Black Women Demonstrating Their “Skill Set”


This is the image that the modern day black female chooses to put out concerning her reputation ie what she’s good for. Remember what I’ve stated before about black women as a collective loving and embracing slut culture, well here it is right here. I was actually surprised to see a black woman in the video objecting to the degenerate activities the rest of those Harriets were taking part in, however she is in the distinct minority. Most black women have no problems portraying themselves as the biggest whores and sluts on the planet.

I remember watching some of Dr David Carroll’s videos from years ago where he frequently talked about black women and how they have no problems breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes concerning their loose sexual nature. How does the above footage help the image and the reputation of the modern day black female? Of course black women instead of noting the deplorable actions taking place will instead attempt to blame black men for something we have nothing to do with. It’s always “the black man’s fault” in the eyes of these delusional women.

See, outside of impregnation the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Big Rudy, Chunky Bruh, Shifty Sizzler and Midnight Freddy have the right idea when it comes down to how black women ought to be treated. Since most black women proudly advertise themselves as first class whores/sluts, this is the way that they ought to be treated.

Remember, these are the same sirens walking about claiming that there is a shortage of good black men which already knowing what black women constitute as “good” we understand the full dynamics at play here. However, what is rarely if ever discussed is the fact that a group of women who advertise themselves as sluts cannot expect to be treated in any other fashion. How can black women talk about looking for “quality men” yet at the same time present themselves as sewer quality women?

At the end of the day sex, sex and even more sex is all the modern day black female knows, this is what she attempts to fall back on when all else fails, however sex is only part of a relationship. You cannot sustain a fruitful and healthy relationship on sex alone, however modern day black women DO NOT have the skills, the knowledge, the expertise or the mindset to enter into relationships of any kind simply because they cannot expand past the sexual part of the union.

Gentlemen, this is one of the pinnacle reasons why black women are such gigantic failures at relationships, they simply don’t know how to manage, nurture and grow them because most typically grew up in a single mother household where no examples of healthy relationships were ever placed in front of them to observe.

Black women will continually reach for the sex card because growing up this is what they saw their own mothers resorting to, this is why attempting to promote black mothers as good, wholesome individuals is nothing short of an utter joke. Most black mothers became mothers through engaging in slutty behaviour, they weren’t married or involved in long term, committed relationships when they got knocked up, the children weren’t planned and in many cases were and are not wanted.

Gentlemen, the feral hog/black witch continues to make the case for SYSBM, date out brothers, this black female is beyond a complete and utter disgrace and the worst thing about it is because of her heavy mental instability, you cannot reason with or bring her mindset into any form of rationale thought process. Those black men who still wish to deal with black women under ANY capacity can do so at their own risk.

By the way, I was recently sent this link by our brother at Black Avenger TV:

As contributor Afrofuturism1 pointed out previously, you’ll notice how these black harridans won’t move themselves to get websites like Ghetto Gaggers, Chimp Mania, Nigger Mania etc removed as black women work for and with racist white men, however whenever it comes down to black men being honest and highly critical of their dysfunctional behaviour, black women won’t hesitate to move in order to try to get us shut down. If this doesn’t show that black women are the blatant enemies of black men and that you need to move as far away from them as is humanly possible then I don’t know what will.

Again, thinking black men DO NOT support feminism, liberalism and those who engage in such lifestyles. You can clearly see in plain view from that link how black women do not want black men to have a voice, this is why now more than ever supporting black male media is extremely important. These sirens are a joke, they still don’t understand that private websites cannot be taken down in the same manner as say a video on YouTube or a post on Facebook, smh. Don’t forget that black women themselves are the ones supplying me with the evidence I use to further justify SYSBM ie why black men should permanently walk away from these broads and never look back. Black women are truly a pathetic bunch, get your passports pronto and be free black men. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Whores At All Costs

Most High Bless

123 thoughts on “Black Women Demonstrating Their “Skill Set”

    • That post is funny as hell. First, notice that she is running around with hair that’s short like a black man’s. I’m sorry, but these black women have to realize that 9 times out of 6, if a man can choose between that and a feminine featured woman with long hair, they’ll take the actual woman every time.

