26% Marriage Rate For US Black Women – As Per Usual “Its The Black Man’s Fault”




You’ll notice that whenever the subject of black women and their low marriage rates are ever brought up in conversation, black women are NEVER examined neither scrutinised in order to determine if they themselves could indeed be the possible cause of their own statistical failure. As per usual the dying lame stream media is only too willing to go along with the usual narratives about not enough black men being educated, employed and large numbers of black men being in jail as can be seen below from this famous Nightline ABC news clip I’m sure everybody remembers from 10 years ago:

Did you notice towards the end of the clip these black women talked about being made “back pocket girls”, ie the women who certain men keep around and check in with from time to time. Well, which black men were they “around the bush” referring to yet purposely refused to go into specific details about?

That’s right, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, Rusty Lewis, Trap House Jim, Murda Mike, Lil Cheezy, Creepy Fiddler, Smokey Joe, Black Bloc, Chunky Bruh etc. These are the specific types of black men who they were talking about, again the guys who are NOT cut out for fatherhood, marriage and long term committed relationships ie the typical criminal/gangster types.

Again, why is the modern day black female’s love, worship and infatuation of criminals and gangsters never questioned or brought up in relation to their lack of marriage? Notice how this degenerate element of black female nature is never discussed. Remember the article I wrote back in September 2018 in which I showcased a long list of links dealing with article after article involving black women aiding criminals in some form as well as being involved in sexual relations with them:


See, we’ve come a very long way since the above Nightline News propaganda piece first reared its ugly head back in the day, this is now 2019 and we have mountain loads and stacks of evidence that clearly point to the fact that one of the main reasons why most US black females remain single today is because they love engaging with and opening their legs to the small contingent of dreg, bottom of the barrel scum of black male society ie black men who ARE NOT looking for marriage at all.

Meanwhile, black men are marrying at a rate of 32% which is steadily increasing as more of us choose to abandon defective black women in favour of non black females. Obviously in light of these numbers black men cannot be the reason as to why black women aren’t getting married in significant numbers since black men are marrying at a higher rate.

Notice how yet again the mainstream media purposely refuses to deal with the 80/20 equation(though I personally believe that it is closer to 85/15 or even 90/10 within black society), that is 80% plus of black women being attracted to and homing in on 20% of black men. Again, that 20% does NOT represent the best of black male society, no, that percentage is specifically in reference to THE TRASH.

Again, if anybody is still in doubt as to the black female’s love for gutter and seedy black men then here are some links to articles I’ve previously written on this very issue:







Here is yet another black female propaganda piece that Nightline ABC News hashed out just over 3 years ago in which yet again they attempted to stand in the black woman’s corner, this time they were forced to reveal a little of the true nature of the modern day black woman through Monet Bell, however as per usual you’ll notice that they still fell in line and rolled in lock step with the high incarceration, high unemployment and lower academic achievement numbers Kansas City Shuffle and University of Stanford professor, mangina and white knight flunky Ralph Richard Banks was on call and ready to help push this garbage through once again:

Monet Bell is your typical black woman in 2019, you saw the look of uncertainty on her face when she said “I do” because she knew that she was a mentally unstable dysfunctional siren bringing a truckload of issues to the table. Most black women require severe psychological assistance because the level of damage they suffer from mentally is such to where they are completely unfit/unsuitable for dating or marriage.

There isn’t a non black man on this planet either who would be willing to take onboard a mentally unstable and hyper emotional black female like Monet Bell, unfortunately for her unless she completely changes her attitude and locks Jezebel up in the cage permanently, she’ll be on her own. Judging by her denial towards the end of the feature this looks like the probable outcome for her. Feminism and healthy, prosperous and fruitful relationships don’t go together, this is something that most black women fail miserably in grasping.

Now I understand why Obsidian continues making reference to Mr Banks. Banks’ solution to the black female marriage crisis is for black women to date and marry out, however seeing as black women are the least desired females worldwide, such an idea is immediately dead in the water. What, the same aristocratic white men who created this dysfunctional black female now all of a sudden would be willing to take them onboard as their wives/long term companions, really? I think not.

See, bootlickers like Banks really don’t want to deal with the reality of the situation lest the black witch’s coven comes after him at full force. Remember the article I wrote back in December 2016 in which I demonstrated just some of the reasons why interracial dating or as the black witch of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin terms “Swirling” is actually on the decrease for black women:


When the modern day black female portrays herself as a belligerent, rebellious, uncouth, violent, unholy, amoral, shameful whore, this is exactly how the world will see her in addition to how men across the racial board will look upon her, I’ve mentioned this many times before, however it’s evident that most black women still cannot understand this concept.

Here we have yet another individual, a Northwestern University Sociologist professor by the name of Cheryl Judice who has recently thrown her hat into the ring in attempting to save black women from the horrible fate of remaining single for life. She’s also written a book called Interracial Relationships Between Black Women And White Men.

Check out this interview she conducted with WTTW News recently:


Did you see how within the first 2 minutes of the interview the witch Judice is falling in line with the same propaganda that Banks cosigned, a shortage of eligible black men being available due to “high mortality and incarceration rates”, however as I mentioned before thinking black men aren’t the ones getting gunned down in the streets, there are plenty of them to go around, so what’s the problem?

