Power Simping Has Reached Epidemic Proportions


This time rather that going into a full lecture I’m going to immediately open up the floor to you guys, this video pretty much speaks for itself, your thoughts gentlemen.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Say No To Simping

Most High Bless

72 thoughts on “Power Simping Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

  1. I remember seeing these clips before on Facebook; I think I’ll take some time to go in on each of these simps:

    First simp nominee is Eric Thomas (I believe that’s his name); his testimonial about buying the washer and dryer for his wife is why you should NEVER, under any circumstances, upgrade a female. She will always find something to complain about after you did your simpish deed; always keep her dependent on you for everything. This reminds me of a story my boss told at work of a guy who found himself in a situation like this; stay tuned for that comment later today.

    Second simp nominee is General Seti; watching this guy, you swear he’s about to suffer an aneurysm or something. It won’t take much to debunk this fool; since when did giving birth equate to creating? Women of all ethnicities give birth; so what? What’s makes the Black women so special in this regard?

    Third simp nominee is Derrick JaxSimp, giving bad relationship advice like Simp Harvey. *sigh* Moving on…

    Fourth simp nominee is YADA (more like NADA), throwing men (specifically Black men) under the bus; does this clown live under a rock? The majority of Black men are raised by single Black mothers who got knocked up by “nothing @$$ men” as he puts it; he’s another hotep simp pandering for box. He even tried to claim Jesus is keeping Black folks broke *facepalm*; Black women have the most spending power in Blackistan, so who’s really keeping Black folks broke?

    Fifth simp nominee is Trent Shelton, pandering to single mothers as if they are so great like Cleopatra or Joan of Arc; if single mothers are so great, why did he marry a virgin? On top of that, his girl is Asian! Clearly, Mr. Shelton doesn’t practice what he preaches.

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      • Simping have hit a all time high level, just a fact the woman who’s running for President Kamala Harris got more slightly black men support then black women at this moment, this shows that Black women is black men’s kryptonite smdh.

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  2. Notice how the Negro men were emotional this is a result of being raised by single mother. The black women is “god” that is some simp shit and even though I’m a atheist no God is a women. And the “sisters” I only would refer to a women as a sister if she was my biological sister.

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    • Black British Guy,

      These simps are despicable, it’s not even as though they’re pandering for quality snatch either, in 2019 the modern day black female has sunk way below the sewer.

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    • BBG,

      That’s what I was going to say these simps I bet are results of growing up in a single mother home and the mother feminist traits have been put into these feminine men. These simps are a subhuman species like the BW they try to defend.

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  3. pls whenever you making your usual self hating comments,dont ever mention nigeria again,if u dnt like blackwomen u can go elsewere


    • Linkybaba,

      You don’t come over here telling me what I can say vs what I can’t speak about. When I start working for you ie you pay my salary then I’ll take your comments into consideration, until then you can suck rocks and eat gravel.

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      • Verbs, I swear these simps are getting bold, lol! Linky? Look chump, I really don’t want you to continue menstruating on a blog written by and for REAL black men! Do yourself a favor, either discover the last remaining drop of testosterone running through your system and activate it i.e. grow a pair and then grow hair on that pair or get on the rag and get out of our way! God, I cannot wait for the west to either completely or partially fall so that your lies can be exposed! I want all to see you cut and run from the black women when it benefits you the most!

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      • Andre,

        This Linky bootlicker has commented on here before, the cheek of this simp. I shouldn’t comment on Nigeria but yet that is my home country, smh. The shameless nature of these simps knows no bounds, they’ll lick the muddy boots of any black female in the hope of landing themselves some worn out contaminated cooch. Not only that but as we’ve discussed many times before, these stupid simps are the reason why the modern day black female continues to run roughshod and reckless unabated into this day.

