Robert F Smith Pays Off $40 Million(£31 Million) In Student Debt At Morehouse College – Pathetic Black Females More Concerned About His White Wife, SMH


Since everybody here is already up to speed with the story let’s jump straight into why the black witch’s coven is so angry at Robert F Smith and let’s deal with the pathetic talking points they’re currently bringing forward. Firstly, it must be understood that whenever you hear the term “black community”, this really means BLACK WOMEN as black men outside of being it’s slaves ie bringing money and resources to the table in order for black women to frivolously indulge and spend, aren’t considered neither looked upon as critical components of the so called “community” nor the running of it.

As far as black women are concerned, any money and resources that are offered to black people must be brought to them and them alone, in their eyes because of the competition mindset they have subscribed to, black men must never be allowed to get on an equal or even higher footing to them. As far as the black witch is concerned Robert F Smith transgressed in that he chose to bypass the sacred cow of black society in offering out his debt clearance investment, oh well.

At the end of the day Robert Smith just like so many other thinking black men recognises the fact that black women as a group genuinely are a bad investment overall as it has been demonstrated time and time again how black women even though they frequently talk the “invest in the community(ie in them)” rhetoric, don’t even hold to the same principle themselves and have no problems throwing their money into the hands of non black communities who in turn are witnessing their coffers overflow:

This isn’t even taking into consideration the fake eyelash and synthetic nail industries that black women have been happily funnelling copious amounts of their money into, both in addition to the weave/wig complex which we already know is dominated by East Asians. Do you see the problem here, you have black females talking about black investment yet they readily invest into the Asian communities instead, smh. If I and many others can see this, don’t believe for a second that an ultra wealthy tycoon like Robert F Smith can’t see it either. Exactly how have black women invested into the black community in recent times, I’ll wait?

This automatically rolls into the next issue of the contention the angry and bitter black sisterhood has and that is with the fact that Robert F Smith’s wife Hope Dworaczyk is white and as a result his money and wealth won’t be passed down into black hands. Firstly, as has already been proven black women don’t invest into black hands anyway, therefore who are they to contend with and question the future of a black man’s inheritance?

Secondly, since the race of the child is determined by the race of the father, Smith’s children are BLACK, therefore the claim of his wealth not being passed down into black hands is a false one and can immediately be thrown into the garbage. Of course black women will attempt to flip the script and claim that his children are not black because his wife is white, yet at the same time they’ll have no problems accepting the children who come from black mothers and white fathers as black, pathetic, inaccurate and hypocritical.

Again, I’m sure that we have another situation where Smith as he was growing up knowing black female nature was most probably looked upon as a “lame” by black female society and most certainly given a hard time as this is how black women as a collective typically deal with the contingent of educated and intelligent black men.

Black women would’ve squarely REJECTED a Robert F Smith in favour of Chunky Bruh, Trap House Jim, Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike and Lil Cheezy, therefore how can they feel some kind of way that these fellows and such like would choose to seek out love and companionship elsewhere? The bottom line is black women don’t consider black men as part of the black community, this is why they aren’t pleased in the slightest with Robert Smith’s monumental investment move in favour of thinking black men.

The truth of the matter is black women want all the money and the resources coming into black society for themselves simply so that they can live out their hedonistic lifestyles, allowing Jezebel a free run of the yard as well as investing in short term degradable trinkets that won’t provide anything for anybody in the future.

The fact that Smith cleared the debt of graduating thinking black men and black women are upset about it ought to be another red flag for you brothers who are still on the fence. Robert F Smith has brought a group of black men out of the gutter of student debt and black women are angry at him for doing that, hopefully one day the light will come on and you’ll put 2 and 2 together, black women don’t want to see black men prosperous, debt free and living fruitful lives.

By the way, when was the last time somebody like Oprah Winfrey pulled something off like this? So in light of all of the above it makes perfect sense to me why Robert Smith chose to invest into THINKING BLACK MEN, he’s seen the pile of ashes and rubble black women have turned the so called community into via their acceptance of feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies, why on earth would he give them money or clear any of their debts?

Smith has seen the fact that black women have a median net worth of a measly $5 in addition to witnessing them gleefully throwing their money into the hands of East Asians, therefore again, why would he invest with them? The main reason why the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G and the rest of the black witch’s coven are upset with Smith is because he didn’t give his money to them so that they could squander it in Asian hair and beauty supply stores as well as nail shops.

As was pointed out by contributor Mack G in the last Open Mic Wednesday, Robert Smith has invested in black women before, however he has been extremely selected over the type of black women to plunge money into because as we all can clearly see in 2019 the overwhelming majority of black women have their priorities completely backwards, are totally unappreciative of any good deeds done in their favour, only know how to the destroy things around them and don’t have a clue about investment themselves.

