Contrast And Compare

Please take a look at how black women looked 50-70 years ago:


And now onto what black women look like in the 21st Century:

This modern day black woman is nothing short of a Rocky Horror show with regards to the way she looks in 2019 and beyond. This is one of the main reasons why thinking black men have left the building, good-looking ie attractive, in shape black women have gone the way of the dodo bird, they are very, very few and far between, as we can see from the photos above 50-70 years ago the case was completely different.

I posted these photos just to show you how far the black witch has fallen. Just take a look at the very top photo for example, a vintage snapshot featuring 4 attractive black females of all different shades, now compare that to any one of the black women in the modern day photos, exactly, there is no comparison. Those who are still attempting to argue that there remains good-looking Western black women in bulk are going to have to show and tell, stop talking and start demonstrating.

The modern day photos of black women represent what black men who still choose to deal with black women have to choose from, where exactly is the quality? You’ll also notice that black women 50-70 years ago were for the majority part in shape, no fully loaded oil tankers, wide load cruisers, tug boats and extra space aircraft carriers in sight.

Now, this is not to say that fat black women didn’t exist back in the 1950s and 60s, what the vintage photos evidence is that overweight black women were a rare phenomenon. Fast forward to today and the picture is completely different, in the US 80% of black women are overweight and that figure continues to rise as we speak because modern day black women as a collective have gotten extremely lazy, slack and can no longer be bothered to look after their health.

Black women and their simp advocates in 2019 are trying their hardest to push fat acceptance and to promote the idea that being overweight and obese is nothing to be taken seriously. However, when we look at the top killers of black women of all ages, such stupidity has to be dismissed and must be looked upon in a completely different light, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer etc are no laughing matters and are not to be scoffed at.

This modern day black female looks nothing short of disgusting, a mockery, a disgrace and an eye sore, these monster type heifers are who the pro blacks want you to fall upon the sword for as well as date, marry and procreate with. Again, which one of the black women in the modern photos are attractive, I’ll wait? Pirate style tattoos, weaves(multi coloured in many instances), fake eye lashes, heavy make up, how are any of these external appendages enhancing the attractiveness of modern day black women?

This is why non black women in general are leagues ahead of these black females in the looks department, an average looking white female in 2019 is beating most black women out of the gate in terms of attractiveness, that is how bad things have gotten for black women in modern times. I walk the streets of London everyday, I see average looking non black females, they look pleasant to the eyes, then I look at the black women walking the streets and it’s like I’ve suddenly been thrown into a nightmare.

In the 21st century exactly which race of non black females can modern day black women as a collective compete with? White women, Asian women, Latina women, Indian women, Arab women, Eastern European women??? All of these other women present themselves to the world in their natural states, they aren’t afraid of what they look like, black women on the other hand suffer from ultra deep levels of insecurity and therefore must regularly reach out to the fakeness in order to feel as if they have a standing chance of matching up, however in doing so they do themselves a great disservice because they end up looking even worse, more freakish and highly unnatural.

Whoever said that black doesn’t crack was a liar, that term may have applied back in the day say 50-60 years ago, however that sure isn’t the case in 2019 and beyond. Black women in their teens typically look like they’re in their late 20s to early 30s, black women in their 20s typically look like they’re in their late 30s, black women in their 30s typically look like they’re in their late 40s to early 50s and so on.

The facts are in, black women on the whole are grossly overweight, look ugly, masculine, freakish and unnatural, the photos above are what the overwhelming majority of black men will run into going about their everyday lives. Again, anybody including the pro blacks who disagree with such a statement are quite welcome to post links to attractive black females, however even then they’d still be proving me correct as such women have become a rarity within modern day black society.

As I’ve stated before, outside of Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somalian women(a large portion of whom are mixed anyway), you’d be hard pressed to find an abundance of attractive black women in any particular area worldwide. Black female society as it currently stands is suffering from a serious dearth of attractive women.

These horrifying photos of black women in modern times are exactly why thinking black men need to go SYSBM, and to think that these are the same characters who want us to “step up”, take care of their bastard children, return to and rebuild the community that black women along side 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Weedy Blue, All Gravy, Trap House Jim, A Squeezy etc destroyed. Why aren’t they requesting the assistance of Roof Top Trey to fix said community?

Date out black men or alternatively settle for the beasts, monsters and out of shape, hideous looking creatures above, it’s your choice.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Unidentifiable Creatures

Most High Bless

134 thoughts on “Contrast And Compare

  1. And there you have it. 50 years of brutal mind control conditioning, feminist policy and dysgenics in one set of pictures. Nothing more needs to be said.


