Black Women – Proud Child Killers


Yep, you heard it correctly, because the dude she decides to open her legs to started playing up(we know the real deal, the guy was no good to begin with and this silly woman believed that she could convert the dude into an upstanding gentlemen), she’s deciding to get an abortion because this is how most black women roll as the number one killers in black society. Even if this is some kind of prank as some have claimed, the high levels of abortions black women in the US are committing is far from a joke. Is killing unborn children anything to jest about?

Since 1973 black women have X’d out over 15 million unborn black children and still counting. Even though these same so called “educated black females” have since learned that Planned Parenthood(the main headquarters of Abortion country) was founded by an ultra liberal, racist, nazi sympathiser by the name of Margaret Higgins Sanger who actually stated that she wanted to wipe out the Negro population, these 6 kegs short of a 6 pack, not very bright at all, bloodthirsty Negro women still hop, skip and jump to their nearest abortion clinic and can’t wait to snuff out the life of another innocent.

This is one of the main reasons why I continue to state that black women as a collective are the dumbest individuals on the planet bar none, they have no problems forming a confederacy with an organisation that is actively trying to kill them and their people, smh. If only the same child killers put as much effort into improving their health as they do murdering unborn black babies, black female society would look very different from the mess its in today.

Did you see how this proud black female assassin with her ridiculously long press on nails wasn’t even phased by the fact that she was about to take the life of an innocent child? Again, As I’ve already mentioned in my book Negro Wars in the chapter entitled Black Women And Children, most black women have a deep seated hatred for black children and those who decide to have them only do so as a means to get on the government gravy train(which under the Trump administration is slowly coming to an end as he doesn’t like able bodied lazy people who refuse to get off their backsides and work).

This is how stupid most black women are, the wench is bragging on camera moving her hands like she’s rapping, in a video about killing children, yet we are being told by the pro black/black first(which really means BLACK WOMEN FIRST) communities that these are the women we ought to be dating, marrying and procreating with, smh.

Firstly, how on earth are you supposed to build with a group of women who not only hate black children but equally hate their own people? Secondly, how on God’s green earth are you supposed to build with a group of women who have no problems throwing their money into the hands of other communities namely East Asian ones?

How many times have we seen black women getting bust upside their heads by Asian Beauty supply store or nail shop owners and yet they will still return to frequent those establishments in order to satisfy their addiction to wearing multi coloured weaves, silly wigs and press on nails?

Here is yet another video that somebody recently alerted me to of a disjointed black witch carrying her baby in a plastic carrier bag whilst casually riding down the street on her push bike, you simply cannot make this stuff up, this is how much black women “love” black children:

This is an example of how through their embrace of feminism the maternal instinct of the modern day black female has been completely wiped out. See, this is at least one of the main reasons why black women wanted into the Black Manosphere so badly, to shut down talk concerning their propensity towards treating children terribly as well as killing them and the fact that they are indeed the ones snuffing out the most lives within black society, not white supremacists, not the police and not Midnight Freddy, 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh and Roof Top Trey.

I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again just to bring more meat to the table, here are some photos taken from various pro life rallies in the US, see if you can spot any black women, I’ll wait:

Again, you’ll notice that when it comes to the front line of protecting children, especially black children it is always WHITE WOMEN who are holding the fort, you know those same white women that black women keep saying are going to get us, those same white women who black women are trying their best to emulate, those same white women who have no problems finding and scooping up good black men while these lame black females complain about there being a scarcity of decent brothers, yep those same white women who will actually allow you to take up your role as leader in the relationship.

Any and all protests outside of abortion clinics are always dominated by white women, yet we are constantly being told by black women and their pro black simp flunkies that getting with those white women is the equivalent of getting with the enemy’s daughter. Yet very few people have the courage to point out the obvious fact that black women have no problems taking the lives of innocent black children using the so called enemy’s abortion clinic facilities to do it as is evidenced by the bloodthirsty black witch above.

I did notice that black women got all up in a huff when Alabama Governor Kay Ivey(a white woman by the way) recently signed into law the most stringent abortion bill to date where unless the mother’s health is in danger, NO ABORTION procedures will be permitted, not even in the case of rape or incest(which I agree with, in the case of rape or incest the woman shouldn’t penalise the baby, she ought to focus her attention upon the dude who violated her to begin with. If she doesn’t want the child then simply carry it to term and place him/her up for adoption when born).

As far as I am concerned Governor Kay Ivey needs to be saluted with maximum honours. From what I understand 60% of the abortions carried out in Alabama are performed by you guessed it, BLACK WOMEN. Now, in light of this law black women in that state who want abortions are either going to have to travel to a different state or get their abortions carried out illegally.