As I’ve mentioned before in previous articles you MUST understand what constitutes as “a good black man” in the minds of most black women. Here are some photos that best illustrate who they’re really referring to whenever black women talk about there being a shortage of “good black men”:

Yes, “a good black man” to the overwhelming majority of black women across the spectrum are the thug/criminal/gangster type individuals, therefore it is logical that there would be a shortage of these types of men because most of them are either dead or are in jail/prison, hence why you’re noticing an increased presence of black women in the prison/correctional/detention centre facility industrial complex as this is a sure fire way that black women can satisfy their love and addiction towards these guys.

This is an inconvenient truth that professors like Judice and Banks are deliberately failing to deal with, none of them will talk about the modern day black female’s addiction to hood culture and those men who propagate it. And by the way, Judice talked about wanting to know why white men who are the most chosen get together with the least chosen ie black women, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is to engage in activities like this:



Judice just like the high priestess of swirling Christelyn Karazin will never “get real” and tell black women the truth, since black women as a collective have put out the image and reputation of being unbridled Jezebels, whores, sluts, slappers and tarts, this is how they are looked upon by most white and other non black men. Nobody outside of black men want black women en masse, that’s the truth.

There are indeed other reasons why more black men are choosing to walk away from black women which is having a knock on effect regarding their marriage prospects, remember the semi viral article I released back in September 2016 in which I showcased 12 good reasons why thinking black men should abandon black women in favour of women from other races, those were and still are among the top reasons as to why black women are being rejected at such an astronomical rate:


Another issue that I recently dealt with is the fact that black women as a group no longer look attractive and have become grossly overweight, this was proven in my recent article Compare And Contrast where I clearly demonstrated the physical change of the modern day black female using pictures from 70 years ago to the present. Most black women in the US are seriously overweight and additionally extremely unhealthy, these are important issues that can no longer be overlooked or brushed under the carpet.

Another reason why black women are single at such a high clip has to do with the black church and the fact that it no longer instils any standards into the women that attend, in fact black women who make up roughly around 80% of black church attendees, themselves in conjunction with their institutional church beast pastors have decided to use these various church buildings instead of places of worship as bread and circus, monkey show entertainment centres as can be seen in the videos below:

Remember, these are the same black women getting bent over the pastor’s couch with the deacons, ushers and assistants all lining up to get their fair share of contaminated cooch, by the way the black female pastors are no different and are just as sexually depraved and decadent as the men, I talked about this both in Negro Wars as well as my first book The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure.

Don’t forget about the article I released just last month showcasing the fact that more black women are abandoning the church and turning towards Wiccan and witchcraft practices, exactly what intelligent man in his right mind has desires to deal with a witch, I’ll wait?

I could continue with piles upon piles of more evidence as to why black women are the least likely to marry, do you see now in light of the truth and when we really begin to peel back the relevant layers how the “incarceration, unemployment and academic underachievement” arguments sound utterly ridiculous?

Back 70 years ago black women had the highest marriage rates of any women in the US, coincidentally this was also a point in time when black women chose to embrace family values, traditionalism, had some form of moral compass in place and embraced femininity as opposed to the ultra feminist, abortion and LGBTQ tenets they stand for today.

Back in that day they also didn’t concern themselves with a black man’s educational status, how much money he had, how tall he was, what car he drove, what his occupation was etc, they like how most non black women do today looked into his personality and his character as they rightly viewed such qualities as more important. I have to scratch my head, in 2019 most black women stand for nothing good and yet they wonder why no real good black men wish to stand beside them.

Look, black women are the ones with the problem and everybody knows it, even the trailer for the up and coming film Loqueesha clearly demonstrates the true nature of the modern day black female and further illustrates how black women as a collective are viewed as nothing short of a joke and a laughingstock. Of course being openly mocked black women will indeed choose to support this film instead of boycotting it like they ought to.

This is your modern day black female in a nutshell, she is a failure at the majority of things in life and since the advent of the internet it has become extremely difficult for black women and their many advocates to hide the obvious. We’ve got the proof, we’ve got the file, we’ve got the dossier, we’ve got the report, we’ve got the brief, we’ve got the transcripts, the results are in.

Black women THEMSELVES are to blame and are the cause of their own unmarried dilemma and there is nothing Nightline ABC News, Ralph Richard Banks, Cheryl Judice, Christelyn Karazin, Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Vanzant or any other black female advocates can do to overturn who is to be held to account.

The internet has completely flipped the script on these benighted harridans, they no longer have a chicken leg to stand on and repeating the same lame and redundant talking points isn’t going to save them from being cast upon the Mountain of Singledom and Rejection. These same old mortality, incarceration, unemployment, lack of education talking points simply won’t fly in these modern times like they did in the past.

Black women’s only wish is that black men would be in the same sinking ship with them, however the dynamics with black men and dating are totally different and unique. Black men, leave these delusional black females alone, they’ll never hold themselves to account for their own recklessness, NEVER. Date out and leave these whores to crash and burn with the Babylon system they so love and enjoy. Black women plain and simple are NOT interested in marriage or families.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Deconstructing The Garbage Many Bricks At A Time

Most High Bless

127 thoughts on “26% Marriage Rate For US Black Women – As Per Usual “Its The Black Man’s Fault”

  1. Verbs,

    Hot article as always!

    26% huh? Well, the US BM/WW dating out rate is at 25%. Wondering where all the “good Black men” went?


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    • Michel,

      Thanks bro. Black men in the US are dating out and marrying at a higher rate than black woman, yet black men are the reason why black women can’t find any good men????

      As I laid out in the article, these heifers are too busy getting dicked down and knocked up by 12 Gauge Mike type black men, those who are NOT interested in marriage, long term relations or fatherhood.

