Is This Your Queen – Total Disparagement Against Black Men – Part 4


Yes, that’s right, an overweight, multi coloured weave wearing, fake eyelash sporting, heavy make up using, tatted up black witch has the audacity to release garbage like this, has this block of butter even looked in the mirror lately? You already know that if we were to strip her down to the bare basics, she would look like a hot mess. What is it with these fat black women, they seem to be more arrogant and stuck up then the slimmer ones. Of course she has a ghetto name, Inayah, what kind of a name is that?

Again, where is the love for black men, answer, THERE ISN’T ANY and black men who are still on the fence need to get this through their heads. These black harpies will rush to put out songs disparaging black men but you’ll very rarely if ever observe them putting out songs in your support. Just to show you how black women are in confederacy with this Jezebel and her misandry, here is the link to the same song on Soundcloud, peep the comment section and note the barrage of black women and pathetic simps stating that they love the song and giving this witch the thumbs up:

As far as I am concerned it was a wrap from a long time ago, those black men who would attempt to tell others to support the black woman, how on earth would they explain this? Where are the black women in the Soundcloud comment section condemning this song, I’ll wait? See, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you still on the fence black men, black women as a collective don’t have your best interests at heart and will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

This is how stupid most black women are, while white women are returning back to the protective wing of white patriarchy, black women are continuing to embrace feminism, misandry and partying on as if everything is OK, however they’re soon to find out that there is a very heavy price to pay for besmirching and graffitiing the image and reputation of black men.

Their white father is currently giving them a hard divorce, they’ll come out with disparaging songs like this but still expect black men to come to the rescue and save them during hard times, NOT A DAMN CHANCE. Let these heifers lay down in the bed that they have created, there is no saving them now, as I’ve stated many times before black women must burn, stew and marinate in their own failures, attempting to save them at this point would be nothing short of an unforgivable transgression.

Like I’ve stated before black men, sit back with some popcorn and some freshly squeezed juice and watch as this modern day black female crashes and burns, black women are going to learn the hard way that snubbing and mocking your male counterparts carries an extremely heavy price and one that they must pay. Again, D32018 aka Bootlicker, where you at, explain this garbage that your black empresses are producing against black men.

If your average black female was next to me burning and there lay a pool of water close by, I wouldn’t even kick her into it. Black women as a collective are scum, straight up traitors and disloyal to the core, songs like this are nothing new, however they solidify the case for black men to save themselves and simply walk away from these women permanently.

Whenever black women claim to have the backs of black men simply play them the above song and then ask why they haven’t spoken out against it. To be honest we already know the reason why, they themselves believe the same. Walk away black men, the evidence continues to pile up concerning this modern day deranged black female and her deep disdain and hatred towards her male counterparts. At this stage it is only black men in a comatose state who still believe that black women are their friends.

We already know the dynamics at play, these mentally ill black women mess with the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Big Rudy, Midnight Freddy and Chunky Bruh, those dudes do what is in their DNA which is to pump and dumb these broads and then they(black women) come out claiming that black men across the board are garbage, including the so called “lames” who they weren’t interested in and never dated to begin with, smh. Walk away I tell you, these feminist women are defective beyond repair and just aren’t worth the trouble. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

As Project Pat Said – Don’t Save Them, They Don’t Want To Be Saved

Most High Bless

57 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen – Total Disparagement Against Black Men – Part 4

  1. That’s fine and dandy with me, gurl. I ain’t shit. Maybe @d1ckh38d might get with this chick….

    What? He’s ***STILL*** single? Damn… 😂😂😂

    Being in the company of high society, and corporate commissions means there are plenty of hot White girls to march in and take her spot. Plenty more outside this bubble, and even PLENTY MORE across this continent. Even the television is telling me to go #SYSBM. It’ll be rude not to.


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    • Michel,

      It’s amazing how these women continue to solidify the case for black men to look elsewhere for love and companionship. At the same time these unbridled, unsatisfied savages shouldn’t gripe or moan whenever they see black men with non black women. If we’re truly garbage then why are they always upset whenever we decide to pick up and go somewhere else?

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  2. And I’m sure a lot of you brothers will put up with her reverse psychology and hit her up on Instagram to try and and get with this, because “dat puthy thick do….”

