Young Black Females Begin Randomly Attacking Non Black Girls/Women In The Streets – We Knew This Was Coming


Yep, we knew this was coming, as the Wall continues to grow higher and is secured with extra fortification, these devil spawn black females will begin turning their anger towards the women that thinking black men are opting for instead of them, but what did they expect would happen? These are Satan’s minions, the devil seed that this modern day black female produces with the assistance of Chunky Bruh, Shifty Sizzler, Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike and Midnight Freddy.

I’ve done told you time and time again that black women are the right hand soldiers of the Devil, they are professional instigators and trouble makers who go around fomenting mischief at every turn. Note, this is the devilish scum and gutter trash that these pro black/black first pundits want thinking black men to date, marry, procreate with and build for.

These women are nothing but evil tyrants who engage in any and all things destructive, and folks still wonder why black women must be left out of any constructive works black men embark upon. As I’ve stated before black women have the Midas touch of death and destruction, there is little to nothing that black women put their hands on where the end results are positive.

I wish a black witch would attempt to attack my girlfriend in the street, as I’ve stated before I DO NOT tolerate violence from anybody, black women are not exempt from this standard. This is something that thinking black men are very much going to have to look out for in the very near future, as I stated before black women aren’t about to let you roll off into the sunset with your non black girlfriend/wife without a fight.

This is why I have to give black women the biggest side eye whenever they talk the “we don’t care who black men date” mantra, from the amount of evidence that I’ve built up over the years on this site in conjunction with your own personal experiences as thinking black men, it is blatantly obvious that black women as a collective feel some type of way whenever they see black men with non black women.

Don’t forget that article I wrote back in June 2018 with an accompanying video in which a black man was forced to G check a dick policing black female who tried to be disrespectful to his wife because she was white, that article and video can be seen here. Let’s briefly go through the timeline, the first place I warned you of black women and their simp squadrons embarking on interracial couple(black male/non black female) beat em up missions was in my book Negro Wars which I released in October 2015.

The next time I warned you of this same scenario was in an article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I featured a video of a black man and his white girlfriend being beaten by a group of reprobate devil spawn black sirens and their simp flunkies, the link to that video and article can be seen directly below:

You’ll notice how dumb and stupid the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Shorty Fist, Slim Sauce and Chunky Bruh are in that black women have no problems recruiting them to either do their dirty work or participate in it. These guys simply don’t learn, if the police descend on the scene it will be the men who are guaranteed to be arrested and be taken to jail, NOT the women.

You would think that these guys would’ve clocked onto this pattern by now, however when we think about who we’re dealing with, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that these thug type Negroes still cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together. Remember, the modern day black female is a State asset, this is why up until recently she has been given a free reign to pretty much do whatever she wants with impunity, however thanks to the Trump administration, things are changing especially in the area of black women now receiving their divorce papers from their white father.

The following warning concerning black men and non black women being attacked was in an article I wrote back in May 2017 in which I talked about the fact that racist white men are just as much an enemy of the SYSBM movement as their black female cronies, that article can be seen here.

And now we have this, Satan’s dark warriors rolling out into the streets randomly attacking non black girls and women for the fun of it. Brothers, remember what I stated before, if you live in an open carry state or you have a concealed carry licence, ensure that you keep your paperwork in check and up to date because very soon you are going to be facing these racist black female goons and their simp drone squaddies head on.

Evil like this needs to be stamped on the head, if they attacked the wrong person and were shot as a result quite frankly I would rejoice because people who aren’t bringing pain, death, destruction, harm and injury upon others deserve to be left alone in peace, however it’s apparent that peace is not part of the black female lexicon. In the video notice out of jealousy how these witches tugged and pulled on the East Asian girl’s hair before setting upon her like the unbridled savages that they are. they wish they could have a full set of hair like hers.

I wish somebody would just smash these trouble makers over the head with a ball pin hammer. As I’ve stated before and have absolutely no problems in saying, I despise the overwhelming majority of black women simply because they are evil individuals by default whether they take part in wicked acts or condone such practices. I don’t like evil and it’s works in any form, evil black females are definitely not exempt from my hatred and wrath.

