Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

It’s that time once again folks, another Open Mic Wednesday is here for you guys to speak your minds. Slaying Evil, one of the few places that thinking black men can speak their musings without being mocked, ridiculed, laughed to scorn and derailed and I AM NOT ASHAMED to be providing such a space.

To be honest, I don’t see that many spaces remaining on the internet where thinking brothers are free to hash out and converse on the issues they feel concern them, many areas that were once safe havens have since been infiltrated by the black witch and her squadron of pro black female flunkies/interference operatives.

Nether the less, Babatunde Umanah aka Verbs will continue to hold and keep the fort going, there is absolutely no profit in catering and pandering to a group of women who have sunk into the Jurassic layer of the fossil record. Gentlemen, as per usual this is your time, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

61 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. The hidden blessing of blogs like Slaying Evil is exposing the narcissistic BW for who they really are- unconscious vampires looking to bleed Black men dry.

    From there, that information should be a catalyst for us to empower ourselves, bring our own past childhood shit to light and cure it. The only type of “negotiation” should be between our true selves and our inner spiritual power.


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    • Michel,

      Amen to that brother. In blog/website form I seem to be one of the very few individuals willing to hold the fort and expose the modern day black female for the dysfunctional miscreant that she is, Oshay Duke Jackson’s Negro Manosphere website started out that way, however he’s now chosen to move in a completely different direction.

      The reason why I continue to expose and call out black women is because they continue to transgress without repentance. It’s funny, of all the black men going around telling us to “lay off the sistas”, I don’t see any of these dudes holding black women to the same standards ie advising them to cease berating black men.

      Negotiating with scum buckets is a no no especially when they see no fault within themselves.

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  2. What should you do. I took my royal navy rt test on Monday. I failed for my job warfare specialist but I passed for two jobs chef and writer. Did crap at reasoning and mechanical comprehensive destroyed me. I only failed by a few marks. Even the maths I did fine. But the problem is if I retake the test again If I do worse and get no jobs offered. Then those new jobs disappear. You only get three attempts with the royal navy rt test. But I don’t like cooking and hate office work. I don’t want to be a man surrounded by women in hr. I have till Friday until till I have to email the royal navy. I don’t want to be stuck in a job I hate

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    • Black British Guy,

      Being in a job that you hate is the worst, I thankfully am not in such a position but I hear of plenty of folks who are. I cannot stand office work either, I don’t like being in one place, I prefer to move around. Well, it looks like you may have to take your second of three lives and try again, there is no harm in attempting to improve your position.

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      • I’m taking another gamble. Your right working is only good if you like your job. I did decent for my first attempt got two jobs only failed by a few marks. I’m retaking it’s 50/50

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      • Sorry I made a mistake the second attempt will be my last attempt you only get two attempts. But I think I can pass first attempt I got two jobs and I only failed by a few marks. The month of revision paid off. I’m taking the gamble

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  3. I’m glad you pointed out that “Slaying Evil” is one of the few places whee we can speak our minds without being mocked or ridiculed; the other day, I was thinking on how I don’t see much SYSBM groups on Facebook like I see MGTOW groups. One of the things I’ve seen in those groups is a list of songs that convey their message; I’ve been thinking about songs that convey the SYSBM message, and I have a few in mind:

    This song needs no explanation; the message is clear enough:

    This song captures the SYSBM experience in that a woman we used to deal with wants to come back, not because she truly cares for us, but she hates seeing us with someone else:

    This one is for the successful brother who went SYSBM; when you were a “nobody”, they curved you. NOw that you are of a different social status, they want you:

    These are a few songs I could think of at the moment; I feel like there are more songs I could’ve posted, but maybe you guys can think of more SYSBM music to share.

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    • Joey,

      I suspect that of the few SYSBM groups that are on Facebook, most of them are probably secret because we all know what happens when black women find out about black men operating anything they’re not a part of, they always aim to infiltrate and take over or failing that they’ll attempt to shut it down from the outside.

