Are These Your Queens? Black Female Primates Go Ape And Shut Down Traffic – Part 3


Yes, here we have yet another situation of black women chimping out so to speak, however even chimps and other primates have a level of decorum that hasn’t been seen in black women for the longest. Again, I have to go back to my book Negro Wars and the chapter entitled Black Women And Violence. I specifically informed you in that chapter that black women as a collective love violence and absolutely enjoy getting their heads bashed in as well as bashing in the heads of others, this is why you shouldn’t take any notice of black women who post up photos of themselves with black eyes having being battered and bruised by 12 Gauge Mike, Shifty Sizzler, Slim Sauce and Roof Top Trey.

This is ultimately how most black women want you to interact with them, they want you to bash them over the head with a hammer on the daily in order to keep them in check, however this is only normal for violent individuals for which I am NOT one. Who on earth wishes to get physical with their woman day after day just to keep them in line and obedient? Not me, I’ll pass. Unfortunately this is the only way most black women respond to instructions, rules and regulations.

Now I remember an incident similar to that above that took place in my local area back in October 2015 on a much larger scale where two weave wearing black harridans from two different local colleges decided to take their “he’s my man” beef to the local streets and practically shut down the entire area. The rioting got so bad that police had to be drafted in from neighbouring boroughs in order to quell the violence and this wasn’t even dealing with the London Riots that took place in 2011.

The clip above simply goes to prove my point concerning how black women have become far more violent than black men, these days for the most part at least black men will scrap it out for a cause, not this modern day black witch though, she’ll organise and participate in a local brawl for the fun of it as can be seen in the video clip below I’m sure that most of us here are all too familiar with:

These black female hooligans love squaring up and throwing elbows for fun, how on earth is such behaviour normal? Did you also notice the multitude of weaves/wigs that were laying on the ground following the aftermath? This modern day black female is a complete and utter disgrace and when it comes to this type of behaviour it is across the board for them, from the hood rat to the educated, corporate working black female as both have the same janky, disjointed mindset.

D32018 aka Bootlicking Simp, where you at, are these your queens, where are the so called “good black women” residing, show them to us. Like I’ve stated before, keep that Wall up, there are many things seriously wrong with most black women today and the fact that they continually refuse to deal with the many issues surrounding their beyond the gutter degeneracy is yet another reason to stop dealing with them and avoid them as much as is humanly possible. As I’ve stated before which still holds true to this day, I don’t associate with nor interact with scum. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid These Violent Black Witches At All Costs

Most High Bless

70 thoughts on “Are These Your Queens? Black Female Primates Go Ape And Shut Down Traffic – Part 3

  1. Shifty Sizzler! 😂

    This is also why the black witch says to hard working, progressive Black men “you’re lame, boring”, as they cannot get a drip feed of your energy.

    Notice when you find one of these violent narcissists alone by themselves, they look deflated and consumed with self-hatred. They’re scared of meeting themselves and the Jurassic deep layers of intergenerational pain and trauma. Black men leaving them alone to suffer is their karma.

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    • Michel,

      These black females are beyond toxicity and redemption. They wonder why very few individuals want as little to nothing to do with them. I guess they aren’t finding the energy from 12 Gauge Mike and their simp flunkies satisfying enough, hence why they are putting in all their efforts to try and get thinking black men back onto the plantation.

      Indeed, they much prefer to intimate, bully and suck the energy from others as opposed to looking in the mirror, self examining and thereafter taking restorative action.

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  2. Oh, and bootlicker @d1ckh38d is also suffering from trauma from his violent upbringing. Difference is he’ll never heal from being physically beaten because he’s too much of a coward to face his own deep trauma. Him cycling in and out of this blog is evidence of that.


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    • Michel,

      The last article the dude wrote supporting his queenies was in February this year, again, if his model in approaching and dealing with black women is the correct one then why hasn’t he managed to land himself a “catch” yet? These single mothers are desperately on the hunt for a dude like D32018 yet he still cannot manage to snag himself one, smh.

