Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Brothers, another Open Mic Wednesday is here for you all, feel free to discuss what’s on your mind, what are the topics of concern for this week? As per usual you’ve got the floor, enjoy!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Scraggle Daggle Free Zone

Most High Bless

80 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Another tale at work, but it ends well:

    Before at work, I just used to be begging people to like me, kinda like running around trying to please people, saying “look at me, I’m hard working, please like me!” That used to get me bullied, spoken down to and ignored. Now, I give no fucks, just walk in at work and assume I’m good enough and the most capable person there. On this occasion it naturally got the female bosses curious. Of course they are loud and bossy, but I’m the man here, so there’s no need to outdo them, I just stay calm and confident.

    The work day gets going and the SHTF, but compared to management who are stressed and taking it out on the staff, I’m focused and calm doing my thing. However the negro working next to me, who’s going quite slowly is being disrespectful, so (for the first time ever) I checked his ass. He apologized and the others instantly fell in line.

    Work day is done at the end and despite management not believing my experience, said I was “efficient, great personality and level headed under pressure”. I just asked for a promotion there and then. I’m no longer playing around.

    Going home on the bus and I’m being eye fucked by this cute Irish nymph, direct. Completely took me by surprise, and truthfully got a little unnerving. But hey, live and learn.

    The difference between then and now is mindset – I now believe I’m good enough, period. Fuck haters. Tolerating crap from others isn’t allowed. I expect to be respected. I assume the lead, instead of waiting for others.

    For the young brothers who are on the up and up, this is available to you too, easily. It had taken me 35+ years to figure it out, that life punishes meek, overgenerous nice guys. A simple change in your mindset can reap big rewards, and all it is it’s Self Confidence/being Alpha Male, being a classic brother. Sir Robert F Smith is one, and so can you.

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    • Yes indeed brother, yes indeed. I had to stop myself from always being available to family years ago because they kept on asking for money and a ride everywhere. I learned that my mother is a huge sociopath who used me for money and then I couldn’t give her money one day, she just hang up on me completely for good. I learned a lot from black women and that all good black men are to them is s public utility to be used and disposed off at their pleasure. When I tried to explain an issue to her, she just brazenly cut me off and asked for money for a pack of cigarettes. It took me yeasts, but I learned to keep myself distant from her. Next step, leaving the city.

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  2. Good day, SYSBM gents; I’d like to say I’m happy to have celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday (May 28). My father asked me how it felt to be a year older, and I responded that it doesn’t feel very different (at least not right this moment).

    Now, there’s been a recent news story out of Mississippi about a White male cop who shot and killed a Black woman who was a mother of 4; they were romantically involved in a relationship. There’s not been a lot of details released, but Google the name “Dominique Clayton” and you will find articles on the situation; there’s also been discussions about how she’s been supportive of these cops who shoot blacks, and now she’s been on the receiving end of that brutality. I can’t speak on this since there is so little shared, but if that’s true, I guess she got her dose of karma.

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    So where are the black mother/daughter teams doin by this, especially since they’re such damn fashionistas.

    You will notice that when it comes to being enterprising and constructive, black women are worthless as hell. This is a big reason why they’re failing compared to other women.

    And of course, anything pro-life would be out of the question.

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    • @Verbs Hopefully, men with any pride will refuse to support Gillete misandry.

      Some of these corproate leaders are under mass Marxian psychosis. If you read the writings of Karl Marx and Engels; what is happening all makes sense, because it was a 100 year plan to destroy the nuclear family for easier social control of the masses by the State.

      However, despite the propaganda many men are starting to fight back and rejecting 3rd and 4th Wave Feminism. And you see a rightward shift all over the West this year: America, Canada, France, U.K, etc; right wing parties are ont he rise.

      These SJW over-reached…

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      • “it was a 100 year plan to destroy the nuclear family for easier social control of the masses by the State.”