      Secondly, even she’s noting that black men are rejecting black women as options. A black chick that tried to hit me up last year said that all the black men in Cleveland date white women. That tells you the future right there. If black men are passing over them outright in a small town like Cleveland, then they’re SCREWED in the bigger cities.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        They continue to look and behave like men and they wonder why they continue to remain chronically single at such a high clip.

        The Wall is biting these heifers in their backsides very hard, they will understand that constantly berating good black men carries a heavy price. The future is look very grim and unsavoury for black women and they’ve brought this fate upon themselves.

        Black men will continue to expand on their dating options and there is nothing these ratchets can do about it.

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      • “then they’re SCREWED in the bigger cities”

        They are indeed getting screwed, as in screwed and impregnated but rarely ever married. BW allow themselves to be used for sexual pleasure and impregnation by men that they aren’t married to and then abandoned afterward, just like prostitutes. They have become comfortable with this whorehouse mentality and display their bodies and skills without shame (like the video that verbs posted) and the community reflects it.

        Like I always say these chicks know deep down inside that the chances of a good man marrying them are slim, so they settle for being side chicks and baby mommas. In the mind of the many modern BW getting screwed by a good man as a side chick is the same as being married to one.

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      • They are getting outright ignored by me. As most of you know, I’m in the greater New York area and the wall is hitting these broads HARD. Brothers are out here with literally anybody but them, and they’re starting younger and younger.

        It’s getting to the point where it’s becoming an anomaly seeing a happy black couple. It’s mostly a group of loud obnoxious whores (ridiculous weaves, tattoos, piercings) annoying everyone in sight.

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      • Stephen,

        These chicks look outright horrible, going out of their way to look unique when all they resemble are monsters and circus side attraction freaks. Black men don’t want to date circus clown, pirate looking type females and so they are voting with their feet. SYSBM is the way forward they’re opting for.

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    • That brawd is a total airhead! She just tried to say White women wear weaves by invoking their use of wig toppers to increase volume; there’s a difference between increasing volume and outright wearing a different texture of hair.

      Believe it or not, I’ve seen a Black women logically explain what I said above to another siren on Facebook; these women will defend these health destroying practices to their graves.

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    • Tom Leykis says it best: women tend to make friends with those who are just like them. So what if her 4 or 5 friends are not “like the typical black woman”?

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  1. I consider it a blessing these females wear their dysfunction on their sleeve. As I told my younger cousin…these women are an easy NO once you see what your options are.

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    • Autodidact,

      This is what I was saying to a brother yesterday on Obsidian’s show yesterday, black men who understand their value and worth WILL look at modern day black women in disgust and automatically will seek out love and companionship elsewhere as a result.

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    • Very true; seeing their dysfunction on public display makes it hard to even look at the ones who are some kind of a catch as an option you’d want to even consider.

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  2. I note that this is not about male sexuality versus female sexuality. For example, how many of you gentlemen would appear in a video with other men while licking the pu*sy of sex dolls? Unless you are a paid sex performer, I suspect that most of you will pass on such sex-themed conduct. Therefore, black females cannot shout about a so-called double standard for males and females.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Absolutely out of the question, you’re right, I would never participate in such activities. You see how black women as a collective have no shame, they embrace decadent and degenerate practices but then have a problem with black men who refuse to cosign the reprobation. I don’t know what that the stupid heifer was talking about with regards to “wig toppers”, no doubt just another angle black women are using somehow believing and hoping that they can justify their abnormal, dysfunctional practice of wearing weaves/wigs, smh.

