Dealing With The “If You’re Done With Black Women, Why Don’t You Just Leave Them Alone” Kansas City Shuffle

I’m beginning to see an increasing number of black women and their pro black simp advocates use the above line against thinking black men as if we are somehow following black women around, however nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, unless you live in a country where black women are practically non existent then common sense will tell you that even thinking black men who have walked away from black women and black society as a whole are still going to see and interact with them under some capacity(though we’ll try our utmost to minimise those interactions to as little as is possible).

Another reason why the above line has to be looked upon with extreme suspicion is the fact that black women seeing that their pool of unsuspecting victims is rapidly drying up wish for thinking black men like myself to STOP warning others concerning the perils and the dangers in dealing with your average modern day black witch and her dysfunction. Black women as in times past desperately need a fresh supply of prey to feed off, however websites such as Slaying Evil which give black men the heads up and forewarns them regarding black female skullduggery pose an extreme problem to the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure.

This is why you will occasionally see comments from black women and their pro black simp flunkies attempting to berate the SYSBM Knights for continuing to highlight the foul actions black women to this day execute against black men and black society as a whole. There is another point right here, if black women weren’t continuing to engage in destructive behaviour against black men then I Verbs 2015 would have nothing to report about. One of the main reasons why I continue to talk about black women is because they are still engaging in degenerate behaviour which affects black men and now society at large, here is an example of that:

As you saw and I’m sure many of you remember the story some years ago in Philadelphia of the black woman on the bus who got checked for abusing her child, didn’t like it and so she decided to summon the killer services of 12 Gauge Mike, Crim C, Mincy, Two Snacks and Bucky from the block. See, if black women and their devil spawn seedlings were engaging in destructive behaviour in an isolated corner then there wouldn’t be a problem, however as you saw from the video the general public who are just going about their everyday lives are now being subjected to the reckless decisions of the calamitous dunce called the modern day black female.

What about these right here:

Once again, the products of single black mother households decided to hold a party in a gas station. Don’t tell me or any other thinking brothers to stop talking about black women when they and their Dysfunction 5.0 freshly uploaded and unleashed into society devil spawn squads are running amuck bringing about nothing but destruction and dysfunction with them. Again, if these behaviours were isolated to a CONTAINED corner then there wouldn’t be a problem, however we all know that this more often than not is NOT the case.

Another reason that is conveniently overlooked by black women and their pro black/black 1st flunkies as to why black men like myself continue to talk about black women as a group is the fact that it is now black women who are attempting to invade the spaces of thinking black men and trying their best to shame us back onto the proverbial plantation.

Let us take the case last year of Marques Browlee, a black male YouTuber with almost 9 million subscribers who reviews tech and nothing but tech. Brownlee doesn’t deal with any black issues or the so called “community”, has a white girlfriend(which isn’t surprising, at all, since when do black women deal with black tech heads and geeks, I’ll wait) and was quietly getting on with his own life until the black witch’s coven caught wind of the fact that his girlfriend is white.

Of course black women don’t care for Brownlee in the slightest, they were only upset at the fact that they wanted in Brownlee’s pockets but couldn’t and still can’t gain access to them, they want to syphon his wealth for themselves, this is how these black Jezebels roll. This simply goes back to what I have been stating about black women as a collective viewing black men as slaves, commodities and assets. Black women DON’T deal with so called “educated lames” and “squares” ie intelligent, educated, free thinking black men, are we now supposed to believe that black women all of a sudden have an attraction and a love towards black male geeks?

Moving on with the same point, what about the article I wrote back in July of last year featuring a thinking brother G checking a disrespectful, dick policing black harridan who decided to open her mouth against his wife because she was white, please see the video and article below:

This particular technique of witchcraft that many black women are engaging in is very interesting, in thinking black men walking away from them and not paying black women any attention, they have now decided to erect the false position of us free thinking brothers continuing to harass and bother them so that we will now start to pay them attention ie engage them in conversation, discussion and debate. Nice try, however I see straight through this Kansas City Shuffle.

In 2019 the fact of the matter is in black women being increasingly rejected by more black men are finally being forced to stare into the mirror and they see that colossal failure is staring right back at them. This is why they are now resorting to making false claims in their bid to keep thinking black men locked in and engaged in some sort of dialogue with them whether it be positive or negative. From clear observations it is black women who cannot leave black men alone, not the other way around.

Black men are the ones who have the wider dating and mating options, black women on the other hand already being the last chosen are complete toast if a significant number of black men decide to stop dealing with them as outside of the brothers nobody else will deal with them en masse. This is already happening hence why we see black women panicking and running around like headless chickens at the factory farm.

Finally, the major reason why I continue to talk about black female dysfunction is to grow the message and thus REACH MORE THINKING BLACK MEN. This is exactly what black women don’t want, they don’t want the messages of SYSBM and black female dysfunction to grow and reach more individuals, this is why they have embarked upon the “leave black women alone already” campaign, however it just like the many other campaigns they’ve tried to execute in like manner will fail.

Brothers, continue to move forward and ignore the “why don’t you just leave black women alone” crew, the Wall of Silence is impacting black women in an extreme way(which is great), however rather than repent and turn from their dysfunctional and destructive ways, they are determined to ride out the failed religions of feminism, strength and independence until the wheels fall off and even then they still won’t stop riding the road of death and calamity.

