Is This Your Queen? She’s Searching For a “Real Thug” – Part 2


Nothing much needs to be added here as this is nothing new to the SYSBM Knights Roundtable Committee, this video simply goes in line with the piles upon piles of articles I’ve written concerning black women and their love for thug Negroes. Now, according to the light, bright and damn near white mentally disjointed black witch known as Bomb Cherry aka the Tramp/Vagabond, myself as well as countless other black men making this simple observation is now equivalent to dick watching, yep, you heard me correctly.

In this dysfunctional black siren’s mind pointing out what is taking place in front of your eyes equates to dick watching Pookie and Ray Ray, smh. This is why I have no respect for the overwhelming majority of black women because they stay guzzling down high octane dumb fuel for life. One black female on a panel will open her stupid mouth, out of her dunghole proceeds nothing but industrial grade garbage and other black women around the idiot who claim that they’re of a higher standard and a more sound mindset point blank refuse to check her on her folly.

This is my point, it is so hard to believe that there are so called “good black women” out there when so many of them behind closed doors are secretly forming and reinforcing confederacies with the same black female filth who are single handedly destroying what remains of black society. You’ll notice how black men have no problems calling out dysfunctional black males and absolutely do not have a problem separating themselves from the scum, not this black female though.

Again, notice how it is only thinking black men preaching the “separate ourselves from the bad apples” doctrine which makes perfect sense if one wishes to grow and progress further in life. You cannot hang onto the scum of your society, something that the simp and distraction operative known as Taz Exclusives aka The GOAT MR B1 advocates for. How far is the hood progressing since the people within it refuse to reel in the scum buckets and deal with their cases once and for all, I’ll wait?

You cannot allow the scum and those who are detrimental to the cause to tag along, you’ll simply end up with a situation that will not turn out in your favour at all. I’m currently watching the steady infiltration of the Black Manosphere 2.0 by these trojan black females and it is going exactly how I’ve laid it out previously:

1. Black women waving a false white flag pretending that they are repentant and have seen the light, this deceptive strategy is employed in order to get brought into the building so to speak.

2. Get themselves set up in key positions of power aka moderators in order to latch onto areas where they can gain some control.

3. Begin their gradual takeover of the manosphere as we already know that black women DON’T RESPECT black men nor our spaces and always feel that they MUST control everything that we are involved in.

I’m closely watching King Sigma’s prediction concerning this version of the Manosphere collapsing and a new Black Manosphere 3.0 emerging which will more involve folks managing their individual websites, blogs and platforms as opposed to gathering at one central location ie YouTube. This is why I continue to state that in these times separation is key as opposed to unification. Those who preach the “unify and stick together” doctrine with a black society that is 75-80% in the gutter have a nefarious agenda at play.

You’ll notice that here at Slaying Evil there are many of us who are content creators including myself, even though we work together and generally are going in the same direction, we still have our own individual bases of operations. This is vitally important because if one ship goes down at least the others can continue to carry out the work. Now is the time for decentralisation. Keep the Wall up gentlemen and in the meantime let the pro black simps clean up the black female’s putrid mess. #SYSBMFORLIFE #NOCLEANUPMENHERE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Let 12 Gauge Mike And Shifty Sizzler Deal With These Black Female Failures, Don’t Be Her Fallback Option

Most High Bless

63 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? She’s Searching For a “Real Thug” – Part 2

  1. I’m glad that me, you and Brian Solonge aren’t the only ones who see a problem with black male YouTubers bringing black women onto their panels, or on their platform in general. I fuck with Obsidian’s show but I don’t like how Renaissance Woman is a moderator. A woman who’s clearly with the feminist, anti-black male bullshit. Frankly, black women shouldn’t have a voice at all in black male spaces. I also don’t like that Taz is allowed on the panel when it’s clear that he’s only there to derail any constructive dialouge. So, yeah, the black manosphere is on it’s way to collapse because black men can’t seem to stop thinking with their dick.

