Ayesha Curry Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth – Some Things Are Best Dealt With PRIVATELY


This is the particular clip in question:

Now, I’d originally written an article in response to the 37 second video clip of Ayesha Curry talking about how she hates the fact that there are women who are lurking in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to get with her husband, this is understandable because there are plenty of female sharks out there who are indeed looking for an opportunity to hem Stephen Curry up in order to syphon off his resources, Instagram thots anybody? However coming across this clip has caused me to switch lanes and look at this particular matter from a different perspective, I’ll be releasing my other article relating to Curry on Monday.

Put plain and simple, Ayesha Curry shouldn’t be discussing such insecurities on an international social media platform such as Facebook, especially in light of the hosts, the black sorceress known as Jada Pinkett Smith as well as her mother the Grand Priestess Adrienne Banfield-Jones. Jada Pinkett Smith even though she has been married to Will Smith for the longest engages in what are called open relations ie sleeping with other men(and possibly women, who knows)while being married. Will Smith also engages in this same practice by the way.

Ayesha Curry through having a loose mouth has brought the Curry name into disrepute, when she talks about not getting enough male attentions she clearly doesn’t understand the dynamics at play here. The women who throw themselves at Stephen Curry DON’T LOVE HIM nor do they have his best interests at heart, the overwhelming majority of these women are schemers who are only interested in hooking themselves up to the lucrative gravy train Stephen has created for himself and his family through professional basketball.

However the main reason why Ayesha Curry doesn’t receive attention from men is because she is a respectable woman and an upstanding wife, men across the board respect that and as a result give her space and admire her from AFAR. Ayesha Curry represents the type of woman that most men are looking for in terms of long term companionship/marriage. Curry is reading the lack of male attention completely the wrong way, she’d get more attention than she could handle if she presented herself as a “carefree slut”.

That being said, coming out on the international stage as a married woman and stating that you wished you had more male attention is a very bad look on her part and makes her husband look as if he has somehow fallen short. It also makes Ayesha Curry look as if she wishes to venture down the same open relationship path as Jada Pinkett Smith ie commence living the lifestyle of a whore.

As a married woman she should be about her MARRIED BUSINESS, wanting male attention outside of what your husband is giving you is straight from Jezebel’s handbook, this is why I suspect that Ayesha Curry has been hanging out with the wrong crowd ie single females and one or a few of them have been whispering Jezebel’s scriptures into her ears. That or the black female in her is trying it’s best to get out.

On top of this the Curry family actually brought the black witch Pinkett Smith into their abode for her to work her magic and note as per usual with these “women’s get-togethers” there are no men in sight which means that nobody was on guard to ensure that things were kept above board and in line. There is a good reason why in the Garden of Eden the serpent DID NOT approach Adam and instead purposely went after Eve, she was the easier touch based upon her emotional mindset and emotional thought process and the devil knew this very well.

Jada Pinkett Smith is not the friend of Ayesha Curry and as a professed Christian Ayesha should’ve known better than to walk into a meeting without her covering(Stephen) with somebody who is known to engage in dark side “extra curricula activities”. The Enchantress Smith went into that meeting(the spirit of Jezebel also en tow) with the sole purpose of sowing seeds of discontent, curiosity, confusion, strife and contention as well as to bring about cracks in the foundation of the Curry’s marriage, I clearly see the spell Jada cast at play, this was a straight up spiritual attack and it’s a damn shame that Ayesha nor her mother in law Sonya Curry couldn’t see the same.

You’re not supposed to converse with witches, they are meant to be slain, however since we are living in the 21st century legally the best course of action/solution is simply not to engage with them, walk away from them, don’t pay them any mind nor attention. As King Sigma mentioned in Open Mic Wednesday just gone, this ladies meeting was nothing short of a feminist ritual with the aims of humiliating Stephen Curry and Ayesha was so easily coaxed into taking the path of darkness that Jada had laid out for her.

Ayesha Curry would be wise to recognise that longing for the attention of strange men is Jezebel attempting to escape her captivity in order to stretch out her wings, most women have the spirit of Jezebel residing within them, however it is unfortunate that Western women are the ones who seem the least capable of controlling the monster with black women in particular outright choosing to give such evil a free reign.

Ayesha Curry needs to put Jezebel back in the cage and starve that spirit out lest one day she finds herself in a situation with another man’s penis in her mouth and then wonders how on earth she managed to get to such a point. Does she really want the attention of and to get dicked down by Slim Sauce, Rusty Lewis, Cheezy Grill and Trap House Jim? Once upon a time people took pride in their privacy, they wouldn’t hesitate to tell nosey parkers to mind their own business and get lost.

Nowadays however through successful media propaganda handed down by the State, most folks(especially the younger generations) have now been taught to live and present their lives as an open book and that anybody who refuses to do the same “has something to hide”. Ayesha Curry should’ve never made this type of information public, some things are best left PRIVATE and discussed behind closed doors. There is nothing wrong with privacy.

Since Ayesha wanted “male attention”, some folks have already begun firing in her direction:


Now remember that famous tweet Ayesha drop back in December 2015 concerning not wearing skimpy clothing and only revealing “the good stuff” to her husband that brought the feminist witches out against her in their droves:


Those decadents still haven’t forgiven her for holding a bright light against their liberal whorish transgressions and they have been laying low in the shadows waiting for Curry to slip up. There was nothing wrong with the above tweet, however the feminist witch’s coven obviously didn’t take to it too well.