Like I stated before, if a black female chooses to get an illegal abortion carried out in the back of Mike’s Mechanic workshop, the procedure goes pear shaped and she ends up bleeding to death in the back of the garage then so be it, again, I have no sympathy for child killers, NONE. You bleed out, you bleed out, that’s your business.

Gentlemen, you were right to walk away from these savages, I personally cannot understand how anybody would want anything to do with these black females even on a sexual level because of the incredibly dark and evil spirits that most black women carry within themselves. As I’ve stated many times before, I hate and do not associate with child killers.

Brothers, continue fortifying the wall and walking away from these barbarians, black women continue to sink deeper and deeper into the pit of Hell and they’re thoroughly enjoying their trip down to the bottom. Remember, these are the same women killing on average 1876 children per day, 5 times more than white women but it’s the white woman we need to worry about?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Call Out And Shame Child Killers

Most High Bless

74 thoughts on “Black Women – Proud Child Killers

  1. They’re really claiming that to be a prank? My mind goes blank as I try to rationalize that thought process.

    They’re the same ones who say ‘Black lives matter’, yet willfully take Black lives in the womb; it boggles the mind to think that Black women will continue to go to Planned Parenthood abortion facilities (where parenthood is rather stifled than planned) when they say that the baby they’re carrying isn’t human, which is more startling when you couple that with the fact that they want to wipe out the Black race. SYSBM or nothing!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women have completely stagnated the black race and like I said before they are enjoying taking down their own people into Hades. SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable solution for the thinking brother, let the simps try to appease these degenerates.

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  3. I have no clue how these dumbasses will do or approve of stuff like that but complain to this day about slavery. Pro-choice blacks are the worst, but the worst of the worst are again the “conscious” half way ultra liberal, nose ringed black QUEENS who are just doubling down on everything that liberals want them to.

    How are these abortion clinics not razed in the hood? Better yet, why do these lame ass churches say nothing? I have no clue how these negroes can hoop and holler in these churches, then walk out past the abortion clinic next door and think nothing of it.

    As stated, blacks have STALLED at 13% of the population for years now, and much of that is dysgenics.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The black church’s silence on the abortion issue speaks volumes as to where they’re at, they are clearly in coalition with this black female, she is permitted to let Jezebel run loose in exchange for sponsoring the pastor’s extravagant lifestyle.

      Just goes to show you how dumb these Negroes in the hood are, they now know that these clinics in conjunction with the black witch are systematically wiping out their people and yet they do nothing, but they’ll be quick to rile up against another Negro male, smh.

      13% population for at least the last 20-30 years and very few if any folks within black society see a problem with this, smh.

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    • Their was a large sell out in 1929 but of course no memo was sent out, but just look at the behaviors and movements since then..or the season for treason. Actions speak for themself.

      It is a strange thing to see a people voluntarily ACT LIKE SLAVES VOLUNTARILY IN NAME AND PRINCIPLE but yet complain about a historical incidence of slavery of their ancestors whom they do not honor or actually regard in any meaningful way other than as a rhetorical tool to extort finances from whomever will be deceived by these tired and storied cries.

      “Although he is permitted to play at recess, Jimmy instead sits inside the classroom complaining how [he imagined] his allegedly enslaved great great great great grandfather never got to play at recess.”

      Honestly assessing the data available one might propose that many of these people are angry with corporate security departments (aka so called police) not for acts of injustice but rather because they reserve the first right to authorize murder. In other words it is nothing more than the ancient custom of the “blood feud” and really a platform for financial compensation.

      Was this Lyndon Baines Johnson’s idea of a “Great Society”?

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  4. I may take some flack for this, but as fucked up as the abortion of black children is, the dumb ass dude who knocked this bitch up should thank his lucky stars that he won’t be tethered to this whore for the rest of his life. Now with that being said, this is the type of shit that makes me so grateful for Alabama passing the anti abortion bill. I’m sick to death of these bitches being able to surgically remove the fingerprints of their sexual irresponsibility at the cost of a child’s life under the pretext of “my body, my choice” (same thing with adoption, which actually pisses me off more than abortion). All while telling men to “man up” and “should have worn a condom”, as if she had no part in the conception. The only reasons I would ever be ok with abortion are rape or medical issues that could endanger the mother’s health if she carried the baby to term. But as evidenced by the video, these cases are rare. Most of these bitches just don’t want to deal with the consequences of sleeping with degenerate thug trash. And with black women leading the way in black child deaths via abortion, the last thing any of them could ever do is tell me how I should “watch out for them white women”.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      The Alabama Governor really upset these black female degenerates to no end, you’d think they would be happy, however we already know that black women hate and loathe BLACK children but they’ll chase the Sperminator across the globe for his seed so that they can have those mixed babies. And to think that these same chicks have the cheek to accuse black men of colourism, smh. Like I said before we’ve now got the evidence, black women are the number one killers in black society, they have no grounds to point to anybody else regarding the destruction of black folks, no grounds at all.

