Thinking Black Men Appreciate Your Honesty


I was going to deal with another aspect of the Ayesha Curry situation, however I honestly can’t be bothered now seeing as she came out and double down on her stupidity and in addition to this her husband Steph also came out and gave his full endorsement of her Jezebel type mindset. Support your wife yes, however under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should he be supporting the foolishness and ignorance that proceeds from her loose mouth. With that being said, I’ll now move on to a different topic.


Social media is a fantastic tool in the fact that black women continue to tell on themselves and thus give free thinking black men the perpetual ammunition we use against them. Here we have yet another example of a thug loving black female who has no hesitation in making her Trap House Jim/Rusty Lewis feelings known. See, back in the day I couldn’t understand what was wrong with black women, however in 2019 having studied the modern day black female extensively, I know exactly what the problems are with black females.

Contrary to what black women and their simp minions are saying with regards to thinking black men being upset at the fact that the very few good looking black women that exist are choosing to get with the bottom of the barrel dregs of black male society, where that may have played a small part in my life before, my main issue to be honest is the fact that dysfunctional black women in choosing the 12 Gauge Mikes and Slim Sauces go out of their ways to shame and berate the so called “educated lames” into believing that they are the ones who have serious deficiencies.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, we now know and have mountain loads of evidence that clearly point to the fact that in actuality it is black women who are the dysfunctional, mentally ill, mentally unstable and mentally disjointed individuals, therefore those black men who are still on the fence SHOULD NOT feel any kind of way when one of these benighted black sirens goes out of her way to attempt to cut you down.

Now, we free thinking black men aren’t phased in the slightest by black women like Tori Buckner and her thug loving statements because we already know how this familiar story ends, black women like her will soon change their tune once single motherhood is thrust upon them by the likes of Swiss Cheezy and Short Cake Kobe or alternatively they’ll turn towards lesbianism claiming that black men are rubbish even though these same black harridans deliberately omitted a huge demographic of fit, competent and capable black men from their dating pool(which is a blessing on our part).

The bald headed black witch known as Cynthia G immediately springs to mind, she like the deranged, rabid siren that she is ran her mouth for the longest talking about how black men were conquered, how we haven’t achieved anything in terms of building for the last 50 years, and how we are by her own definition a bunch of “beta male coons”, yet in recent times G found herself being knocked up by the same “beta male coon” that she complained about, a Slim Sauce/Creepy Fiddler type individual by the name of Robert Perkins.

Once the stripes and the lashes of single motherhood begin taking their toil on her back side, there is no doubt in my mind that in the very near future Cynthia G will soon begin changing her tune, opening herself up and begin factoring in the “lames” and the “squares” she so ardently rejected in the past as potential mates, again, we heterosexual free thinking black male soldiers already know how the story ends.

By the way, black women like Cynthia G and the siren Buckner are the first to spout the “black men aren’t building anything for the community” jargon, however these harriets continue to omit the fact that the thinkers and the builders of said black society have been rejected and in many cases ousted by black females like them.

Thinking black men are building, we just aren’t choosing to build for scum bucket black Jezebels. Also, how stupid and foolish can these broads be, black women are so delusional they honestly believe that we still cannot clearly see how they are agents of the State who are specifically contracted to sabotage, hinder, obstruct and destroy any works black men embark upon within black society, Detroit 300 anybody?

The main reason why black men aren’t building anything within black society is because it is the black woman’s occupation to ensure that black men DON’T build as per her contractual obligations towards the government in exchange for State treats, benefits and trinkets. As long as the modern day black witch remains in charge of black society, absolutely nothing will be built within it, period.

Black men ought to be building with those who will love and appreciate them, in the overwhelming majority of cases this ultimately means crossing the fence and dealing with non black women, at least we know that they don’t have State issued instructions handed down to them which involve our destruction. The nerve of these dysfunctional black females, demanding that thinking black men build for them knowing full well that in order to continue receiving their goodies from the State they must continue to systematically destroy the results of such building or the building process itself.