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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women 70 years ago looked way better than black women in 2019 because they looked very ladylike, feminine, in shape and beautiful. Black women nowadays look like ugly man beasts who are overweight cruise ships, oil tankers and heafty helicopters who are fake from head to toe. This is the reason why I don’t date black women as a childfree black man because also their attitudes stinks to high heaven and its no wonder why no man wants to date them outside of sex or a quick pump and dump. I am sticking to my childfree non black woman and I am SYSBM for life.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You’ll find that the overweight cruise liners can be some of the most arrogant, narcissistic and delusional individuals because these dusty simps have been steadily gassing up the heads of these broads. Black women as a group simply don’t look feminine anymore, yet another reason why more black men are choosing to take their chances elsewhere.

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  3. What happens when you let women govern themselves. This drastic change should show feminism is a FAILURE. Why fat acceptance and other forms of tolerance for degeneracy is needed is it is a way to make FAILURE look as if it is SUCCESS……These BW literally think they are winning….Glad I live in a state where the BW population is almost non-existent. At this point, I have ZERO concern about helping the community. I’m going to enjoy myself ans continue to bed non-black women on occasion. THINKING BLACK MAN…..You can’t be the Savior of the Black community…..for there is nothing left worth SAVING. BLACK WOMAN….You are a JOKE that LONG stopped being funny….

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    • 8bitblerd,

      This is indeed an drastic change of epic proportions, there is no longer any question as to one of the principles reasons why even more black men are choosing to walk away from black women in their droves, just look at those creatures and to think that they have now become the majority within black female society. Like Michel said, 50 years is all it took to morph what were once good looking women into unnatural and unrecognisable creatures from a dimension unknown to us.

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  4. I live in Tennessee, and I can tell you from my own observations that the majority of Black women I see don’t exercise and are obese on top of obese; if not obese, they look like teenage boys, or they just look absolutely grotesque! Also, what’s up with them just staring at you when you walk past? At least non Black women smile or say ‘hello’ when you make eye contact with them.

    I’ve seen White women pushing 40 that are more fit and attractive than Black girls in their 20s; even the professional Black women are overweight. Everywhere I go, it’s the same thing. Also, I see more brothers dating out than I do sisters; I also see some White women with mixed kids at the supermarket every now and then. As you always say, SYSBM can’t be stopped!

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    • Joey,

      Remember what I said before about black women a a group no longer having souls, I honestly believe that as they really do not behave as normal women ought to, the way that most black women conduct themselves is not from this planet at all. When you combine the fact that the overwhelming majority of them simply don’t look good, you’re now looking at a Hunchback Of Notre Dame scenario.

      I see attractive non black women in such abundance its ridiculous, however the same cannot be said for black women, these days I’m struggling to find black females who even look reasonable and basic.

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    • “I live in Tennessee, and I can tell you from my own observations that the majority of Black women I see don’t exercise and are obese on top of obese; if not obese, they look like teenage boys, or they just look absolutely grotesque!”

      Same here in my area, the tattoos, weave, piercings, and un-natural hair colors only make them look worse. smh

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  5. They love to say “Black doesn’t crack”, but all the Cougar/MILF features mostly non Black Women. They’ll respond with, “Them other women will screw anything”, but Black Women have all the bastard kids!

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    • DeAngelo Staples,

      At this point black women really don’t have a chicken leg to stand on, feminism has really done a number on these heifers. From the pictures above we can clearly observe the absolutely horrendous change that has taken place.

      You’re right, the Cougar/Milf scene is dominated by non black women who I might add look far better than their black female equivalents by miles. The facts are in, non black women on the whole manage getting older far better than the black witch.

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    • “They’ll respond with, “Them other women will screw anything”, but Black Women have all the bastard kids!”

      BW always trip me out with that “WW are nasty” BS, even though BW are the ones with the most STDs, illegitimate kids, abortions, and are the most likely to have multiple children by different fathers.

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  6. Verbs, you continue to shock me. I had no idea you had connections to the film world. Above was exclusive footage from the upcoming “Godzilla vs. Kong”, sure to be one hell of a creature feature.

    What is up with these hoes running around with the same haircut as their little 8 year old brother? The nose rings are a nice touch, too. 🐮

    9 times out of 6, the only non-mixed black women that you will see with any skinny, slim, or desirable shape are basically crackheads who look like Skeletor concept art from a new He-Man movie.

    Of course, some of the “light skins” above were obviously BLEACHED, and of course covered in tattoos like an old building covered in graffiti. Now on that one, I will add that I think tattoos are dumb as hell in general, and once men tried to erase the stigma of them, women would surely follow.

    As many have mentioned, black women are the only ones in America getting SHORTER, and of course, less height means less room to spread weight throughout. Thus, most black Women nowadays look like fat burnt Oompa Loompas.

    Why do you think that mixed black women typically not only look better, but have better builds? For one thing, less testosterone. If you want to curse your daughters, have them by a black women. They’ll play life on hard mode til the day they die.


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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Lol, I’m just waiting for Anton Nikolaev to roll in and start rattling off some monster films or animations these crazy looking creatures can be equated to. That factoid concerning black women getting shorter is one that they and their pro black simps advocates do not want to deal with.

