Typical Black Queans, What Black Men Who Still Choose To Deal With Them Can Expect – The Package





This dumb Emily Vrooom chicken head above who you’ll notice is constantly disparaging black men on her Twitter feed has a tattoo of Medusa stamped to her right leg, this immediately shows you where her mindset is at, past the gutter and she most certain confirms this whenever she opens her mouth to speak.

Of course she managed to pick up a no standards having simp who has no problems licking her muddy boots, the video is from a year ago so who knows whether she’s still with the same dude as I haven’t seen her post anything recent with him in it. Things have now gotten so bad that in order to deal with modern day black women you have implement self retardation ie dumb yourself down significantly, this is how backwards these females have become.

Yep, the Slim Sauce/Chunky Bruh she decided to open her legs to already has 10 CHILDREN. It’s a solid wrap for these broads, walk away and abandon ship for good.

What do you think about the above, is she genuine with her statement or do you think that she’s just going to go around instigating trouble just in order to see two black men collide? I’ll roll with the latter suggestion as I’ve very rarely if ever seen any fights involving black women where the causes for violence were authentic. Black women as a collective are trouble makers who love seeing blood being spilt, this siren above is no different.

I just thought that I would put together a package of what your average black man who still chooses to deal with your modern day black female can expect. This is unfortunately what the black witch of 2019 and beyond has become. When the founder of the SYSBM movement Mad Bus Driver advises thinking black men to save themselves, all of the above is what he is teaching you to save yourself from.

Black women do not promote anything positive about themselves when it comes down to their image and reputation, they pride themselves on demonstrating just how gutter and low down they can be as well as what low level seedy, degenerate behaviours they can involve themselves in. To your average modern day black female being filmed doing something good is lame, boring and unexciting.

The above is more or less the complete package when it comes down to black women, single motherhood and bastard children with no maternal instincts whatsoever, deception, theft, violence, chasing after the gutter of black male society, multi coloured weave/wig wearing, truckloads of make up, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, slutdom and harlotry, sexual depravity etc. Yet despite the rack of evidence that I’ve just laid out the pro black/black first squads will still address and title these black female failures as queens and empresses, smh.

As I’ve stated many times before this modern day black female is BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR, however as I wrote in my book Negro Wars many black men are still having a very hard time accepting this factual diagnosis, in fact most unfortunately are still willing to give the black witch more room for improvement even though they witness for themselves that she only uses the extra space allotted to further plunge herself into the sewer.

Black women as a collective in 2019 love evil workings and anything wicked that is attached, they do not pride themselves on being upstanding women of the black nation, they revel in dirt and filth and will be very quick to turn around to blast anybody who doesn’t cosign the skullduggery and dysfunction, they especially love targeting heterosexual thinking black men with their venomous wrath.

Again, observe the above package, this is the “deal” you get when you decide to involve yourself with the modern day black female on any level. As contributor Stephen mentioned recently, happy black couples are now becoming an anomaly. The simple reason behind this is the fact that black women due to their mental insanity and mental instability are not happy individuals and can never be.

Those black men who are still on the fence need to put down the pipe dream of finding “the one”, at this extremely late stage realistically it isn’t going to happen. From the above evidence in all honesty does it look like the so called “one” can be found in black female society, good looking, in shape, feminine, natural hair, submissive and most of all no bastard children, I’ll wait?

By the way, those black men out yonder still trying to tell you that there are still so called good black women out there, what they really mean is DEALING WITH BLACK WOMEN YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO COMPROMISE ON SOMETHING. In other words you’re going to have to drop your standards. My question is this, why should you lower your standards for a group of women who don’t have any to begin with, who no longer value themselves and who have single handedly plunged themselves deep into the mire of filth?

As I’ve stated many times before the black witch’s value has sunk into the negative, at this stage she isn’t even worth a bar of soap. Gentlemen, continue to diversify from the black witch and keep that Wall high and fortified, you have a much higher chance of finding the one amongst non black women as they haven’t been contaminated nearly as much as these black sirens.

I’d like to see the pro blacks/black first squadrons explain all of the above, what viable excuses could these individuals put forward in the defence of all of the evidence? “Not all black women are like that”, really, then why aren’t you posting videos, articles, posts and photos of those black women who DON’T FIT the dysfunctional demographic? As I stated before it’s a wrap for black women, if you haven’t done so already pack your bags and move on.