Thinking black men, the dossier is in, black women DON’T see you as part of the community, only themselves, you have an OUTSIDE ROLE TO PLAY AS A SLAVE bringing them all the money, goodies and trinkets their hearts desire, nothing more. The same reason they are angry and bitter at Smith is the same reason why they can’t stand Michael B Jordan, Tyrese Gibson, Kobe Bryant or any other black man with status who chooses to marry a non black woman, THEY CANNOT ACCESS THEIR MONEY AND RESOURCES.

Black men clearly have a disadvantage in western society, unlike black women they don’t have the helping hand of the state as well as media pundits like Oprah Winfrey, black men have pretty much been kicked to the curb, this is why what Robert F Smith did was so refreshing. Those brothers who got their debt slates wiped clean deserve every bit of it, don’t listen to these bitter black sirens and their endless nonsensical complaints.

Gentlemen, keep the Wall up and continue to date out, black women DON’T LIKE black men looking out for each other as is so evident from this monumental event. Always remember, BLACK COMMUNITY = BLACK WOMEN. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Fall For The Black Community Okey Dokey

Most High Bless

Signed, The Foreigner

99 thoughts on “Robert F Smith Pays Off $40 Million(£31 Million) In Student Debt At Morehouse College – Pathetic Black Females More Concerned About His White Wife, SMH

  1. Black women on Robert Smith:

    Before he gets money: Get out of my face lame nig*a !

    After he gets money: That nig*a is not getting with the sistas ! Shame on him ! His mama is black !

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Exactly, they aren’t interested in the so called lames, cornballs and squares until they begin expanding upon their dating options and make it big, MBD said this years ago.

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      • Verbs,

        I commented on this story on open mic Wednesday BW are really ignorant. With this blessing this man has given who the hell cares what color the man wife is except for the utterly disgusting BW.

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      • These dark witches are not genuine.I think Robert had mada a huge mistake and married a darkwhore witch in the past.This time around he wants happiness.I wish for Black men to build outside communities ,enclaves ,etc and see joy in life.Without a dark,ugly shore chasing him around creating trouble and bringing curses.Curses meant for the dark witch should stay with the dark witch.Hope all is well, Brother Verbs

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  2. TRUE STORY!!!
    Last week I was in a barber shop to get a fade, and trim up my beard. If you’ve been in a BS, especially one for BM, you know that topics of discussion and language used can be quite harsh… the topic of Ayesha Curry and SYSBM GOD Robert Smith came up.
    Right away, some simps proved Ayesha was wrong because now you have their thirsty asses talking like they would run up on her and give her the dick, WHICH GOES TO SHOW BLACK WOMEN DON’T KNOW HOW TO BE WIVES BECAUSE THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THEIR WHORISH BEHAVIOR, OR THEY DON’T CARE.
    Then we talked about SYSBM JESUS, MR. Robert SMITH, and right when the conversation was about to get good, the ACTUAL OWNER OF THE SHOP CAME UP TO US TO TELL US TO TONE DOWN THE CONVERSATION….why? Because some BLACK BITCH was in the shop and we should be respectful…………………………..I damn near fainted… I thought I had been shoved into an alternate reality at FLASH SPEED without noticing. Black men can no longer speak their mind IN THE ONLY SAFE SPACE left to us…even racists white men know this, yet who is in our spaces, destroying it, defiling it?????? BLACK WOMEN.
    ……this is why SYSBM Omnipotent deity choose a NON_black woman to call his wife, black women NO LONGER KNOW HOW TO BE women, and are in DIRECT COMPETITION with BLACK MEN.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      I’ve noticed that in recent times a spate of combination barbershops/hair salons have been opening up, I see this a lot here in London. This is where the problem comes in, remember black women believe that they are our overlords and unfortunately there always seem to be a barrage of simps who are willing to bow the knee to these benighted traitors.

      Mixing barbershops with hair salons is a very bad idea, these witches will act like they own the joint and attempt to dictate(dominate and emasculate) any and all black men they come across. As for black women falling off in terms of wife material, I couldn’t agree with you more which is exactly why I advise thinking black men to date out.

      Dealing with this modern day black female in 2019 is no different to wading in your local sewage works, sorry, that’s the truth.

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    • @Paul Anthony
      Brotha! My brotha! I’ve seen this barbershop movie episodes waaaaay too many times! In fact, I was tone policed on countless occasions when I expressed my pedigrees on females and the nature of them and of course…of course there was always a “married” negro(s) intervening and interrupting and/or some ol big booty hurt ass black female who’ll literally step up to the chair while getting a fresh cut and flap her jezebelic jaws the same way she flaps her ass. So I can relate fully.

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  3. It has been a great season to be an SYSBM soldier, let me tell you!

    SYSBM Lt Gen Robert F. Smith and his second in command, Gen Hope Dworzak on the field giving supreme orders to his SYSBM graduates to go forth and multiply.