      Got on a packed train just the other day, had to stand next to a black witch who of course was wearing a weave that stunk to high heaven, they honestly believe that NOT washing your hair for months at a time is a normal practice, smh, and then want to berate thinking brothers for calling out their weave/wig addiction, Cynthia G anybody?

      I strictly remember back in the day when the predominant folks who got tattoos were punk rockers and metal heads, now this form of branding has spread everywhere. I personally don’t find them attractive at all and women who have them I believe put a serious dent in their market place appeal(unless the man is into ink also).

      I don’t deal with gnomes nor will I ever be placing my penis in any. These incredible transformations of black women in terms of height, weight and outward appearance lets you know that something is very wrong with them by default. This is exactly what playing with the devil brings, catastrophe and irreversible negative consequences.

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      • Verbs 2015 — Thank you. A person recently posted on this site that white people are copying black people by getting tattoos. The reality is that black people are late when it comes to having tattoos. Some 1990s video clips from the Michael Jordan NBA era will reveal that only Dennis Rodman had a tattoo. In the 1990s, many people made the wrong prediction that tattoos would never become popular with black people. The theory of the time was that dark-skinned people would never put black tattoo ink on their bodies.

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    • “As many have mentioned, black women are the only ones in America getting SHORTER, and of course, less height means less room to spread weight throughout. Thus, most black Women nowadays look like fat burnt Oompa Loompas.”

      Facts, we are watching “The hood” devolve in real time. Height (for BW), health, and IQ all dropping, mostly thanks to BW’s poor diet, lack of exercise, and bad breeding choices.Thug love combined with the WM’s money (welfare) has lead to the status quo.

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  7. Also, by “black don’t crack”, do they mean that black women look bad already, so they can’t get worse with age?

    Black Women age HORRIBLY, namely the dark skinned ones, who by age 45 look like 69 year old MEN. Most of them run around in shopping cart wheelchairs at THIRTY, it’s nuts. Again, when they typically look like that, WHY would I feel sorry for them being looked over in favor of mixed and non-black women?

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  8. Thank you for posting the photographs of pre-1960s black females. Black women have been, historically, slender and in good shape. The current land whale type of body came about in the Oprah Winfrey era of the 1980s. Fake hair added to the large numbers of fat black female bodies because black women with fake hair avoid physical exercise. By the way, a human’s butt consists of the glute muscle group. Very few USA black women have developed glute muscles. The bottom line is that most USA black women have fat, floppy, and sloppy butts.

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    • “By the way, a human’s butt consists of the glute muscle group. Very few USA black women have developed glute muscles. The bottom line is that most USA black women have fat, floppy, and sloppy butts.” That’s because most of them got butt injections, which can kill them.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Note the connection between fake hair and a lack of exercise, hence why you rarely if ever see black women at the local swimming pool for example. Oh, they’ll attend pool parties, however most will avoid going into the pool for fear of ruining their precious 39 inch yaki.

      It’s a complete and utter disgrace to go from a overwhelming majority slim and in shape demographic to as you continue to call it a “fat, floppy and sloppy” grouping, all of this occurring in under 50 years.

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      • That’s probably one of the many reasons why most BW can’t swim they don’t want to get the weave wet.

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  9. This is the result of feminism. Feminism has destroyed the majority of women minds especially Black women it has done the greatest damage on Black women.

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  10. And a lot of these thirsty simps call these fat black witches “thick” when really they are overweight. I remember when I went to Florida when I was 12 now i’m 24 I’m a old man 😉 and I don’t remember seeing a attractive/ in shape African American women.

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  11. Verbs, so said, so done!

    I’ve just seen the most horrific looking water borne monster from the depths of the Atlantic – a black Medusa witch with hair so out of control, even the Predator would say “damn bro, easy there”. Stood standing on the pavement like a demented statue staring out.

    Naturally I crossed the road, because I quite like my body to not turn to stone. Goddamn….

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    • Michel,

      These freaky black females saturate the streets of London, we see them all the time. This is my point, black women as a group take absolutely no pride in their appearance whatsoever.

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  12. Sorry for the off topic question I forgot to ask on open Wednesday what is your opinion on Louis Farrakhan. He’s just a black supremacist all he does is complain and critise white people. Blaming white people for everything hasn’t help the community. Yes white people have played a part in the dysfunctional state of the black community.

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    • He is really hit or miss with me, some of the lectures that I have seen from him are on point, some are way off. IMO sometimes he spits fire and sometimes he spits nonsense, like his dealings with Scientology.

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      • He actually doesn’t do much white bashing anymore. And he never blamed the white man for all black folks problems. The Nation of Islam was always about Black people doing for themselves. Farrakhan’s teacher Elijah Muhammad was always about black folks owning their own businesses and not depending on the dominant society. Under his leadership the NOI actually owned many businesses as well as a trucking company and lots of farmland. Not to mention a lot of bakeries, restaurants, etc. Elijah upset a lot of black Americans in his day by telling them the truth about their condition. Namely that they were ignorant and foolish. He also criticized black females behavior which Farrakhan apparently refuses to do. Or only does rarely. In fact he rarely says the type of things Elijah would say about black folks, unless its about black men. Farrakhan never really goes in on black females like he does on black males. He seems to tiptoe around black female disfunction.

