Hate Mail – Part 2

Once again I have another hate email from a black woman called Mia Lauren who had to make it known that she was in the process of reporting my website for “hate speech”. This is your modern day lefty, liberal black female in a nutshell, they hate the fact that black men now have a voice and are trying everything within their power to reverse this position.

The fact of the matter is here at Slaying Evil I document and archive black female skullduggery and dysfunction so that the website can be used by thinking black men as a database to sift through the mountain loads of evidence concerning this black witch and her degeneracy. They hate the fact that there is so much evidence stacked against them, however they conveniently overlook the fact that they themselves are the suppliers of it, smh.

Gentlemen, continue walking away from these unrepentant lost souls and keep the Wall high and fortified. More black men are throwing in the towel realising that the sour juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze. These disingenuous black harridans will go out of their way to report websites such as Slaying Evil, however they won’t lift those same malevolent fingers to report websites like Worldstar Hiphop, pathetic. Anyway, enjoy the exchange:

Mia Lauren

I came across your site by accident and I wish hadn’t. You think you’re so intelligent spreading ‘knowledge’ to other stupid, ill advise, trivial men such as yourself but you’re a racist and a misogynist. You hate black women. You hate black women because we have elevated ourselves beyond the reach of pathetic excuses of black men such as yourself who do your absolute best to drag us down, but you won’t. You hate us because we are independent minded and strong and are no longer enslaved by black men. You’re such a typical small minded man. You hate black women because you cannot control them. You’re an asshole. Spreading treacherous lies about back women and generalising us as if we are all the same. Get a grip QUICKLY. I am reporting your poor excuse of a website to Google and the Internet Watch Foundation. You are promoting hate speech and it will not go unnoticed. I cannot believe that you have blogs with titles such as ‘Why black women are the dregs and the scum of the earth’. Digest that. Digest it, You will not slander back women and get away with it. And isn’t it funny that you continually call us traitors for ‘leaving black men behind’ and then go and favour white women because they are ‘more feminine’. What does that even mean? Disgusting behaviour. You say you are ‘sick of the lies’ but you are a liar. Read this and have a think about it. Men and women are equal. Period. As are non binary people. We as humans are equal. You do not have the right to spread untrue stereotypical anti black shit about black women because of your own personal hatred for us or whatever reason it is. I am reporting your site now.

My Response

Dear Mia,

The thing is you mistakenly believe that you have the same reach reporting my website as you would say reporting a video on YouTube or a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Things don’t work in the same fashion on a private website as they do on social media platforms, you don’t have any power over Slaying Evil witch and you never will. I abide by the terms and conditions of using this platform, your so called complaint will go nowhere so don’t cry when you still see the website up 6 months to a year from now.

I absolutely despise dysfunctional black women like yourself because you are steadfast in your evil works, you refuse to heed to correction and point blank will not turn away from the wickedness you’re steeped in. This is the thing with sirens like yourself, you believe that anybody who calls out your evil is automatically engaging in slander, hate and misogyny, that garbage won’t fly over here. Black women are NOT exempt from hard scrutiny and examination. Every article I write concerning black women and how dysfunctional they are I always provide the evidence for at the beginning of each article, therefore your claim that I’m a liar is bogus.

I purposely reach out to thinking black men showing them what disgraces you black women have become because unlike yourselves they can be reasoned with and as a result I additionally encourage them to seek out love and companionship elsewhere. Get over yourself, black women are NOT victims here by a long shot, if you dealt with your nasty and degenerate behaviour then I wouldn’t have any ammunition to use against you in the first place.

Black men have never had the power to enslave black women, continue embracing and believing the same decadent feminism that has gotten you absolutely nowhere. Criticism does not equate to hate speech sorry, you won’t silence folks who raise legitimate concerns surrounding your reprobate behaviour. By the way men and women are NOT equal and I don’t deal with that non binary foolishness. All the best on your mission reporting me.


Mia Lauren

You’re telling me that black men never had the power to enslave black women, when patriarchy allows that. Black stupid asshole men like you are the key oppressors of black women, thats why we don’t fuck with you, I’ll report you on all platforms for hate speech so thanks for that. Men are the key issue here. Focus your bullshit scrutiny on black men and all the shit they perpetuate you hateful pig.  You are a really hateful person using religion to aid your old traditional views. Women are so much stronger than men. You should be ashamed of yourself. Black women are FAR more advanced than black men and you can’t stand it. We ‘slay’ at everything. We beat black men in all fields.  Fuck off.