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    • Sean,

      As it stands at present Obsidian’s black male media campaign more resembles a petition for black unisex media as he continues to allow black women on his panel to run rough shod. If he wishes to be taken seriously about black male media then this is what he needs to represent through and through, the black females especially the mods must be given the boot.

      The Renaissance Witch should never have been given moderation privileges and Taz we already know is simply there to as you said steer to conversation away from black female skullduggery and dysfunction.

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      • What’s really sad is that very few black men in the black male space, be it listeners or content creators, see a problem with any of this. They think it’s good to have female voices and/or to hear the female perspective. As the other guy said, it’s the Trojan Horse tactic. Many astute observers have called it and I see that you added King Sigma to that list of those who see what’s coming.

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      • Sean,

        You cannot have black male media with a load of women in the midst and not only that but also in positions of authority too. Black male media must be controlled by BLACK MEN ONLY. We been listening to the distorted black female perspective for the last 40 plus years, hence the reason why we have been pushing for our own spaces.

        Remember, back in the day black women didn’t bring us into their media set-up when they were on top and all things were unequal.

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      • I always saw a weakness in Obsidian.The only reason I was a moderator is because Nagone11 requeated I be made one. Much respect to Verbs2007,Brian Solonge, BlackRam313,The Thinking Man’s Templar as real Black men.I watched Irene Latrine Yvette worm her way into Obs and Oshay’s space.I am the guy who she said was filled with hate for not playing around with her on his show.I told her and others that when they began their witchwords and when they ended my mind would still be the same.The whoredarkwitches and the bought-outsimp content creators are equal to alcohol and drug fiends because the darkwitches wiles can make them unworthy of leadership.I would not follow none of those fools anywhere.If i was in their crowd I would be ready to battle as I always see them as the enemy also.The lady Danini has been involved in setting up a white ex-husband and getting a black flunky to murder for her.He is in jail and she is on youtube.Where you see Danini you often see and get a whiff of fat ole lady bombchery aka bumcherry.I am liking the fact that Brothers like King sigma are looking for something else.Because I do not want “any s—t that fake manawomansphere is selling”. I would not trust them as far as I could hip-throw them

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      • Roger Spice,

        That Danini siren is another dark horse I wouldn’t go near with a 50 foot barge pole. This is my whole point, how are we so familiar with the names of these black witches, because certain brothers in the black manosphere have been bringing these women in on the slick and in many cases making them moderators. Irene Yvette I saw right through from the beginning, hence why I refer to her as the cleavage showing black Jezebel.

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    • >I’m glad that me, you and Brian Solonge aren’t the only ones who see a problem with black male YouTubers bringing black women onto their panels, or on their platform in general.

      It’s obvious that said black male YouTubers haven’t learned the lessons from the Trojan Horse. If they won’t learn, let them sink with the Titanic ocean liner known as Blackistan, Cuckistan, and Simpistan (a.k.a. The Ghetto Union). L Express stands ready to drop ship some L’s on them.

      L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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    • The fact that they even try and reason with these whores who have blatantly shown their lack of respect for black men is baffling. As far as I’m concerned, once you promote swirling (while criticizing black men for dating interracially) and call black men beta male coons, we have jack shit to discuss.

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      • Mister Perfect,

        Bro, these false flag waving black females just wanted to get inside the building and in many areas of the current black manosphere they’ve been successful. Again, as you’ve pointed note how their positions haven’t changed, they’re still the same black female scum they were before.

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  2. Back when I was in middle school, Destiny’s Child released a song called “Soldier” feat. T.I. and Lil Wayne; read the lyrics to that song, and see what kind of man these Black sirens lust after.

