Black Women Never Fail To Demonstrate Just How Violent They Really Are


Exactly what the caption says, they just proved her point. This is how stupid the overwhelming majority of black women are, they are more than happy to prove a person right concerning their barbaric thirst for violence and bloodshed. Yet, we are constantly being instructed by the male feminist pro black simps to address these savages as “queens” and “mother earth”, smh.

I’ve stated many times before that the modern day black female has become a menace and a curse upon black society and many of you have equally stated how now non black folks are beginning to grow sick and tired of black women, their continuous grasping for the pole of victimhood as well as their hostile and violent nature, the white woman above is a quintessential case and point.

Now she referred to them as “black b****es” which is exactly what they are and then some, however being by herself and having nobody present to assist and aid her defence, I don’t think it was wise of her to utter such words in that situation. However, let’s face it, black women and their continued dysfunction is a serious frustration that very few people within black society are facing up to.

These black heifers just like the unchained beasts that they are were already out there looking for trouble and an avenue to blow off some “steam”, had it not been the white lady in the shop then some other poor unsuspecting soul would’ve eventually caught their wrath in one way or another. People are sick and tired of black women and equally the pro black simps who stand in support of them and their dysfunctional behaviour.

Of course both of these heifers were weaved up to the hilt, haven’t I already told you that weave wearing is a blatant indication of mental illness? How is it that we have a group of women who walk around on the daily looking like the witches of Eastwick and believe that this is perfectly normal behaviour? In addition to the fake hair of course both of these creatures were overweight, an epidemic that is currently sweeping black female society in the US at an 80% clip.

You’ll notice how black women have no problems putting their time, money and effort into things that simply don’t matter for the long run(weave, expensive clothing, Gucci bags, outlandishly expensive shoes, lavish jewellery, fake nails, fake eye brows, luxury cars etc), yet for the majority part they will point blank refuse to invest in their health, good food, investments and setting up their children for the future.

Rather than these savages take the higher road and simply walk away in light of the woman’s comments towards them, they instead decided to go full primal and prove to the world just how violent most black women really are. Now, did you notice the skin tone of these women, that’s right, both of them were dark skinned.

Yet you have certain individuals who will still attempt to dismiss the fact that the majority of the battle royales and street brawling carried out in black female society is engaged in by dark skinned women. Don’t believe me, check out any social media website or forum, type in “black women fighting” and see what you come up with. Dark skinned black women are the most ruthless, wicked, bloodthirsty and violent in black society and these facts are so easily evidenced.

Let us also never forget that black women call white women all kinds of “white and cave bi***es” all the time, it is black women who are primarily responsible for the continued stoking of the racial hot iron, they are the ones in the vast majority of cases constantly stirring up racial strife and conflict. Of course what else do we expect from the new gatekeepers of white supremacy within black society?

Thinking black men, stay away from women like this, they mean you no good and through their hyper emotional outbursts they will land you in a world of trouble. Let’s not forget the video that came out a few years back of the loud mouth black female who got her boyfriend beaten up on the subway because she simply couldn’t keep her mouth shut:

These are the same harpies raising the likes of Pookie, Ray Ray, Tyrone and J Boogie from the block, is it any wonder that these guys grow up to be violent? Yet in 2019 even their level of violence is no match for the modern day black female? Lastly, ignore black women whenever they talk about so called “violent assaults against themselves perpetrated by black men”, in light of them now being the leaders in violent activity, how can we ever take them seriously on such topics any more?

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Violent Female Savages Simply Aren’t Worth The Trouble

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Black Women Never Fail To Demonstrate Just How Violent They Really Are

  1. In that first video, she straight up said “Black b*tches don’t know how to act”, and like the caption said, they proved her right; my first Spanish teacher (a Black woman married to a Mexican man) once told the class something her father told her: “do not prove them right”. Black women are the only group I know of that think they can disprove people’s notion of them…by proving people’s notion of them.