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      • The consistency of the pro-wack fascist simp, the racist white male and the greedy black woman to tolerate dysfunctional and tribalistic behavior until it affects either of the parties mentioned above is a good reason for brothers to start abandoning the sirens and soyboys to their sorry fate with Massa Moshe and Slave Driver Mohammed on the rotting socialist plantation. When Full Auto Leibowitz and 3 Blades from the block turned half the block into a warzone these alt-right idiots were busy telling traditional white women and black men complaining about the problem to shut up and the progressive ‘liberals’ were too engrossed in multiple genders and pandering to the worse elements of society in order to care.

        Now that the shoe is on the other foot and kicking ass left right and center, these clowns want the ‘educated lames’ to come in and fix up their mistakes. Notice that Shlomo and Mohammed tend to avoid areas heavily populated by Asians in the west and generally stay away from the East Asian countries unless it’s for a trade deal or political agreement, these guys know Bat and Leng won’t hesitate to give them the Hundred Crack Fist or just straight up wipe them from the face of the planet. Contrast that with the keyboard warrioring when the Muslims patrolled New York recently.

        Kuwenski and AL-Shaval know the drill, this is why these guys stick to the emo nerds, incel idiots and naive intellectuals they can guilt trip into fighting each other as well as the black queens and their fascist royal guard of simps.

        It might not be a good idea to stay in the West these days folks: when a country run by military intelligence admits that its training of its youth in grueling military tactics from a early age has become too soft and they need to toughen up, in contrast to America where people with PhDs find time to ‘protest’ over election results and multiple genders you know things have gone to the dogs. Europe has become a post apocalyptic ruin on the verge of being conquered by Islam and Africa is being driven to the ground by the simps.

        There is a reason why Dubai and Osaka look like Wakanda and Detroit and LA look like Mega City One these days: Mei and Adela simply don’t have time for the utter bull racist white males and greedy black women pull.

        Not allowing False Flag Fredowitz, Head Chopper Al Awaki and Dope Dealer Hernandez to just walk into their nations and cause a strain on resources might be a reason for the prosperity of the East Asian nations and places like Qatar and the UAE.

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    • Its dont self hate.But i dont expect simp negros to understand that.Go nurse your bleeding pussy some where else cuck

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    • It’s been a while since a SIMP voluntarily showed himself and made a fool of himself. Don’t mention Nigeria? Like it’s Beetlejuice.

      NIGERIA! Aw shiiiiiit I just did. The fuck he gonna do? Joker.

      Anyway, just like Andre said, grow a pair of bollocks and find value in yourself, avoid being like LinkySIMP.

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  4. All I can say is, niggas please!

    I couldn’t even listen to that all the way through. I saw each negro’s stupid face and skipped to the next. The fact that none of these fools sounds even remotely sincere (or intelligent) doesn’t surprise me. Simping is simply politicking for nasty, worn out cooch from the lowest quality of females.

    That Seti has any kind of credibility amongst negroes just proves the general low IQ of most black folks. He’s an arrogant idiot with uncontrolled female narcisism. Always holloring and shouting like a b!tch on her period. What an emotional wreck.

    The other bums I don’t even recognize except for Derrick J. What a cavalcade of black male inferiority… They all should be forcefully sterilized. Males who debase themselves and pander to females for sex are about the lowest form of life walking upright on two legs. And black males who do this to get access to black females are even worse if possible. They literally have no pride, honor, or self-respect. They should be classified as vermin right along with the filthy she-beasts they clamor after.

    Little joke

    Three things that should never have been created:
    Roaches, flies, & simps.

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      • Yeah. Simps just piss me off. I stole that joke by the way. It was originally a Persian joke about Arabs and Jews. It went:

        Three things God should never have created,
        Arabs, flies, and Jews.

        I heard it from an TV news program. I thought it was funny and that it would fit the simp brigade perfectly with a little twist.

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      • Nice one. Black women and white men had no problem with False Flag Libeowitz, Full Auto Frankenweiss, Trap House Trevor, Six Shots Trevon,Head Chopper Al Kazif and Hernandez the drug dealer despite their dysfunctional behavior and utter incompatibility with Western values yet had no problem dick policing and shaming black men at the same time. Now that the Muslims are patrolling New York Zero and establishing domination over the ruins of Western Europe, these idiots along with the utterly incompetent and stupid ‘progressive’ liberals who were too engrossed in multiple genders while Biggie D and Kalowaki were shooting up the block and want us to clean up the mess they made.

