Double Cream Certified Simp And Feminist Comedian Jeremy L Holloway Attempts To Defend Black Women Using Their Own Redundant Talking Points, SMH


This is the predominant reason why black women as a collective continue to trundle down into the lower deaths of Hell, because spineless and gutless simps/feminists like Jeremy L Holloway continue to seek any and all paths to give these degenerate black witches an out instead of holding them to account for the innumerable transgressions they have wrought against themselves as well as their own people.

You’d think that black female advocates would approach the table with a different set of arguments in support of degenerate black women, however as we can see this dude didn’t fail in using the same old redundant talking points black women themselves have been using for the longest. Again, I just recently dealt with the whole “your mother’s black” witchcraft/Kansas City shuffle in this article below written just last month:

For years many black men have been raising legitimate issues and concerns surrounding black women as a collective and their erratic, dysfunctional behaviour and for years court jester flunkies like Holloway have purposely avoided dealing with the points raised by instead seeking to draw out knee jerk emotive responses from those making the case.

Old boy with his non black girlfriend brought up some legitimate points concerning the behaviour of black women in 2019, in fact I covered many of them in a semi viral article I wrote back in September 2016 in which I detailed 12 good reasons why black men should walk away from black women as a whole, please find the link to that article below:

Then you’ll notice how Holloway goes on to give some possible reasons as to why black women are jacked up, confirming that what the other guy said is indeed true but at the same time berating him for raising the issue, smh. Simp Holloway’s first port of call is to throw black men as group under the bus by claiming that abuse and poor treatment from us is possibly one of the reasons why black women are so messed up.

Notice just like the black witch this dude fails to make any distinctions as to the specific types of black men who “abuse” black women. Blue collar Trevor and white collar Stephen aren’t out here beating black women from pillar to post, Holloway just like black women themselves knows full well that it is your 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh, Midnight Freddy, Roof Top Trey, Slim Sauce type black men who are the ones dishing out the physical abuse and maltreatment.

However at the same time the irony of the situation is that black women themselves on many occasions have openly confessed their love and worship for the thug Negro and how they much prefer to deal with the likes of him over the so called “educated lame”. It is no secret that black women love thugs, here is some proof of that:

Additionally, here are just a few of many articles I have written on this very topic:

It’s pretty well established that black women love thugged out hood Negroes, if they cannot get themselves a white man in order to have some mixed children, they will indeed settle for the likes of Trap House Jim and Black Bloc, however you’ll notice how Holloway conveniently omits the information above.

Again, “we” as in thinking black men didn’t do anything to make black women dysfunctional, Holloway needs to take that accusation and put it into the laps of the thug Negroes they love dealing with, however I highly suspect he won’t because he knows full well that Chunky Bruh won’t hesitate to slap him in the face, put a bullet in his chest and send him on his merry way.

I can’t stand dudes like this, they have no problems throwing decent black men under the bus in order to cover for the scum buckets of black male society, this dude thinks no different to your typical black woman. Stop blaming good black men for what a certain degenerate contingent have done bruh. In relation to black women being loud, they are that way because of the mutant form of feminism that they have embraced and subscribe, their loudness and masculine nature has nothing to do with black men outside of the jealously and envy they have for us and so wish they could be like us.

Yes, the truth is non black women overall have surpassed black women in terms of general quality because they look after themselves and realise the importance of femininity and submission, yet dude here is trying to act as if there is still an abundance of good black women to choose from. So called “good black women” have gone the way of the Dodo bird, this is one of many reasons why many more black men are choosing to cross the fence and take their chances dating interracial.

Check out the black women I featured in the article I wrote back in May called Contrast And Compare, it is pretty obvious that the pickings of decent looking black women are slim to none. The evidence that black women as a collective are unsuitable for dating or marriage is in plain sight for everybody to see, the fact that they are single at a rate of over 70% is another blatant indicator that shouldn’t be ignored.