Watch this space, in the months and years to come more black men who left Blackistan many moons ago and who have non black girlfriends/wives will increasingly find themselves being targeted by disgruntled black females as they continue to be rejected at astronomical rates and as the Wall Of Silence continues to grow in stature, this is yet another phenomenon that I talked about in Negro Wars.

Of course, thinking black men must prepare for the times ahead when these bitter black harpies and their pro black lackies begin resorting to violence(which we’ve already seen taking place). In that type of situation we have the unalienable right to light up such savages and teach them to deal with their own failures as opposed to always looking for an outside source to blame for their current bottom of the barrel state.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Fall For The Black Female Okey Dokey

Most High Bless

107 thoughts on “Dealing With The “If You’re Done With Black Women, Why Don’t You Just Leave Them Alone” Kansas City Shuffle

  1. That video of the bus incident shows that Black women are state sponsored terrorists who can’t settle any matter without violence being invoked; if she can’t do the dirty work herself, she has simps/thugs on deck to do it for her. Also, about this “leave Black women alone” Kansas City shuffle, it’s pretty simple: stop trying to invade thinking brother’s spaces inquiring as to why they stopped dealing with you!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The modern day black female is the true leader of the hood and other black neighbourhoods, she is the one calling the shots and the likes of Slim Sauce and Lil Cheezy as you said run her dirty errands.

      That is all the black witch, her devil spawn seedlings and her black male low IQ flunkies know, violence and bloodshed. Black women know exactly why thinking brothers stopped dealing with them, they’re just upset at the fact that when we left we took our resources with us. Remember, they don’t ever want us, they only want OUR HELP.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I had black women moaning at me all the time to tell me to leave them alone, but the reason why I will continue to talk about them is to warn the other sysbm black men like myself not to deal with their rancid asses. The irony of all this is that black women in general never leave us thinking black men alone especially when it comes to us dating non black females because they are jealous of the fact that we can do it with such ease, whereas no other man wants to date their ugly weaved up arses and also they are the least desired women on the planet whereas black men are the second most desirable man on the planet. What makes me laugh about the whole thing is that when black women date non black men, the whole fucking world gives them a ticker tape parade, love and support especially if they have mixed race kids from their white father,their Lord and saviour and when people ask black women why that they went with a non black man for a long-term relationship they will tell you that it is love was the reason why that they got with that non black man in the first place but let a black man, a celebrity black man or a normal black man get with a non black women for a long term relationship, then the whole planet will interrogate him, question his blackness and tell him that he is too weak to deal with a strong independent black women which is bullshit. The whole double standard hypocrisy is blown up in a worldwide scale when you compare black women dating non black men compared with black men dating non black women, the stark in contrast couldn’t be more different.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Therein lies the crux of the matter, black women don’t want other black men to be informed, this is why they’ve launched this “leave us alone if you’re done with us” garbage. It’s just one Kansas City shuffle after another with these women, you can see why holding any conversations with them are a complete waste of time, they’ll always try and pull everything back or spin it to them being the victims ie they change nothing but as per usual black men are the ones who must make ALL the changes, what a joke.

      Like I’ve stated many times before, I reach out to thinking black men only warning them about the dangers and perils of dealing with black women, I’m not trying to appeal to black women in any way, shape or form, I’m not trying to have any conversations with them whatsoever since they’ve made their position clear that they aren’t going to change for the better.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I fucking hate the majority of black women these days because they will never admit to when they are wrong and they always blame black men for their own delusional and foolish choices in life and I refuse to date them no matter what black women, black simp minions and racist white men try to shame me into dating a black woman who looks like my mother which is sickening because that’s some incest shit.

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  3. I purposely put sysbm everywhere I think an on the fence or younger unknowing brother is.

    The curious man will arrive and lo and behold evidence confirming all he knew. It’s what happened to me and my parents were married formerly in the nation 😂

    At first I was shocked but once one sees the mountain of evidence and continued behavior you’re not the same anymore

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  5. Like Hardcore Tito once said:

    “These nigga bitches are simply trying to run some white-flag game on you brothers. DON’T fall for it.”

    They want us to shut up and fade away into the Zone of Silence; they hate the fact that more and more brothers are waking up. Never mind us; they are more concerned about us waking up the brothers that are COMING UP BEHIND US.

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    • ““These nigga bitches are simply trying to run some white-flag game on you brothers. DON’T fall for it.”

      Seriously, like we are too dumb to see that. Thankfully dudes have been clowning the Dear BM attempts.

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    • The black woman cannot be reformed or redeemed after 5+ centuries of betrayal. The black female is the property of the white man. Unless you as a black man love metaphorical threesomes with white men, you’d be well advised to #divestblackman.

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      • Please understand that not all white men are opposed to black men dating outside their race. As a white man, I support the SYSBM movement. If I were a black man, I’d date outside my race, too!

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      • Blackcultureisdysfuntional,

        The problem is time and time again we see too many white men typically from the right attempting to dick police us whenever we decide to expand upon our dating options.


