Typical Inner City Black Students – They Don’t Want To Learn Anything


These are the devil spawn seedlings of these devil worshipping single black mothers, these are the savages they joyfully produce and unleash into black society to run amuck and continue spreading chaos and destruction. These will also be the same youngsters who if they meet an untimely end, these same black mothers will line up the streets crocodile tearing up the block talking about “my son was a good boy, he didn’t hurt nobody” or “my daughter was a good girl, I can’t believe she’s gone”.

From what I understand in the US there is an extreme shortage of teachers willing to teach in inner city schools like the one above for the very reason that the video demonstrates, these unruly brats don’t want to learn a damn thing, all they want to do is wreak havoc in the classroom and prove how disruptive they can be.

I notice a dynamic that commonly plays out in schools like this, where there are black females about there will be considerably more trouble and mischief to deal with as black girls typically carry foul spirits that gravitate towards fomenting drama, strife, conflict and war. As soon as you remove the girls from the equation in general you’ll tend to get more cooperation and work out the boys.

Back in my day if you refused to do your work at school you were warned and if you continued down the same path eventually you were thrown out, plain and simple. Nowadays from what I understand there are so many educational liberal policies in place to where it has now become extremely difficult to expel students who pose continual problems.

Of course this can be a problem for the very select few of students who wish to study and learn but are hindered and obstructed by class clowns and unlearned idiots who treat the school grounds like an amusement park. There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of the students in that class come from single mother households, this has now become the norm in black society.

This is why black single mothers are the worst, they instil absolutely no discipline nor moral compass into their children whatsoever, but then want to turn up and go head to head with teachers whenever their children get into trouble or flunk grades. This is how stupid the overwhelming majority of black women are, they want out of their children that which they haven’t even bothered to put in, smh.

Of course the self hating teacher was wearing a non black female style wig, this is how most black women roll in 2019 and beyond, they’re ultra lazy, they hate their blackness hence one of the many reasons why they’re trying everything within their power to get as far away from their ethnicity as is humanly possible. But we’re still expected to date, marry and procreate with such women right?

Here is another example of school student related black female skullduggery, this time a group of unruly black witches decided to attack a school bus driver for whatever reason, this recently took place in St Louis:


Now I fully understand at least one of the main reasons why Mad Bus Driver quit this job, if you have to deal with this kind of savagery from violent, mentally ill black females who simply believe the words of their sons and daughters and decide to go all out attacking anybody and everybody mentioned without first conducting a proper investigation, you have some very serious problems on your hands.

I personally have no time for such violence and ignorance and wouldn’t have hesitated to put a hammer smack bang in the middle of the skulls of those feral women. I’m not a violent man, however if you are going to attack me then at least have some good reasons for doing so, don’t just go off based upon unfounded rumours and possible lies, at least conduct an investigation first before you decide to let Jezebel loose.

Like I’ve stated many times before, it’s a crying shame that dysfunctional black females aren’t being taken out at the same rate as Chunky Bruh, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Murda Mike, Lil Cheezy, Black Block and Roof Top Trey, they’d soon fix themselves up very quickly if such retributions were to begin taking place.

What I believe happened factoring in the news report is the girls who were involved in the fight didn’t like the fact that the bus driver intervened to stop it and so they called their mothers(wide load cruise tankers as per usual) from the bus claiming that the bus driver assaulted them, this is typically how these black witches roll, they enjoy stirring the pot of chaos, lies and conflict, they love seeing others suffer in pain as well as watching blood get spilled in the streets(as long as it’s not their own).

Of course the mothers being the typical black females that they are demonstrated absolutely no conflict resolution skills whatsoever, they didn’t even bothered to first ask the driver exactly what happened in order to get some details on the table, they just went straight in for the attack. Like I’ve stated in the past, black women as a group have become way more violent than black men, black women are arguably the most violent individuals on the planet but then at the same time wonder why men of all races are choosing to give them an extremely wide berth.