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      • Wig toppers are often used by white women, over age 25, to combat thinning hair. —- Wig toppers have little to do with black females using hair weave in their teen-aged years.
        —- Black females are using some white female’s use of wig toppers as a deflection and a justification for their addition to fake hair.

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  3. “Wig toppers.” ———- Note that people, male and female, tend to get thinner hair after age 25. Many of the white women wearing wig toppers are, for example, 38-year-old white women who are attempting to rock the hair styles of teenagers. ——– Get out of here with that BS about young white women wearing wig toppers.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love advertising themselves as whores and sluts and then they complain about why they can’t find a decent black man in their smashed post wall years when they are old, fat, ugly and when they are single mothers. I didn’t realise my value as a childfree black man until 2 years ago. I used to think that I was a loser because I am not 6ft tall, I am not mixed race with blue eyes like Jesse Williams and I am not rich/or have a well paid job. But I realise now that the older I get the more value I have as a man as long as I don’t have a criminal record, I don’t get any woman pregnant by accident, I will go to the gym once I get a new job that I like, I travel the world and I will improve my money finances then I will be just fine. Black women think that I am ugly anyway. 😊😊😊

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Decent black men do not want run down, expired, defective beyond repair goods, this is exactly what the overwhelming majority of black women are. Let’s not even mention the fact that most of them also are single mothers as you pointed out. I don’t deal with tramps and vagabonds, modern day black females fit both categories having brought themselves into such positions. Stay away from black women and you’ll be just fine brother, keep the Wall up and fortified.

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  5. I remember roughly 4 years ago, one of Tommy Sotomayor’s naysayers put up a petition asking for YouTube to stop paying for spreading “hate”; I posted the petition to his page, and the naysayer in question replied saying I was lying when I said they wanted him banned. The petition didn’t explicitly say it, but all the folks who commented on it did; that was the precursor to his censorship. Now, they are seeking to do the same with you; to quote the boss of OCP in ‘RoboCop 2’, “Give it your best shot!”

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Like I’ve stated before, black women are in serious trouble wherever I choose to place my pen. Exposing their daily dysfunction, speaking out against it and recommending that black men seek out love and companionship elsewhere is NOT hate speech and does not warrant having Slaying Evil shut down.

      These black sirens don’t seem to understand that people are allowed to hold to different opinions especially concerning their outlandish behaviour. Black women continue to try to censor their critics like the ultra liberal feminists that they truly are and as a result continue to isolate themselves even further, smh.

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  7. Of course these black women want us thinking black men to pay their rent and bills while 12 gauge mike gets to have sex with her anytime he deems fit. Black women are a total embarrassment.

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  8. As I was reading the complaints of the female above, I realize she is young….and stupid. Instead looking at and evaluating herself and her sisters, she seeks to keep playing victim and faking ignorance. I’ve heard everything she’s said before from her mothers, and aunties years ago…..know where these women are now, out of shape, run down, and just plain old looking. MEANWHILE, me and men like me are with young, and beautiful WHITE WOMEN, because unlike the simps that played the American wakanda game, we got out of the community during the early 90s and never looked back. So stay strong and smart young men. You are ahead of your time, and the world is yours…as long as you stay OUT of the…..well, you know.
    SYSBM FOREVER!!!!!!!

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    • Best advice is being spoken right here. I been investing and learning about having different streams of investments to make extra money.

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      • Blackistan always has been and will continue to be on the State Department’s list of territories to avoid. Along with the other territories of the Ghetto Union: Cuckistan and Simpistan.


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    • >I realize she is young….and stupid. Instead looking at and evaluating herself and her sisters, she seeks to keep playing victim and faking ignorance.

      The result of maggot-infested weaves eating what’s left of their brain.


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  9. Well one thing is for sure, be cry that there’s no good bm around is because the thinking bm isn’t settling for hoes and single moms. I give it 2 generations before they start wising up but I doubt cause the community will probably tank by then.