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  3. Okay in defense Inayah is not ghetto since the name variant Yah is in her name which originates from her Hebrew ancestry. However, why should anyone be offended by this song? These women been telling you how they view and see you brothas. It is 2019, why should any brotha get mad at what the most perceived worst race of women do or say? They are creatures that cannot be taken seriously at all. Also call it a spade chick look like tranny or is one. Brothas need to understand BW just want to be accepted. Just accept them for who they are, miserable self absorbed, ungrateful troglodytes.

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    • TeacherofIsrael,

      If black women openly disparaged black men and accepted their lot whenever they saw us in the streets with non black women then there wouldn’t be a problem, however this is never the case. These same sirens who put out tracks like this also give black men who date non black women the dirtiest looks and many will even resort to make snide comments. Talk to some of the other contributors who frequent this website, they’ll tell you what I’m saying is true.

      In relation to the name, I notice that many black women are taking parts of Hebrew names and morphing them into ghetto derivatives. This chick has Yah in her name yet she’s as far away from the Most High as water is from Hell.

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    • And like THAT, sympathy for a group of women that gives ZERO FUCKS ABOUT A BLACK MAN, shows why the black community as a WHOLE, is truly fucked..
      Sysbm today, sysbm FOREVER!!!! Fuck wakanda.

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  5. What’s up with these black witches doing hip hop and rap even more than the men? Do I even need to bring up Lizzo’s sudden popularity? Meanwhile, the only black women who actually sing now are light skinned and mixed women, almost all of whom rock, you guessed it, BIG AFRO. Judith Hill, Olivia Nelson, and several others, all of whom are mixed. Meanwhile, these dark dumbasses run around with blue and green hair but we should feel sorry for them because of “colorism?”

    Also, she singles out black men, but when do you see even these thug rappers saying that black women in particular are horrible? Granted, they should, but this too speaks volumes.

    The worst group of female life, (lower than dogs, fists, birds, and pigs!) yet they feel like opening their dick sucking mouths?

    As for the ghetto name, black women love connecting themselves with things they have nothing to do with, be it God, Asia, Africa, and other things.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ve been pointing this out for the longest while, how black women these days will typically gravitate toward rapping as opposed to singing, the penis envy is very real with these women. Remember that article I wrote a while back on the witchcraft of Fat Acceptance featuring another fat black female and her friends in a swimming pool(surprisingly) once again rapping was the preferred forte.

      I don’t know how certain dudes are doing it, they don’t feel some kind of way walking the streets with a chameleon/circus clown by their side. Chicks like this simply bolster the case for black men to expand upon their dating options. You’d think this would be a wrap, however guaranteed some fool will come along and defend this degenerate.


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    • Black women will turn an Asian name, English name, African name, name for a body function, etc. into a ghetto name. JaCocaCola, LaMichael Jackson, etc.

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  6. Correction: the niggas that Inayah, other brawds like her, are attracted to ain’t shyt; I’m sure she wouldn’t recognize a responsible Black man if he slapped her in the face.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      These broads are complete and utter idiots. They choose the dregs of black male society but then get upset and blame all black men when their relationships(if there ever were any to begin with) fall apart, smh.

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      • Speaking of which, these chicks’ “relationships” typically consist of letting Slim Boogie come in their house, cum in their muskhole, and then eat them out of traphouse and home. NO romance, but what do you expect?