        Sorry, no clean up men here. You guys sold us and white women out on the slave ship for position and power now clean up your damn mess.

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      These simps will continue pandering for women who are giving them little to no snatch whatsoever and black women as a collective will continue to spread their legs for the likes of Cheezy Grill, Cheddar Joe and Slim Sauce. Brown nosing services will not be reciprocated for these low life insignificants.

      You’d think that these simps would’ve learned this by now, however alas they relentlessly plod on brown nosing even harder for the black witch contingent, smh.

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      • Cheezy Grill lol! These kinds of dudes will gladly sell another man out, including their so-called friends, for some nasty negro cooch. You always have to watch your back (not to mention your girl) around these types as they have no scrupples.

        Seti in particular just seems like an overall idiot. The one time I managed to listen to him for about a minute, he looked all weeded out. Like he just got finished his turn smoking the chalice. He’s even worse than Umar Gerbilface. A clinical case study example of the modern day pro-wack:

        Raised by a single mother no doubt. No father or any other positive black male role model in his life so no sense of male honor/pride. Continual uncontrolled feminine-like emotional outbursts and a general atmosphere of drama constantly around him. And always shouting like the emotional wreck of a single mother who raised him.

        Todays pro blacks are simply a joke. Problem is, no ones laughing.

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  5. Um, women don’t create children by themselves. It’s physiologically impossible. Realistically, and this is what’s going to piss a lot of women off, without the seed of a man, a woman’s womb is nothing more than an empty, barren vessel. And while I have no problem with brothers doing their own laundry, the fact that his woman isn’t even willing to do it for him is indicative of her selfish personality. And that simp talking about men being raised by nothing ass negroes: if that were true, then why is it that the majority of black prison inmates come from single mother households? These simps are beyond pitiful.

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    • That simp Seti is a certified dingbat; what he said is indicative of his feminist mindset: that women can reproduce asexually (thus, men are taken out of the equation).

      As for Eric Thomas, the fact that his wife responded to him in that manner shows her lack of respect for him and her rebellious nature; if I were him, I’d kick her to the curb and replace her. True story, he once spoke of her wanting a divorce, and he refused to let her go because he invested too much into their relationship for her to just leave (his name should’ve been David Ruffin).

      And finally YADA, he is no different than JaxSimp with the male bashing; they will say anything to defend the honor of their “queens”.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      This is the point bro, these dudes jump up and down as if these women can create life by themselves despite what they learned in high school Biology classes. The first dude should’ve booted his woman out of the apartment as soon as she rattled off that rebellious, disrespectful nonsense. Typical black witch, lazy as hell and believes that the black men is there to serve her, smh. However

      I don’t feel sorry for simps who cannot get their women to do their laundry as they’ve accepted their own fate via toleration.

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      • True indeed Verbs. As you said to another scraggle and/or simp on here awhile back, “The male’s seed is the giver of life not the woman’s egg’.

        The woman’s egg invaluable as it is, is just raw genetic material. It contains the woman’s dna, as well as the building materials for a new potential fetus. But it just sits there like the chicken eggs in your fridge. And for the same reason. Those chicken eggs in the fridge will never hatch because they cannot. They have not been fertilized. Thus there is NO LIFE in them. They are just raw organic material. They will simply rot and decay if not eaten.

        It is with the man’s seed that “the journey” begins. Life, movement, impetus, & dynamism all begin when the sperm cells begin their race to the “goal”. The lively energy and dynamism of the sperm cell which can be plainly seen is in fact the spark that lights the proverbial fuse.

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      • Amen. My main issue with this is how they try and make other brothers think and simp like them. If that’s what they want, more power to them. But I refuse to trade in my self respect and logical thinking for the prospective chance of getting some pussy.

