Black Women And Their Smelly Vaginas, Stinky Cooch Confessions – Part 2

Remember that article I released back in April 2017 where I talked about the fact that black women as a collective have extremely poor sexual practices and as a result typically have smelly privates? Remember how the angry and bitter black sisterhood in conjunction with their pro black/black first simp flunkies came after me claiming that what I wrote wasn’t true and how I was trying to cause division amongst blacks(as if we aren’t already divided, smh)?

That article and the lively comments contained therein can be seen in the link below for those who missed it:

Recently in the above article I received a comment from a man claiming to be a doctor, he went by the name Dr Walker and attempted to claim that another commenter’s perspective on black women’s poor sexual health was racist, his comment went as follows:

@David your probability not gonna see this but just putting it out there. Before making assumptions make sure you do your research. All women have different vaginas but, sent is not defined by skin tone matter of fact if your vagina has a small bit of Oder that means its healthy ( healthy vaginas emit a lot of different scents throughout the month, with stronger and more subtle variations of your unique smell appearing during different parts of your menstrual cycle. Some people naturally emit stronger vaginal odors, while others don’t. And our vaginal odor can be altered when we sweat, or if semen or other bodily fluids come into contact with it) source but yea i read your comment and thought you might actually benefit from a little more knowledge about vaginas there a beautiful thing and shouldn’t be shit on by racism

You’ll notice how there is always somebody coming out of the woodwork who is ready and willing to defend black women and their ultra dysfunction at the drop of a hat, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Dr Walker is a liberal as most of them typically defend anything and everything abnormal, evil, immoral and dysfunctional.

It’s common knowledge that black women as a whole have stank coochies, why, because in the overwhelming majority of cases they weren’t taught anything about sexual health and hygiene by their mothers due to the fact that they were too busy getting dicked down in the back room by Two Snacks, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh and Shorty Fist to care anything about the welfare of their children.

Again, why aren’t the pro black/black first pundits such as Taz Exclusives aka Goat Boy dealing with this pertinent issue? If he has such a problem with black men who date, marry and procreate interracial and this is one of the main reasons behind why the thinking black brotherhood is doing it, then wouldn’t the obvious solution be to address the poor sexual health practices black women have adopted instead of attempting to shame thinking brothers into sticking with black women alone knowing full well that black women have many unresolved problems that urgently require remedy including this one right here?

See, sirens like Colon would have you believe that black women will only suffer from smelly vaginas under certain conditions, however from the fact that most black women wear weave and as a result do not wash their hair for months on end, it wouldn’t be a stretch to conclude based upon the many reports received from black men that most black women treat their vaginas in a similar fashion.

Time after time I’ve heard the same accounts from black men of running into black women who fail to maintain a clean standard when it comes to their private areas, this is worldwide by the way, I’ve been told this by black men in the UK as well as those in the US. This is one of main problems with the religion of feminism, unfortunately throwing off respect for and not taking care of one’s self in the form of feminine cleanliness forms part of it’s tenets.

You’ll notice that women in general who profess to be feminists typically are overweight, don’t smell great(especially in their privates), have armpit, leg and arm hair, wear loud clothing, throw ridiculous colour lipsticks on their faces and typically wear 10 tons of makeup. This is your modern day black female in a nutshell. As I’ve stated many times before, if you wish to see feminism on steroids, look no further than your average black female.

Where is Jim Brown, why isn’t he talking about this issue that black men have raised concerns about for years? Where is D32018 aka Bootlicker of the Dangerous News Network, since he said that black women are still quality individuals, where is his explanation surrounding this common problem, where you at bruh?

Again, as we’ve discussed before being in total disgust, one of the main reasons why most black women suffer from putrid smelling vaginas is because they allow every Tom, Dick And Harry thug Negro to skeet up in their snatches and additionally don’t bother to clean out the deposits after the seedy deeds are done. A common black woman’s vagina typically has the sperm and residue of many men residing within it, I know this sounds foul and gross but that is the truth.

In concluding, this serious issue with black women and their atrocious sexual health and hygiene is one of the main reasons why thinking black men have expanded upon their dating options, nobody likes a smelly cooch, not even the pro black/black first simp. Until these black first pyramid heads begin dealing with black women themselves and stop chasing after black men every 5 minutes because we’re viewed as the “easier” target, nothing within black society will ever change.

Date out black men, be free, you are not obligated to deal with a group of women who cannot keep themselves clean. On a last note whenever these heifers throw it back at you and claim that they have the same issues with the likes of Two Snacks and A Squeezy, just ask them one question, who raised them? Any children black women raise by themselves will typically have the same issues with cleanliness because most black mothers don’t have a clue about being clean themselves.