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    • Hijab Hamed,

      I completely agree, the black community will be long gone into the gutter way before black women fix up. At this point I’m not even interested in black women or the hellhole of a community they’ve created.

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  10. Just looking at the black women nowadays in America, it’s a no win situation if I ever dealt with them. The video with the black women doing the you know what with them cucumbers, have you brothas ever ask this question: When the last time a black woman ever gone viral over something good? I wait for the answer. Like every video that I seen of a black woman that’s gone viral, it’s always over some dysfunctional crap: Twerking, learning how to do sexual things, being disgusting in public, fighting, talking about black men ain’t ish, throwing black men under the bus, saying how they love thugs and savages and want a “man” to do this and that and don’t do jack shit, just the general crap we see of an average black woman everyday in America. All this crap they be saying that black men are thristy, but don’t black women be thristy too? I don’t discriminate, but like I said, I can see why some brothas are losing attraction for black women, especially in America, and I don’t blame them either. And they say people are sterotyping black women, but ain’t this what the black women be doing 24/7? They can say I’m weak because I deal with feminine women, but guess what, I rather be a weak, sellout that deals with feminine women than be a “Real man” who’s gonna deal with a “strong, independent” black woman who has a big chip on their shoulder, who gonna boss me around like she’s about something, because at the end of the day, they don’t intimidate me. And don’t think a mixed dude or non black dude (especially a white dude) is gonna take you seriously because them non black men ain’t your golden ticket, they don’t look at black women like that. Men, in general, want FEMININE WOMEN, NOT MASCULINE WOMEN.

    Women + Masculine Energy = Unattractive
    Women + Feminine Energy = Attractive

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  11. Black hoes and beta white males taking Ls again. Why am I even surprised at this point, they love the plantation so much that they will behave exactly like Massa Moshe and Slum Lord Shlomo.

    When was the last time you saw a black man getting into constant fights and drama like the black bitches or acting like some spoiled emo bitch like these alt righters and the skeptic community/SJWs that helped create these monsters?

    And black females and their counterpart in the racist white man love to call black men feral savages, deliberately omitting the fact that Western Civilization, from Timbictu to Berlin was built by BLACK MALES!

    Even that bastard Marx had the bloodline of the European Ancien Regime in him!

    The hoes and beta males no the plantation owner is finished with them as he has all the illegal immigrants he needs to turn London and California into the Gaza Strip and Iraq, so they are busy making these Dear Black Man videos and trying to take us down to hell with them, but they helped create that mess when they sold black men and white females on the slave market all these centuries ago for position and power.

    You allowed Moshe and Mohammed to shoot up the entire block in gang fights, rape innocent white females and force their disgusting religious practices on the rest of us Brad and Shaniqia, now deal with them instead of using black men’s private parts as a Boogeyman to explain your failures!

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  12. If literally all they have offer is sexual things, why would the sexy handsome black man with a six figure salary, nice car and house look their way for anything serious?

    Nothing that black women advertise themselves doing is exemplary of a good wife or mother, quite the opposite actually. So, how can they get mad when a man doesn’t want them as a wife?

    The knowledge of their low net worth is also getting out there, so more men are going to avoid them. Add end everyone getting sick of them from Hollywood forcing them down everyone’s throat, and you get a group that NO ONE really WANTS to deal with.

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    • Damn straight. People are getting sick and tired of the antics of black hoes and beta white males. The plantation is emptying and there is nothing even the slave owners can do to stop the barrage of Ls coming the way of black females and racist white males.

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  13. The deluded chick’s post is over a month old, and guess what? We’re still here! The priority given her complaint was absolutely nothing! Verbs, have you been contacted by anyone as of yet with a complaint of abusive language being displayed on this website by this toilet bowl stain? Then she needs to go somewhere and cry about her low sexual marketplace value, brainstorm ways on how she can raise it, determine in her mind to jump on the first even quasi good man that presents himself to her sexually and shut the living hell up! Damn, I’m tired of black women as a whole!