    Plus the US spiritual solider IN DA PALISSSSSS with Princess Martha Louise, Sir Michael B Jordan, Tyrese Gibson CBE and the countless hours put in by soldiers online and in real life like yourselves, commenters on Slaying Evil, Obsidian, Mad Bus Driver, Kirigakure Jones, General Tito, GW3, Verbs, not forgetting our partners and associates, our non-Black women (online and IRL) and everybody on the SYSBM tip, are making a major impact. It’s a great time to be alive.

    The Scraggle has lost her power, she can only shame and injure those who are still wounded. Thinking brothers are immune to Synthetic G and her low tide head antics, so don’t even sweat it.

    Save yourselves and be proud of yourselves.

    #SYSBM #TeamWhiteGirls

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    • Michel,

      Indeed sir, thinking black men need to stand tall and be very proud of the monumental leaps, bounds and strides we’ve made and are still making. Just choosing to abandon black women alone is already a huge gateway to freedom.

      As King Sigma and many others have mentioned before, thinking black men aren’t interested in dealing with the rehashed talking points black women continue bringing back to the table, we’re simply voting with our feet, some vocally, however most are leaving the building in silence.

      I also have to big up those non black women who are on our team, most choose to remain in the shadows because they fully understand the serious backlash they’ll receive from the black witch’s coven if they go public, they’re are always welcome to comment here because their anonymity will not be compromised.

      Black women as a group are toast, when they brazenly choose to open their legs to the dregs of black male society while at the same time mocking, laughing at, snubbing and ridiculing thinking brothers, you already know that such actions will carry dire consequences down the pike.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    Thank God for Robert F Smith because he proved that he is helping the black community out by paying off the thinking black men/university students debts off because they put in the hard work to get these degrees which isn’t a easy thing to do believe in because I know from personal experience and also he is investing in there futures so that they can inadvertently live the sysbm lifestyle without they worry and restrictions of the student loan debts that will take years to pay back. Black women always love to complain about something that doesn’t concern them but why are these same black women wasting their money on weaves/ wigs, fake nails, fake eyebrows, they bleach their skin to look like the European white women so that they are stupidly contributing towards a 10 billion pound fake hair industry instead of investing in their education and books so that they can pay for their useless mickey mouse degrees. Also black women always get a god like complex when they get their expensive mickey mouse degrees because they always feel that they superior to any black man especially if they work in corporate America or corporate Britain because are more educated them especially if they got a masters or PhD compared to a good black man if he has got just a bachelors degrees in which no black women will tell you how expensive a masters or PhD costs because they are racked in student loan debt in which they can never pay off and they also get into all kinds of credit cards and other loan debt to create this fake rich lifestyle to look like they got money but they are broke as fuck but they manage to get a new fresh weave on every time. Why don’t same black women protest to their black feminist female godmother Oprah Winfrey or their racist white father their Lord and saviour to pay for their useless stupid media studies mickey mouse degrees. I am so glad that Robert F Smith picked a white woman to be his wife because he is doing his future mixed race children a massive favour in the future.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I full agree with your bro. Black women ought to seek counsel from Oprah and demand that she or Lord whitey perform a similar act for them. Black women as a whole are absolutely useless at managing money because of their compulsion to indulge Jezebel. Black women can keep their degrees, at the end of the day holding a degree is only a small aspect to life and quite frankly black men aren’t interested in their academic achievements anyway.

      Robert F Smith chose wisely to marry a non black woman, can you imagine your average black woman having the pool of finances of Mr Smith at her disposal, the horror.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        In my famous words I fully agree with you bro. When I date a non black woman I look if she has a good personality and if she is lady and I don’t care about her educational background because being educated and intelligent are two totally different things. You can be book smart without having any common sense whatsoever or you can be very intelligent with Street smarts and life skills without being educated and let me tell you something Verbs my brother, black women are the most dumbest woman on the face of the planet despite their so called higher education credentials because they make the poorest choices in life especially when they become single mothers with thug spawn children.

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  5. I’m going to add that he was actually married to a Black Woman for nearly 20 years and they have I believe 3 Children together (heirs). He met his new wife after he’d been divorced. A Black Woman ALREADY had a share of his wealth, his children will inherit a share of his estate, so what’s the problem. Nameless Sistagals Cynthia G, Trina BM, and even swirling Chrissy are attacking this Dude for doing what they complain about Black Men NOT doing. They claim to look down or have NO desire for Black Men in their various words. These Women didn’t contribute one red cent to his Wealth so how do they think they can dictate who he leaves his money too. Entitlement Syndrome is the Number ONE poison of the WESTERNIZED Woman and especially the WESTERNIZED BW. They feel that they can dictate what they have ZERO stakes in, yet CANNOT as a Whole Order and Organize their own lives.

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    • Crimson King,

      The high priestess of Scalp Summit aka The Bald Eagle one Miss Synthetic G can’t even get one one follicle of hair to grow from that smooth, shiny, bald scalp of hers yet still believes that she has the right to dictate in which direction a black man’s wealth ought to be heading. This is the overlord mentality that is pervasive throughout black female society and particular rears it’s ugly head when black men are a part of the equation.