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      • Verbs,

        If his black queens were so great, he’d be able to post as much good news about the sistas as you do bad news. After all, they’re such catches, right? Especially the single babymamas. But no, the articles stop in February 2019. What a simp. Why does he post on here and make a fool of himself? SMH.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        I believe that this is what frustrates the other side, the fact that there is very little if anything positive to write or post about concerning black women, this is why I stated before how these dudes simply make stuff up and accuse the critics of doing the same in their efforts to save the wretched hides of their black queanies, smh.

        The modern day black female’s image and reputation is straight in the toilet and she put it there herself through her own actions.

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      • I don’t believe he wrote his literary classic “10 types of underrated BW catches”. Just compare the prose on that particular blog, with the “YOU is a COON!!” witty ripostes.

        Two different people. Or one person and a pro-wack @d1ckh38d…

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s the same old story everyone, what exactly is attractive and feminine about this type of behaviour? Yet black women will imply that not liking violence like this from them makes us less than men, they can step right out of here with that garbage.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Tommy posted a video a few years back where a black hoe plowed her car into a Section 8 street brawl. She literally ran over a chick and the BT-1000 got right back up with no injuries. Unstoppable!

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      • Schadenfreude and Blue Collar Trevor ———- There is a video out there about a black female hair weave wearer in KANSAS CITY. The hair weave stopped a bullet from harming her. Hair weave really is a protective style. Nonetheless, it is not good for black females to wear hair weave. [Perhaps someone can post the video here].

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  3. WTF the lowest of the low . A man would have to be desperate , hard up and crazy as hell with a low self esteem to have one of these black witches on his arm , Imagine you in a 3 piece suit waiting on your female pit bull to finish brawling . The next day you and her on the front page , you can say goodbye to that corporate gig . skinned knees , bullet holes ,barb wire cuts and a weird fungus is the most you can expect from this subspecies

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    • Knutz,

      You nailed it, these black women are too volatile and unpredictable, they can literally kick off at any given moment and there is little to nothing you can do except to wait to the brawl to come to a close.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    These weaved up black female gremlins are so fucking savage because they don’t know how to behave themselves in public because they are uncivilised, uncouth, barbaric idiots who don’t know how to function in the real world without violence and chaos. It’s no wonder why SYSBM black men like myself and non black men throughout the planet who refuse to date these women because they make terrible and awful wives/girlfriends and they also make terrible mothers going by video evidence and on the Internet worldwide. Like I said before I always knew there was problems with black women and the black community from the age of 12 years old when I was in year 7 in the first year in secondary school in 1994, so I lived the SYSBM lifestyle before I knew what it really was and even before the sysbm word was ever coined or used in which I have no regrets in doing so. The only way that these barbaric black women will act proper when they get with a white man, their white lord and saviour, but even he is getting fed up with their bullshit behaviour when the black women reveals her true nature and their white lord and saviour is kicking her to the kerb and getting with their own white woman or non black women because the black women is nobody’s or no man’s type of woman and the black women is on the bottom of dating market or dating totem pole in the world. Black women are the only fucking women on the planet that always go on national television or feminist female talk shows and they are always complaining that they can’t find a decent black man to settle down with but what these black women fail to realise is that they did it to themselves and created this problem because they always pick the bummy thug type of black man over the smart intelligent black men because they perceive us as being boring and they view the ruff neck black man as exciting until they hit the wall that is. You don’t see non black women going on television complaining that they can’t find a decent man to settle down because these non black women are smart enough to pick these decent black men or non black men early in their younger years so that they can have a great functioning successful family and have a great future and this is where black women fail badly.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I want nothing to do with such women, again, what exactly is attractive about this behaviour and what man in his right mind would be drawn towards a group of women who believe that these types of violent activities are normal?