This is why black women especially should NEVER be brought into any kind of building projects because their involvement as well as their endless requests are guaranteed to place any serious progression on the back burner. Like I stated in Negro Wars, until black women are thrown down from their faux position as leaders of black society and are held accountable for the innumerable transgressions they’ve wrought against their own people, as I stated before NOTHING WILL BE BUILT WITHIN SAID COMMUNITIES, NOTHING!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Aren’t Worthy To Have Anything Built For Them

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “Thinking Black Men Appreciate Your Honesty

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  2. I’m assuming by Nipsies they mean that rapper Nipsy Hustle. Didn’t he get shot and/or killed?

    See, this is what pisses me off about black society in general but black Women especially. They will outright deify their lowest members, and then wonder why the well to do, actually productive members of their ranks go elsewhere. Of course black men wouldn’t build for you, you’ve all but admitted that your goal is to get bent over by Nipsy.

    Keep in mind that instead of suddenly dropping this mentality by 25 or so at latest like most other women do (and that’s in the west), black Women enjoy opening their stink holes for the Nipsies til about age 75. They STAY whores, you can’t build any kind of romantic relationship or partnership with them. I read an article a few months back on how old as dirt women in Jamaica are screwing young boys like there’s no tomorrow. However, as we’ve said here before, the milf/cougar scene is WHITE and other non-black women, NOT black women who 9 times out of 6 look like cougars ass teenagers. Whereas those “sugar mommas” will give their “cubs” lavish gifts and treats along with some well taken care of, well aged toot toot, these old Jamaican broads offer an IOU, a bunch of damn kids, and some beat up, pus oozing and fish smelling roast beef. No wonder they say black Women are such great cooks: with their snatch, you can eat at both Long John Silver’s AND Arby’s!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Like you said the cougar culture is dominated by non black women, they are it’s foundation especially white wome, however as per usual washed up, used and rinsed out black women who are very late on the scene once again believe that they can compete with the best by bringing the worst to the table, smh.

      Black women as a collective stay whoring themselves out for life, let’s not forget the viral video that came out around 3-4 years back of that black granny who was getting bent over during a cookout at the back of the garden.

      These bottom of the barrel thugs types are literally gods to black women, meanwhile the same females besmirch and openly snub the so called “lames and squares” but then want these same dudes years to pick up the pieces once they’ve been ran through by Slim Cheezy and Rusty Lewis.

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      • Lol wtf? A old black Women gettibg bent over at a cookout? Hahahaha

        I have a relative who is 60 and STILL running the damn streets, legit admitted to me that she whores herself out to Mexicans for food and crack. Yet these are our elders who we should look up to so much!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Doesn’t that boil down to what we’ve discussed here many times before concerning the fact that black women as a collective are terrible at long term planning and typically look at theirs and the lives of others including their children from a short term perspective? 60 and still selling cooch to the lowest bidder, smh. Most of these black elders are a complete and utter disgrace especially the women.

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    • “I’m assuming by Nipsies they mean that rapper Nipsy Hustle. Didn’t he get shot and/or killed?”

      Yeah, BW want a thug who is also a business man on the side, which is extremely rare. Tupac with a degree is what we used to say back in the day.

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    • afrofuturism ——— I like your post. “…black Women are such great cooks…” LOL. Black women do know how use the microwave. They also eat much fast food at Long John Silver’s, Arby’s, McDonald’s, etc.

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      • Black women cook GREAT cuisine, world class, 5 star even.

        Delicacies such as Hog Maw and Chittlerling Casserole, Hot Cheetos/Takis Sandwiches, and of course, an all time personal favorite, Bologna, Vienna Sausage, Spam and Slim Jim Almondine. Just add hot sauce!

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    • They never say they want to help a man build from the beginning but rather slide in on him after all the hard work is done and then hope he dies an early death .