Stay away from black females, they are truly evil beasts of burden who bring nothing but negativity into the lives of the people they come into contact with. Your day can be going great until you run into one of these untamed black sirens. Avoid black women at all costs like your life depends upon it, actually in a sense it does.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Blackistani Females

Most High Bless

89 thoughts on “Typical Inner City Black Students – They Don’t Want To Learn Anything

  1. My experience as a substitute teacher in Los Angeles helped open my eyes to the ills of black women and liberalism. I used to go to the schools and wonder what was wrong with the black kids. All of the kids were bad but the black kids were straight-up uncivilized. Around the same time I was listening to a lot of Tommy Sotomayor and Larry Elder. They made me realize that black single motherhood was the root of the problem.

    I tell you, when I was subbing, I hated to see even ONE black kid in the class. Most of them shouldn’t even be in school. There’s nothing a teacher can do with some black kid who has no father at home. I say all of that and I’m black. I’m trying to change and be more positive now, but that doesn’t mean the problems don’t exist. They are very real.

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    • Anthony Wilson,

      The black single mother experiment has been a complete and utter failure and the worst thing about is black women themselves are too stupid, stubborn, prideful and arrogant to admit that they have taken themselves on the most ridiculous joyride for the 21st century. No matter where you look it’s the same story, black children without fathers in the home for the majority part are lost causes.

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      • Exactly. There’s a reason why the black man and white woman were removed from the home in the 1960s, how many wanna-be fascists and radical communists along with bastard black females would be on the streets making fools out of themselves if the nuclear family had been maintained?

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  2. My wife was a teacher for years and black kids are truly dysfunctional to no end due to single mothers and their fathers being pookie and day day. Black girls in my school back in the day formed pregnancy pacts but when the rent was due, they tried to get with an educated lame to take care of their expenses. Public schools are terrible nowadays and I highly recommend homeschooling or private schools.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      These black girls are getting knocked up from the average age of 11, all they are seeing are the likes of Slim Sauce and Lil Cheezy roll through the crib dicking down their no good mothers and instead of recognising such a path as no good for the long term, they much prefer to embrace the dysfunctional antics of their mothers and thus the cycle of utter failure and destruction continues.

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  3. I’m from St.Louis verbs. The city(North City and County tbh)is simply another bastion of urban decay, fratricide/genocide and n***** nonsense created by the ABW.

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    • Autodidact,

      I can only imagine the damage that black women have brought upon that place. It’s always the same story, wherever black women are there is bound to be death, destruction and decay guaranteed.

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      • They have this big hub bub going on since the state(which is Republican) wants the last abortion clinic in the city shut down. But as of recently the courts are allowing the clinic to operate even when the state refuses to renew the clinics license. They need the sacrifices to Molech…primarily from ABW to continue.

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  4. I’ve never attended public school, at all; my parents wanted to keep my brothers and I out of that environment lest we be corrupted by the bad influences there. I’m actually glad they put us in private school, though I have come in contact with students from public schools (the Black girls are worse than the guys).

    I also remember how the whole class was punished if just one student acted up; that would cause the whole class to turn on that one student. Trust me, you didn’t want to be the student everyone hated; I also remember how swiftly one was sent to the principal’s office for any offense committed. Times sure have changed, and I long for the old days.

    P.S. I snagged one of your names for thinking Black men to use; can you guess who this is?

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      In 2019 black girls are honestly the worst, they are far more masculine and loud mouthed than the boys. I see this all the time in my local area, white and other non black school girls can be loud but their high volume has a feminine energy to it, these black girls however are completely different, their energy is straight up manish and laced with testosterone.

      I’m glad you like the name Blue Collar Trevor, I think I know who you are from the email address you used.

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      • Yeah, I chose this name because I’m a blue collar worker myself; I thought about using ‘Slim Sauce’, but I saw ‘Blue Collar Trevor’ and decided on that name instead. This is Joey, by the way.

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  6. Sorry, but what shade were most of these trouble makers? Yep, unmixed dark skinned black kids acting the worst of the bunch. Again, how can you ever feel sorry for them when they so enjoy making stereotypes reality.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the hood will become a colorist caste system, especially with more black men who want something out of life getting out and dating out.

    Those schools are literal warzones, essentially mini ghettoes themselves, full of drugs, sex, shootings, stabbings, and black whores. The only adults I feel sorry for are the (typically liberal) non-blacks who come into these schools actually wanting to help and being shocked at how awful it is. I do NOT feel sorry for the black (female) teachers, who are for the most part just as much of the problem. Much as these kids don’t wanna do a damn thing, neither do these black female teachers, who are on their phones more than the kids. Black women love being on the phones as opposed to doing their jobs, no matter what that job may be.