        He has unfortunately become more of a politician than his teacher. The original NOI accepted that Black Americans were disfunctional and needed to be “reborn”. Thus, they kept themselves pretty much separate from most blacks. They were concerned about bringing blacks into their fold, but not about following the trends most of them are following. Now you see Farrakhan dressing up in athletic wear and sneakers to have meetings with and trying to relate to these wack ass rappers. Pandering for acceptance even. Its pathetic. He began kissing black peoples rear ends in the early to mid 1980’s for their acceptance as some kind of mainstream black leader. He still had his moments though and was not a bootlick like every other black so-called authority figure.

        I believe that one of his kids married a white spouse and has kids. So some of his grandkids are either partially or mostly white. That may be why he has softened a bit with age. He has actually become a little more accepted into the mainstream, which is a serious red flag for me. Hence he delivered a eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, which was a major mainstream media event.

        As I stated, this sort of quiet normalizing of him is a red flag for me. Another is that he was never assasinated when so many of his ilk, including Malcom X and Khallid Muhammad, were. A third is that he seems to lazily reflect the current doctrine of absolving black females from their demonic behavior which is against the teaching of Elijah Muhammad.

        Go back and watch the Malcom X movie where the actor playing Elijah talks about black women having “too much of the devil in them”. “Being fresh, ironing their hair, going out in the street half nekkid, talking too much”, etc. This was an accurate portrayal of Elijah Muhammad’s personality. If he were alive today how would such a man respond to the destruction of the black community by white worshipping black females? Contrast that to Farrakhan’s half-hearted attempts to chastise black females behavior while having no problem going in on black mens faults.

        I truly suspect that Louis Farrakhan may have been “compromised” in some way. Probably to prevent being assasinated or having the NOI or its assets destroyed or liquidated. I hope I’m wrong and just being foolish, but something about him just seems different. The last time that I really remember him being himself was around the time he made this speech (2011):

        I’m not sure when, but sometime in the years after this period, he started to seem a bit canned and watered down to me. I hope its just old age and not what my gut feeling is sort of whispering.

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  13. And I’d bet that if you talked to most of the BW in the second set of photos they would have said that they want a man who is slim, muscular, and attractive. Meanwhile they are none of those things. The only guys who will deal with these women are broke dusty simps looking for a place to stay and food to eat.

    “The facts are in, black women on the whole are grossly overweight, look ugly, masculine, freakish and unnatural, the photos above is what the overwhelming majority of black men will run into going about their everyday lives. Again, anybody including the pro blacks who disagree with such a statement are quite welcome to post links to attractive black females, however even then they’d still be proving me correct as such women have become a rarity within modern day black society.”

    IMO as I have said before many of the pro-blacks are duplicitous regarding this topic. They talk about how much they love BW and how BW are beautiful queens etc, but how many of them are dating or married to one? The few pro-blacks that I follow regularly are either married to bi-racials or single. Occasionally in the comments section on pro-black YouTube videos I will see BW pointing this out, asking these men why they are married to bi-racials or why they are single. Its hilarious.

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  14. I knew these heifers had fallen from grace big time, but this compare and contrast is quite startling. The modern day black whore battle cruiser is the complete antithesis of black women of years past.

    Until these oil tankers fix their diets and attitudes, they’ll continue to get shorter, fatter, lonelier and dying at a much younger and faster rate of a variety of health conditions and diseases; mostly which are completely preventable.

    Oh well, not my problem.

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    • Stephen,

      The results are in and it’s not looking good for black women at all. This comparison really puts into perspective why more black men are choosing to give black women a wide berth. Like I said before the transformation is a serious sight to behold.

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    • Stephen —- Note that in the USA, the gynocentric health care profession is centered on keeping unhealthy women alive. Therefore, black women may not die at a younger rate compared to black men.

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    • Honestly, no. Black Women were fucked up back then also. Feminism and lax-modern day standards has given them the ability to show who they truly were in the 1st place.

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      • Bingo. BW ain’t been shit for decades. Their physicality has just caught up with the attitudes and mindsets they’ve had all along, that’s all. As for the original question, I don’t care if BW change or not.

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    • The real question is: do BW themselves want to change? The old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”.

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  15. There is a difference of a fat black woman and a fat white woman. The fat white woman knows that she’s a fatty. The black fat woman thinks that she’s think but only she’s think in her head. But when it comes to dating I have seen black men with fat white women and the reason that is that they see the same nonsense with fat black women as well. I don’t mind a slim black woman but as the way black women acting now, its now difficult dealing with them.