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  3. afrofuturism1,

    See, this is what pisses me off about black society in general but black Women especially. They will outright deify their lowest members, and then wonder why the well to do, actually productive members of their ranks go elsewhere.

    Exactly black people in general worship ignorance and decadence. This is why things like “swag” and “chains” and other nigger trinkets are valued in black society. While things like education and civility are spat upon.

    Oh and Jamaican women are the worst!!!

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  4. Lately, I’ve been thinking about how you can’t build anything for Black people; unless you pander to Black women or the alphabet people, they’ll sabotage whatever plans you have.

    Take Dr. Umar Johnson, for example; he tried building a school, but black feminism criticized him over his stance on homosexuality; let’s not forget how that “conscious stripper” sabotaged his effort in getting funds for his school.

    Nipsey Hussle is another example; he recognized the homosexual agenda against Black men, and spoke out, which caused Black queer people to criticize him, as well.

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  5. “until black women are thrown down from their faux position as leaders of black society and are held accountable for the innumerable transgressions they’ve wrought against their own people, as I stated before NOTHING WILL BE BUILT WITHIN SAID COMMUNITIES, NOTHING!”

    This is what it all ultimately boils down to if you want to “save” the black community. BW will either have to be humbled into submission or outright replaced. Good luck with the “humbling” part, in order for that to happen you will not only have to fight BW and their thug/simp army, but also the Gov that funds them with welfare. Best to just pack your bags, build the Wall, and bounce like most intelligent BM are choosing to do.

    “The main reason why black men aren’t building anything within black society is because it is the black woman’s occupation to ensure that black men DON’T build as per her contractual obligations towards the government in exchange for State treats, benefits and trinkets.”

    This cant be stated enough, the current state of the black community is the result of social engineering funded by the gov and carried out by BW.

    US Gov: Hey BW, keep producing bastard kids if you want to keep receiving benefits.

    BW: Fo sho. I don’t need no man anyway and Dusty DeQuan down the street will give me as much sperm as I can handle because I feed him with my food stamps and let him stay here in my section 8 apt.

    Keep the Wall up.

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    • James SYSBM,

      I have to keep bringing up the fact that black women are government agents contracted to ensure that both black men and black society remain flat on their faces, this is why I have to scratch my head everytime black women raise or talk about the subject of black men not building within said communities.

      They honestly believe that we are that stupid as to not see what is going on ie who they really work for, smh.

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      • As I said before there is a war going on, with thinking black men against greedy black women, pro wack fascist simps the radical left which includes alt righters, criminal elements and organizations that thrive off the chaos and dysfunction caused by the black female and her white Zaddy in having black men and white women removed from the home in exchange for state benefits, and the System which uses the white man and the black woman to inflict chaos and destruction upon soceity in the form of endless war upon the basic values and norms that make up civilization.

        The racist white male and the black female were given authority by the State to wreck damage and chaos upon black soceity, they have also used lies and deception to get what they want.

        False Flag Fredowitz and Six Shot Shlomo, as well as Muhammad know they can’t go to Shanghai or Tokyo and shoot up places, burn down churches or March into the area and act like they own the place while being a strain on taxpayers lest Leng and Mashimoto go Hotoko Shinken on their asses or just find their hiding spot and shoot them up, so they stick to the emo nerds and edgelord geeks they can manipulate into fighting each other while plotting how they can exploit their victimhood card.

        The simps and white supremacists are still stuck in the race power and outdated fascist thinking, when Massa State kicks them to the curb they’ll be in for a rude awakening.

        The thinking black man on the other hand, is the most dangerous of all the factions mentioned because of his consistent demand for standards and code of conduct. He is most likely a product of a two parent home unlike Incel Icke and Welfare Queen Shaniqia who are wards of the state, like the European Ancien Regime and the Moors before them he takes no crap and demands Excellency which is one thing the soyboys and black women avoid with a passion:

        Why do you think white men and black women have been reduced to sex symbols and ATMs, when black men who have less privileges and opportunities than these two groups get wives easily? Think about it.