The fact of the matter is in 2019 black women are in the news and the limelight the majority of the time for negative things and from their lack of due diligence in curbing this poor image and reputation, they clearly have no problems being portrayed in a degenerate fashion. Where are the websites illustrating the positive things black women are participating in?

The truth is there is an extreme scarcity of positive material in relation to black women and in the opposite direction an abundance of negativity when it comes down to them as a group. This is why there aren’t any websites combating Slaying Evil but instead these sirens and their pro black/black first simp flunkies are trying their utmost to get the website shut down. Black women aren’t worth anything at this stage, their own image, reputation and actions declare it loud and clear.

Any heterosexual thinking black man who truly and sincerely values himself and knows his worth will automatically look upon modern day black women with utter disgust and as a result will naturally gravitate towards women of different ethnicities, period. #SYSBMFORLIFE #GETYOURPASSPORTSBLACKMEN

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Be Proud To Have Standards And Hold Your Head Up High Black Men

Most High Bless

91 thoughts on “Typical Black Queans, What Black Men Who Still Choose To Deal With Them Can Expect – The Package

  1. Black women in America are like literally some of the lowest women on the planet. I stay far away from them. They’re rude, violent, disrespectful, entitled, troublemaking and always playing victim. They never take responsibility for anything they do. Any bad thing they do or experience is always another person’s fault. They have a huge victim complex..

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    • Everyone has the wall of silence up to keep these witches out no one is dealing with these attention seeking death loving parasites. The only thing we want to know is when these sirens will stop breathing.

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      • Feldwebel44,

        The Wall Of Silence is high and well fortified over here. As I questioned previously, what of any of the above is feminine or becoming of a woman, I’ll wait? And black women wonder why more black men are making the decision to give them the boot for good.

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    • Jay,

      A lot of the time we look at the evidence separately, however when you begin putting all of the evidence together things look very ugly indeed. Like I said before, it’s a wrap for black women as a collective, where are the so called “upstanding” black women condemning all of the above, as per usual nowhere to be found because behind closed doors they’re either secretly engaging in the same or see nothing wrong with such conduct.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Jesus Lord black womens bad reputation is a worldwide problem and they had truly sunken down the toilet. Everywhere I go on the streets of London every time I seen a black woman they are always looking fake from head to toe to the point that I am always shaking my damn head because they are the ones with the biggest self hate on the planet not black men. When we good black men date outside of our race we stay looking black unlike black women who change their whole fucking appearance to look non black when they date non black men. Also when you get black women who date non black men especially their white lord and saviour they get lots of celebrations and love from the whole world but when black men do the same thing the whole world interrogates us and shames us for our interracial dating choices.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      We see exactly the same sights when we walk the London streets, black women looking like hard faced, Becky wannabe, testosterone filled masculine savages. I know a few black women who do look good, however they are in the distinct minority. Black women are clearly mentally disturbed, this is yet another reason why I advise thinking black men to expand on their dating options as it isn’t the job of the thinking brother to rehabilitate a group of damaged beyond repair females.

      The black witch’s opinion regarding who the thinking black man chooses to date is simply irrelevant, after all she didn’t want us to begin with so why are they as a collective so concerned with who we choose to date now? To ask the question is to answer it.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I only respect black women who look natural who have a nice personality especially if they have afro hair, shaved hair or dreadlocks but seeing those type of black women is rare these days.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    Sweet lord black womens bad reputation is a worldwide problem. At these point I do not feel sorry for them because they put themselves in the situations that they moan about. Everywhere I go in the streets of London all black women look the fucking same looking fake from head to toe that I always shake my head with anger because they have the biggest self hate issues on the planet, not black men. At least when we good black men date interracially we stay looking black unlike black women who change their whole appearance just to get with a non black man especially getting with their white lord and saviour, their white father. 😊😊😊😊😂😂😂

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    • Quincy,

      They will change more than just their appearance, they’ll flip their whole personality for their white lord and savior. Just like the rapper Eve; “Pitbull in a skirt” for hood negroes, submissive bedwench for white zaddy. Disgusting creatures all around. No idea how they got this way, don’t care. Keep the wall fortified!

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  4. Damn, this is the Friday motherlode drop. Verbs never sleeps! Remember, these are the ignorant lowlife ghetto birds that thinking black men are supposed to reach back for and “build” with. Hahaha. Keep the wall up, leave the hood to the “strong, independent” black queens and their goons, get your passport, get a non-black chick, and SYSBM.