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    • I remember that song and discussing the lyrics with other brothers during the early days of the online gender war. Back then BW were loud and proud with the strong and independent talk as well as their love for thugs. Fast forward to today, the gender wars are over, BM have won, and now BW swear up and down that they don’t love thugs and aren’t strong and independent. Now that all of that has begun biting them in the backside and they see that good men don’t want them they cant backpedal fast enough.

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  4. So she’s not looking for love, but a thug. But remember, you should wife them up!

    Where are the litany of videos of everyday white women above the age of 20 professing any kind of love for trashy biker dudes who are on the outskirts of the law. Where are Latino women singing about their love for coyotes and cartel hit men?

    Black women will lust for thugs until age 87, then develop some strange warped morality three seconds before they die. Older black women aint shit, so of course the young ones aren’t.

    I will give the whore some credit for at least actually singing and not rapping like a man, as many of her sisthren are want to do.

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    • Lol. And yet we’re supposed to wife up these queans in the name of the outdated fascist race power ideology according to the goose-stepping simps. Leave them with the thugs and grimy dudes they love so much, no clean up men here.

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      • Antón Nikolaev,

        This is what I’ve stated before concerning the pro black doctrine, it’s outdated and doesn’t take into account nor have a contingency plan in case of black women completely derailing which they most certainly have.

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    • That’s an interesting point. While all women have the propensity for dating garbage ass dudes, black women are the only ones who put their thug love on display for the world to see.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, a real thug is what she stated. I’ve yet to see a barrage of videos with white and other non black females talking about how they’re looking for trashy dudes.

      Again, notice how it is only black women who feel it is normal to reach out to and embrace dysfunction, yet when one of these broads meets an untimely death, friends and family will litter the streets talking that “she was a good woman” nonsense, smh.

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    • afrofuturism —– I must think that there are few Japanese videos, by Japanese females, expressing love for Yakuza crime members.

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  5. Are there people that still take obsidian seriously? I looked at him as entertainment. I mean he’s good but but he’s nowhere near the best. Whether he wants to admit it or not.

    I do remember when he said that he wanted to stay above The Fray and not getting to a gossipy trending topics, particularly doing his back and forth with odj. I didn’t believe him then and well I was proven right . Not to brag on anything because well, this shit is easy to see through at this point.

    Maybe odj was right all along. If he wants to make a black unisex Channel, as Verbs has suggested, that field is already saturated. No matter how many church basket pledges that you do for money. I’m just saying.

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    • Mack G,

      Obsidian as it stands is the loudest and the biggest on the mic when it comes down to calling out black female skullduggery, it’s just a shame to see what he has spend his good hard years building up be infiltrated and overrun by black women so easily, the same black women he rightfully acknowledges are the major problem within black society. Like I’ve stated before, black male media must be owned and be COMPLETELY RAN AND CONTROLLED BY BLACK MEN ONLY.

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    • I stopped listening to him not because he shit on MGTOWs, but his hypocrisy in doing so: he came down on Alan Roger Currie for doing the exact same thing.

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  6. Brian Solonge did a video yesterday about three women in Detroit who were killed around the same time. And surprise, surprise: all of them were involved with thug ass, criminal negroes. What stuck out to me in that, aside from Brian’s consistently awesome commentary, were the captions in the news as articles. The media tries to play on our hearts with captions like, “she leaves behind a daughter”. It’s difficult, if not flat out impossible, to feel sorry for the fates of these women when they chose the circumstances that led up to those dates. There’s no way in fucking hell that these females are getting with these guys and not knowing what they’re about. Just like the dumb ass bitch in this video. You know what he’s about and how he makes his money and you’re attracted to it. Fine. Enjoy all the thug dick you heart desires. But don’t expect me to be your safety net when it’s over, and don’t expect me to feel sympathetic when you catch a bullet meant for him. #SYSBM

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  7. I hope everyone’s bank holiday is going well. Sun is shinning and the weather is free. Its nothing but madness. Just nothing but madness. She has a love for a real thug but don’t want a real man, a real black man. The only time these hoodrats go for a good black man is when they have kids no matter how much she has then she goes back to the black man. And then they get upset when the good black man rejects them because he refuse to take care of a next man’s child or children. First, she is singing real thug, then she’s goanna sing real man when she becomes a single mother.