My Response

Like I told you before heifer, you don’t come over to a thinking black men’s platform and try to dictate to us what we should and shouldn’t be talking about. I told you before, you don’t control anything over at Slaying Evil and you NEVER WILL. It’s about time black women were examined and scrutinised for their majority part in the destruction of black society and there isn’t anything you and the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure can do about it. This is a new era, the internet has completely changed the game, black women no longer have the media outlet monopoly, get over it and get a life.

Black women are stronger than black men yet at the same time here they are asking black men to take care of their bastard children, to mentor them and to clean up the community these same sirens messed up with the likes of Chunky Bruh and Slim Cheezy. The strength of black women is a farce, if they were strong then they wouldn’t be begging black men for help. You may have the last word witch because I won’t be responding to your nonsensical ramblings again.


The problem with delusional, narcissistic black women like Mia is they don’t seem to realise that wherever I choose to place my pen they will be in some serious trouble. There is an increasing level of disdain and hatred of black women coming from many black men for extremely legitimate and valid causes.

Black women for the last 50 years plus have systematically destroyed black society in exchange for temporary treats and benefits from the State, since 1973 they have murdered between 15-20 million unborn children, they refuse to represent themselves naturally sporting weaves, wigs, multiple tattoos like they’re auditioning for Pirates Of The Caribbean etc, in the US they’ve become overweight at an 80% clip(60% here in the UK), their single mother rate is almost at 80%, 60% of these broads have multiple babyfathers, they open their legs to the dregs of black male society but then expect upstanding black men to roll in afterward and clean up their mess, etc.

This modern day black female has a lot to answer for and reporting Slaying Evil in no wise will deliver her from the wrath to come. As I have stated many times before black women will drink down their recompense undiluted at full strength whether Slaying Evil is here or not. Once again we have another black female who is extremely angry and bitter at the fact that Slaying Evil is outside of her social media flagging/reporting jurisdiction.

Finally, something that you guys may or may not have noticed, note how in her first response to me this bum attempted to inject the LGBTQ agenda via bringing up “non binary” individuals. Remember what I said to you before about black women and no matter what mission they choose to embark upon, at some point they are guaranteed to introduce the LGBTQ agenda in some form or another?

Shame on this delusional and degenerate black witch for thinking that non binary, LGBTQ related garbage would fly over here, those folks who believe in that tripe are just as mentally ill and mentally unstable as these trannies going for gender reassignment surgery and walking around in female clothing believing that they are now women(most cases are men who want to be women). Women who do the opposite are just as mentally damaged.

Again, you cannot build with a group of women who support reprobate lifestyles that are blatantly counterproductive to building and raising families. The homosexual lifestyle and all avenues related are anti family and anti life, thus your modern day black female must be viewed along the exact same lines. When I state that black women as a collective are broken beyond repair that is exactly what I mean, BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR.

Keep the Wall up gents, pay these delusional black females no mind whatsoever and continue to diversify from them and the Blackistan hellhole that they have created.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Escape Blackistan And Never Look Back

Most High Bless

98 thoughts on “Hate Mail – Part 2

  1. Mia is presumably one of the “single mother catches” that @d1ckh38d promotes on his pathetic excuse of a blog. Maybe they are a good match for each other.

    What, @d1ckh38d is #STILL SINGLE#? Goddamn! 😅

    Dry your eyes, Mia, the world is changing. You can at least try swirling to escape us hateful, misogynoir bums like ourselves. Oh…

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    • Michel,

      “Try swirling” are the optimum words, I personally don’t think this black witch would stand a chance in the interracial dating arena. These is the fate for most of these sirens, Swirl Mountain has many casualties.

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      • Yep, they try swirling and the majority get used up and/or rejected, then they either become angry lesbians or pro-blacks.

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  2. There is a reason that Mad Bus Driver wears a helmet. Wearing a helmet is needed to lessen the attacks on thinking black men by black women. USA Black women, as a group, do not like it when black men speak of their $5.00 USD net worth, 80% overweight numbers, 26% USA marriage rate, and their expensive desire to copy the look of white women. ————– Black women simply do not like it when black men tell the truth about black women. Likewise, black women do not like it when black men correct the propaganda that black women spread about black men, non-white women, etc.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Seeing what is going on in these YouTube streets, I fully understand why he wishes to keep his identity secret. When you deal with these kinds of topics, anonymity is the best protocol and policy. Black women continue to stagger into the gutter with one horrible statistic after a next, however silencing black men is more important to them than dealing with the fundamental issues that plague black female society.