The reality of the matter is simps/feminists like Jeremy L Holloway don’t want black men to do better for themselves, this is why he tried to use shaming tactics in his attempts to draw his homeboy back onto the plantation. Of course in many cases black men are going to cite black women and their dysfunctions as one of the pinnacle reasons they chose to date out, why shouldn’t they be allowed to do that since they’re such pertinent issues?

Black women in 2019 simply aren’t normal individuals, fake hair, fake eye brows, fake eye lashes, construction site layers of make up, running to get butt implants even though black women are supposed to come with an ample amount of buttocks as standard, running to bleach their skin yet whenever a black man gets with a non black woman these sirens are quick to jump up and claim that we’re colourist, smh.

Black women aren’t exempt from scrutiny and examination, at times they must also be held under the microscope just like everybody else. Lastly, black women do NOT belong to black men, they belong to the State and this has been the case for the last 60 years. As soon as black women in the 1960s decided that they would much prefer to have feminism and fatherless home welfare policies over a man in the home, it was a wrap from that point onwards.

Let their white father protect them, besides how on earth does Holloway expect the same men who these women have openly berated and mocked in favour of their thugs, to provide them with any form of protection? Black women don’t deserve protection from thinking black men, let them seek protection from the likes of Trap House Jim And Roof Top Trey.

Gentlemen, as you can see these bootlicking simps are really coming out of the woodwork attempting to shame thinking black men back onto the plantation, keep the Wall up, fortified and continue to diversify away from black women and the Blackistan hellhole they have created. Let simps like Holloway clean up the incredible mess these malevolent black sirens have created and never allow bootlickers like him to shame you out of doing better for yourselves. After all, do these women look like they need “protecting”:

Finally, while dudes like Holloway are jumping up to defend these black witches, here’s what they think about simp Negroes like himself as well as black men in general:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Be Sure To Always Light Up Simps And Feminists

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “Double Cream Certified Simp And Feminist Comedian Jeremy L Holloway Attempts To Defend Black Women Using Their Own Redundant Talking Points, SMH

  1. I think obsidian had finally lead his lesson when he was on Nyla Says Podcast and these old black women dogged him out and then these bitter black women was telling black women to continue to dress sexy, and don’t let a black man control you. The problem is that old black women corrupted the young black women and men are tired of it. Even que was quoting your talking points Baba. Yeah, black men, black women hate us because we can leave them in droves for good. Let the simps and thugs have them.

    #Be Free from BW corruption

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    • Robert Chavis,

      A lot of black men are having a very hard time letting go and facing the reality of the situation that black women as a collective are damaged beyond repair goods whether they are old or young. Nylah alongside Taz and the Renaissance Witch are interference runners, they only wanted into the Black Manosphere in order to try to change the narrative and to redirect the conversation.

      I’m glad that more folks are using my talking points because this means that they are finally getting it and realising just how far gone black women are. Note the witchcraft that is at play with the elder black women encouraging the younger generations to continue in the degeneracy instead of giving them wise, solid, sound advice to the contrary, smh.

      My message to black men remains the same, leave black women alone, date out and never look back.

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  2. What do You think of Ringo from Blackmaleadvice tv. He says He’s fair and balanced. He seems to think that a large percentage of Black Men are having sex and procreating with Black Women leaving them as Single Mothers and Baby Mommas and have the nerve to call Them bitches and hoes but They are the ones destroying Them and are Whoremongers. He refers to Black Women as Our Women and Our sisters which Im sad to say I dont believe They are. They havent been Our Sisters or Our Women for a long time. He doesnt seem to get the fact that it is only a small percentage of Black Males who I call Niggas that are doing this. Black Women always give Their wombs to and procreate with these types of Black Males while always shunning and rejecting decent Black Men.. I call it the 92 to 8 rule. He just doesnt seem to get it. He also says if You as a Black Man dont have any Black Children and Wives then Your not a Man. If You arent trying to lead Black Women and build with Them instead of just having sex with Them then Your part of the problem and why Black America is destroyed. I feel it is not fair for Him to put this on the larger percentage of Black Men. It is only a small percentage of Niggas that are doing this. What is Your take.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      Dude used to be in fire and solidly in the corner of black men, however when the adpocalypse on YouTube hit in 2017 he slowly changed his tune. I used to listen to him, not anymore. We already know the deal with the talking points he’s using because we’ve deconstructed them here time and time again.