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    • False Flag Fredowitz,

      I was sitting here trying to figure out your handle, then I realised that it must be one of Anton’s creations, lol. Bro, I haven’t even dented the war chest with this barrage of evidence, as fast as I’ve gotten rid of this lot, the black witch is supplying me with even more ammunition to put back into the cabinet.

      These mentally disjointed black sirens can build with the likes Chunky Bruh, Midnight Freddy, 12 Gauge Mike and Trap House Jim, as Anton Nikolaev would say, no janitors up in here.

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      • Verbs,

        Definitely an Anton creation, I switched it up. LMAO!

        Let me amend my previous post to say get a highly-mixed chick as well. But in my personal experience they give you as many problems as the full-black ones if not more, since they’re in high demand. Even Malia Obama went for the first white dick she could find, and her dad was POTUS. So much for dating a man like your father.


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  6. These chicks are in the gutter! Notice how casually they engage in fisticuffs, and for what?!!

    Long ass nails and weave, make up literally caked up on their faces, and yet they wonder why they have acne and break out like teenagers well into their 30s. Seriously, if you knew that your skin was a big reason people didn’t date you, why not, ya know, take care of your skin?

    The world at large is starting to HATE these chicks, and eventually all you will have left is the hoodrats. I’m honestly convinced that more and more mixed chicks will begin saying that they’re Greek, Latino, or Arab, so as to not be lumped in with these idiots. And of course, yep, notice the tone of the ones fighting!

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    • Yeah mixed BW (particularly in the south) have been doing that for a good while, claiming either mixed, creole, bi-racial, native american, or Latina over black.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep and they’ll scrap it out with clothes or without them, remember this article I dropped back in January 2017 with an associated video of two chicks fighting who decided to remove their tops as if they were men getting ready to fight:


      This is your modern day black female in 2019 and the pro black/black first squads will attempt to exalt these women as something special. Yes, black women are special alright, they are special needs individuals who need to be sectioned under various mental health laws. Yep, as you pointed out, it’s always the dark skinned black women royal rumbling it out in the streets.

      You’re spot also on with regards to your observation on the makeup and how it gives women spotty faces, not surprising really seeing as they are clogging up their facial pores, what do they expect? Even wearing the makeup underneath I can still see an abundance of spots and acne on these women’s faces, smh.

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  7. I’ve recently seen a few of these videos and pictures on social media this week, and here they are in this article; you’ve really knocked this one out of the park!

    That “Paternity Court” video is embarrassing, to say the least; first off, she looks atrocious. Also, did you notice how that daggle seemed a bit reluctant to reveal that her baby daddy (who she KNEW was the real father) already has 10 kids? That guy dodged a bullet.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Thanks bro. Yet you still have black men going around believing that they can “save the community”. It’s a wrap, from time you have black women openly declaring their love for thugs and additionally opening their legs to these dudes and getting knocked up by them, exactly what type of plan can be implemented to save these lost souls as well as the so called community as a whole, I’ll wait?

      The dude already has 10 children and you decide to still get pregnant by him, then on top of this lie on old boy pretending he is the real father, these chicks are done with all capitals, DONE.

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      • Hahaha, black women help keep the likes of Sub Nose Ned and Talmudist Ted by opening their legs to these thugs and keeping the plantation owners supplied with welfare and dick policing, yet when these dusty dudes and their white Zaddy kick them out they suddenly want good black men. Sorry black hoes and beta males, slavery ended in 1838.

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  8. Man, I running out of things to say for the black women in America because everybody is starting to see the real light of the black woman in America. The lies, the bullshit they spreading, putting us black men down, like I said, The evidence is strong, and it’s getting even more stronger than never. I’m 20 years old, and I must be very proud of myself because I’m dodging bullets of these BAWs, and I got freaking standards. Once Again, black women in America lost their damn value to be anything straight up.

    “Those black men who are still on the fence need to put down the pipe dream of finding “the one”, at this extremely late stage realistically it isn’t going to happen. From the above evidence in all honesty does it look like the so called “one” can be found in black female society, good looking, in shape, feminine, natural hair, submissive and most of all no bastard children, I’ll wait?”