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      • brotherdanunlimited ————– STACEY ABRAMS. Remember the name when it comes to the financial net worth of USA (and perhaps non-USA) black women. Stacey Abrams (Abrams) is a 45-year old black woman who ran for the governor office in Georgia. It was revealed that Abrams has an estimated debt of $200 K. Abrams, therefore, has an estimated financial net worth of -200,000.00 ($USD). This 45-year-old woman still has student loan debt from her 20s. —– The bottom line is that the majority of single black women are broke.

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  3. There is a conspiracy in Blackistan that involves Black women; we all know what it is, but what we must realize is that it can handle anything except exposure. This is why they are always so quick to report platforms and videos by thinking Black men.

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    • It’s simple, black women are hardwired to hate intellectual black men. They LOVE bum ass niggas, push out bastardized killing machines, then have the GALL to come here trying to shame and gaslight the men here. Fuck outta here.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s pretty much a wrap for these broads, they believed that they could keep us out of the conversation, however all that caused is thinking black men to spread out in many different directions and form our own networks. We must continue to expose these sirens for the dysfunctional trash that they are and I will continue to carry out my part in the mission.

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    • @Blue Collar Trevor

      I would think that is a fundamental principle that when a group is running a commercial enterprise that functions based on the ignorance of its target market that it would be natural to view those who possess the discernment to see through the marketing ploys of the enterprise as a THREAT. Hence the Strength, Weaknesses, Oppportunity, and Threats Analaysis used in business.

      Threats are Individuality, Willfullness, Self Determination, Right Knowledge, Right Thinking, Good Judgment, Reasoning, Logic, Rhetorical Ability, Reading Comprehension, Arithmetic, Morality, Coherent Models of Analysis, etc. Basically anything that functions properly in a man toward his best self and happiness is a chain breaker.

      To be fair from a competitive standpoint the deceivers have a lot to worry about, especially because they deceive their “own”. They have to also worry about all the women and children who they screwed over with their retarded cult teachings breaking free and overthrowing them. As forums like this not only educate the men but also many others which shortens the potential pool of allies, pawns, new members, and prey.

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  5. I don’t know how to respond to this…. this bum ass bitch. She/He said nothing thought provoking or original. “Yawn” is all I have say.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      Black women and their simp flunkies never have anything original or constructive to say hence why the term “your mother’s black” is so popular with them.

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      • Verbs2015 — Malia Obama, daughter of Barack Obama, does not get the “your mother’s black” statements from black women. Malia Obama is getting with a white guy. [That is no problem with me]. If Barack Obama had a son that dates white girls, there would be heat coming from black women.

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  6. I’m so glad you brought up that LGBT thing. Black Women are QUICK to latch onto that nonsense, which is why they are typically best friends with some homo.

    As I mentioned before, these same black women will typically have nose rings and almost bald hair, but it’s Verbs being MEAN when he says they aren’t feminine, right?

    I hope more platforms start criticizing black Women, including outright racist ones. I honest to god want black women to face an onslaught of blatant racism, namely from the white and Asian men that they love so much. This time, however, they won’t have the help of black men.

    As mentioned before, the world is getting sick of these harridans, and I can’t wait til the world at large starts resorting to an anti-virus.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Notice how backwards these women are, always supporting movements and organisations that are detrimental to them as a group. How does supporting the LGBTQ community or feminism help black women, I’ll wait?

      Let’s not even mention the fact that black women themselves hate being black and are engaging in any and all activities in order to distance themselves from their blackness.

      The judgement for black women is coming and has been long overdue, they’ll pay the price for snubbing thinking black men and black men in general the way they have and nobody will be there to save them. Popcorn and juice at the ready.

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  7. Verbs 2015.

    This Mia Lauren black women is a fucking cunt and a fucking idiot if she thinks that she can roll in on a thinking sysbm black man’s private website and dictate to us that we cannot critisize black women despite the fact that you show evidence upon evidence of the black women fuckery worldwide on your website Verbs. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s on female talk shows, black women all the time was dissing black men telling us we ain’t shit, we don’t look after our kids, we black men are not on black womens level when it comes to education and careers etc but what these black women and female talk shows don’t tell you is that they are really complaining about the worst type of black men that they CHOSE to procreate to keep up their false mantra and lies with instead of getting with a decent black men that they put in the friend zone for many years. Non black women have have no problems in getting with a decent black man and having a great and beneficial long term relationship /marriage with that black man. Now that we black men have our own platforms to fight back the negative black male stereotype, and produce concrete evidence of black women acting a buffoon worldwide, black women can’t hide anymore and they don’t like it because people of all races in the planet are starting to see black women for who they really are and I tell something Verbs this is a great equaliser and your website has been a god send to me personally because I thought that there was something wrong with me when I spoke about the black women fuckery with other black people when I was younger and they thought that I was mad and I felt so alone in this world. Your website reconfirms that everything I spoke about the black women bullshit was true and I was right the whole time since I was 12 in year 7 the first year in secondary school in 1993/94 and other black men throughout the world had the same problems and experiences as me when it comes to black women. Black women only get good education and good jobs due to affirmative action and black men like myself who are looking for work find it hard to get jobs due to the racism and stereotyping that we face on a daily basis.

