Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

Nothing really to report this Open Mic Wednesday except for looking forward to the Sonic the Hedgehog move coming out near the end of the year. Even though I haven’t played video games in a long time(my last games console was a Sega Dreamcast) back in the days of the Sega Megadrive(Genesis in the US) I was rocking Sonic hard and he has always been an animation/game character that I’ll forever have time for.

Now, I’ve noticed that a lot of folks have criticised the look of Sonic in the trailer, this seems to be the principle gripe, it will be interesting to get the options of you video game heads:

Anyhow, enough of me, what’s on your minds for this particular Open Mic Wednesday fellas, the floor is yours, enjoy!

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Cotinues

Slaying Evil Continues To Provide A Free Speech Platform For Heterosexual Thinking Black Men

Most High Bless

53 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

    • M,

      Typical black females, they no longer have any pride or standards in place, if they could they would simply walk the streets naked with jiffy pop bags on their heads. It is not uncommon at all for black women to frequent different venues wearing their pyjamas as well as other night clothes, these heifers are lazy as hell. This is yet another reason to avoid them at all costs.

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  1. Verbs 2015.

    I went to my local Cineworld cinema in Enfield on 25th April 2019 to watch the Avengers Endgame movie which came out that day and I must say that it was a fantastic and wicked film. After the film finished as I was leaving the cinema screen and making my way through the cinema to get my bus home all of the sudden this ugly manly weave headed looking cruise ship built black women who worked in the cinema barged into me from the side because she wasn’t looking where she was going and I told her that can you watch where you are going and she gave me a dirty look like it was my fault even though she was in the wrong. She was fucking lucky that she worked there and that I am a regular customer at my local cinema because I have a unlimited cineworld card when you can watch as many films as like for£20 a month because if that same black women done that to me on the street I would have barged her back and cussed her out. Black women love making peoples lives a living hell and love causing problems for no reason whatsoever.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is my point, the nay sayers constantly talk about walking away from black women and leaving them alone, however they forget that we are still surrounded by these beasts of burden. Outside of moving to an area where black women are extremely few and far between, there is only so much you can do. Note that there isn’t one SYSBM brother who comments here who has managed to x black women out completely, though they’ve stated that they try to keep their interactions with them to a minimum. Like I said before, this sirens are everywhere wreaking havoc and trying to ruin everybody’s day.

      These heifers are lazy and clumsy as hell and typically don’t look where they are going or who is around them.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I keep my interactions with black women to the bare minimum as POSSIBLE. The part of North London that I live in is that there isn’t many black women in my area which is good because I live a middle class area that has mainly Greek people and Greek Cypriot people living there which is good for me. I could never live in a all black area because I will be killed and there will violence in a all black area everyday.

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  2. Wow, that “Sonic” trailer was very interesting; after seeing it, it makes me wonder if they would introduce Tails the Fox and Knuckles the Echidna (that is, if they make a sequel). Jim Carrey also portrayed the likeness of Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) pretty well, IMO. Now, for this Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday, I’d like to talk about something that was introduced to us in the Dark Knight trilogy, and I’m gonna try to explain it in light of this modern day Black witch: Theatricality & Deception.

    In the series, young Bruce is taught by his mentor Ra’s Al Ghul to use small explosives to distract his opponents and gain an advantage; he then is told that “theatricality and deception are powerful agents”, and that he must become more than a man in the mind of his enemies. He took that a step further and created the Batman persona to protect those he loves from retaliation when he went after the bad guys. This all works well on the criminals he fought, except for one who was taught the same practice by Ra’s Al Ghul: Bane. Bane, who was physically superior to Batman, knew every trick he had up his sleeve; Bruce even tried the explosives on Hand, but it never phased him. Eventually, he broke Batman before taking him to the Pit.

    Now, let’s get to the practical: Ra’s Al Ghul would represent White daddy government/White feminists (these roles can change); Bruce Wayne/Batman would represent Black women. Black women were taught by White daddy government/White feminists to use theatricality and deception; they have mastered it so well, even Gloria Steinem credited them with founding feminism. They took the ideology to another level with their blatant disrespect towards the heterosexual Black man; they really did become “more than a man” in the eyes of everyone who heard them. They employed shaming tactics and the victimhood shuffle to gain an advantage over Black men and boost themselves. They’ve been able to get away with it for a while until Bane (representative of the SYSBM brothers) came on the scene.