The only area I feel Ayesha Curry needs to improve in is PR ie learning to control her mouth, knowing what to say publicly and what to keep for private discussions and Steph and his father ought to be the ones solidly guiding her in such a direction. Remember the tweet she was forced to removed back in June 2016 remarking on a particular NBA game she attended being rigged:

Now, what she stated above may indeed be true as we already know that many sports are rigged, just look at Formula 1 and what the bosses of it have done to Lewis Hamilton, however taking to an international platform to vent your frustrations is NOT the way to deal with things like this. Calling out feminists yes, talking about game rigging as a renowned celebrity, NO.

Ayesha Curry needs to appreciate what she has, stop getting jealous over the unwanted attention her husband is receiving and most definitely stop listening to single black women who are most assuredly attempting to jinx her marriage. Whenever you hear or see married women seeking more attention from strange men, simply recognise it as Jezebel attempting to break free as well as establish and set herself up as a dominant force.

Jada appealed to the black female side in a mixed race Curry first because she knew that was most likely where the spirit of Jezebel would be residing and she found her. There is a reason why the man is meant to be the covering and the authority of the woman, so garbage like the above can be avoided through his reasoning skills, wisdom, understanding, logic and common sense approach to delicate and touchy matters like this.

Ayesha Curry needs to look at herself and seriously examine, scrutinise and critique why she feels the way she does and deal with it appropriately, seeking attention from men who are strangers to you as a married woman means that something isn’t right within YOUR OWN HEART, period. Speak your mind yes, however know when to keep some things back for private ears only and most certainly don’t double down on stupid when confronted.

You’d have thought that Ayesha Curry would’ve looked upon the principle whores of Babylon ie black women and used their colossal relationship failures as a cautionary tale as a warning of the path NOT to venture down, however it seems that this is not the case. What is so disappointing about all of this is as mentioned before Ayesha Curry was looked upon as one of the few remaining vestiges of wholesome and upright women left in Western society, however with her recent revelations this position has now been brought into serious question.

If you wish to venture down a lifestyle of harlotry at 30 years of age with 3 children en tow, all the best on that route, however I would strongly suggest looking at those black witches around you first and seeing where living the life of a whore has gotten them, not very far at all. Disappointing man, terribly disappointing, I expected far better from this woman.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Recognise When You Have A Good Thing Going

Most High Bless

98 thoughts on “Ayesha Curry Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth – Some Things Are Best Dealt With PRIVATELY

  1. Here is the thing, black women love attention that whores get. The thing is black women don’t seem to understand whores are not respected, they are just tolerated….up to a point.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      This is terribly disappointing, she was one of the last few vestiges remaining of clean, wholesome and upright women in Western society and then she goes and pulls this garbage. Looking for attention from strange men but the attention Steph receives from strange women is UNWANTED, he’s not asking for it, it simply comes as a result of his occupation and status, smh. This has always been the problem within black society, the whores of it are exalted, held up as gods and silly women like Curry begin looking towards these whores for knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

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      • Yeah, I can understand he anxiety about tons of women wanting her man. But apparently he hasn’t cheated yet which means that he is turning down their attention because she is enough for him, she shouldn’t need any attention other that his either.

        Tariq just did a show where he asked the chat to type 1 if they thought that Ayesha was wrong and type 2 if they thought that what she was saying was normal. BW in the chat flooded the chat with 2s…………….SYSBM.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    What Ayesha Curry said about not getting any male attention, she should of kept her fucking mouth shut because she embarrassed her poor husband Steph Curry especially because she had a lot to lose because she is a married woman with 3 kids, she has a rich husband in Steph Curry in that she doesn’t want for anything. If I was her husband I would feel ashamed of myself and I would divorce the bitch because Steph Curry is a good looking light skinned black dude with green eyes and a NBA basketball legend and he can get any woman he wants.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Ayesha Curry isn’t too bright at all, she needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut and when to speak, this is yet another embarrassment for the Curry empire. She also needs to learn to stop allowing single women to whisper in her ears as well as cut off or at least reduce usage of the instruments than are negatively influencing her. She messed up royally on this one and the fact that she is doubling down on stupid makes her look even more of a dunce.

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  3. There was also another time when Ayesha revealed something about her marriage that should’ve been kept secret; she made an appearance on daytime talk show “The Real”, and revealed her husband’s foot fetish to the panel. She later tweeted that it was a joke (I guess Steph got to her about that), but the cat was already let out of the bag.

    The fact that she spoke this way on that program shows she doesn’t reverence her husband the way a Christian wife should; Steph really needs to pull an Archie Bunker and tell her to stifle herself, or do like Kobe Bryant and Lavar Ball: keep your wife out of the spotlight.

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    • Joey,

      I found this and multiple other links to the same:


      This is what I’m talking about, her mouth is too loose and once again she gets too comfortable on these panels where there are nothing but liberal women in attendance. Do you see how the witchcraft works and how these sirens are so easily able to coax the best and darkest secrets out of the woman?