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    • “Throughout the 1980s and 1990s on female talk shows, black women all the time was dissing black men telling us we ain’t shit,”

      A lot of BW are either too young to remember this or old enough to remember it but play stupid for the purpose of playing victim while BM respond on the internet. A while back Tariq called the 80s and 90s a “niggas ain’t shit fest”. lol BW followed white feminists down the feminist rabbit hole and now many BW are waking up to the harsh reality that they no longer have any men, just useless pookies and ray rays who were raised by single BW.

      PBT did a good video talking about how with the influx of immigrants into the US the lower levels of the black community will be starved for resources, housing, and jobs eventually, we are already seeing this occur, echoing Dr. Anderson’s prediction about the black underclass. BW don’t see the train wreck that is coming for them regarding gov jobs, welfare, and affirmative action. With a conservative supreme court and white people becoming a minority how much longer do you think that the affirmative action, welfare, and gov job gravy train is going to continue for BW? Sit back and try to insulate yourself as much as you can from the judgement that is coming for them.

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      • James SYSBM.

        I fully agree with you bro. I fucking can’t stand the majority of black women these days and their fucking stupidity and foolishness. It’s no wonder why no one wants to date them until they are a simp mangina plus black women are the least desired women on the fucking planet. I am going to sound very racist but I refuse to date black women or single mothers as a childfree black man at 37.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Glad you’re finding the information here confirms things that you thought and talked about back in the day as well as now, this is one of the main purposes of Slaying Evil, to bring about closure in the minds of thinking black men concerning this modern day black female and her current gutter condition. Again, these harpies cannot handle the fact that we now have our own corners from where we can speak freely and compare notes. Like I said before, the internet has completely changed everything.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I spoke about the black bullshit and that I refuse to date them on my own YouTube channel.

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  8. I can tell by some of the terms that she is using that she is probably an overweight, unattractive, black feminist, and possibly gay as well. The patriarchy is long gone from the black community and the black community is suffering because of it. We have tried matriarchy and it has FAILED. Many BW are waking up to this and asking for BM’s help via Dear BM, but we aren’t falling for that trick. They can have their dysfunctional, poverty stricken, crime ridden, matriarchal hell hole to themselves. Keep the Wall up, and expect more anger and Dear BM as Trump cruises into his second term thanks to foolish democrats and ADOS walking away from them:

    A big mistake for Democrats: underestimating Trump

    “Though a majority of Americans see President Trump as “unpresidential,” his approval ratings have risen to 47% among registered voters and 44% among Americans of voting age. He is receiving credit from 51% of those polled for the strong economy. Regardless of who holds office, these are not the kinds of numbers that an opposition party likes to see.”

    Keep the Wall up, BW will be using anything they can to climb over it.

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  9. I think i should comment based on your last post about nigerian women,many women are embrassing whoredom truly in nigeria,but i think as men we should work more to build our society especially economically,i cud care less about what women are doing.Degeneracy in nigeria started to increase immensely in the mid 2000s during a period when many fathers became declined financially and could no longer control their families ,girls of those times are the degenerate women of today in nigeria bcos many families were broken during those times,single motherhood became rampant,girls turned to semi prostitution to survive and boys to crime n yahoo fraud,nigeria started becoming like black america with a rise in matriachy,so my case is that as black men we should focus on building our society especially economically cos i feel that is the root of the decadence is black society,majority of blackmen are poor therefore they cant adequately control their societies,i think that should be the main focus of black men,i am nt simping or exonerating black women from their ills


  10. Yep Verbs, this female is a black liberal feminist. I can tell by the things she said: “Black stupid asshole men like you are the key oppressors of black women, thats why we don’t fuck with you, Men and women are equal. Period. Women are so much stronger than men. Black women are FAR more advanced than black men and you can’t stand it. We ‘slay’ at everything. We beat black men in all fields. Fuck off.” This woman hates us black men with a passion. First of all, How are black women are “FAR” more advanced than black men, and how black women beat black men in all fields, like what fields are they talking about? Just because they (black women) got some fancy education and them degrees and achievements ain’t gonna make them a better person at all.