    Those black kids are directionless because the ADULTS in their lives are, including those teachers. Do you really think those black women are pursuing a dream by teaching, or just pursuing summers off?

    As with much of black society, too many looking in will gloss over the shitty state of the adults. You can’t have a legion of fantastic adults and yet the kids are fantastic beasts, and the environment looks like Mad Max.

    The hood needs to be nuked, but at the very least, 99.999999999999999999% of the breeding aged people thee need to be sterilized.

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    • How did you know man? My former high school is still owned by the Church so even most of the people coming in from the ghetto kept their asses in line and went straight to university without any trouble, but in my K-12 days most of the schools in Spanish Town (the former capital of Jamaica) and Portmore (where I live) were a real bag of work. Shootings, gang conflicts for no real reason, teen pregancies and of course disgusting low key trash known as music. Again modern gangsta rap orignates straight from the Jamaican ghetto.

      But according to these simps these road rollers and aircraft carriers ‘be our Queans bro’ and any criticism of them or the state of the black community is unwarranted. Ah well. Some things never change.

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      • Antón Nikolaev,

        At this stage only delusional black females and bootlicking simps are referring to this mess of a black woman as a queen. I really don’t see any of the behaviour black women as a collective exhibit that is reflective of individuals who come from royal stock. In fact black women have sunk so low into the gutter that labelling them as serfs would be doing the term itself some serious injustice.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I have to wonder why their mothers even bother sending them to school because it’s always the same story, these devil spawn seedlings just refuse to learn.

      See, I attended an all black private school so for the majority part the students had their heads screwed on, however I’ve come across a few state run schools where the majority of the attendees are black and as per usual these park apes as Obsidian refers to them specialise in thugonomics and hood ratistry.

      Again, the cantankerous fruits of single motherhood but black women refuse to come clean and admit their wrongdoings, smh.

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      • They send them there for free day care, plain and simple. These whores love to have kids, but hate actually taking care of them.

        Public school is a faulty system by nature due to the high propensity of having to lower all kinds of bars to accommodate riffraff as well as people who mentally probably shouldn’t be in school passed eighth grade.

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  7. The bastard children of single black mothers are the reason why many inner school systems are having to beg people to come and teach there. It’s not worth it man, I’d rather work at Walmart or something. Once again at least BW are doing us all a favor by giving their kids ghetto names, labeling them with ghetto names to help us avoid them.

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  8. None of these stories surprise me as I have quite a few friends who are teachers all over New York City. I’ve heard similar stories and then some. These inner city school literally have to beg teachers to come teach there and give all sorts of incentives, and quite frankly who can blame them?? One of my friends has only been at her school for two years, and she looked like she aged ten years due to the stress of working there.

    Those schools are hellholes, and these kids are allowed to pretty much get away with whatever they want without any sort of repercussions. Not me, couldn’t do it. Keep away for your own sanity and safety.

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    • Yeah man, a friend of mine who is a BM school teacher was telling me about a urban (black) school district in his area that was willing to give teachers a monthly cost of living allowance if they agreed to come and teach there. They are desperate for teachers, nobody wants to deal with LoQueesha’s bastard kids.

      “Those schools are hellholes, and these kids are allowed to pretty much get away with whatever they want without any sort of repercussions.”

      They need to pass laws regarding school discipline for the sake of the kids who want to learn but cant afford to go to a private school, vouchers help with this problem but don’t go far enough IMO. They need to create boot camps for kids who keep getting kicked out, basically a hybrid version of juvenile detention and school.

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      • They need to pass laws regarding school discipline for the sake of the kids who want to learn but cant afford to go to a private school, vouchers help with this problem but don’t go far enough IMO. They need to create boot camps for kids who keep getting kicked out, basically a hybrid version of juvenile detention and school.

        You and I both know that will never happen in liberal ass New York (which is a blue state due to New York City). God forbid you have an actual adult role model (even worse if it’s a sensible brother) putting Shaquanna’s bastard children in check and holding them accountable for their mistakes.

        That’s a disaster waiting to happen for a myriad of reasons. No sensible person would work in that type or environment; not without cameras and audio everywhere to cover their own asses.