    Now, they’ve really met their match with the SYSBM movement; just as Bane hid in and operated from the shadows, the Knights of the SYSBM Roundtable do likewise before we emerge. Just as Bane was Gotham’s reckoning, we are Blackistan’s reckoning, freeing our fellow brothers from the lies and strongholds of our gynocentric system like Bane freed the criminals of Gotham who languished under the unjust Dent Act which denied them the possibility of parole. We’ve come to serve true justice!

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    • Joey,

      Indeed, the SYSBM section of the black manosphere seems to be the only solid, robust and impenetrable department truly holding the fort. As I’ve stated previously, the aim of these deceitful sirens is to infiltrate the black manosphere in order to eventually take it over. They came waving a false white flag which many brothers fell for, through this they were able to get their feet in the door. The next step was to get themselves placed in strategic positions ie moderators and many black Male Youtubers also have unfortunately fallen for this manoeuvre. The next and final step is for them to gradually begin their take over which we can already see happening. Just look at how some of these sirens operate whenever they’re on these black male panels, they think and act like they own the show.

      The Renaissance Witch is one such character as well as many others. SYSBM as it stands is the safest place for the thinking brother. This is why these dark harridans really cannot stand the sight and to hear about SYSBM, it’s still one of the very few areas of the black manosphere they can’t get into and as far as I am concerned NEVER WILL.

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      • Bane did say theatricality and deception were “powerful agents to the uninitiated”, and it sounds to me like some brothers in the Black Manosphere are not initiated (or at least not fully woke); reading your comment on how Black women infiltrated the Manosphere brought a Bible text to mind that applies here: “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.” – Proverbs 27:6 (KJV).

        Black women are now the biggest mortal enemy of the thinking Black man, and once again, they’ve utilized theatricality and deception to gain an advantage and have now entered the Black Manosphere.

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    • Joey, Like Bane said when he brutally beat Batman down Ah you think shaming tactics is your ally. BW are superior to nothing they are the true definition of dumpster juice.

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  3. I was going to post about the Sonic Movie as soon as I got home from work, but you clearly beat me to the punch, Verbs. To be honest, that was the LAST thing I expected you to mention on a blog like this. That would be MY job, possibly as the biggest Sonic the Hedgehog fan on this forum.

    Regarding the Sonic film, Dr. Robotnik–at least in the trailer–is basically like Lex Luthor was in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    This is how Robotnik’s dialogue with that Major should have gone:

    Robotnik: I’m sorry Major, what was your name again?

    Major: Ben–


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    • To be fair, they did get Sonic’s basic bodily structure correct–but that is where I point you to the upcoming live-action Pokémon: Detective Pikachu film. While the Pokémon featured in the film DO in fact look quasi-realistic, they otherwise look almost identical to their source material counterparts. For instance, you can see the flesh of Charizard appearing almost wrinkly/scaly (like an actual reptile), as well as Jigglypuff’s tuft of hair that actually looks like real life hair/fur.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Open Mic Wednesday brother, I just had to get my 2 pence worth in about the film because I’ve always been a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, though not as big as yourself.

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  4. Humn! I think it will be a good kids movie. I remember playing my cousins genesis I really liked sonic. I think golden eye was on super Nintendo I played that with my cousin slot. Was far to poor as a kid to be a gamer my last system was also a genesis lol. I thank God I’m not a kid now I probably would never go outside as cool as some of the games are now. Jax on mortal combat 11 got the time hourglass and stoped slavery…..Shoot I would’ve been playing the hell out of that just to see that happen. This sonic movie would have been so dope the way it looks if I was a kid I might get the DVD though. Man I can’t front I will buy the DVD and the poster shoot. Dam this brings back good memories, lol. Like going to the book store reading manga, anime, and GamePro to get the cheat codes. Watching TGIF Family Matters wondering if my favorite character urkel would finally get with the nerdy qute chick. Boy meets world, home improvement, and watching wwf on Friday’s. Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake the snake, Hulk Hogan, heck even the Rock, and the Undertaker and wrestling with my boy’s in the alley ddting them into the old busted matress lol. I will wait to see a few more trailers for Sonic not sure if kids nowadays even know the character.

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  5. It’s something that this ilk of black women that will verbally bash black men for ridiculous reason(s) due to you’re not a man by their definition but if a thinking black man truthfully critique stereotypical women like Ciara or a black woman with five kids by five different men then he will be accused by a manly lesbo black female of bashing women and also accusing him of being bitter, in his feelings and sounding like a b*tch. Happened to me on InstaGram this past weekend.