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    • Andre,

      I’ve checked my inbox as well as the spam folder, I’ve received nothing at all. Many companies like WordPress are clocking on to these liberals and their selective use of the term “hate speech”. Another issue that these whores haven’t taken into consideration is the fact that this website is marked as having mature content which it does. Black women honestly believe that they can just silence their critics whenever they wish. Things may work like that on social media but as I’ve stated before, websites are a completely different kettle of fish.

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      • Jon,

        They’ll slob the knob for a thug dizzle all night long, while a decent black dude with no criminal record and a job would be lucky to get a kiss on the cheek from them hoes.

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      • Yet, even white zaddy rejects them after having “jungle fever lovemaking”. They don’t want them in their social circles. He only wants them for sex and sex only. They rather be with white and Asian women than to be with the likes of the ratchets, uppity so-called professional wenches, and welfare queans,

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  14. @Verbs You always have well-considered articles and provide endless evidence about the fallen state of Western Black women. As my understanding of the image of Black rednecks throughout the diaspora grows; I become more convinced that the only solution for the Free Thinking Black Man is to ‘Fix by Exit’.

    These misandrists complain about and similar sites, but never take the time to acknowledge that these sites are effects not causes. The cause is Black redneck behavior, black misandry, thot culture and satanic level degenerac spawned by the western Black woman – Black death matriarchal death cult.

    There will never be a shortage of material to analyze on the topic of Black degeneracy; because the Internet allows Black rednecks to showcase their dysfunction to the world – for clout/attention. Sadly, these buffons dont know the difference between someone laughing AT them, versus WITH them.

    For the Free Thinking BM;’ Exit to Fix’ is the key. Vote with your feet #SYBM

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    • King Sigma,

      At this point it is a wrap, black women continue to trundle downhill past the toilet into the deep sewer system and they haven’t even reached the bottom yet with their debauchery and reprobate antics. Black women are taking this redneck religion to the next level and beyond.

      Back in the day we would’ve only expected such behaviour from the lowest of the low black female contingents, however we now have a situation where the overwhelming majority of black women embrace slutty and whorish behaviour and are proud to subscribe to dirt and filth.

      These women are goners, judgement is coming for them, therefore the wisest thing for black men to do is to separate themselves from the condemned. Let them embrace their cult of death by themselves.

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  15. Hey brother verbs
    Have you seen the Netflix show She’s gotta have it based on the spike lee film. Your article made me think of it. In I think a very unintended way it showcases modern black female behavior quite well. The main character Nora is a total whore. Much of Netflix is trash but would love to hear your views on that show.

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    • Jedi Master Coon,

      I haven’t seen that show, I’ll have to check it out. Black women advertise themselves as sluts and whores but yet at the same time complain that black men aren’t marrying them, smh. You don’t marry sluts and whores, you simply use them for slut and whore purposes as they cannot be elevated above and beyond those positions.

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  16. My upshot from the girl’s post? The young black men in her school are bypassing the weaveheads and implementing SYSBM at a young age.

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  17. The chick in the black top and pink skirt needs lotion on her ashy ass knees asap. Pretty soon she’s not gonna need kneepads if she ever goes rollerblading.

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  18. What more can we say about black women? There is so much things about the women from our race. And yoiu know why there less and less of good black women around is because there are so many black women acting ratchet and things look like its goanna get worse with the next generation on black girls acting like their mothers.

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    • Money Cultural,

      Just travelled home on the underground and I was unfortunate to be surrounded by nothing but weave wearing, dark skinned black female feral hogs, one of these beasts had on a cyan coloured wig. Of course being black females they were loud as hell and acting like they were dudes. It’s a wrap bro, these chicks are done and we aren’t even in the US. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  19. Seeing Verbs’ comments about that reddit group trying to get this website off the web made me realize something. Now whenever we see these white mass shooters run amok, people are able to trace their footprints on the web to these white supremacist sites and forum groups. Virtually all of them have these connections on the web. So when you have the rare black mass shooter (and I do mean ultra rare) go on a rampage, how come they don’t have connections to sites like, BlackAvenger.TV, etc?

