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    I’ve walked away from women a while ago….life has been SO relaxing, calm and peaceful.

    Yet the hatred towards black men is never ending. The black woman throws hate/disrespect at you at EVERY opportunity.

    EXAMPLE: I was on a “milkshake” kick a couple of months ago – I was going around town buying milkshakes in an attempt to see who made the best one. I came across a specialty candy store because it was on my list….the grandmotherly black witch behind the counter asked if she can help me…… Now EVERYONE reading this knows “the tone” she used.
    It’s kinda like utter contempt….for whatever reason – a women I’ve never met had an issue with me and was bothered by my presence….I sighed and stated, “yes ma’am – I would like a milkshake.”

    “Ice cream is on the other side!” Was the response….in the same tone…..these witches refuse to give black men COMMON COURTESY……

    I gave her my order and after about 15 minutes (it usually takes 5) she returned with the most watered-down – flowy mikshake I had ever seen….it looked like chocolate milk. I looked at it….then back at her….

    HERE’S the thing that you must understand…….ALL black women are of the opinion that black men should just be happy with what “we can get”. Whatever they choose to give us – wether we want it or not – we should just be happy.

    I looked at the THING she made me….looked at her – with her content attitude……I looked her right in the eyes and calmly stated “I’m not taking that…..”
    I was WAITING for this bitch to throw an official attitude…..I was ready to give her 5 times the hatred she was throwing me…..

    She must have read my face/body language or something because by that time the manager came by and saw the “whatever” she was trying to give me. He apologized and stated that she wasn’t trained on the new machine (really….?).
    He made me a really good milkshake.

    Now newcomers reading this might reflect upon what they just read and think – a little intense over a milkshake…

    It’s not about the milkshake, it’s about the never-ending cauldron of hatred and contempt thrown at black men….

    When I eat out – the white girls (waitresses) come at me with a smile and pleasantly ask me if I need anything….the black witch waitress comes with an attitude.

    At the grocery store, I can have a basic conversation with the white lady cashier, the black witch: nothing but contempt.

    For YEARS I blamed myself and thought that I needed to have a more positive attitude when dealing with them. Nowadays, they can literally go fuck themselves.

    Sorry so long, gents…just wanted to share.

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    • No worries about the length of your paragraph; that’s the beauty of Open Mic Wednesday.

      I’ve had an experience like that before; when I was in high school, we used to have certain trips followed by lunch at Golden Corral. A lot of us guys went on those trips for the food, in all honesty.

      Workers would come by every now and then with clean plates; this one time, a Black girl came by, and I asked for more root beer. I kid you not, she looked st me with an attitude, and walked off; I felt awkward afterwards, especially with all the guys laughing out loud.

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      • Joey,

        I’ve been to quite a few Golden Corral restaurants and typically they are packed to the brim with overweight, weave wearing black females(if in an area with a significant black population), both employees as well as those indulging in the endless food.

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    • I’ve tried to stop patronizing places that hire ABW or if there is one on shift I’ll deal with a different employee or come back later. As far as how I try to live my life ABW might as well be maniqines in a store. They dont act like people…so therefore they arent. If possible I suggest every thinking black men start attempting to “unperson” these women. Don’t talk to, greet, acknowledge…or even occupy the same space if you can help it.

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      • I walk out of stores if I see nothing but hair hats on shift. Maybe if it’s an elder woman (they sometimes have sense) but not these heifers around my age (I’m 33) and younger. They can get lost

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      • Michel,

        Agreed, they employ these black sirens in order to meet the racial equality quotas, however they honestly need to stop because the overwhelming majority of them possess absolutely no customer service skills whatsoever.

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    • I have a friend who recently told me that he stopped going to several fast food places in his area because the BW working the registers had such a foul attitudes. I remember one time going to a McDonalds with my wife and the BW working there were all screaming at each other and arguing. The BW manager was trying to get them under control and threatening to send people home.
      One time I was at a Jack in the Box and there was a WW manager who was trying to control a bunch of hoodrats working there and they were constantly talking back to her. I felt bad for her, stuff like that is probably why I’m beginning to see self service kiosks at local fast food places.

      It all reminds me of that video that that female soldier made a while back talking about how shitty it was trying to manage a group of BW. lol

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      Nothing is too long to discuss on Open Mic Wednesday or any article to be honest, I read every word of the accounts you and others brothers here post concerning the black witch and the interactions you guys have with her because they are all confirmations of what I talk about here week after week.

      All I can do is simply cosign everything you’ve stated because I experience the same thing here in the UK comparing black female customer service(which is practically non existent) vs non black female customer service(which is the way things should be as standard).

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  2. Did anyone else hear about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex having their baby on Monday? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a boy; sadly, Meghan said they be raising their child to be a feminist.

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    • Surprisingly the UK TV networks seem to give less of a shit, partly because the child will never get near the crown. William and Kate got more coverage over their second child.

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      • Yep. I don’t care about Meghan Markle. It’s the children of the heir(Prince William) that are important, hence Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children. I heard that Duchess Kate is working on her forth child. So, any children by Meghan and the poor excuse of a prince aren’t going to inherit the throne. It’s the swirlers that emphasize the birth of Meghan’s child.

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  3. It is often said that many rich and famous black people have to answer to their “handlers”, the ones who are really in charge and who pull the strings of said black people to advance a particular agenda. Oprah Winfrey, for instance, has been long suspected as an “agent” who bows to an unseen master bent on the destruction of black society in general, and black men in particular. So, it should come as no surprise that after Gayle King makes a fool of R. Kelly, admittedly with his help, on national television, she is first rewarded by making the 2019 Time 100 List, and now she is set to take over as lead anchor for CBS This Morning and will be making, reportedly, $11 million a year. Being Oprah’s friend, and hating on black men, sure has been profitable for King and black women like her. Her master(s) must be pleased.