      Heroes like Smith as well as other well known SYSBM black male figures are simply keeping their contact with black women down to a minimum because that is what is best for business and for life in general.

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  7. Black women cant stand their boys having any kind of positive male influence, why do you think they can never secure their kids a step daddy or have them around good male friends of theirs?

    This is because it shows how little good they’ve done “fo da cumoonittee” and how much black men ARE needed in their respective communities.

    Again, “his resources be leaving da cumoonitte” but his half black kids will ultimately be considered BLACK, so wtf? Just like Obama is black, just like Stephen and Ayesha Curry, Paula Patton, and Alicia Keys are all considered black, despite some of them being light as hell. But again, it’s the MOTHER, isn’t it?

    Williams wasn’t called a coon, despite her literally pretending/LARPing as being with this white guy that you NEVER see her with. Seriously, that “relationship” is a glorified trip to the sperm bank. Hell, she might as well have used the Sperminator.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, it’s all about sabotaging the black boys from a very young age, hence why these black sirens get straight to work in belittling, mocking, emasculating, intimidating, bullying and physically assaulting their boys as early as possible.

      These black women are complaining about the fact that Smith wiped the debt slate clean for black men who actually mean a damn, I suppose their actions here simply reinforce the observation of black women and the deep disdain and hatred they have for thinking brothers. They simply hate those black men they cannot control and manipulate.

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  8. Robert F Smith Net Worth: $5 BILLION dollars.

    That’s why these whore are mad at him, he should be spending his money on them, but he said this

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    • Exactly. They’re mad because he didn’t give them a chance to steal his money by not dating them but gave it to the white woman he’s with haha. They’re a bunch of parasites. Always wanting something for nothing..

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  9. This guy has proved that Black men CAN be pro Black and date/marry White and non-black women; never have you seen a Black woman date out and do anything close to what Robert F. Smith did for the Morehouse graduates. They will still expect Black men to do for the community; makes me proud to be a Smith, as well.

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    • “This guy has proved that Black men CAN be pro Black and date/marry White and non-black women”

      Correct, I have been saying that for a long time now. I’m pro-black but have no illusions about how dysfunctional the black community is and how difficult it would be for good BM to have a relationship with a western/westernized BW.

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      • James SYSBM,

        But according to black women black men can’t be pro black while dating or being married to non black women, but black women themselves on the other hand can be pro black while dating or being married to non black men, the brazen nerve of these broads.

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  10. When you view Terri BM’s “our plight” statemrnt closely, she either means black women of her ilk or her primary. The darkskin activist Rashida Marie Strober had a few words against Robert F. Smith and his wife. Her statement in its entire: “Black man billionaire Robert Smith pays off college debt of BLACK MEN at Morehouse, I was happy bout this at first but it looks like he encouraging black men to get a non DARK woman. I wonder would he do the same for BLACK WOMEN given that he is giving all his billions to a white woman, the woman he married in this picture… SYSTEMIC ECONOMIC DARKISM.”

    That’s all. SYSBM.

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    • Rashida Strober deserves a litany of articles herself, dumb bitch that she is.

      She’s mad that he only gave this money to black MEN, but isn’t morehouse a MALE ONLY school? So wtf?

      Secondly, I can’t ****ing stand dark skinned black women, and they really SHOULD be bred out. She took this situation, which was something positive, and literally made it into a dark skin pity party for you to all feel sorry for her and her ilk.

      There’s not a race of being more pathetic than the black woman, she literally exists to make even the most slovenly of hobo feel better about himself, let alone the white woman whom she so desperately wishes that she could be.

      Seriously, a dark skinned advocate. You don’t see cleft lip advocates! Black war whores…..

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    • BrotherDanUnlimited,

      To black women there is no collective plight because thinking black men are NOT part of the black community, they are the slaves of it(if they choose to stick around). Why would the race of the woman he’s giving his money to even matter, as long as she is a good wife and a good mother I would most certainly be satisfied with that.

      Sometimes these guys truly don’t understand what is happening on the ground level and how bad things actually are with black male/black female relations, they conclude black women are a bad investment for themselves but at the same time still believe that other black men can find themselves ‘the one’ and make something work.

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    • Hasn’t Rashida got enough words in her SJW dictionary?


      Rashida cannot face the truth, which is no one wants to fuck her because she’s completely batshit insane. Not even Ghetto Gaggers…

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    • Man, that Rashida chick is so insecure to actually try and make a name for herself with the colourism issue; why is it always the ugliest ones crying the most?