      Black women can no longer pull the wool over our eyes, like I said before we’ve got the report, the facts are in and are on full display for ALL to see. Black women as a collective simply aren’t interested in marriage, period.

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  3. Bout 1000888998 nuggets of truth in here.

    First off, think about it, if black women wanted good men so badly, and especially if they thought of the future generations, they would make sure to RAISE the men that they didn’t get to choose from, and have their done around any decent man that they could find. The fact that black men have such fewer kids than black women is saying enough anyways: they’re unrepentant whores who like screwing thugs! Otherwise, at least one of their bastard kids would belong to a doctor or something.

    The church is a freaking farce, allowing these idiotic variety shows to take place, but the world is still supposed to look at it as having some superior morality? These churches need to be REJECTED and the pastors exiled.

    Three, that movie trailer shows perfectly how non-blacks, namely whites, namely white men, can move into black territory and operate unchallenged, namely concerning black women. It also shows how much of a farce black Women are that they can be so easily replicated.

    The world has so sentimental, romantic ideas of black women. Who wants to go on a date, holding hands with a 900 pound, weave wearing, Funyun smelling, bad skin having Snorlax?

    A friend of mine recently got a new job at a call center after being down on his luck for a while. A white female friend of his helped him out, coaching and helping his interview skills. They’re now dating/****ing, and the dude is on cloud 9. This girl who his black family said was “weird” when she cane around helped him a hell of a lot more than black women or the black church. THAT is why marriage and relationships are increasing for black MEN and not women.

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      • the days of Sam Sharpe and Nanny of the Maroons Afro. Then of course these fake religious leaders have a duty to keep people on the plantation, why do you think Moshe and Mohammed don’t burn down churches, chop heads and limbs off for minor offences, promote denegrate music and ideas through the mass media, jump the fence and strain resources while acting like they own the place and being a general nuisance, have mentally unstable nerds do the dirty work of shooting up schools or promote victimhood mentally while in Seoul or Osaka?

        Bat and Masato hang their domestic terrorists and exterminate problematic criminals with extreme predjuice, and these are their own people.

        These criminal and terrorist types know it and try to stick to manipulating the alt righters/ simps, SJW types and black females into fighting each other and destroying the fabric of soceity in order to milk the system.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      It’s a wrap and its so evident what type of men these black sirens want. They don’t want good men, they just want to continue ruling over the swamp, procreating with the black male gutter and ensuring that they have clean up men they can fall back on when the consequences of their reckless decisions begin catching up to them. What part of rebuild black society is that, I’ll wait?

      The Institutional church beast infrastructure is the joke and the laughingstock that it is supposed to be, hence why most black men have checked out of it and all that is left are silly women who are only too willing to get dicked down by Pastor Joe and Reverend Dodge.

      I don’t deal with fully loaded oil tankers and wide load cruise ships, neither do I deal with weaves, fake eye lashes, fake eyebrows, 5000 pounds of industrial strength makeup etc, I like my women natural, something which the overwhelming majority of black women shy heavily away from.

      That’s the truth, a black man on average will get far more help from non blacks than he will his own, hence yet another reason why more black men are opting to take their chances elsewhere.

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  4. I have been saying this for years. No disrespect intended brothers, but you all are late to the party. I was like this in the 80’s and 90’s when it damn near carried a death sentence to think and especially speak the way you guys are now. You all need to thank GOD for the internet and social media because I and other black men who thought and felt this way didn’t have a platform to say this. We had to say it face to face, and it was not a pretty situation, like I said, it almost carried a literal death sentence for speaking like this. But I knew one day the message would get out. SYSBM!!!

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    • 80’s 90’s? No disrespect taken. I wasn’t late to the party. I was just a kid LOL. My dad was already put me on game about The Color Purple, Oprah, and women in the neighborhood chasing Thugs and Playboys I got to see it all. And I came from middle-class family.

      You right though I’ve been hearing the same shit since I’ve been a kid. The solutions are known. But now I think it’s a question of courage and heart to execute those Solutions. The women have made their decisions. Before I was even out of high school.

      Plus this whole white women having black women bodies was bullshit to me because I’ve been seeing that when I was a kid in the Midwest. My dad laughed out loud when I told him what was being said by women in my family and girls at school about white girls . That’s what happens when you start fooling around with volleyball, soccer, and softball players while playing baseball in junior high and high school lol. Especially when BW pay attention to football, basketball, and track. And I won’t even get into college and the way I see black women getting passed around. Some of my non-black friends did too. Boy the stories, LMAO! I wasn’t paying attention cuz I was banging white and Latina so… I think that kind of got under the skin of some of these swirling side chicks.

      Despite me going through awkward phase those were some fun days.

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    • Antonio Estabon,

      Well, we’re here now and yes indeed, I do thank the Most High for the internet as it brings me the continuous ammunition I use against these disjointed sirens. Black women have roasted themselves like joints on the BBQ and they did it to themselves.


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    • Antonio Estabon, preach those facts. Brothers did not have an outlet in the 80s and 90s, guys like me just quietly stopped messing with black chicks. Like I’ve said before on here, I was SYSBM before there was even a term for it. Social media is the worst thing to happen to black women because good black men for the first time can actually compare notes and black females can no longer control the narrative (that’s why their obsession with pushing into former black male spaces like the barbershop, they don’t want us talking about them). Lo and behold, come to find out black men ain’t the ones with the problem, and intelligent black men are valued elsewhere. Oh, well! SYSBM, family!