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    • It’s interesting how she asked for the same type of money George Stephanopoulos makes immediately after making a fool out of R. Kelly; basically, she wants to be on the same level as her White daddy.

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      • Yep. She didn’t waste any time cashing in her chips from that hit piece she did on R. Kelly. And now CBS may have bitten off more than they can chew ’cause her salary is higher than most and CBS’s ratings for news are in the tank. Hard to even justify giving her that kinda money.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      Gayle King looks like a hot mess, I tried to find a decent picture of her but alas there were none. I fully believe that she is answering to hidden master(s), these types of promotions are not happenstance.

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    • Yep. I keep on saying it. Do a little digging and you can see that the entire entertainment industry is one big social conditioning tool.

      In the old days we were introduced to the term “Military Industrial Complex”, when then US president Dwight Eisenhower said it in a famous speech as he was leaving office. He was warning the American public about what has been called ‘The Shadow Government’. Which he came to learn about after being elected.

      That term however is outdated because it is incomplete. It should be called “The Military Industrial Financial & Entertainment Complex”. This doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it is a more accurate summation of the situation we are in and it is closer to the truth. These different mechanisms of control masquerade as distinctly different entities. But at the highest level, this is an illusion. And a powerful one. Especially to those who have been “drinking the kool-aid” their entire lives.

      These different interests are ultimately like the different arms of the same octopus. Moving independently, but still attached to, and serving the same beast.

      It’s why I warn brothers not to identify with and/or get suckered into the liberal/conservative Democrat/Republican dog and pony show.

      It’s more like Professional Wrestling than any other analogy I can think of…

      1. A good story providing drama and tension to get the ‘marks’ (anyone who still believes in it as anything other than entertainment), emotionally invested.
      2. A contest to see who will come out on top.
      3. As well as a hero or villan for you to root for or against depending on your political beliefs.
      4. With both entities being employed and controlled by the same promoter.

      The problem is that just like pro wrestling, no matter how well performed it is, it is still ultimately a ‘work’ (pre-determined) at worst.

      Or a ‘worked shoot’ (a pre-determined outcome with some real competetiveness) at best.

      Just like pro wrestling, at the highest levels, both supposedly antagonistic sides are controlled by and beholden to the same hidden hand/s. We are living in and through the greatest social science experiment in human history. And most of us are blissfully unaware.

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      • Morpheus2275,

        Thanks. Once you begin to get an understanding of how we are being ‘worked’ by the political system, it does fit perfectly. Creepily so I might add.

        And when I say Pro Wrestling, I mean from years ago when I was a kid. Before kayfabe was broken. When it was presented as a shoot or ‘real’ and fans actually got emotionally invested in the outcomes.

        I’ve had that analogy in my head for awhile now, but never fleshed it all out. I had meant to write it as an essay in more detail when I start my own blog. But I never seem to have the time…

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their baby boy on Monday every black women in the world was celebrating and was having a song and a dance about it because black women feel that Meghan Markle is a honoury black women even though she is mixed race but she looks like a Greek medditeranian looking woman who doesn’t look like she has any black in her and that Prince Harry is a white man, these same pathetic black women feel that both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gonna have a black looking baby because that Meghan Markle is half black couldn’t have been more wrong and further from the truth. If anything both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a white looking baby boy because there is more white dna in both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry being that Prince Harry is a full blood white man and Meghan Markle being mixed race both black and white their baby will be looking white with a slight tan due to Meghan Markle. If Meghan Markle had a kid with a black man, black women will go ape shit and tell Meghan Markle that you are not black enough even though she is mixed race heritage and those same disgruntled black women will tell that same black man who they themselves rejected in the past that you are a weak black man who couldn’t handle a strong black women which is code word for having a attitude and who is belligerent who hates good black men but loves gangster road man black men. Make that make sense and it’s no wonder why black women are bitter, ugly and the least desired women on the fucking planet because of their poor life choices in men they get pregnant by.

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    • Lets keep it real do you think Prince Harry would of married a dark skin Negro women? If he did the he would ended up like his mother .

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      • Black British Guy,

        They would’ve most assuredly taken Harry out if he had married a dark skinned black female, the minimum that would have happened would’ve been a stripping of his titles and being cast out just like they did to the late Princess Diana his mother.

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      • Black British Guy.

        That will never happen because Prince Harry is smart enough not to date a dark skinned black women because he will lose his special privileges from the royal family.

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    • We know that Meghan Markle is, perhaps, 2% black because of the media hype. In reality, Meghan Markle’s mom is what we call a “high yellow” in my home state of Georgia. USA blacks, on average, have 30% Caucasian ancestry and Meghan Markle has perhaps 90% Caucasian ancestry.

      I have spent much time in the Naples,Italy area. Meghan Markle could easily pass for an Italian. The child between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will look like a standard white child.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I fully agree with you bro. Black women hate mixed race women who get with black men but will quickly change their tune when the same unify themselves to white males. The hypocrisy of this modern day black female is ridiculous and off the damn chain. Markle does not identify as black nor does she hang around black folks yet these stupid black sirens believe that somehow they have been advantaged through the Prince Harry/Meghan Markle marriage union, however nothing could be further from the truth.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        You speak the 100 per cent raw truth bro and I fully agree with you bro(this is my catchphrase).

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  5. The Ayesha Curry interview with Jada Pinkett is a warning to all BM, if you get married; no matter how rich, handsome, or high status you are most women will always want more or believe they can have more.


    Ayesha is married to an NBA MVP Champion and she is worried about why she isnt getting attention of strange random men. Now remember, she was having that interview with none other than Jada Pinkett Smith; who talks opendly about her out of wedlock trysts. Notice the title of her slut show “Red Table Talk” -funny how Satan’s favorite color is red too?