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. The thing is Verbs if you reject these black klingon females they will insult you, guilt trip you and shame into getting into a relationship with them when they say your momma black, she is a black queen and that she gave birth to you and the world. I find the guilt shaming thing such garbage and foolishness because black women act like spoit children because they can’t get their own way.

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    • The whole thing is a scam. Those so called NBC community sold out their own national movement in the 1930s. And then again in the 1960s they went begging for civil rights while most other nations formerly under foreign rule were making steps into independence on the international level. Mean while negroes were begging to eat at their master’s table and receive equity based on legal and social persuasion.

      The rest is exactly what Moynihan described in his report.

      The rest of the international community is aware of these conditions so when they come to America they generally avoid negroes or set up business and trade to make the better of a glaring opportunity for advancing their family and nation. This is just a matter of fact.

      I am sure many young men noticed the dysfunction very early and were ONLY SHOCKED because everyone else seemed not to notice. But of course they notice but its a game they are playing along with.

      Basically watch the 80s movie with roddy toddy piper, THey LIve .

      Dudes need to realize they were born and then raised in or around an active ponzi scheme/military operation. In other words you were born into a battlefield into the fog of war…into a land under judgment, etc.

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      • And as you know if you are born as a female around some of these NBCs they will always be trying to indoctrinate you into the victim religion of general failure, irrational appetites, and whoredom. These people devour their own young and turns them against each other by whatever means is convenient.

        Legend has it that some of the devils saw how these people live life and became heavy hearted and decided to return to Peace and abide by God’s Law.

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  5. Okay, the first video, they should’ve got ran over since they fighting half ass naked in the streets, blocking the damn traffic. The second video, it look like world war 3 was about to happen. The black women in America love to handle situations with violence and loud ass argument instead of being civilized and thinking the situation out rationally. Like what other group of women of different ethnicities and nationalities does this more than the black women in America? Everywhere they go, they have to throw hands like seriously? I’m officially don’t want nothing to do with the Black American Women at all, period. No ifs, ands, and buts neither. They fighting in their neighborhoods, streets, nail salon and beauty stores (I don’t be saying nothing when the Asian give them the Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do or karate treatment), restaurants (Ihop, Dennys, McDonalds, Popeyes, Chuck E. Cheese, Waffle House), just the typical places they be at. Black Women out here in America are losing the love because they can’t go one F****** day without acting like a hot head. Like they really losing out here because I’m starting to see more black men and non black women interracial couples, or with foreign black women at least. If I was going to get a black woman, I would rather get with either an Afro Latina or Brazilian, East African, Trinidadian, or a Blasian more than the typical American Black Women.

    I don’t even know why us black men got to be putting up with shit like this because that shit is not healthy at all. We ought a be getting with women who has good beauty inside and outside (meaning she takes care of her body and be in shape), feminine (not acting feminine, but is feminine), and cooperative with you. Like I don’t want to waste my time with women who wants to argue and fight back and forth, day after day, trying to be dominant and wear the pants in the relationship. If I ever seeing random black women fighting in typical places, I would do the obvious thing, and that is acting like I didn’t see no fight and keep on walking.

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    • D.K Phantom,

      I stopped dealing with black women over 14 years ago. Back when I first embarked upon the SYSBM journey I was obviously still a newbie to the path and didn’t know what the future would bring, however I did know that continuing to deal with the black witch would take me down an endless dark path of destruction. I look at where I am today and compare it to where black women are and the gulf is quite frankly incredible. Who would’ve thought that black women as a collective would sink so damn low into the gutter? They treat violence as normal behaviour and the only way to resolve conflicts.

      The problem is many of us even though we’ve X’d them out with regards to dating and marriage will still have to interact with these black witches in some way or form through our everyday lives. By the way, we now know the main reason why black men tend not to stop these brawls from taking place, how many times have we seen black women turn on brothers for trying to stop them from fighting? Enough said.