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      • I was just about to bring up that bullshit colorism argument. It’s funny how the same bitches who complain about it are the main ones that perpetrate it by dating and birthing interracially. And while swirling really doesn’t bother me, their funky attitude towards black men who date out does.

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    • Something is mentally wrong with the men who actually take the time and make a decision to ejaculate inside of the wombs of some of these woman.

      Of course even a ratched spirited woman stands to benefit from this transaction based on the laws available in this society. But what in the good Lord’s mind is wrong with these men.

      Yes we know they have been bred to be dysfunctional back up breeders to produce more slaves, but after like age 22 or something and with all the examples available these dudes should have condoms on hand at all time. They are free and easily available.

      I mean if its a homeless man who is donating for food and a place to stay then well….how can you police such a treacherous culture setting. Your best bet is is to exract and replant the children and seperate all children from the center of illness and monitor them accordingly.

      I mean if you show this video to a young man and ask him “Why does this man look like he just got a salvation testimony from the angel of the Lord?” In reality no one should be engaging in unsafe sexual activity but we are viewing an extremely abnormal group of people.

      The fact that you have several television shows dedicated to these peoples paternity issues is already telling. This means that their personal and national problems employ probably thousands of people in the television industry alone. This is a bad sign when your basic living is so consistenly bad that it is considered as a viable and consistent resource for TELEVISION (a non necessity, a luxury).

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  5. The only reason women want abortion is because the baby will ruin their body. Personally I’m all for abortion I’m a atheist. I don’t want children if i got a women pregnant I would try to convince her to get abortion.

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    • Black British Guy,

      You do realise that atheism is a European based concept, black people across the globe have always believed in a higher power, it’s only since black folks have come into contact with white on a grand scale have many black folks chosen to adopt the European position of atheism. I’m struggling to see how your mindset is any different to the black female, whenever you find yourself aligning ideologies with black women, you need to seriously take a big step back and examine yourself.

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      • I really think at this point Black British Guy needs to go join Chunky Bruh, Midnight Freddy and Rooftop Trey on the plantation. I’m sorry but it is obvious this guy isn’t ready to save himself, he ought to go reunite with the Black Witch and her simps.

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      • Modern atheism is a known intellectual scam. The original athiests were really Deists meaning they believed in some higher organizing force usually reffered to as Nature’s God in those circles of thought. I mean it is clear that there are laws and principles that permeate this existence. I believe this is self evident when one examines the workings of nature, at basic.

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      • Atheism is nothing more than an elite scheme to stop today’s generation from benefiting from the richest period of human existence. The internet means anyone can become rich, successful and happy. Nihilism stops all that.

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      • Michel,

        Where I live, it’s so many white women with ass, it’s fucking ridiculous. In summertime, all the cake is on display. Cutoff jean shorts, bike shorts, yoga pants, sun dresses, etc. Asses match the thighs, too. Loose booty jiggling under sun dresses. Black girls are practically obsolete.

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  6. This is why black first movement has failed because you cannot build with black women who aborted millions of babies. I glad that my wife loves children and was a teache for years. She’s going to homeschool my son while I work and provide. I been married for years and communication is key into a good marriage especially sex because these folks that look like pookie and taz will try to ruin your marriage to live in your home, I seen the black first people do this often. #SYSBM

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Communication is so underplayed in many relationships these days and a lack of it is the main reason why many relationships fall apart. Of course we all know that black women as a collective have no communication skills whatsoever, all they know is to shout, repeat the same things over and over again and get violent if they feel such action is warranted.

      My position still stands, I cannot form a confederacy with a bunch of unintelligible child killers and the black first racket I blatantly see it for what it is. Steer clear of the 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce type characters.

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    • I look at it this way. I’d rather the child be aborted than to grow up without a daddy, poor and living in a crappy environment. Knew a woman who had an abortion and didn’t regret it. She was at least smart and not selfish and arrogant. She said she was not about to raise children by herself. I respect that.