Brothers, continue to abandon ship and seek out love and companionship elsewhere, this modern day black woman is pure evil, wicked to the core and has every intention of meeting her father the Devil in the lowest depths of Hell. These are the single black mother Frankenstein creations that everybody else is forced to deal with on the daily. In 2019 and beyond it’s a wrap for black women as a collective, leave the simps and the goon squads be, let them go down with the feminist and matriarchal ship together with the black women who use them. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid These Devil Spawn Black Females Like The Plague

Most High Bless

94 thoughts on “Young Black Females Begin Randomly Attacking Non Black Girls/Women In The Streets – We Knew This Was Coming

  1. I really wish I didn’t see that video. That just makes me hate black women so much more! I WISH they’d tried that with my girlfriend! I would be in prison for years to come. I would have no guilt or shame if I beat and smash their heads in with a metal rod with blood spilling down the curb!
    Most especially these God damned simps! I didn’t see that article verbs write about an interacial couple being attacked because the woman was white. Why did the simps attack her? She’s a want isn’t she? I though the cookies and milk simp boy scout had a bagde of honor to “never got a woman”! Oh so white and non black woman are suddenly exempted?

    F***ing hypocrites!!

    Also, when that white woman got straight punched in the face, that white woman took like a champ! When that Korean man gave the bitchiest slap to the face to an oil tanker for stealing weaves from his shop, they tumble, fall over and caused a massive earthquake that destroyed his shop anyways!

    So much for “strong” black women!


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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      These black women are pure evil bro, they go out of their way to engage in destructive behaviours and will then turn around to try to reprimand you for calling them out. This is how brain damaged, mentally unstable and mentally damaged these black chicks are, more black men can sense this hence why they are walking away from these tyrants.

      I’m exactly like yourself, I wouldn’t hesitate taking one of these devils out if they ever tried it with my girlfriend. At this stage outside of being brainwashed and indoctrinated I don’t see how anybody can like anything about these women. I’ve asked the question before, in 2019 what exactly is there to like about black women and why should thinking black men favour them over other races of women, I’ll wait?

      Thankfully where you are you don’t have to deal with this garbage, your move to get far away from these women and dysfunctional black folks in general was an extremely wise one.

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  2. “In the video notice out of jealousy how these witches tugged and pulled on the East Asian girl’s hair before setting upon her like the unbridled savages that they are. they wish they could have a full set of hair like hers.”


    Poor Asian girl. They probably shaved her head off, went home and put it own themselves and probably thought they were Asian women to trying to actually fool black men !

    Freaking dirt bags! First they steal it from Kim’s shops, then the garbage, then from wild animals like horses, then clowns and now they are going around stealing it from non black women’s hair! What next? Are they going to attack men with long hair too?

    It just cannot get more deep and evil then them!!

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  3. I’m not a religious man by any means hell until recently I was pretty much atheist but the more I look at it the more I think the universe is forcefully punishing bw. All that ails them is self inflicted and for their systemic evil against bm. Universe will always seek balance 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    • DarthAmon,

      I strongly believe that the evidence points to there being some form spiritual force beyond our sight which is guiding these black sirens, it’s the only way their wicked behaviour as a collective can be explained. When you have a group of women derail so badly and dive head first into evil we have to begin looking beyond our comfort zones.

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      • As most of these black women engage in witchcraft and the Dark Arts which is literally the closest thing to Hell on Earth, I’m not surprised by this conclusion. A Romanian pastor said that one of the high Lights of a Marxist government is rampant Satanism, nillhism and Talmundism which explains why the regressive left is so nuts these days. One of the main goals of modern feminism was to unleash every evil known to man and more under the disguise of ‘tolerance’, and from what we can see today it has been extremely effective.

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    • I know right?

      Even the most God hating atheist would be foolish to not at least not see that there is indeed a spiritual war going against black men by black women. One which has been going on for centuries! There is no way that one cannot see that there is real evil infested into these black demonions by Satan himself!