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  6. Bro, I have been on this site for years and I never comment except for once and it did not go to well. I am at that stage in my life where I don’t get remotely pissed at BW for anything they do or say anymore. I can’t take them serious anymore. The MOST HIGH has seriously blinded them (Lam 4:1), there is nothing BM can do to reason, or guide them anymore. They are completely done. Us as brothas need to just focus on brothas on how we can better ourselves(not counting mates). BM need to get right with the holy father, fast, have faith, and do what brings joy to your life. I teach scriptures on youtube and I had one of my videos flagged down about guess who? So I posted another. I wish my channel can grow or get the viewership it needs but maybe that is also my fault also. Anyway Verbs, hope everything goes good with you.

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    • TeacherofIsrael,

      I specifically write these articles looking out for thinking black men. Like I said to D.K Phantom, even though we’ve cancelled black women out of our dating and marriage equations, unfortunately many of us will still interact with these witches in some form or another. Travelling on public transport the black witch is there, being served in a convenience store, the black witch is there, your order being taken in a restaurant, the black witch is there, dealing with the customer services department of any organisation or business, the black witch is there, walking down the street with your non black significant other, the black witch is there, walking through the mall, the black witch is there, working on the job, the black witch is there etc.

      These women are set for some heavy judgement, this is why I cannot side with black men who still wish to reach out to these disjointed sirens, they have no idea of the wrath that is about to be poured out upon the modern day black female’s head. I simply recommend that brothers date and marry out, I understand the need to get right with the Most High, however that doesn’t deal with the companion/mate aspect which is something the Most High factored in when he made man.

      I recommend that you have Black Avenger.TV as a back up as YouTube has gone the way of the liberal dogs, don’t expect to post anything on there that is critical of black women and it not be flagged down and reported by the same group. Keep doing what you’re doing brother, however begin utilising other platforms.

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  7. This is a sadly a microcosm of the 98% of black women who aren’t worth a fart in a tornado storm. This is why I call bullshit at the idea of “white women do it too”. I’ve yet to see another race of women who actually shut down and impede traffic for a mass rumble in the street. Again, I’ll admit that all women have the propensity for stupid ass behavior. But, other women aren’t going around calling themselves “queens” and acting like this. And these are the same bitches who think we owe them our respect and protection? I think not. No one disrespects black women more than they disrespect themselves. Hold this “L”, black women. Take it to bed, have sex with it and fall asleep with it in your arms.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      I don’t see white and other non black women engaging in this behaviour by a longshot, sure they have their disagreements and occasional spats, however they understand that violence ought to be a last resort, additionally they understand that violent behaviour IS NOT NORMAL.

      Exactly what protection do black women need since they have already demonstrated themselves to be the most barbaric and violent individuals on the planet, I’ll wait?

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      • Thank you. These whores are disgusting. And I guarantee you that some bitch will sneak her way onto this forum and be more offended at us for talking about it than the whores who are actually perpetrating this shit.

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      • Míster Perfect,

        Indeed, or our local resident bootlicking simp D32018 will come rolling in defending this garbage and still try to tell us that these violent black female savages are a “catch”, smh.

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  8. I was at grocery store buying some chicken and this black woman came up and got an attitude with the usual “what you want” voice. I saw her necklace and it was a huge pentagram and my inner voice told me to get out of there fast as possible. I got the chicken and sat it down and made haste real quick. What made it worse is that it was another older black woman beside her who said to me”you sure must be hungry” and started laughing even though I only got one chicken breast. Again, I sat the chicken down and got out of there fast as possible. I had my son with me and the way they look at him was pure scary. When I’m out with my little boy, black women be making evil faces as though they the sight of a father with his child. #SYSBM

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  9. Dating these chicks must be like playing Final Fight on repeat.

    Notice the shade of these chicks, and of course, they were half naked, because how else could they attention?

    Think about this: if black women are such catches, why are they constantly getting beaten up, namely by each other? You don’t seem get enthusiasts destroying diamonds day in, day our, and then wondering why their collection is dwindling.

    Where are all of the Asian women Kung fuing each other? Where are the Mexican chicks throwing burritos at each other?