    “I am reporting your poor excuse of a website to Google and the Internet Watch Foundation. You are promoting hate speech and it will not go unnoticed. I’ll report you on all platforms for hate speech so thanks for that. I am reporting your site now.” Of course, women like her will do that silly crap, report somebody because of hate speech. Like I said, the black woman in America got no type of love for black men, and it’s been in our faces for years, and I starting to know why some black men are starting to lose attraction for black women, and I don’t blame the black men because I’m starting to lose attraction for black women too. Black women never care about black men, all they care about is themselves, and what the black men can do for them.

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    • Walk away and never look back brother. Save about a six month stint in my early 20’s, I haven’t dealt with them in over ten years, and refuse to at this point.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      As Afrofuturism1 pointed out, these disingenuous buzzards won’t report racist websites that outright berate them on the daily because these same black women work for those same racist individuals doing their utmost to ensure that black society remains flat in its face as well as guaranteeing through horrific abortion numbers that the US black population rate never climbs above 13%.

      The most black women can point to as a crutch of success is education, however when we examine their lives in general they are utter failures. That is like pointing to one clean room but the rest of the house is filthy and rat infested. On the whole black women are trundling downhill very fast and their so called education will be of no use to them when the hard times roll in.

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    • The minute I saw the word ‘patriarchy’, I knew she was a man hating femi-dyke. It’s funny how they complain about patriarchy when the comforts of the world that they enjoy are a direct result of it. Honestly, women in this country who claim to be oppressed by men need to be dropped into one of these Sharia Law ridden middle Eastern countries and see how good they really have it here.

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  11. This broad has a lot of nerve spewing such nonsense. Does she not realize it takes a whole lot to get privately owned websites shut down?? She has a better chance of getting into shape, wearing her own hair and losing her shit attitude before this site, and similar ones get shut down.

    I hope she is reading the comments on here. Websites can’t get shut down because it hurts your insignificant feelings, and tells the truth about just how vile and disgusting ninety five percent of you useless bitches are.

    You broads are in even more trouble than you are now once Trump gets re elected (and I’ll be voting for him), and those cuts really start coming down. Thinking brothers aren’t coming to save you. In fact you’ll be shocked as to how many of us will sit back and watch you suffer.

    The Wall of Silence is unforgiving and undefeated. Neither will change anytime soon.

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    • “She has a better chance of getting into shape, wearing her own hair and losing her shit attitude”

      Let’s not delude ourselves, lol. Hell will be a winter wonderland before any of that happens.

      And notice, with all their vitriol against this and similar sites, as well as YouTube channels, that they are NOT trying to take down Ghetto Gaggers, Niggermania, Chimpmania, or any other number of racist sites that casually light their asses on the regular.

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    • Stephen,

      Had a black male hating and berating black witch the other day try to friend me on Facebook just so that she could argue and hope to get into a back and forth with me, her friend’s request was subsequently deleted and she was blocked.

      I’m not interested in anything black women have to say, my only interest is reaching out to thinking black men as black women have already given us the middle finger many times over. Heavy judgement is coming for black women, popcorn and freshly squeezed juice is at the ready.

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    • Reynagirl14,

      This is all thinking black men run into these days, angry and bitter black women who’ve been scorched by the likes of Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Big Rudy and Trap House Jim and thus because of their stupid and reckless decisions to deal with such fellows, black men as a whole now get the blame for everything wrong in these heifers lives. These black females are beyond a joke.

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  12. Another day, another “strong and independent” black feminist online begging for money:

    It wasn’t too long ago that feminista jones was begging for money online after her car got towed. These chicks constantly talk shit about BM being broke and dusty yet have no shame in online panhandling via cash app and go fund me. BW try to put up the veil of decadence but regardless of how much expensive makeup, weave, and clothing they wear everyone knows that they are struggling financially. Keep the Wall up.

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    • And on a tattoo of all things. Black chicks stay trashy, but wanna talk about black men? If the roles were reversed and Slim Biscuit or Jazzy Jambalaya were begging for tat funds, they’d be “broke ass niggas”.

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    • This is the same Jamilah who told her followers on Twitter to rob Black men on dates; well, she can’t do that with more of us thinking brothers going SYSBM or MGTOW. Also, note that instead of doing something positive for Black girls/women, she’s doing something that’s not only selfish, but stupid; this is why the Black community suffers.

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    • That video is hilarious yet sad! It shows you the fruits of the black QUEENIE’S reign, that being a bunch of violent, bass-ackwards ogres. Notice of course how the women were big as hell, how everyone was quick to throw hands, and and the fact that the black women who didn’t look that old at all were using MOBILITY SCOOTERS! 🛴

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    • Yet another example to avoid most black people at all costs. These animals can’t even remain civil at Disneyland. Any normal family, that’s a good time, family bonding experience. Not these clowns.