      Black women don’t want to build anything to begin with, hence why they continue to form shady coalitions and alliances with 12 Gauge Mike, Smokey Joe and Slim Sauce. From what I understand Ringo is married to a black female which goes back to what I’ve stated before about there not being very many black men left who either have black girlfriends or wives who can remain integral on the topic of black female skullduggery and dysfunction. Sooner or later most begin to waiver and flake.

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      • I hope sbw starts making videos again. He is one of the few Black Men on Youtube who understands that everyone is against Black Men even the Black Woman who is supposed to belong to Black Men. When I hear Black Men saying Our Sisters and Our women it shows Me that many Black Men are still asleep and many will never wake up. They probably know the truth but the truth hurts.

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    • Black women are not our women, those are facts. They haven’t since they left black men for feminism and white daddy. They HATE IR when a black man is involved but LOVE it when a black woman is. They are the white males of the black community and we need more black men calling them out not coddling their bulkshit. Notice that men of other races have men only groups to get things accomplished? Mafia is all men, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, etc all have stringent patriarchial societies that keep their women out of the decision making process. Black men are the ONLY men who invite black Women in all functions and hence why we can not accomplish anything today. They are the only men who continue to worship the women who marry and date out (Kamala Harris and Serena Williams to name a few). They are the only men who attacks other black men for dating out but says NOTHING about the women doing the same thing. That’s sickening. Black women know the game and is on code when it comes to attacking ir black men but they will protect ir bw in a heartbeat.


      • They definitely aren’t our women. They require black men be risking their lives 24/7 (by way of the thug life, and way of defending black women at all costs) and every other group of men can get whatever they want from them. Plus, black women are way more likely to kill their kids when they’re 100% black

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    • Black women are not our women, those are facts. They haven’t since they left black men for feminism and white daddy. They HATE IR when a black man is involved but LOVE it when a black woman is. They are the white males of the black community and we need more black men calling them out not coddling their bulkshit. Notice that men of other races have men only groups to get things accomplished? Mafia is all men, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, etc all have stringent patriarchial societies that keep their women out of the decision making process. Black men are the ONLY men who invite black Women in all functions and hence why we can not accomplish anything today. They are the only men who continue to worship the women who marry and date out (Kamala Harris and Serena Williams to name a few). They are the only men who attacks other black men for dating out but says NOTHING about the women doing the same thing. That’s sickening. Black women know the game and is on code when it comes to attacking ir black men but they will protect ir bw in a heartbeat

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    • Black women are not our women, those are facts. They haven’t since they left black men for feminism and white daddy. They HATE IR when a black man is involved but LOVE it when a black woman is. They are the white males of the black community and we need more black men calling them out not coddling their bulkshit. Notice that men of other races have men only groups to get things accomplished? Mafia is all men, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, etc all have stringent patriarchial societies that keep their women out of the decision making process. Black men are the ONLY men who invite black Women in all functions and hence why we can not accomplish anything today. They are the only men who continue to worship the women who marry and date out (Kamala Harris and Serena Williams to name a few). They are the only men who attacks other black men for dating out but says NOTHING about the women doing the same thing. That’s sickening. Black women know the game and is on code when it comes to attacking ir black men but they will protect ir bw in a heartbeat

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      • @Sean Glenn: You have more friends than you think internationa;lly, but based on the current state of many, it is seen that the individuals are usually a liability due to being utter brainwashed and ignorant to the sciences and procedures of the civilized world due to our collective upbrining around the artificial socilal culture.

        @Axum: It is worth noting that the family/social manners of the women East Asian nations is still preserved for reading today. Woman have always played a vital role in civilization for better or worse, keke. But you cant expect a morally fallen and illogical people who disobeys fundamental laws of nature to meet with much other than punishment and slavery. All nations have suffered slavery at some point so I guess when the individual tires of squalor and subjugation then they will seek light.