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    • They may be late bro, but they are here and that’s what’s most important. Remember when they’re weren’t that many of us that dared showed our faces???? Remember when we couldn’t openly date out without some kind of blow back from the community,and I mean REAL blow back. REMEMBER THE TIME?!?!? Sorry, got carried away for a second, but yeah, they are here now bro and we should celebrate these brave and smart young men.

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  5. These broads and beta male white soyboys stay losing, leave them to 2 Blades, Lil Greazy and Six Shots from the block as well as Hernandez the drug dealer, Al Kazif with his dysfunctional religion and tendency to molest vunerable white women and Full Auto Frankenweiss who will get into a gun fight with La Cosa Nostra and play the victim when confronted with evidence of his denegrate behavior.

    I have said it once and I’ll say it again: there is a war going on with thinking black men, Incel/simps, SJWs, criminal organizations feeding off the lack of order in soceity to benefit themselves, racist house slave type white men as well as their counterpart in greedy, disrespectful black females.

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  6. Why their marriage rate is 26%.

    A. Their choice of men they choose
    B. Their toxic/violent attitudes
    C. Their entitlement mindset
    D. The way they look/act
    E. All the above.

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  7. The red flags i noticed. A lot of these BW had mickey mouse degree e.g Psychology, a lot of these BW have stupid high standards 6 ft above that’s only a small percent of men. And a lot of them were overweight and had weave. And the definition of Simp Steve Harvey who’s a snake oil sale men he only tell’s BW what they want to hear. He knows what he’s telling them is bullshit. I’m glad his show cancelled Karma a bitch! What made me laugh is when some of these BW are going to date out BW are the least desired race of women, Pigs will learn chinese before BW can date out easily like BM . MGTOW and Sysbm is the only BM option .

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    • Black British Guy,

      They love their education and degrees which are about the only things most black women are successfully at. In other words overall black women are still failures especially in the relationship department.

      Most black women are destined for the scrap heap because they’re not disciplined enough to reject unsound advice and embrace the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

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      • Verb2015 ——- We must put an asterisk next to the “education and degrees” of black women. Most of these dumb black females have nothing to show but student loan debt from studying thug penis while in college. No doubt that many of the black female students at Yale University are removing their over sized panties around the thug boys of New Haven, Connecticut. This scene is repeated at every major university in the USA.

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  8. Speaking of undesireablilty, the L’s continue to roll in for BW in 2019 courtesy of the media. Tommy just dropped this video and he and the commercial are spot on:

    Fat, loud, obnoxious, don’t gaf who is around them or where they are, yep that’s modern day BW. Ask them to quiet down or be nicer and you may end up being attacked like the old man tossed from the bus. Keep the Wall up and watch the Dear Black man talk and videos increase to a deafening pitch as more BW are forced to see that swirling is only a dream for them and that most of them can’t compete with mixed and non-BW.

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      • Yeah BW think that non-BM want them but they are really looked at as a joke by many of them, this comment summed up that Apple commercial about iPhone privacy perfectly:
        “Look at what it said though. “Because not everyone needs to be in on the joke.” DAT’S DEM!!!! Black females…..you’re the joke, and you’re in by yourselves. Subliminal messages couldn’t be any sweeter.”

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      • Exactly. Black women and incels refuse to step up to the plate and stop dick policing black men but yet still call themselves Kings and Queens. When the simps and Neo Nazis have law enforcement and intelligence agencies wipe their criminal record and buy out the arms industry of a nation then I will take them seriously.

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    • Another one:
      “I don’t know about anyone else but the trailer gave me bad flashbacks. Seems I always get a “Loqueesha” or “Sharkeisha” when I call customer service. Doesn’t matter what company, Comcast, my insurance company, utility company etc.. They either have a horrible attitude, don’t know the answer or put me on hold while they “check” to get an answer. As soon as I hear their name, I want to hang up. Can a girl just get a Lisa, Kim or Renee, sometime??? 😆😆😆”
      FACTS. lol

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      • Oh I hang up m. No questions asked unless it’s a dire emergency. I will call back and wait an extra hour before I tolerate a shitty attitude for you doing your damn job. Black women and customer service are major no go’s for me. I will avoid their registers in the supermarket, fast food places. Hell I’ve even left restaurants when I saw one of them was my waitress.

        I honestly try my hardest to avoid them at any and all costs.

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    • James SYSBM,

      The L’s just like we predicted in 2018 are rolling through at astronomical rates for black women in 2019 and they don’t disappoint at all. This business of blaming black men for any and all calamities in their lives has been played out, those tactics were for the pre-internet days when black women had the upper hand using the media arm of Mr Euro their lord and saviour.

      They’re really up the creek without a paddle now, the internet has exposed their backsides, in addition to their white lord and saviour giving them a hard divorce things are not looking too bright for the modern day black female at all.

      Sitting back with some popcorn and some raw organic goats milk watching the fireworks display with glee, lol.

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  9. According to the above, black women are chasing after 10% of the black men. As you correctly indicate, black women seek out the bottom 10% of black men. Since 90% of the males in the USA are non-black, it is not highly relevant about black men supposedly being gay, in prison, financially broke, etc.