      They hate when they’re called animals, but turn around and act like fucking animals. Make that make sense.

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    • King Sigma,

      Rather than backing off as the guy was in her face, she decided the best protocol would be to spit in the fellow’s face and so the battle ensued. Black women are experts at escalating volatile situations, they have no conflict resolution skills whatsoever. Like I’ve stated before, black women as a collective love getting their heads bashed in, if they didn’t then they wouldn’t instigate so much trouble.

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      • “Black women are experts at escalating volatile situations, they have no conflict resolution skills whatsoever.”

        Drama, anger, and violence get them excited. I believe that many of them look forward to confrontation and they wont quit until they get the last word or have been physically beaten.

        This is truth masquerading as comedy, its also why no one wants to deal with BW. Keep the Wall up.

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      • James SYSBM,

        They want to be argued with and bashed in the head, thinking black men are NOT about conflict, we’re about peace and tranquillity, hence why us trying to forge relationships with these dysfunctional women is nothing short of a fool’s errand.

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  13. The black witch is INCREDIBLY stupid for not being able to that she is just another subject in a societal experiment fast coming to a close. She’s also ignorant as she doesn’t understand the true nature of history and how her present status in a feux matriarchy is currently being preserved by strings as thin as spider webs threatening to come crashing down in a ruinous heap at the first robust wind that hits it! Gentlemen, do you know the largest difference between men like us, who have warned the black woman over and over again about her EXTREMELY tenuous standing in the west’s pseudo matriarchy like an old Aesop fable steeped in universal truth and men like dickhead, who, I have no doubt would have agreed with her wholeheartedly if he had read her trash is? One set of us can rest peacefully in the knowledge that we tried to warn them of the perils of ostracizing their best men when either western civilization falls or is forced to hit the reset button, even enjoying her misery in the interim precisely BECAUSE we warned them! While the other set of men, should they survive the initial catastrophy, will silently gather to themselves the bw they care about, and oh so quietly, fade into the background, leaving the vast majority of these women that they NEVER had any intention of saving from a disaster like this, to fend for themselves and their bastard children alone. Boys, don’t any of you dare fall for the “woe is me, what will become of me and my children” pathetic screw face they’ll be wearing in that day! As this loooong deserved moment of shock, pain and misery she is going through would never have happened if she could beg guilt ridden, bleeding heart white liberals to help with her burden! This will be God’s judgement not only against the petty, stupid western bw herself but also against the hubris of the west and it’s decadence! Popcorn and juice forever at the ready! SYSBM

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  14. WOW! You didn’t just put her in her place; you torched, nuked and salted the earth with that bitch! That’s what I love to see. I’m tired of these bitches screaming “hate speech” because they can’t stand the heat. They weren’t saying that shit when they were publicly castrating black men for years on end, so they can fuck off with that bullshit now. The rest of the world is well aware of these bitches and their dysfunction. We’re just the only ones with the balls to call it out. Salute, brother Verbs.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Respect to you too fam. The black female’s time to shine has come to an end. Thinking black men are silently moving into their own arenas where these sirens can’t run their usual flagging and reporting garbage campaigns. This action was inevitable, now that thinking brothers have tasted the freedom of being able to discuss the issues and concerns that they feel aren’t being talked about enough, there’s no turning back now.

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      • And I don’t know if you or any other brothers caught this. But notice how she opens up with the played out claim of hate speech and then proceeds to shit talk black men right after it. These whores prove us right every day. And like I’ve said before: I don’t hate black women. I hate the idea that they’re somehow exempt from scrutiny and criticism.

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      • I’m not even concerned with BW and haven’t been for years. My anger is against anyone who is trying to force or shame men into dealing with creatures who at their best are toxic and disrespectful and at worse obese demons who can mistaken as trannies for the most part. Anyone telling bm to deal with bw while not addressing that the bw is an unsound mate is an enemy.

        Liked by 6 people

      • Autodidact,

        It’s unfortunate that we still have large swaths of black men who wish to continue pretending that nothing is wrong with black women as a collective, these dudes have had their brains fragged and are clearly bewitched. The dysfunction of black women is out in the open for all to see, it can no longer be hidden and shame on those who still believe that they can continue to give black women unwarranted outs and passes.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I thought Verbs was taking it easy on that benighted harridan, such is the repeated claims of hate speech and victim climbing that “Mia” and just about every other by black female hidden troll claim is happening to them, whilst searching for a blog they have no business being in.

      Verbs batted this bitch away with a gentle slap.