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  6. Damn, fellas. That video was painful. Power simpin’ is at an all-time high, it seems. And we all know the goons, thugs and trap house ni**as who are doing NOTHING for these hoes are the ones with non-stop black booty on call. These simps are probably being cheated on as we speak, especially Washing Machine Man. I bet that hoe is doing her real ni**a’s laundry, no questions asked.

    If these “men” are in charge of the black community, no wonder it’s a shambles. Verbs, you are doing God’s work compiling the evidence. It seems there’s no dearth of material.

    SYSBM, brothers. The message is loud and clear. Get your paper together and bail out.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Black women are in the garbage can alongside the simps who continue to support them. You’ve no idea brother, I just collected another stack of material today, this is on top of already have a war chest full of evidence that hasn’t even been touched yet.

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  7. There’s not much worse than a pandering simp telling these heifers lies they themselves do not believe. They’re saying and doing anything and everything to either make a profit, or to get some used nasty pussy that you could get for free.

    These simps are an utter joke. No wonder the so called black community is a hellhole. Leave these simps and oil tankers to their down devices, and avoid them at all costs.

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  8. What the hell!? Black men have become the biggest simps in the whole wide world. This is the consequences of a man who has been raised by a single mother and things are now worse then every. I am now sick and tired of this simping. Because it making use black men look like idiots and something needs to so something about this. Black men, we need to establish a man’s code. Because this simping is getting out of hand.

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    • Money Cultural,

      The simping epidemic is completely out of control and these guys continue to render bootlicking services to the black witch on the hopes of at least catching a whiff of her contaminated snatch. These dudes truly have standards that are squarely in the toilet and they just like Linky patrol thinking black men’s spaces and attempt to get us to follow the same path of folly. They’re on their own, let them eat cake.

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  9. Just getting off of work now; as I promised earlier, I shall share the story my boss told a few weeks ago: so, there was a guy he knew who was engaged to be married; he was in the process of building a house during that period.

    Now, the big day came around to be wed to this woman, and guess what? She left him for another guy who lived across the street, and she married him; not only that, but she has this new guy living with her in the house he built.

    But the story doesn’t stop there; so, the guy from across the street had been living with a girl already, but he ditched her. She was heartbroken over that, but the simp who built the house ended up marrying her instead; turns out she was more compatible with him than the girl who left him.

    Again I say, never upgrade a female under any circumstances; hypergamy doesn’t sleep.

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    • Yare Yare Daze, some things never change. Yet according to the simps we’re supposed to wife up these battle tanks, Orphenoch Player BOW WMDs known as black females. Do you see the reason why black men and white women were kicked out of the home guys?

      It’s much easier to control a soceity if all you have leading it are entitled nerds with a Good complex and hyper masculine females who don’t know when to submit to a man.

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    • As we say in England, swings and roundabouts!

      SIMP should have cleared everyone in HIS house with a double barreled shotgun. There’s NO WAY I’m building a house for some other sumbitch to live in. Get the fuck out!

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  10. Black Instagram thot named Jordandadime tries to throw herself at married white MLB star Brice Harper in his DM’s. Problem… she accidentally sends it to his wife’s account and is promptly exposed and roasted. LOL


    A white professional athlete that just signed a $300 million dollar contract is definitely going to jump on a tattted up, weave wearing instathot.

    LOL, I thought white women were gold diggers.

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    • “LOL, I thought white women were gold diggers.”

      I have yet to hear of a White IG thot slide into a Black athlete’s DMs to try and get at his money; I also have yet to hear a White women say (with my own ears) that her man doesn’t love her if he makes her sign a prenup (I actually heard a Black chick say that).

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    • As more time passes we see that BW have little to no shame when it comes to embracing their current positions as hookers and side-chicks.

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    • Matt M.

      Thanks for posting this, I’m going to include it in an article for release on Friday. Shame on this weave head and tatted up black witch for believing that she could compete against white women and how dumb can you get jumping into the wrong person’s DMs?