    Foreign Asian women can come to the USA without education, money, or even decent teeth in their mouths and get quality men. Jeff Laurie, owner of the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles, married a Vietnamese waitress. A brief glance at the celebrity television shows indicate that wealthy men have no problem hooking up with white, Asian, and Hispanic women that are broke. OMG. Non-black men are often able to benefit from the sexual market value of the females in their families. [SORRY BLACK MEN. THE WOMEN IN YOUR FAMILY HAVE A LOW SEXUAL MARKET VALUE. YOU CANNOT NETWORK AND GET BENEFITS BASED ON THE QUALITY OF A BLACK WOMAN’S SEX APPEAL].

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      The fact that the so called “lames” and “squares” encounter little to no problems whenever they date and marry interracial as far as I am concerned is a slam dunk and a home run merged into one. Again the question must be raised, since black women are claiming that so many black men are defective ie unsuitable as well as unavailable mates, why is it that non black women have no problems snagging themselves quality black men?

      Some things just don’t add up and its normally to do with the nonsense that is coming out of the black witch’s mouth.

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    • Funny. White, Latinas, South Asians, Asian, even Middle Eastern women can easily answer the question “where are all the good black men at”.

      With them, and in their beds.

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  10. Random question do you know your times tables of by heart? I learnt mine and its made multiplication and dividing much easier

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  11. Another SLAM DUNK by Verbs. It’s funny how the “Bitter Black Bitches of Blackistan LLC” can’t seem to find any Black Men but The Pew Research study shows 30% (and rising) of married Black Men with college degrees are married to NON BLACK FEMALES.

    I went to the University of Missouri school of Nursing and graduated 2 years ago. Most of the Black Male athletes from every sport where dating predominantly WHITE FEMALES, but also the overwhelming majority of non Black Males athletes where dating WHITE WOMEN as well.

    Now…I’ve got a secret for you.

    Remember all of the protesting that took place on the Missouri campus about 3-4 years ago with BLM?

    Well the protesting of supposedly on campus racial profiling and injustices which I never encountered or witnessed as a 6’5 Black Man…was not the main focus of that protest.

    Another focus of that patheric protest was that alot of the Black Men on campus including myself would not participate in that farce . Now, was it because we had White girlfriends or because we thought it was ludicrous? IT WAS BOTH!!

    I heard from one of my friends who’s a White Female with a Black boyfriend that the night before the protest started BLM floated an ideal to try and shame all of the Black Men on campus who where dating White Women and who also wouldn’t participate in the protests.

    I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I heard that. The so -called threat did absolutely nothing to convince the Black Men who had White girlfriends join that minstrel show.

    As you can see brothers the world is your playground.

    The Loqueesha’s are terrified that so many intelligent and successful Black Men have fleed “Blackistan” for BEAUTIFUL, FEMININE WHITE and other races of non black females. Brothers, keep those IR dating/marriage numbers skyrocketing and we’ll most definitely build a new culture DEVOID of the aforementioned “Loqueesha’s”!

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      It had to be done, let’s start putting an end to the black female rhetoric that involves the constant blaming of black men. Don’t worry, black women via their own actions will cause more black men to cross the fence in search of love and companionship. Wow, the figure is now at 30% for black men married to non black women, SYSBM really is rolling through like a tidal wave and nobody can stop it.

      Whenever black women embark upon any form of “action”, you can always guarantee the following will be involved, LGBTQ as well as pitiful attempts to shame black men who date interracial via invoking the colourism card.

      BLM is nothing short of a trojan horse being used to inject the LGBTQ agenda into black society using black deaths as at catalyst, we aren’t stupid over here, we see exactly what is going on. Attempting to shame black men out of dating interracial but yet they didn’t want those same black men to begin with, Twilight Zone stupidity to the core.

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    • A few years ago when all that was going on, some people I went to school with (both college and high school) started a Facebook message chain trying to get black people to get together and march for that bullshit group. I went through the thread saw numerous brothers left some saying how the group was bullshit, and others simply saying nothing and opting out. Brothers even in liberal ass New York are getting the message more and more, and it’s a beautiful thing.

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    • #TeamWhiteGirls

      30%! SYSBM is a tidal wave of power.

      I’m not surprised Black men on campus refused to take part in on campus protests against “the system”, largely because protests are useless and full of multicolored haired fruitcakes leading the charge.

      I did exactly that with BLM in London and left when I saw who organised it – bunch of black and Habesha girls crying about “white supremacy!!!!!” (yes, Habesha girls…) It was a good decision to quit it early as the girls decided to ransack the nearest shopping mall overnight.

      Guess who I was dating at the time too… #TeamMiddleEasternGirls

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      • I’m not surprised and I’m Eritrean. I’ve seen it too often with many African women where the women come to America and the West, get Americanized, Westernized and niggarized hanging out with Loqueesha’s with their “attitude”, tattoos, and single motherhood. We keep a lid on our women but when they come here or are born here, its not even worth it.

        Alot of African men, Moroccon, Guinean, etc have said the same so I’m not surprised. I honestly believe we need a CONTAINMENT strategy just like America did against the Communists back in the 1960s/70s to clamp down on the nigger, jibber social engineering or else the idea of Black love will be a cosmic joke.

        I prefer European women. With all the MeToo harpies, I am reluctant around American White women. Hey, if you’re going to go White, do it Right!

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    • “Now, was it because we had White girlfriends or because we thought it was ludicrous? IT WAS BOTH!!”
      I remember that and felt bad for the chancellor of Mizzou, I think he stepped down even though he didn’t really do anything wrong. They didn’t like the way that he answered their question about “discrimination” on campus and weren’t satisfied with his suggestion for sensitivity training as a solution, I guess that thought that he could create some kind of secret police force to go around campus listening for racial slurs and such. Its was crazy.