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I am pissed off but not shocked by the way black women are beating up and attacking non black women with the help of their simp minions because these black women are very jealous of non black women on how they look and the fact that they have long natural straight beautiful hair that they can grow out of their scalp naturally that the ugly ass sheboon mainly black women can’t. I am single at the moment but if I had a non black girlfriend and I was out with her somewhere and these black women and her simp mangina minions tried to attack me and my woman, I will not hesitate to punch them in the face and hurt them real badly because no one has a right to put their hands on anybody. My mum told me when I was growing up not to hit a woman, but if a woman or anyone attacks me unprovoked then I will be throwing heavy hands on them so that they will face the consequences of their actions. In life actions have consequences and it doesn’t matter who you are. Black women, racist white guys and simp mangina black men feel that they can hit anybody that they want with impunity and not face the harse consequences that is before them.

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      • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        I talked about the “a man should never hit a woman” mantra in my book Negro Wars, it was introduced by the feminist movement while at the same time they knew that they were about to release a “new” kind of female into the population. A man should never hit a woman is simply a feminist Kansas City shuffle purposely designed to neuter men should they encounter a violent female.

        Men shouldn’t tolerate violence from anybody, women as far as I am concerned are not exempt from a beat down if they attempt to throw hands at either me or my girlfriend. Black women by far are the worst feminists on the planet, if anybody wants an example of feminism on steroids, look no further than the modern day black female.

        This issue of violent women is another issue I covered in the book and how men should NEVER tolerate violence from women under any circumstances.

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  4. Seriously man? But why am I surprised by this, black hoes and racist white men love the denegrate and barbaric behavior of the plantation owner and refuse to change although they hypocritically call us black males savages. (Sigh) Some things never change.

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    • And next thing you’ll know is that they’ll throw a shenanigans event trying to honor them savages saying “they were good people”, Yeah right. Were they good people when they were ganging up on innocent people? Were they good people when they were acting savages? They need to answer that.

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    • And afterward they will come with the “Why aren’t BM protecting us?”. In their messed up heads they have the right to start a confrontation and still be protected afterward, they also think they have the right to demand protection from all BM in their area, regardless of whether he is their boyfriend/husband/family or not.

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  5. This is making me sick to my stomach. No wonder why I keep my distance away from black american women. Just beating up on innocent people, like WTH? If I have a non black girlfriend, or a mixed race girlfriend around me (I’m single but I’m focusing on me right now), I’m gonna protect her from the racist rednecks, the savage ass black women, and definitely these simp ass niggas. Plus, a lot of these black american women and these simps and thugs definitely need a butt whupping nowadays because of the shit they do. Plus, I saw those other articles too Verbs. Just looking at the black women in America today, it’s a damn shame man. I’m a keep saying this until the day I die, Women like that, especially black women, would not last a damn day around me acting like that because I got muthaf****** standards, and I’m damn proud of it too. If these black women don’t wanna be around me because I got standards, then do one thing, buzz off! Black women just staying losing, like I said, there’s no damn place for black American Women in the dating market, she can just get with them bum dudes, savage thugs, simps, or them racist white boys, because they have one thing in common, BEING TOO DAMN DESTRUCTIVE, and they lost the abilities to get with good men because of one thing, BEING A DAMN MONSTER.

    Women + Masculine Energy = Unattractive
    Women + Feminine Energy = Attractive

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    • D.K Phantom,

      The modern day black witch continues to isolate herself through behaving in a dysfunctional and masculine manner, at this stage it is so evident why more and more black men are deciding to give these animals the boot. Hold your standards up high sir and be proud to have them because we know that these black sirens have absolutely none whatsoever.