    As for the second video, that masculine Beastie and her simp both need to be put down; her name was revealed to be Queen Muhammad. I wish everybody on that train would’ve pushed her off so that fiasco would have ended sooner; the dude who beat up her simp boyfriend ended up getting arrested for assault. As a man, he should’ve never engaged that brawds in an argument; she’s a gutter female, and beneath him.

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    • Joey,

      The problem with most black women is that they don’t believe that any standards apply to them, hence their “I can do whatever I want” type attitude. And to think that there are black men who walk around with wild, feral savages like this and really can’t say anything to them lest they themselves catch a beat down in the middle of the street. Simply walking away from these women is the equivalent of instantly winning the lottery.

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  3. Those women looked as trashy as can be, and appeared to be in a boost mobile or metro pcs store. Those stores, due to their prices, attract a certain demographic.

    The world KNOWS that black women are bitches, the biggest there have ever been. One has to wonder when the other foot will drop with these harpies.

    As verbs mentioned with the black Women fighting videos, what you will see in those are whole swaths of black women from age 9 to age 99 fighting in the middle of parks and other public areas in their “hood”. Before you know it, titties and weaves are flying around everywhere. How can you tell me that this is a queen, or better yet, that she’s NO worse than anyone else?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      When I visit my friend in Atlanta he refuses to set foot in Walmart or any of these other cheaper convenience stores unless absolutely necessary because of feral black female savages like the above.

      The stage curtain is slowly beginning to come down on the modern day black female bread and circus monkey show, more people than ever before are saying enough is enough and many aren’t even hesitant to put these creatures into the gravel.

      I was walking through my local market the other day, I heard some masculine voices behind me talking about some confrontation that took place with them, I crossed to the left side of the street and fell back to identify the culprits, of course it was 2 dark skinned overweight, weaved up the hilt black females. Like I’ve stated before, the black woman and her severe lack of femininity is an international problem.

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      • I had a friend from another state visit me a few weeks ago and say that he refuses to go to many fast food places in his area because they are full of dumb hoodrats.

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  4. These are the women raising the violent black boys that are out terrorizing schools and the communities that they live in. The internet is kicking BW’s ass, they cant hide behind their old “BM ain’t shit” and “Fatherlessness is the problem in the black community” anymore. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, they are out of control. People can easily connect the dots now and see that BW along with the Gov’s subsidy are the real problem. As PBT said BW want to rush to unity now that their backs are against the wall, but decades worth of thug fucking and niggas ain’t shit talk wont be forgotten overnight.

    As for the guy in the second video that got beat up, he learned a valuable lesson about dating the modern BW by getting beat down for her actions. Hopefully the simp got some sense beat into him. Many modern day BW have the body of a man, genitals of a woman, and the brain of a child, and should be avoided. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Indeed, these uncouth female primates above are the Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey and Chunky Bruh creators. These are the women who are responsible for bringing the so called black community down into the pile of ashes and rubble it lays in today. But then we are still expected to date, marry and procreate with such scum, no thanks.

      There must be NO bailouts provided for black women, as a collective they must be left to drink down their coming judgement by THEMSELVES. They’re not even repentant of their transgressions, they simply as per usual want thinking black men to step, clean up their mess as well as help buffer the consequences from the stupid decisions they made in the past.

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  5. But according to the simps and the beta male white supremacists, we’re supposed to wife up these hariddans as our ‘queans’. No thanks, I’ll go with natural looks and feminine behavior over any form of ethnic unity anyday of the week. The pro wack/white supremacist race power ideology is outdated, it needs to go the way of the dodo bird.

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  6. Just the typical black female psychosis at work here. That’s why if anyone needs evidence as to why feminism is bad for society, just point them towards Black America. Like you said Verbs, the black man has been cursed with the most masculine and volatile group of women on the planet. That’s why there’s really no need to engage an argument with these witches. Sooner or later, their actions will prove our case each and every time.