  6. So now they want us to leave them alone. That’s cool. We’ll leave them alone, when they stop throwing us under the bus and making false claims about us since they the ones breeding and defending the small core group of black men. I can tell the future is not gonna look pretty for the black women in America, and it’s gonna take two or three or something decades for them to realize that the stuff they done to us over the years, including them simps and thugs, was a complete disaster. Once again, the black women in America lost their value because of trying to be this powerful, strong and independent woman, trying to act masculine, sleep with strangers, acting like she can’t do no wrong, like the black woman in America is Done, D to the O to the N to the E. And all that “keeping it black”, “these our sistas”, “these our queens, our goddess,” blah blah blah talk, being played out a long time ago. I wasn’t brought on this earth just to stick with one race of females, we all wasn’t. If you wanna stick to your own, that’s on you, but don’t try to force feed me this crap talking about I suppose to date black women because of the color of my freakin skin. If I were dating a black women, trust me, it wouldn’t be the black women from America, either an Afro Latina or Blasian, that’s it. But other than that, I got my own personal preferences, and it’s not just one race of females.

    When I said the future for black women in America is not gonna look pretty, The big payback will come for them. Maybe James Brown will help you guys understand what I’m talking about

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      They want to continue slinging mud in our direction without getting the lashes of rebuttal. The internet has completely changed everything and now these same mud slingers are crying foul and once again trying to play the victim. These pro black/black first pundits really have their work cut out, they’ve yet to present any solid and robust arguments in the support of black women that aren’t emotionally based.


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    • James Brown?
      You mean the Nigg who supported RACIST Richard Nixon, cheated his black musicians out of money, BRUTALLY beat a series of black and Biracial women who loved him, went in coke and heroin, then married a slick WHITE WOMAN who filed multiple domestic Violence claims on him when he was so old and sick he could barely ….then used her child to try to claim the James Brown estate and all the $$$Rights? THAT James Brown?
      ((perfect choice. And proof that black males are doomed to die by your own hands))


      • Tru,

        Nobody values your opinion here witch, you weren’t invited. Its amazing how you same miserable miscreants who continuously claim not to care about black men always seem to find yourself trying to stick your dirty, snotty noses into black men’s spaces. Scram witch, your words mean nothing here.

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      • Verbs,

        These wenches stay stalking black men they say they don’t like. Next she’ll claim she’s in a happy relationship with a white man 😀

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Yes sir, it’s usually a fat black chick with 12 necks and 10 stomachs talking the typical trash and garbage behind a computer screen. Black women are full of it.

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  7. I can’t wait to see more and more backlash! That’s because it means things are getting bigger for us, and WORSE for them.

    You are again seeing them double down on all of the things that got them in trouble in the first place, like feminism, liberalism, LGBTism, and outright witchcraft. The latter especially is sign of their desperation.

    Again, where are all of the truly conservative black Women making videos about child rearing, cooking, cleaning, or how to treat a man? Nope, nothing actually substantial, just “we love you black men!”

    I’ve also seen an increase in the ones who attempt “swirling” are doing so with the rattiest, dirtiest white dudes. A former coworker of mine recently got fired from said job because the controlling freak of a white man she dated would park outside her workplace for up to FIFTEEN hours to “check up on her”. He ended up causing a scene where she worked, and now they’re both banned.

    You will see a rise in desperation from both black women and their white male counterparts, who are both mad at their loosening grip on thinking black men, as well as their male/female counterparts rejecting them.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      As the saying goes, the tighter they grip the faster what they’re trying to hold onto slips from their hands. Black women in 2019 typically stand for nothing good and wholesome, this is why bootlicking simps like Taz Exclusives aka Goat Boy as stated before cannot present a solid and robust case in favour of why black men shouldn’t expand upon their dating options.

      At the end of the day these dudes know that this modern day black female is utter garbage, they cannot sell her to any black men with common sense and intelligence, thus the alternative is to attempt to shame you into dealing with her which is the black witch’s sorcery which as we can see isn’t working anymore. These chicks are dumb as hell if they believe that getting into Wiccan and the dark arts will somehow save them from the judgement to come. Feminism, the religions of LGBTQ and liberalism won’t save them either.

      The account you gave about your ex coworker almost had me falling out of my seat. Black women cannot get with top tier white men because the black witch isn’t even on their radar. More fireworks and action to come, popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready for this feature.

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      • Said dude has, get this, a legit BEARD of tattoos. That, plus rings and piercings all over the place, means that I’m SURE he’s a doctor and lawyer. The fact that he can wait outside her job all day means that he probably lacks one himself.

        I thought it was black men who were such lazy louts? I thought black women only wanted top tier men, character over color?

        This chick also covers her face with makeup, probably to cover her Rocket Raccoon eyes. She already has visible cut scars on both arms.

        I predict that black women will follow white men in suicide, mass shootings, and self harm.

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      • The hilarious thing about pussy-begging, stiletto licking simps is their obvious feminized line of thinking has taken their IQs so far into the negative side that they don’t know that we know anything that has to be promoted through shame is either useless, harmful or both. You cannot sell me a Western woman any sooner than you can sell me a sandwich with make with six different kinds of dog shit.

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    • Hahaha, these beta white males and black hoes are really stupid aren’t they? All those dark arts and feminism they introduced just to dick police black men is biting them in the ass and I don’t feel sorry for them one bit. As you said before it is impossible to build with people who are one step away from complete communism, most of these idiotic RINOs don’t even know that their neocon idols were hardcore Marxists whom the Soviets had to kill or exile using the gulags during and after WW2 as an excuse because they were collaborating with Hitler and the Nazis.

      Many of these Antifa and progressive clowns are simply useful idiots who once their usefulness runs out will be disposed of, like in Pol Pot’s Cambodia which the Vietnamese thankfully stopped.

      These alt right dudes are a joke, getting into women’s pants is all they can think of and they wonder why white females lust after masculine Caribbean men. The problem is a religion of emoness and entitlement among modern intellectuals, which again leads to the removal of the black man and the white female from the house through feminism and welfare respectively.