    You hear Verbs talk about the withcraft of these heifers; trust me, it won’t be long before Curry is being ran through by that ‘male attention’ turned out by Jada Pinkett. I hope Steph Curry got an ironclad pre-nup.

    Men, get this through your thick skulls; stop marrying women out of your class! Never marry down without an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement, avoid getting married before 30; if ever. Try not to get married in the West once youve taken the aformentioend advice.

    Think about it, Ayesha Curry is 30 years old, and ready to ride the cock carousel simply for male attention. Then you men wonder why I say put yourself first and never lead with your wallet. Also, if you are a prominent man, keep the woman in the backgroud, once she gets a taste of fame; they want more.

    Boy, Steph Curry better have an air tight pre-nup…

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    • For his sake I hope you’re right. All this goes to show you is, no matter how loyal, how much you show the world you love this chick, put her on a pedestal, no matter how much money you make, high status, a good majority of these women ain’t shit.

      If a man who is as much of a household name as Steph Curry is about to go through this bullshit all because some black bitch whispered some nonsense in her ear, you actually believe these women have y’all back?? Hotep, back to Africa rejects, I’m talking to you. We sysbm brothers know better. You have a better odds playing Russian roulette.

      This isn’t to say other races of women aren’t like that, they are. But we all know what time it is.

      It’s been 72 hours, and these heifers have taken two giant L’s.
      Kayla Harper rightfully exposing the whore trying to get some or Bryce’s hard earned money, and now this.

      Brothers, get your finances in order, put yourself first and if you absolutely must date a western woman be careful. An overwhelming majority of them are deceitful snakes.

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      • @Stephen At this juncture in 2019, if you are a rich dude or already know you are going to be rich and you marry a woman poorer than you without an ironclad pre-nuptial agreement; you will be mince meat for the divorce court grinder.

        We are too late in the game to play dumb about the way marriage works in America (see the Manipulated Man and the Predatory Female for in-depth reading)..

        The average marriage in America last about 8 years. Now, that number is only 8 because it includes those over 50 who have been married 20+ years, but when you study under 50 persons, the average is less than 5. Under 40 we are talking 3 years.

        Theoretically, in America if a 25 year old man gets married; he is looking at a 3-8 year marriage on average.

        You have a kid at 25; and based on the statistics, there is a 75% chance you will be divorced by 35 when that kid is 10. Now, if you didnt have an IRONCLAD pre-nup, married down, and you made a lot of money or acquired substantial assets you are at the mercy of the Court. She could have cheated or cucked you, and you still are at the mercy of the court – here cheating is irrelevant to property division under NO FAULT (a GOP established policy I might add – see Ronald Regan).

        All Steph Curry wealth can be divided up, plus alimony, and child support paid to a Ayesha Curry while she chases the cock carousel in her 30s – and the are in California too!!

        Marriage rate and time of marriage in the West is dropping by the year. Steph & Ayesha Curry situation just highlights the mentality prevalent in modern Western women. Because they are influencers and admired by millions of women too; itll only get worse. Why? Ayesha 2 years ago was being celebrated as a “Good Christian Wife”, now she want to ride the cock carousel too?

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    • This is one of the reasons why I make sure any woman I deal with have no ABW friends. If I find out that she does, automatic disqualification. Why? Because these American black witches will make it their mission to cause strife and division between you and her non-black female friends. Seen it happen too many times and is truly sickening to behold. And these witches wonder why their reputation is world-wide.

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      • Agreed. It’s an automatic deal breaker, up there with smoking and drugs. This happened to me before and it is utterly sickening. I was messing with this Eastern European girl, and her “best friend” (the bt 1000) was trying to get with me when my girl went to the bathroom. She was talking all sorts of nonsense (she has no ass, she’s pale and skinny, you need a real woman with curves aka fat). I told my girl, and she initially didn’t believe me, and this eventually caused us to go our separate ways.

        She found out a few months later when she caught her then man fucking her friend in her in the kitchen of all places in the apartment (they were roommates). She tried apologizing to me, and I wanted no part of it.

        These broads have no shame, and will do anything to make your lives miserable even if it means destroying a friendship in the process. Avoid them at all costs.

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      • Stephen,

        Truth, most black women live for ruining relationships, especially those relating to black men dating non black women. The black witch tried to work her sorcery on you but you weren’t having any of it, unfortunately the Eastern European chick couldn’t see the magic at work against her, smh.

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      • @Sigma Jones See, the thing with the ABW in the aggregate is that she is in a 4th wave (misandry, lesbianism, legal non-meritocratic entitlements) feminist state of mind, while the western WW is in the 2nd (traditional, basic rights, no-fault) and 3rd Waves (family destruction) in the aggregate. For example, 95% of ABW voted for Hillary Clinton vs. 47% of WW!!! Thus, WW themselves do not want to to see the current single mother rate of 30% rise to the level of ABW which will hit 80% in between 2020-2021.

        WW realize that 4th wave feminism means a destruction of the traditional family unit. They en masse will not sign up for that, even though a minority of white women push 4th wave feminism. The ABW on average doesn’t care about the Black family.

        Think about this nugget of truth: the biggest threat to working class BM is illegal immigration & Open Border policy. Yet, ABW vote for Open Borders at twice the rate of WW!!!

        Im telling you bro, AmeriKanda is dead. We have to build anew with the most feminine, attractive and cooperative women we can inside and outside the diaspora.

        Just look at what Byron Allen is doing on the SYBM path…

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      • @Stephen

        Non-black women are starting to realize that these black witches will even destroy their own friendships if it means they stand a chance of snatching their non-black boyfriends/husbands. More and more, non-black women are rightfully distancing themselves from black witches. It’s a good thing you stood your ground when that European white girl realized the error of her ways. She now knows that, if you want a competent black man, your no-good black female friends gotta go.

