Loyalty To Black Men Huh?


I keep on telling you on the fence black men as well as the pro black simps that black women don’t like you and simply aren’t interested in anything you have to offer them. Here is yet another example of so many that I have already brought forward demonstrating the “loyalty” most black women have towards black men. Simply put, there is none.

Here you have one miss Kayla Smith blatantly showing you who her loyalties lie with, white men. This is the case with most black women today, hence why they are assassinating unborn children at an average rate of 1876 per day in abortion centers. However you’ll notice that the angry and bitter black sisterhood time and time again refuse to deal with their transgression of open genocide against their own people which is perpetuating the so called “white supremacy” these same Negro harpies pretend to complain about.

As I have mentioned many times before black women as a collective are quite comfortable sitting under the white man’s wing and they have no intentions of moving from that position. This is why whenever black women begin flapping their gums conversing on “black men not building” I simply have to give them the side eye because as employees of the state their number one assignment is to ensure that black men DO NOT build anything that will threaten their beloved white father’s kingdom.

This is why whenever a black woman brings forth a black male child, she will immediately get to work using various techniques to destroy the mind of her young victim, thus in the overwhelming majority of cases these black males will grow up with the constructive and building part of their minds having already been fragmented, destroyed or buried through years of ritualistic abuse at the hands of their decadent mothers. I talked about this in Negro Wars under the chapter Black Women And Children.

Yet remove these same black children from their black mothers and place them in the hands of two parent households or white families and watch as the potential overflows and these youngsters take on a completely different personality, a positive one at that. We have all seen this time and time again. Most black women are cold blooded killers and their number one victims are children, this is why I repeatedly advise thinking black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere.

Note how in the photo the black woman is free to do as she pleases without the worry of receiving dire consequences. We all know full well that had it been a black man in her place pushing that police officer back, he would have received a number of slug straight to his chest. This is how you know that black women are state assets, they are permitted to get away with things you and I as black men could never do and get away with.

And to think that pro black slugs such as D32018 of the Dangerous News Network website as well as the prince of Pan Africanism Dr Umar Johnson demand that free thinking black men still get together with women like this irrespective of the evidence that is constantly being brought to the table clearly demonstrating the black woman’s nefarious agenda as well as her continued disloyalty towards black men on the whole.

No thanks, I’ll pass, SYSBM has been serving me very well for over a decade and I have absolutely no intentions of returning to the proverbial plantation. Only a fool would continue to return to and grovel at the feet of a group of women who despise him to the core and would much prefer to see him buried 6 feet deep rather than observe him being alive and simply living out his life, wake up. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

83 thoughts on “Loyalty To Black Men Huh?

  1. Kayla showing her loyalty to the system? Maybe @d1ckh38d will give her a pass?

    What? @d1ckh38d is *STILL* single? GODDAMN!!!! 😂


    You’re completely wrong. See, we’re “coons” and “misogynoir” for pointing out the 1,900 abortion rate, highlighting the violence and bloodlust of the black witch, and we’re disloyal scumbags for not even considering protecting a group of people that have sold us down the river for the past 50 years.

    The end times are here, due to information and their master’s hard divorce, these narcissistic women are getting their comeuppance.

    Brothers, just keep doing what you’re doing. Snap up them White women and live in peace. #TeamWhiteGirls #SYSBM

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    • Michel,

      Exactly, if D32018 is doing everything right by these sirens then why hasn’t he landed a so called “catch” yet?

      The black woman’s recompense is long overdue, she’s completely destroyed her own people worldwide and is still venturing down the same path of death and misery. And to think that there are black men out there who will still jump up to defend this woman even with her horrendous track record that she is still adding to on the daily by the way.

      Lol, if calling out these heifers is wrong their eyes as well as the simps that worship them then I refuse to be right.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women aren’t loyal to black men or black children. They are only loyal to themselves, mixed race kids, white kids and their white father who is their white lord and saviour. This is one of the main reasons why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 37 because of the bullshit drama that they bring to a decent black mans life. What pisses me off when you get these pro blacks and Umar Johnson dictating to us SYSBM black men that we should be loyal to black women and only date black women despite the overwhelming evidence from the Internet of the bad things that they do to black men on a worldwide scale. You never see Umar Johnson chastising black women who date non black men because secretly Umar Johnson still worships the black women vagina. Like I said before the only women that I date and who I am sexually attracted to and want to get into a relationship with is White woman with brown/Hazel eyes,Turkish women or Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women or Greek Cypriot women and Indian women or Pakistani women.