        Also realize that the Chinese man, the various Arab nations, would not allow their women to denationalize them either because they uphold their own national standard as well. Meaning also in practical terms that can work together for their collective success against other groups and even internal pressure. So in pursuing their collective national freedom they are not scheming 24/7 on “fucking each others bitches” or atleast not consumed on a mass destructive scale of such trivial pursuits.

        In short summary women and men equally play a vital role in civilized society. Nevertheless some humans are incompetent relative to some task. Some humans are also selfish and possess slaveholder tendencies.

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  3. He also says Your a lame and a weak Black Man if You cant get sex from Black Women. Again we all know that Black Women constantly reject the majority of Black Men and only go after the 8 percent. They are all basically sucking and fucking on the same small group of bottom of the barrel Niggas. What is Your take?

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  4. He says that as a Black Man You should only be dealing with Black Women and making Them Wives instead of other nations of Women but recently said that Black Men should seek and try to Wife other Nations of Women because Black Women are in a sad state.

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  5. I retook my royal navy rt test psychometric test and I passed. I was the only one who passed. I’m glad I retook the test. No I can transfer from the royal navy reserve and become a full time royal navy rating. I quit my day job i hate working in a call centre. Its the best feeling in the world quiting a job you hate. The p who failed they all said they didn’t even revised for the test.

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  6. Love the lead-off skit. I’m 100% with big bruh with the long-haired beauty. “They throw THEMSELVES away!” His homeboy is a next-level simp and he’s well rid of him. You can hear his mama’s words coming through his mouth. The ending is black hoes’ fantasy outcome, a stranger risking an ass-beating defending black women’s “honor.” Hahaha.

    Also notice the simp is SINGLE while the big bruh is boo’d up with a good-looking PETITE chick who sits in his lap and cooks. Next time, big bruh should hang out only with fellas like me who also have non-black girlfriends. Sometimes when you level up in life, you have to leave the old peeps behind. Feminized simps like Holloway bring only drama, just like they no-good mama.

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a skit like this from the black female point of view, where a sista defends black men and chides her bedwench friend for dating a white boy.

    #SYSBM all day errday!

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    • The irony is that when black women do things like this, other black women will call them mules, pick mes, mammies and bootlickers. But they praise and celebrate black men for doing this while babygirl is all up chasing white men.

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  7. The one thing I hate more than a Black feminist is a cream certified simp; these dudes are oftentimes bigger feminists than Black women themselves, but just as stupid and emotive in their responses, no logic whatsoever.

    Keep in mind, this whole video is scripted; when it got down to where his friend got to explaining why his Hispanic girlfriend was a real woman, he used a “He-Man Woman Hater” line by saying her non-Blackness qualified her as being real; have you honestly ever heard a brother say his non-Black woman is a real woman simply because she wasn’t Black? At least he could’ve thrown in their use of weaves, fossil record layers of makeup, fake nails and lashes, etc.; anyhow, Jeremy knew what to utilize to pull that knee jerk response out of Black women.

    This goes back to something I mentioned in a past Open Mic Wednesday regarding “theatricality & deception” (a concept introduced in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy); these feminists and beta male simps over exaggerate these issues to where they blame ALL Black men for why Black women are so dysfunctional. Also peep how Jeremy’s friend simmered down a bit while he rattled off those redundant talking points; that goes to show that he hadn’t yet completely broke free of the matriarchal psychosis. They rely on your being emotionally attached to Momma (as well as your female relatives and acquaintances).

    One day, these Negro simp eunuchs will learn the hard way to stop invoking someone’s mother, aunt, sister, or daughter to shame them; I hope to see an SYSBM dude knock out one of these simps for disrespecting his female relatives. Better yet, I hope it’ll be recorded for us all to see.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      When I checked out the video on the Holloway’s Facebook page, he was spouting off exactly the same talking points as in the video in the comment section. The thing men like him don’t seem to understand(or don’t want to) is most black men have had bad experiences with black women, therefore with those who choose to date out those bad experiences are going to be a large part of the reason for them crossing the fence and therefore they will come up in conversation.