      And she knew that she shouldn’t have mentioned that because she said it herself that talking about the subject was going to cause problems. There isn’t anything wrong with good feet on a woman, hell I don’t want a woman with feet that look like they’re crip walking, but she as a professed Christian and a millennial is beginning to buy into this “your life must be an open book” garbage, smh.

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      • This reminds me something the late Adrian Rodgers (former president of the Southern Baptist Convention) once said. It was to never be unequally yoked with unbelievers in any significant way as they will influence you negatively far, far quicker than you’ll ever be able to influence them positively. Why!? “ Because although you, as a believer, have a fallen nature, they don’t have a redeemed one!” They can appeal to something the best of us have to fight against regularly while we have nothing good or wholesome to appeal to in them. She should have kept those beasts at arms length if she was going to deal with them at all! Never invite the succubus in gentlemen, it’s their very nature to destroy!

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      • Andre,

        Exactly, I hear the latest is Steph has come out and defended his wife’s reckless words, we can clearly see that they’ve both thrown off Christianity and instead embraced liberalism. The state of California is one of the worst areas of the US to live in for a Christian, the paganism and immorality oozes out like pus from a putrid wound in that place.

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      • I agree with every word you said, Verbs; I also find it disgusting how these thirsty super simps are throwing themselves at her knowing that she’s married to Steph.

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  4. Stuff like this should prove two things…

    1) That no matter how much you bring to the table as a man, it will never, Ever, EVER be enough to fully satisfy a woman. Even if you have the entire planet to offer like Steph Curry, she’ll still cry about not having the moon, stars, and comets anyway. If the access that he has to stuff we can only dream of isn’t enough to shut his woman up, we don’t have a shot.

    2) That women, particularly the sistahood, will cosign to any grand fvckery when it benefits them. Instead of quickly denouncing Ayesha’s comments seconds after they hit the net, here they are making the save like the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 8. If you had asked one of them about Ayesha before this interview, most of them would’ve been hating on the chick because she represented the way things should go in a marriage with successful people. Now that she’s apparently turned heel, they now embrace her like one of their own.

    This situation should be an object lesson for us all who are awakened or red-pilled. Steph Curry was born into wealth and privilege yet when they first met as teenagers, Ayesha still curbed him. It wasn’t until word got to her that Steph was getting looked at as a potential lottery pick in the NBA did she come back on the scene; and of course, he fell for the hook. And now that she’s locked into a longterm marriage with kids and have tens of millions guaranteed to her if the paperwork is filed, she’s free to start letting the truth come out. And that truth is that had Steph Curry not made it to the pros and became as successful and famous as he is, she’d still be plying her trade on a casting couch as a C-list actress in Hollywood…

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    • The Inner Circle,

      There is an inner child like element to women in general, this is why they have to be ruled over, controlled and on certain occasions told NO. I believe a lot of men are afraid to tell women NO because they believe that the woman is going to leave them for somebody else. If indeed she does that then that particular female was trash and a bad investment to begin with.

      That Jezebel spirit that resides within the overwhelming majority of women is a beast that if left to fester and get out of hand can wreak absolute havoc because it can NEVER be satisfied. Women who are given or who have many options around them can become a very serious problem, this is why women’s rights should be extremely limited and only bestowed upon her by her husband/boyfriend and NOT the State.

      The decadent and angry black sisterhood of failure have now begun to identify with Curry because she is speaking their whore language, they are the failures getting dicked down by Rusty Lewis and Cheezy Grill and now they see that the dysfunctional inner black female in Ayesha is trying to get out, they’ll be more than happy to help her embark upon the same road of death and destruction they’ve been riding for the longest.

      Black women overall still don’t really like Ayesha Curry because she is in a so far successful marriage and has had 3 children within that union, they simply want to see her fail and fall into the nasty gutter where they are. She needs to recognise, check herself quick smart and repent in dust and ashes before she finds herself by herself.

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      • ” I believe a lot of men are afraid to tell women NO because they believe that the woman is going to leave them for somebody else. If indeed she does that then that particular female was trash and a bad investment to begin with.”

        THANK YOU, BROTHER! A thousand times, thank you. These tender dick ass simp dudes are so afraid of their woman leaving them that they sacrifice their self respect and ignore their own rational judgment just to make her happy. If the bitch can’t accept your word and wants to leave, let that ho go.

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      • Yes, exactly this Verbs, Steph doesn’t know how to train her. She should never be saying things like this in public! Imagine if he had gotten with a nice blonde white woman with a kicking body right before the draft, even if she was there because of his status you better believe she would not be saying this shit in public. Look at Tiger and his ex wife, Tiger was a total dog and cheated on her with pornstars but even after all that and a messy divorce I don’t think I remember once hearing Elin talk shit about Tiger on TV or demean him as a man and this woman tried to legit end this man’s career with one of his own golf clubs. Think on that.

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  5. Steph needs to let her go to me these are early signs that she is about to start cheating. My point is what lifestyle is going to be better than the one you have ok if you want a dude to break your back what do you have after that? These black women never fail they will fuck things up at some point guaranteed this is the perfect example of that. So you want to leave your marriage and whore that’s what it sounds like to me you cannot make this shit up.

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    • It kind of seems that way, man. Like, she wants the freedom and attraction of being a whore, while having the security and respect of a married woman. Can’t be both.