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  11. This topic sincerely, legitimately enrages me. These witches are so dumb that they continuously reveal themselves and prove to be the monsters that WE say they are. I’ve been pondering this very subject for awhile now – the act of giving back. Black women give back ABSOLUTELY “F*UCK-ALL”.
    Even when they DO – on the absolute rare occasion – give back, they only give to black women [Oprah anyone? Creates a boarding school for African black GIRLS – which in my opinion is a pedophilia factory].
    Black men like THIS dude give back to better the black COMMUNITY!!! Warrick Dunne has a single mother housing initiative where he actually builds houses for single mothers and their children, Curtis Martin has a program for single mothers and their children, Alonzo Mourning – same thing….the list goes ON AND ON – black men giving back to their COMMUNITIES. My favorite….LeBron James partnered with his hometown’s school district, funded a school program for both boys AND girls. True Baller!!!

    These bitches give absolutely NOTHING and have the f@cking audacity to try to shame a man that actually DOES something for his community just because he was smart enough to avoid the black witch!

    They are truly repulsive!!!

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    • Exactly. They’re just mad because this billionaire didn’t give them a chance to take him to the cleaners. Them seeing a non black woman with access to a rich black man’s resources eats them up..

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    • MgtowStrong,

      But the question is why on earth would thinking black men give anything back so to speak to a so called community that treated them like garbage, mocked, ridiculed, laughed at them and in many cases ousted them? When black women talk this “giving back” talk it nearly always equates to wanting free handouts. Again, note the communities that black women are investing their money into, they’re NOT black ones.

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      • I cannot argue with your point…. unfortunately, it’s valid. Most of those guys I mentioned give back out of guilt, shame or have experienced the “single mother” first hand growing up (warrick Dunne/Curtis Martin).
        I agree with you.
        help the victims of single mother households – the kids…try to prevent the girls from becoming ratched, try to help the boys from CHOOSING ratched.

        It’s a lost cause, I know, but if I can save ONE, it will be a win in my book.

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  12. This should a lesson to successful black men to stop helping the black community. Especially black women. No matter what you do for negros it’s never good enough. They’re the most ungrateful race of people on the planet. This is exactly one reason why when I became successful I didn’t help a lot of black folks. I find funny how black women always wanna talk about rich black men giving their money to white women yet they never mention how they give billions of dollars to the asian community every year. I can guarantee if this was Serena Williams none of the black women who are criticizing this dude would have said anything.

    The real reason why black women are complaining is because they’re mad that this billionaire didn’t give them a chance to take him to the cleaners like he gave the white woman he’s with. Them seeing a non black woman with access to a well off black man’s money like this gets under their skin. A lot of black women are very entitled and think that black men owe them their resources when they become successful. Even though they couldn’t have contributed a dime to your success or could have been some of the same dudes they dissed back in the day. He was wise for not marrying a black woman. All they would do is trap him into getting married or trick him into getting pregnant so they can get alimony or child support. Then go around bragging to their homegirls about it. To all thinking and successful black men stay away from black women and the black community. They don’t love you. They only want your resources..

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    • Jay,

      The yearly figures concerning the cold hard cash black women are spending in East Asian communities is off the damn chart. So let me get this straight, they want rich black men in particular and black men in general to put back into the community so that they can immediately take what we would invest over to the communities of Kim, Lee and Hung? No thanks, I’ll pass.

      I agree with you by the way, one must be very choosy and selective over which black folks they choose to reach out their hands to.

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  13. @Verbs
    A masterpiece as usual!
    I would like to clear up one thing that you mentioned. Mr. Robert F. Smith’s net worth is $5 Billion, Oprah’s is $3 Billion per Forbes, so she does not have a higher net worth than him, I just wanted to clear that up.

    Now on to the “Cross Country Whore”…AKA Synthetic G! This “Pool of Vomit” couldn’t even do the basic research.

    First, the “Intercontinental Dick Chaser” thinks he graduated from Morehouse, which he didn’t. He graduated from Cornell University with a Chemical Engineering degree and then went on to get his MBA from Columbia.

    Second, “Satan’s Shit Stain” went on to say that since “he lives in California, if they divorce it’s a community property state and she’ll get half”, NO… he lives in Houston where his company Vista Capital is based out of and has a 2nd home in Malibu, California.

    Half of the reason they’re hating on this GREAT MAN is of course he was smart enough not deal with anyone from the “Bitter Broke Black Bitches of Blackistan LLC” and married himself a White Woman, his first wife is BIRACIAL by the way. But he chose to give his money to Morehouse College a predominantly Black, ALL MALE school. Just read the comments and they where crying about why he didn’t do the same for Spelman College (the predominantly black all female shit hole school in Atlanta) or the all female Bennett College that almost went bankrupt last year. The colorism crybaby “Pissie”…sorry…Chrissie, was crying about the same thing. They have a PSYCHOTIC jealousy, hatred and envy of Black Men and White Women.

    I get so much JOY seeing the Scraggle Daggle cry and moan with jealousy and envy everytime a Black Man dates/marrries a White or non-Black Female or does something positive, because it shows that the PARASITES only wants to see the world BURN if they don’t get what they want.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks sir. No problem, I’ll edit that part of the article, appreciate the correction brother. It just goes to show how black women can never be satisfied on any level, they’ll always have something to complain about which is one of the many reasons why we stopped dealing with them to begin with.