      You’re right, black men who are SYSBM can list a plethora of reasons why they no longer deal with black women, that line about a non black woman being real because she isn’t black is highly inaccurate, dude pulled a fast one to get these black sirens riled up. This entire website documents the reasons why I no longer deal with black women and haven’t done for over 14 years, their propensity towards loving and embracing evil works has to be one of the top reasons why I also encourage thinking brothers to leave black women alone.

      What about their bloodlust for taking the lives of innocent unborn children, murdering them at a rate 5 times higher than their white female cousins? These guys are simply disingenuous with their stance in favour of black women, black women simply aren’t quality females and haven’t been for the longest while. Again, whenever one of these simps tries to convince you that black women are worth fighting for, remember this image:

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  8. SIMPs will never learn their lesson ever.
    They are bred as worker drone bees, pledging unquestioning loyalty to the quean with the honour of being be spat at and trampled on. Classic Stockholm syndrome.

    Ol’ @d1ckh38d is proof positive that no matter how much SIMPs praise, uplift and arselick, your ass is **”*STILL**** single. How’s that superior position?

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    If that Jeremy Holloway geezer tried that shaming shit on me about my dating choices in preferring non black women, I would have punched him in the face because he has no rights in dictating who I can and can’t date. What annoys me is that you never see these black male simps shaming black women for dating non black men but they always do it to us decent sysbm black men. These simps need to smell the coffee and realise that black women will never like them or love them like that because these same black women are being dicked down by slim sause, trey trey, dangerous Desmond, rough cut mike, shontavious and their white father, their Lord and saviour. 😊😊😊😊😊😂😂😂😂

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I wouldn’t blame you, these simps are highly annoying and are worse than the black women they support and stand up for. Indeed, they never check black women on dating out but it’s typically a free for all when it comes to going in on good black men for the same. Just remember this image whenever these simp drone squads attempt to shame you back onto the plantation:

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    • Jeremy Holloway is like many of these beta male simps in the industry, they know they have to pander to keep dumb ass black women supporting them. Look at all these comedians who do all of this ‘we love you black women’ shticks to go viral and more. As Dominique Magazine says all the time, ‘Stop being impressed by black men who claim to love black women who have no black woman of his own! They really hate you more than the so-called misogynists because they pretend to like you to get you to drop dollars on them for their shitty works! If these men truly believed in what they say, then where the hell is their black woman? They love single mothers but their woman is a childless woman? They love fat girls but this dude is a fucking gym rat who loves the Impossible Burger? But they will be quick to tell men to learn game though!’

      Men are doing self-improvement but not for women anymore, they are doing it to level up themselves now and I’m glad we have black men advocates who are leading the charge.

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  10. It’s amazing how these simpish ass dudes love to play superman when it comes time to defend the sistas. After watching that video with the simp comedian (even though it was scripted), if I was the big dude, I would’ve said just give it up because these black women do not respect good black men, but they would either talk down on him like he’s a “lame or square”, or would try to use like a slave. I can tell when these black females talk about what they would out of a man (they want a man to pay their bills, take them to expensive restaurants, drive the new hotness car out there, be this and that), they’re not looking for no boyfriend/husband, they looking for a damn slave. I get doing things for your females sometimes, but I not doing all that craziness shit just to be with no female. I’m not that type of dude that’s gonna be jumping through a thousand hoops just to be a female so she can do whatever, it ain’t gonna work like that, either you wanna start a connection with me, or not, but do not waste my freakin time.