      • Garwin Wayne,

        As far as I’m concerned the woman you knew is a straight up dunce because she should’ve initiated precautions BEFOREHAND in order to avoid getting pregnant to begin with. This is the major problem with especially black women as a collective, they don’t take any precautionary measures to avoid being knocked up but then run to take the abortion route in order to mask their irresponsibility, smh.


  7. Verbs 2015.

    Black women aren’t built to be mothers especially when they abort their own black children from the worst type of black man they stupidly chose to procreate with. The only baby that a black woman won’t abort is a mixed race kid because they want their mixed race kids to have that good curly hair and those blue, green and grey eyes from her white father, her white lord and saviour. 😊😊😊😊

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The motherly instincts have gone with these women, the only children you will see them show love for are mixed, light skinned and white children. These sharks be chasing down white men for their sperm all day every day.

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  8. Speaking of abortion, notice that these whores will abort black babies by black men, many times citing the extra “struggle”. But what none of these hoes or these hoteps will mention is that, as shown by our good friend Ari Nagel, black Women will literally be homeless, yet intentionally get pregnant by a white dude living light years away just to have a mixed baby, whom they will NEVER abort. Conversely, they aren’t putting said white dude on child support! But I forgot, it’s dem beckeez gon gitcha!

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  9. @Verbs Great article.

    Though I disagree on your stance and others in regards to disallowing ABORTION procedures in cases of rape or incest. My stance is that Roe V. Wade should be reformed and abortion should be fully legal in the first trimester of preganancy; but disallowed after the First trimester. Likewise, Planned Parenthood and similar organizations should be 100% privately funded by their supporters and the aborters. No taxpayer dollars should be paid for abortions at all moving forward.

    What I find funny, is that depending on where each man stands on the issue of abortion; more Black men are willing to protect the lives of Black children than Black women by a lanslide. Finally, if the fathers of those 15M aborted children had been White or some other none BM; virtually none of them would have been aborted.

    And this is the sort of female counterpart the Hotep Communist would force upon you if they could; ill pass…

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    • King Sigma,

      The problem is this modern day outlook on abortion, the politics and the jargon surrounding the practice. We have to understand that Roe V Wade and onwards is only the recent manifest of a practice that goes back 1000s of years. Even going back 70 years ago people in general recognised that abortion was brutal murder plain and simple, however through the law and the introduction of specifically crafted words, terms, slogans and phrases, killing children in the womb doesn’t seem so bad anymore because of the soft sounding terms that are constantly and deliberately being used around abortion procedures.

      Embryo, foetus, 1 trimester etc are all terms to conveniently dehumanise the unborn child as if it is not a life from conception. The difference between now and say 100 years ago is in this modern time the severity and the true horror of abortion can be masked behind politics and propaganda that makes the practice seem like a normal part of life.

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  10. I see the black woman rapping about abortion. She just nothing but ratchet and the black woman who riding the bike while the baby is in the bag. Mental Health with black women is up on the rise. If she want ti ride the bike with the baby then why can’t she buy a child seat or children bike trailer? My goodness! Right, when it comes to abortion now, black women wouldn’t mind keeping the baby. Why is because then can get goverment assistance and they can claim for child support. Some of the black women will keep the baby and put the man on child support relentlessly.

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  11. Let me tell you something about them white women who is holding the no abortion signs. I rather breed them women then having kids with black women now. Because all black men are doing is paying child support and the money is not going to the children because these hoodrats are spending the money on themselves. Black coochi is sweet but now, things are diffrent.


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  12. Yo this is that same hood bitch who made a video a couple years ago telling her mama that she loved thugs and drug dealers and how she bagged up her nigga’s (her words) dope. Now she’s at the abortion clinic. Typical story arc for these nasty, tattooed hoodboogers. Her insta is a horror show. So good that I’m thousands of miles away from that fuckery.

    This is her at Dr. Cakes booty clinic. But I thought black women had the best bodies and only flat-booty white women had to get ass jobs to look like sistas?

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    • ****ing disgusting, but I’m sure Slim Cheezy and Lil’ Doo Doo Head will beat that sloppy, smelly back out.

      Meanwhile, Hotep Ben Ali will be busy looking at the above picture and beating his ankh until he spews holy chakra into his kinte cloth. Hit it from the lap!

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    • “This is her at Dr. Cakes booty clinic. But I thought black women had the best bodies and only flat-booty white women had to get ass jobs to look like sistas?”

      That clinic name is so freakin ghetto. If black women had the best bodies, then I must be hearing stories about them getting this type of shit from an unlicensed clinic or unlicensed surgeon or something. Do these women ever heard of workouts to get that good body and changing your eating habits? Like the insecurity of these females are on a different level.