    Of course that’s a rhetorical question, because brothers like us don’t based our masculinity on skin color. Roughly 90% of all the white mass shooters based their masculinity on being white. Why? Because we can trace their dysfunctional beliefs to these real online hate groups. So until these black witches go after sites like stormfront and 4chan, which have connections to many of these modern mass shooters, they can kick rocks in regards to trying to take down the and BlackAvenger.TV.

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    • @Sigma Jones

      Also, the free thinking BM have learned that the worst thing you can do is attach your masculinity to social approval or female validation. A lot of the mass shooters had attached their self-esteem to the standard determined by ‘society’ or the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

      Once a man realizes he should never tether his self-esteem to the herd or women; he is on a path to spiritual freedom.

      In these spaces, men are taught to embrace their authentic self, and to not seek external validation. In this social media age, seeking external validation is an addiction and it is increasing suicide and drug usage rates.

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      • @King Sigma

        My sentiments exactly. Why else are the leading cause of death for young white american men are suicides and drug abuse? They can’t handle the fact their skin color can’t get them very far in today’s world. Like you said, brothers here are taught to seek validation from within. Just by doing so, that easily takes care of depression and having a sense of purpose and direction in life. But somehow, black witches wants to lump us as a hate group, when no one here truly hates them. We just understand them and have alter our lives so that we don’t have to deal with them on a regular basis.

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      • Good one. The plantation owners no longer need racist white males and black females. They have a huge amount of illegal immigrants to replace them with which is what the hoes and beta white males don’t understand as yet.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        I’ll be the exception to the rule here, I have no hesitation in stating that I have absolutely NO LOVE for the overwhelming majority of black women because they are a group who embrace death, destruction, misery, pain, suffering, sexual depravity, feminism and all other wickedness related.

        Let’s be honest here, what is there to like about black women in 2019, I’ll wait? I find that a lot of black men are still holding onto an image of black women from the past when they were somewhat decent individuals both in looks and in character and this causes them to still hold onto a sliver of hope.

        However, we must face the reality of the situation, black women are getting worse by the day and they don’t have any problems rolling down into Hell and just like Satan taking as many people with them as they can. There is nothing I can like about such individuals.

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      • @Signa Jones
        Yep, the types of WM that we are talking about are losers to such a high degree that they can’t even take advantage of their “whiteness”.

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      • Damn straight. Leave black hoes and beta males on the rotting plantation with Massa Moshe, Trap House Tevon, False Flag Fredowitz and Slum Lord Shlomo. They love these dusty dudes so much that they even sold out on the slave market to help them enslave white women and black men, let them deal with them.

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      • @Verbs

        Sir, I fully agree with your assessment. It just amuses me when these black witches claim we hate them whenever we give harsh critiques of their behaviour. For me, I don’t have time to hate them. I got better things to do in life than to hate them. I just highlight their dysfunctional behaviours so that the brothers who are on the fence about SYSBM can make a sound decision to be converted over. I told you guys a while back how I’m having a cousin of mine traveling with me in a few months who I’m slowly converting over to SYSBM. He’s starting to see the assessments that I’m talking about, including how his recent ex (a black witch) tried to be very manipulative of his life. If I can slowly but surely convert guys like him who are open-minded and want a change in their lives, I have accomplished way more than trying to hate on these black witches. That’s also why we need sites like yours to still be up and going. Any quick references, I can always go back to your insightful articles haha.

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    • White supremacist mass shooters base their very identity on their skin colour – and the subjugation of every other race to them. So when Dylan Roof and that West coast Elliott Rodger see us “inferiors” doing better than them (and fucking the girls they wish they had), it fractures their thin ego. Classic narcissistic personality disorder.