        The shoe is on the other foot and kicking ass, whether or not the entitled nerds (whether Incel or SJW) greedy black females, racist white males still in the house slave plantation mindset and goose stepping simps will step up to the plate and grow up instead of whining and using black men as an excuse for their problems remains to be seen.


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  6. As David Carroll says social media was one of the worst things to happen to the black community because we can’t hide the dysfunctional state of BW and the community. SYSBM and MGTOW is the only BM option.

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    • Black British Guy,

      The dysfunction has become so apparent with the introduction of social media its ridiculous. Black women in 2019 are not worth the thinking brother’s time of day or space.


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  7. Even though I prefer BW and I love fucking BW and I’m too addicted to Black pussy. I don’t give a shit about them I care about BM but fuck the community. If I ever date it will be a foreign BW or mixed raced. Any BM who chooses to deal with a BW especially in the west deserves what ever happens to him. MGTOW and SYSBM is the BM only option.

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    • Exactly. Leave the whores and soyboys to 12 Gague Grim, 2 Blades, False Flag Fredowitz and Six Shot Shlomo from the block. Let them stay on the plantation while we thinking black men pick up real empresses that know how to submit to a man. These broads, liberal nuts and alt right idiots must be left to burn in their mistakes as a warning to future generations not to partake in their stupidity.

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  8. According to her own FB page, Tori is 41 years old with two working-age kids, and still looking for her “Nipsey.” LMAO! These delusional black hoes are too far gone, man. SYSBM all day err day.

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    • Oh dear… As much as Tori wants it, trying to convert Def Fella and Skillet to be working homebodies just ain’t working.

      It’s like trying to get the likes of Phat Breezy, Dry Docket and Glock-23 to pay into their 401k pension – damn near impossible.

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      • Or Six Shot Shlomo, Full Auto Frankenweiss and Limb Chopper Hansel to follow rules and regulations and actually comply to soceital norms instead of burning down churches, getting into gun battles with La Cosa Nostra and crying wolf when confronted with evidence of their dysfunctional behavior.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      If any women need tips on how to push men away and remain single, all they need do is look at the basket case that is black female society for extra pointers and guidance and advice, lol.

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      • Verbs,

        No lies detected, bro. Many of these 4th wave feminist white chicks are trying to give black hoes a run for their money in alienating their own men, hence the rise of MGTOW. It’s a socially-engineered race to the bottom fueled by beta mind-control music like Cardi B and Lizzo. Sad.

        Keep the wall up!

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    • I’m 51, turning 52 in a few days…..I have e 5’1, 24 year old, WHITE BUNNY that has been nothing but GOOD for me…… WHY in the FUCK would I fuck with a dried up, boring, corny ass female BUM like Ms. T??????? Let that idiot DIE looking for the same kind of moron like “nippsy”, I’m good with my bunny,

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  9. And this is what I mean when I say, “at least the whore is being honest”. I’m not at all offended by the idea of them wanting Pookie and Ray Ray. The way I see it, that’s one less headache to deal with. But what it boils down to is the black woman’s greatest nemesis: accountability. You like thug dick, knock yourself out. But, don’t come crying to us thinking brothers – who you didn’t want in the first place – when shit goes bad. Don’t come talking about “where the good black men?”, when Lil Reg is hiding cocaine in your car and you catch a felony. The days of decent black men being the clean up man for females and their bullshit are rapidly coming to an end.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Truth, our issue is black women coming back to us many years later expecting us to perform the heavy lifting and the clean up duties. Like you said, those days are done, get knocked up by 12 Gauge Mike, it will be HIS responsibility to deal with HIS children, not ours.