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      • “This is her at Dr. Cakes booty clinic.”

        “That clinic name is so freakin ghetto.”

        D.K. Phantom, I was being facetious. The clinic isn’t really named that.

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    • There’s some simp right now who is beating his meat to that. These chicks are beat to shit, and disgusting. You couldn’t pay me to get with one of them.

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  13. Oh wow! Look at the pictures with the white people wanting abortion to stop. Ain’t that something? It don’t amaze me when there’s no black women trying to do this because they all about destroying the black race. Once again, The black women done sold us out. They’re done, D-O-N-E. They say black men are colorists, but they’re aborting a whole bunch of black children, killing them, but trying to keep them light skinned, biracial, and white children. Now tell me who’s the real F****** colorists in this situation? I’ll wait for the answers. The thirst of these black women trying to have light skinned, biracial, and white children is too freakin real, and if I ever have kids, trust me, it’s not gonna be with an black women, especially an Black Woman, because the evidences have been shown that black women cannot raise kids, especially as a goddamn single parent.

    In my opinion, If a woman ever had a kid, but it was from a rape incident, the kid is better off into adoption for safety reasons.

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    • The thing about a woman having a baby from rape in the US is that if she takes the plan b pill within 72 of the rape her odds of conceiving a child are only around 10%. Combine that with the fact that women are only fertile for a few days out of the month and a woman having a child from rape in the US should be rare.

      From what I have heard the majority of abortions aren’t rape or incest related anyway. I’m not going to assume that I would understand the mental state of a woman who had been raped, but reporting it and taking a plan b pill would be at the top of my list of things to do afterward if it were me.

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  14. Btw, the thumbnail is ugly as hell, I thought it was a man. Isn’t it disgusting how black men literally have to choose from their own reflection when finding a woman?

    The only way that black women complement black men is with their similar hairlines.

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  15. These women are useless, repulsive, and need to be bred out. This waste of life is only a microcosm of the issues going on in the so called black community. Stories like this play out every day over and over to the point where it’s nauseating to think about, much less discuss.

    These women aren’t going to ever change, so long as some simp or bojack, man man, and roof top trey beating their backs out.

    As for the woman riding down the street with her child in a bag, she needs to have her kid taken away, and she needs to rot in a jail cell. These mentally unstable broads are something else.

    Most black women need to avoided at all costs.

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  16. Btw Margaret Sanger was the front woman for Planned Parenthood, just like Gloria Steinem is the front piece of feminism. Notice the vast majority of women still follow traditional values…

    Anyway, I’ve spent the whole week in the upper tier of society, surrounded by the hottest White women (most are either aristocrat daughters or married to stockbrokers) and damn, there are some serious 10/10 stunners out there.

    When some SIMP says “White women are overrated”, you know they can’t get them, are jealous and so knee deep in (and being treated like) garbage that they’ll end up being taken out with the garbage. Trapped by the pussy. That’s their problem, not mine.

    Thinking brothers – like the sage MBD says, save yourselves as usual, date and marry outside the race and be happy.


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  17. Verbs2015

    Here you go Verbs. A few links about the population percentage if African-Americans. Black people will always be a minority with no population growth, especially since black people are apart of a “Death Culture.”

    Look at the future projections of Hispanic population growth. Lol. Black people will soon be slaves and subservient to not just white people in America, but Hispanic people as well. Shit, in Cali, Texas, and Miami they already are.

    Liked by 2 people

    • FreeBlackMan — USA Hispanics are white. Hispanic is not a race. In earlier times, a question often was are Italians, Greeks, etc. whites. The answer to the question was that these groups are made up of white people. There are two major groups of people in the USA. Those groups are whites and blacks. All other groups of people are classified as “other.”

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      • Greg, I definitely agree with you. I’m simply pointing out that blacks think that Hispanics are people of color. But there in for a rude awakening. Especially when they find out that Hispanics are equally and sometimes far greater racist than white people are.

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    • FreeBlackMan,

      Much appreciated for the links you’ve posted. Indeed, other nations are shooting past blacks in terms of growth, many black men are too stupid, stubborn and prideful to put the pieces of the puzzle together to realise that it is this modern day black female who is the prime ringleader of this culture of death you mentioned. So called other people of colour are NOT our friends, most blacks will only realise this when it is too late.

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      • **** I should say that most Hispanics are white. I do not want David Ortiz, the Dominican Republic shooting victim, to become bothered by the talk about people being white. ———- By the way, some people take the view that black Hispanics often do not view themselves as black.

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