      As I’ve stated many times before, black women don’t appreciate your deeds as a thinking black man because they believe that they are entitled to them by default seeing as we are viewed as slaves in their eyes.

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    • International Dick Chaser
      Cross Country Whore
      Satan’s Shit Stain
      Queen of Scalp Summit
      The Bald Eagle

      Y’all are going in hard! Probably more than she deserves. Synthetic G wishes she had chosen a man worth $3bn to start with, but dumb is dumb. Oh well, better call Tyrone… Or Slim Dookie, Tuff Hed, Def Mufugga and Six Shot Da’Shawn.

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  14. This brother saved 400 young BM from what likely would have been DECADES of debt, who cares who he is dating? Oh wait, bitter BW care. He also donated 20 million dollars to the ADOS museum in DC.
    Apparently he has been quietly making moves for a while now, which is probably the safest way to do it. This brother has been making moves behind the Wall of Silence, and when he stuck his head over the top for a minute along side his white wife and displayed some of his wealth the bitter BW got pissed. If you are good BM do like him and stay away from them, move in silence and don’t let them see what they are missing out on. We all know that when they do see you they will make you a target and possibly try to trap or sabotage you.
    TBA talked about how desperate women and single moms go after men and try to break them or trap them and how most men are better off avoiding them in this clip:

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  15. Lets keep it real BW only care that Robert F Smith is rich and famous. If he was normal BW wouldn’t want him because like you know BW are the definition of very poor mate selections. They only want the Pookie and Ray Ray (low IQ thugs). MGTOW and SYSBM is the only BM option.

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    • black british guy —– Most black women, even the educated ones, seek a black man that they can control. — For example, when black women lie and claim that white women wear hair weave, ignorant black men will agree with black women’s false statements about fake hair.

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  16. I’m on the fence on what Robert F Smith did. It’s good thing he did but when you bail people out from bad decision it makes them entitled. I don’t think talented Blacks owe shit to the community. Because I believe the world doesn’t owe you shit.

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    • Black British Guy,

      But the brothers he wiped the debt slate clean for were already prepared to pay off their own debts seeing as they are thinking black men, not the scum buckets like 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce. They never asked Smith for anything and besides, those black men at Morehouse according to black women are NOT part of the community because they haven’t bowed to the sacred cow which is the black witch herself.

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    • black british guy —– What “bad decision” are you speaking of? What “bail” are you speaking of? There are young men going to college. I do not see a bad decision that requires bail.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @Gregory Chandler

        I’m trying to wrap my head around that statement as well. Who said going to college is a “bad ideal”. He act like they where slinging crack and got bailed out of jail.

        Liked by 2 people

  17. patheic attempt to dick police black men.This is why blogs and outlets like slaying evil and mad bus driver are so important.We need mote thinking brother like verbs mbd and all tje brothers in this greatest fear is that young black men will watch a ba video like this and believe the nonsense that she devil scraggle daggle is spreading.

    Liked by 5 people

      • D. K. Phantom —– Do you notice how black females take the talking points of black men? These black females use the same words used by black men and replace the words black women with the words “black men.”

        Liked by 1 person

    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Notice how the comments have been disabled for the video, she knows what she’s talking about is garbage. It took her 40 lame minutes to attempt to explain how black men are the least desired and she didn’t even do a very good job of it either, smh.

      Liked by 4 people

    • She turned off the comments so that no one could question her, pathetic. Either way I didn’t watch the video. I did look over the data that she posted from the links in the description and it looks like Asian men are the least desired based on her sources. These chicks are desperately trying to bring us down to their level to keep good BM from leaving. They told us that they were strong and independent and didn’t need us, time for them to prove it. Keep the Wall up.

      Liked by 5 people

      • James SYSBM —— The psychologists call Faith Jones’ conduct PROJECTION. Black women are the least desired group of women. Jones attempts to project the black woman’s situation onto black men.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Unfaithful Jones wasted 40 minutes of her life respewing the same old stereotypical talking points. We all know that most ethnicities of people date and mate within their own, why focus on the small number of black men that date and mate out in western society? But hey, she’s “educated”.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Hahaha! If BM are the least desired race of men on earth how come when I’m walking down the street the most common interracial dating couple tends to be BM and a non BW. I don’t even have to watch the video to know its bullshit.

      Liked by 4 people

      • black british guy —- And the interracial couplings of black men produce Barack Obama, Tiger Woods, a good percentage of entertainers, and athletes, etc. And black women are producing what with non-black men?