Check out this black woman who says she forgets to wash her vagina, unbelievable. These black females stay nasty and filthy, smh:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stinky Vaginas Are Never Good For One’s Health, Avoid Them At All Costs

Most High Bless

84 thoughts on “Black Women And Their Smelly Vaginas, Stinky Cooch Confessions – Part 2

  1. After reading this Verbs, I hate to say it but I’m glad I didn’t slept with no black women. The black women in America will lay in body with anybody but a black man who has his head on the right track. I read the other article about this too, and I saw the comments too, boy them simps and black women stay being in their feelings when stuff like this popped up, but it’s the truth though. The average black women stay having health problems, but don’t wanna do crap about it because she’s a “queen” or “goddess” or can’t do no wrong. I be wondering why a lot of these black women in America staying having kids by random dudes that are not father material, because they can’t stop opening their legs to dudes that look at them as sexual objects (but that’s how they portray themselves nowadays). Why do I think prostitution is high in black America? Why do I think a lot of these black women in America take girls trip? Why do good black men like us finish last with black women?

    For the defenders of black women and other black women, I got a good question for them: With all the bull stuff that going on with the black women in America, disrespecting the black men, why should I hold out for the one, “keep it black”, or whatever they say, instead of going with my personal preferences and liking what attracts me? Plus I’m not playing that waiting for “the one” game. I’m sorry, but when people say “the right one will come”, I be like: WHEN?! Because I’m not waiting for one woman, because if she’s tells me to wait (probably means she’ll put me in the friend zone, but I’m ain’t playing that game neither), I’m gonna move on to the next woman. Plain and simple.

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    • That “finding the one” talk smacks of a scarcity mindset; with all of the fish in the sea, why should I waste time “finding Nemo”?

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Black women and this so called “queen” status is nothing short of a joke. Royal figures typically look after themselves and only eat the best food, just look at the Royal family of the United Kingdom, there aren’t any fatties/obese members. Again, in relation to royalty such women will have their children within the confines of marriage and to the same father. Where back in the day we may have looked upon finishing last with black women as a disadvantage, in 2019 we know and see much more now and count black women being attracted to Two Snacks and Flako as a blessing.

      Nothing is remotely “royal” about this modern day black female, NOTHING. “The one/keep it black” mantra is the Hotep racket purposely designed to keep black men on the plantation. Quality black women are extremely few and far between, it’s gotten to a point where I reckon the figure of so called “good black women” is maybe 3% and I still feel that is being conservative.

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    • >I hate to say it but I’m glad I didn’t slept with no black women.

      I hear ya, bro. I wouldn’t touch these women with the dick from a rotting corpse.


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    • You literally sound stupid af. I am trying to figure out who wrote this article. Let me start by saying. I know black, white, Hispanic women…. the least cleanliness of the three are white women. You’re talking about women who naturally smell funny when wet, some don’t think showering every day is a thing, and when you say “easy” the white women spread their legs faster than anyone. So you are so far ignorant that it’s crazy. Maybe you’re hurt because black women haven’t given you a chance. However, this article is really full of lies.


  2. Just reading this article. I’m disgusted ladies like this exist last I checked this is the 21st century if women in the past could keep it clean down there then women today have no excuse.

    Honestly I’ll never ever go down there. Some men do, their choice. I don’t see why any self respecting man will go down on any women.

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    • Jon,

      I don’t personally have any problems with oral sex, however if some folks aren’t into that kind of thing then I don’t have a problem with that either. These black sirens stay filthy and nasty, again it’s all to do with their mothers not passing down sexual hygiene practices as well as throwing of feminine cleanliness through their embrace of feminism.

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  3. Nothing kills my dick harder when I’m about to fuck and the pussy smells. I remember when i was about to fuck a 19 year white girl while after her sucking my dick i told to get in doggy about to fuck her and pussy smelt. I just told her to suck my dick and let me cum her mouth . And i told her to leave after that.

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    • Black British Guy,

      The only reason why your black escorts have relatively clean vaginas is because they have to seeing that their cooch is their literal bread and butter, if you were having sex with black women outside of prostitutes then you’d quickly discover that you would be running into far more black women with contaminated, smelly snatches than that white girl you mentioned.

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    • >Nothing kills my dick harder when I’m about to fuck and the pussy smells.