    Bruh, I don’t think that “the one” is not gonna come around, so them dudes that be doing that, needs to give it up and expand their dating options because that “the one” shit played out in them fairy tale true love stories. Verbs, all the evidence you just shown, no matter how much the black women keep on trying to say “the black women is god, black women are the most desirable, black women are the most educated (which that is the most biggest lie of them all), not all, not all”, the evidence are still showing their true colors: twerking, being hypersexual, fighting, saying the most dumbest shit ever, having the poor mating choices in the history of all times, beating their kids, plus letting random dudes in their house while they have kids and the dude does something harmful to them kids and using them as paychecks, stay waiting until the last minute to get with good men, just too much coming out of the black women in America.

    When you guys said the black women is dead last in the dating market, especially American Black Women, to me, there’s no place for them in the dating market, at all. They oughta well go lesbian or bisexual because they are the most confused women on this whole damn planet, Period.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      It’s a wrap brother, there is no of the above that can be defended on any level even though the pro black squaddies will still try their best to uphold that which is garbage. Like I said before I have no idea how any black man outside of simps and Trap House Jim can look upon black women and not feel utter disgust, black women have sunk lower than low at this point and they haven’t even bottomed out yet. What part of any of the above behaviour/conduct would demonstrate black women being the most desirable or even the most educated, I’ll wait?

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  9. I’ve said it numerous times, and I’ll say it again. If you choose to still deal with these trek wrecks full well knowing the risks, you deserve whatever misery that will come your way. I have zero sympathy for anyone who chooses to date, and who especially has kids with one of these mentally deranged parasites.

    At this point with all of the evidence there is out there (without having to really look for it), what else does it take to see they are not good for you mentally, spiritually, financially or physically?

    Keep the wall up, fortify it. Whatever. Date literally anybody else before one of these clowns.

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    • Stephen,

      I didn’t even dent the war chest putting together this collection of evidence, that is how much material these sirens are putting out concerning their poor behaviour and gutter conduct. Like you said, those black men who still choose to date or deal with black women in any capacity do so at their own risk.

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      • I believe it. Between your arsenal and the utter buffoonery we see in our personal lives, you out won’t run out of ammo any time soon.

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  10. I’m not even surprised about that bw twerking in hospital. BW must be dumb if they don’t think non black men do not see this ratchet videos.

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  11. It’s very clear that alot of bw are mental ill especially the weaves wearing ones. Notice its always the weave ones who are crazy. I have been to 20 countries bw fuckery is a global problem. Especially in Africa I have a cousin who is a single mother in Africa alot of my cousins skin bleach and weaved to the kilt.

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    • Black British Guy,

      The black women in Africa in many ways are worse than those in the US and the rest of the Western world because the skin bleaching protocol hasn’t really taken off amongst western black women especially African American females like it has black women in the Motherland. As I’ve stated before, where there is weave there is mental illness, wearing weave equates to mental insanity.

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      • It is sad about black African women bleaching their skin and wearing hair weave. In nations that are less than 1% Caucasian, it cannot be argued that these black African women are seeking to conform to the white racial majority standard of beauty.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        This is very true, African women can’t use the “we’re under pressure from the European standard of beauty” Kansas City Shuffle because they are surrounded by women who look just like them.

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  12. Yeah, regular dudes are soft, yet that’s exactly what they try and land after J-Rock and Tommy Boy leave them alone with their bastard children. And the guy who got the message about the baby not being his should count his blessings and run for the fucking hills. For the most part, there really isn’t much to add here. All this does is provide further evidence that the vast majority of these bitches aren’t worth the time it would take to turn my head and give them a look.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Black women continue to provide the evidence as to why black men should no longer deal with them, it isn’t even a case where you have to dig to find this stuff, black women are putting all of this material out there at warp speed for everybody to view.

      Trying to trap the so called educated lame by pretending that the child she had wasn’t Roof Top Trey’s, smh. These heifers stay deceiving black men all day everyday which is why you cannot form a coalition with them under any circumstances and any black man still attempting to join forces with or pandering to these chicks is a straight up fool.

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      • Damn straight, let them stay with Roof Top Trev and Slum Lord Shlomo, if even the likes of AOC and Omar don’t want the Leon Trotsky and Hezbollah types around them why should we black males be the clean up man for these thugs?

        You don’t see Chinese women declaring their love for the Triad or Latinas serenading coyotes, cartel members or FARC/ELN/PNAC losers, why should we be the clean up man for emo white males, false flaggers and race baiters as well as goose stepping simps and black hoes?

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  13. It’s very clear on day. In the near future. All BW will become damaged good e.g in Africa, south America, Europe, USA carribean. White countries

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  14. Whose the simp that keeps telling us how we should wife one of these animals up, and build with them? It’s been a while since he’s been around. Where is he now?? Can he refute anything in this article?? Has he even written an article this year??