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  6. Black Women constantly tell You as A Black Man if Your decent. If You would just shave or trim Your beard and cut Your hair then You would get more compliments from Black Women and a Black Girlfriend maybe even a Black Wife. Im not saying its not important to take care of Yourself and make sure You are clean. It is important but American Black Women place too much of an emphasis on how a Man looks and can He turn Her on physically and make Her Pussy throb and does Her Friends like Him. My thing is even if You do Make Yourself appealing to the Black American Woman as a decent Black Man You still may lack the swagger that is like crack cocaine to Black Women. Black Women cant admit that They Like and Love the Bottom of the Barrel Black Men who I refer to as Niggas. The 8 percent that They all like to suck and fuck on and get pregnant by. They just cant admit this Man and when You point it out to Them presenting facts and that because They place an emphasis on looks so much that Their marriage rate is as You say cerbs 2015 only 26 percent. Thwy get mad and want to deny this when You point it out but the truth is the truth. Black Women care about the outer Man too much and dont care about the inner Man. All They care about is a Black Mans looks and if He can fuck Them good. This is why Their relationships dont last with Black Men and nobody is trying to Wife Them up and Black Men are constantly looking for and wifing up other Nations of Women at a high rate.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      Black women don’t compliment black men, instead they put in all their time, energy and effort to tear black men down, belittle and emasculate any black males they come across. The overwhelming majority of the compliments I’ve received from women have either come from non black or mixed females. I had one non mixed black female compliment me back in the day, 1.

      Non black women don’t have a problem giving black men compliments because they don’t have a government fuelled agenda to destroy us. Black women can keep their agendas to themselves, let them stay losing.

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      • Man its like They hate Negroid Kinky Hair the most superior Hair on the planet. The Most High even has Hair like Ours so We should be a proud People but this is not so with Black Women and Their many types of Hair weave. Self hatred to a high degree. As sbw said over and over again Black Women are racially dead and hate Blackness.

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      • What else can you expect from black witches and white beta males except self hatred and glaring hypocrisy? It’s like the never left the rotting socalist plantation in the first place.

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    • Another control tactic. Shave your head down like Samson and have no beard like a pre adolescent boy. Although some men do not grow much body or facial hair naturally, the point still stands where it does apply.

      At this point you gotta look it like reruns of old tv shows during the summer. Just turn away from it and keep on being productive.

      And yes as you said right minded men are looking for women from living nations, not shells and ghosts of age old corporate Roman degeneracy.

      Anyone who fits that description of mental illness should probably be ignored and fled from and certainly not taken seriously other than as a potential harming agent.

      Seriously let the Charlie Brown teacher sounds go in one ear and out the other, DO NOT HOLD OR DETAIN.


  7. SMH That video is another symptom of the race fueled jealousy Black women have for non-black women; note the skin color of these hyenas, as well. Also, the victims were small and petite compared to their attackers.

    My father told me as a young boy not to put my hands on anyone because if they hurt me, I’d deserve it; I’ve heard it suggested before, but after this article, I’m certainly gonna consider it: learning some fighting style for combat against these violent sirens and their simp flunkies.

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    • I suggest Muay Thai/boxing and a ground style wrestling bjj.
      Since my new job has pretty much got my finances in order I intend on training in the offseason of the sport I play.

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      • DarthAmon,

        I’ve been thinking about trying boxing not only for self defense, but also as part of a workout.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women who go round engaging in this type of behaviour fully deserve whatever retribution comes in their direction. Deliberately going around instigating trouble for absolutely no reason whatsoever but when one of these rabid animals gets touched, they’ll immediately attempt to play the victim, smh.

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  8. And when the POLICE come looking for these criminals, the DEMOCRATS/PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL party will say the police is targeting them, racial profiling and all that shit.
    PLUS, you’re going to have simps either EXCUSING this behavior, laughing at it, or just downright ignoring it.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      The simps deserve to get beatings 10 times worse than the women if they choose to make excuses for such savagery, we’ve been saying for the longest now that the simps are the ones enabling these black witches to continue their reign of terror.

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  9. “Yep, we knew this was coming”

    Those were the first words that came to my mind after seeing that video as well. This is one of the few situations where I would hit a woman, I couldn’t stand there and watch a woman (or maybe RAT would be a better term) attack my wife or daughter.