      Are you kidding, bro??? D-SIMP (the resident troll) would be all over that…

      I wouldn’t touch that even if I were wearing a triple-layer hazmat suit.


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  4. Why would you put that out there for the world too see.Have you no shame? Is what I would have said if the article wasnt about scraggle daggles.Black women are disgusting 😷😷😷😷

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    • Nope! When black women be talking about black men that stick their you know what in anything, this kind of ties in the same thing with black women too, because they like to sleep in bed with anyone but a black man who has his head on the right track. Why do I think a lot of black women are coming out bisexual like they adult entertainers or something?

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      • D.K. Phantom,

        You ain’t never lied. Black hoes will travel the whole entire circuit and fuck anything and anyone except a normal, decent brother. Thug, goon, dope boy, bedwench for some Barney Rubble white boy who uses the n-word around her, a stint into lesbianism with a masculine bulldyke “stud,” will get some babies from a couple of these mofos, then and only then after she’s all rinsed out at 40+ she’ll come back to the “lame, square” negro with a job and health insurance. Thank God SYSBM has put young dudes up on game and they are side-stepping the bullshit.

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  6. 😷 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    That chick in the Daily Mail article had the classy name of Nunu. Check the shade, check the fact that she was obviously trying to hide it.

    These chicks are nasty!!! Think about the fact that when you see ads for summers eve and other feminine products, they make sure to use a woman that’s NOT black. Also, no thanks to their love of feminism, but most feminine functions seem downright NASTY when applied to big ol fat black Women. Like, Precious on her period is absolutely gross to imagine, like bloody bologna and chitlins….

    Most of these hood chicks probably smell like an intercompany crossover between Long John Silver’s and Captain D’s. And yet Cheddar Man and Lil’ Shrimp Shrimp will BRAG about screwing these chicks.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      “Bloody bologna and chitlins”, dead.

      As mentioned before black women and their lack of sexual hygiene is one of the major reasons why more black men are jumping ship and choosing to hook up with non black women instead. Too many black men are saying the same things, black women not washing their vaginas, black women not wiping their behinds properly, black men going to have sex with these broads and observing that the white area of their knickers resembles a Formula 1 racetrack or a drag racing strip, straight up nasty indeed sir.

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      • “white area of their knickers resembles a Formula 1 racetrack or a drag racing strip”

        😷 🏎🤢🤮

        These chicks could probably piss out some Ninja Turtles ooze, which is especially dangerous given that their houses are full of Master Splinter.

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      • I see you’re a man of culture Afro. When Talmundist Ted, RINO Rick and Slum Lord Shlomo start bringing in the refugees fleeing war torn countries to staff the plantation, expect a lot of the hoes to do ‘Dear Black Men’ agitprop videos and these racist beta males to suddenly act all loyal to white females as the plantation owner abandons them for greener pastures and cheaper labor. Don’t be fooled, let them stay on the rotting Estate with Massa Moshe, Roof Top Trev, Drug Dealer Hernandez, Head Chopper Mohammed and all these other scumbags that they love so much to the point of selling out on the slave market for position and power.

        No janitors round here guys, let Child Molester Al Kazif and False Flag Fredowitz take care of the hoes and beta white males along with the chest beating faux ‘skeptic’ community and outrage addict self righteousness regressives on the far left that love shilling for these two bit criminals.

        Slavery ended in 1838 for Christ’s sake.

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    • Field Mouse,

      Like you’ve stated before, I do the digging in the dirt and the filth so that others here don’t have to. It isn’t a pleasant job, however if it is saving the lives of black men then so be it, reaching out to thinking brothers is more important.

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    • >Well I’d say this is the most disgusting topic in Slaying Evil history.

      Brothers – That is a damn UNDERSTATEMENT for your ass!


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  7. When I read this article this picture was the first thing that came to mind:

    This BW’s privates stink so bad its attracting FLIES. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Jesus, I would be embarrassed if flies were around me like that ☠

      This is why when I hear some simps talking about, “taking one for the team”, I’m like screw all of that. The simps are the default janitors of black america anyways, let them service these nasty females. No sane, productive man, let alone a brother, is going to touch that and destroy his reputation.

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  8. Ten seconds into the article and I’m done.

    Verbs, I’m sure it was a hard hitting article as usual, but I refuse to contaminate my mind with such filth. And shame on the SIMPs standing in the corner of these absolutely disgusting farm animals.

    Not in the gutter, through the sewer, into the ground. 😷

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  9. That Dailymail article about the Black woman who forgets to wash her cooch is another example of how Black women are the world’s longest running punchline; that would explain why they’re dead last in everything!