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    • Sean,

      You know the saying, you don’t know what you have until it is gone, that would be her if she were to go through the whore phase. She shouldn’t be seeking attention from strange men as a married woman at the age of 30, that phase was for her single, younger years.

      It will cost Steph big to get rid of her now, seeing that they live in California you already know that the State would have a field day with the case. The worst thing is instead of repenting of her stupidity, she’s doubling down on dumb.

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      • Verbs,

        Yea I know Steph will get hit up but sometimes you just have to take the hit instead of being clowned by a woman. Just think how embarrassing this was to Steph she wants to whore let her go in the long run it will hurt her and believe when those kids get older if they break and find out the truth about their mom they will hate her.

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      • Sean,

        Through defending his wife’s Jezebel skulduggery Stephen has proven himself to be a straight up simp, how he can stand there and feel proud of what his wife said is beyond me. She embarrassed the hell out of dude and worse still he chose not to hold her to account, that is a class A simp move right there.

        Also the fact that black women are cosigning her nonsense is some additional evidence to point to the fact that she’s on the wrong page.

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    • I agree. It’s only a matter of time before wanting attention from other men turns into wanting dick from other men, and Ayisha’s got Jada Pinkett Smith in her ear egging her on. Steph might as well cut his losses now while he’s still young and has his career.

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  6. I had always looked at her as a respectable, highly attractive, classy woman. But by her coming out with this shit, I see her now as no better than the attention starved whores who show their asses on Instagram and Facebook, while complaining that good men are non existent. She’s married to arguably the most famous basketball star of this generation. Naturally, groupies looking for a meal ticket are going to be swarming like vultures to get to him. In my opinion. she better be damned thankful that Steph Curry has resisted those temptations out of his love for her instead of clamoring for male attention on the same level. If she’s too blind to see that she won in the long run instead of worrying about dudes thirsting over her now, she’s a lost fucking cause.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      She really doesn’t appreciate the position that she’s in, just because your husband is getting unwanted attention from vulture groupies you want to have the same from men, what?? These women never learn and Ayesha Curry should know better. If she thinks that the grass is greener in Slut City then she is sadly mistaken. Is she aware of the endless women who wish they could turn back the clock and have what she does right now? This is my point, she is reading the attention the wrong way and trying to compete with her husband like a typical black woman, smh.

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  7. Someone need to tweet this article to Ayesha for her reading and to do major soul searching within herself. You have brainwashed black male simps attacking Stephen Curry and accusing him of not satisfying his wife enough. This ilk of black women despised Ayesha Curry for her tweets and anti-whoreish memes using Ayesha’s image years ago and now they are coming to her defense? Are these same black women using her recent comments as a shield to hide behind for their own self-interests? SYSBM.

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    • Of course it’s for their own self interest. Ayesha never wanted him in the first place. She always wanted pookie and Tyrone, problem is that they don’t have resources. Feminism destroyed women.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      I find it funny how the same black women who dissed Ayesha Curry in the past now all of a sudden “seem” to have her back, as I stated before it is simply because she talked their whore language so now they can relate to her. It’s a crying shame that they couldn’t relate when she was condemning slack dress codes and stood for upright morals and conduct which goes to show just how far black women as a group have fallen into the gutter.

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  8. I knew these women would start telling her to get with an alpha male like roof top trey, shantytown Curtis, slim Keith, trap house cliff. Now you understand why Will Smith had to hit jada with that rolled up newspaper upside her head a while back.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      True, the fact that the Curries live in an ultra liberal state does help the situation either. She’s obviously been entertaining some gutter trash, hence why she has now become contaminated. I hope she can pull herself back from this, however with the way things are going with her doubling down on stupid, we should expect the worst.

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    • Please stop referring to weak minded, ignorant, going-nowhere-in-life black males as “alpha/s”. You are unknowingly humoring the foolish and failed attempt of black women to make their shitty life choices make some kind of sense. Everywhere else in animate creation, in human life and in nature, Alphas are the leaders of their respective packs.

      The black males preferred by black females are followers and not leaders. They are intellectually inferior and cannot compete in the modern world. They are violent, emotional man-children who lack impulse control and discipline. They need to be taken care of, or else they will end up on the streets. That’s the true reason why they are seen as desirable by these women. They allow the blk female to continue her destructive fantasy of having the illusion of power.

      Alphas are sucessful in life and don’t need to be taken care of. Females cannot determine a man’s self image unless he is in fact a beta male. An alpha male DOES NOT follow feminine whims and fancies. And WILL NOT abandon his principles and become a simp for cooch. Alphas also do not settle for nasty low tier females. Which is what black women have become. That’s the problem in a nutshell. Alphas cannot be controlled by females in any way.

      Black females will in fact keep their distance from a true alpha black male. Because they cannot control him! They will go instead to an alpha of another race hoping to be accepted. Only to be used as a cum rag. They will then come back, sniffing around for any black man who ISN’T really an alpha.

      That’s because any true alpha male will turn up his nose at her and may even laugh at her. Black females know this and it infuriates them. That’s why they try so hard to flip the truth upside down. It’s the best they can do with their stupid life choices and lack of critical thinking skills. We shouldn’t humor these attempts though.