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    • Least with the fat white women she has the sense to have a pleasant personality. You get these fat black women who think they are supermodels. To be fair to many thirsty negros big up these fat bitches.

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      • There is a lot of them saying that the fat black woman is thick which she is not. I’m not knocking off any man who like big woman of fat women but you can’t call them thick!

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      • Money Cultural,

        This deception of calling fat black women thick has become a big problem within black society and yet another reason why thinking black men checked out of the building, far means exactly that, FAT, not thick.

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      • Black british guy, thanks to IG and social media these fat white hoes are starting to act as entitled and shitty as the skinny chicks that they despise, due to thirsty negroes and undercover white chubby-chasers gassing them up. They are also more apt to take on ratchet black girl behavior and get their cues from their Holy Trinity: Beyonce, Rihanna and Cardi B. Their new guru is this fat, black ghetto singer Lizzo who calls herself a “fat bitch.” Google her, she’s disgusting. It’s a mess out here bro. Mind-control is in full effect with these hoes. I feel sorry for young dudes, y’all aint got shit to choose from unless you go international.

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  16. Talk about a fall from grace; the picture timeline speaks volumes to the state of the Black western woman. Trash in, trash out; no way around it. The standard has been lowered so low over the course of 3 generations; and the irony is that could possible get worse.

    Definitely here in the Midwest, I see more BW with the Sponge Bob bodies than the fit sexy bodies.
    Are these your Qweenz?

    Even just 10-15 years ago the BW looked better. Their orbiters can have them, bullet wounds, weave, and STDs and all. The western BW peaked in 90s around 2006 or so:

    But like Project Pat and 36 Mafia warned “Don’t save her, she don’t want to be saved”.

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    • King Sigma,

      Western black women have truly fallen from grace straight into the gutter and this is not the end by any means. Expect to see a further decline in black female standards in the very near future, trust me, we won’t have to wait that long to see them drop down several levels more.

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      • @Verbs

        Notice that even WW put the breaks on 4th wave feminism by electing Trump.

        Whereas, the BW voted for Hillary Clinton at a 94% rate; and are angry at the 3rd wave feminist WW. They didn’t bother to consider that 4th wave feminism is defined by total misandry and trannyism.

        Most WW realize that 4th wave feminism means the complete destruction of the family. They are not willing to make that jump, as all they have to do is study the destruction of the Black family and WM will replace them with Asian women or racial annihilation by default.

        Yet, the know it all Black misandrist has placed “women first’ above family and men. That is why the Black misandrist is destined to devolve into a artificial lonely dwarf man…

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  17. And these thirsty simps keep calling these women thick. There is a difference between thick and fat for goodness sake. These simps are calling them thick because they want that coochie bad. Nothing is wrong being heterosexual but calling these fat women thick you must be wondering they are are think as the women they are trying to defend. And oh yeah, the first chick I had sex with was a fat chick from Jamaica 24 years ago! My two ex girlfriends was fat as well. One was a dark Jamaican and the other was a fat browning who was born in Neasden, North West London. She was half Congolese, half Jamaican but they were playing games with me. You know why these simps love fat gyal is because the coohie is fat. That’s why bro!

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    • Bro I once fucked a fat woman never again mixed race half Jamaican / white. She was pretty but a size 16 I lost my virginity to her I was 23 she was 26. I paid £120 her pussy smelt and tasted horrible. But she knew how to suck dick. How tall are you I’m 5 5

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    • Thank You for the link. While browsing these pics, I couldn’t help wonder and contemplate. I got that feeling of hopelessness and being lost while browsing. And honestly, the standards for Black People are absolutely gone as a whole. But while looking, I went to a couple of Timeline Photo Events. While browsing, I couldn’t help but notice alot of ratchet thots that look like the pictures should have been taken selfie style with a filter.

      Also, some of the women in the pictures were 7s at best (And I’m being very gratitous). Mostly 5s. Keep in mind when you see a woman, you have to knock them down a few pegs because of “Fake up”, form-fitting clothes, and hair appendages. This would mean they would be average at best or out right ugly. There were women covered in tatts thinking that it was cute or sexy to have them. Pictures on the beach. This also brought me to see how many Black Women were in shape. Many of them were absolutely overweight, loose, and/or flabby in some way or manner.

      I’m going to say what Minister Jap said in on of his recent vlogs. Black Women fell of since the 90s. There have been no recovery or rebound period since then. They have been on the decline for years.

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      • Ryan,

        I certainly remember coming across many more attractive black women in the 1990s and back in the day at least here in the UK large portions of black women used coco butter moisturisers for their faces instead of make up. It’s no coincidence that their skin looked far superior to what we see today.

        Minister Jap needs to take the next step and start telling black men to expand on their dating options(if he isn’t doing so already), I notice that a lot of guys like himself will rightfully call out the flaws of black women but then still berate black men for choosing other options.