      Black men have had to self reference – the world hates our guts. So we’re immune to outside societal fluctuations and pressures. Give a racist white a quarter of what we must cope with on a daily basis, they would suicide themselves in 30 seconds. Pathetic.

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  20. Random thought: If you read black female Twitter for any amount of time and went in indifferent, you will come away actively hating those bitches. I went down the Zerlina Maxwell rabbit hole, then the hoes that respond to her tweets. What a cesspool of entitled, misinformed heifers. I will gleefully not vote for Kamala Harris just to spite those bitches. Hell I may even vote Trump.

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    • To me black female twitter IS black twitter, IMO most of black twitter is BW talking about gossip, reality tv, and other dumb shit and dusty (likely single mother raised) men talking about the same. Black twitter itself is a cesspool. That Maxwell woman is typical of the liberal BW, which is the majority of BW. BM learned a hard lesson after voting for Obama, we supported him simply because he was black and not because he pledged to do anything specifically beneficial for blacks. When he got into office he prioritized gays, women, and illegals over blacks, and when he spoke about BM it was often in a condescending tone.

      We aren’t going to fall for the same with Kamala, some BM will stay home and some will even vote for Trump. One brother on the west coast a while back commented that he was voting for Trump out of survival, to stop the illegal immigrant gangs and cartels that were coming into his neighborhood. The black community is going to scrutinize black candidates at the federal level harder than ever before thanks to Obama, sadly Trump may have been right in a way in this tweet:

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      • James SYSBM —- “…some will even vote for Trump.” Please note, my brother, that in 2016, 15% of black men voted for Trump. I predict that the black male voting percentages for Trump will be even higher in 2020.

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      • Gangs and cartels invading his neighborhood. If something is not done about these illegal immigrants major cities in the West might find themselves resembling Maxfield Ave or Montego Bay. All I see the alt right doing is keyboard warrioring on this issue, and they have the balls to call themselves ‘kings’.

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    • @shifty

      Yes, what you are speaking on is the Matriarchal Death Cult of the West. It becomes clear, as you study the conversations and behavior of women online; that in the aggregate they are unfit to lead a society. In general, women are satanic and demonic in their spirit and the culture that grows from matriarchy.

      I don’t see any reason why a heterosexual free thinking Black man could vote for a Democrat in 2020, unless they wrote you a $250K check in exchange for the vote. And I say that, with the understanding that you are taking that cash and getting the fuck out of America. Because the next phase under a democratic rulership will be a full blown institutionalization of a Degenerate Matriarchal Regime of total chaos and destrutction.

      Just think of a society headed by Cardi B as Secretary of Culture and Health. Miley Cyrus as Press Secretary.

      Need I say more?

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      • Wise analysis, King Sigma. Methinks it’s time for thinking black men to separate from the Femocratic Party if only to tank the bedwench Queen Kamala.

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      • Jesus f…..g Christ. Forgive my foul language but my fellow intellectuals have really brought the West into decay, with their focus on multiple genders, an frankly pathetic obsession with Neo Nazis, Creationists and Flat Earthers, the appearance of objectivity and being respected and ticking off every social evil under the sun in the name of being ‘unbiased’. Modern intellectualism has become a cult and will get it’s just desserts soon enough.

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      • King Sigma said:

        “Because the next phase under a democratic rulership will be a full blown institutionalization of a Degenerate Matriarchal Regime of total chaos and destruction.

        Just think of a society headed by Cardi B as Secretary of Culture and Health. Miley Cyrus as Press Secretary.”

        BRUH. You fucking nailed it. Kudos.

        Inslee says he’ll ask soccer player Megan Rapinoe to be secretary of state

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  21. Gentlemen. Today is a sad day for black women everywhere. —- Serena Williams lost at Wimbledon in London, England. Perhaps some of the UK brothers can drop by Williams’ hotel and cheer your sister up. You can also cheer up black women. Williams became a heroine (or hero) to black women after her recent marriage. The Williams tennis loss is a severe loss (L) to the sisterhood.