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    • Stephen,

      You must be talking about D32018 aka Bootlicker. He’s probably beating his meat to Pornhub right now as we speak. The last time he wacked out an article in the defence of these black sirens was in February this year. This is my point, the material surrounding the positivity black women are involved in is slim to none but we’re tripping over the trash all day every day.

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  15. “Those black men who are still on the fence need to put down the pipe dream of finding “the one”, at this extremely late stage realistically it isn’t going to happen. From the above evidence in all honesty does it look like the so called “one” can be found in black female society, good looking, in shape, feminine, natural hair, submissive and most of all no bastard children, I’ll wait?”

    WTF is it going to take for these brain dead idiots to wake up and come to the conclusion Black women are far beyond damaged and repair?! I mean COME ON! it’s almost like the normie black men are just too terrified and scared to just be with becky when they KNOW damn well their lives will be so much better if they did so!

    Black women are just so damn condemned that they spew venom towards each other when it comes to their own degenerousity. Look at these fights? Did you hear the women in the video when she was getting her Ronald Mcdonald wig town off when she said “LET GO OF MY BABY!”? I’ve heard of cat women and how they view their own animals as their own children. that’s one thing. but a CLOWN HAT? as her BABY?!
    They probably stole them out of the garbage and they personify it as their human child! They take way more care of their used up weaves than they do their own children! and they way they lunge at each other like aggressive gorillas fighting over territory!These women fight like they are professional MMA/WWE! but straight, free-thinking black men are suppose to get turned on by THIS!?!?


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    • At this point it is clear these black hoes and beta white males have taken on the spirit of the plantation owner. Same race baiting and entitlement mentality, inability to move on from emacipation, lack of respect for civilization, constant whining and unhappiness, warlike mentality and so on. Black women alone love the thrill of Combat and destruction more than a Viking on a rampage and yet still they and racist whites have the gall to still call black men bloodthirsty savages.

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    • “it’s almost like the normie black men are just too terrified and scared to just be with becky when they KNOW damn well their lives will be so much better if they did so!”, not the men offgrid/On Code on Facebook. Just saying. Verbs and MBD have opened up a WAVE of free men living their life happy.

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      • Paul Anthony,

        I’m just glad to be providing a platform for free thinking black men to speak their minds without the backlash. I’m also glad to be supplying the information so that brothers can make informed decisions concerning their female companionship. Those black men who are too afraid to get with Becky for whatever reasons are seriously missing out and just like the black witch, they did it to themselves.

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  16. Verbs,

    It has come to my conclusion that i have no other choice but to respect the Koreans. Black women do not respect themselves nor love their own selves (which is their business, not mine) in which they will sink this low to :

    – Steal Weaves from the garbage and wear it like its the 2019 NYC Fashion Week of JULY
    – Steal weaves from other black women and claim it as their own
    – Steal weaves from animals ie Horses
    – Personify their weaves as their own children when they damn well have their own biological children
    – Wear weaves when they clearly see off of the testimony of other black women how damaging it does to their scalp

    If black women do not respect themselves, and condemn black men for showing concern that they take them to talk shows and condemn them like the way they did Tommy Soto, then why the hell should the Koreans? If they want to spend their life’s saving on weaves, then let them. I’m not gonna blame Koreans for taking this opportunity to get filthy rich from taking advantage of black women’s own stupidity!

    The Koreans are making a KILLING off of their own insecurities to the point that these Koreans, for as long black women exist can live in financial security and wealth in an competitive free industry in which no one can stop black women from feeding into their false egos.

    You mentioned that black women are married to white men (via government) I’d say this is a polygamy. White men for money and resources and Korean men for their false beauty! Korean Men Beware!! I wouldn’t be surprised if many black women walked up to Korean dudes and offered their bodies just to get a discount on the lastest Weave labeled -Made in Korea-!

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    • The antics of the False Flag Fredowitz, Race Baiter Randrellweiss and Slum Lord Shlomo dudes along with the Muslim migrants will ensure black hoes and thugs will remain stuck on the plantation when things fall apart. Look at the beatings France and the UK are taking for daring to stand against the EUSSR, traditional white women and Soviet defectors warned them about the race card the Trotskyists would play to destroy the West and achieve their goals as well as the real aim of the EU but the people ignored it.