        Chronicles of Judah just dropped a ton of videos on YouTube and he was making that point in one of them. He was saying that it is easier to control women than men so Governments want more power in the hands of women and want to effeminise men to make them easier to control.

        On that topic:
        Transgender people are not mentally ill, the WHO decrees

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    • We interrupt this SYSBM program for some breaking news:


      We now return you to our regularly scheduled SYSBM program.


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  4. Ah it’s been a good while since I’ve posted about the weekend job (I’m all caught up, but I’m there mainly to save), and it’s a good one.

    Let’s go a few weeks back. Roughly three weeks ago, a scraggle came there from emergency services because she was placed there until she can get to social services (for those who don’t know, my weekend job is front desk at a shelter). Per usual, she comes in as if she owns the place, is offended I’m giving her paperwork to sign, rules to follow, asking me stupid questions just to try to annoy me. I’m cool as a cucumber. I’m not losing my temper over you black whore. I politely answer all of her questions, show her where her room is.

    Strike one: You ain’t gonna help me with my stuff? No. Due to people lying saying staff has damaged their stuff in transit, we no longer help fully able people carry their stuff. Take your time carrying it. She roles eyes. Whatever.

    Strike two (a week later. Social services sends her back here) I get a call from her neighbor telling me how someone is in her room, and they’re arguing. Myself and my co worker check it out. We confirm there’s someone in her room (per the rules, nobody is supposed to be there at any time especially not at 11pm unless they’re your social worker, HHA and they MUST sign in and provide proper documentation stating who they are). Once we confirm someone is in there, we knock on the door. She answers the door ass naked (she’s roughly 5’3 230. NASTY) and some simp in her bed ass naked, room stinks of ass and weed. He’s looking at us like “how dare you knock on the door. I ask who he is, she tried saying her case worker. I was like your case worker is coming here at 11? Ask him to provide us with ID. He refused. I go to call the police, he offers to leave. Get his plate number and tell him he isn’t welcome back here at any point in time.

    Thinking things were settled?? Hahaha nope. Strike three: This oil tanker cones in demanding to speak to my supervisor. I inform her he’s not here. What do rly need? She goes off on me saying she was never told any rules, and someone (a co worker of mine) told her she can have guests anytime. I said no he didn’t. We go on for a good five mins here. I finally call him, he tells me on speaker phone he didn’t. I then proceed to show her the rules, highlight the ones she got wrong She continues arguing with me says the normal black bitch telling points when they know they lost “you’re gay, you need some pussy, you take your job too seriously” etc.

    I finally had enough. I pull out the rules she signed and am like “You signed this on your own free will. You can honestly be gone Monday if we really wanted to”. She goes off and tries calling me racist. Racist for you breaking rules??? Yep. She then goes and says she didn’t read it. So I’m like “that’s not my problem you choose to sign something your dumbass didn’t read). I’m like get the fuck out at this point, done listening. She tries crying. No effect. Get out still. Tried talking to my co worker (a black woman, but surprisingly sensible). She’s like nope, get out.

    Next day, I get a text stating how the owner kept this dumb bitch, and how I was wrong for going off on her. That was the final straw. I’m now looking for another part time job. These scraggles need to be avoided at all fucking costs, and the wall needs to be up and fortified to their nonsense.

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    Black women never take any accountability for their bullshit and foolish choices in life thats the reason why they are the least picked woman in the world. I don’t feel sorry for them because they always I am gay because I talk properly and sound like a white man.

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    • Without all the makeup and weaves, most of these chicks look like men. But I’m supposed to want that, and a sellout coon if I refuse to go anywhere near it ??? Fine by me. Stay away and fortify that wall

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    • @James That fake-up transformation is catfishing on 1000 bro. Women like that hate themselves. Notice the hair hat, BT1000 regulation.

      That’s why I don’t trust any female picture online. They are fakeup wizards…

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    • Make up is witch craft. Women who wear alot of makeup look bad without make up. This is one of the many reasons why I prefer natural or minimal makeup

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    • James if you ever post something this horrible again I will contact a group of Predators to hunt you down damn she might be a adversary of Godzilla in the new king of monsters movie that creature you posted is absolutely horrifying.