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  22. Hahaha, and they have the balls to dare to call us savages. Black men built Western Civilization from Timbictu to Berlin, without the European Ancien Regime descended from the Roman Empire it is highly likely the modern world would never have been created. Beta males and black hoes love to project and obfuscate just like the slave master they love so much, let them reap the consequences of their actions.

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  23. Stupid black witches love telling everyone to “stay in their lanes” yet, this Ghetto Gagger is drifting into our lane, talking about shutting down blogs? Bitch, please.

    Same as the moist SIMP and the racist white men (gay and straight) who cannot help but watch black men’s dicks, and controlling everything we do, because they can’t stand watching “slaves” out in the free world.

    Accept your karma and pick up your own dog shit.

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      • I got your email brother! Much thanks as it is VERY informative and helps me out a lot! I have some serious preparation to do, and I couldn’t be happier doing it! Lol.

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      • Let me know when we can voice call on whats appp. If you can you should record it and keep it as an mp3 for further motivation

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    • Exactly. I really don’t feel sorry for any immigrant group coming over here and complaining, especially these damn Latinos. Granted, when I say Latino, I mean mostly Mexicans, as well as Guatemalans and El Salvadorans. These people typically come over here, and for generations, are nothing but human mules. Meanwhile, Asians and Indians may own gas stations or something in the first generation, but their kids become doctors, lawyers, chefs, CEOs, and moguls. I don’t feel sorry for a group that allows it’s own expendability.

      Also, in the case of Ohmar and people like her, again, why are black women so liberal IN SPITE of being Christians/Muslims? Black Women are the worst group PERIOD to have representing your movement/religion.

      These dumbass liberals are literally rolling out the red carpet for Trump’s reinaguration.

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  24. With the news of the next James Bond supposedly being a black woman, I am actually convinced that “they” are full steam trying to get rid of black women, namely by making everyone else hate them.

    What better way to get the world to side with you when you permanently retire your worst selling models? Black Women are literally the “New Coke” of people groups.

    Also, black women are actually getting trolled with this. A traditionally male role, and a short haired, dark skinned black woman is playing it? #breedthemout

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  25. Let’s play a little. Black ghettos are small only a few miles before you find a better neighborhood. For the jobless brothers even for them the universe is throwing stargate coins like crazy, Dre who is disadvantaged can now access relationships with white women thanks to gentrification. For thinking brothers currently stuck on the plantation can now have a slice of sysbm the well off traveling brothers busting heavy nuts from Japan to Spain have.

    To add more evidence to the lunch tray of L’s opfor is reaping I will point out the major hypocrisy of witches whenever a brother does find the ebony needle in the haystack these witches & simps attack the functional relationship. These clowns are wearing L’s everywhere they go.

    By the way I have a thcc legs jogger blonde snowbunny in my sights I see the hearts in her eyes Everytime we cross can tell she’s single and like me she’s introvert we match so I’m gonna yolo and say what’s up.

    Off topic side story : When I was 17 in a teen hospital (22 now) I’ve had 2 white girls fight over me and the Asian girl was mad when I was talking to white girls, I thought she liked white dudes when she was talking to my boy Aidan(white). The Asian girl developed feelings for me earlier during a gym session and it was karma for how she made me feel when she talked to Aidan. My boy was feeling down because white girls liked BBC sort of made up for how I felt when our Asian cousins talk to white dudes. Funny how Asian girls feel some type of way when I was tapping white girl booty and holding hands. This is relevant I know as we work to our advantages we will always hold W’s and be ‘Daddy’ in their eyes.

    Sorry for long post.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. Pingback: Cardi B’s WAP Track Is A Major L For The Modern Day Black Female And Any Other Women Who Subscribe To Such Gutter Filth! | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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