      Back when I was in college I had a black female student approach me and ask if I wanted to join the NAACP and I said no. She had a look of pure shock on her face. Fast forward to now and many BM are starting to ask the same questions I had back then, what have old black groups like the urban league, naacp, congressional black caucus, etc. done for us lately? The answer, not much, combine that with the fact that many of those groups are probably controlled by the democrat party and its a wrap.

      Liked by 4 people

  12. I’ve been saying that bm with their stuff together have no issue with marrying women of races thats of quality. Alot bw think bm have issues with marriage but its the thuggies they deal with that does. And as long as they continue to deal with them then bm like myself will continue to date abroad.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Exactly Hamed. Racist white men and black women sold out on the slave ship for position and power, let them rage and howl as we roll in and get submissive non black empresses that are actually feminine.

      Leave the 1920s-80s race power fascist mindset to the likes of Combat 18 and Umar Johnson. No clean up men here.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Hijab Hamed,

      Exactly, thinking black men have never had any problems with marriage, however where most black women have now turned into degenerates wanting the same in their partners, thinking brothers have had no choice but to seek out love and companionship with non black women instead. That’s all good as far as I am concerned.

      Liked by 3 people

  13. Verbs 2015.

    I’ve watched those top two clips 10 years ago and 3 years ago respectively on why black women are the least married women in world and its all their own fault on to why no decent black man don’t wanna marry them because they chase after the bad boy type of black man to have kids with and don’t put any expectations on him but when they hit the wall when they become single mothers and they lose their good looks all of the fucking sudden they want to date a childfree black man and put all the expectations on him ie he has to be 6ft tall and over, be making 6 figure salary or be a multi millionaire or be a famous celebrity like idris elba, drive a nice car, wear the latest designer clothes and live in a house that looks like a castle. I am so glad to see that decent black men are waking up to the bullshit, walking away from dysfunctional black women and starting to date non black women who loves and like them for who they are whether these good black men have money or not. As a childfree black man who is gonna be 37 in 3 weeks I only date good-looking childfree women like Turkish Women, Greek Women, Indian Women and White Women with brown/Hazel eyes and I don’t give a flying shit if racist white men, black women, soy boys, church pastors and deacons, black female talk shows and umar Johnson gets offended or not.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Dr Umar GerbilFace can’t say anything, largely as he’s been dipping it in some Japanese pootang recently. Even he’s given up on the black witch. Build a school? You’re having a laugh.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I remember my younger years going through the same old garbage with black women, I could never figure out why they were such hard work and permanently miserable. As I stated before at one stage I believed I was the problem, however in 2019 I know much better now.

      Black women can no longer monkey branch from excuse to excuse, the internet has done black men a great service and exposed these females for the disjointed and wicked harpies they are.

      They can keep their so called “requirements”, black women already having sunk deep into the gutter and are in absolutely no position to demand anything from brothers.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Verbs 2015.

        I always knew that there was a problem with black women from all the way back in 1994 when I just 12 years old and I originally thought that there was something wrong with me and my thought process because I was the only one who thought this way and if I told this to any other black person, then I would be killed for thinking different and being different because I always attracted non black women because I spoke and sound like a white guy. Thanks to the Internet and technology that boomed throughout the 1990s to early 2000s to the present day, I was proved right about the black women bullshit and fuckery the whole time because without this beautiful technology being created other black people and non black people would have thought that I was talking shit and going mad. The funny thing and weird thing is that I get non black people that approach me on the street and ask me why black women are the worst people on the planet and why black women make the worst wives/girlfriend s, the worst and strictest parents on the planet and all the other bullshit that goes with their overall bad attitudes towards life.

        Liked by 3 people

  14. Great post Verbs.
    I would say that you dropped some truth bombs in this one but it was actually closer to an orbital bombardment.

    “The internet has completely flipped the script on these benighted harridans, they no longer have a chicken leg to stand on and repeating the same lame and redundant talking points isn’t going to save them from being cast upon the Mountain of Singledom and Rejection. ”
    Agreed, the internet was probably one of the worst things to happen to BW in the past 15 years. As you pointed out back when they had talk shows etc, they could talk about how bad BM were all they wanted, once BM were given an avenue to respond (the internet) that was a wrap for them. We are seeing an increasing amount of BW waiving the white flag now (Dear Black man talk) as we have exposed their dysfunction to the world with proof and they see that no one wants them.

    As for the black church, well, there is a reason why you rarely ever see any young men in there, many of these Black churches a nothing more than corrupt, Sunday morning social clubs that operate under a thin guise of religion. There is a suspect Black pastor who is probably fleecing the pockets of all of the old ladies and desperate young BW in there, a lot of attention whoring with fancy outfits, hats, and dancing, “catching the holy ghost and speaking in tongues” (more like demonic possession), and worshiping photos of Cesare Borgia. Its a circus.

    “Did you notice towards the end of the clip these black women talked about being made “back pocket girls””
    These chicks exclusively want thugs when they are younger, but past a certain age they become so desperate that ANY man with his stuff together can have them (assuming that he even wants them), they are even willing to be mistresses just to have access to a man who is worth a damn. Tommy was talking about that in one of his recent videos, about how BW will brag about being pregnant by a married man even thought that is something that is shameful.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. These black women are the least desired, least likely to get married, most likely to have multiple kids out of wedlock by different men, most likely to pass along std’s, most likely to die at a younger age for a variety of reasons (chasing that thug love, heart disease, etc) mostly obese, have world renowned horrible attitudes and this is still somehow the fault of black men?? Really??