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  7. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t saving any of these black women hoes. How come Inayah says that black men aint shit, but but she herself is caked up full of makeup looking fake from head to toe. If you take away her makeup she look like a ugly ass construction site that used to be a derilete building. I can’t stand the majority of black women these days because they are so fucking arrogant and haughty that they think that they are God and they can’t do any wrong especially in their sexual prime years riding the cock caruasal with trey trey, slim sauce, rough cut mike, John John and all the other rough neck type of black men before they hit that wall. When that happens, when they stupidly become single mothers and they are left with multiple bastard kids from these rude boy black men all of the sudden they have an epiphany moment and they decide to go for the childfree good black men that they put in the friend zone years ago but by that time it’s too late because black men like myself are going the sysbm lifestyle route and dating childfree non black women who love and appreciate us and this what gets the black women mad. It’s like black women want to have their cake and eat it when it comes to dating but it doesn’t work that way in the real world because these delusional black women stupidly live the silly Walt Disney fantasy world with their white god, their Lord and saviour. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  8. It’s so cute how the black women love making songs like TLC – no scrubs, Beyonce (plus Destiny Child’s) – Irreplaceable, Bills, Soldier, Mc Lyte – Roughneck, them songs kills me because they just describe how f****** silly the black woman in America and UK is. Those are them (black women) favorite “go on girl’s” songs (Idk if that sounds right, “Go on girl’s songs” but I hope y’all get the point of what I’m trying to say). They can keep on making silly ass songs like that because the more they do that, the more black men are just not gonna mess around with black women, especially in America and UK. Since they complaining about n***** ain’t shit, I got one important question for them: Ain’t they (black women) the ones sleeping with them?

    How many times have we black men heard these same tired ass lines coming out of the black women’s mouths: Black men ain’t shit, All these good men either gay or in jail, Black men are weak, They can’t handle a strong black woman, Black men don’t do this or that, We’re deadbeats, We don’t be there for our children, Them white and non black women don’t want you, Them white girls gone get y’all, Black women are strong and independent, I’m a date me a white man, Hispanic or Asian man, All we black men do is sell drugs and get locked up, Where all the good black men, I rather date hood n***** than the educated lames, Black women are the most educated, Black women are the most desirable, Them white women and non black women be taking all the good black men, We looking for a slave, I need a man to do this and that while they running up a man’s pocket, gossip, and don’t do JACK SHIT FOR NO MAN AT ALL. I don’t know what I miss of the lines that black women be saying, but kinda help me out. Black men, this is your typical ass black woman in America, just staying shitting on the black men, and no wonder why the race mixing between black men and women of other ethnicities and nationalities is starting to increase. If these Black America women would’ve been around me, they wouldn’t last a damn day or a minute around me because I have muthafreakin standards and I’m damn proud of it too. Let them stay acting like this because the evidence that’s been showing their true colors is too damn strong, but it’s a good thing because it’s just shows us that the Black women in America don’t love black men at all (but they love them thugs, and them homosexuals too since they sleeping with them).

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Fuck these hoes. Let ’em keep on with their bullshit and they’ll alienate the few brothas who will still deal with them. This new crop of white bitches crave the exact same thugs that black hoes do, and will treat them 100 times better. “Prison Bae” leveled up to a billionaire heiress, I rest my case. Leave these worthless Section 8 hoes by the side of the road with their 6 kids by 5 different niggas, fuck ’em.

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  9. Imagine the uproar if some grime/ rapper made a song saying that most black women are damaged goods and BM should interracial date?

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  10. I was recently thinking about how low the modern woman has sunk.
    It’s been predicted. Back in the day, Lauren Hill mentioned it (and screamed for women to turn back).

    “Hair weaves by Europeans, fake nails done by Koreans”…..

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      All most black women do these days enjoy doing is representing the fakeness, weave, press on nails, fake eyelashes which makes them look like straight up trannies and freaks, factory level amounts of make up, these women have rendered themselves undesirable and it’s their own fault.

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  11. A lot of BW are seeing the writing on the wall (Dear BM) and wish that they had a patriarchy to run to like WW, but with the help of the Gov they have bred out and run off the would be patriarchs (Good BM). Oh well, most BWs only options now are being a side chick, lesbianism, single motherhood, and whoring themselves out in general hoping that it will lead to a happy ending for them, but we know if won’t.

    Keep the Wall up and stay away from these women as well as their offspring. Like Dr. Claude Anderson predicted we are currently witnessing the solidification of the permanent black underclass, with the black queens as the rulers of the trash heap.

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  12. Another silly-ass heiffa talkin’ about how “niggas ain’t shit” and she ain’t even all that cute. These broads kill me with that bullshit knowing good and damn well that they don’t have no more than the niggas they call themselves talkin’ shit about.

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  13. Bruh, don’t even sweat this fat bitch. They’ve been saying “niggas ain’t shit” for decades, somebody finally decided to flat out put it on a record. It’s not like anyone on a thinking man’s SYSBM level would even entertain such a welfare-looking hood chick with her gut, tattoos, blue weave and claws anyway. The way I see it, she’s not talking about me and I wouldn’t mess with the likes of her, so whatever.