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  6. Good afternoon Gentlemen. I hope you guys are having a good wednesday. I trying to figure out what the hell’s going on between these BW and Non-BM, and thugs ass dudes. Just when these BWs thought a Non-BM (Especially a white man) was their meal ticket, but boy what did they went wrong. I finally figured it out with the comparison of interracial dating that goes on with BM and Non BW or Mixed Women, and BW and Non BM. Most of the time, with BM and Non-BW and Mixed Women, those relationships be legit. The relationships between BW and Non-BM be questionable because of how BW be fantasizing about swirling (A funny thing is when these BWs say they swirl, I thought they say squirrel). And I’m thinking to myself, are these Non-BM checking on BW like that, or they just want a piece of that chocolate pie or cake? I let y’all brothas answer that question.

    And another thing, on YouTube, I’m subscribe to Brian Solonge. A few of the videos I watched from him was How Do Black Women Divest for themselves, the 3 Detriot Women that were gunned down the same night, and the Mississippi incident where I guess the Dominique chick got murdered by the white cop. Bruh they’re just so much bullshit going on with the BW, they just completely invisible to me (In America, UK, and West Africa). With these BWs fighting everywhere they go, shaming tactics, the waiting until the last minute to get with a good man, just the typical shit of them, they ought a be lesbian (since they wanna be masculine), or be a good candidate to non black men and pookies and ray-rays.

    By the way, I hope you guys experience fighting in restaurants and stores with them BWs and Thugs too, but what you guys are gonna see is disturbing:

    I hope y’all saw the little girl in the video, but this is why If I ever wanted to have kids (maybe or maybe not because it’s a gamble), it’ll not be with a Black American Women, P to the e-r-i-o-d. And on top of that, that’s a little girl! Why the hell these black mothers are raising these daughters to be savages? It’s a damn shame a lot of these BWs in America just being too damn savage. Just what are you guys’ comments on these fights with BWs and thugs that happen in stores and restaurants? What are they putting in that food in the restaurants though?

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  7. “Almost posts Gillette ad”

    Verbs beat me to it!

    “Language warning”

    Transgenders are SICK FUCKS! These “people”, who as far as I’m concerned have cast of their personhood, along with anything else of their biology, are the height of mental illness.

    Now they wanna say that this shit ISN’T a mental illness? How the fuck not? But bulimia and anorexia ARE mental illnesses, gotcha.

    Muslims hav the right idea with these freaks, who need to either be banished from society or removed permanently. Notice of course that they used black “men”. Fucking assholes.

    Whenever I see stories in Atlanta where some freak show has been killed, I don’t get sad, only glad. Sorry, I don’t mourn for the wicked.

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  8. Yes, yes SYSBM Crew! Its been a miserable wet Wednesday today and it was a very tough month because of workplace cutting my hours from eight to four hours so I’m thinking about getting a new job now but anyway, I hope all the SYSBM Crew is doing well. I saw two black women. There was nice brown skin sugar and a dark skin chocolate girl and guess what? They both have weave in their head. I tell you something black women don’t want black men because when they weave this wearing they are not they are not only pleasing the white beta male but they are trying the compete with the white woman.

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  9. And the brown skin sugar girl was pretty but it was that brown weave on her scalp. And you wonder why I written the weave wearing black woman 1,2,3 and 4. These women have proper mental health issues because these women are nothing but insecure and now I have seen more and more black women who are showing their insecurities and the simps that can’t wait to slept with these ghetto gaggers and this ghetto hoodrats.

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  10. @verbs2015. My dream would be to be self employed. I like my job in the royal navy its the best job I have had. But I’m not free working for the man.

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  11. What are your goals in life? Mine is to have a paid off property in the UK. One or two bedroom terraced Birmingham.