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    • Umar GerbilFace can’t talk to anyone about being pro-wack since he dipped it into Japanese pootang on his “Black Power” Tokyo conference.

      Dude also needs to tidy up his room too…

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The evidence against the black witch made it a wrap a long time ago, pundits like gerbil face aka Dr Umar Johnson have sunk back into the shadows hence why you don’t here that much from him these days. The dude always had something to say concerning black men dating out, however even he can see the blatant writing on the wall. You’re right, Johnson was always silent on the swirling sisterhood, he didn’t have anything to say to them at all.

      As the modern day black female continues to sink further and further into the gutter, simps like Johnson will continue to look even more and more ridiculous whenever they attempt to defend them.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I couldn’t have said it better myself brother Verbs. You always give great commentary on your website as always. 😊😊😊

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  3. Now You have a Black Woman who is pro Black saying that Black Women Love Black Men who are nerds. They just dont like and vibe with lame ass energy. So They see the Black Men who are bad who They really see in Their mind as good as the superior Black Men. The ones with swag and They see the Black Men who are good as Bad in Their mind. My thing is if You have a Single Mother rate of almost 80 percent and over 60 percent of Black Women having multiple Baby Fathers how is this the doing of a group of Men that is Superior. These are really males not Men. To Me this just shows that Black Women love inferior Black Men. Black Men who wont take the time to get to know Them and develop a bond before sex and not only fill Them with seed and have Them sire Their Children but Wife Them up. This is not happening. As You have said only 26 percent of Black Women are married and We know that this is because They love Black Thugs. They see a good Black Man who has character, discipline, integrity, honor, respect, morals, hardworking and who is trying to live Righteously and for the Most High as Someone whos lame. I believe it is a lie that They love intelligent and nerdy Black Men. Its bullshit. If They loved Them so much then more of Them would be Wives instead of Single Mothers and BabyMommas. The stats just dont reflect what She was saying. Black Women love being Single Mothers and Baby Mommas and They love Black Thugs and hate good Black Men. This is a fact. The thing is is that the evil Black Men who They love so much who are simple minded and who dont give a damn about the Most High or try to live Righteously for Him and will fight and kill Their own Brother and destroy Their people with drugs and make Their Women whores through Whoremongering, this makes these particular Black Men whack and the real lames but with the Black Woman being wired backwards and severely mentally ill She sees them being a Thug and having swag which really means secretly We are gay as being superior to regular decent Black Men. This is why many of Them have stds at a high rate and Hiv/aids.This is the stupidity of the Black Woman. Like I said before like 92 percent of Black Women are a lost cause. This is sad Man.

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    • At this point, you got to let the Republican Party finish black women off for good and they will after Trump is re-elected and they take back control of the house. Don’t worry, with jobs like amazon going to full automation with robots, the educated lames will be far away from black women completely. I even see broke black lesbians trying to get with us SYSBM men.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      The chick is a straight up devil in the flesh, we all know that the overwhelming majority of black women love thugs and other unproductives of black Male society, that is some witchcraft right there. They like the so called “educated lame’s” resources once they have been ran through by Slim Sauce and Midnight Freddy and the true extent of single motherhood begins to sink in. Black women love thug black men, non black men, illegals, mixed and white children before they ever look out for a so called “lame”.

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  4. So a lame to Black Women is a Black Man who gets up Everyday through discipline and goes to work and slaves for 8,10 or twelve Hours and doesnt get shit from Black Women and is ignored and rejected and treated like a peasant and a Black Man who is not lame to Them doesnt Work and stays Home all Day. Gets involved in criminal activity and may do jail or prison time and the Black Woman will go visit Him and put Money on his books hoping for Him to be released soon and still take care of Him and treat Him like a King. There was a Black Woman just a couple of years ago who won the mega millions lottery and She bailed her Black Boyfriwnd who was a drug sealing Thug out twice. Black Women love Thugs. Crazy shit Man. Yet They tell Us We dont know what we’re talking about and We make shit up. That We dont have enough Confidence and self esteem for Them. Confience and self esteem for the Black Woman is Swag. They love swag and look what it had done to Black America. It has destroyed it. Black Women just wont choose better Black Men like Me and many of the other Black Men who post here regularly verbs2015. They just wont do it. It is what it is.