    Now one night ago, I had a crazy dream that I was talking with the dead (Yes it’s weird, but I had these dreams a few times), and mind y’all these were all dudes, they told me how they all died, and I had ask the question: ” You dudes all these over protecting a female that gave you no type of love, but just use you?” And they all answer yes, and they regret being around that shit. Really, that spoke to me, because in the last article Loyalty to Black men huh, I asked the serious question, and this pertains to black men who defends black women who don’t have no love for them: How you gonna be loyal to a female who doesn’t want to be loyal to you back? Like I said, the black women sold us the f*** out. And for simps who be saying the same talking points as black women do and their talking points: The black women is god, these our women, these our queens, goddess, yo momma black, Like just stop okay? We heard the same tired ass shit for years, and it’s been played out. The excuses these simps make for defending these black women when they do some stupid shit, they just making it more worse than never. I had simps telling me to my face: There are good black women out here, you just looking in the wrong places, my question is: WHERE? because I seen too many far in between, ones that act feminine for a minute, but go off acting crazy and masculine. One had the nerve to tell me: try the ones that go to school (the educated black women), the career ones, like those are f***ed up too. Black america women is done, there’s no hope in saving them or trying to save them. The evidence out here of black women doing the most crazy shit ever is strong like a bull man. As a dude like myself, I’m probably better off with women of other ethnicties and nationalities, and I’m not going get with them because they this or that, I wanna get with them because I wanna start connections. But you see, them women of other ethnicities and nationalities who be feminine, and respect a man’s authority and do things for their men too, they EARN the right to be with good men. They didn’t go around screaming “where all the good men at” like the black woman in america do. It’s already shown that black women got bad dating decisions by opening their legs to bums and savage ass thugs.

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  11. Even though I have no interest in Interracial dating I only pump and dump women. I can’t stand the dick policing of BM. End of the day its none of your business or mine where another man sticks his penis. I’m not against interracial dating none of my business.


  12. Simps, black females and racist soyboys stay losing because they are still mentally stuck on the plantation. We thinking black men left the cane field and cotton space a long time ago taking our empresses with us, let them stay with the plantation owner and the skeptics, SJWs, thugs, bums and hoods of all races and other losers they love so much.

    I’m not a janitors, slavery ended in 1838 simps, racist white males and greedy black hoes.


  13. You’d think a SIMP would learn how to get women by observing the thugs around the block, so Moist Shawn would shadow the behaviours of Slim Jim, Tuff Mufugga and Nyf-N-Fawk. It never happens, and a big reason why SIMPs get overlooked is that the black witch can see it from a mile away, and still gets with TrapStar Mike.

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    • A Man whats the deal with the disrespect. I dont appreciate it. You dont know Me. I didnt call You out of Your name or disrespect You. Then You label Me a Simp. Thks shows immaturity dawg.You outta pocket Man. This is why We cant get anywhere as Black Men and will always be at the bottom. We hate each other and resort to name calling like little Children. smh.

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    • “Moist Shawn” is the name of a random SIMP, just like “Blue Collar Trevor” is a thinking black man or Crunchynuteesha the Scraggle Daggle.

      I’m not cussing you off Sean Glenn!


      • I see You spelled the name Shawn. My name is spelled differently. Im in error. My apologies. I thought You were responding to my post about Ringo saying if Your a Black Man who cant get sex from Black Women then Your lame and weak and something is wtong with You.

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  14. Alright, I hope everyone have a good Monday today. Today was stressful with the job market but then more stress come out when this is simp Jeremy L Holloway come by. Why would a man like him would save these hoodrat women? They are nothing but no good. The brother with the latina is right but there is more with the ratchet black woman. As we see the videos of ghetto whores wanting a thug like Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge Mick, Big Dick Rodney, Tech 9 and Mac 10 and his bother Mac 12. These women don’t want a simp and these simps are falling for it. We have warned these idots is to stop siding with these whores and when they get hurt we say “I told you so!”

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  15. And you didn’t mension Slim Sauce. Look like he’s change his life. He ain’t gang banging anymore LOL. But on serious note. When these black women say that they want a good black man, they suddenly reject him and goes for the thugs, the criminals, the pretty boys and the unproductive men. And when they have their children no matter if they have a whole leap of kids, then they go chase after the good black man however they get angry when the good black man rejects them and they have no choice but to go with the simp. Let the worthless beta male protect them.