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      • Exactly. As I said before we need to abandon Chad and Brenesha on the plantation with Massa Moshe and Slave Driver Mohammed. These alt right clowns along with the simps and black women let in Six Shot Shlomo and Al Kazif with their dysfunctional behavior and inability to conform to decent soceity molest vunerable white females, turn half the block into a warzone and spread all sort of divisive and counter productive ideas in soceity with the help of a corrupted intellectual class and mass media fooling people into believing they’re entitled to a handout at the expense of the producers, let them fix their own problems for once and stop using us black men as a Boogeyman.

        We can’t afford to feel sorry for these losers guys, they made their bed and must pay the consequences.

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  10. Something interesting about the Ayesha Curry situation Steph mother and sister was in the show with her so Ayesha embarrassed the whole family. But the family were idiots for going on that show with that witch Jada Pinkett to me she’s starting to look manly in the face.

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  11. Just for future reference. If you have a google hangout and you invite people like Taz and The Neutral Zone woman, chances are high Thinking black men will stop donating to you and stop being your patron subscriber as Obsidian experienced on one of his last shows. You can’t keep on letting these pro blacks diss so called educated lames and then wonder why the money dries up.

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      • Yeah, on today’s show. Taz was attacking the channel for us thinking black men going in on these women. Mr fantastic proved Taz wrong as usual. The other point was when obsidian did a show about how some people are broke, and cheap and how ever since he attacked MGTOW, he lost donations and patrons.

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  12. Let me tell you something. If you see a black woman with weave whatever if its blonde, brunette, blue, grey, green, red, purple or all colours of the rainbow, do not date hair, don’t nut in her and don’t marry her and have kids with her. You have to better now black men. If you want a black woman, they you have to raise your standards on a extremely high level because black women are getting more and more dysfunctional and their behaviour is getting worse and its making them single.

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  13. Verbs 2015.

    I will never be a clean up man for no black women as a childfree black man because these same black women worship the dysfunctional black men like nipsey hussle like gods and treat the good black men like shit until they hit the wall that is

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    • I will say this till i’m blue in the face. As ” educated lame” “oreo” “talk like a white boy” I refuse to be the clean up man for BW. BW need to learn actions have consequences you make your bed you lie in it! MGTOW or SYSBM is BM only option.

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    • Quincy,

      Another thing many of these guys do not realize is that if you play clean up man with a woman with kids and the father or fathers are not paying child support if that woman breaks up with you she can take you to court for child support. The courts look at it like you have been taking care of the kids guys no to be very mindful of this many dudes do not even know this law exists.

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      • Damn I never knew it was that bad. But according to the goose stepping fascist simps, ‘these be our queans yo!’ Racist white males use similar tactics, leave them to Full Auto Frankenweiss and Slum Lord Shlomo from the block.

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      • Sean.

        I fully agree with you bro and that’s the reason why I not be taking care of any kids that aren’t mine because I will have to pay child support to those damn kids that I didn’t produce.

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  14. ADULT BLACK FEMALES ARE ACTUALLY CHILDREN. A constant theme here is that black women are slow to mature. Children and adult black women like acting out, drama, being self-centered, and excitement. All people, except black women, tend to leave the child phase of life in their early 20s. The black woman’s child-like personality is reflected in everything that she does. The men that she associates with must be able to excite her. When she names her children, she will give the child a supposed cute and non-boring name that is outside of the mainstream. Black women will procreate without caring about the welfare of the child. Black women are financially irresponsible and, therefore, have on average a $5.00 net worth. Black women, in the manner of a child, will put on costumes. This costume is the wearing of fake hair in the form of hair weave, wigs, and fake braids. Ignore the lies about white women wearing hair weave. By age 5, a healthy white girl has a head full of hair. Even hair extensions, that look like Caucasian hair, are worn by only about 5% of young white women. White women, as a group, do not wear hair weave.

    Given the lack of diversity that exists among black women, ALL black women are like this. Likewise, given the power of the mass media, foreign black women are adopting the same trashy conduct of USA black women.

    The bottom line is that it is improper for adult males to have serious adult-type relationships with children. Therefore, it is improper for adult males to date or marry children.

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