    Anyone with a functioning brain and common sense would see this simply does not add up. Even if what they say is remotely true (good black men aren’t around, they’re in jail, dead or gay, etc) this still does not justify these heifers being so hilariously and pitifully single with no hopes of it changing.

    Straight men of any race want a good woman in their lives. Yes quite a few would prefer women to be the same race as them, but a majority just want a good supporting and loving woman. If these bitches were as great as they’re trying to make themselves sound and what these media outlets claim they are, how are they still so single???

    This question will never be honestly answered on a major media outlet, and if it is, they will be utterly destroyed for speaking the truth.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Exactly. These soyboys and black women refuse to step up to the plate yet they want us to clean up their mistakes. I’m no janitor, stop relying on Boogeymen to hide your mistakes and grow up soyboys and black hoes.

      Liked by 3 people

    • This is driving BW crazy, nobody wants them and they can see themselves being replaced by mixed and non-BW at everywhere they turn, commercials, ads, movies, TV, and IRL. They are trying to fight back by accusing BM and society in general of different -isms. colorisim, racisim, sizeism, etc. but all this does is annoy people because most people know the truth. The -isms have nothing to do with it, most BW just aren’t attractive, men don’t want them and neither do advertising agencies or the media. Keep the Wall up.

      Liked by 4 people

    • Stephen,

      We now know that the homosexual aka down low black man mantra black women heavily propagated in the late 80s early 90s and 2000s was for the majority part a smokescreen designed to take the focus off black women who are the biggest proponents and participators of the homosexual lifestyle and anything feminist and LGBTQ related. While these sirens were claiming that black men on the down low were contributing towards the lack of quality men available, behind closed doors these black harpies were(and still very much are)eating and licking any and all snatch they could get their filthy mouths to connect with.

      Black women as a collective simply aren’t quality individuals. You don’t need me to tell you this, you and other brothers here clearly see this for yourselves. SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the thinking black man.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. Great article, Verbs! What you wrote goes with what I said about “theatricality and deception” a few weeks ago.

    Here, ABC used theatricality and deception to paint this unrealistic picture of the Black dating scene with the usual statistics to make it seem that Black men are so dysfunctional, that single Black women have no choice but to stay single or date non Black men (specifically White men). Does that narrative sound familiar to you guys? Christelyn Karazin, anyone?

    I also abhor the likes of Banks and Judice; it’s really easy to throw out statistics about BM mortality rates, lack of college degrees, and incarceration rates, but they never talk about the men those stats really apply to; I also wondered why this subject was even worthy of the nightly news, until I saw what direction they decided to go with it.

    BW should be embarrassed for these news stories, but they don’t mind throwing us under the bus to boost themselves and gain some advantages over BM.

    SYSBM Always and Forever!

    Liked by 4 people

    • BW abort 900 black babies daily.
      BW are the fastest growing demographic in prison, outpacing BM
      BW are 80% obese
      BW out of wedlock birth rate at 75%
      BW are worth $5 net, with student debt in the hundreds of thousands
      BW herpes rate is at 50%

      Where your Evening News report on that, ABC News?

      Liked by 3 people

      • None. These progressive liberals love to pander to the most denegrate aspects of soceity but are nowhere to be found when it starts biting them back in the ass. Black women replacing black men as the largest amount of jailbirds and 50% infested with STDs? Yare Yare Daze, no surprise there.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Michel —– “BW are worth $5 net, with student debt in the hundred of thousands” STACY ABRAMS ran for governor of Georgia. It was revealed that Abrams is broke. Her net worth is probably -$200 K (negative). Abrams is a middle-aged woman who is still paying off her student loans. ——————- An educated black female is still a black female. SYSBM !!!

        Liked by 2 people

  17. I talked before about how I have male relatives, who have been married to their non-black female spouses going on now 20, 30, and 40 years. So not only are more black men getting married, they are STAYING married. Black women? I can’t tell you the number of them females I know who are on their 3rd, 4th, or 5th marriage. Stats clearly show that BW are the most likely group to be in highly unstable marriages, including swirlers. So just because them swirlers like to use that stat that states they’re least likely to divorce from their white spouses, it does not mean they come from the most stable and happy relationships. There’s many reasons why non-black men are just not chasing after black women en masse.

    By the way, this one topic I’m going to be talking about in my SYSBM Game Map series. And it’s gonna coincide with my topic on eugenics. It ain’t for the faint of heart haha.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. Outstanding post Verbs!!! Once again you nailed the target center mass bro!!! Blackistan is imploding at increasing rate and these whores are trying to do any and everything to save their own asses from the inevitable…Total Self-Destruction! Let the chips fall where they may…it’s long over due!! Keep those post coming Verbs!!!


    Liked by 4 people

  19. Notice that we only ever see BW telling these types of stories after dating interracially, like Tariq said they usually come to BM with the Dear Black man talk afterwards. These chicks still expect sympathy and a good BM after they have failed at swirling and have been used and abused. Smh

    We predicted that there would be more of this coming last year and we were right. Posts like these are just another form of “Dear Black man” white flag waiving, don’t fall for it and keep the Wall up.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. So yesterday, I was with my mom and she told me that my brother’s father died in Florida. So my spider sense went off and she said that he never did anything for the two of you and you step dad did everything for you. So my question was, “who’s my real father” and she never answers the question. Now my brother’s father was in prison for murder 17 years ago, and he got killed in Florida by some gang. The problem is that I was always told he was my biological father and the fact this was kept from me once again validates the darkness that is a black woman’s spirit. I’m not upset by it as I have a wife and my son to take care off. All I can do is teach my son SYSBM and teach him to be himself and take care of himself. I learned the importance of marriage and how its not cool having kids out of wedlock. I’m a product of it.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Yes indeed. Already at my job, these black women are upset that educated lames are not raising their kids. I had a woman attack my Facebook page because I posted up the article about the state of Alabama banning abortions.