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  5. The Pro Black Woman I was referring to is Goddess Ayanna on Youtube. She says a Black Man is weak and a traitor if He doesnt date and Marry a Black Woman. That nobody understands, is in the corner of or Loves the Black Man like the Black Woman does and I agree a little but I believe its only a small percentage of Black Women who display this understanding, love and loyalty to Black Men. Lets be honest there are many Black Women who hate Black Men and are not on our side but are aligned with White Supremacy and They constantly reward and Love the wrong types of Black Men as we all know further destroying Black America. Have You ever heard of Her?

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    • She on that witchcraft shit. Supporting polygamy with pookie and day day and of course, calling people coons. The delusion is real but that a side effect of not eating food. A lot of black women stay hungry because they’re not eating properly.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      You have to ask yourself, when was the last time any black female showed any support towards a black man? Kim Kardashian is currently putting black women to shame with the things she’s doing that are actually benefitting black men. The overwhelming majority of support black men and children are receiving is coming from white women.

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      • Verbs, absolutely correct, sir. Kim K is an unlikely advocate but there she is, once again outdoing black women. So much for “loyalty.”

        Also correct that white women give black men the most support. Dating and marrying white or Asian women means new friends, better job and business opportunities and life insights that you’d never get from sistas, whose first mission as a government-funded asset is to sabotage an intelligent black man to keep herself on top.

        Entrepreneur Byron Allen, the $300 Million Man, look him up. Robert Smith, billionaire entrepreneur who recently paid the student loan debt of the 2019 class of Morehouse Men. Both non-stereotypical black men. Both married to white women. Probably more we don’t even know about. The evidence is clear.

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  6. Black women are as loyal to Black men as a magnet is to a window; at the recent MTV Movie Awards, the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ documentary actually won an award (I think for ‘Best Documentary’).

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  8. As I watched the Democratic debates last night, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump will get re-elected. Kamala Harris proves that black women don’t like black men, but they like illegal Latinos.

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  9. These women only ever march or DEEMANNED JUTISS for DEAD black men, namely ones who probably needed to die anyways. They are the reason why the black community only mourns people who probably shouldn’t be missed at all.

    And remember that time when they claimed that they would stop doing even that because black men weren’t “loyal” to them? Black Women are a joke when it comes to loyalty, companionship, and comradery. You will noticed that despite their devilish antics, they love quoting the Bible. In spite of this, one verse they never bring up is the prophecy concerning dusty ass women, as many as seven at a time, thrusting themselves upon one man because they’re so destitute of resources.

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    • When a woman quotes the Bible, I do an about face and walk away from her and block her words from my mind. They’re trying to use word trickery against you and they done to me several times before I got wise to the game.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve yet to actually see where the so called “loyalty” black women claim to have for black men lies. I can’t even think of anything that involves black women demonstrating loyalty towards black men. Like you said, they only look out for the dead, smh.

      These women are desperate and they think that they can sweet talk or in the worst case scenario linch thinking black men and force us to commit to them, sorry, that is not going to happen. Judgement is coming for the black witch and she will not be able to escape her lashes.

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  10. Verbs, like you’ve said many times:

    “They keep telling on themselves…”

    Now that’s a hint-and-a-half for your ass!


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  11. Okay, this is sort of questionable to black women having loyalty to black men. They loyal to them savage ass thugs and bum dudes, but they’re not loyal to black men who have their head on straight, doing the right thing, and doing something big with their lives. Them simps need to stop saying be loyal to the black women, because how you gonna be loyal to females that doesn’t be loyal to you back. like answer that question? That’s is some Steve Urkel type stuff, from in the family matters show where Steve was trying too damn to get with Laura, but Laura wasn’t feeling him, I suggest in the show, he could’ve got with Myra because Myra did like Steve, but he was too much into Laura.

    They rather be more loyal to savages and bums than an actual black man. Like I said before, black women don’t have love for black men at all. Why should I put my life on the line for these black females, risk everything for them? Oh wait, I know the answer, typical as always: The black women is god, they queens, they the backbone, like Bullshit. Like how many times have we black men have heard these same lines coming out of the black simps and these black women mouths while the black women is getting worked over by the thugs and bums and white boys?