      That’s why for the majority part I’ve kept myself over here, unlike the rest of social media the black witch’s coven as well as the pro black simp disruption operatives cannot run the flag and report games on blogs/websites like they can on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube etc.

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  4. This is what women wanted, women are the main ones pushing the transgender bullshit. Women want transgenders to be accepted in any area or bathroom they choose to be in, and now it is biting women in the ass. This tranny took a championship (and possibly a scholarship) away from a real female athlete, this is what women wanted though. More female athletics are probably going to be invaded by trannys (mentally ill men) in the future and more women will be beaten and pushed out. Oh well…:

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    • I hoping women pushing the LGBT community will come back to bite them in the ass because the shit they pushing is starting to get real annoying.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Women in general have a nasty habit of supporting and promoting that which is detrimental to them directly, this LGBTQ straight out of the bottomless pit Tom foolery is one such example.

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    • James SYSBM,

      You are 100% on point. There was another female athlete they disqualified for having too much testosterone, the jury’s still out whether it’s a tranny or not.

      Keep the wall up gents, these trannies are out here gunning for straight black men, the sex change operations are improving daily, there are some you can’t tell the difference. They present themselves as female then act surprised when a dude finds out its true gender and beats the shit out of, or even kills one.

      These are problems that are 100% created by these people.

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    Don’t you hate it when you get black women or black single mothers begging childfree black men to get with them despite the fact that they have nothing to offer except baggage, bastard kids and baby daddy drama. When I went to my school reunion 6 years ago, I had a black woman begging me not to give up black women even though I told her that I am not interested in black women and that I will never date them and the cheek of this is that this black women is a single mother with a mixed race kid. Like you Verbs I would hate to be in a job that I absolutely hated and I experienced this with previous jobs in the past and I am glad that I am taking my time and looking for a new job that I like even though I am not working at the moment.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I’ve had the same “don’t give up on black women” message from black women before, the thing is they don’t understand the filth that I have to wade through on the daily with regards to black female degradation, after all this is the main topic I now choose to focus on. On top of this I refuse to take on board somebody else’s children, not my seed, not my responsibility.

      Most black women seem to think it is a joke when thinking black men tell them time and time again that they need to choose right from the beginning, not open their legs to the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim and then expect blue collar Trevor or white collar Stephen to roll in and fix up the mess thereafter.

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  6. The daggle never ceases to amaze and confound me.
    This broad just committed a federal crime over a dude who’s fucking both of them 🤦🏾‍♂️

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  7. You know I was thinking about your book Negro Wars and my best friend is reading it. Let me tell you something about that book. Everything on that book is right. There was nothing wrong what you said in that book. Its one of the greatest book of all time since Sun Tzu The Art Of War and that strategy book is a big time masterpiece. There are goanna be simps defending these hoodrat whore becasue they want what they have between her legs.

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    • Money Cultural,

      The black witch and her pro black flunky acolytes can’t refute any of the contents of the book so instead they’ll reach for the “he’s a foreigner” argument. These black female defenders are a joke, they cannot defend the black witch on any level yet they’ll still try.

      Black women didn’t believe that somebody would ever come out with a book that would hold them to account at every turn. I don’t see the modern day black female as the sacred cow of black society, I instead see her as a curse and a pestilence that needs to be avoided at all costs.

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      • The book is a complete masterpiece. It’s just brilliant. Black women who are wretched and worthless are nothing but a problem to us black men and these simps are defending her just to get some coochie.


  8. Be honest what would you give yourself in the face department looks wise?I would give myself a 7 out of ten. I have been told by many women that handsome /stunning

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  9. Interesting read:

    Britain’s mixed-race GI babies want to know why they were given away

    “Historian Lucy Bland estimates that around 2,000 mixed-race children were born in the UK to British women and African-American servicemen between 1943 and 1946. The US Army refused permission for black GIs to marry their pregnant white girlfriends and so the babies they gave birth to were branded “illegitimate.””