      Do you really think that if nuclear families had remained the norm in the West that these black hoes would be making fools out of themselves wearing these weaves and whoring themselves out to Redneck Rick and Sub Nose Ned? Or that these so called skeptics would be wasting their time ranting about Neo Nazis and Creationists instead of making the next big invention?

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      • Racism, sexism and anti-Semitism! The field slaves are escaping the plantation and taking the white women with them! Quick, quick, get the debunkers and the alt right overseers to shame the kooshim for daring to free themselves!

        Seriously though, the Muslims and Jews need to bring their religions into the 21th century and abandon the false flagging, promotion of racism while using fake diversity to cover it up, race baiting and throw the Talmund and the Hadith in thet trash bin of history.

        Many of these black hoes contributed to the likes of Talmudist Ted and Head Chopper Mohammed being such a nuisance though, by promoting welfare and ‘multi-culturalism’ despite ex Soviet defectors and traditional white females warning them and white men, that these types had no intention of assimilating into Western society, and would probably try to conquer it instead.

        And what do we see today? Europe has been overrun by Muslim fanatics being lead by these very same ‘chosen people’ and these fuckers are trying to get Trump who ironically was seen at the Wailing Wall wearing a yarlmuke, as a racist and white supremacist.

        I don’t feel sorry for thugs and people who try to stir up ethnic conflict for whatever reason no matter the race, if the incels or the Roof Top Trev types try to pull a fast one on me they’ll learn why the Hanovers made a peace treaty with the Maroons and left them the fuck alone after that.

        No janitors round here, if race baiters, champagne socialists and ignorant skeptics want a conflict then bring it to the alt righters their intolerance helped create.

        Slavery ended in 1838 plantation owners, beta male overseers and black hoes, if you can’t deal with it then it’s not thinking black mens’ problem anyways.

        Deal with your issues before using black men’s penises as a Boogeyman to cover up your failures.

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    • “You will see a rise in desperation from both black women and their white male counterparts, who are both mad at their loosening grip on thinking black men, as well as their male/female counterparts rejecting them.”

      BINGO. Boy, the power thinking black men have over them makes me proud to be #SYSBM.
      We need to breed out the black female and the white man.

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  8. “If You’re Done With Black Women, Why Don’t You Just Leave Them Alone”

    They don’t need to tell me that. Like I have said before this is the only place where I discuss black female dysfunction, outside of this site I don’t speak about it anywhere online or in public. We can choose to leave them alone but they wont leave us alone, especially when they see that pookie and ray ray are useless at best and dangerous at worst and that non-BM don’t want them.

    We already see Trump and the right calling out the black communities (using Baltimore as a proxy) for the matriarchal shit holes that they are, white daddy has grown tired of BW and their terrorist bastard kids. As times get tough avoiding them will be harder if you are a good BM, they will be throwing everything at you to get you, compliments, sex, you name it. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Anything these black women offer is a trap. I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot barge pole at this point, it’s a clean wrap for these broads. The difference between SYSBM brothers vs pro black pyramid head simps/manginas is we actually have the courage to walk away from goods that are clearly defective and irreparable, the others don’t hence just like the black witch the deep disdain and hatred they display towards us.

      What you talk about in terms black women hounding us, I remember what the contributor Stephen talked about recently with a black witch going out of her way to hound him and even went as far as to push herself up on him, so indeed what you’re saying is spot on.

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    • Unfortunately, the Democrat Party in the United States is fully invested in propping up the dysfunctional black woman through welfare. I can understand why black women vote Democratic, but why would any rational black man? Doesn’t he realize that the Democrat Party kicked him out of the black family and replaced him with Uncle Sam (white dude)?

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  9. Outside of this website, and my weekend job (I’m still somehow there it it’s strictly Friday night, Saturday morning I refuse to do anything else) I talk to a very select few about the dysfunctional matriarchal shitholes the black community is, and how horrible black women are. I’m in no rush to try to talk to one of these idiotic weaves up trolls if I don’t have to.

    Black whores are all but invisible to me. As much as we go out of our way to avoid them, they do the same to try to interact with us. Its beyond pathetic at this point.. Let them keep wasting their time talking nonsense to us . We’re sick of it, our non black significant others are growing sick of it, and are no longer biting their tongues.

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    • Stephen,

      You have some serious testicular fortitude to be working around those black witches you’ve described in the past. I can only imagine how hungry those beasts are and how they’re constantly on your case.

      All thinking black men can do is minimise their contact with these sirens as much as possible, once again unless you’re in a situation like Carnio SYSBM where you’re in a country where black females are practically non existent, minimising contact is the next best thing.

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      • Last year, I was one of around five white men working with approximately 50 black women and 50 black men. I was shocked at how badly the black women treated the black men. One time, I asked one of the men after he’d been talked down to what he thought about it and he said, “What goes around, comes around.” Almost all the black women wore weave, had tattoos, were loud and obnoxious.

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  10. Why don’t they just leave free thinking black men alone?

    I’ve seen confirmed swirlers attacking BM, even as they are ghetto gagged for the entire world to see. Likewise, Black misandrists and their proxies have been shitting on BM for 40 years; where were the Black women demanding these misandrists leave competent BM alone? MIA of course.

    One consequence of misandrists and their drones invading Black Manosphere 2.0 – it hastened the collapse of Black Manosphere 2.0.