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      • Sigma Jones,

        The black witch loves to plant seeds of discord and discontentment, it does indeed sound like a black siren may have been in the ear of Ayesha Curry because some form of sorcery has begun to take effect.

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      • I would think that the method employed by Mr. Jones would be common sense vetting at this point. If the woman has a bunch of shady friends then what do you think is likely to happen through the channels of influence.

        At the end of the day, the blessings are the OBVIOUS SIGNS and markers for major problems. Poor choice in female friends is the reason many woman are being misled alongside with the subpar training they received from their parents, thus leaving them vulnerable to external powers.

        If you see unsightly associates in the friendship circle….just keep it moving. Otherwise its like trying to take a member from some deranged cult and you will assume the risk for dealing with such a character.

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      • King Sigma,

        “Think about this nugget of truth: the biggest threat to working class BM is illegal immigration & Open Border policy. Yet, ABW vote for Open Borders at twice the rate of WW!!!”

        True indeed! That alone should prove that black females have no vision or thought for the future. Either for themselves or their children.

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    • This happens less with white women just saying. Yes this is a problem with all women but white women tend to be more ride or die when it comes to being as Chris Rock put it “position players” they know their role and when you ask them to do something they say “yes, daddy” lol

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      • Two basic truths: 1. All women engage in bad conduct. 2. Black women will, however, engage in bad conduct at a much HIGHER LEVEL than women of other races.

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    • King Sigma,

      I only caught the 37 second video clip of her talking about not being happy with all the attention Stephen gets from other women, I didn’t know about these extra tidbits.

      Jada Pinkett Smith is a notorious decadent who speaks openly concerning her open relationship involvements, she is the enchantress/high priestess of this Red Table Talk show and was running some straight up sorcery on Curry but she didn’t see it.

      Curry wanting attention from other men is simply Jezebel within trying to get out of the cage for a free run of the yard to stretch her wings and Ayesha Curry had better be careful before she finds herself in a situation with another man’s penis in her mouth.

      Observe how Curry is on the same tattoo nonsense as your modern day black female though not to the same insane degree. There is an aspect to tattoos that most folks don’t want to talk about, the spiritual aspect and the fact that evil spiritual entities are able to gain further access into your life and work certain malevolent works against you because of this pagan branding practice:

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      • @Verbs Once I saw that all this happened on the show with Jada Pinkett; I knew what the deal was. The sorcery is real with Jada; she disrespected Will Smith numerous. He spoke on her being out of order recently, but the thing with women is that you end how you start. That’s why you hear me say all the time, DO NOT LEAD WITH YOUR WALLET. No only is it unnecessary, but it will likely end badly for you.

        When all you need is your appearance, charisma, mind and body to attract a woman; at a minium she is interested in you. A good test, see if she will chase you and throw the pussy at you without knowing your status or wealth level. Rarely has a woman I ended up fucking ever asked me what I do for a living or what car I drive.

        Ayesha Curry disrespecting Steph Curry in front of the entire world to me might be a part of a ‘humiliation ritual’ then the Rockets win the series with the Warriors. Dont want to get too conspiratorial, but there is a lot of shit that goes on in Hollywood that the layman is not aware of. like sacrifice, sexual and humiliation rituals, etc.

        Im going to put on my tinfoil hate and say this was a humiliation ritual for Steph Curry…

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      • King Sigma,

        Jada was able to successfully work her magic on Ayesha and plant those seeds of curiosity, discord, strife and discontention, she got her to talk about things that she’d previously kept secret(which is the way it should’ve remained). What is even more disappointing is Ayesha is supposed to be a Christian ie she’s supposed to be aware of spiritual things as well as people who are placed in strategic locations in order to manifest dark works. That appearance on Jada’s show was possibly the beginning of the end of their marriage, she shouldn’t have gone onto the show without her husband being present short of not attending at all.

        It’s one thing to go on Jada’s show but know exactly who and what you’re dealing with, that way the sorcery won’t take hold because you are already clued up and ready. However Curry rolled in like a lamb to the slaughter and notice how as per usual with these women’s shows there are no men in sight ie they know full well to keep the spiritual covering at bay because men would quickly see what is going on and put a stop to it immediately.

        Jada got Ayesha too comfortable and as a result Ayesha put her guard down(one of the dumbest things she did besides going on the show itself). They(the feminists and Satanists)want to get revenge on Ayesha for being an upstanding example of how married couples should operate, let’s not forget that controversial tweet she dropped some years back, the witch’s coven haven’t forgotten about that at all.

        I notice how the Hollywood masters will run celebrities through certain reprobate mills, The Ellen DeGeneres show is one such witch’s grotto, the equivalent over here in the UK being the Graham Norton show, another flaming homosexual who is proud of his decadence.

        This is how these dodgy seeds are planted and I completely agree with you, this was a straight up ritual and Ayesha Curry fell right into line with it without even knowing.

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  6. I want to send a shout out to Entrepreneur Byron Allen. The Black man continues to win and inspire other bros to live their best life and embrace SYBM. He just made another mega media deal this week:


    Remember, he purchased the Weather Channel in 2017 too:


    Do you think Byron Allen is tryig to save Amerikanda or Black Rednecks? Or build an empire and legacy? I don’t care who you date; but place yourself above all women! You dont owe Hoteps, Black Rednecks anything; be free sir.

    Take heed; SYBM is the path of winners not whiners; the world is yours if you will fight for it.

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    • Absolutely! SYSBM above all!

      I do wonder what Byron Allen is going to do with the Weather Channel? Opportunities for growth are limited for what is essentially a public service.

      We had a UK version of the Weather Channel, it closed down when we realised the British weather sucks.

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      • @michel I alway saw the weather channel purchase as asset acquisition to flip to another buyer at a profit. We will have to wait and see, but he is more entertainment niche. The sports media investment is a good investment. We will see how it plays out, he is a BM to pay attention to because he is making power moves while BM his age are still chasing validation from Big Booty Brenda and making demands for free thinking BM to come save a non-existent community aka AmeriKanda.