    In the black matriarchy of western society, you have this type of women appointed themselves as “queen”s but where are the men that are calling themselves ‘kings’?

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Let these delusional sirens continue to walk into Hell by themselves, we black men don’t need to bestow titles of royalty amongst ourselves because we already are grounded and confident. Remember, in 2019 having a standard is anathema to the modern day black female, gutter living is now her lifestyle choice.

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    • brotherdanunlimited —- I have stated before that black women are called queens in the USA black community. (Outside of the USA, black people copy the conduct of USA blacks). Black men are called nig*er/nig*a. If black people insist upon using the male version of the N-word, word symmetry requires blacks to drop the queen word and use the word nig*ress more often.

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  6. What i don’t understand about carribean carnivals why do the women wear skimpy outfits? Personally I ain’t complaining because if some of the women are attractive. But if I had a daughter i would not allow her to wear such things.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Attractive face, nice hour glass body, reasonably tall(between 5′ 5″ and 5′ 9″ is cool)ample rear end, pretty legs and feet(don’t want a chick with eagle’s claws for toenails)and some melanin also thrown in. The ethnicity of the female doesn’t really bother me anymore as long as she fits the above.

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  7. Caster Semenya ruling redefines what it means to be female in sport

    “On Wednesday, double Olympic champion Caster Semenya lost her appeal against the introduction of new rules regulating the testosterone levels for athletes with a difference in sex development (DSD).
    The 28-year-old South African, who is hyperandrogenous — meaning she has elevated levels of testosterone — will now need to take medication to reduce her testosterone if she wants to compete internationally at events between 400 meters and one mile. Semenya is the dominant force in women’s middle distance running.”

    I think that a lot of BW may have this condition, but not as extreme as this woman does.

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    • There was a study somewhere that showed black women on average have more testosterones than any other race of women. And when you combined that with the processed junk food they eat, is it any wonder they are considered the most masculine race of women on the planet? Most of them are in need of medication, and it’s not just for mental reasons.

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      • Excess testosterone in women. I note that men are often given medication for low testosterone levels. QUESTION——— Should women be given medication to lower high testosterone levels?

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  8. Wow, we got a movie of Sonic. I use to play Sonic hard back in the 1990’s on Sega and its one of my all time faviourte games. There are some movies based on television shows and video games and some of them are good so I hope this movie is good.

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  9. A very informative article my dad sent me. I’m sure that many of the more political minded brothers here won’t appreciate it. Following political parties and believing in their validity and the validity of todays American political system is simply about belonging to a team. It is a Bread and Circuses” distractionary spectacle for ‘We the Sheeple’. Its also a conditioning agent.

    The agendas being enacted have been chosen by a select few elites and they will not be changed by anyones vote.

    Donald Trump is not going to send substantial numbers of illegals home or ANYWHERE else. He will send a few back to seem as though he doing something, Muslims will not be banned.Any wall being currently built at the border is to keep Americans in and NOT illegals out. ve often said that we are living in, and through, the worlds largest socialogical experiment.

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      • Give it some time. The wall furor was over the Southern border because of all of the Mexican’s and others from Central/South America. It’s what initially got white folks all in a tither. The wall was just meant to show that they were doing, well… SOMETHING, about all the illegals coming in.

        But they are still being hired, given jobs, access to credit, health services, and public taxpayer assistance. Until this changes, everything else is simply a smokescreen. It won’t change because the corporations need them here for cheap labor and low benefits. The alternative is for companies to return to the days of paying Americans a livable wage, proper benefits, retirement, and decent health care. They are DEAD SET against that.

        I have worked immigration from the inside at ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) which is the US immigration agency. I speak from experience. Illegals are NOT being turned away from our borders. They are still being let in en mass.

        The physical wall is more symbolic than practical. It isnt so much about just a physical wall as it about the entire centralized statist control apparatus being built around us. The border is too long to be effectively policed without the use of dozens if not hundreds of watch towers towers and machine gun nests.

        Ala North Korea, Soviet era Russia, or the Berlin wall…

        Think about that, and then listen again to Yuri Benzamov’s lecture on how Socialism is enacted in a country step-by-step. WHENEVER a wall is built in this manner by a country in which Socialist doctrine is being carefully introduced, the results have historically ALWAYS been the same. Many laws have quietly been introduced restricting travel and more will follow. Already, men with delinquent child support payments cannot get passports freely. Large amounts of and certain kinds of debts are another flag. People are also being conditioned at interstate checkpoints as well as the Canadian and Mexican borders to have their papers or documents ready to be checked at a moments notice by anyone in an authority position. This at the same time that the Police Departments nationwide have been quietly militarized.