      Yet these beta males and black hoes want our pity once they see us with Natasha and Ming and they’re stuck with the likes of Glock Gavin from the hood, Jihadist Mohammed and Talmudist Ted preaching hate from the mosque or synagogue, who have no interest in assimilation or productive activities, just violence and destruction. Sorry black hoes and white males, you sold out on the slave market now deal with the consequences of your actions.

      No janitors round here guys, the shoe’s on the other foot and kicking ass left right and center.

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      These black sirens are done, talking about how thinking black men need to return to the pile of ashes and rubble they call a “community”, the same so called community that rejected thinking brothers to begin with and build for these whores and the likes of 12 Gauge Mike and Shorty Fist. No thanks, I’ll pass.

      It’s now gotten to a stage where those black men who still deal with black women are just going to watch as black women dig even deeper into their weave/wig wearing addiction and thus continue to funnel their money into the hands of Koreans in the US, Pakistanis and Indians over here in the UK.

      The modern day black female is a financial dunce, constantly talking about building yet she thinks that we cannot see the fact that she is always throwing black money into the hands of South East and East Asians, smh.

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  17. GOOD HAIR PILLS $$$ —- The person who invents a pill that allows black women to have good hair (white woman hair) will be richer than Bill Gates. People do have normally have an addiction to Microsoft products. Black women, however, have an addiction to attempting to get hair that resembles white women.

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  18. When I saw the picture of the packages of Amazon, I must be woindering that if there is weave in there. I just couldn’t stop laughing at the picture. But still, black women are causing mayhem in the black community and they will not stop. When I saw the videos I was just shaking my head and continue to shake my head even more with the foolishness of black women are doing. And these pro black simps says that these are queens? I was at Harlesden and I saw this black girl was arguing with a guy at a bustop. she had a slim body but my God, she had that weave on in her scalp. Harlesden has now become a weave fest. I have to call it North Weave London.

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    • Money Cultural,

      I see the same thing, black women weaved out to the hilt. They’re going to rock their weaves until they hit the grave. Wherever there is weave there is guaranteed mental illness. So called “queens” don’t wear the hair of others they consider lower than them on their heads. Black queens my backside.

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      • Black women spend almost eight million pounds of weave every year just to look like a white women. My ex girlfriends weave wear. Black women are trying look like a white woman but they can’t rock it like the white woman because their white queen can grow her hair naturally.

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  19. >Typical Black Queans, What Black Men Who Still Choose To Deal With Them Can Expect – The Package

    The package comes in the form of a large shipment of L’s from L Express.

    L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Thanks bro. Where most of the time we look at typically one or maybe a few pieces of evidence, I thought I’d switch it up and place a whole bucket of proof down in one go. These chicks are absolutely done bro, DONE.

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    • And yet the beta males and hoes expect us to feel sorry for them when we walk down the aisle with Mei, Natasha and Singh and they get stuck with the likes of Double Tap Devon and Talmudist Ted on the plantation due to poor life choices. Sorry black hoes and white nationalists, slavery ended in 1838 despite the plantation owners’ constant attempts to change that. Deal with your own problems for once instead of using black males’ dicks as a Boogeymen simps, hoes and beta males.

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  20. Damn, that ghetto bitch twerking in the operating room wtf? That white nurse (doctor?) was disgusted, look at her face! Even the bougie black one couldn’t take it. Hahahaha. I saw a video where a black female doctor was rappin’ and twerkin’ during actual surgery LOL. These black hoes aren’t at the bottom of the barrel, they under the barrel. And they want me to vote for Kamala, hard no from me!

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  21. Disney trying to sell me on a black mermaid when in real life these black hoes can’t get their hair wet or even know how to swim. That video above of the black hoe drowning in a shallow pool while her friends twerk on dry land is proof! Hahaha it’s a wrap for these hood bitches. SYSBM!

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    • Cultural Marxism and dick envy at work. The slave owners still view black men and white females as their private property, this is why they have those loser progressives supporting every form of social evil under the sun in the name of tolerance while getting the alt right clowna to act up and cause problems, to make it easier for them to push their agenda.

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      • Add to that the overweight, loser beta incels who’s also dick monitoring and whining about black men coming up… Life will be hard when skin colour privilege is revoked.

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      • The incels are sadly, no different from the emo progressive debunkers whose totalitarian mindset helped create them. Both groups will be in for a nasty surprise once the free goodies run out. As I said before, no pity for losers.

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