        I cant tell other bros what to do with their time, energy, and resources but Byron Allen is using his pretty wisely.

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      • In the USA, we have to deal with weathers like hurricanes, tornandos, and even droughts. There is tremendous growth and getting forecasts down fast before the weather hits is essential. So I believe Mr. Allen made a solid investment.

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      • I heard he is planning to integrate the weather channel into apps which will incur a license fee. He’s about to make bank, everyone I talk to said he got the weather channel at a steal.

        Also just pointing out Allen’s wife is white.

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    • King Sigma,

      As an oldie, I remember when Byron Allen was on the TV show “Real People” in the early ’80s. The people I grew up with called him a “wannabe white boy,” blah blah blah. On par with Wayne Brady in the 2000s. Look at Byron now. The $300 Million Man with his white wife and biracial kids. This is the real entrepreneur that the “community” should look up to, but they’re too busy carving Nipsey Hussle’s face into Mt. Rushmore.


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      • @bDUnlimitd

        Thats how bros should roll, do big things to a level other BM doing big things can gravitate towards; and find a mutual interest in doing business with you.

        Brothers are definitely winning when they focus on skill development and pursuing their happiness.

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  7. When you have children will you give them African or English names? If i ever had children a boy he would be called Ike, and If i ever had a girl Esseyoma. I don’t like English names i think there boring.

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    • black british guy —- Give your ENGLISH child a mainstream ENGLISH name. Do not follow the line of USA black women about “boring” names and attempt to be creative. [Actually, the typical post-1980s name for USA blacks are the constant recycling of the same naming pattern: DeShawn, DaShone, D’Shawn, Daeshone, etc.]. In addition, remember that it is the child’s name and not your name. The personal “like” of a parent is not at issue. Give the girl a break and name her after an English queen rather than a ratchet woman.

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    • If I were to have children, I would give them authentic African names, and not those ridiculous made-up names like Quantavius or Boom Qui-Qui that hoodrats give their children. There are African names that sound good, are easy for English speakers to pronounce and have significant meaning. Plus, in America, African children are thought to be smarter than American-born black children, so having an African name could be an advantage for a black child.

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      • Morpheus2275—– In the USA, for example, Chinese parents are quick to name their children standard American names. There is no push for Chinese parents to give their children so-called “authentic” Chinese names. Therefore, there and not many young USA-born Chinese boys named Mao Tse Dong. From all indicators, the Chinese with the standard American names are doing quite well for themselves. Black Americans may take note that Chinese parents want to enter the American mainstream. Finally, Africans themselves often have names such as NELSON Mandela, ROBERT Mugabe, and SAMUEL Doe. I do not see any advantage from having a so-called African name, Chinese name, etc. in the USA.

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  8. @King Sigma

    I’m glad you brought up the subject of immigration and open border policies being a major threat to working black men. It amazes me when a lot of these negros and hoteps support illegal immigration, truly believing in their dysfunctional minds that Hispanics and Asians are their allies in the fights for minorities. Here’s the thing: When Hispanics take over as the major demographic here in America, what make these negros believe that race relations will get better? Racism will get much worse. If these negros think racism from whites is bad, wait till the Hispanics and even Asians take over. They’re gonna get a wake up call that racism was never the issue this whole time. They will be judged based in class and economic standings. That’s why guys like Byron Allen garner alot of respect from non-black people. That’s why a man like Donald Trump will do business with Byron Allen before he does business with a low class white supremacist.

    The new global game now is Economics. You will be judged by your class, not by your skin color. This is why SYSBM is the winning method for thinking brothers. Build for yourself, and for those who are already with you from the start. Until the negros of Blackistan understand that, they will always remain as bottom dwellers.

    Liked by 6 people

    • @Sigma Jones The true irony is Latinos and Asians both voted at around 65% for Hillary Clinton, lower than ABW by 30% and BM by 15%. Remember, the gender gap is real between men and women in all races in America; just much more pronounced between BM & ABW. That is why 2020 election and Census is going to be telling. BM voted 80% for Clinton in 2016, that will drop to 60%; and remember overall Black voter turnout was the lowest in 20 years in 2016 (for both genders). So, this idea of of a Black & Brown coalition is an intersectionalist myth used to convince those Blacks to vote to enrich and empower other groups – hence the term ‘people of color.” WTF?

      But the Hispanics are already the largest racial minority group in America officially at 17% of the pop. vs. 12% for Blacks. Now, in reality there are like 12-20 million illegal immigrants in America, so the 17% could be closer to 23%. And with the inter-racial mating on the rise, the category of “other race” will be the 2nd largest minority classification by 2040 or so.

      A shrewd BM will that your advice and focus on his position in the economic order, and increasing his slice of the pie via skill development, working smart, and surrounding himself with winners. Even if we talk about race adn AmeriKanda, explain to me, how the ABW votes at a 95% clip for Open Borders and lead in % of abortions if they care so much about the Black family and Black men?

      As of today, 6 of 10 homeless are men, and 4 out of 10 homeless persons are BM (even though BM are only 6% of the U.S. pop.) and one of the leading causes of the growing homelessness of BM is Open Borders policy; let that sink in.

      Who is the BM friend and allies truly? Only the free thinking BM can save himself; we have no friends, must properly vet potential allies for mutual interest only.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Addendum: BM are not just fleeing to the GOP, they are acutally moving to third parties at a faster clip, especially among Milennial BM. A lot of BM under 40 are identifying as Libertarians or Independents or Greens.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Exactly. I’m still waiting for these hoteps to explain to me why I should build a family with a female who leads the nation in aborting black babies. But instead of holding this female accountable, they want to debate on YouTube videos and hangouts about who’s a select male and not. These negros just don’t understand the global game that is happening, and will soon get left behind.