    “This is something that thinking black men are very much going to have to look out for in the very near future, as I stated before black women aren’t about to let you roll off into the sunset with your non black girlfriend/wife without a fight.”

    TRUTH. These chicks are becoming feral and angry as the Wall grows higher, we have to watch out for them and their bastard offspring.

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    • James SYSBM,

      It’s getting Mad Max bad out here brother, these chicks are taking their Satanic practices to the next level. Like Alex C stated, one day they’re going to run up on the wrong one and pay the price. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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      • Satanic practices, why am I not surprised.White supremacists and black females participate in the same Dark Arts and racial superiority as the slave master despite now claiming to be against him. This is why the community can’t move forward because fascism, Nazism and Communism/Marxist ideology/Trotskyism are corrupt and denegrateto the core, filled with Satanism and hatred for others especially producing people.

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  10. Gentlemen—– Remember that healthy non-black females typically have a head full of natural hair by age 5. The few exceptions are those young non-black girls with haircuts. —- Ignore the lies of black females that females–supposedly–of all races wear hair weave. Young non-black women have no need for hair weave because the desired hair grows out of their scalps. On your next visit to a public area that has non-black people, take note of the hair of young non-black girls. —— DOES ANYONE DISPUTE THE FACTS ABOUT THE HAIR OF YOUNG NON-BLACK GIRLS ?

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    • Damn. I’d bet if we did some digging we could find a lot more stories like that. At best many of these BW are mentally ill, at worst they are straight up demonic. These are the women raising these black kids that terrorize the schools and communities.

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    • Jay,

      Damn, look at the mugshot on that feral beast. No wonder she was on the attack against the well-to-do white guy and no doubt attractive white woman. As Verbs stated, the wall is growing higher and fewer and fewer black men are messing with these ugly, manly sheboons, so they’re lashing out. Horrible stuff. Keep your guard up, gents. It’s not only niggas you have to look out for, but black bitches too.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        The Wall is hitting these heifers very hard indeed but as we’ve stated many times before, black women have brought this bleak future upon themselves. Black men are no longer interested in “handling” feral hogs, let the simps chase after them since they love and worship these black sirens so much.

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    • Jay,

      These women are nothing but Satanic creatures straight from the Devil’s realm. Who in their right mind goes around instigating trouble for nothing, evil individuals as well as the mentally challenged.

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    • They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I see pure evil in her eyes; this harridan is a demoniac, no doubt about it!

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  11. Absolutely crazy, but not surprising… Is it any wonder that thinking brothers are abandoning ship in droves?

    I know what… Any simp, racialist or daggle trying to run up on Young Hinata and children are gonna get some of these legal hollowpoints, real talk!!


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    • Kirigakure Jones,

      Always good to hear from you brother. If these sirens believe that thinking black men will tolerate such behaviour then they are sadly mistaken, unlike the simps we thinking brothers are NOT afraid to put a violent black siren in her place.


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  12. I’d love to see wider society start charities for abused and persecuted white women in interracial couples, like they do for every other minority group…

    Somehow I’ll be holding my breath.

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  13. And black women wonder why no man protects them. When you’re the least desired female on the planet, anything less than jealousy and hate is to be expected. At this point, I believe black women know they will forever be the underclass of women, which they only have but themselves to blame.

    And by the way, I wish one of these black witches would attack my girl while out on the streets. They will see the black legendary Brolly like never before.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Its evil, seedy actions like this which contribute towards their least desired female status. Like I said before, black women are fully in league with spiritual wickedness in high places and they are quite excited to be embarking upon a dark journey in which they are guaranteed to meet their father Satan.

      This is some reprehensible garbage that there is no excuse for. Like I’ve said many times before, it’s a pity that black women like this aren’t being taken out at the same rates as 12 Gauge Mike and Trap House Jim.