        Liked by 1 person

  18. My fellow SYSBM Practitioners. Who knew that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. almost went SYSBM back in the day:

    I have to be honest, I always felt like MLK would have rather been with a non-black female if it wasn’t for the era he lived in. If him and Malcom X were around during this day and age, I truly believe both of them would eventually become a Robert Smith and married out. Fellas, this is why I keep saying technology is the greatest equalizer. In this day and age, you can be about yourself and be with the women who want to be with you. That is the essence of SYSBM. Forget these black witches of Blackistan. Be about YOU.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Sigma Jones,

      Watch the movie “Malcolm X.” by Spike Lee. Or go the source, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.” Malcolm Little did indeed mess with white women back when he was “Detroit Red.” Due to the times, he could not go full SYSBM. This is why I say black men today are MORE FREE than at any time in US history, and should take full advantage.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. When Baba said “The Black Community = Black Female”. This is the smoking gun in this debate over what Sir Robert F. Smith does with his money and body.
    If it was Serena Williams giving $40 bn to Spellman, there would be no comments about her much poorer White husband. That is why the free thinking BM are going mute to daggle babble. We have reached the stage where savvy bros are voting in silence, but more importantly changing the narrative surrounding BM by leaping over Black misandrists.
    In the eyes of the Black miandrist and her daggle hordes – Black men are the PROPERTY of Black women and Blacks are the property of the White Supremacist State. You are NEVER to find happiness. I don’t mean, just happiness in general, I literally mean, the BM is never to be happy and self-actualized.
    Any surprise BM die younger than any other group in the West:
    These Black misandrists and white male worshipping mammies have made it clear that there is NOTHING a BM can do that they will respect. They view you as property and a SEXUAL OR VALIDATION UTILITY – an inferior.
    You can be a millionaire with fame, they will spit in your face in public (see Ayesha Curry). You can be a billionaire, wipe clean the debts of 400 BM; some of which come from single mother hellholds (see Sir Robert F. Smith) or you can be the Hollywood successful husband and be castrated on national TV (see Tiny Knowles:
    All I can tell bruthas is vote with your feet, and let them witches perish…

    Liked by 6 people

    • Wise words, King Sigma. Preach to the youth. I haven’t messed with a black woman since 1990, or lived in a black neighborhood since 2002. I was SYSBM way before the term was even coined.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. Black women always complain of black men like Robert F. Smith dating black women. After that, the continue to weave, being single mothers, putting men on child support, sleeping with Pookie and Ray Ray, having children with the wrong man and twerking on the internet. It seems like black women are good for is just complaining and they mostly complain is when a black man dates a white woman, or a Asian woman, a Latino woman or a mix race woman.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. This guy was married to a black woman for over a decade and you didn’t hear a word from black women about what Robert F. Smith is doing for the black community. Now that he has a white wife half of black women are saying he isn’t pro-black due to his wife and the other half is mad he didn’t pay off any black women’s loans. funny isnt it?

    black women have bragged about their college degrees for years and said it made them better than black men only to now whine that black men are not paying off her student loans.

    Student loan debt has crippled an entire generation of men. This mad did a great thing for the black community in that regard and all these women do is whine about how they can’t spend his money when he fucking dies/ gets divorced.
    Unreal. SYSBM for life.

    Also This mans networth is only 5 billion. I don’t see bill gates (net worth 100 billion) speding any money helping white men and their student loans. I do see Bill Gates spending billions funding common core making an entire geration of white boys unable to do 4th grade math problems.

    Liked by 3 people

    • The Black community is the only place where you’re expected to look after everyone once you become rich; negros are like leeches when it comes to resources.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Joey

        You are right about that statement. One example you win the lottery and the same people that make your life hell come back with their hands out.

        Liked by 4 people

  22. @Joey You are correct. Many Blacks are inherently communist. They want nothing to do with you, as you acquire skill, sacrifice short term pleasures, and perfect your trade. The moment you become financially successful, they use the word “WE” or the ‘Black community’.

    Many Blacks are destined to become a permanent underclass of beggers. The SYBM revolution has shifted into 2nd gear with the Sir Robert F. Smith bailout of other free thinking BM.

    Thee free thinking BM is creating his own NEW community without the majority of Blacks.

    Liked by 4 people

  23. This man just saved these young brothers years of crippling debt and these heifers are calling him a coon because he has a white wife. Completely disregarding his incredibly generous act. All this goes to show you is these black bitches aren’t grateful for anything unless you are spending your money or investing in their selfish wants and needs.

    I suspect this may have been the final straw for a good portion of brothers on the fence, and opened the eyes of many others who have flat out refused to call these heifers out.

    Fuck them, and the black community. It is mind boggling how anybody with an iq over ten can defend such disgusting behavior. These parasitic leeches are something else.

    Liked by 6 people

  24. @Verbs I have been thinking about a common myth repeated about “women are the transmitters of culture to children.” I am starting to truly question this claim. I’ll counter it by saying, the TRUE TRUE: Men are the providers, protectors, builders, nurturers, and the transmitters of culture to children as well.