      Liked by 7 people

  15. This Mia Lauren woman need to get a life. And she has the nerve to e mail you twice? Twice? As you see that these ghetto ratchet hoodrat heifers has got nothing to do but to mess with people. Let me tell you something. These women are the ones that chase after Pookie, Ray Ray, Slim Sauce, Big Dick Rodney, Dangerous Jimmy, Tech 9, Block House Tim and Mac 10. And when these hoodrats have children with this worthless thugs, then they try go and look for a good black man. And when the good black men rejects her, she goes into panic mode and she goes to the simp like Tyrone Thompson, Bone Picker, Umar Shabam, King Tahu, Prince Kaham and Naheem.

    Liked by 8 people

  16. This Mia Lauren woman needs to do is to put Pookie’s dick back into her mouth because that will shut her up completely. And what she is good for. Being a good for nothing, ghetto hoodrat whore that she’s always been while she is wearing her weave trying to flex the white woman’s hair style.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Money Cultural,

      We both walk the streets of London on the daily and what do we see, nothing but black women wearing weaves/wigs. The practice is unhygienic and repulsive yet black women have embraced the weave with open arms but then want to tell black men that what they do with their hair is none of our business. This is one of many ways that black witches get relegated to the sidelines, they’re experts on driving good men away.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Fuck Mia Lauren wherever she is. Just another example of Black Witches being able to dish it but not take it. These insecure, baldheaded fucks aka Black Women have talked shit about Black men for decades. And now they can’t take that some of us are giving them a very small taste of their own medicine. The reality is things we say here are quite tame compared to what Black Witches have said about Black Men over the years. Yet dumbfucks like Mia Lauren are whining?


    Liked by 8 people

  18. These sirens have become vegetable NPCs with the same old predictable script opening their quarrelsome mouths with ritual damage dispensary. They are a catch? We have found ourselves not worthy of and they are still jumping for attention. At this point these sirens would make perfect paint splatter for panzer treads it is only fair for the years of death they caused black male children alone sons in infant age given to the wolves. None of her recompense will hold back hotepistan is vanquished.

    We are only picking up where we left 500-600 years ago you see it in the eyes of the snowbunnies and in the fear of the nazis how we conquered Europe you can feel connection from the end of that reign to the beginning of it. Hearts in the eyes of Becky and Billy either ready give up his wife and daughter or being full of jealous hatred.

    Liked by 4 people

  19. Yes, friends, these modern-day black bitches are truly on a death spiral, and I too have my popcorn and juice at the ready for their inevitable crash. I also agree that “Mia Lauren” didn’t just come across this site “by accident.” Black chicks are known to seek out things online on purpose to be fake-outraged about. The American Black Man is trapped in a matriarchal hell, yet he is somehow “oppressing” black women. Make that make sense.

    I’m surprised that’s all the hate mail that Verbs gets here at Slaying Evil. You’d think the Beehive would be all over this place. How about a link to “Hate Mail – Part 1”?

    Liked by 7 people

    • Schadenfreude,


      It’s probably because they see that the brothers here unlike other places will NOT tolerate their nonsense. See, we aren’t trying to appeal to black women over here, this website is for the thinking black man, that’s who we’re reaching out to as the black witch has shown her true colours and is not interested in reforming her life.

      These black sirens are going straight down to Hell, however I will NOT being joining them. Let them have their mentally disjointed addiction to wearing weave, there are plenty of non black women to choose from who aren’t afraid to sport their own natural hair and who stand tall and proud in their own heritage.

      The hate mail doesn’t come that often would you believe, I’m actually surprised that I don’t receive more hate, lol.

      Liked by 6 people

      • @Brotha Verbs, I actually think the fact that this site is called “Slayingevil.com” allows us to fly under the radar. The site name doesn’t give away that it is a place for Thinking Black Men to gather. If more Black Witches and their bootlickers knew of our discussions here they would frequently try to disrupt things.

        Now, I don’t mind when one of the witches occasionally stops by here and we all collectively roast them until they leave. But at the same time this is one of the few spaces thinking Black Men have to have productive conversations. It would be annoying for it to become a battleground with us constantly having to deal with Black Witches and their simps.

        Hopefully we can continue to fly under the radar, we don’t need the Black Witch’s negativity here. Let her go disturb Slim Sauce and Midnight Freddy instead.


        Liked by 4 people

      • JW,

        I agree and I’m glad that these black sirens only comment on this site occasionally though I believe that they are watching in larger numbers, however due to the SYSBM force here, most of them refrain from commenting because they know they’ll get mullered. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc are on the black witch’s side, SlayingEvil.com however is NOT.