    “When African-American GIs, many of whom came from the Deep South, served in Britain the US Army forced them to abide by the “Jim Crow” racial segregation laws. But many white British women paid no attention to such rules and attended “black-only” dances and pubs, where relationships were formed.

    “When the black GIs wanted to marry some of the white women and asked the officers — who were all white — they invariably refused,” says Bland, professor of social and cultural history at Anglia Ruskin University. “It wasn’t a legal thing but this is what they did, which is outrageous.”

    Lucy found one case in which a black GI who said he wanted to marry his pregnant girlfriend was told by his commanding officer “if you do that you will be charged with rape, and the penalty for rape is death.””

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    • Stories like these are a perfect example of technology being an equalizer. Before social media and even computer came along, white men had the upper hand in deciding who a black man married. But now, thanks to technology and white women pulling the rug from beneath them, these same type of white men can only watch in horror as their women mingle with any race of men they want, and prepare for the harsh backlash if they disapprove. Funny how years of calling black men the boogieman has now given these racist non-black men the same title.

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    • Would you look at that bm disproving the stereotype and yet being punished I’m glad we’re in this age of truth now. I feel sorrow for all the brothers before us who were actively being blocked from such happiness.

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      • These broads known as black females and their counterparts in racist beta males stay losing, they call themselves kings and queens yet we black men whom they have kept down for many years keep on outperforming them. No clean up men here, you simps and white boys let in the like of Shlomo, Mohammed and Lorenzo and allowed Biggie D to terrorize the block all in the name of d…k policing thinking black males, deal with your own problems for Christ’s sake.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Of course they’ll find a way to blame the black man, even though he was hamstrung by military law, Jim Crow, and other restrictions of the day.

      There was an old HBO movie with Courtney B. Vance about a black GI having an affair with a married, white Englishwoman, here it is.

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    • Emmett Till’s father was hanged to death in Italy in 1945. The hanging was shortly after the war. Louis Till, the father, was convicted of rape and murder. Perhaps some research will reveal some other matters. ————— By the way, Emmett Till was the teenager who was murdered for allegedly disrespecting a white woman in Mississippi.

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  10. Why does it seem like many Gay Black men were raised in all female environments? It seems like lately there is a huge increase in Gay Black men and we already know there is a major absence of Fathers (And male leadership in general) in the Black community. I think these two issues are related somehow but I can’t be sure. I think this same absence of fathers is one of the main reasons Black Women act so masculine and are generally not women to build with or date. Starting to seem like this absence of Fathers in the Black community has caused Feminine Men and Masculine Women?

    What do you guys think?

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    • Makes sense. Without a father the state effectively takes over, which is why we see so many Neo-Nazis/pro-wacks, feminists and radical socialists in the West these days. The powers that be knew what they were doing when the black man and white female was removed from the home, there would have been a lot less incels, thugs, black hoes and wanna be Bolsheviks on the streets if the nuclear family was still strong.

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  11. I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna keep using this handle, but it cracks me up every time I post. Verbs, you’re a genius! LMAO!

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      • I heard Obsidian name check Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim and Roof Top Trey recently, so the names are getting around. Kudos!

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      • Chunky Bruh,

        Good, I’m glad, since these black heifers and their pro black/black first interference operatives are trying to pull the “what’s the definition of Pookie and Ray Ray” Kansas City shuffle, I simply decided to inject some new names into the mix whereby there can be no grey areas concerning the types of individuals we are talking about.


  12. I think Sigma Jones was right all along. The current state of the black manosphere is destroyed and now, we got evidence from C Boggie Productions that all of these so called YouTube beefs are staged. It would explain how Renaissance woman came out of nowhere and into men’s platforms. Even Taz was in on it. Now, they’re turning on Oshay Duke Jackson.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      King Sigma’s prediction is rolling along accurately, Black Manosphere 3.0 is on the horizon. This current black manosphere is a complete and utter mess, this is what happens when you allow deceitful black witches and their interference operative pro black simps to enter the arena. I always knew the Renaissance Witch was up to no good, Taz Exclusives aka GOAT boy is her acolyte, Cynthia G, Nylah Says and the rest of the Motley crew.