    Female ‘culture’in its natural state is degenerate and regressive. Where women lead, no civilizations has ever arose; but many fallen by the way side when women received unearned leadership.

    Society needs to produce masculine, logical men with a sense of honor, justice and benevolence. That is what is largely missing in the West. Women can not be depended on to lead or transmit culture to the children. It is men that must agressively do all the aforementioned things if a society is to survive, thrive and rise.

    When the Black woman has been left to transmit culture to the youth; what is the result? Family unit destruction, social disorder and community collapse. I notice that a lot of this matriarchal myths come from cultures that are more matriarcal.

    Any wonder why those cultures are dominated?

    Liked by 6 people

    • The issue is also that they do not have an established natural culture or free national standards to pass down in many cases. If you believe your history begins with being captured in war and enslaved and for some odd reason you never connect the dots back to your successfully and God minded forefathers and foremothers then logically you would be either forging something new or repeating the same enslaved human routine of life.

      Clearly the height of civilization was not reached under slavery…..or perhaps for some maybe the slave plantation was the “Golden age”. This is the simple reality. Some people clearly enjoy artificial environments which are manipulated to produce predictable outcomes which are not merit based. In plain English some people clearly enjoy the benefits of being a slaveholder. Some of these people endeavor to raise slave children to go out into the world and promote the religion of negro servitude which is now voluntary servitude.

      Liked by 2 people

      • These chicks seriously fantasize about dating a WM, even if he is racist. We are constantly seeing stories from BW talking about how their WM calls them slurs and degrades them for being black. I never hear about BM having that problem with WW.

        Here is another one, she was a black single mother who had a thing for WM police officers. She started having an affair with a WM police officer who was married and he killed her. If I had to guess she probably started threatening to expose him, having an affair is flat out wrong, but having one with a BW is extra dangerous. A pastor in Mississippi got killed a few weeks ago by his black mistress because he refused to leave his wife for her:

        Liked by 3 people

    • Uncle Dave mentions many times how, if a person wants to understand a nation or group’s culture, all they have to do is listen to their current music and read their literature. Don’t be surprised if this sells for over a million copies, just in the US alone. Coming to your local Barnes and Noble store hahaha.

      Liked by 5 people

    See…its n*ggacunts like “terri” who writes illogical contradicting post like this and wonders why no blackman aint checking and/or f*ckin with HER!! Thus, makes it easier to steer crystal clear away from them.
    I guess, salt worthy blackmen are only “sellouts” when we have basic requirements and qualifications in women we choose to have in our lives to enhance it.

    (At this point, I’m gonna single handily exclude myself from this equation simply because of countless reasons too largely for explanations and for the respect of brothas who found theirs)

    For example, a non black woman who has the potential and characteristics of a help meet. One who respects and supports his goals and dreams, wants and needs, admires him, has a strong desire FOR HIM in any and everything HE does, the whole 9yrds. Because for the most part, she understands that his enemy shares the same skin color as him and want him destroyed, thus makes HIS enemy…..HER ENEMY! Why? Because that non-black help meet he has in his life will see to it that his legacy is protected and not harmed! Regardless of what these n*ggacunts say and do, she will stay and stick to HIS side.

    As far as these worthless n*ggacunts, thats according to them, “tooo much werk!” because the only “werk” they know is bending OVER backwards and getting their trifling hooker mouths and knees dirty…which is RSVP reserved for either bottom shelf/dumpster brads and chads(whom they willingly do it for cause “gawdt sayid so”) or these convenient store hanging out reprobate negro savages(Like the ones “terri” goes to for rec romper room purposes only in order to keep that “blak luv” protocol thing going which is part of the narrative)

    So now you tell me brothas, if this n*ggacunt aint capable of being a “wife” to a blackman period….what the f*ck is she capable of being then?? I know as well as all you brothas know!!! Nothing but a goddamn over bending dirty knees having trifling hooker mouth ass n*ggacunt!

    Liked by 4 people

  26. here is another book authored by a black woman who wants to return to slavery days

    it’s on amazon.

    Diary Of A Black Plantation Slave: BWWM Interracial Romance Kindle Edition
    by Myra Angelou (Author)

    The year is 1860 in Colonial Mississippi. A beautiful twenty year old black slave girl is in love. Her love is reserved for one of two white brothers who own a prominent Plantation.
    Joey is the white man of her dreams, so kind, caring, loving and generous.
    His brother Darryl, however, is sadistic, cruel, heartless and a corrupt man who whips the male slaves and mistreats the females.

    Liked by 2 people

    • If these black women want to return to slavery days, let them. The rest of us free, thinking Knights of SYSBM will have our popcorn ready.


      Liked by 2 people

  27. Robert Smith shouldn’t pay SHIT to benefit the ingrate sistuhhood. He should let the debt drag them to the bottom of the sea like a giant millstone.

    Bottom line – you can NEVER please these harpies, so the best course of action is to AVOID them altogether.


    Liked by 4 people

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