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      • The likes of Redneck Rick, Race Baiter Randrellweiss, Head Chopper Mohammed and Talmundist Ted must be extra happy for these black hoes, simps and white nationalists as these fools allow them to keep the victimhood gravy train going in popular consciousness while plotting hate, racism and eugenics far away from closed eyes. In my nation Jamaica Chinese and Indians have a secure future from black hoes love of weave, why should I feel pity for race baiters and debunkers when they receive the just rewards of their destructive actions and black hoes and white supremacists when people get tired of their bullshit?;

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      • I tell you what, I don’t plan on going to hell, but it would not surprise me if there is already a large population of black female souls down there. There is simply no way The Most High will allow a group of complete reprobate minds in His kingdom.

        And best believe, I’m definitely gonna do a video on this recent article soon. Thanks for another inspiration, Verbs.

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  14. @Verbs

    As usual Verbs, you’re the wordsmith EXTRAORDINAIRE! I nearly fell out of my seat laughing when you said “Shifty Sizzler”….LOL.

    But to piggy back off of your correct assessment that the black female horde of whores are physical and violent TERRORIST, but they’re also absolute SOCIAL MEDIA TERRORIST as well!

    If you haven’t yet heard the successful Black Male actor Jaye Ellis who plays on the HBO show “Insecure” and will also be in the upcoming “Top Gun” movie is expecting a child by and is also engaged to his stunningly Beautiful and Feminine White Serbian Model Girlfriend (Shaderoom post, YouTube video and Jay Ellis IG below).

    And right on que, the black female horde of whores pounced like roaches on bread crumbs.

    The ususal maggots from the Cesspool of Succubi on The Shade Room, MediaTakeout, Bossip, Madame Noire, BET, The Grio ect., slithered out from under their boulders to spew their butt hurt jealousy, anger, and envious venom at Mr Ellis for being smart enough to hitch his successful wagon to a stunningly Beautiful White Woman.

    And I most definitely didn’t leave out the “COLORISM CRY BABY” Pissie…I mean Chrissie, her psychotic butt hurt ramblings are featured in the hilarious Youtube below.

    So as you’ve already predicted Verbs, they see the mass exodus of Black Men to White and other races of REAL FEMININE and
    CIVILIZED WOMEN and there’s nothing they can do except lash out in anger and violence!

    View this post on Instagram

    TSR STAFF: Danielle J! @prettyaries16 _________ Well ladies, Lawrence is about to be officially off the market! It appears that double congratulations are in order for Insecure star Jay Ellis, as he is reportedly set to marry his longtime girlfriend—and they’re also expecting their first child. ___________ Jay and Serbian actress/model Nina Senicar have been dating since 2015, just before he became a fan favorite on the HBO hit series Insecure and inspired the heavily devoted #LawrenceHive. In a recent interview with Serbian magazine Story, Senicar reportedly revealed that she and Jay are planning to get married in Italy. ___________ The 33-year-old bride-to-be was about four months pregnant at the time the interview took place in the magazine’s June issue. The couple’s first child is said to be due-To Read More Click The Link In The Bio! 📸: @gettyimages

    A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

    View this post on Instagram

    Mood after seeing the new Top Gun trailer…

    A post shared by Jay Ellis (@jayrellis) on

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    • Dark skinned BW are having a hard time competing with mixed and non-BW on appearance. The best looking dark skinned BW often still look like men in the face, they look good………but only from the neck down. Example:
      They problem with Chrissie’s message is that BW have nowhere to move on to, for the majority of them BM are pretty much their only option, that’s why they get so upset. If they could go out and get non-BM at the same rate that BM date out they wouldn’t be complaining, but most non-BM don’t want them, even if they are “successful” and physically attractive, most non-BM still don’t want them.
      Shes also talking about “vetting” BM to see if the are dating a dark skinned BW before BW support them, that’s pathetic, but we know how insecure (no pun intended) these BW are.

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      • You weren’t kidding, that chick really does look like Don Cheadle. Figured, since she’s probably a WHORE Machine.