    What we are seeing is the rise of Black Manosphere 3.0 on de-centralized platforms like, and Black Avenger. These are digital islands for thinking BM; you set the rules.

    This is just the beginning, there will be more digital & real world outposts for free thining brothers to live their best life and fraternize with the like-minded in due time.

    Once all the free thinking Black men have faded into their own corners and voted with their feet; thats when the violence Verbs speaks of will increase – but it will end badly for the Black Redneck not the free thinking BM.

    The great separation has been a long tim in the making.

    #FixbyExit #SYBM #VoteWithYourFeet

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    • Fuck these hoes, the goose stepping Black shirt/SS thirsty simps and the beta white males whom the powers that be use to promote race baiting and corrupt progressive Communist ideology via ignorant skeptics and intellectuals as well as the thugs and the Muslim migrants. If a white supremacist or a thug, or even a simp tries to hurt me or even threatens the safety of me and my future mate, these clowns will know why even the Hanovers/Romanovs/Windsor’s stopped fucking with us despite the planters’ best attempts.

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      • @Anton You have the absolute right to protect yourself and those under your guardianship from harm. That’s why I oppose those who attempt to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

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      • If Redneck Rick, Slim Shady and Head Chopper Mohammed dare to attack me, my family or my spouse it’s going to be straight war. These clowns want war they better prepare for one or they’re going to feel it like US strategic bombing during WW2. People are getting sick of these beta males, black hoes and their constant lies and excuses for their denegrate behavior which they picked up from Slave Master Shlomo on the plantation.

        I don’t see Latinas loving up FARC Revolutionaries or Cartel hitmen or Li showing her love for the Triad. Why should thinking black males be the janitors for the trash of the non black world because black female witches said so?

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      • Hahaha! You niggas are CRAZY!
        YOU are the #1 killer of EVERYONE!
        No one is Killin Black males and no outside force is making you kill.
        You are going to kill your loved one, Black male. YOU! Even in INTERRACIAL relationships, black males have the highest domestic violence rates.
        ((Yeah…. yeah..all lies , right? Communist, feminist propaganda? You all are the most PATHOLOGICAL beings on Earth))


      • @Tru
        Black women have killed more black people than the KKK in all its years of existence. And the thugs learn to be animals from their single black mothers. The only way to end the cycle is to breed the subhuman negress out of existence.

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    • King Sigma,

      I have to keep quoting your prediction concerning the fall of the current Black Manosphere and the rise of a decentralised one ie Black Manosphere 3.0. It’s a shame really, the very founders of the current Black Manosphere are the ones who have set the countdown for its eventual collapse and ruin by bringing in the same dysfunctional black females who have been railing viciously against black men for as you stated the last 40 years.

      These same sirens in turn have brought in a barrage of low IQ simps in order to reinforce their agenda to derail and change the narrative from black female dysfunction to “white supremacy” in order to save the black female’s rotten hide as well as to destroy the Black Manosphere from the inside.

      I will continue to provide quality content here at and speak about the issues the contributors here deem important, black women, their dysfunction and witchcraft being at the top of the priority list.

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      • Damn straight. Black females and beta males act as if they were still on the plantation with Massa Moshe hovering over them with his whip, but have the utter gall and the audacity to call black men ‘savages’. I have never seen such blatant hypocrisy and projection anywhere else except in the so called skeptic community, and these guys are hardcore ass kissers who will bow to anyone in a white coat regardless of the truth of the person’s statements.

        The so called community is done and it’s not coming back. We need to breed the simps, white nationalist thugs, black hoes and low IQ criminals out as soon as possible or else it will be Judge Dredd and Mad Max out there due to the efforts of the race baiters and Cultural Marxists to spread chaos and anarchy.

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      • @Verbs Its actually not uncommon for founders in the business world to be replaced and shoved aside from firms or companies they created. Often a good, service, or idea outgrows the originators. It was weird to see my prediction in 2018 come true in the 1st half of 2019. I remember when I saw you timed out by a daggle MOD. I knew from that point on I was moving strictly in a SYBM/Passport manner.

        Recently, I heard Angryman say he was branching off into his own group called the Black Order. Many commentators over the last month or so have spoken on the collapse of Black Manosphere 2.0. In fact, Shawn James has been around since Black Manosphere 1.0 and had some interesting things to say about the fall of Black Manosphere 2.0:

        I have mentioned that there are at least 8 sectors that grew out of Black Manosphere. Specifically SYBM and Passport Bros; which in the SYBM group there are several sects as well.

        We already knew that the maggle follows the daggle; it is the only way the gynocentric system is allowed to rule over the rest of men. Women cannot rule over men without the assistance of beta male simps. usage will only grow in due time, as mainstream social media platforms ramp up their censorship during the 2020 election year.

        BM seeking a better options outside Black Redneck cesspool will only grow.

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      • King Sigma,

        Unfortunately Angryman hasn’t learned from the collapse of the Black Manosphere 2.0 because he has still brought black women into this Black Order he’s set up. These dudes insist on including black women in everything they do, they don’t seem to understand that when you form something for black men, women must NOT be included in the equation on any level.