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    • The term ‘Stank Hoe’ was never more appropriate. Just gross. That hoe looks like the definition of a skeezoid skank. At least she was honest enough to advertise her nasty self as the trash whore we all know her to be. I really think these females dont see themselves as they are seen by others. The polluted soul and corrupted minds of todays black thots won’t let them look good no matter their genetics. The old nature vs nurture debate has been settled as far as black females are concerened.

      Even good genetics can be, and usually are overuled by black females shitty diet, corrupted souls, and disgusting lifestyle. These things in concert produce a certain “Stankification” of black females appearances.

      Watch some loser simp/s start blowing up her page telling her that she looks good. Capt. Save A Stank to the rescue!

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  11. Lmao did this hood rat BW scum really think she could land Bryce Harper once again BW do not understand WM just use them as sex objects nothing more lmao.

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  12. @Matt M. posted a link about the “Black Instathot trying to sell her well-worn vag to Bryce Harper”.


    the Thot was so dumb, she actually sent the pussy for sell solicitation to Harper’s wife! Now, the whores face is plastered across MSM, but 1. she is probably happy to gain noteriety as a whore (slut walks anyone?) 2. there is a Beta simp somewhere out there that will say, “but she got ass though” willing to pay her freight.

    What do the Hotep communists and the Black Redneck simps have to say about their Black Qeewnz feigning for and selling the vag (these deluded simps think they own) to the Mayo Man? Nothing.

    This InstatThot was aired out by the White wife. But it is more indicative of reasons why, while ABW voted at a 95% clip for Clinton in 2016 v. WW only 47%. See, while the ABW is being sold a delusion that she can replace White women (which would mean genetic annhilation of the white race); the WW knows that in mass, to move from 3rd wave feminism (full legal protection, irregardless of gender) to the 4th wave stage of feminism (misandry, lesbianism) will mean the total destruction of the white family and white society (see Black Redneck America condition in 2019).

    These WW use the ABW, through different media and academic devices to maniplate the ABW to serve the best interests of white society. Now, the media pushes a narrative, based on the BW insecurity, that they can be replacements for the WW with the WM; but this is a delusion, because this would again, mean genetic annihilation of white people in due time.

    So, you have these Black bedwenches throwing themselves at the feet of WM or other men; not knowing or caring that they are nothing but a concubine to WM or cum rag at best.

    And you still think she is YOUR woman? Hahahahahaha…..

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    • “1. she is probably happy to gain noteriety as a whore (slut walks anyone?)”

      Thats exactly what I was thinking, she is probably enjoying the attention she is getting for being a whore because BW no longer have any shame in being a baby momma, side-chick, or hooker. Sexual degeneracy has become normalized with them.

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    • Yeah. See the account I wrote on a post here awhile back about the Hillary Clinton fundraiser I worked at where her daughter Chelsea spoke. It was hosted in the home of one Cynthia Quarterman, who was a swirling, self-hating, feminist droid.

      These black hags are so dillusional its not even funny at this point.

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    • Some things never change James. Yet according to the simps and soyboys we’re supposed to wife up these monsters. Let the progressive liberals, racist white male house slaves and greedy black females stay on the plantation with the likes of Massa Moshe,Slave Driver Mohammed, Trap House Trevon, Six Shot Slim, False Flag Fredowitz and Drug Dealer Pedro, after all weren’t they the ones who pandered to the behavior of these dysfunctional individuals and told black men and traditional white women complaining about 2 Clipz and Full Auto Frankenweiss turning half the block into Iraq, Hernandez dealing dope on the streets and Al Kazif molesting Linda on her way to school to shut up and bear it?

      No clean up men here guys, let these fools rot in their mistakes.

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  13. Since we’re on the subject of power simping, here are a few honorable (or should I say, dishonorable) mentions:

    Theo Wilson:

    Jeffrey Almonte:

    KevOnStage (“Christian” comedian):

    According to the Bible, the gift of God is “eternal life through Jesus Christ” [Romans 6:23]; Kevin just spoke blasphemy. Also peep how he featured Crougs who Verbs wrote about a while back:

    Godfrey (he’s not just a Negro simp eunuch, but a dick police detective):

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