    Got to say it’s not a bad track tbh. Clean harmonies and production and the chick actually sounds like her goddess, Beyonce. All the hoes at the beauty shop will bounce to this LMAO!

    As you guys know I am a liberal who voted for Hillary, but Trump 2020 if it means finally breaking the back of the government-sponsored terrorist Black Matriarchal Death Cult. If Kamala gets in these hoes will be even more uncontrollable and arrogant than they already are, no sale for me!

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      • I voted Trump in 2016, and will do so in. 2020. I expect his numbers to be even higher than that. I’d be willing to go as far as 18-20 percent.

        More black men are waking up and walking away from the Democratic Party in droves and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

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  14. She says that niggaz ain’t shit. Here this now. These bitches ain’t loyal. Anyway. How on earth this hefty ghetto hoodrat make a song like this white messing with these men who ain’t shit in the bedroom? When a black heterosexual male sees a black woman now, he’s not giving her a chance but when he sees a white woman especailly if she’s fat, he gives her a chance. I see the woman and she is wearing this blue weave in her scalp. The ratchetness has now gone overboard and it’s making them less attractive.

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  15. If a black man still wants to date a black woman, then that is fine by me but when you see the black ratchet hoodrat woman now, he might not have a chance. Black women don’t embrace natural hair and bleaching their skin trying to look like the white queen. Black women needs to seek some help because something is wrong with them in the head.

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  16. Damn not only does this hefty hoe have 1.5 million followers on IG, some people I know are following her! I thought these friends had better taste!

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  17. This simp is sitting on the curb crying as he is unable to stop the mother of his child from going into an abortion clinic to abort their baby. He remarks that he took care of the kids that she currently has when the biological father wouldn’t. She is content using his time and resources to raise her current kids (who’s father is probably a badboy type) but is aborting his baby. This is a cautionary tale, stay away from single mothers or this could be you.

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    • 100% truth. I walked away from them a long time ago. They now trying to ask me for money. That is what I love about working at amazon which is seeing black women actually have to struggle to pay bills. Oh, many of these black women live in tent cities in Los Angles as we speak.

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    • Lol, don’t feel sorry for him either. At this point, any white Man that can’t themselves a non-trashy woman for a mate is inarguably a loser themselves.

      Say what you will about feminism, but I don’t aid others’ crusades against killer bees when they first swung at the hive.

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  18. …This is modern black romance culture for you. Most black men think nothing of the song or the fat turd behind it. She will get many simps trying to prove they are not like the ones in the song while the broad will go out and get with EXACTLY the type of “niggas” she is griping about. At this point in my life, anything but a black woman…SYSBM!!!

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  19. The only thing you should have between you and the feral actors is distance and an mrap. Why risk my very life to interact with these sirens when I could have tea time with 19 year old Asuka in Japanese countryside while we both wear kimonos.

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      • black british guy — The sisterhood says that you should get with them. By the way, standard makeup has sun protection factor (SPF). Any concern about white women aging from the sun has been put to rest. It is the black females with their unhealthy lifestyles that are getting shorter, fatter, and aging in a hurry.

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  20. Nig*ers/Nig*as Ain’t Shit —– My view has long been that black men need to abandon the word Nig*er/Nig*as because such word is a symbol of white supremacy and the domination of black men by black women. The word Nig*er/Nig*a is maintained by black women to keep black men in an inferior position. The female version of the N-word is Nig*ress.

    The female version of the N-word should be used–constantly–by black men who are not able to give up the male version of the N-word. I do not expect Jay-Z, or any other well-known rapper, to rap Nig*resses Ain’t Shit in the near future.

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  21. The Stargate presents itself before me every now and then it’s like the universe is trying to help a brother the last 2 times I hesitated but the next time the Stargate opens I will not fail to take the opportunity. Snow bunnies coming up to me.

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  22. Black women (with their delusions of grandeur) be like:

    View this post on Instagram It’s hard being Rich asf… A post shared by Anthony D. Griffin (@longbeach_griffy) on Sep 30, 2018 at 11:20pm PDT



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