        I’m currently working on a side project right now where I talk about the mating and relationship side of SYSBM. I can’t delve too much just yet, but one thing I can share is this: I’m starting to see correlations between the race of the female and the chances of the relationship/marriage/family dynamic being stable. A lot of negros will not be ready for this kind of project, because it now goes into eugenics and how that’s playing a major role on a global level. But like I said before, economics is the global game now and brothers need to put themselves in position to be one of the main players of this global game. And it does include genetics, if one wants to go down the SYSBM side of family wealth.

        Liked by 4 people

      • “Who is the BM friend and allies truly? Only the free thinking BM can save himself; we have no friends, must properly vet potential allies for mutual interest only.”

        Well said.

        “Addendum: BM are not just fleeing to the GOP, they are acutally moving to third parties at a faster clip, especially among Milennial BM. A lot of BM under 40 are identifying as Libertarians or Independents or Greens.”

        And its a beautiful thing. These parties don’t give a hoot about us. We’re just a political football to be kicked around. Unless they put real benefits on the table, we shouldn’t play the game, which is a sideshow distraction anyway.

        Liked by 3 people

    • “It amazes me when a lot of these negros and hoteps support illegal immigration, truly believing in their dysfunctional minds that Hispanics and Asians are their allies in the fights for minorities. ”

      Not just Asians and Hispanics but even Arabs and many Africans have no interest in forming “coalitions” with black Americans (ADOS). I don’t support immigration (mostly for economic reasons) and its yet another reason why I can no longer vote democrat. Immigration is one of the few things that I agree with Trump on, it needs to be brought down to a damn near halt for the time being IMO. The democrats are also apparently content to let people flood into the country illegally and overstay their visas with no penalty. Its madness. Unless the democrats put some serious tangibles on the table for ADOS I will be staying home for most federal elections, and don’t care if Trump gets re-elected.

      Liked by 4 people

      • These black b…s and immature soy boys have no problem letting in Hernandez the drug dealer, Mohammed the wife beater, Full Auto Fredowitz across the border and allowed Six Shot Shlomo and Biggie D to terrorize the block but still find time to dick police a brother trying to get off the plantation. Let the simps and white boys keep the road rollers and oil tankers guys, no clean up men here people.

        Liked by 4 people

      • James SYSBM,

        These Democrats alongside the likes of the billionaire George Soros are the ones responsible for flooding the US and Europe with countless immigrants. Obviously we see what the plan is for the US, allow the immigrants to steam roll into the country, settle them in, sign them up and give them voting rights, this is one of the main ways the Democrats will be trying to steal the 2020 Presidential race.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Agreed. The thing is, these groups are also quietly being allowed into the military. And are being promised this as a fast track to citizenship. Many of them complain about US foreign policy in their own countries, and then come here and are willing to partake of the same Imperialistic skullduggery that they once were so up in arms about. Hypocrites.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Yeah last I heard Trump was putting the brakes on that program allowing foreigners to seek citizenship through the military, I think it was called MAVNI.

        Liked by 2 people

      • James SYSBM,

        I hope so. Many of these people really have no scrupples. Including the ones claiming to be religious. They will do anything to get over.

        Liked by 2 people

    • THE USA IS GETTING WHITER. One must remember that Hispanic is not a racial group. The majority of Hispanics are white. As for Asians, 50% of new marriages by Chinese-American females are to white males. The USA has two races of people. Those races are blacks and whites. Everyone else is in the category of OTHER.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I agree, many Hispanics already identify as White and at least half or more of the Asians that come here are fair skinned too. The US will be “White” for the forseeable future IMO, basically White people with a tanned skin tone. Dr. Claud Anderson said this and pointed out that if Blacks don’t get their stuff together quickly they are at risk of becoming a permanent underclass in the US. We are already seeing the beginnings of this with the low IQ, ghetto named, bastard children of single mothers making up this future underclass.

        Liked by 4 people

      • JamesSYSBM—- Note the book, “Two Nations” by Andrew Hacker. In 1992, Hacker noted that the USA has only two races of citizens: whites and blacks. Two decades after Hacker’s research, the situation is even more alarming. With a critical eye, I put most of the blame of the situation of USA blacks on black females. Black men have plenty of faults but the black females’ bad conduct is off the charts. The black females’ situation explains her average $5.00 net worth, her poor health, her marriage rates, and her unwed mother rates.

        Liked by 4 people

  9. Were you guys aware of how the movie “Black Panther” warned brothers about ABW? If not, let me break it down…

    So, the movie starts with N’Jobu (who’s in the US on a war dog mission) and his friend, James, going over some plans before they’re paid a visit by N’Jobu’s brother, King T’Chaka; the king informs him of trouble back in Wakanda before confronting him over his betrayal. He then learns that his American friend is Zuri, a fellow Wakandan, and was sent by the king as a spy.

    This aforementioned scene is revisited when King T’Challa, the new Black Panther, asks Zuri, about his uncle N’Jobu after seeing a ring identical to the ring he inherited from his father; Zuri reveals how his uncle met an ABW (who was revealed to be a member of the Black Panther party) and he became radicalized by what he was exposed to: their leaders being assassinated, their communities being flooded with drugs and overpoliced.

    This led to him betraying his native country and helping an outsider steal their most precious resource, vibranium; he did this to try and liberate people of African descent worldwide with vibranium weapons to fight back against their oppressors, though he knew the king wouldn’t approve of such actions.

    The message is clear: Avoid ABW at all costs.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Forgive me, gentlemen; I was in a bit of a rush typing the above comment that I forgot to mention T’Challa saw the ring hanging around Killmonger’s neck, which prompted his questioning Zuri on his uncle’s fate (remember, they said N’Jobu went missing to cover up his death at the hands of T’Chaka).