        Everyone is starting to put these chicks on blast for how much they look like men. It sucks, but the truth hurts. Notice that the chick in the twitter post pointed out that it was a DARK black chick, they know the jig is up.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        This is the feminist spirit at work, since these chicks so desire to be like men nature is obliging them and fulfilling their wish. Non mixed dark skinned black females typically stay looking horrible and are almost guaranteed to have a nasty attitude and wicked disposition to go with the attraction deficit.

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      • These brawds are always complaining about Black men who date out [calling us “colorstruck” and whatnot], but totally ignore the brothers who do date and marry Black women:

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks bro, more names coming. I listened to around 1 minute of Chrissie’s dribble as that was the maximum I could handle. Yet again the hypocrisy of the black witch is wide open and on display for everybody to see, black men get with white women all hell breaks loose, he’s a sellout, an Uncle Tom, we’re withdrawing our support for the brother, look at all of these good quality black women(where exactly), couldn’t he have gotten with one of those etc, etc, etc.

      However when the roles are reversed and a black woman manages to snag herself a white man, we as black men are expected to praise the witch unconditionally and not have anything negative to say about the union, smh. Again, in 2019 what qualities do black women possess that thinking black men should consider them over non black women, I’ll wait?

      Ellis just like other thinking brothers is a smart man to steer clear of the black witch, black women are so brain damaged at this point that they honestly don’t believe that black men can clearly see all of the evil they engage in, unbelievable. They engage in nefarious activities like the above but still can’t figure out why more black men are choosing to give them the boot, how dumb is that?

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  15. This is one of the more despicable clips I’ve viewed of Black succabae acting like savage animals. These sheboons are being raised by classless, immoral and degenerate Cardi B clines. The difference between prior generations, and today’s daggle is that damn smartphone in the hands of single digit IQ rednecks.

    No wonder, more and more Americans are refusing to listen to PC/SJW gaslighting babble anymore. They want good law-abiding citizens to stand by and be bullied, silenced, and under the rule of the most immoral, ill bred and degenerate elements of society.

    I for one say exercise your right to defend yourselves on these streets to the best of your ability.

    Still winder why I say “Fix by Exit”????

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    • King Sigma,

      These ultra feral rabid daggles are out of control but the pro black/black first pundits still expect us to get with these broads, no thanks, I’ll pass with an extremely wide berth.

      It’s a wrap for these women, thus fix by exit is an extremely appropriate, viable and sustainable position for any thinking black men to take.

      Black women can keep their red neck, culture of death to themselves and their minions, I want no part of it.

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      • @Verbs

        They shoot down rabid dogs to protect people, eventually these beatdowns in stores and parking lots will turn into killings. At-Large society is becoming less tolerant of PC/SJW culture by the day, and restraint has peeked; people’s patience has been worn bare-thin for the western Black woman.

        I don’t blame you for avoiding the Black redneck-gynocentric death cult. Men are only utilities and sacrificial lambs to them. Seek stargates elsewhere.

        I keep telling bruthas place yourself 1st. You’ll live longer focusing on your rational self-interest. and forget about the Black rednecks they are entering the instinction phase; mark my words.

        I’ll do what I can to uplift the minds of free thinking BM, the rest can perish for all I care.

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  16. These black hoodrat heifers are good for nothing women who are just causing trouble and causing mischief. These hoodrat harridans are attacking a white women, oriental women and also bi racial women. And the reason why is black men are walking away from these worthless harlots and dating women from other races. Let me tell you something. These simps have no standards at all. Not only they are defending these harlots but they are dating these women who can’t do nothing for any man whatsoever. But these ghetto hoodrats don’t want these captain save a hoes.

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  17. I saw one of your blogs and let me tell you this. You are right. This was goanna happens and its happening now because black women are envious with the white sugar chick because the man she wanted to be with later on in her life has now got a white honey with blonde or brunette hair and the white pudding can grow her hair naturally and knows how to flex it and black women can’t compete with the white woman’s hair because she has nothing but weave and not only its making her hair smell worse then a garbage bin but its making her bald quicker then the flash can run.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Money Cultural,

      Always remember, wherever there is weave wearing, there is definite mental illness. From the time black women continue to engage in a practice that is turning them bald very quickly, we know from that alone that they aren’t right in the head. Trying their hardest to look like Becky and Kylie but everyday getting closer to a bald head like Skunk Anansie, smh.