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  12. This might be slightly off-topic (probably meant for Open Topic Wednesdays) but when you see these stereotypical black single mothers with their young black boys (10 years of age or younger), why do these same boys sporting twists, dreadlocks and cornrows using their own natural hair and on the opposite side of the equation, the daughters to these women have pounds and pounds of fake hair, putting unnatural chemicals on their scalp and so forth? It’s all mental programming to get these children while they are young.

    Ha, in black women’s minds, it’s easy to do a black man’s hair than their own.

    I’ve seen this for the first time when I was in the 10th grade (nearly 16-17 years ago) when some of the junior and senior black male jocks had their hair all grown out like an Afro and their fellow black female classmates of their particular graduating class were willing to do these guys hair i.e. cornrows, even during class time. It’s crazy, man.

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  13. Fuck Black Women and their mythological “Loyalty”. If more White Men were open to dating them you would see Black Women and White men pairings all over the place. They don’t put their White Lord and Savior through the same bullshit they put Black men through.

    And we also know how much Black Women desire mixed kids with “Good Hair” and “Pretty eyes”. But since White Men don’t want Black Bitches we now have to hear this lie about their “loyalty” to Black Men. Black Witches actually will try to make it seem like they are out there turning down Non-Black Men left and right due to their love of Black men. Black Bitches are such shameless Liars.

    Something else I notice is on the rare occasion a Black Witch does manage to get a non-Black man she dates him UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Meanwhile I see brothers that are with Non-Black Women having to explain why they are with their women to the so called “Black Community”.

    Thinking brothers go out there and better yourselves. Better your health, better your education, better your financial status. And then go out there and find yourself a Non-Black Woman to build with. Fuck Black Women and the Black community. May the Black Witch and her simps rot in hell.


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    • Bottom line:



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    • Get ’em, JW. 100% correct. If white boys decided en masse to date and marry black hoes, they’d be GONE.
      Great post. Good to see so many fellas waking up, we’re supposed to be too stupid to recognize the fuckery.

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  14. No loyalty at all:

    Notice the skin tone, weave, weight, and trashy tat. The ugliest, manliest looking ones are usually the biggest shit talkers.

    They have no loyalty to us, they HATE us and wish they could get a non-BM to date them, but most of them can’t so they try to find a BM simp to sucker into a relationship with them, even though they secretly hate him. Don’t fall for the Dear BM or pro-black talk from BW, don’t be a victim of these hateful hoes, stay away, and keep the Wall up.

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      • Yeah man a good while back there was another tweet from a black feminist who was allegedly married to a black man and she was talking about how BM were failures. But she was still married to one. When people pointed that out to her she laughed and said she loved her husband but BM were still failures. That’s when it clicked for me that these chicks hate BM but have no choice but to date us because no one else wants them. Don’t fall for the sweet talk, stay away from them.

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  15. I was on the sofa sleeping because I was tired. When I heard about this ghetto gagger Kayla Smith, I tried to go back to sleep again. This ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrat, all she does is sleep with racist white beta males. And once she finish getting dick down by these worthless, lazy beta males, I bet you that she wants to go back to the black man. She will not gety the good black man, she will end up with a simp and this ghetto gagger do not want a simp.

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  16. And let me tell you about the simp. This man will take her back in a flash is because all they want is that coochie and they are thirsty for gone of coochie. The simp don’t know that the ratchet black women don’t want them but the ghetto hoodrat don’t want to be the simp. And another thing, becareful out there when you are meeting women as well.


    Let’s see if I can sleep tonight with this Kayla Smith doesn’t cross my mind. Watch when she get ran through by white beta males. She wants to come back to black men and say I’m sorry.

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  17. Total mud slinging emotional sponge abyss dwellers living and breathing hot death. F that I’m going to enjoy the human connection joy and happiness 0 drama from my snowbunny. No one wants to deal with the attention seeking sensitive sponge 99 problem scrag, can’t you just leave us brothers alone? These siren zombies are the furthest thing from my mind and sight. Everytime I get to talk to Becky and Asuka its literally heaven no one is dealing with mudslinging trivial garbage let a “traitor” be a traitor and get off of our backs.

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    • This woman isn’t Black, but she’s appropriating the Civil Rights struggle to boost herself; this makes her look even more of a joke than when she said she smoked to music in college that wasn’t even released yet.


    • Lol. Black females and racist white males are feeling the heat along with goose stepping fascist simps and the regressive left,so they want us thinking black men to clean up the mess. Oh no, I’m fine thank you, no janitors round here beta males and black hoes.