        Yes sir, look at what has occurred in the black manosphere since these sirens were let in, nothing but chaos and disruption has ensued. This is the problem, black women feel that they own black men, therefore anything black men involve themselves in black women believe that they have the right to step into the middle of and do as they please whether it be bringing disruption or taking that arena over.

        It’s bad enough having to block a black witch who comes here and acts the complete and utter fool, I couldn’t imagine dealing with an entire coven of these sirens. There aren’t very many spaces on the internet where thinking black men can have productive conversations without them being interrupted and disrupted by black women, this is why for a very long time I have referred to black women as the curse, the pestilence and the bane of black society and especially black men and they never bring us any good, only evil.

        Liked by 3 people

  20. It’s been mentioned numerous times on this blog but the inbuilt mating tendencies of women – search for the strongest, most masculine sperm to procreate with – is hitting black women in the balls hard, because the reserve thinking black man supply is fast running out.

    The feminist doctrine in general is messing up women’s chances to land a stable husband and family, the bedrock of a nation’s existence. Black women are not only disinterested in the black “”nation”, they enjoy the fruits of the feminism experiment and they live for the bloodlust of violence and abuse.

    The controllers knew what they were doing when they appealed to black women. Now that their job is done, the act is getting extremely old.

    So long girls, it’s been interesting. #SYSBM

    Liked by 4 people

    • Michel,

      Who would’ve known that a particular group of women would be so evil and hellbent on destroying their male counterparts in order to obtain crumbs and scraps from another group of males who they frequently claim are “the enemy”?

      Like you said black women are NOT interested in nation building, this is as clear as day which is why I’m baffled at these pro wacks who still promote these whores as viable candidates for dating, marriage and procreation. The overwhelming majority of black women are only suitable for the gutter and the scrap heap.

      Liked by 3 people

  21. Brothers are soaring high society driving fast cars dating top tier white and Asian honeys up to 2020 standard. Supermen indeed meanwhile opfor is still playing slave games generating bitterness bathing in the gutter old daggles trying to hollar at young white dudes it’s not gonna work lol these white guys have fine Asian honies on the wait no way he’s gonna take a spent negress. Jim has an Asian girl who’s been eyeing the brothers lately the only “gon getcha” is being invited to get into sex circles of white friends with hot Asian and white wife’s while opfor is flopping like a dead fish.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. ARIANA GRANDE — On another topic, the black sistahood and a few clowns, are screaming that Ariana Grande’s skin is TOO DARK on the August 2019 cover of Vogue magazine!!! The view of the sistahood is that massive numbers of white women are trying to look like black women. — LOL. As of yet, there is no outrage from black females about the hair of Beyonce and other black female entertainers. These same black females do not complain about the hair weave, wigs, and harmful chemical straighteners used by black women to get the white woman look. Likewise, the reports are that 77% of black Nigerian women use dangerous and expensive skin bleaching products. —– There is a high level of mental disorders from black women that seek to look like white women while at the same time making the false claim that white women are trying to look like black women. GENTLEMEN. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?

    Liked by 4 people

  23. Black women are such dumbasses, they rather compete with black men instead of other women. They know they are DEAD LAST when they rank against other groups of women. Asian women outearn them and also Asian women are the SECOND most desired group of women with black women being the last. No one wants to date or be in a relationship with black women at this point. BW know this and instead of them addressing it collectively, they rather blame everyone and everything but no one is giving them a shoulder to cry on anymore.

    They love to talk about how bad they have it and how good other women have it. Yet, when other women talk about their responsibilities you all say, ‘I aint doing that for no man’, ‘that’s some pick me shit’, ‘I would never….’ and more. So, bitch stay single and lonely. Keep writing your hate pieces and keep being shitty mothers. The stats about all are are TERRIBLE and thinking men have no problem telling the stories you refuse to tell.

    Black women will cover the fuckery for each other but demand black men check each other. This is why I laugh at the so-called good black women. Yall aint good as you would be calling out their shit instead of defending it or looking the other way.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. I remember you intelligent perspective for sure. There’s definitely unfortunately a disconnect between men & women. In the West (#not all gotta put that in lol). Like men discounting women’s struggle and vice versa. And then we wonder why relations are at an all time low. I think healthy relationships flourish with respect, hearing someone out, negotiation, supportive nature etc. Just plain pleasantness. Sorry you have to deal with this isn’t fun. All the best to you. Hopefully things get better for us all.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Mia says you “favour white women because they are ‘more feminine’. What does that even mean?”

    How can a grown woman not know the definition of “feminine?”

    Liked by 1 person

  26. How can you try to control a group from whom you want no interaction. Don’t you have to interact with someone to control them? Mia is an idiot.

    Liked by 1 person

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