        Liked by 3 people

      • They really think we’re stupid huh? Leave the hoes and beta males to Switchblade Shalkoviz and Biggie D from the block, they let in those dudes through open borders so let them deal with the consequences.

        Liked by 3 people

  21. In the United States of America, 77 per cent of black women don’t see marriage and the reason for that is because so of the ghetto hoodrats are no wife martial. And also of the dysfunctional behaviour of black women from being single mothers, going on ghetto gaggers, chasing after Pookie and Ray Ray, putting a man on child support, etc. Black American men look at black women as start to think about interracial dating and look like its goanna happen.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Remember that black women and racist white men were employed to keep black soceity broken and suppress black men as well as keep them and white women out of the home since the slave ship. This is why they love to focus on the outdated fascist race power mindset and refuse to move into the modern world.

      Liked by 4 people

      • And black women and racist white men will continue to break the black community apart and black can’t can’t do nothing because of the simps who are simping for these whores.

        Liked by 4 people

      • But we wuz KANGZ/These be our QUEENS yo!”

        Black women and soyboys continue to dick black men but refuse to deal with Muslims molesting vunerable white females or the Russian Mafiya stealing nuclear technology and giving it to terrorists.

        Liked by 2 people

      • And that’s the reason why black men are moving away from black women because they are not dealing with black women’s shit!

        Liked by 4 people

      • When the simps and beta white males start dealing with Shlomo the slum Lord, Rosenberg getting involved in gunfights with Union Course and La Cosa Nostra and having the cops and intelligence agencies back off for fear of reprisal, Hernandez trafficking kids across the border and Al Kazif molesting Linda on her way to school while the cops ignore it then I will actually notice them. These things are more pressing and important than the outdated fascist race power ideology they want us to hang on to, but since we know how they operate, that will never happen of course.

        Keep the wall up guys, no janitors around here.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Fuck the communiteh.

        The fact that black society (whatever that was) is broken is a hint and a half for your ass to go elsewhere. What has black society done for you except abuse, shame and denigrate?

        Liked by 4 people

  22. I’m starting to get tired of black women blaming the black men for their f***ed up decisions. At this point, I ain’t standing the BAWs no more. Go ahead and let them keep talking all that shit, because at the end of the day, they still at the bottom. Plus, we need to stop letting these black women dictate what a “good man or real man”, because they wouldn’t know a good man if one didn’t had to beat them upside the head most of the time. Isn’t it crazy that black women would make us black men jump through a thousand hoops and play damn cat and mouse to get with them while they just giving the goodies away to white and non black men and bum/thugs dudes who doesn’t want anything to do with them outside of the bedroom? It’s official black men, black women lost the damn opportunity to be with a good black man (not the simp or thug type). And the way black women act nowadays, they ought a go lesbian since they have masculine traits and wannabe savage so damn much. Also, it simple math:

    Women + Masculine Traits = Unattractive
    Women + Feminine Traits = Attractive

    Simple as that.

    Liked by 6 people

    • DK,

      That good man real manBS from BW is just a shaming tactic. How can a woman tell me what type of man I am anyway she is a woman so she can’t tell me anything about being a man.

      Liked by 3 people

  23. Oh yeah, back in my pro wack days, I did some research on the so called “successful black bitches” who talked about Black men aren’t on their “level”. What is this, an elevator or video game?

    Well hold your horses. All of the 4 women were Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders. Yup. ALL FOUR OF THEM at the time were cheerleaders. And we know they were cheering and splitting some moves on those players. Of course they didn’t have “good men” LOL.

    Liked by 4 people

  24. Good Fucking GOD……..

    One, Black women or the BLACK QUEEN DO NOT WANT TO MARRY BLACK MEN. The BLACK QUEEN wants AND Needs to RULE over black men….she WILL rule OR she will DESTROY!!!!!!

    Two, I ONLY date WHITE WOMEN because the pool of eligible BLACK QUEENS is SOOOO small.

    ….and THREE, I could fucking care LESS what problems the BLACK QUEEN is going through.
    Any and I mean ANY problems the BLACK QUEEN is going through,
    is a direct cause of their OWN self deluded belief that they are god’s gift to the world.

    Get your White WOMAN, save yourself, be human and be happy.

    Liked by 3 people

      • From the South African link:

        ” Black men are the most likely to marry outside their race while black women are least likely to enter into an interracial marriage.”


        Game, set, match! SYSBM is the future!

        L Express’ South African division has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the L Delivery sector, and that growth is projected to continue unabated with 24x7x365 deliveries to the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, and Cuckistan).


        Liked by 1 person

  25. “Black women plain and simple are NOT interested in marriage or families.”

    I disagree here, BW *are* interested in marriage and families, but only on HER terms, where SHE wears the pants and offers nothing in return. You saw the “Wifeswap” video where the black wife didn’t even cook for her family. That white lady who replaced her said she cooked and the whole black family swooned. Two or three meals and the black husband and kids wouldn’t want the BW back.

    Liked by 1 person

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