  12. Fellas, take a good read at this article:
    These non-black incels have truly lost their minds. Black women wanna talk about black men hating themselves, but you won’t find a bigger self-hater than these non-black incels, who are literally disfiguring themselves in the belief of getting pussy. Yes you got dysfunctional negros like Michael Jackson and Sammy Sosa who went and did these procedures, but overall, they are the exception that proves the rule. This is why I love being a Thinking Brother, because things like this only proves how rare a thinking man is, let alone a thinking black man.
    This is another shot of non-black males’ insecurities on display for the whole world to see. Based on the comments I’m seeing in the article, the women are having a ball roasting them. And rightfully so. No matter how much you try to change your physical appearance, if you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, nobody will want to be around you. Now if only black women could understand that, but that’s for another day.
    This is also why I don’t care about the problems non-black men are facing with their women. Especially when your race is in position of power on a national level, you have no argument in dealing with your women and putting society back on track. It’s still no excuse for Blackistan, but it’s well known that Blackistan was socially created with the help of outside forces (welfare state). White guys can’t say that about feminism, because they created it. If you can’t control what you created, you can’t get upset when your creation turns on you. And until these white and non-black incels understand that, no amount of plastic surgery will get them the women/love they want.
    Just my rant for the day.

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    • There is no such thing as a “incel”. If you have £200 anyone can get laid just get a escorts that what I do its time efficient and cheaper than having a wife or girlfriend.

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      • Hahaha no need to tell me, tell that to those self-proclaimed incels. They are the ones spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like some celebrity, just to feel wanted. Maintaining a girlfriend/wife is also not that hard, but apparently, these guys feel like their looks is what is keeping them from getting laid, let alone a relationship. No amount of escorts or pay-for-play is gonna help a man who is not comfortable in his own skin.

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      • I have a “companion” and it costs $1000 a month to maintain her. Lately she’s been acting like a real girlfriend (flaking and not living up to her duties), but here is the thing, the second it’s get to be too much for me, I’ll just stop the $$$ flow and move on to nicer, sexier…..and believe me, I can get exactly that at the same place I found the first one.

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      • Paul Anthony,

        I was listening to Reg The Bad Guy yesterday and King Sigma was raising the same concerns, he even stated that he had to give a couple of his rotation women the boot because they once again were stepping outside of their roles. The feminism has sunk so deep into these women that outside of freaky sex many of them don’t seem to be interested in anything of long term quality and value(which is always my preference).

        This is the one reason why I recommend foreign women first and with a preferable situation to where you can move to her. As we all know the West can and does quickly contaminate many women who get a taste of the life here.

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    • I almost thought this was a parody it was so ridiculous. See, this is what so many of these white men are refusing to admit when it comes to feminism and others of their favorite issues: white men possess EXTREME insecurities and god complexes, and are as “masculine” as feminists are feminine.

      Plastic surgery for faces to get laid, smgdh. Like you said, you don’t see black men doing this crap in the slightest. They can bitch about feminism all they want, but as you mentioned, it is THEIR pet, so when it turns on them like a hungry pit bull, I don’t feel sorry for them, nor will I feign a confederacy with them simply due to surface level similar goals.

      Black men actually want to rebuild nuclear families, white men just want things handed to them, as they are entitled as they accuse everyone else of being.

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    • Funny thing is they could look that way if they change their living and eating habits. As well, do some strength and weight resistance training. Even with stunning, masculine looks, there is nothing that will replace masculinity and personality.

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    • Keep in mind also that a lot of that PUA/game stuff is essentially a marketing tool, nothing else. Certain white men use this to sell the same way that race hustlers use dumber blacks. It’s something for someone looking to blame someone else.

      Honestly, no amount of money, fame, fitness, good looks or achievements would console the insecurities of a group that has this much control and influence already. They forget how much power they have UNTIL it’s time to treat them like god and kiss their ass for stuff they didn’t do, just like black women.