    Black women in the hood fight in huge swathes while their elders cheer them on. Again, the crappy nature of black elders, namely the women, HAS to be brought up, or the hood will never recover.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      But we’re wrong for walking away from these women right? Again, how is this type of behaviour attractive and feminine? Also, you’ll notice that black women have no problems getting their scrap on no matter what physical condition they’re in. Partially blind, one arm, one leg, deaf, wheelchair/mobility scooter bound, 450 pounds etc, the fight is placed above all and must take priority.

      I think what you pointed out regarding the so called elder black women encouraging the younger black females to fight is one of the most obvious signs of just how broken black women as a collective really are.

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  10. Another chimp-out. No surprise.

    More L’s for the scraggle daggle. It’s a wrap. On public display for the entire world to see.


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      • Lol. But according to the simps, ‘dese be our QUEANS yo!”

        Race power ideology is outdated and has failed miserably and stupidly every time it has been tried. Speaking of other things I was trying to pass time at my workplace when something tells me to look out the door. To my surprise it’s a heifer wearing a fresh mint green weave arguing with the principal. And when I’m going home guess what I see? Weave on the ground.

        These black hoes can’t even keep their own hair but yet still are so delusional they see themselves as the leaders of the black community.

        Let racist white males and black whores keep on making fools out of themselves, the shoe’s on the other foot and kicking ass hard left, right and center.

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  11. These little hoodrats are just nothing like football hooligans. All we see is nothing but thee black women fighting all over the place for what? Tell me for what? And we see so much weave. When you see black women, not matter where you are, all we see is black women brawling like mad. It was nothing but violence and fighting. They just throwing fist, wrestling on the ground and pulling each other’s weave.

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  12. I used to see this all the time at the (ghetto) school I used to teach at. Black girls going at it like Tyson and Holyfield. Daughters would even get into fights with their moms. Further proof that black women and men are fundamentally, existentially different. What I as a black man want most in life is peace but the black woman is all about war. This is what I don’t get about obsidian. He has explicitly noted that black men and women live in two different worlds but like Luke sky walker he keeps trying to redeem darth Vader. In the case of black women darth clearly wants to remain on the dark side of the force.

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  13. Here’s what I find interesting. Your pro-blacks and ados negros have no problem calling white folks “cavemen” and “neanderthals”. MBD said in a recent video that some pro-black buffoon had the audacity to say your children will have no soul if you, as a black man, procreate with a non-black woman. Yet if there was ever a modern society that was remotely close to the primitive lifestyle of cavemen and neanderthals, look no further than black america.

    The savagery and dysfunction of black america compares to none other. We have been cursed with the most masculine females on the planet. And because of this, the matriarchal psychosis has damaged most of today’s american black males beyond repair. That’s why the only way to fix black america is through science, ie eugenics. That’s how neanderthals went into extinction, because they were bred out of existence. We’re gonna have to do the same thing in order to change the global image of black america.

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  14. Couple of black school girls on the train (10-12yrs), talking about how some 6ft dude got dropped by some other dude.

    Later one piped up, talking about a dream where she’s perfecting the art of telling someone to fuck off.

    Finished off with them getting off the train telling her pack “you lot are dickheads”.

    BW and Violence go together.

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    • Michel,

      Note how your observations are UK based, again further demonstrating how black female skullduggery and dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL problem. Trust me, I see the same garbage from black school girls coupled with their masculine loudness.

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  15. Verbs,

    COMING SOON TO A PS4 NEAR YOU! STREET OF RAGE 5!: Ghetto Gaggers Edition

    Wow…. verbs. I don’t know how you found this footage that wasn’t suppose to be realesed in this years’s E3. E3 has really shown us some interesting video games this year, these two videos above must be a working title!

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    • Carnio SYSBM,

      It’s funny, I remember Streets Of Rage, that is literally what these black sirens reenact. It’s all about steering clear of these loose cannon volatile creatures and avoiding them at all costs. There is plenty more footage like this in the tank, stay tuned.