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  9. See, the problem is that she never wanted Steph in the first place. She wanted pookie and multiple baby maker Curtis. These so called alpha males are really just sex slaves that will get any 2,3, or 4 scale woman pregnant. Don’t worry, she will change her tune after Tyrone has his way with her. As for Jada, just look how her kids turned out and that is a warning sign for what type of woman not to date.

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    • Aint that the truth, to her growing up Steph was probably corny, his money made her seem him differently, but if he starts having a few bad seasons she’s gonna start looking elsewhere. Right now it’s just a general desire for sexual freedom but give it some time and she will have a particular man in mind.

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    • This is the stupidity I hate with women. They need to make a choice and stick with it. Instead they want to tarnish decent men and won’t leave them alone when they make it.
      It’s the entitledness that annoys me.

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      • Jon,

        These recent events, Ayesha making the reckless statements she did and Steph defending her like a grade A simp instead of holding her to account simply show us that their marriage and the conditions surrounding it are NOT as iron clad as most people were lead to believe.

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  10. The red flags I have noticed from watching this video. Are when Ayesha Curry complained about not getting enough male attention. Bitch you are married you shouldn’t be looking for other male attention and lets keep it real Ayesha isn’t not that attractive she looks extremely basic without the makeup and weave. Yeah to be fair I would smash. And another red flag is notice on how all the women are talking the head snapping head bopping “sassy” = ratchet / bad attitude. Notice how light skin these women especially Willow smith in my opinion none of them are black women, I would smash all of them but the most attractive if Jada. And you can tell that Jada is ratchet. I think Steph Curry is too nice and i bet his wife wears the pants she don’t respect him.

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    • Black British Guy,

      This is the problem, Ayesha doesn’t respect her husband at all and slowly but surely a darker side of this women is beginning to emerge. Ayesha Curry looks fairly attractive, to be honest she has put on some weight since the birth of her third child.

      Agreed, a married woman has no business looking for attention from any man other than her husband. All of the women on that panel are defective as far as I am concerned if they are going to entertain the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith. Ayesha Curry no doubt is running the house and running Steph too.

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  11. It’s been a long time since the respectable generations of black women. I think people really need to get this. I feel for Ayesha, I really do. I get it. But she should have never said this out loud and speaks to a larger issue like you said verbs. I don’t think Steph should cut line with her, while he may be able to obtain a sexier woman she is loyal to him and probably as crazy as it sounds won’t cheat after being so honest about it. In some ways honesty like this is appreciated because it gives the man a chance to see any warning signs. But this honesty should be reserved for PRIVATE conversations.

    This also speaks to just how hard and how pointless it is to look for a respectable black woman in today’s dating game. I really need the #SYSBM community to wake up, far too many brothas think that they can save this generation or perhaps the next. NOPE! It is not going to happen, this is Ayesha the woman most black women tend to find “boring” “safe” and “respectable” if even she can be this easily coaxed into basically disregarding and disrespecting her husband’s authority for not even money (this wasn’t revealed in a tell all book to make cash she said it for free on a facebook show, not even network TV lol) then seriously do you really think the black community will be better in the next 20? In the late 60s James Earl Jones was warning black men that the black woman seeks to replace the black man as authority and misses no chances to degrade them. Fast forward over 50 years later and it’s only gotten worse, much worse.

    I see white women, Asian and Latina women all the time who constantly support their husbands and men openly. There are exceptions of course, rabid feminists will trash their men at any given opportunity but that is across the board. Pay careful attention to how white women talk about their men, there is a big difference. Ayesha isn’t the worst person in the world for what she said, but you gotta wonder if she is considered one of the best black women in media right now…what example is she setting?

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    • Reggie James,

      Respectable black women are practically non existent and have gone the way of the Dodo bird, liberalism has caught up with the Curries who look like they have put dow their Christian based values in favour of a more slack approach to things.

      I agree Reg, I don’t think that he should divorce her, I believe that is too extreme of a move at this moment in time, however he shouldn’t have come out and defended his wife’s reckless talking, this makes Stephen look like a proper weakling and a pushover. Well at least he knows what his wife is all about now and unfortunately it is nothing good.

      Jezebel made a grand appearance and instead of forcing her back into the cage Stephen has decided to cosign the skullduggery and therefore has sealed his own fate. Ayesha’s loose and reckless mouth will be the end of their marriage.


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  12. Stephen Curry better have an airtight prenup or he’s about to get taken to the cleaners especially being in liberal ass California. This is the beginning of the end for his marriage, and he bares part of the blame for even letting those whores in his house and for not getting on Ayesha for even being friends with known swinger like Jada Pinkett Smith.

    If she clearly doesn’t give a damn about her marriage and you can clearly see the hell Will goes through, you think she gives a second thought about ruining your life??

    I hope we’re wrong, but chances are we aren’t. Yet more proof that these manly looking bitches need to be shunned and avoided at all costs.

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    • Stephen,

      Stephen should’ve checked his wife’s treacherous behaviour but instead he choose to defend her which is pretty much saying that she can do whatever she chooses with little to no ramifications, in other words she can let Jezebel loose anytime she feels like it just like her “good friend” Jada.