      Again, notice that at least with the white star struck Asian women, they are now turning away from white men (and toward the cool and swag having black men) due to white men’s insecurities, god complexes, and mental disorders. Meanwhile, black women are as self hating as ever, and willing to go out with Scutter Bug Skeeter, at the risk of their own lives.

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    • Here’s a secret about women….

      Women care more about behaviour, than looks.

      Those incels could have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by just buying a hypnosis CD on self confidence, which is what women (99%) say they like best in a man.

      Absolutely pathetic.

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  13. I’ve dealt with mild to severe anxiety since I was about 7 years old. It’s never been consistent or everyday, but when it hits it hits hard and affects my ability to think straight and do even simple tasks. Throughout my life it has affected everything from my relationships to my academics.

    Brothers of SYSBM, what are some techniques and methods that you’ve used or currently use to suppress or control your anxiety?

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    • Stoicism exercises and meditation is what I would suggest.

      Plus whenever I get really nervous about something I either research it or just dive in headfirst

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    • Working out, meditation, and kickboxing/ muy thai training. You won’t feel as insecure or anxious if you feel like you could punch a hole in a bastard.

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    • Anxiety is usually some self confidence problem. Either it started early in childhood or some event caused it.

      Be brutally honest about the root cause and address it at the subconscious level. Plenty of resources online. Don’t “manage” it with conscious methods, cure it at the source.

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    • @SunGidRa Studying God’s laws brings peace to mind whether you are reading Psalms, Proverbs, the Koran, Confucius, etc. Inputting “Wisdom literature” into your mind tends toward peace especially when you incorporate the lessons into your life. “As A Man Thinketh” is also a good short read.

      Lifting weights with good form and adequate repetition strengthens the mind-body connection and releases all sorts of necessarily chemical reactions.

      Also check your diet and make sure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need, perhaps a blood test for nutritional values could be considered.

      Also consider your inner beliefs about life and the world and review them seriously as erroneaous or subconscious beliefs, fears, limitations can produce anxierty when triggered.

      Some strains of cannabis may help with your issue, but I am relunctant to suggest as the THC levels in cannabis are pretty high these days, so you could potentially face an issue removing yourself from using that plant,

      I hope this is of use to you.

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    This is the funniest yet saddest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Like, wtf? How could one person end up so royally EFFED UP?!!! Of course, this was some queens screwed up kid from having jacked up genetics herself, and notice the shade…

    Legit thought it was a parody. I understand others not wanting to say it, but I’ll go ahead and do so, this thing needs to be put down, sorry.

    We used to not have misplaced compassion for the blatantly mentally ill.

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    • But according to the fascist pro-wacks these oil tankers be our ‘QUEENS’ and the mothers of civilization.Not even the likes of Ihran Omar and AOC can be found glorifying the false flaggers, head choppers and criminal elements within their peoples yet black women loudly portray their undying love for thugs, beta males and other unproductive dudes to the world. I feel no pity for modern skeptics nor the SJW and alt-right monsters they created nor black females, all these groups are going to learn the hard way that you don’t have your cake and eat it.

      The whole trans and LGBT thing is a sick joke and a grand plot by the plantation owner to further divide what is left of Western society since the expulsion of the black man and white woman from the home.

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    • “Legit thought it was a parody. I understand others not wanting to say it, but I’ll go ahead and do so, this thing needs to be put down, sorry.”

      I get it. I’m against abortion with a few exceptions, one of those exceptions being if testing reveals that the child is mentally or physically disabled.

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  15. Legitimate question fellas. Where the hell is Carnio? Did he fall off the planet at some point? Dang, did he leave you guys with ANY way to contact him off of this site? I have some mad propositions for him and we need to chat ASAP! Thanks for any help in advance!

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    • I was wondering that the other day too. He’s probably somewhere not in the US living his best damn life. More power to him! Though, a check in here and there would be nice.