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  16. What it’s like to be a white woman named LaKiesha

    “That thinking was validated in a famous experiment in which researchers sent out fictitious resumes in response to actual help-wanted ads. Each resume had identical qualifications, save for one variable: Some applicants had white-sounding names such as “Brendan” while others had black-sounding names — such as “Lakisha.”

    The white-sounding applicants were 50% more likely to get calls for interviews than their black-sounding counterparts, researchers found.”

    Replace “white-sounding” with “non-ghetto name having” and that last sentences would be more accurate.

    “Once when she approached a table of black women and told them her name, they looked at her in disbelief. “They took their menus and put them in front of their faces and started laughing,” she says. “They were laughing at me saying, ‘She’s not one of us.’ ”

    Francis says she stepped away to compose herself before returning to take the women’s order. “I was kind of angry because I felt like they were making fun of me, like I was trying to be part of their group,” she said. “And I wasn’t.”“

    I’m glad that she said that she wasn’t trying to be part of their group, because their group sucks. If you are a woman and a group of BW laugh at you and say that you aren’t one of them you should take that as a compliment. This is also another example of why so many waiter hate serving groups of BW.

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    • James SYSBM,

      That was a very interesting read. Indeed, who exactly is trying to fit in with the most degenerate and bottom of the barrel gutter group of women on the planet bar none? This is the delusion of the modern day black female, she still believes that she is somebody who is revered and looked up to even though her blackside is constantly looking up to and trying to emulate the white female, smh.

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      • Hahaha, and yet the simps want us to wife up these monsters in the name of race power and purity. I’m fine thank you, no goose steppers or Black Star and swakitsa waving Brownshirts around here.


    • Jon,

      I won’t knock the fact that she managed to get on her feet and is running 3 successful businesses, however why did she even bother having a second child, didn’t she learn her lesson from the first, the one that got her kicked out of her parents house to begin with?

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  17. Such vile and barbaric creatures these BW are cannot understand who the hell would want such hideous sub human species. Do t know if any of you guys remember this movie back in the day called CHUD for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers that is what BW are.

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  18. Wow, what a brawl with weave and wigs laying in the streets and big, fat black titties flopping. The aftermath left the aroma of fish, boob sweat and Fritos. The guys in the forensic lab were flummoxed because the DNA evidence kept pointing to a small village outside of Mumbai, so the identities of the ghetto brawlers remain a mystery. And I’ll bet every single one of them ratchet hoes got kids. SYSBM, gents. This is what they expect you to reach back for once you’ve made something of yourself.

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  19. I HAVE BEEN HOLDING BACK. Although I am very critical of black females, my views of them are rather mild compared to many black men. I have noticed that most black females on social media have trouble discussing any subject without getting personal. No matter what the topic, I would never raise the female’s physical appearance in a discussion that is not about physical appearance. I notice that black females are quick to speak negatively about a black man’s hair or skin color. These same black females will be outraged, however, when a black man speaks about black female’s fake hair or skin color.

    You may recall that Trick Daddy told black females to TIGHTEN UP about spending too much money on hair an makeup. The typical black female response was to attack Trick Daddy’s recent record sales and his physical appearance. These black females made no attempt to provide a solid argument that Trick Daddy is wrong.

    Many black men shout, about black females, BREED THEM OUT. I am one step away from shouting this statement myself. In the meantime, I will not have any further discussions with black females on social media. I long ago eased up on speaking to black females in person unless necessary.

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      • Paul Anthony —– I went to Off/Grid/On Code on Facebook. — Unlike many black men, I have been holding back on my statements about black females. Tommy Sotomayor takes the position that it is a form of child abuse to procreate with a black female. BREED THEM OUT is a common view expressed about black women. All people are running from mainstream black females. Even black lesbians do not want relationships with black females.

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  20. The queans have rightfully earned this:

    Letter L Large-2

    Courtesy of L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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