      To be honest I don’t really feel sorry for Oshay Duke Jackson either because he is one of the main culprits responsible for letting these tyrants into the Manosphere to begin with.

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      • Simple. They both pretended to be beefing against each other, but they both staged everything to get traffic to their channels. Some dudes in a google hangout prove that Taz was going to everyone channel, trying to instigate a fight, then go to his channel to debate so his channel can get itself subscriber count up. Even C Boggie said this about obsidian a while back.

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  13. Verbs has mentioned the judgment awaiting the Scraggle Daggle and her SIMP minions. I never knew what this actually meant until I read more into full blown narcissism, which the majority of BW possess.

    The origins of narcissistic mothers, daughters and women in general can be debated at length, however there is a disconnect from the True Self caused by an abusive childhood. Some are outright neglected, some are put on pedestals, but they are all denied their true child like expression by a brutal regime of emotional and physical violence.

    Trauma victims often zone out, which is where the False Self starts it’s takeover. This is the typical BW “empty bucket” personality we’re all familiar with: attitude, violence, disrespect, promiscuity etc… The need to fight, cause drama and sleep around fills that bucket up with vital energy. But the bucket always empties out, and like a heroin addict, they are satisfied causing damage to others until the next fix is needed.

    The Lord’s judgment is simply the consequences of their collective actions. Now that energy pipe line is now getting cut off. Once smart BM choose to refuse to be their Duracell Battery Pack, the heroin addict starts getting all fruit loopy. You notice them on the “Dear Black man” videos? That’s a heroin addict begging for a power boost.

    The BW witch only has her reserve SIMP charges and her unfortunate children to trick off energy. No sane Black man wants to be used by a vampire anymore, so they are now like wandering stray dogs up in everybody else’s faces, all looking for that energy hit (WM are literally hitting back, to their deaths).

    Judgment is coming, all we need to do is pour out some Minute Maid and just chill. #SYSBM #NarcFree

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Yup, Obsidian’s main channel RIP. He’s got a back-up though. I’d stopped listening ever since he went all live stream. And especially since he started letting black hoes pipe up. I preferred it a year ago when it was just him monologuing for 45-60 minutes.

      YouTube is trying to compete now with other streaming services and get its share prices up, so the purge of politically-incorrect and copyright-infringing (old TV shows) channels has begun. Chronicles of Judah said he got a strike just when he hit 100,000 subs.

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  14. There’s only one thing left to say:

    It’s a wrap for the Scraggle Daggle.

    And remember: You can’t spell Scraggle Daggle without the L.


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  15. Yeah, they terminated Obsidian’s YouTube account. He was just on Nyla’s Says google hangout talking about there and of course, Renaissance woman and taz was there as well.


  16. today on on crowded bus waiting platform i accidently bumped into a bag which was carried by a black woman. when i walked to the other side she was looking as if i committed a crime. i bumped into other people all the time on crowded bus/subway stations. i was wearing sunglasses which made it easier to ignore her


  17. I see several people speaking on Obsidians channel being canceled, which makes me think, whatever happened to SBW and his videos?

    Dude came with the pure, unfiltered truth every single vid. I know YT can be stressful at times, especially dealing with the scraggle, but his vids were just too good and I need more lol.

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    • SunGodRa,

      You can’t keep up the hate-black-chicks drumbeat forever. He probably said all he had to say, just like Rick Scorpio, who also quit making videos. I look at them as musicians who made some classic albums, then retired.


  18. I see ScrewTube is now doing another round of purging. Some channels are being demonetized while others are being completely shut down. This is one of the reasons why you will never see my video contents on there. Too many shady things going on and black men get the brunt of the abuse. If it wasn’t for BlackAvenger.TV, I wouldn’t bother uploading vids of my social commentary. That’s another reason why we have to continue supporting sites like and BlackAvenger.TV. These are really the only true platforms where black men are free to speak their minds with little repercussions.

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