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    • Andre,

      I spoke to Carnio a little while back, as you guys already know as has been discussed by Carnio himself, he is dealing with a few psychological issues and has stated to me that he would be back eventually. I’ll try make contact with the brother again to see what’s up.

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      • Thanks Verbs, much appreciated. I was thinking about joining him in that part of the world and need him as a guide to it. Hope the brother is doing better with his psyche issues. He deserves to be happy.

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    • Came back from a week-long work trip to see that COJ dumped a mother lode of videos. His wisdom is needed. His reviews/deconstructions of Captain Mary Sue and Avengers Endgame were particularly good.

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  16. I had a nice little chuckle reading some of these comments. I am a black woman. I’m not going to list my accolades to validate any of the negativity that I know is shaping in your sad, little minds from reading that last sentence. I really hope that you brothers find healing. I mean power wash the gutters, scrub the grout, deep-down healing. I’m going to take an educated guess that most of you at some point in your life have been hurt by a black woman and that’s why you’re carrying this rage in you. The brother who posted the story about his job scares me. It was obviously embellished to entertain you all but the fact that someone with that mentality works in SOCIAL SERVICES, a place usually where ppl are suffering from a myriad of issues is very disturbing. You all should watch what you post online. You never know who’s watching 🙂


    • As Dark As The Night,

      Save you Jezebelian witchcraft for those 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce type characters you’re so used to dealing with, your sorcery won’t work over here woman. Indeed, healing begins by abandoning the black witch and cutting her off as much as is possible, in doing this the brothers over here at Slaying Evil are on the full road to recovery. I always find it very interesting how you black sirens always seem to find your way into spaces where you’re not welcome, when we require your enchantments we’ll ask for them.

      I additionally find it disgusting and very disturbing how black women as a collective view black men as literal toilets, we’re expected to take abuse from black women and not object to or raise concerns about it. What do most black women do outside of inflicting pain, misery and suffering upon others, I’ll wait? In 2019 black women aren’t known for anything positive and as a result I will continue to advise thinking black men to date and marry out.

      Believe it or not, there are more folks that support us than sympathise with your narcissistic selves. Your judgement is soon coming and nobody will be there to save you from the wrath to come, I hope you like it hot.

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      • As Dark as the Night

        Oh yes, generic predictable reply from a BW. ” you’ve been hurt by a woman” well yeah we are human we do have feelings I know you look at us as a utility like that Euro men you caricatures worship. If you are watching us, fine.

        Of course, we’ve all been hurt buy a woman, including yourself. So much for the most educated, or indoctrinated group. what’s your highly anticipated point ? See you like the inability to self examine yourself and you put that out on us. Most of us, including myself myself have no problem challenge in our mothers and have been doing so since we were kids. We’ve already reached the point of self-actualization, and self-examination . We know that you look at us as a utility, just like your master the feminist white women. I guess Tommy Sotomayor was right when he said that the BW is the right hand of white supremacy . You’re not our women, so why do you care ? Your reply is fake and generic and it shows lack of empathy. But you’re a woman so you’re not expected to understand the Deep underlying issues that a man deals with. This is why we don’t really take women seriously with their replies. It’s not like most you know what a masculine man is anyway. But keep on reading, hope you got the stomach to deal with the comments that we’ve been making. Or if you don’t like it you can leave. It is up to you. If this hurts you, go take a jog around the park, take up sewing on yoga or something.

        This is the most non sexual attention you will get. oh, you’re welcome. HAHA!

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    • As Dark as the Night,

      I also hope that my brothers DO find healing and restoration in their souls, because they will then be free of the psychological and physical damage you black witches cause.

      Yes, a Black woman have hurt us – many of us have had black mothers who used physical and emotional abuse, some sadly used sexual exposure. Being beaten, belittled, demeaned and have our confidence shredded to bits by the type of narcissistic women you represent and defend. Once the pain is gone, our psychic ties to you – and your karma are broken.

      Let me ask you this “As Dark As the Night”:

      Who’s going to help you out of your own darkness?

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