      Agreed, her slackness and Stephen’s failure to deal with the situation properly has brought about a serious breach in their marriage, this unfortunately is the beginning of the end of it. The fact that she’s doubled down on her reckless comments further solidifies the grim future of their marriage.

      I’ve been with my girlfriend for what will be 7 years near the end of this year, she is an attractive mixed race Latina who gets approached by men regularly, however unlike Curry she DOESN’T want the attention as she is SATISFIED with the man she has.

      In like manner I am the same, I’ve had many women roll back into my life looking to see if I was available and interested in them, however I’M NOT once again because I AM SATISFIED with the woman I have.

      This concept of contentment is something that Ayesha Curry clearly doesn’t understand.

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  13. All this time I had Ayesha Curry mixed up with Chrissy Teigen haha. Ayesha’s little fat self should be lucky she “secured the bag” and locked down a multi-millionaire NBA star, but noooooo, she’s starved for attention from strange penis. All you have to do is put a hot mic in front of a black hoe and they’ll tell on themselves, won’t take long, either. And just think, this chick was hyped as the NAWALT of black mens dreams lol. OH WELL

    PS: Jada looks more and more dykish every year. Just like Keke Palmer who started out super cute and ended up a butch dyke. Seems like the trajectory for modern testosterone-filled black hoes. SMDH

    SYSBM now more than ever, fam. I feel sorry for you ni**as still addicted to black chicks. Y’all need to cut the cord and go Ling or Becky ASAP!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey, bruh! It’s Becky, Ling Ling or Maria for me all day. But I can’t lie. I would pipe Jada Pinkett Smith raw. There’s something sexy about her to me. I never liked her when she was younger. But today? Oh hell yeah. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      • @Morpheus2275 Say bruh. It all depends on which becky, ling ling, and maria you’re talking about. Are talking about these….what I call [token] becky’s and ling lings and maria’s….you know the ones who pal around, mimic, emulate and imitate black females? Because last time I checked, they think exactly like an ayesha in all areas when they deal with blackmen.

        Liked by 4 people

      • themelancholictigah,

        I don’t mess with coal-burners, I only mess with real suburban-acting white and Asian women, thank you. My Asian ex disliked BW as much as I do. They used to bully her on the playground because they were jealous of her long hair lol.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Schadenfreude

        Is that so?
        “real suburban-acting white and asian females” are the ones you mess with? Not sure what area of the world you reside in, but where I reside, “real suburban-acting” white and asian females go for and chase after white boys last time I checked. But here’s the clincher. White boys actually call white and asian females “coal burning n*gger lovers” for dating blackmen. I’ve heard and seen this everywhere including the gym. So…you know maybe your luck plus your experiences is very much different than mine. But I can tell you that…nowadays, white and asian females aint messing with blackmen today meanwhile the commander in chief is white.
        No sir.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Keke’s a dyke now? That’s a bloody shame! I actually had a crush on Keke Palmer as a teenager; now, I couldn’t think twice (let alone one time) about her.

      Liked by 2 people

    • themelancholictigah,

      Key phrase: “I don’t know what area of the world you reside in.” Sounds like you don’t appeal to non-ghetto females. Luckily, I don’t have that problem.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Schadenfreude,
        Oh but of course I “Sound like I don’t appeal to non-ghetto females.” And “Luckily, you don’t have that problem.” Well that might look good on the paper surface, but lets be honest for just a second. Now why would any of these “suburban” white and asian females would wanna deal with blackmen…when there’s “suburban” white guys in that area? Which doesn’t make any sense because I know better.
        In fact, I’ve been to these “suburban” areas for shopping purposes only. Typical scenario. I seen nothing but white/asian females with white boys which again is non discouragingly expected. So therefore hence, a a so-called “suburban” white/asian female can for the most part be as “ghetto” as she so pleases. Like I said, where I reside, sh*ts fully loaded with em.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. First of all, its been a hard week with bank holiday Monday ended badly with incompatible and I’m going through incompetence once again when at work they messed up my shift, I’m thinking about quitting the job as they messed with my shift and think about working for myself. Now Ayesha Curry, she looks like she’s goanna cheat on her husband because of the company she is keeping. It seems like men especially black men respect marriage more. Ayesha needs to do two things. One she better think twice listening to these harlot because she will be single if she does and second of all, she needs to defeat and destroy the black witches, they are nothing but destructive, chaotic and a nuisance.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Now, I have had enough with Great Britain’s crap that’s why I written the Incompetence of Modern Britain. We have seen more and more black women becoming single mothers and it continue to rise they want the free shit and they enjoying it and that is frightening for black men especially the black heterosexual alpha men. The simp, well its just a grand prize for him because a single mother is a big time preference for him and when he’s with the single mother, the simp is living off her.

    My views of this Oscar winner: https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2019/05/10/my-views-on-lupita-nyongo/

    Liked by 1 person

  16. QUOTE: “There is a good reason why in the Garden of Eden the serpent DID NOT approach Adam and instead purposely went after Eve, she was the easier touch based upon her emotional mindset and emotional thought process and the devil knew this very well.”