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  8. Let me tell you something These hoodrats, the harridans, these harlots will breed over and over again and they getting breed by these good for nothing, worthless peasants who has an unproductive life and they are not afraid to get nutted by these hopeless men and that’s the men that they choose. They don’t want a good black man, they want them bums that don’t want to do nothing in their life

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      Translation: The Sistuhhood outraged at SYSBM.
      I say: GOOD! SYSBM will continue marching forward by any and all means necessary – even if it pisses off the Democratic strongholds of The Ghetto Union: Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan.
      The Sisthuhood shouldn’t complain – they have all the thugs and SIMPs to choose from. Surely the exodus of thinking black men from the plantation shouldn’t be of concern to them (sarcasm). After all, thinking black men weren’t on their radar from the beginning.

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      • Dating, being in a relationship or have a marriage with black women is now getting harder and harder. Things have now gone worse with black women because we have nothing but good for nothing hoodrats and these simps that can’t wait to sleep with them

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      • GREAT for us, hilariously sad for them!

        Notice the two groups highlighted: black men and white women. Again, two groups demonized by their perspective counterparts for things that said counterparts helped create (thug culture, feminism).

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    • Money Cultural,

      I say let them continue to go after the bums and the unproductive black men, however at the same time they must be prepared to swallow the consequences of making such choices instead of constantly looking for a bailout whenever things get rough.

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    Let these stupid black women chase these thug type of black men because they will end up being single mothers anyway, therefore no decent childfree black man will take them seriously anyway and I live the sysbm life as a childfree black man who is gonna be 37 on the 10th June 2019. It would be criminal to have kids with a black women because they make the worst mothers in the planet because they make the most stupidist and dumb choices in life even if they have degrees because they hate their black children.

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  10. I wonder what pro blacks think of this.

    What are your opinions on this?
    In my opinion you think this would put black people off going through Libya but they are still coming and even working for them. All I can say if this was the opposite way round or another group from a different background then those people would have probably declare war on Libyans across the whole world till it stops.

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    • Black females and their counterpart the racist white male are f..g stupid and insane, they claim to be fighting the power yet use the same witchcraft and racial supremacist ideology as the plantation owner. You don’t see the likes of AOC and Ihran Omar praising Slum Lord Shlomo, Hernandez the drug dealer, Head Chopper Mohammed and False Flag Fezowitch despite their retarded progressive ideology a left wing labor leader in the US named Cesar Chavez even beat up illegal immigrants and sent them packing in the 1980s. His family either immigrated legally or gained citizenship through proper means, do you see the pattern here?

      When Slim Sauce and Full Auto Frankenweiss started to get into gunfights with the Italian Mafia, guess who raised the alarm? Traditional white females and descendants of legal immigrants from the USSR and Warsaw Pact. The alt-righters and black females were too busy dick policing black men to deal with the problems of uncontrolled migration and the skeptics so obsessed with tearing down society in the name of reason, fighting UFO nuts and maintaining their
      fake appearance of objectivity at all costs that they ignored and even nurtured the same problems they complained about just to control the black man, until it was too late.

      The alt-right, SJWs and modern skeptics are the biggest set of fools and useful idiots in known history and will destroy what is left of the West unless they are neutralized and dealt with properly.

      Yesterday a group gunmen armed with high-powered weapons entered a grocery store and engaged the police in a scene lifted straight out of Afghanistan or Syria while committing the robbery, in broad daylight. Please note that Jamaica is just off the coast of Florida. This is only an extreme case of a normal day in Jamaica.