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      • In Britain there’s an informal sponsorship scheme for the best and brightest inner city children to attend private schools for free. This is what US private schools need to do: collect money from extremely rich donors (matched by the State department) and pluck the gifted black kids from Hell.

        Lord Robert F Smith showed what he can do for 40 black adult students, let’s see the same for the children. No gerbil faced con artists need get involved.

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    • Stephen,

      This goes back to what Afrofuturism1 mentioned about the bar being lowered to the floor, thus these miscreants understand exactly what is going on and what they can get away with, which is pretty much anything and everything.

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    • “Those schools are hellholes, and these kids are allowed to pretty much get away with whatever they want without any sort of repercussions.”

      There is a YouTuber by the name of BlastphamousHD who does “BHD Storytime” videos on his gaming channel where he shares stories of past (and current) experiences in his life; some of these stories are about his public school experiences, and he has spoken of an old friend of his who was called “Smoke” (he was a Slim Sauce/12 Gauge Mike type). This guy was so dangerous, his school’s faculty and staff feared him and let him do whatever he wanted; he never went to class, and his parents were drug dealers (the apple sure didn’t fall very far from the tree).

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  9. Have you ever noticed that ever since the expulsion of the black man and the white female from the home, there’s been a sharp increase in the amount of people subscribing to fascist, National Socialist/pro-wack and radical Communist ideology these days?

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    • >Why are you posting Animal planet videos on your blog??

      Gorillas In The Mist, in particular?


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    • Hipsterken2,

      Carnio, it’s been a very long time bro, you’ve been missed. Glad to see that you’ve still about. You know me already, ans and all activities of the black witch will be documented. How has life been treating you bro, where have you been?

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      • Hello Verbs,

        Yes this is SYSBM Carnio. I wanted to login with my Carnio Account but I guess I long forgot the password and I cannot retrieve it because I deleted my old email account.

        I had just been a silent reader since I couldn’t login and I forgot I had another wordpress account with this email. The posts you link simply just does not fail to piss me off when I read about how rapidly down drain down the crapped up toilet Black women have gone.

        Aside from emotional and mental scars (from black women such as my mother) I’m doing far better in my life than I have ever been my entire life from living in America (“The supposed Land of opportunities”) .

        People, not only in this country, but from other countries neighboring Kazakhstan, other Former Soviet republics and most especially east Asia, have actually shown that they care for me and they have taken care me since my two years of living here. This is something i was not use to seeing how I was completely invisible in America in all aspects of life.

        I’ll send you all the details in a personal email shortly. BTW, I sent you a donation in Paypal. Did you recive it?

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      • Hipsterken2,

        Yes indeed, much appreciated for the donation bro and it is good to hear that you are doing well. Yep, as you can see black women are still up to the same old garbage, their behaviour never changes for the better. Looking forward to your email.

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    • cardio is that you man I have been waiting to actually get in contact with you for quite some time but God need to know if you’re still giving those tours of your part of the world you know in Kazakhstan because I am seriously thinking about making my way out there and I need a guide so talk back to me on break. I like to know one way or another.

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      • Well yes, It’s possible to give you those tours but I do not think you need a guide. No one is going to kill, beat , rape, or become racists towards you in any of the Former Soviet republics despite what black bloggers, vloggers (youtube), and fear-porning news media might say. People will give you a “death stare” look but it’s all simply out of curiosity. and you might hear “whats up N*gger”, but they mean absolutely no harm.

        But if you still need a guide through Kazakhstan then it’s no problem with me.

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  10. Man, I remember my time being in school, I had it so freakin rough that I can only remember the bad luck I had, and no good luck.at all.The bad luck I remember was being teased a lot by class clowns, getting called all types of faggot and shit, people trying to get me into trouble, having girl problems, just the bullshit, and the one thing that was my downfall was finding some solid, decent friends because I couldn’t fit in with nobody at my schools. I was the quiet, good kid in school, I barely got into trouble (I got into trouble one or two times, but not really). Basically, my childhood was extremely rough, plus I wasn’t that Stereotypical black dude in school. I like old school hip hop and R&B from 90s and early 2000s (I listen to other music like samba, salsa, house music), I played more old games than I do new games because they got more replay value, The way I dress were different from other people because I don’t wear nothing trendy or faggot wear, I still learning on Spanish and Portuguese, just stuff like that. And because of that, I’m pretty much an outcast. Also, I dance too, but I don’t do any of them stupid trending dances because I’ll look stupid doing them dances anyway.