        There simply isn’t an abundance of attractive, feminine black women to go around, brothers with sense and intelligence have already seen this and made the necessary adjustments, however there are still large swaths of black men who are foolishly holding onto hope believing that they can still find “the one”.

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  18. “Black women in their teens typically look like they’re in their late 20s to early 30s, black women in their 20s typically look like they’re in their late 30s, black women in their 30s typically look like they’re in their late 40s to early 50s and so on.” I seen this in my Gen-Y/millennium generation. Many of the females that I grew up and went to school with do not look good in their early-to-mid 30s but they still think they are the sh*t. There’s one female among this group of females in the above line along with her cousin two days younger than her, they look like they aged 15+ years from their current age of 31 (going on 32 at the end part of August this year) just by looking at their social media pictures. One was raised in a two-parent household while the other one in a single-parent household. Both of them were not troublemakers even though I didn’t get along with the two at the time and to my knowledge, they don’t have any children presently but when you take part of the stereotypical urban culture of the 1990s-today, these three things will happen to you as a female, you’ll age faster, you either be single with or without children (while dealing with your oldest sister’s irresponsiblity, her low self-esteem and being a god-mother to her children, talking care of them with the family of the god-parent financially helping all while the biological mother is collecting social service resources and living in public housing) and the final point is that these women don’t know what real love is hence why they’re single, hopping from penis to penis or staying to themselves. SYSBM.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Yet these will be the same black female shouting “colourism” instead of focusing in improvement in order to compete. Black women as a collective are lazy, just like privileged white men they don’t believe they need to lift a finger to compete with anyone. Feminism, the fast life, sloppy unhealthy living and fatherless home welfare policies certainly are taking their toll on modern day black women, we can see the horrible effects rolling out upon them as clear as day.

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    • You are absolutely right. At my SOC center, there is a “cute” African American desk clerk that is slim and tall (5’10”). Great personality (for a black woman) and easy to talk to surprisingly. I thought she was 27. To my surprise she is actually 18. Her face has acne and looks older than what is perceived. I’m 39 but she thought I was 27…lol. Working out and vegetarian dieting has help preserve my youth somewhat throughout 10 years although I was off and on . Her (fast food and preservatives)…mmmm….not so much.

      The “Black don’t crack” slogan is a farce. Well, at least for Black Women. Black Women love to champion actresses that look younger than their age stated. Sanaa Lathan, Angela Bassett, Nia Long, etc. but do not realize they lived privileged lives and probably are more active that your usual Black Woman. Most Black Women age like produce and “Hit the Wall” faster than their White counterparts at much younger ages.

      Liked by 3 people

    • James SYSBM,

      Black women are being replaced, just look at the horror show I’ve posted of these modern day black women and they wonder why they’re losing out to lighter skinned and mixed race women, the reasons are staring you in the face obvious as to why darker skinned black female on the whole are being rejected and replaced. However, instead of focusing on self improvement these dark sirens will choose to rabble rouse and talk the usual “colourism” garbage, smh.

      Liked by 4 people

    • James, it’s funny how mixed girls count as full black when they date/marry white boys (see: Meghan Markle and Paula Patton) but any other time they’re “appropriating blackness.” Also funny how if a mixed chick dates/marries a dark skinned black dude, that dude is “colorist” (see: Tyrese).

      These mixed chicks BW complain about are the end result of the swirl movement, in fact a BW in the comments mentioned her mixed daughters. Just like the manless, matriarchal ghetto, this is the world that they fought for so enjoy.

      I also find it odd that “Sara Vix” with so much to say about these mixed chicks has comic art as her avatar and not her own pic. Judge not lest ye be judged????

      This is why I refuse to mess with black chicks, they’re too exhausting with the endless anger, double standards and victimhood. I’ll be 56 this month, and it’s nothing new.

      Liked by 6 people

  19. I’m here in Houston, Tx. and I’m almost 66yrs old and most if not all the young black women I’ve seen look at least close to my age, and come to find out that they are only in their 30’s and 40’s! I tease my two younger sons that “I See A Latina In My Future!”

    Liked by 5 people

    • Darryl Bailey,

      It’s a sight to behold but black men aren’t supposed to acknowledge what we can clearly see taking place with with our own eyes. Notice, no matter what western country you reside in it’s the same phenomena taking place.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Tolerating dysfunctional individuals and behavior until it hurts them is the standard behavior of the black witch and racist white male, when Rosenberg and Biggie D were shooting up the block over a unpaid debt and Muhammad was molesting Linda on her way to school, traditional white women and black men who complained were told to shut up, but now that the Muslimbs have started patrolling New York and asserting dominance in the ruins of Europe these white nationalist fools want us to play clean up man for their mistakes. A week ago a off duty police officer was involved in a car chase with some operatives of the military division of the Jamaican police who had been suspended on a murder charge. This dysfunction will spread to the rest of the West due to a lack of masculinity and the results of socalist brainwashing.