      This state of affairs was brought on by systematic brainwashing of the people by the fascist simps under a nominally socialist government in the 1970s and 1990s as well as the culture of corruption that pervades the nation. Weapons from the ruins of Haiti and Venezuela easily make their way to over here where they are exchanged for Central American drugs. The current government declared martial law twice in the most affected parishes but guess what?

      The thugs just moved to the rural areas and continue their scamming and mayhem from there. To the Jamaican underworld a M-16 rifle is just another assault rifle – the criminals have more guns than Texas.

      This will be the fate of the rest of the West if the beta males, faux alpha thugs, denegrate musicians and black queans are not dealt with and removed properly.

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    • “In my opinion you think this would put black people off going through Libya but they are still coming and even working for them.”

      Ghadaffi warned that his army and police were the only things stopping mass migration of Arabs and Africans into Europe and that “Europe would turn Black” if he fell. Well, he was right.

      I feel sorry for some of the migrants but not all of them, not all of them are fleeing life or death situations. There was one story about a Nigerian woman who sold her parent’s land without their permission to pay smugglers to take her to Europe. She wasn’t living in danger or famine or anything, she was just greedy, selfish, and wanted to live in Europe. She got caught by slave traders and was forced to work as a sex slave before eventually getting rescued and sent back to Nigeria. When she got back she was homeless and broke because her family and friends had disowned her for what she did.

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  11. When the daggle gets wornout by the thug, they go dumpster diving in the bottom 1/4 of the White sexual cesspool and it seems to end very badly for these swirling mammies.

    Here we have a single mother swirling mammy of 4 BLACK children by a Black man, trying to climb swirl mountain after listening to the mentally ill swirling con-women on-line:

    Family of murdered Oxford,MS SWIRLING mammy wants death penalty ‘by firing squad

    And they wonder why free thinking BM are fleeing AmeriKanda at warp speed?

    Vote with your feet #SYBM

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    • Noticed that one of the “fambly menbuhz” said that there’s no justice for black people. I wonder if the dead bedwench thought that while ol boy was digging her out. She was probably just hoping that she’d catch some nut and get a light skinned baby.

      Also, notice that the family and the girl are dark skinned. Insecure as hell and wanna be and wanna be with anything that’s not black, but want us to feel sorry for you.

      Now, these stories are both very common and on the rise, but they are also suppressed. Whenever these stories happen, they’re not used as an example of anything. Meanwhile, when the shoe’s on the other foot, it’s coal burner/mud shark calling time.

      Black women and whites men deserve each other.

      You will also notice that at least Asian women are actually BACKING OFF from white men due to white men’s mental instability, insecurity, and entitlement/god complex. Meanwhile, Asian women ARE going more for black men…

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    • It seems that black women are finding out that the bullshit they pull with black men isn’t going to fly with other races of men. Personally, I love seeing these stories of black women getting their ass beat by non-black men because it will reach a point where they see just how lenient black men have been with them. They call us weak for not wanting to deal with their attitude but you have other races of men who are beating the shit out of them for that same attitude…and I’m loving every minute of it.

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      • @Perfectibilist Actually, they have always known that the disrespect, gaslighting and other feminine destructive behaviors doesn’t work with WM. Hence, the confidence the WM have with promoting Ghetto Gaggers on the web with full immunity from Black women. The issue they are having is the INTERNET airs out their trashy and tacky behavior, and just shown a LIGHT on the dysfunctional relationship they have with all races of men.

        They know how lenient BM are with women, they just never knew the world and BM themselves would figure it out; the Internet and social media has freed BM from gynocentric slavery…

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      • Perfectibilist,

        Yep, it’s all about sitting back with some popcorn and some freshly squeezed juice and happily watching to fireworks. Since they’re so strong and independent, they shouldn’t have a problem handling themselves.

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      • Smart young brotha. I see a lot of hate from WM on social media in regards to him skipping college. Yet, same WM have no problem with white 18-19 year old athletes skipping college to enter pro baseball or hockey. These WM love policing Bm, and get quite angry when they can’t control BM. Those WM on social media are upset because he isn’t going to University of Kansas to enrich that college off his god-given talents.