    But yeah, I feel kind of bad for kids and teen (white, black, latino, asian, or indian, or mixed, boy or girl) who trying to go to school and actually do something with their lives for real, and they be in school being around class clowns and troublemakers, and I swear a lot of these class clowns and troublemakers need some freaking discipline most of the time. On top of that, the video where the school bus driver was getting beat down by them black savage mothers, this is why I don’t want nothing to do with Black American Women Period. They ain’t got nothing special to offer but chaos, and these freakin black women worships, THESE SIMPS, telling me I need to hold out for the “sistah”, be there and be respectful to her while she’s being a total drama queen, acting all sorts of bougee and shit? Like Black America is done. If you black american men are witnessing the shit of black america, or experiencing the shit or both, LEAVE BLACK AMERICA ASAP, NOW, OR SOMETIME LIKE FORREAL, because there’s no point of saving the black community. That’s all I got to say.

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  11. These feral black children are the type of children who think they can do whatever the fuck they want but when you meet the police officer,and he don’t take their shit and put a bullet in between their eyes. Future Pookie and Ray Ray. Thinking BM walk away.

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  12. When i see images like this it reinforces I made the right decision to go MGTOW and SYSBM,notice how these BW where land whales and very overweight .

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    • Perhaps black women in the UK are somewhat slim compared to USA black women. USA black females, between ages 16 and 70, are true land whales.

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  13. Verbs 2015.

    That first video was very funny and I laughing my ass off due to the fact that bad black boy student pulled that female black teachers wig off as he exposed her self hatred for being black which doesn’t surprise me at all. I was lucky that I went to a multiracial school in Edmonton, North London where there were so many different races of people. I would hate to go to a all black school because I would having fights every day with the hoodrat black girls and ghetto black boys because they would never accept me for being a SYSBM black boy. From when I was young growing up my mum was on my case to get a good education so that I could have something to fall back on in the future and be a success plus I am glad she did because I left education with 5 qualifications like my 7 GCSEs, my 2 GNVQs and my 2 Business Degrees despite not being academic because I worked very hard to achieve my educational goals in life.

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      • Black British Guy.

        I haven’t found a job yet but I am still looking for one and I want to get a job that I like so that I can build a career from it and not be in a job that I absolutely hate because life is too short for that bullshit. I am looking forward to my 37th birthday on Monday the 10th June.

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  14. We all know the outcome of this movie,

    Thug boys: dead or lock up for life

    Hoodchicks: multiple bastard kids becoming tatted up fat as hell.

    The End

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  15. These “students” perform a valuable service – by keeping the prison industry and the L Express economy going by funneling a fresh supply of bodies to those endeavors.

    I call this the UNICOR career track (UNICOR is a corporation which sells products built with prison labor).


    L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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  16. I tell you these children are not learning anything in school. These black children are getting worse and worse. It seems like these children don’t have a future. It’s not looking bright for them because of these single mothers are raising them and these young black girls, they are more violent then these football hooligans we see fighting outside the football stadium and these young girls are next to be single mothers.

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    • “Bad breed” is a bit of an unfair term to call the spawn of the BW witch. It’s not the children’s fault if their mother is an angry, violent, over emotional hollow shell of a ghost of a former human being. But it’s not BM job to go play caretaker, especially when it gets them killed.

      Fuck all that, pour me some Minute Maid juice.

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      • In the past I would have agreed with that but today I think that “Bad breed” is a pretty accurate description of the DeQuan’s and LaKreshia’s. Low IQ, useless, ghetto daddy and a short, fat, low IQ ghetto mamma = “Bad breeding”. I’m not saying that their breeding cant be overcome, but its accurate. Like we have pointed out before, the ghetto is devolving.

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    • Michel,

      Still no school as of yet, Sotomayor especially went in on Umar Johnson for this, however he is just as much of a swindling fraudster as Johnson as he has yet to come out with his A Fatherless America documentary. 5 years later and his fans are still waiting for that, in fact I believe that many of them have either forgotten about it or have decided to give Sotomayor a pass on that shortfall.