      Liked by 4 people

  10. You see when a black man dates, marry or end up in a interracial relationship, black women go crazy. They go into rage mode. After that, they put on weave in their hair, no matter if its blonde, blue, green, purple, red or all colours in their hair looking like a rainbow. And they are calling black men coons when they date outside his race. They better find something to do because they have nothing to do what so ever. And this is reason why I done the Weave Wearing Black Woman anthology because all me and other black men see black women weaving this weave trying to look white. If they have white women, why they are trying to copy her?


    Liked by 5 people

    • These black b…s and soyboys never learn, when False Flag Frezowitch and 2 Clipz were fighting over turf in the hood they told traditional white women and black men complaining about the problem to grin and bear it, now that the Muslims have moved up from molesting vulnerable white females to patrolling New York Zero and taking the first steps to establishing dominion over Europe the house slaves, greedy black females, fascist simps and ‘progressive’ liberals want thinking black men to come in and fix up the mess.

      Do you see the reason why Linda and Tom Robinson were kicked out of the house guys, it’s very easy to control groups of people when the only form of authority figures around are entitled intellectuals engaging in a turf war with each other and hyper-agressive women who won’t submit to a man.

      Ling, Amiska, Patel, Lopez, Natasha and Mei don’t have time for the crap incels and black females pull, there is a reason why people think of Shanghai and Dubai when they think of wealth. Middle Eastern and East Asian women are too busy supporting their men to find time for radical feminism or other far-left fantasies that have become so popular in the so-called civilized West these days(inclusive of the so called ‘alt-right’. Have you ever noticed that these guys refuse to take on Full Auto Liebowitz and Head Chopper Mohammed despite their tough talk on the net, but yet still have time to dick police black men with the help of black females? “Kangz” indeed.).

      Liked by 2 people

  11. ….for you brother worried about Will Smith, I say it’s all good….two words, Charisse Theron…and she looking for a man too? Go back and look at some of the promo pics of her and Will promoting HANCOCK, I bet he tap that shit, and if if Jada fuck up, YOU KNOW HE’S gonna look Ms. Theron up.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Initially I would say that he would have to be a fool to get with her looking at how she is raising her black son, but then I thought about how jaden smith is turning out…………….

      They might be right for each other in a messed up way.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Paul Anthony,

      Most certainly Will Smith would steer clear of black women if he were to end his marriage to Jada, witches are not meant to be dwelt with, they’re meant to be slain. Will Smith looks like an extremely old and tired man, Jada has worked him really good.

      Liked by 4 people

    • @Paul Anthony

      gotta disagree about Theron, she is way past the wall and mentally disturbed. Look at the child abuse towards her adopted Black son. However, a younger woman that is not like Jada must be very appealing to him.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve always believed Will Smith was tapping his white female costars, especially Charlisse Theron and Margot Robbie. I think Will is a lot smarter about it than, say, Tiger Woods. Woods had all his dirty laundry aired out in public because, unlike Will Smith, he got with white chicks that had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, if the affair was found out. For white Hollywood starlets, being known publicly as someone who sleeps with black men can actually hurt their careers, especially for younger ones like Robbie. Part of their appeal is that white men want them. If white men find out she’s a “mudshark”, then her appeal, and her career, may be in jeopardy. That’s why, I believe, no one really knows about who Will has been plowing. Everybody’s keeping quiet.

      Liked by 3 people

  12. I got an important subject on tonight’s Open Mic Free topic Wednesday. Certain black men in urban communities (born during the 1980s and raised in the 1990s and 2000s) of whom didn’t have fathers in their lives growing up want to be and are now in their child’s/children’s lives. They even want to be in long-term relationships with their black child’s/children’s mother(s) of whom themselves were brought up in single-parent dysfunction. There’s a good number of these black women bring a kid(s) from a previous relationship(s) into the new relationship with the men mentioned above and have his child and then 2-5 years later, their union falls apart and then the women are off to new relationships and not to long after that, this ilk of women ends up pregnant again. There are certain black women who don’t have children, they get involved with said black men that don’t have any children as well but follows the same recipe of wanting to be in their children’s lives when that day comes. Both male and female get together and they have their first child ever. 2-5 years later, their union falls apart and then the females are off to new relationships and soon after, becomes pregnant again while these dudes are left on their own in singlesville. What is going on here? In urban black westernized culture, is there a lack of knowledge and understanding of love and romance within the sexes of that environment?

    Liked by 2 people

    • @brotheranunlimited

      Sounds like a breeding scheme or scam. You would think at some point they would read a book or something and agree to a form of government for their family and agree to values and to uphold them. But apparently basic process is too hard for supposedly civilized humans.

      It literally makes no sense to keep happening UNLESS

      a) the parties involved are under mental slavery and unable to fully think and function for self
      b) the parties involved are not serious about the undertaking

      Honestly what you described sounds like a “pitbull” breeding business rather than a human family. And don’t forget all of the taxable events and financial and social incentives for this “behavior”/ business activity.

      “Putting the corpse into the corporation….one human at a time!” Carnal as fuck .

      Liked by 2 people

  13. What are your flaws? Mine are I like being alone too much, I’m pretty antisocial, I’m fairly reclusive. Too laid back bad at msths

    Liked by 1 person

    • I resemble all of those statements except being bad at math. I’m trying to be more social though. Its because I was raised around scraggles and scraggle kind that I learned to keep to myself a lot.

      Liked by 2 people

  14. Hate it when you walk through Brixton with a non black feminine looking woman, all black women stare into your eyes with daggers.

    They’re always less attractive, weave wearing. Or nappy headed. Always below standard or covered up whatever beauty product they use nowadays.

    In the club? Man these white women are killing them!! Sexy white girl with all her black female friends getting rich nigga attention all night and you look at the black women around her and the defeat is evident on their faces. I feel bad for them.