        Check the Twitter feed for R. J. Hampton and read the detractors.

        That’s why I know any attempt to find long term camaraderie with WM will fail. We may share a short term mutual interest in dismantling the feminist state and ending illegal immigration, but our common interests usually diverge thereafter…

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  12. Is this your queen BM?

    Stuff like this is why even though I follow Tariq, I always take what he says with a grain of salt. I’m pro-black but not to the point where I excuse any behaviors that black people do even if they are wrong. Tariq and many other pro-blacks are on that “you should always defend BW” shit, but what if they are the ones who started the fight (which is the case in many situations)? But if you point that simple fact out though you are a “coon”………

    This Asian man was asking these BW to leave his store and one of the punched him in the face on the way out. Then the BW squared up (like men) against him and fought him outside of the store. I guess Tariq wants us to pretend to pretend like she didn’t hit that man first (just like the BW at the Jun’s hair supply incident). Tommy calls BW “men with vaginas” and for many of them he is right. Shit like this is why nobody wants to deal with BW, not even BM.

    BW are waiving the white flag and asking for unity because the whole world can see their dysfunction now and see that they are the cause of many of the problems in the black community. BW can no longer hide the community’s dysfunction behind their “BM ain’t shit” propaganda like they did during the 80’s and the 90’s. Keep the Wall up and stay away no matter how much sweet talk BW try to come to you with.

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    • Great point: ” BW can no longer hide the community’s dysfunction behind their “BM ain’t shit” propaganda like they did during the 80’s and the 90’s.” ~@James

      Aint that the TRUE TRUE!!

      you are confusing the term “Pro-Black” and “Hotep-Socialist”. Sir Robert F. Smith & Dr. Ben Carson are the true Pro-Blacks. Tariq is a Hotep Hustler, and his followers are Hotep Socialists; if you understand the term Socialist it all makes sense. I listen to Tariq from time to time still, and enjoyed his “Mack Lessons” show from years back. But, remember the Hotep hustling class the minority that is commodifying the ‘race hustle’ have an ECONOMIC reason for what they do. Versus the consumers of the “Hotep Socialist Hustle” who are following on ‘blind faith’. That’s why I call it a religion & movement, because its backed by strong collective emotions, but where are the results? What are the results? For whom is the primary beneficiary of this “Hotep Socialism?

      I say follow the money…

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    • James SYSBM,

      To think not long ago just like the early days of Sotomayor Nasheed was also calling black women out on their dysfunction and encouraging black men to travel in order to meet quality females. Now he’s on this pimp the community nonsense and the thing about it is most of his fans and followers can’t see it.

      We all know that there are large swaths of black women who enter these Asian owned beauty supply stores to engage in nothing but theft, why is the dude behaving as if these women are innocent? Look at the many videos we’ve come across of black women raiding all sorts of stores brazenly, the black witch doesn’t get a pass on anything over here:

      Nasheed will always attempt to take the pimp route but he’ll be dead silent when it comes to things like the above.

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  13. @King Sigma

    I’d say that white men for the most part are not really opposing feminism in any constructive way, it’s just a boogie man the same way that they are to feminists.

    They use feminism the same way that race hustlers use “da whiet debbil.” They will talk crap all day, but when it comes to action, lil slim to none.

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    • @afro You are likely right in the bigger context. But in terms of over-turning abortion, defunding free birth control and ending affirmative action to get WW under control is real; they want to increase that white birth rate. But, any BM thinking that because they may benefit INDIRECTLY this indicates some brotherhood.

      In fact, it is probably the opposite reason, to stop WW from fucking all those Black and Brown men…

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      • Your latter point is the EXACT reason. Just look at how black men want actual families with these women, but white men will remain as childless or having as few children as the feminists that they rail against.

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