    Hey Verbs. I’m so glad you mentioned Adam and Eve and made the connection between the Bible story and today’s modern women. I think the story of the Fall of Mankind shows just what happens when men allow themselves to be lead by, or influenced by, women. Women are clearly the weaker sex when it comes to their inability to control their emotions, and black women in particular are prone to this same irrationality and nonsense that Ms Curry has so glibly displayed for all the world to see. But like Adam, Steph Curry will simp out and support his wife’s lunacy and disrespect. And his marriage and life will inevitably suffer for it.

    Liked by 1 person

      • @Verbs2015
        Smmfh…who would’ve guessed! Another f*ckin laura london. Only difference is…she got with basketball rising star…not a savage reprobate. Whatta f*ckin attention starved WHORE! Typical! Standard! I cant stress enough why I say what I say about this western heifer. Nothing but a bunch of goddamn awalts. 99% of these “mixed with black” zebrahead b*tches think, speak, and act just like the n*ggacunts in all areas. They’ve the the lifestyle, they got it, now they want free cock salads and carousel rides without merit, warrant, responsibilities or accountability in due process.

        Because according to them, including the way they think directly or indirectly…but seem to put up a fake ass front on the paper surface like she’s such…”a loving ,caring, and supportive trophy wife” any man wish they could’ve had! This is how ILLogical the typical n*ggacunt is…..

        “I have the right to do what I want, when I want. If I want attention from other blackmen, then there should be no arguments or disagreements on that note at all! Cause remember…n*gga lame! Im only witchu because of your name and fame….And all that SH*T should be MINE and is MINE AND Gonna BE MINE Real Soon!!! Now…you gettin…which I gettin tired of…like…”cookin” fo yo light ass muthaf*cka! I should be going out and gettin SMASHED the f*ck out! cuz Im bout it and bout dat lyfe!!…AND YOU stay home wit da kiyids for once in yo lyfe! Sheeit you think I gonna be yo “wifey” fo eva muh n*ggaa? B*tch you got me F*CKED URP!! you should be a real man and man up and support my choices and my my my’s and me me me’s! whats best for me. Whats best for what I want for my life! just because I’m your “wife” doesn’t mean I belong to you n*gga! Dont get it twisted! Ima do me and uh…AHMPH! let dem n*ggas wit swag do me too! And you gon be righ durr waitin fo me! So you betta get some act right and gimme some ah dat light you gat! Sheeeeit n*gga i aint gat time fo dat!!”

        Thats them! Thats the tratchet hoodrat protocol of the n*ggacunt in 2019. You think that punk ass heifer would appear on ellen and get in front of a camera and say that same bullsh*t if she was with…uh? lets say…the son of Larry Bird….or hell! Kris Humphries?? You know as well as I and many other brothas on this powerful post know!!

        I smell a f*ckin fierce ass horrific and demonic yet sh*tty divorce as I speak now. This dude will be like Clearasil at the end of this year….AND his career. Smmfh…when b*tches think, speak, and act this way, thats code talk for divorce….
        Yeah! For Sure! ME!!

        Liked by 4 people

    • Oh yeah, she’s mixed alright. Her mother is Black (Jamaican) and Chinese and her dad is Black and Polish. Can’t get much more mixed than that.

      Liked by 4 people

  17. She wants to be apart of the “Cool kids club”. Unfortunately she like many young people was brainwashed or perhaps is already primed to respond to degenerate culture as if it were something to be attained.

    You see this all the time especially with the youth. You will have a somewhat regularly behaved child or several regularly behaving children. But you may notice that when the pseudo hood acting ‘black person’ especially a loud mouth female comes around…most begin to change an adapt to receive this individual, as if they were royalty or some person of dignity.

    The last 2-3 generations of adults clearly raised a bunch of mental weaklings, so that they could have an extended reign in the home, the workplace, school, etc. And now it has backfired horribly.

    The “need to belong” is somewhat of human nature, and it seems to be more apparent in female humans. However as I have said before, the NBC group has no national standard and regularly accepts the trash that most civilized nations would stomp out or atleast marginalize and relegate to some dark corner.

    Even the children know that these stories wont end well in the long run, but that EXTERNAL APPROVAL FROM DEAD SOCIETY IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! MORE IMPORTANT THAN FOOD, SHELTER, THE HEALTH OF FUTURE GENERATIONS…. yep sure is!

    Liked by 4 people

  18. Damn, she has a man who is wealthy, in shape, faithful, and a good father and she is concerned about not having other men’s attention. What else does she need in life? What other man does she need? She is already a 1 per center thanks to her man but apparently that’s not enough. I feel bad for Steph because he seems like a good dude, hopefully she doesn’t screw him.

    As far as Ayesha goes I have always thought she was kinda suspect because of her tattoos. Anytime I see that a woman has tattoos it automatically changes my perception of them, regardless of how mice they seem.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Black women, simps and alt-righters will spend time dick policing black men but will allow the likes of Trap House Trevon, Head Shot Henry, Six Shots Shlomo, Full Auto Frankenweiss and Head Chopper Mohammed to bring their dysfunctional behavior with them and turn the area into the Gaza Strip or Iraq. When vulnerable white women were being molested by Muslim immigrants anybody talking about the problem was told to shut up, now that these migrants have begun to assert control over Europe and New York has become the test tube for sharia, ‘progressive’ liberals, racist white males and black women as usual want black men to clean up the mess they made.

