Is This Your Queen? Part 5


Instead, how about NOT opening your legs to the likes of Chunky Bruh, Big Rudy, 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce? You’ll notice that this particular line of logic and common sense never seems to be embraced by most black women. Again, why would this chick expect a Pookie and Ray Ray type individual to commit to her when commitment isn’t built into their DNA?

Roof Top Trey, Dick Willy and Trap House Jim are most popular amongst black women precisely because they spread themselves about and have multiple females on rotation, they are not highly regarded by black women because of their “commitment qualities”, in fact black women as a collective are NOT interested in the men who would have no problems committing to them. The likes of Lil Cheezy is only committed to giving black women some free penis, nothing more.

Here we have the all too familiar story of a black woman trying her best to find love and commitment via trawling through the lower dregs of black male society, after all black women have made it abundantly clear on many occasions that they are NOT attracted to the so called “lames” and the “squares”. It seems that black women will never learn that often times the things that are best for you tend to be the things you don’t like or aren’t accustomed to.

However as I have stated many times before since black women have drawn their line in the sand declaring that they like the thug types and there is nothing other black men can do about it, my mission is to reach out to thinking black men instead and recommend that they save themselves, DATE OUT, get your passports, and I’m not afraid to say it either.

Now there was once upon I time when I told black men to continue looking out for “the one” along side dating non black women, however at this stage it’s apparent that quality black women have gone the way of the Dodo bird, they are practically non existent. Again, the only so called black women that seem to be holding the fort are those from the east of Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and any other countries situated within that particular region.

To date I’ve created a ridiculous amount of articles dealing with black women and their love for thugs, what more needs to be said other than black men with sense and intelligence abandoning black women and expanding on their dating and marriage options? Leave these black women alone, the majority of them are failures and those educated and corporate working black females tend to be the worst because they place academics and career above their femininity and their now defunct maternal instincts.

A man wants a feminine woman who proudly brings feminine traits to the table as well as her maternal instincts in anticipation of motherhood. Men in general want honest, accountable and responsible females, unfortunately this can no longer be found in black female society, all we currently have are degenerate black women with no moral compass, those who defend them, those who remain silent and say nothing and those who claim to be different but behind closed doors will still form coalitions and shake hands with the scum. BLACK MEN, SYSBM IS YOUR KEY TO FREEDOM, USE IT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THE COMMON GARBAGE BLACK WOMEN BRING TO THE TABLE. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM For Life

Most High Bless

48 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Part 5

  1. This brawd made a chart to try and help her explain this stupidity; these sirens have no sense of accountability (note that she wanted the men in question to stop smashing her like they were ready to commit when they weren’t). She also tried linking commitment with a man’s sex game, character being left out of the equation. SMH

    I’m also still waiting on the evidence that points to White women doing this, too.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      As I’ve stated before, it’s a wrap for this modern day black female, her brain is damaged beyond repair. Thinking black men simply need to continue walking away from these broads at a lightning pace and never look back.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women will never learn from their stupidity and poor choices in life when they go after the worst type of black men and have kids from that same man. When they hit the wall and when they lose their good looks and they get decrepid, ugly, old and fat that is when they want that same decent black man that rejected all those years ago to come in and save them from their dire consequences that they created themselves. I always get shamed on YouTube by black women and simp black men for my opinions for refusing to date black women and single mothers. When these good black men reject these horrid black women and date and get into relationships with non black women instead, black women will inevitably complain to the world and feminist female talk shows that they can’t find a decent black man, but these women created these problems in the first place and I fucking don’t feel sorry them and their stupid plight. All black women bring to the table these days are baggage, drama, bastard kids, baby daddy drama, death, destruction and looking fake as fuck from head to toe looking like a fake white woman with they fake arse valley girl accent. Black women look like the female gremlin from Gremlins 2 the new batch.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The thinking black man will continue to leave these types of women to crash and burn in their own failures. The only options for black women now are the hoards of simp armies they’ve created and of course 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim, decent black men more and more are realising that they do not have to tolerate the sub-standard garbage that most black women bring to the table. As you mentioned another reason why thinking black men are leaving the building is because black women no longer look like black women, today they resemble freaks, trannies and monsters. No thanks, I’ll pass.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro Verbs. Good black men like ourselves realise the power that we all have in the dating world and the fact that we have almost unlimited options to date and get into relationships with decent good looking non black women. 😊😊😊

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick —- You state that black women “…lose their good looks…” Are you sure that mainstream black women lose their good looks? —– The majority of men that post here state that black women do not have good looks to lose.

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      • Gregory Chandler.