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  10. Gag Order

    As a younger man I recall some of the other youths in the area sharing their disgusting stories around sexual encounters with unclean women. One guy was hiding in the closet as his friend was having intercourse, and claimed he had to run out and gag because the smell was so horrid (classy bunch). I guess that serves him right for hiding in the closet, just rewards, imo.

    Trickled Down Economy

    In another occasion I had a friend who had often time very questionable taste in females, although he was for the most part a good dude. He stated to me on one occasion that he had a female who he actually found unattractive pushing up on him. The fact that he was exercising discernment and was actually not interested and making a good decision was the shocking part to me and the rest.

    Nevertheless, the way he solved his problem was by bringing in his “hood guy” who he stated “will Smashe anything”. Now to the rest of us, our friend in our eyes was the guy who “smashes anything” relative to how we moved. However to find out that he had a guy on deck for these dark times…was shocking and thought provoking to say the least. And I always wondered if that guy had a guy he brought in when he found his rock bottom, and what about the guy THAT GUY called when he had to say no…

    My Lord the Horror…….Who knows where that chain ended….and what lifeforms were involved…or even formed in the process….

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  11. Wow. These women don’t have no shame whatsoever. And you know what? No matter how bad the smell of the woman’s punany is, the simp will wanna nut inside her. These hoodrats refuse to take care of themselves. If these women wear weave in their hair, imagine how their punny smell like?

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  12. This is why I enjoy cleaning up and trimming my hair and taking care of myself. Don’t they have feminine care books for women????

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    • @Robert Chavis

      Well books are for people who can read, thanks to forced illiteracy and poverty culture programs putting something in a book is akin to hiding.

      Although a picture book is definitely in order, perhaps this will be Verbs next project, lol. That would definitely slay some evil (odors). I am sure it would be a best seller.

      Although the simps will be complaining about the reduction in fecal matter smells, as you know they loved to be debased and debauched.

      On a side note is that d231202 a real person, or is that one of you guys posting for fun? Because I took a look at his blog and it is beyond sad. The supposed writings on his blog looks like a shell of a defense, it almost borders on a satirical trolling masterpiece. And like always these guys are seemingly 98% not committed to the women they supposedly defend and are interested in.

      Imagine a guy trying to sell you stocks that he himself would not invest in or add to his own portfolio. Atleast somebody like a polite actually has women and children on his roster to corroborate his claim. These other dudes prayers can not reach their god or they make babies with their god and flee with the utmost haste like a Crusader who decided to forget Jerusalem and just loot the nearby towns. Apparently that is what they meant by keeping the RACE strong.

      Mission complete, I guess?

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      • SIMPs like ol’ @d1ckh38d are unqualified to sell shit to pigs, yet they try against overwhelming evidence of his queans’ further descent into purgatory.

        They are Satan’s Walruses – and you must like it. 😷

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  13. Well you can tell that BW vagina stinks because most of the time when they walk past you their weave and body order stinks so I can imagine how bad they smell downstairs no thank you the simps and Tech Nine Tim can have these filthy dirty beast. Just got back from Africa went to Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Went to Masa Mara on a Safari in Kenya those animals smelt better than BW lol.

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    • Sean,

      This is what we are talking about right here, thinking brothers getting those passports and using them. Unlike the pro black/black first simp squadrons we thinking brother aren’t afraid to travel. Hope you had a pleasant and enjoyable vacation brother.

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      • Sean,

        Yes sir, I’m due a trip away from the Matrix at the end of this month, I haven’t decided where I’m going yet but any trip away from the rat race, hustle and bustle is better than nothing.

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  14. Verbs 2015

    I thank God that I never slept with a black women in my life and I never will. Black women have got no shame when it comes to their smelly pussy and overall hygiene. I am so glad that I’ve been shaving my hair bald for the last 19 years since April 2000 when I was 17 going on 18 and I always maintained my health and good looks and that’s one of the main reasons why I look very young for my age at 37 years old as people think that I am 23/24 and people are also shocked that when they find out that I don’t have any kids yet at 37 as I am quite unusual for a black man in 2019. 😊🌞