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  18. It’s nothing new when you see these black female beasts attack white women but now they’re attacking Asian women? What’s next, Indian women from India, Latinas from Central and South America, etc…? Wait a minute, according to the pro-black doctrine, black women were the first women and the first humans on Earth and everyone came from them but as we see said black women (the creator) are jealous of their creations. Should the creations be jealous of their creator aka the black woman? Crazy. SYSBM.

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  19. I don’t currently own a gun permit, but will certainly be getting one in the near future after squaring away some financial matters related to medical expenses.

    Nonetheless, I usually carry at minimum a nice sharp pocket knife with me. Knives are the most convenient weapon of choice for me right now since they’re not very costly and dont require a permit here in the States. Knives are easily concealed and as long as you keep it sharpened, you’re the wrong one to mess with.

    If the likes of Young Stacks, Bonquisha, Lil Cuz, or any of these low IQ dregs decide to confront me or a woman I’m with, they’ll soon feel the wrath of the Moors cut clean through their skin. Ill do to them what Levi Ackerman does to Titans (for my anime fans here lol). It would be in the best interest of thinking black men to take advantage of our right to contact law enforcement and get these locusts off the streets of civilized society as they contribute nothing of value.

    These black harpies can be angry and bitter until Judgement Day, it won’t change a thing. The Wall will only get bigger and Black men will continue to save themselves.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I have had a CCW for almost a decade now. Honestly I have fallen out of the habit of carrying my handguns and mostly just keep one in my car when I’m out. To have a CCW and carry lawfully can lead to some lifestyle changes, but its definitely worth it.

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  20. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with you bro. There is a old carribean saying that if you don’t hear, then you must feel. 😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 3 people

    • This is a good start but from what I have read it only cuts 3 million of food stamp recipients, that leaves an estimated 37 million still getting them. I’m not sure how many of that 37 million are elderly or disabled, so if I had to guess the majority of hoodrats will still be getting their stamps. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hoodrats among that 3 million that are getting cut find a loophole to get back on, or simply have another bastard baby to put them back in the poverty range to get benefits.

      This is a good start but we will need much deeper cuts than this to see a change IMO.

      Liked by 2 people



    No amount of black girl witchcraft can erase the daily evidence of the fallen state of the Western Black woman – she digs a deeper hell pit by the minute. The Satanic siren has devolved into a modern neanderthal, and it is a curse upon a black child’s head to be brought into the world where the Black succubus is his guardian/destructor.

    Would not many choose death, rather than such an ill fate?

    See, the Black succubus won’t censor herself and that is the root of all her problems…

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  22. I am livid right now. I work with Developmentally and Mentally Disabled people part time, and this has shook me to my core. A group of black gorilla bitches assaulted a Mentally Disabled girl, and when you look at the video, you can see and hear the male monkeys egging them on. I fucking hate nigga bitches and simps even more. Here’s the video. These apes deserve nothing but death. That childs familt oughta round those monkeys up and fire they asses up with a chopper.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Like Verbs said above the “community” has devolved into a Mad Max like wasteland, filled roaming feral hoodrats and pookies looking to prey upon people. The only good part about this is that many of these ferals are so desperate for attention that they record their crimes and upload them, making it easier for the police to catch them.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Gryphon,

      Thanks for posting this, I’ll be reposting the link in Open Mic Wednesday, I saw the video, these black witches are beyond despicable creatures who need to be sent down to Hell with no chances of getting out. Again, I ask the question, in 2019 what is there to like about the modern day black female, I’ll wait?


  23. …Straight up, I look forward to performing some Steven Segal type martial arts (Aikido) on these savage negro women. I just do not view them as an off limit target because they will hurt you if you let them. As for the simp boyfriend who thinks he is going to stomp me to impress his hoe….BOOM BOOM!!!

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