        These things havent happened in a vacuum. They are simply the beginning. The thin edge of the wedge so to speak. Those Americans who are around my age can remember a time when any of this stuff even being suggested would caused an uproar amongst the citizenry even if they werent that patriotic. Today they are unfolding right in front of our eyes.

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    • Illegal aliens are sent home by the US justice system. By the way, do you not know that one of Obama’s nicknames was Deporter-in Chief? Please understand that many illegal aliens were deported while Obama was president. Such deportations will continue under Trump.

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      • Lol! I’m sorry, but I used to work in immigration, at the San Ysidro border in San Diego, CA.

        It just isn’t happening in any substantial numbers.

        Except on television…

        And won’t if you begin to understand why they are being let in in the first place. Among other reasons, they are here to replace Black Americans who are seen as an obsolete labor class by the oligarchs. These immigrants are willing to do jobs that many Americans dont really want and they will do it for less pay than Americans and with few or no benefits. This is the reason why employers can make us jump through hoops nowadays for even the most menial of jobs. And this is not only in the US. The same or similar program is in effect in western Europe.

        Several high ranking members of ‘the tribe’ have stated publicly on many occasions that “this is good for us” (meaning uncontroled immigration into Western countries). Look some of these “statements” up if you doubt me. I dont want to get Verb’s website targeted by listing certain controversial websites, so I wont name them but they are easily found.

        That’s why the German people for example, are against the continual acceptance of refugees into their nation. Yet Angela Murkel refuses to listen to or heed any of these concerns, and will use any and all state measures to ensure that this unfettered immigration continues unchecked. It should be apparant by now that these so-called leaders are not following the dictates of the people, but are following some ‘other’ authority.

        I worked for the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration Customs Enforcement/Enforcement Removal Operations (DHS/ICE/ERO) for 4+ years. And I saw first hand what a complete clusterfuck the US immigration system is. Many of the people working in immigration are of Latino descent and even they shake their heads at what goes on everyday at our borders. We all eventually just learned that this is how our system works. For some reason… Although none of us liked or accepted it.

        When families or even individuals show up at the border, they are NOT turned away! They are let into the country as long as they claim refugee status. And they ALL claim refugee status.

        If they have relatives here in the US who will take them in, they are fed, housed (in hotels!), given clothing, medical treatment, and sometimes even transportation to the city/town where their relative/s live. ALL at taxpayer expense! They may or may not be sent back by plane with a Deportation Agent at some point if they can still be located. IF being the keyword.

        Look around you if you live in ANY major or even minor American city. Are the number of immigrants decreasing? In a word, NO! Do you know any illegals who have been deported? Be honest. They are increasing. And not just here, but also in Europe. And this is by design.

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  10. This is just ONE of the videos regarding the issue I mentioned about being upset over Jax’s ending in MK11. There are plenty of articles discussing it as well.

    He didn’t say that stopping slavery was the answer to the world’s problem. He did say, at the end, that he’s going to fix history a number of times until he fixes the world where EVERYONE is good

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    • Even though I’m fairly new in my IT career, most people in the industry know that the front-end IT jobs are usually made up of mostly asian (think indian and east asian) men, with white men coming in second place. Black men are minorities in the industry because most black men, despite it being a myth, assume they’re not cut out for the IT world. But if you have the knowledge and willingness to learn on the job, racism will be the least of your concerns in IT.

      To me, Phil and negros like him are making a mountain out of a mole hill with this story. The IT firm said they “prefer” a white male for the job, that doesn’t mean they’ll get their guy. But instead of negros going out and creating their own IT firms and hiring more black IT workers, American negros would rather shame and beg non-black people to hire them. And they wonder why hardly anyone takes them seriously.

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  11. KINKY WEAVE = more black female nonsense. Many black women are claiming that they are moving towards the so-called kinky weave. On examination, most of the so-called kinky weave looks like the curly hair that Taylor Swift, the white princess, used to wear in 2009. The kinky weave is just another game that black women are using to escape the well-documented view that black women seek to copy white women.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Black women are still missing the point, wearing any kind of weave is outright dysfunctional, kinky, straight, curly, such a practice still demonstrates severe mental illness.

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      • Verbs2015 ———— Yes. And most of the so-called kinky weaves resemble a white woman with curly hair.

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