    Ive realised in modern day London, a black daughter is a cursed existence dedicating her life to looking like others. I want a black son so badly but imagine I have a daughter and she wants a wig at 5 years old lol I’ll take her to Switzerland out of love. Nobody should have to live their lives like that.

    Better off having a mixed daughter who will love herself more and be adored.

    Black women killed carried shops in London because of their customer service. This is why turtle bay exists. They’re so hostile.

    Liked by 4 people

    • And yet the idiot simps want us to wife up these kaiju bro, when the simps and incels stop trying to dick police black men and start dealing with False Flag Fresowitch, Head Chopper Mohammed, Six Shot Moshe and Trap House Trevon, which will never happen of course then we can take their plans for the ‘community’ seriously. You see the agenda at work guys, Mohammed and Rubenstein know they can’t enter the border illegally, burn down churches and enforce their disgusting religious practices in Shanghai or Tokyo or else Bat and Leng will light them up faster than they can say ‘infidel’, so they stick to the emo nerds, coddled intellectuals and black ‘queens’ whom they can manipulate quite easily in the ruins of what was once the West.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I got the death stares from the black witch when I was with my Becky, that’s not the problem. The problem is Becky shacking up with her black friends thinking they’re on her side. See @King Sigma comments further up.

      I see comments like “gotta keep it black” or “death of the black race”… Yet they will subject their black daughters to the mother’s role modelling their weave wearing and self hatred. You may not want to go mixed but those are the chess pieces we’re given to play with, gotta make the best moves you can.

      Liked by 2 people

    • No role models for real. And it seems most females are by nature designed to learn and adapt to the environment around them without necessarily regarding the finer points of healthy adaptation.

      Seriously if they ignored each other and focused on better balance of an individual development program then perhaps the results would differ. But as it is the group ideal for most appears to be a the character of a low morality prostitute who makes short term decisions that are ultimately bad for self and others.

      The worst part is after finding out they got scammed into a cult from nigh birth, the approach is not “lets warn the future generations against this folly!” but rather lets continue the crazy cult and recruit more blind babies for the cause.

      Like I will keep saying, this is nothing more than your ancient child sacrifice cults that were spoken heavily about in the Old Testament (Torah, Prophets,etc). Same old shit, just a different day. But wake up and realize it is LITERALLY the same shit…..

      Something is terribly wrong when little girls come out feeling ugly…..the effects of the prenatal programming in the womb are a whole other box of worms and destructive activity…

      If you dont believe in God, just look at the so called negroes of North America. You will be a believer for sure.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I understand you Lurker. Black women, simps and alt-righters will spend time dick policing black men but will allow the likes of Trap House Trevon, Head Shot Henry, Six Shots Shlomo, Full Auto Frankenweiss and Head Chopper Mohammed to bring their dysfunctional behavior with them and turn the area into the Gaza Strip or Iraq. When vulnerable white women were being molested by Muslim immigrants anybody talking about the problem was told to shut up, now that these migrants have begun to assert control over Europe and New York has become the test tube for sharia, ‘progressive’ liberals, racist white males and black women as usual want black men to clean up the mess they made.

        A few weeks ago an off-duty cop witnessed an assassination by some disgraced members of the military division of the Jamaican police, the man gave chase and what happened next was straight out of some action movie. Things like these will become the norm all over the West due to things like radical feminism and other far left behavior becoming mainstream in society, and this is why I always say that these white boys should be left on the plantation with Massa State and Slave Driver Mohammed: apart from keyboard warrioring nothing gets done about these serious issues.

        Traditional white women saw these problems coming and sounded the alarm many years ago, however they were told to grin and bear it from these same alt-right beta males complaining about the problem. ‘Progressives’ as usual were too engrossed in multiple genders and fake news to care, but what they fail to realize is that 4chan and Stormfront ain’t shit when compared to the ‘Russian’ Mafiya and the Cartels. These guys will wipe out your entire family and then leave your mutilated body on the crime scene as a warning not to f..k with them, in contrast to the soyboys whose only specialty is memes and whining.

        Let the incels, simps and black females rot in their mistakes guys, no clean up men here.

        Liked by 2 people

  15. Came across an interesting tidbit in show biz news. Seems a Baltimore TV anchor was FIRED because she dared question the Black Queen’s leadership in Baltimore. She rightly asked that after three African-American female mayors in a row, and two resignations, shouldn’t there be a course correction? She was fired for “racial and gender bias.”

    Now everyone can see the matriarchal tyranny and complete lack of BW accountability that black men have had to endure since birth. Now they want me to vote for Kamala. NO THANKS


    Liked by 4 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      Wasn’t Baltimore the same place where when riots took place some years back, the black witch major at the time told the police to stand down and give the rioters space to do what they did? This is a sad state of affairs where if you work for the corporate mainstream media you’re not allowed to ask honest and straight forward questions.

      It’s so obvious to us that black women are incompetent and at the same time compromised when it comes to leadership, they already within the span of 50 years have brought down black society into the deep lever gutter and they’re intent on finishing the job for their white father.

      Black women can’t lead number one and have an agenda afoot to keep said black communities in the toilet as per their contractual obligations towards the State number 2. Like I stated in Negro Wars, black women are going to have to be thrown down from their throne of power and their relationship with the State must be severed, hence why I have absolutely no problems with President Trump and the proposed cuts, some of which are already taking place as we speak.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Overall, I’m no fan of Trump, but as I’ve stated before I’m quietly supportive of some of the side effects of his presidency, welfare cuts among them. One of the things I appreciate here is that even if we have differences in political philosophies, we can come together on certain points without the rancor you see elsewhere.

        And yes, Baltimore did indeed have a black female mayor during the riots you mentioned. It was during those same riots over the death of Freddie Gray that the (in)famous black babymama beat her kid on camera to prevent him from taking part in the riots.

        Liked by 4 people

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