    And speaking of the matriarchal psychosis, here’s my latest vid on how the psychosis messed up MLK from going SYSBM:

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    • Sigma Jones,

      I go on Facebook about 2 times per week and each time I log in my name is always tagged multiple times linked to more evidence that continues to over prove the case. No black man with his head screwed on straight is going to deal with or tolerate this garbage. Indeed, like I’ve stated before the facts and the reports are in, these back and forth arguments at this stage are fruitless. Let these decadents crash and burn by themselves.


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  7. Well, the white chick DID have it coming. She should have known those black hoes wouldn’t stand being called bitches to their faces. This new racist confidence from Trump got her chin-checked. LMAO!


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  8. Man, I guess them videos of black women fighting in restaurants and other places just proves the fact Black women can’t go one day without acting savage. And a lot of these simps need to be slapped in the face for saying this is who we suppose to be with. Just look at how manly these black women are in america. I can’t imagine myself being around women like that because it’s just make it seems like she’s wearing the pants and I’m wearing the apron and dress. Why can’t black women be civilized about situations and think rationally instead of just putting your dukes (fists) up, and starting a damn fight fest all the time? When I used to watch them fights on YouTube that be happening in Waffle House, Mickey D’s (Slang for McDonalds), and Popeyes, and nail salon, I be disgusted because this is how savage Black women are nowadays, and I can’t just be doing all that. Like I said before, the shit is simple math:
    Women + Masculine Energy = Unattractive
    Women + Feminine Energy = Attractive
    I can keep going on about the ghetto fights I’ve seen

    That one was disturbing because of the little girl in the video trying to get in

    I can keep going on, but I might went a little overboard, but you thinking black men get the point though. Plus, this is why I don’t wanna work at fast food joints, never in my life period. Also, the people that be recording the fights need to quit with all that World Star bullshit because world star is not happening at all.

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    • Anytime Tommy does a video with BW fighting in a restaurant or running out on the check at a restaurant the comment section usually has a bunch of former waiters talking about how much they hated serving groups of BW and telling stories of their bad experiences with them. I’ll never forget one lady said they would draw straws and flip coins to see who would have to serve the BW. lol

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  9. Weaved up manly, testosterone filled, bad attitude having wildebeests in boost mobile acting like classless buffoons. But ya know, these stereotypes are just made up, and we’re just overreacting right??? Right…..

    While the white woman shouldn’t have called them black bitches in public, that’s exactly what they were. Black bitches acting like idiots for the entire world to see. I’m glad they’re being put on blast, and the entire world can see where the real problem lies within the dysfunctional hellhole that is the black community and are acting accordingly.

    More black men have put the wall of silence up on them, the Democratic Party, and anybody who excuses this behavior and lifestyle, and are walking away in droves finding companionship with any other race of women besides black women; to include from other countries.

    Keep it up. Reasons like this (as well as plenty of others) will be why Trump wins again in 2020, and they’ll really be done for. As it’s been said over and over again, no clean up men here.

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    • “More black men have put the wall of silence up on them, the Democratic Party, and anybody who excuses this behavior and lifestyle, and are walking away in droves finding companionship with any other race of women besides black women; to include from other countries.”

      The Democrats are getting a serious boot in the ass from the ADOS movement right now, BM have especially been giving them hell mainly because we never bought into the dems and the left as much as BW did. I don’t see the dems winning in 2020 unless they are able to impeach Trump. Liberal BW (which are the majority), older blacks, homosexuals, black immigrants (and their children), and white liberals are angry with ADOS for not supporting the dems unconditionally as many ADOS foolishly did in the past, but they cant stop us.