        Start sharpening up on self defense guys, with Massa State abandoning Brad and Shenisha there is no telling what can happen.

        These so called progressives/liberals are just as stupid and ineffective as the alt right house slaves, multiple genders and microaggressions really?

        I feel no sympathy for either side as they contributed immensely to the problems of the black male.

        Leave the plantation guys and walk away, leave Ted and Shaniqia to Trap House Tevon, Slum Lord Shlomo, Head Chopper Al Kazif and Full Auto Frankenweiss.

        Liked by 3 people

  20. Dude, they (Black women in the US) were fat back then also. From the 90s and 2000s. These are just “video vixxens”. A big stretch from the everyday reality we see in real life

    Liked by 2 people

    • This is why we thinking black men need to leave black women and white men to Massa Moshe, Slave Driver Mohammed and 3 Blades from the block, when Rosenstein and Biggie Z were shooting up half the block they paid the complaints of black men and traditional white women no mind. But if a brother decides to leave the rotting socalist plantation it’s one big deal.

      Let them rot in their mistakes and stupidity, no clean up men here.

      Liked by 5 people

  21. Been awhile since I commented Verbs. The social change in only a few decades has been frightening for all of us. Even many pro blacks are waking up…to white women lol. SYSBM is growing since no man wants to deal with this hoard of vile beasts.

    P.S. I believe you may be right about East African women being the only hold out. We keep our traditions strong and any place where the women are beautiful in and out, the men are putting in major work to keep them in check from this satanic western lbgtksosjhd agenda.

    And please brother, we’re not mixed at all. We may have some admixture but we’re African and we look that way due to our diet and environmental among other things.

    Keep up the fight!

    Liked by 3 people

    • When Full Auto Frankenweiss and 3 Blades were turning the block into a warzone so called progressive liberals ignored it in favor of microaggressions and these alt right white dudes were busy telling traditional white women complaining about the problem to shut up.

      This is why thinking black men are hated and despised so much, standards and codes of conduct.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Exactly brother. Now, that the dysfunction is increasing in liberal white areas, they want us thinking black men to stay quiet especially in these google hangouts that last for eight hours a day. These black women know that the CUTS are coming.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Exposingtheemperor,

      It’s been a while brother, hope things are well with yourself. Yes sir, indeed, I’ll continue to expose black female dysfunction for as long as I can. The pro wacks have little to no choice but to face the fire and the reality that the modern day black female is a goner, she cannot be saved nor redeemed.

      Liked by 4 people

    • exposingtheemperor —— East Africa is the location of Kenya. Note the video of the Kenyan females looking in the garbage dump for hair weave. East Africa has been impacted by the USA black female. East Africa is not a “hold out.”

      Liked by 4 people

  22. Reading this article from Verbs made me think about that nearly 10 year old article that appeared on Psychology Today from the Japanese UK Psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa.
    “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?Why black women, but not black men?”
    Published on May 15, 2011 by Satoshi Kanazawa in The Scientific Fundamentalist

    Of course, there was a backlash of butthurt bitter broads, so the article was removed from PT. But what stood out to me in the article was the low sexual market value of BW compared to Black men in the eyes of outsiders. Satoshi admitted that despite the marginalization of Black men, we still have higher sexual market value than the Black woman overall.

    Don’t ever forget that the Black man is the most hated, envied, and policed in the world for a reason; they fear our competition.

    Liked by 7 people

    • King Sigma,

      The backlash from that article was off the damn chain and confirmed that black men and black women indeed are NOT in the same boat when it comes down to dating and desirability, even though black women are constantly attempting to put black men down trying to get us to buy into the false illusion that we share the same fate as them, however nothing could be so far from the truth.

      I’m glad you posted that article as this shuts down the decadent black female contingent with their sorcery, fables, old wives tales and urban legends concerning the attraction and desirability of black men. Contributor Gregory Chandler has often referred to Kanazawa’s study also. These black sirens are on their own and they did it to themselves.

      Liked by 6 people

      • @Verbs

        Free thinking Black men are on the rise; and we have the Internet to thank for it.

        The message of freedom is spreading faster than ever. Stop stressing about the foregone era of a loyal, feminine, and attractive BW. Those BW are in the MINORITY now, and if you can get one, lucky you; but for bruthas that can’t, go find that woman wherever she is on the planet.

        The BW in those article pics you posted confirm what I see out here in the Midwest on average. In fact, the average body type I see on BW over 23 is Sponge Bob Squarepants with tats, kool-aid colored hair hats and kids in tow.

        The standards in modern Black West society are at the lowest in history. What we are seeing is devolution from dysgenics and inbreeding. Hence, you mentioning Black women shrinking while getting heavier by the year.

        Black women already have naturally higher T-levels than other women without considering the PROCESSED foods and other hormones consumed daily. My guess, they are devolving into modern-day Neandtherthals.

