wants to date a black woman but what is there for him? Nothing but a ratchet one and we have more and more black women like this. And these simps are running these women down and breeding them off ruthlessly. And then they end up on child support. And they keep on saving them.

    How a good weekend guys!

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    • Money Cultural,

      Oooooooh, so this heifer thinks she’s a blogger now, lol. She really went to town trying to defend single motherhood, at the end of the day all we thinking black men need to do is to simply hold our positions, ie continue expanding upon our dating options and keeping the Wall of Silence up at all costs. She really came after you bro, however the fact remains that single motherhood is a complete and utter disgrace, it cannot be defended on any level.

      I had a feeling that a few of these black sirens would get into the blogging arena in their attempts to refute that which is posted over here regularly. Remember, we never listen to what black women say, instead we watch what they do. As you correctly stated, we do indeed see single black mothers going after childless black men, in fact one of the main stock requirements a black woman has is that the black man’s she’s interested in has NO CHILDREN.

      Soncerae is not slick, she is ultimately attempting to push that single motherhood “isn’t that bad” and that black men ought to consider single mothers when seeking out a perspective mate, sounds incredibly similar to our resident simp D32018 now doesn’t it? The same dude who tried to tell us that single mothers are “a good catch” but for some reason is still single to this day, smh.

      Child free black men must not fall for this Kansas City shuffle, YouTuber and blogger Shawn James wrote an excellent 5 star piece in 2012 as to why black men should NOT deal with single mothers, please see the link below:

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    • Money,

      Do us a favour, never link us to that “woman’s” blog again. As soon as she fell pregnant to a man that isn’t her husband, her points are redundant.

      The cheek of the woman – single as a joke for a very long time then gives it up to a good negro I’m exchange for a child. She’s a hypocrite.

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  21. Apparently there is a (group) of BW online who refer to themselves as “The WM’s whore”, this one in particular is a dark skinned masculine looking Nigerian (to no ones surprise):

    Like the guy said have you ever seen WM show this type of desire for BW? No. Have you ever seen BM debase themselves in this way for WW? No. BW (especially the dark skinned and Nigerian ones) are messed up in the head and have no shame. These are the lengths that they have to go to in order to get a man’s attention, begging, shaming, and literally whoring themselves out. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Mr Euro can have them as far as I’m concerned, black women at this point have sunk down to a position way lower than the deepest sewer, that includes black women from certain areas of the motherland too. Like I and many other thinking brothers have said here before, African women are the worst when it comes down to licking Mr Euro’s buttcrack and whoring themselves out to him.

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    • These black women are disgusting. Again, where are the Jewish women taking Neo-Nazi sausage to the face? I’ll wait. You’ll NEVER see “Auschwitz Anal” porn or any similar Ghetto Gaggers derivative.

      These Nigerian women have some of the worst self hate imaginable. Need we forget their opening their legs to Chinese laborers, who quickly abandoned them after bust some sticky rice in their dragon’s den? NO self respect, and yet we’re supposed to get mad when these Nigerian men want nothing to do with them when they get money or come to the states. They almost exclusively date mixed or white and/or Chinese women, namely due to them actually being feminine.

      Do we need any other evidence or proof against black women? These whores literally just admitted everything that we have said about them. And they sitting here clawing their crusty cat box over these white male celebrities, many of whom are probably less than half of their age. Meanwhile, if a black man so much as smiles at a white woman, he’s cooning and being an Uncle Tom.

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      • Ah, Nigerian women. Must like their Jamaican counterparts they are second only to the KKK in their worship of whiteness. In fact, Nigerian and Jamaican women make the KKK look like the Nation Of Islam. Nigerian and Jamaican women worship whiteness so much that they make David Duke, Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor re-evaluate their positions.

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    • Meh. It really is unfortunate that white men don’t want them like that. They need to do their part in cleaning up the black community.

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  22. The black female is the least civilized out of all living organisms. It is an insult to highly intelligent primates like monkeys to compare the two.

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  23. Instagram “models” with house arrest tags. Now I’ve seen everything. Truly when it comes to the black female, no bar is too low.
    It’s a good thing these pro-black “black love” simps are online because if they ever brought that shit to my face, they’d be swallowing a couple of their own molars.


  24. That first video. Disturbingly there is now an OFFICIAL rap video with these four… females. and in the lyrics they talk about steal the man’s money while he asleep.

    Absolutely disgusting to watch

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    • David.TT,

      Absolutely disgusting, this is black women all day, they advertise themselves as whores but then wonder why no man wants to wife them up. Like I keep on saying, black women are done, it’s a wrap for these broads. Black men need to continue saving themselves from such dysfunctional females.


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