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      • Verbs,

        It’s like MBD pointed out, the black billionaire with the white wife wipes out student loan debt for an entire class of young black men. The pro-black telling us to keep it real with the sistas is a swindler and fraudster who lives in squalor. SYSBM works.

        As for Sotomayor, if the footage is shot, I don’t see what the holdup is. You can edit quick and cheap on iMovie or Final Cut Pro. How many volumes of Hidden Colors have there been? That’s why I watch the guy and think he’s funny, but will never send him any cash.

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      • Chunky Bruh,

        Indeed sir, you have to stare and wonder in amazement at how the black men who are labelled as sellouts and Uncle Toms are actually making many more strides than those who claim to care for black folks and the community.

        I still can’t believe how grimey old gerbil face is living, his room literally looked like a dumpster. Can you imagine the condition the entire house/apartment is in, smh. At least Sotomayor with the money he swindled is evidently living in much better conditions.

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  17. School programming will be a joke without qualified teaching staff and qualified students to receive proper instruction.

    Sending your children to public schools filled with undisciplined youth makes little sense unless you need a free babysitter. Sending your children to failing schools for generation after generation is a sign of mental and morality deficiency.

    It seems like they will have to import all of the Filipino women teachers who know math in order to keep many “urban” schools properly staffed. And if you know anyone who teaches in American “urban” schools they will tell you there is a severe lack of men in these settings. I do not see that changing unless they start offering some lucrative deals.

    Parents should be doing everything in their power to put their child in an acceptable learning setting around adaptive culture. And at the very least the parent should be the most active force in their child’s life and should be looking for or providing supplemental and corrective education for their children.

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  18. Chronicles of Judah 144 did a video about a black male teacher in the L.A. area who was being harassed by a Latino student, the brother had enough and beat the shit out of him. He was suspended but a Latina co-worker started a GoFundMe for the brother and he made over $30K last time I checked, I even sent the dude $20 for the cause. Funny how it was a Latina woman who had the black man’s back over the Latin kid who got his ass beat. Even she knows how shitty these kids are and was probably ashamed for her race.

    Found the video!

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      • Correct, sir. Note in the video how the black female Gayle King kept feigning disbelief that a black man could actually snap from being abused, and that anyone would sympathize with him. These black feminist dykes are not our friends.

        A lot of you guys on here are staunch conservatives, I get that. I even quietly (belatedly) agree with a few of Trump’s policies (Muslim ban, tranny ban in the military, officially recognizing marriage as man/woman, NOT flying the rainbow flag at the White House, Federal hiring freeze, welfare/Section 8 cuts). But part of the reason I voted HRC was simple: Black men do better with white or non-black women, as this brother shows. The Latina co-worker is the one who had his back.

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      • >A lot of you guys on here are staunch conservatives, I get that.

        You’ll find that a lot of us lean libertarian (live and let live). Unfortunately, the minions of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Cuckistan and Simpistan) don’t want thinking black men to leave the plantation and live their lives.

        I say – too bad. That ship has sailed a long time ago. We’ve gone the way of SYSBM – never to return.


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      • Chunky Bruh —- I agree that black men do better with white and non-black women. Hillary Clinton, however, was not seeking to be your girlfriend or wife. Hillary Clinton was seeking political office in 2016. I, like about 15% of USA black males, voted for Trump.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        HRC was not “seeking to be my girlfriend of wife,” but WW have historically done me right to the point that I voted for one with her qualifications. Since clearly my logic needed to be broken down even further for you. Congrats on your Trump vote.

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  19. Verbs
    Been reading and appreciating your work a long time. I taught in inner city schools for 4 years and it was literal hell. The black boys saw me, another black man, not as a resource or mentor but competition to them being HNIC. Don’t get me started on the girls except to say that I have seen German male bodybuilders who look (and act) more feminine. The Latinos weren’t so bad. They were hard working and the girls were very feminine and respectful (until they started hanging out with the black girls). If it had just been them I might have been able to get something done. Add on top of that an administration that blames you as the teacher for not being able to manage these negro children of the corn. Fortunately I transferred to a much nicer segregated white district.

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    • “Add on top of that an administration that blames you as the teacher for not being able to manage these negro children of the corn.”

      I had a discussion with my friend who is a teacher about this. The administration and politicians are cowards who would rather blame the teachers than blame the real problem, the parents (voters), specifically single black mothers. The bastard children of LoQueesha cant be taught because they have no interest in learning, and good luck trying to discipline them.