        On the bright side, that is a problem for the white soyboys, Hoteps, and Black redneck drones; the wall of silence grows.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Black women and white men allowed 3 Blades and Full Auto Frankenweiss to turn the block into a warzone and Mohammed to rape Linda on her way to school, now that the Muslims are taking over the ruins of Europe and patrolling New York’s streets they want us to be the clean up man.

        Hell no, they allowed the thugs and the simps to wreck the community, let them fix the mess. No clean up men here.

        Liked by 4 people

    • More proof of Black woman having the highest T levels and devolving into modern Neanderthals:

      In a generation, if 4th wave misandry is alllowed to destroy western Civilization, there will be not an ounce of of feminity left in the everyday Western Black women.

      Are these your Qweenz?

      Liked by 5 people

      • King Sigma,

        As far as I am concerned these are the types of black women who if they even breathe the wrong way must be bashed in the head first before any questions are asked. This is one of the main reasons why thinking black men jump ship, who in their right mind wants to deal with these violent harpies 24 hours a day, 7 days per week?

        These are the type of black females who will only listen to a baseball bat being landed straight in the middle of their skull. I’m not a violent man, however I hate evil, those who practice it and additionally those who are unrepentant for their actions and the consequences wrought thereof.

        Liked by 3 people

    • “Of course, there was a backlash of butthurt bitter broads, so the article was removed from PT.”

      Here you have another symptom of feminism: they despise facts and science when it goes against their narrative and paints them in a negative light.

      Liked by 5 people

  23. I feel some of this is because of Black men’s willingness to accept and glorify Black women’s behavior.
    Bustas, simps and trifling-ass bitch-made individuals try to find the easiest path to vagina.The belief is that overweight and obese women have low self esteem and will copulate with anyone who show them attention. So don’t call them fat, call them “thicc”, “big boned”, “healthy”(even tho that’s the least that they are). Compliment them on their size and there’s a good chance you can be their next “baby daddy”.
    I’ve seen these huge monstrosities walking the streets with a baby on it’s hip, one in the stroller and one holding on to said stroller. And I say to myself “who would have the nerve, stomach and strength to sleep with that”. But someone did, and given the opportunity would do it again.So why would she feel the need to change, when there are so many desperate sex starved lames out here who will cater to them.

    Just on a side note: there’s a show on TV called “Claws”, I’ve never seen it, just the commercials. But everytime it airs I want to punch my TV, there’s something about Niecy Nash and the characters that she portrays that really…okay let me calm down. Later Bros.

    Liked by 4 people

    • >I feel some of this is because of Black men’s willingness to accept and glorify Black women’s behavior.

      Black men raised by the ultra feminist single black (I don’t need no man) sistuhhood are the ones you describe. Let’s keep it 100.

      That is not the behavior exhibited by black men who had strong father figures in the household – despite the sistuhood and her white savior’s efforts to undermine it.

      Thinking black men left the plantation to take the path of SYSBM (and continue to do so in greater numbers to this day).


      Liked by 5 people

  24. Black Eighth-grade football phenom Jaylon McKenzie shot dead after dance (May 5, 2019):

    This is sickening to the stomach to see a young man about to enter the best years of his life gunned down because of violent Black rednecks. Thug life is a consequence of the gynocentric death cult…

    More evidence that Wakanda is dead, vote with your feet and your wallets.
    #SYBM #ebm #walkaway

    Liked by 3 people

    • King Sigma,

      This is indeed sad and lays to rest the ridiculous suggestion that black society can be rebuilt with the likes of 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce in the midst of it. I believe it was Oshay Duke Jackson who recently hosted a Sunday Rumble in which it was asked whether Pookie and Ray Ray could be part of the rebuilding the black community process.

      If a black society reparations process ever got off the ground, bringing in the likes of Trap House Jim, Lil Cheezy and Murda Mike would usher in a scenario similar to World War Z. Scum must be always be ousted, never embraced.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Exactly brother. Now, that the dysfunction is increasing in liberal white areas, they want us thinking black men to stay quiet especially in these google hangouts that last for eight hours a day. These black women know that the CUTS are coming. Also, don’t take anything Oshay says seriously. He’s in it for the attention just like Tommy sotomayor

        Liked by 2 people

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  29. Great article. While very true we have to be honest that there were quite a few ratchets from back in the day. Some famous ratchets off the top of my head were: Ma Rainey (lesbo), Billie Holiday, Hattie McDaniel (a lesbo), Jimi hendrix’s mother, James Brown’s mother, aunt and extended family that raised him in a brothel, Diana Ross was a whore who screwed her way to the top, “Big mama” thornton, etc etc etc. Sure they dressed better but they were still there. And they conked their hair back then which, in my opinion, is just as bad as weave because of the lye in that stuff. It would burn your scalp off. I think Tina Turner lost her hair in an incident with that stuff. Not on the level of today though. I don’t think there ever were black women that were truly on our side even before slavery. They were just created to serve the white man it seems.

    Liked by 1 person

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