        My apologies Gregory. What I meant to say was that black women lose their good looks without putting their makeup on their face and their fake weaves on their heads when they hit the wall in their 30s and beyond. Gregory I am in no way attracted to black women as I don’t find them attractive at all and I prefer to date non black women. I hope this clears everything up bro.

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  3. “You’ll notice that this particular line of logic and common sense never seems to be embraced by most black women. Again, why would this chick expect a Pookie and Ray Ray type individual to commit to her when commitment isn’t built into their DNA?”

    Of course, this type of crap been embraced by black women. Like, what other groups of women from different ethnicties and nationalities does this more than the black woman?

    “Here we have the all too familiar story of a black woman trying her best to find love and commitment via trawling through the lower dregs of black male society, after all black women have made it abundantly clear on many occasions that they are NOT attracted to the so called “lames” and the “squares”.”

    Black women were never attracted to lames or squares. They never wanted them type of dudes, so the one question the black women need to ask: Why are they trying to get with them dudes after them prime years of being a dumbass? Black women in America stay choosing good men last, and what’s happens after them dudes they rejected in the younger years reject them: Throw on a cry festival, go on Oprah Winfrey and them lames ass talk shows, complaining about black men ain’t ish, where all the good black men, all these men either gay or in jail, or they might called him a sellout because the black men they rejected found love from the snow-bunny, Oriental, Spanish or Brazilian, Island, European Chick, the Indian Chick, or the mixed chick. It’s been official that black women are dead last in the dating world, and I can tell that the future for black women will not be pretty because I don’t know what type of value black women in America have anymore. I just wish the narrative would change about black men having no standards because first of all, Don’t settle for anything that you’re not attracted to, and don’t have nobody, not even your family, peer pressure you into dating someone because of the race you came from and your family’s black, you momma black. Being stuck in one box, and being limited to options that people tell you is gonna make your life shorter.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      In reality it is the simps and the 12 Gauge Mikes that don’t have any standards when it comes down to the women they wish they could dick down/ the women they actually dick down. Thinking black men have the right idea walking away from these broads, we realise our value and our worth and note that the modern day black female no longer has any value or worth.

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  4. Here’s another one to laugh at : Hotep Ben Lizrael YouTube comment – (basically saying) Take one for the team if you’re not wifing up single mothers YOU are part of the problem so sit your azz down along with the single mom.

    Funny if I really wanted to I could court a 19 year old black girl that’s not a single mother how would your hotep ass feel about that? Yes the sacred single mommy oh please.. and you know these pro wacks in total buhgoofery hate seeing a black dude with a young ebony goose instead of single mommies. They snide hiss and sabotage actual fruitful black relationships. How dare you even get with a light skin black woman LOL I didn’t know you’d rather brothers be with resputia and bone’quisha or Des’nay instead of Emily or Erica hahaha these clowns have no legitimacy in 2020. (A black man courting a young light skin 18 year old black girl is a sin? Yet bros should take up 50 year old women with 4 kids LOOL)

    A truck load of L’s served fresh burying these clowns infinitely and fine ass non black girls with confident nondaggles are not afraid to come up into daggle spaces and serve hot L’s to these turn coat clowns.

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    • When you have a surplus of rotten goods, it’s the job of Hotep hoes like Ben Lezrael to play salesman. “Take one for the team?” Which team is she taking about? Team Black family? Team Black community? Or Team Black witches?

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    • I have heard pro-blacks suggest that good BM should “marry” MULTIPLE single mothers in order to fix the black community. BW and pro-blacks are well award of the good BM shortage (created by BW’s poor mating choices) and the good BM exodus. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Feldwebel44,

      I’m not taking one for any so called team. Remember the black community means black women and they most certainly are not on the team of the thinking black man. Whoever this Ben Lizrael person is, let these stupid black single mothers with their janky decision making craniums marry the low brow devil spawn they decided to open up their legs to.

      Wife up single black mothers, what kind of madness is that? No thanks, I’ll pass and deal with child free non black females instead. Black women continue to demonstrate themselves as nothing short of court jesters. Single motherhood is a reprobate practice that must be condemned not praised or uplifted via forming confederacies with the very culprits responsible, smh.

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  5. I have come to the decision even though I prefer BW and i’m too addicting to Black pussy. And i find BW very attractive, If i ever start to date it will have to be South Asian women e.g dark skin pakistani, bengalis or indians etc or latinos or mixed raced. Dating a BW is like playing Russian roulette.

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      • Lol. But according to the simps and white nationalist beta males, “these be our QUEENS yo, the MOTHERS of civilization!”