    A few weeks ago an off-duty cop witnessed an assassination by some disgraced members of the military division of the Jamaican police, the man gave chase and what happened next was straight out of some action movie. Things like these will become the norm all over the West due to things like radical feminism and other far left behavior becoming mainstream in society, and this is why I always say that these white boys should be left on the plantation with Massa State and Slave Driver Mohammed: When was the last time you saw the alt-righters taking to the street to deal with Slum Lord Shlomo, False Flag Frezowitch, Suicide Bomber Sam and Decapitator Mohammed bringing the chaos and war of their home countries to the West? At least the so-called ‘Palestinians’ who didn’t convert to Christianity or Islam were smart enough to leave the area when the migrants, religious radicals and fascist thugs started taking over and actually tried to get support so that they could get back their land.

    No wonder these mainstream politicians love illegal immigration so much, they don’t want people to look deeper into issues like the creation of ‘Israel’ which began started by terrorists and criminals invading a otherwise peaceful area and blowing up churches and mosques in order to frighten the owners into leaving the land. A repeat of this same scenario is going on in Europe, Canada and the US with the Muslims and Latinos, you would think with all this evidence in front of them these white boys would get off the Daily Stormer and actually do something about the issue, but no, it’s straight dick policing and being a nuisance to everyone around them.

    Traditional white women saw these problems coming and sounded the alarm many years ago, however they were told to grin and bear it from these same alt-right beta males complaining about the problem now that it’s biting them back in the ass. ‘Progressives’ as usual were too engrossed in multiple genders and fake news to care, but what they fail to realize is that 4chan and Stormfront ain’t shit when compared to the ‘Russian’ Mafiya and the Cartels. These guys will wipe out your entire family and then leave your mutilated body on the crime scene as a warning not to f..k with them, in contrast to the soyboys whose only specialty is memes and whining.

    These white nationalist boys talk tough but only end up being manipulated by intelligence operatives into shooting up churches and mosques. The don of the Russian Mafiya on the other hand, owns the arms industries of several countries and has deals with law enforcement and intelligence in the major countries not to mess with his crew.

    Let the incels, simps and black females rot in their mistakes guys, no clean up men here.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. More knives going into the backs of BW courtesy of the WM that they love so much. The Ls just keep raining down on BW from Tiffany Haddish dressing like a pimp and handing out fried chicken at the Met Gala to this, like we said last year expect the “Dear Black man” movement to kick into overdrive in the near future now that many BW have realized that non-BM don’t want them. Keep the Wall up.

    This trailer is more evidence that America sees BW as a joke:

    Liked by 3 people

  21. Ok guys Ayesha Curry needs to shut the hell up now she’s backtracking saying since it’s mental illness awareness month that’s why she came out with her insecurities. See this is another thing BW always do they never take responsibility for their action so now you are trying to ride the mental illness month platform to basically say you want to break out and whore. I keep saying this BW will eventually fuck shit up and have no accountability for their actions, I actually think this is sickening to try to ride the mental illness platform for the reasoning of her statement starting to show her true colors.

    Liked by 3 people

  22. It’s a wrap for BW. They’re exposed. DONE! COOKED! FINISHED!

    Lifetime recipients of L’s from L Express.


    Liked by 3 people

  23. She’s to influenced by this sick cutlure. What she did on Tell-Lie-Vision is an embarassment to her husband. I can see a divorce is coming soon

    Liked by 3 people

    • Seems like all these black women do is disrespect their black husbands. Viola Davis said that dark-skinned BW should have more love scenes with white “hunks.” Brian Solonge did a video that pointed out Kerry Washington’s Instagram has pics with everybody except her black husband and child. Now Ayesha wants “attention” from random penis while married to a multimillionaire NBA star. Marriage seems like a rigged game for the black man. Like I said above, I feel sorry for you dudes still addicted to black pu**y. Break the cycle!

      Liked by 3 people

    • Coolgent87,

      Exactly, back your wife but not the reckless stupidity that comes out of her mouth, Steph never PR’d this situation correctly. Defending what she said was dumb as hell.

      Liked by 2 people

  24. Tariq just posted this on Twitter, another example of how the media is trying to corrupt what remains of the black community. One of the responses under this tweet summed it up best, it said “Turn of the TV and read to your children”. Indeed, they are pushing homosexuality hard on the children, from TV programming all the way to drag queen story times at the public library. Of course the responses were filled with homosexuals telling people that there was nothing wrong with this:
    Keep the Wall up, and make it EXTRA tall around your children.

    Liked by 1 person

    • James SYSBM,

      They’re in conjunction with the black witch are trying to push black men as the new face of homosexuality, I definitely see that part of the agenda clearly in addition to contaminating the children, however that particular witchcraft will fall flat on it’s face because black men across the social and economic spectrum overwhelmingly reject the homosexual lifestyle. The television must be recognised for the weapon that it is.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Shit like this is exactly why I’m never getting married, and especially not to a black woman.

    Yeah yeah I know, “white women do it too”, but did you hear Tiger Woods’ ex talk shit about him in public? Hell, she had just cause to do so, as he actually cheated on her MULTIPLE times.

    Did you hear about Heidi Klum trashing Seal when they were married?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but anything they had to say about their exes was AFTER the divorce.

    Liked by 1 person

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