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    • Good observation; let’s not forget Steph’s father, Dell Curry, was also an NBA player, so he groomed his son for greatness.

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  18. Imagine 1 consecutive month of weave money actually spent on improving ‘da communitee’ Exactly but these simps are concerned with BBC 247/365 they are a joke of opposition and should not be taken seriously until they begin to act as a proper adversary force. The wyt man’s proxy black witch and her coven are a joke.

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  19. Imagine 1 consecutive month of weave money actually spent on improving ‘da communitee’ Exactly but these simps are concerned with BBC 247/365 they are a joke of opposition and should not be taken seriously until they begin to act as a proper adversary force. The wyt man’s proxy black witch and her coven are a joke.

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    • >Imagine 1 consecutive month of weave money actually spent on improving ‘da communitee’

      We should look up weave stocks on the Stock Exchange and invest in them. We would make a mint. The scraggle daggle is singlehandedly keeping that industry afloat.


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      • Animal fur is not a bad alternative to weave stock I’m sure the dags wouldn’t tell the difference. Because putting shite on your head and lipstick on a pig makes you look like a supermodel with the effect diminishing as they step outside the door. Gentrification is giving motivated brothers stuck in the rental areas mad options average to dime piece white women are present.

        Sysbm til the last breath

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  20. Where are the simps to counsel you about dating out? Because they sure would not say a word when daggles date out. Sysbm is thriving yet the drones continue to repeat the same propaganda cry b*tch and moaning. No one wants to be stuck in the Savage spawning weave worship daggle abyss of underclass.

    Daggles are low fruit, those Asian bunnies are 2nd choice to white women for white men and for them to look at daggle requires mental psyching up and low value on the males part.

    Sorry had to blow some steam victory to the childfree thinking black man scooping up those Asian hotties and snowbunnys may the dag get hit by a truck.

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  21. Now This Guy On This Video From ”Your World, Your View” Has A Lot of Gall to Talk About How Black Men View Non-Black Women as a Prize. When He Himself Has Dated/Married a Confused Female Celeb Named Mariah Carry. Who is a Black Woman Pretending to be a White Woman for Years. Plus Before That Nick Cannon Has Dated Other Light Skinned Black Women in the Past. Basically Because He Has An Attraction to White Women, But He’s Afraid if He Were Caught Dating an Actual White Woman or Any Other Non-Black Female. His Fan-Base That Consist Mostly of American Black Women. Would Turn on Him in a Heartbeat. Now I Defended a Dude Like Him Once on Social Media. When Chelsea Handler Attacked Him Racially on Twitter, But Since He’s Another Coon Who Threw All Brothers Under the Bus With His Recent Comment. He’s Just Another Mouth Breathing Negro. Check Out This Video From Harvey!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7exHXzUh2o8

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  22. Verbs2015
    P.S. In Terms of Loyalty. When it Comes to Black Men in America. Our Loyalty is Always Questioned. Be it When it Comes to Either Patriotism to This Country or Blackness When We Date Outside the Community. When You See Moments Like What What You Just Uploaded. You Say How Can We Be Loyal to American Sistah’s When Most Have That Mindset Like Kayla Smith. If Anything They are to be Avoided at All Costs. #SYSBM 100%!!!

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    • Exactly, these sirens are abhorrent and yet are clueless to why men of all races avoid them like the plague. Last time I talked to an Asian girl I wanted more and she was very pleasing these scrags are graveyard gutter trash that should be left in a landfill to rot.

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  23. Keep your girl away from the scrags boys. Got this on a Reddit topic.

    * I am a white girl, and while I was dating a black guy my brother would give me shit, he wasn’t invited to family events, etc.

    But when we went out on weekends I was the one who caught crap from black women. Had a random black girl pour a drink over my head because “I was taking their men.”

    You just can’t win. The relationship, sadly, didn’t last. I blame 50% of the problems on issues like these. *

    This is depressing I’ll make sure me and my snowbunny keep our love private away from the snakes.

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    • Feldwebel44,

      This is my point right here, black women are liars when they say that they don’t care about who black men date, they simply won’t just leave us alone to get on with it. No, they’ll make snide comments at the least and then down the line resort to personal attacks like the above.

      However, a brother who is truly SYSBM will only be made stronger via crap like this. I wish a black witch would try some type of nonsense like that with my misses, she’d soon find out I don’t play that garbage.

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