      Good BM are finding their backbones and putting up the Wall of Silence and the black community is slowly finding its footing politically and beginning to make demands of the democrats in exchange for our votes. Its a good time to be SYSBM. Many BW can see whats coming and are waiving the white flag in order to save themselves, don’t be fooled though, stay away.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I’m a loyal Dem voter and even I’m thinking of sitting it out this time. ADOS is onto something, it’s about time we got something tangible for our vote. Also displeased with the Femocrat direction of the party. It is no longer competitive, IMO. See: Pelosi refusing to impeach Trump. Pushing Kamala and her white husband at me is proving to be the last straw. Would BW have voted for Obama if he’d had a white wife? Hell no. 13% of BM flipped for Trump in 2016, look for a higher percentage this time if thing keep going as they are. The other wahmen candidates don’t look too good, either. I’ll be watching the debates with interest.

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      • @Chunky Bruh

        I don’t like Nancy Pelosi politically, but if I had the chance, I would totally (redacted) that.


      • @Kameron Brown,

        Holy shit, really? And I thought I was weird for thinking Michelle Bachmann was hot. She’s still viable as an older woman, you like ’em straight-up wrinkly. But hey, you go boy. LMAO!

        Here’s tiny, sexy Ms. Bachmann in a little black dress and heels as of 2011.


  10. Verbs 2015.

    This the reason why I refuse to deal with black women on a relationship level because of their manly and violent behaviour but at the same time these simp mangina black men want us decent black men to wife up these so called ugly arse alien queens. Black women deserve to get their asses kicked especially if they put their hands on a black man or any gender for that matter especially if they pick on the wrong person and when that happens and they get their arses beat and then they come begging to the decent black men to protect them. I ain’t protecting shit because I am not a policeman or security guard and what makes me laugh is that black women are so pompous and arrogant because they always boast that they are strong and independent and that they don’t need a man. There is a old saying that actions have consequences, let them marinate and stew in their foolish consequences when they get beat the fuck up. I am just gonna sit back and relax with my popcorn and fresh cherry coke and watch the black women foolishness unfold.

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  11. When I see black women fighting, its like the WWE Royal Rumble. Every time we see black women fighting, its nothing but madness. Watching women fighting is like watching the Watford football fans and the Luton Town fans fighting each other. And when the fight is over with these harridans of the black community, not only you see the carnage these hoodrats left behind but we see a whole leap of weave on the floor. There are so many videos of black women fighting on You Tube and its hundreds of them. And sometimes its more then two black women fighting and sometimes they are fighting for a simp who is smashing another hoodrat in the bed sheets.

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  12. And the guy who got beat up in the train, that was the New York’s hoodrat’s fault. She was coming in the man’s face wanting to fight the man and the simp wanted to help this harridan who could be having sex with another man behind his back. The reason why he beat the holly hell out of the simp instead of the hoodrat is because that if he put his hands on her, then he’s going to jail and other people on the train will say that “You shouldn’t hit her. She’s a woman” and all that nonsense but she wasn’t acting like a woman. She was just another hoodrat from the ghetto getting sex down by them thugs behind her simp’s back. And when she was holding the train up and not making the door closes, why did the train driver didn’t come out of the train and see what’s going on? If that was the London Underground, they will see what is going on. Black men, stay away from these ghetto hoodrat black women.

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    • @Money Cultural. It took the internet for many to see what goes on. More truthfully with the internet archiving these incidents for clear viewing the deniers can not deny without looking absolutely like a cult member.

      That being said….this is an obvious “Slave Catching Operation”. As you have laid out the situation, you see that by engaging the man put himself in way to be subjected to the criminal laws of that state. He likely is not competent in the science and art of law enforcement so he will end or already did end up as a debtor to the corporate state. All because of his own free will, which was coerced to act against his more long term interest.

      Again these types of catch 22 scenarios are presenting to many young men as early as kindergarten and certainly in primary school one has seen such a Social Trap Situation where they are being antagonist to act out which triggers the entry of some likely biased authority figure who comes to punish the “Sucker” rather than deal Justice.

      Seems humans can be slow to learn at times. However the “power of the situation” is a much explored topic in human psychology for these reasons.