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  16. But yo mama black!!!!

    And y’all wanna doubt the HUGE levels of intentional and unintentional incest in the hood? These dudes choose mates because of their PHYSICAL SIMILARITIES to their MOTHERS!

    Seriously, how and in what way can a simp truly defend these hoes? As mentioned, at least gerbil face has shut his mouth, and we haven’t heard from him since his SUPER IMPORTANT TOP SECRET BLACK EVENT… Japan….

    Honestly, what do these guys get out of this? An std ridden cooch (that they barely get to **** anyways) and a bunch of other men’s bastard kids? It’s not like they are truly getting love and companionship, how can you have ANY kind of real relationship with these pit bull women?

    They don’t even get trophy wives out of it, unless gargoyles count as Heismans now.

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  17. Please specify “Black American Women” when you discuss this issue.
    There are differences among BLACK WOMEN
    Thank you.


  18. I could never understand why any man would consider himself a feminist! That’s sus as hell if you ask me. Any man claiming to be a feminist could never tell me that he’s a 100% straight, like seriously.

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  19. Why are Black Bitches and their Simps such LIARS? This fool Jeremy Holloway in that video was saying “Nobody is knocking you for dating a Hispanic Woman, Asian Woman, or a White Woman” I’m sorry but that is a fucking lie! The moment Black bitches and their bootlickers see a brotha with a Non-Black Woman their feelings immediately get hurt.

    There’s two reasons for this in my opinion. The first reason is that deep down Black Women know they are ugly and can’t compete with Non-Black Women. The second reason is that Black Women view Black Men as their PROPERTY.

    This is why they can’t stand the sight of Brothas in Interracial relationships. They feel they own us so when they see us with Non-Black Women it is a reminder that they don’t actually own us and that we have more options in the dating scene than they do.


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    • They like sharing the same sexual vessels. Its a ritual cult thing. I have posted in this many times. But it always strange when another so called man is trying to push woman on to other men. It is even more weird and sad when he is trying to push other woman that he or his constiuents have already ran through to the ground level on to other men.

      I mean this is beyond “Buyer Beware”. Many of these guys like to play in the same holes like it is a social thing to do. The sociality of many of these individuals around sex is again a call to the origistic elements of more uncultivated social groups of humans.

      There is a very COMMUNAL sense among so called NBCs in terms of thought, sexual activity, voting, and even opinion on conduct and personality.

      It is still a wonder that there has not been a greater movement for seperate identity. But instead you see “middle class” NBCs emulating the low culture. Strange…it is like these guys are trying out to call down an Old Testament ass woopin’

      Beware of public toilets.


  20. We’ve buried these sirens and infinite number of times, there is no dealing with these violent cyclops. I’ve seen dime pieces walk through the trenches of the hood and got with a thinking brother in the sight of she boons. We’ve won so never downgrade to graveyard death which the she-nigga has taken many a man young black boys down to. Brothers are overseas and these she boons are attempting to wander out of their death camps in spite of the wall of silence facing them everyone see’s her corruption and are in no capacity to deal with mental 5 year old ballistic loose canon stank heads.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Thanks brother just venting some. Thinking Black men have 1000 important concerns to attend to yet these emotional simps are concerned with big black cock. How many more times must we bury these losers? Infinitely, they are only a proxy extension of insecure white men and their mouths are like dispensing machines of horse shit. I’ve been to upper tier society and had supermodel white women some with bfs checking me out, I’ve seen thicc squatosis Asian girls. There’s no way I’m going back.

        Sysbm til the fucken wheels explode!


  21. I keep telling you guys simps are gay and they are feminists also. These softer than cotton imbeciles need to perish along with their black sisterhood. These fools keep repeating the same cycle and getting abused by BW it all ends the same when dealing with BW but a lot of these clowns are sleep walking and will never get it leave BW alone fucking dip shit simps.

    Liked by 1 person

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