        I will not be ruled over or be dictated to by any women especially the black witch. There is no “order” whenever you factor in black women as they are nothing but disorderly and have the Midas touch of death and destruction.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Verbs

        I am not surprised that most western BM, especially American ones can not do anything without including Black women in it. There are some deep-seated mommy/Oedipus complex issues western Black men suffer from. They do not understand the need for strictly limited male spaces for free conversation. Ironically, these same men have no problem respecting the need for Female Only spaces.

        when it comes men building and brainstorming, co-ed interactions are unnecessary. However, some men just have to learn the hard way. That is why centralization of Black men spaces don’t work; most Black men will betray the next BM the moment a femalepresents herself. What shocks me, 99% of these dudes have not even met any of these women in person, and some of the females just have an avatar. And even if they show there face, 9/10 of them are below a 5!!!

        The thirst is so real, that faceless females can seduce these Black males with the mere hint of female attention and validation. Thats why David Carroll calls them the laughing stock of the world. This has made it clear to me, that the best path for free thinking BM is to place himself first and confederate with like minded BM second only when there is mutual benefit. Otherwise, like Mr. Fuller says Black men need to stay away from each other.

        Black men at-large can not be trusted to construct anything of sustainable value as a group. That is why Reginald Lewis, Robert Johnson, Robert. F. Smith, Byron Allen, and other free thinking BM billionaires all created their empires by themselves or with less than a handful of other Black men.

        Most of them go full SYBM. If Byron Allen wins his lawsuit against Comcast at the Supreme Court next year, he will be the richest Black person on the planet.

        Many Black men are as programmed to gynocentric drones, as they are enemies of other Black men.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Please explain how black women have been railing against BLACK men for 40 years. How? Examples. Proof.
        **How did black WOMEN create the narrative of “white supremecy”?!!!! Even you niggas here claim “Da white man” is out to get you.
        You black males have been blaming White MEN (not white women and their Easy P) for every problem you have.
        ***Y’all are INSANE. You are a misery and source of death and chaos WORLDWIDE….but not only do you not apologize for what you’ve been doing for CENTURIES…. you are constantly trying to create insane new Theories that blame the people who you most Abuse and Burden!
        ## You’re going to die….. because you deserve it. No conspiracy.##


      • @King Sigma. Too right. It’s hilarious to me that self-professed “alpha males” can’t even tie their shoes without “fiending” like a junkie for female attention. Women have zero place in male spaces, male discussions, male hobbies, etc. “Co-ed-ifying” everything is what brought about the gynocentric and feminist cesspool the West is in right now. The black woman IS the white man. And just as the inherently homosexual beta male white man lurks about black spaces like a blank shadow so do black females and for the same reason. To see what we’re up to to gauge the level of threat we pose. I do not tolerate women of any breed to speak in my spaces, do not acknowledge their contributions whatsoever, and take it as a sign of disrespect and masculinized behaviour if they do otherwise. There is a reason why the bible said women should keep their mouths shut in church. We see the results of doing away with that commandment. Feminized churches filled with discarded trash females and beta male spiritual eunuchs led by a homosexual pimp pastor. The great philosophers of old did not permit women in their circles. The reason being the IQ of the discussion plummets once a female enters it. Why? Because women enter male spaces for attention and nothing more. There are ZERO exceptions to that rule either.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @Kameron Brown

        Black Manosphere refers to period of time from about 2009-2015 or so. You can watch the Shawn James clip to learn more about this period of time. I didn’t discover the Black Manosphere until 2018; I thought this was something new. But those like Shawn James had educated me that the Black Manosphere had been around since the election of Barack Obama.

        They had a Black gender war of online content creators since around 08-09. Many of those original BM were kicked off YouTube because ABW flagging them down.

        Black Manosphere 2.0 arose out of the ashes of that movement, Oshay Duke Jackson, Obsidian, Angryman, and Hardcore Tito pushed it forward. Now, in 2019 2.0 is collapsing on itself from an attempt to pander to Black women to stay on the popular platforms for different purposes…

        Liked by 2 people

      • @King Sigma
        Thugtician, in my opinion, was the greatest loss of the Black Manosphere 1.0.


  11. When I see the names Crim C, Mincy, Two Snacks and Bucky, I couldn’t stop laughing. But anyhow. I did remember when the hoodrat called her enforcers from the hood to shoot up the bus when she got checked when the bus passenger when she was spanking her child. Us black men have seen black single mothers beat their kids in public. I understand that kids need to be under control because you don’t want to be out of order but she called Pookie, Ray Ray and the other thugs just shoot up the bus and they didn’t care who was in there, they was ready to spray bullets at the bus. And I saw one woman ducking for cover from them thugs ready to open fire.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Dude that really happened? The UK has really fallen, seems like the Windsors/Romanovs lost the edge when they allowed the fascists, eugenicists and other nuts to take over before WW1. If these thugs and the white supremacists and Antifa losers aren’t dealt with soon enough the West may denegrate to the level of Maxfield Ave or Montego Bay, with criminality and corruption being the order of the day.

      Liked by 3 people

    • I remember a so called black lady (mid 20s -30s) bragging in the deli store that she can talk to her son anyway she wants to, as she yelled and berated her older daughter for taking to long to pick out a bag of chips.

      And they wonder why some establishments wont serve them.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Lurker,

        Yep, these black sirens straight from Satan’s regiment are well out of control. They don’t deserve children at all. They unfortunately have been blessed with the most fertile wombs on the planet, yet they use the same as a weapon to forward their own malevolent agendas, smh.

        Liked by 4 people

      • @Verbs indeed they largely should be stripped of children at birth in the hospital. They are better off letting the military (heck even gorillas) raise these soon to be poor souls.