        I don’t see even the likes of AOC supporting cartel members and the likes of Leon Trotsky and Seimon Moglovitch nor do I see Chinese women declaring their love for the Triad, so why do we black males have to support the likes of Incel Icke, Trap House Tevon, Slum Lord Shlomo, False Flag Fredowitz and Sicario Bebito with child support and being their clean up man?

        Their own people don’t want them, so why should we feel sorry for them and the black hoes as well as the goose stepping fascist simps when the shoe’s on the other foot and kicking ass left right and center?

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      • When you live in a nation that’s the hub of the Latin American drug trade with one of the highest crime rates in the world and disgusting music that can put mumble and gangster rap to shame you learn to adjust to the tough climate. I used those names because they seemed appropriate for the types of dusty thug dudes beta white males and black hoes love to keep in business with race power ideology, feminism and the Black shirt army of goose stepping fascist thirsty simps.

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  6. Stop fucking me like you want to marry me? How about you stop getting knocked up by guys who you know aren’t going to be good fathers? How the fuck can you sit there and put a limit on how well a man has sex with you? None of this makes any sense. But then again, look whose mouth it’s coming from.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      The video is a witness of just how brain damaged most black women are, we cannot expect anything logical to come from them and 9 times out of 10 nothing ever does.

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  7. And to think that in the black manosphere, we got older women invading men’s spaces telling them that she’s a good pick. No on with money is trying to wife up Cynthia G.

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  8. The type of chick @d1¢kh38d will never get anywhere near…. Wait, she’ll be a single mother statistic soon, right? Is she a catch?

    Here’s an article for that double cream Simp: 10 Reasons why Thinking Black Men with Resources Should Go Play Clean Up With Mentally Ill Fractured Black Single Mother “Catches”. February is too long ago for a positive article…

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  9. These broads are dumber than a box of rocks. I’m done. Just when you think they’ve maybe hit rock bottom, they find new depths to sink to. They’re irredeemable to the point where it’s not worth discussing.

    It’s baffling anybody with a IQ over five can defend these whores, much less expect those of us who do the right thing (no record, take care or business, no kids or kids that are taken care of, legally employed with decent income, etc), to seriously consider getting with them. I won’t risk my health, sanity, finances or life to date of these feral animals because it shares the same skin color as my mother. I’ll take my chances with on the other side of the wall.

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  10. Sweet lord. Its just the same with these good for nothing, weave wearing heifers. If they want the worthless man she sees on the street, then let her go. She ain’t worth the time. But when she gets ran through by one dick to another and have one child or five to twenty five children, she wants a good black man. There is no way that I’m taking care a good for nothing, worthless hoodrat who can’t bring nothing on the table. I know that these hoodrat ghetto gaggers prefer thugs and they admit to it that they want them. But at the end of it, they end up with the simp that they don’t want.

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  11. I bet you that this black woman says that she wants a good black man but when she sees him, she calls him lame, his corny, he’s masculine and all sort of shit house and she goes to the thug, the bad boy, the worthless man, the hopeless man. But when she’s had enough with them, then she goes to the good black man. But then she goes in rage mode when she gets rejected by the heterosexual black male.

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  12. These black queens love digging in the trash and then having the gall to complain about the smell. You don’t see worth a damn black men fooling with these chicks and regretting it, which is part of why the black queens are angry. Seriously, when’s the last time that a dude who wasn’t obviously a Pookie or Ray Ray complain to you about baby mama drama from hoodrats.

    I’m sorry, but the only dudes who get caught up by these chicks are the ones covered in tattoos anyways. The ones that these chicks should KNOW won’t be good fathers, because they typically have thousands of kids already that they don’t take care of.

    This chick will also only say these things in a video, as she knows full well that Datarius and Lil’ String Bean will knock her teeth in for such rhetoric.

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  13. I can’t find enough videos on YouTube shaming black men for dating white women by the daggles when I did find one comments weren’t allowed and you know why. The witch cannot take globalization I love it when non black girls are up in daggle content and they can’t play that old game like they use to. We are daddy so of course all non black girls trace that rulership in their DNA and understand they are basically lighter blacks. They are like gum the daggle can’t get out of her weave and the witch can’t take it.

    Maki who has daggle friends is going to teach me a lesson by riding my cock. The daggle has lost her ability to taint and cause nonblack girls to stop riding bbc. The only thing a brother should look out for is if she’s been kissed and licked by these nasty lost cause Lesbian-acting daggles and you know a sheboon would step to that level.

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  14. L’s are being delivered in mass quantities to the sistuhhood – courtesy of L Express, of course.

    L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free


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