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Notice the wide difference between black men and black women when it comes down to health and maintaining one’s outward appearance. Black men have no problems sprucing themselves up and getting into the gym in order to lose some extra pounds, black women on the other hand will attempt to guilt and shame you into accepting them as they are which normally is in a gutter poor condition. Of course you already know that black women would accuse you of being homosexual because you are childless at 37 years of age. Of course it’s never anything to do with discipline, integrity, respecting yourself as well as long term planning. These chicks are a joke.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. The amount of times that I have been accused of being gay by black women over the years because I don’t have any kids, it’s not even funny because they can’t accept the fact that there are smart black men out there who made really smart and good choices in their life and not every black will fall into the quicksand crowd and make stupid choices by getting a black woman pregnant and being stuck with her for the rest of his life. Black women hate black men like us because we escaped the plantation from their manly ass and we started exploring our dating choices with beautiful childfree non black woman and that we refuse to be the clean up man for those black women with lots of bastard kids from slim sauce, trey trey, machine gun mike, dangerous Desmond, top ozzie ben and all the rest of those thug black men the black women stupidly chose to procreate with.

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    • I had this at age 13. Never mind that I already had a girlfriend at that time, and that she was White… nah, him a batty bwoy because he hasn’t had a kid by some ratchet yet.

      State schools in the 1990s had a lot to answer for.

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  15. Gentlemen—- Many people have the theory that hair weave, wigs, fake braids, heat straighteners, and chemical straighteners contribute to black women having vaginal odor because the black women that engage in such hair manipulations do not wash their hair often. This theory is that an unwashed hair and scalp creates toxin build-up throughout the body. Note that young children have been taught for decades that the hair and scalp must be washed often for good health. ———— Non-black females generally wash their hair more than black females. — The theories are that what black females do with their hair causes mental disorders and physical disorders. QUESTION—- Do you think the hair manipulation engaged in by most black females causes mental disorders and physical disorders among black females?

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      I believe that the mental damage most black women suffer from comes from being raised in these dysfunctional single mother households. However the hair manipulations you mentioned I believe feed deeper into the dysfunction or make it worse especially in relation to using chemicals in the hair as well as not washing the hair and head for long periods at a time.

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      • Yes. Home life is key. The act of not washing the hair and scalp for long periods of time is also problematic and may be the cause of many mental disorders and physical disorders among black females.

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    • Nah its cause they are raised by devils and taught devilish ways. They are raised by witches and warlocks who prostitute them to adults and sexuallize them from a young age. Not to mention the physical and verbal abuse they will be constantly exposed to.

      I mean the book of Revelations speaks about a dragon waiting to devour a child as soon as it is born….the analogy holds true here. Studies clearly show that predatory childhood environments have an extremely high correlation with drug abuse, violence, jail, mental illness, homelessness in later life.

      As verbs states clearly they have an agreement with the corrupt state as drug abuse benefits pharamaceutical companies and the black market trade, violence leads to prison and who owns and builds the prisons, mental wards, etc.

      They are like wet nurses and midwives for destruction of civilization.

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  16. If this topic isn’t a wrap for the scraggle daggle, I don’t know what is.

    Every L Express location in the world is delivering L’s 24x7x365 to keep up with the demand.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free!


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  17. To be perfectly honest and fair, though, the final two BW I had sex with years ago both kept their twats in shape. No anomalies or strange odors detected, LOL. But then again this was the early 90s and BW still knew how to keep themselves up somewhat. Not like today’s feral Section 8 hoodrats.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Field Mouse — In the early 1990s the only black female that was known for hair weave was, perhaps, Janet Jackson. Black females washed their hair and scalp a bit more in the pre-hair weave era.

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  18. On a more positive (and cleaner) note:

    Wandering through central London on my off days, and doing an unscientific mental survey of couples enjoying the summer (22º and rain, SMDH) I estimate that 35% of couples were Black men with something different

    35% of BM were with non-black women
    All except one were with White women (one with a copper coloured BW)
    All except one were cuddled up (one was in an argument over where to cycle with their kid!)
    Half of the couples were out with their children – more than one child in 5-10 age range, all were boys.
    Youngest SYSBM couple = 16, oldest = 40s

    All other couples were WM/WW and out of the approximately 30, ONLY ONE was a BW with a WM.

    I see one security guard wipe his shoes in disgust at the sight of a BM WW couple with a baby. He’ll have to just deal with it. #SYSBM

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michel,

      I see you’ve been conducting some boots on the ground field work, yes sir, unlike the black witch we SYSBM Knights welcome information and research from all corners.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well done, sir.

      Proof positive that SYSBM is on a trajectory of steady and consistent growth.


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  19. …A lot black men don’t give a damn about stink black vagina. They will still go no holds barred into a rancid vagina. I am even getting reports that “eating ass” is a trend with black men here in Atlanta with these nasty black jezzebelles!!!

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