        Liked by 4 people

    • Money Cultural,

      Do you see how the idiot indiscriminately shot up the bus, the dude didn’t even bother to find out who upset his “queanie”. That is how stupid and easily manipulated these thug types and simp drones are.

      Black mothers are always going ham on their children, that’s the only way the overwhelming majority of them know how to interact with their own offspring.

      Liked by 5 people

    • You black males have been violent savages for well over a century. Black Civil Rights pioneer
      W.E.B Dubious stated that he had witnessed black men brutalize black women casually in the black community…. and that negro male Violence was a worse threat to blacks than white racism. THAT WAS OVER 100 YEARS AGO!
      Black boxer Jack Johnson stated, 100 years ago, that he hated black women. But he beat EVERY white woman in a relationship with him! One was beaten so bad that he had her lie and say she fell off a street car. He also openly cheated on his white women.
      **Spare us the old Worldstar videos of Laquisha on a bus or the tired “BLACK WOMEN beat dey kids” line. YOU BLACK MALES are the reason black communities and COUNTRIES are violent cesspools. But you will never admit and never change. The world needs to deal with you in the way you deserve.**


  12. The black heterosexual alpha male is walking away from black women because of the black woman’s dysfunctional ways. As he sees the way these hoodrats who are in charged of the black community, they just roll out and date the white women, the Asian woman, the Latina woman and the mix race woman. They ain’t putting up the bull from black woman. And black women will get mad when they see a black man with a woman that can grow they long wavy hair in their scalp while black women getting bald quick time wearing this weave trying to look white. They know that they can’t compete with the white woman’s style but they still wearing this weave over again and again and lose when they are in competition with white women when it comes to blonde or brunette hair.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Money Cultural — In public, you will notice that the typical non-black girl, starting at age 5, has a head full of hair. This hair, on the heads of non-black females, is of the texture that is not naturally common among black females. Despite this fact, black women LIE and claim that all women wear weave. LOL. About 5% of non-black women wear HAIR EXTENSIONS and deranged black women are claiming that large numbers of non-black women wear HAIR WEAVE.

      Liked by 3 people

  13. I left most of BW alone, the problem is that they upset at me for being married and not chasing after them. I have no desire to have sex with them yet alone talking to them. The thug simps are worse especially when they find out you don’t date black women because instead of saying “more women for them” they want you to date their baby mothers. Um, no thank you, I’m not interested. I’m burnt out when it comes to black women. I got tired of being called “you’re wack” “ugly” “not a thug” names they say to me.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Seriously? I forgot these black hoes are dumb as f..k and I live in the country which started this denegrate ghetto culture so yeah, things happen.

      Mark my words, what happened to the Muslims when they murdered Farag Fouge for trying to lead them into the modern world, chaos, despise and destruction, will happen to the community and the beta males.

      The devil may cry but his tears have a price. Black women and racist white men forgot that when they sold out for position and power, and now they’re paying the price for it.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Robert Chavis,

      How many videos have we come across of baby father thugs confronting and threatening the next boyfriend in line at the baby mother’s house? Dealing with black women in general is too dangerous, dealing with black single mothers is danger on a completely different level.

      You nailed it, thinking black men are burnt out from dealing with the regular garbage black women brought to the table, hence why they choose to seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Yes indeed. Had a chick at my job got pregnant by 12 gauge mike who’s doing time in prison asked me “how do you like fatherhood”. I told her I love my wife and my son very much. These women are looking for thinking black men who are married to take on their own burdens as well. It’s getting tough out here.

        Liked by 2 people

    • @Robert Chavis

      Exactly…you would think they would be happy that there is more for them, but instead they frantic like a farmer during harvest time for fresh farm hands. It is disgusting how they love to share holes, this type of behavior is not even seen in the animal kingdom, to the best of my knowledge.

      These negroes stay trying to push their unwanted leftovers like no one else can see the obvious lack of value present. Not to mention the STDs, sociopathic manners, etc. These negroes have no sense of true ownership or respect for life. They run their women into the gutter, and their dirty ladies run them into the grave or prison.

      Remember these are the so called ladies that certain effeminiate and homosexoal men hang around because these women make them seem comparatively feminine.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Man, you’re speaking the truth. These dudes be pump and dump these women and then they get mad if we don’t date them while their women be trying to get us to take care of their kids. No thank you.


        Liked by 2 people

  14. With all my heart and soul I’ve tried to avoid BW and yet they still find ways to mettle in your life. Their favorite tactic is to lure you in with a psuedo-nice, valley girl persona that they invent to disguise the real Laquisha hiding inside.

    Brothers like Marques Brownlee and Lance Reddick (actor who’s been on shows like The Wire, Corporate, John Wicke, and the voice of Commander Zavala in Destiny 2) are the prime of example of who i strive to be. Intelligent brothers with exciting lives, interesting hobbies, promising careers, and most importantly who avoid the scraggle and the drama of the “communiTAH”.

    Liked by 6 people

      • I don’t play Destiny honestly lol, but I did see a few trailers for it when it first released. One of those trailers has Commander Zavala giving a speech about preparing for war.

        Liked by 2 people

    • “Their favorite tactic is to lure you in with a psuedo-nice, valley girl persona that they invent to disguise the real Laquisha hiding inside.”