      ‘Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.’ Proverbs 26: 4.

      Proverbs 18:6 ESV / l
      A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.

      Proverbs 29:9 ESV /
      If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.

      Flee from the foolishness of fools is what I extract from this situation.

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      • I truly g agree with you. I really agree with you. When it comes to ratchet women, black men need to stay away from these women because they bring trouble in your life.

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  13. And they wonder why when it comes to dating/marriage and/or relationship they are at the bottom of the totem pole, no i take it back they are the dirt that touch the pole

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    • Yare Yare Daze, and yet according to these SS style simps these be our ‘queans’ and the ‘mothers of civilization’. Give any of these clowns or the alt right a ticket to Jamaica, then they’ll see the results of the race power ideology they love so much. People getting shot up in broad daylight and the cops can’t do anything, people squatting on government lands and undercutting legal traders, certain parts of the area ruled exclusively by criminals, blah blah blah which leads to the island being the center of the trans-American drug trade and the place where most of the weapons from Venezuela and Haiti end up going. If the opposition wants to overthrow Maduro and get the Chavistas out for good they need to put heavy pressure on the government of Jamaica to put an end to drug dealing and gun running as the weapons from their nation are killing our people and leading to oppression in their country.

      For all the talk about the Russians, Chinese and the Cubans being the source of the problem in Venezuela you could kick them all out tomorrow and liberate the nation completely, and the problem would start all over again as the Venezuelan armed forces would exchange or sell weapons for the money and drugs Jamaican warlords provide and the problem would start all over again. If anybody was to deal with this problem in the future they would have to be extremely careful and be placed under witness protection program for the rest of their lives: they along with their entire families could be wiped out in one night.

      Only the Cartels have the ferocity and insanity to match Jamaican criminals. Add the fact that most of these thugs are on embalming fluid spiked weed, cocaine and Hennessy and you get the picture. Million and Billion dollar drug busts are common news in Jamaica. The cops find arsenals of weapons that would make gun nuts insane almost every few months. I’m talking AKs, ARs, sniper rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and that type of stuff.

      The entire drug trade in Latin America could be ended quickly, if the Hispanic nations wised up and stop letting the drug dealers fill the coffers of corrupt Jamaican politicians and criminal masterminds, their leaders provide our underworld with the means to commit heinous acts on our streets in the name of failed socialist ideology and gathered all the support they could get in order to have certain elements in Jamaican society held accountable for the drug menace in the Americas.

      Jamaica is THE narco criminal state – corruption is embedded in the very structure of our society and it shows with all the madness in our country.

      As I said before I refuse to be a clean up man for anybody whether pro-wack, alt-right or skeptic/leftist, for Christ’s sake these people need to grow up and stop blaming boogeymen for their problems.

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  14. GENTLEMEN —- I recently pointed out that black lesbians prefer relationships with white lesbians.
    [Hispanic lesbians and Asian lesbians do not appear to be as common] The black lesbians lust for white lesbians is hypocritical because black women, as a group, disapprove of straight black men being with straight white women. Black lesbians do not want the additional dysfunction that comes from being in a relationship with a black lesbian. — Black lesbians are going the SYSBL (Save Yourselves Black Lesbians) route. [I invented the SYSBL term, LOL].

    Even black lesbians do not want to get into relationships with black lesbians. — Upper tier black lesbians are going after white lesbians. It seems that lower tier black lesbians have no other option but to get with the black lesbian version of Pookie and Ray-Ray.

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      • “But these be our QUEANS yo, the mothers of civilization!”/”But we wuz KANGZ, bro!”

        Racist soyboys, immature skeptics/SJWs, greedy black hoes and fascist simps stay losing, no clean up men here. Slavery ended in 1838 for Christ’s sake fix your own damn problems.

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    • Lesbianism is a by product of homosexuality. Gomorrah came AFTER Sodom. When women can’t get D they turn to other women, plain and simple Bro.

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