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    • Jedi Master Coon,

      Thanks for the support as always and glad to see that the works are benefitting you. It’s always the same old story, as soon as black girls come into contact with other students you can pretty much guarantee that everything will descend into Hell fairly quickly. Additionally black single mothers bring absolutely no positives to the table whatsoever, all we see coming from them is death, destruction and devil spawn seedlings who go out into the surrounding communities and bring about the same carnage.

      You’re not supposed to handle basket cases, your meant to discard of them by the way side, many of these school administrators expect miracles where absolutely none can be manifested and provided. In the case of the majority of black children who come from single mother households, they’re a dead weight and need to be cut off instead of being supported.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Not only is it NOT your responsibility to fix anybody, you are interfering with their life learning path, which is theirs alone.

        Your name is not Mr Roadside Garbage Collection, is it?

        Liked by 2 people

  20. >Add on top of that an administration that blames you as the teacher for not being able to manage these negro children of the corn

    Not something that some napalm or Roundup ground clear can’t fix.


    Liked by 3 people

  21. I had to comment on this post. I unfortunately had the displeasure of being sentenced to one of these gorilla schools. Fuck it I said it. Being a quiet, frail, and timid child those monkeys had a field day with me. There was this one bitch ass motherfucker who harassed me for years, even the teacher defended him who was a dark skinned black cunt by the way. I will never attend my class reunion, fuck those apes. I screamed for joy when I found out that said bully was murdered in the bullshit city I was forced to live in back then. Another savage nigga got that ass. And guess what I still hate that motherfucker, may the demons imps and other evil spirits do to him what he did to me for all eternity. If you have a bright child, do not send him or her to one of these nigga schools. Fuck the Black Community. Self Defense Laws need to be implemented for children so they won’t have to be afraid to defend themselves from one of these apes. Better yet remove the ones who wanna learn from these monkey schools and send them elsewhere.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Gryphon,

      It’s a sad situation to be in when as an young individual with intelligence you unfortunately are sent to one of these inner city zoos. Black children who come from single mother households are the worst when it comes to sniffing out quiet and timid individuals, they smell the blood in the water and roll in like a pack of hungry sharks for the kill. I like yourself am always glad to hear when one of these devil spawn seedlings meets an untimely death, as I’ve stated before it’s just a pity that dysfunctional black girls as well as black women aren’t being taken out at the same rates as Trap House Jim, Lil Cheezy and Chunky Bruh.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Well said, I too went to a shitty mostly black school. I wasn’t bullied much outside of the occasional run in with a pookie (which is to be expected at a shitty mostly black school) but was still surrounded by pookies and shaniquas. I was watching a YouTube series called Prison Talk and hearing the guys on there talk about prison and how it works on the inside and I thought damn, that sounds almost like my High School. lol

      “I screamed for joy when I found out that said bully was murdered in the bullshit city I was forced to live in back then. Another savage nigga got that ass. And guess what I still hate that motherfucker, may the demons imps and other evil spirits do to him what he did to me for all eternity.”
      ROFL. Dudes like that usually don’t last long, they usually end up dead or back in slavery (hard labor prison sentence).

      “If you have a bright child, do not send him or her to one of these nigga schools.”
      Sending a non-ghetto child of any race to one of these schools is basically child abuse. Which is why I feel for good kids who cant afford to go to a private school or cant get a voucher to attend one.

      “Better yet remove the ones who wanna learn from these monkey schools and send them elsewhere.”
      This is the ultimate solution, but you can hear the beastly wails of Shaniqua and her bastard baby making crew shouting “Yu Caint expell mah chile from skool!” and the cowardly politicians and school administrators giving in to them.

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  22. Remember the good old days when adults were in charge of the students instead of the other way around? You may not be old enough to remember those days!


  23. It’s not that black children and teenagers don’t want to learn. Truth is, the system is shitty and similar to how prisons treat inmates. But that’s a whole nother story. I wrote about this before. I loved learning, but I didn’t see the point of being part of the shitty system teaching you to be obedient servants for the “elites” and society, who wants you to fail either way.

    Like Don Spears said in his 1991 book “Goodpussy”, our children are sick of watching grown ass people who don’t care about them play games with their lives.


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