      I see that shit all the time and its hilarious, especially when they try to fake their accent and tone of voice. You can tell when they are adjusting the tone of their voice to make it sound more feminine than it really is, its so fake its almost embarrassing. Almost like a little boy deepening his voice to try to sound like an adult man or something. lol I hear them speak and in my head I’m like “You know damn well that’s not your natural tone of voice”. lol

      Liked by 7 people

  15. Im so glad im mixed very light skinned, bright eyed and different hair texture, pretty ambiguous looking that way i dont get bothered with by black women and there fuck shit but i do catch them sometimes trying to latch on to us mixed people buy they know it dont work that way because our mamma is white or some times another mixed light skinned woman or non black. Actually my family has not been full black in generations most of us are born with red hair and blue eyes or grey eyes most of the time turn hazel which is just a mixture of all the colors. But good stuff out here exposing these mud beasts.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Here’s a video by YouTuber Alan Sinclair who explains himself as to why he doesn’t date Black girls; more evidence that Black women can’t leave us alone when we date out instead of vice versa:

    Liked by 4 people

  17. Great article Verbs, because I was thinking about this when I saw a video from a YouTuber. Now he’s made it known that he’s ados first, but he made a strawman by claiming that black dudes who don’t deal with black women but still talk about them still want them. There’s way more black women that are talking about black men, then the opposite way . So I don’t know why this is even brought up in conversations. Maybe it’s because they talk about black women, but they still want to protect them at the same time . Little weird but whatever , they don’t belong to them anyway.
    We also obviously have black relatives as our family members. Some of us interact with them every freaking day. Even though the same guys be the first one to call black women out on their antics, they seem to have a problem with someone who don’t date black women call them out.
    Because these dudes want to save these women and want to save the community. No matter how honestly and harsh you talk about these women, they’re not going to walk away. At least Sotomayor has stated his compromised position long time ago. (” I still like having sex with natural black women, and I’m raising natural black daughters”); these guys aren’t direct with it like he has been. It doesn’t matter to black women, you’re giving them attention . They can care less about you trying to negotiate with them because they are in a proxy power position in that they can lock thinking black men out , or at least that’s what they think .
    They still think that you have to be with a black woman in order to have a black neighborhood. Even though she’s just a vessel and the DNA and imprint of a child is determined mostly by the dad. Even white supremacist know this, why you think they’re so adamant about their women not having kids with black men?
    “As long as you date black women, it’s okay for you to talk about them. But if you date outside your race. Stay away from us. (Because you being with that voluptuous white girl makes me a little jealous and makes me wish I was with her. I didn’t know white girls where built like that, even though sysbm guys been telling us that they’ve been raised around chicks like this but what do they know? They put them white women on a pedestal)”
    Don’t these fools know that what are you date them or not, you’re still going to get dragged for calling them out? They don’t have no restrictions, so why do you? Why you trying to take the high moral role for group that doesn’t want to practice that generally speaking? You have to question the psyche of that person who’s willing to do that or if that person is in it for monetary gain. This comment is digressing, so that’s all I got

    Liked by 3 people

    • Mack G,

      Well stated sir, as contributor Quincy Fitzpatrick would say, I fully agree with you bro. If black women’s behaviour was on the up and up ie improving then thinking black men would have nothing to talk about, that lame line about SYSBM brothers who still talk about black women still wanting them is complete gruff, these pro black female pundits always conveniently omit the warning part of the equation ie trying to give other black men the heads up which is the only reason I talk about black female dysfunction and skullduggery. I couldn’t give a monkey’s jawline about black women, I’m reaching out to thinking black men.

      Liked by 5 people

      • As the handouts from Slum Lord Shlomo and Massa State dry up as people get tired of the lame excuses of the black hoes, beta males and simps, expect these white nationalist thugs and black females to try and sneak back to the white females and black males they abandoned for position and power. We must be on high alert never to be the janitors for the trash of non black society again, let the black witches and the beta males stay on the plantation with Glock Gavin and Drug Dealer Hernandez.

        Liked by 2 people

  18. if i have to work with them i do just fine but i do not invite black females into my personal life. i do not bother black women in public or hardly acknowledge them. i left them alone a long long time ago. I do not get into any issues with them i just simply dont see them. they still frown that i am with a white female 5 years going but i don’t owe them anything and they are free to do as they choose and do it badly

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Isn’t it ironic (dontcha think?) that black women come into black male spaces and attempt to dictate tone? Be suspicious of any female that invades male spaces. I take it as a sign of disrespect no matter how hard they profess to be “different”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Black Caesar,

      The black woman that comes here once in a while and drops the odd comment of support and acknowledgement I don’t have a problem with, it’s those sirens who think they can run up in here, spam up the comment section with derogatory comments and attempt to shame free thinking brothers into talking about something different, those are the disrespectful harridans I have a serious problem with, they’ll be blocked on site like a black witch named Tru that I had to banish to the phantom zone not so long ago over here.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nothing wrong with that. I don’t expect anyone to follow my personal philosophy and I’m sure you wouldn’t. That’s just my opinion. Obviously, I have no right to dictate anything here since I have only been on this site for about 72 hours LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Black Caesar,

        Yep, you weren’t lying when you stated that you diving in for a binge, I can’t keep up with the amount of comments you’ve posted and like you said, you’ve only been here for 3 days, 😂😂😂.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LMAO. I feel like I’m home here. I finally found intellectual thinking black men who are not simps LMAO! I learned a great deal in that time. Thank you for this site. Donation definitely forthcoming (as well as book purchase).

        Liked by 1 person

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