Black Men, Interracial Dating And Marriage – Sexuality Based Only Or Is There More To The Story?


This is why the notoriously wild, unfounded and outlandish claims from the black witch who hails from Baldhead City, one Miss Cynthia G concerning the desirability of black men should never be taken seriously. You’ve notice above that I have posted a few Instagram accounts, this is where the couple hasn’t posted YouTube videos in a while and so I went to their Instagram pages simply in order to verify that the individuals concerned are still indeed couples.

I remember (MBD)Mad Bus Driver mentioning years ago how black women have flooded the interracial dating tag with pictures and videos of themselves with their non black male significant others and it was a sight to behold once I began researching interracial couples(black men/non black women) on YouTube. Of course this is aimed at attempting to put out the impression that black women are as equally desired by non black men, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Now according to Cynthia G black men are only desired by non black women for their sexuality, nothing more, nothing less. Yet here we have a plethora of YouTube links showcasing black men involved in steady relationships including marriage with their non black female companions.

Now, when Cynthia G talks about black men just being desired sexually, she is specifically referring to the minority group of non black women who target black men for sexual gratification purposes because of the size of our members, however it must be stressed that this is a minority niche, this does not make up the overwhelming majority of black male/non black female interactions.

Again, let us never forget that this relentless jargon is coming from a woman who COULDN’T keep a man to save her damn life, the same disgruntled and bitter black harridan who flew across country over 3000 miles to get dicked down and knocked up by a 12 Gauge Mike/Slim Sauce type character by the name of Robert Perkins.

Even Perkins the womaniser and bastard baby maker that he is soon realised that he couldn’t deal with G and was forced to abandon ship on her balding scalp as well as her 24 hours per day war type belligerence, misandry and argumentative nature.

You guys need to understand(though I’m sure that most of you already get it), there is no reasoning with the likes of a Cynthia G, she is fixed, grounded and steadfast in her pathway of misandry and nothing is ever going to change that. This is why I don’t understand when black men on panels with her attempt to talk to this deranged siren softly foolishly believing that there is a soul that exists within her body that can still be reached.

There is no man on this planet who has the capacity, the tolerance nor the patience to deal with the likes of Cynthia G, it most certainly will be an abrasive, cold and lonely spinsterhood for that woman. If you were to look up Jezebel in the bible or any dictionary, a picture of Cynthia G in combination with her shiny scalp would be staring right back at you as she is the quintessential example of one.

These same black termagants who claim not to care about who black men date and marry are the first ones to roll in deep and flood the comment sections of any social media platforms where black men have posted pictures and videos of themselves with their non black girlfriends/wives, with disparaging, disrespectful and outright racist commentaries. If you’re a black man who has a non black female companion/wife, you already know what I am talking about as I’m pretty sure at least one time a black siren has appeared out of the woodwork to express her disdain at your relationship ie your choice of female.

You’ll also notice that many of these witches will be the same black women to claim that they either have a non black male partner or that they’ve never been attracted to black men. And you told me this because, does it look like I’m interested? Black male/non black female relationships are exploding and black women in conjunction with their pocket-book pro black simp underlings have set about attempting to stem the flow.

As per the example I gave in my book Negro Wars, in 2019 you could quite easily equate the current position of the modern day black female to a boxer who is on the ropes bleeding heavily, however in the case of black women there is nobody available to throw in the towel for them because the very black men who would’ve stood strong in their corner they rejected in favour of the scruffians and the lower forms of black male society ie those guys who are simply looking to bust a nut in a vaginal cavity and swiftly move on.

The interracial dating rate for black men in the UK is currently at 55% and climbing, in the US including those interracial couples(black men/non black women) who are not married but cohabit, I believe the figure is around 25%(you guys across the pond feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Never allow disjointed black women to deter you from expanding upon your dating and mating options, they’re extremely angry and bitter at the fact that they are unable to do the same with the ease and simplicity that you can black men.

Thinking black men across the world are implementing SYSBM at an increasingly high rate and for the majority part all black women can do is sit back and watch as white and non black women roll in and scoop up so called “lames” by the truckloads. The next time a black witch turns around to you and says “go and be with Becky then”, you can turn to her and say “yes I will” or “I’m already there”.

While we’re here it must also be mentioned that there is yet another dodgy talking point being put out by black women and their simp flunkies in relation to black men getting with non black female scraggle daggles. What they fail to mention is the fact that this happens in a small minority of cases, most black men who date out are looking for peace and tranquillity and so they purposely will hunt out the Beckiest Becky, the most Indian Patel, the most submissive and feminine Lopez, the most down to earth, friendly and cooperative Chen etc.

This false notion that there are large swaths of black men crossing the fence only to hook up with non black females who mimic the modern day black witch is yet another Kansas City shuffle/fear tactic being used to paint the mirage of things being no better on the other side. However, looking at the multitude of links above as well as dealing with countless testimonies of black men who have been dating out, such a position can easily be pushed to the side as the key word is BETTER, not perfect. One of the principal tenets of SYSBM is that when dating out you must AVOID TOXIC WOMEN.

Some black men are point-blank afraid to date out and so whenever they see those black men who aren’t with significantly higher calibres of non black women, they feel some kind of way and just like the black witch immediately slip into dick policing mode instead of congratulating that particular brother in finding an individual who he is matched to.

Again, notice how the so called “lames” DO NOT have any of the same problems whenever they date out, as I’ve explained before the majority of black women are dysfunctional and so this is exactly what they’ll look for in a partner, hence why they reject the so called lame, he is NORMAL which is something black women(unlike most non black females) ARE NOT attracted to.

Finally, I was invited to a hangout on Reg the Bad Guy’s channel this Saturday just gone, however I was already asleep when the link was sent to me by King Sigma and unfortunately I missed the show.

Listening back to the live stream I saw exactly why my services were summoned, a belligerent, argumentative and stubborn black witch who goes by the name Da Nini decided to show up and let Jezebel out of the cage to roam the yard freely and unsupervised. Her out-of-pocket behaviour is exactly the reason why more black men are deciding to give black women the boot.

Please forward to the 1:38:00 mark for the fireworks to commence, also be sure to forward to 2:04:50 point where this Jezebel decides to claim that King Sigma is in his feelings. Be extremely vigilant and on the lookout for reckless and dysfunctional black females deliberately attempting to push your buttons in their efforts to get the desired response from you in order to FEED the spirit of Jezebel that dwells within them:

You’ll notice that whenever the overwhelming majority of these black witches enter such discussions, soon after said constructive talks will typically turn into sour milk and Swiss cheese. Do you see how quickly a black woman can turn a fruitful and constructive conversation into utter chaos, confusion, strife and disarray? The time to check the witch was when she first rolled onto the scene and attempted to sow her seeds of lies and dissension into the discussion, as per usual she claims that the black men on the panel said ALL black women when the word ALL was NEVER mentioned nor implied.

This is exactly who thinking black men are trying their hardest to get away and keep a wide distance from, Da Nini represents the typical, run of the mill, household black female, one who refuses to keep her mouth shut, point-blank will not listen and also feels that she must dominate everybody around her, no thanks, I’ll definitely pass on this kind of female. Of course she fell right in line defending black female dysfunction but are we really surprised at this?

We know black female nature, most black women are sexually depraved leviathans, therefore we don’t need to know every black woman personally to figure out their primary motives behind certain movements, therefore when it comes down to black women as a group a so called “girl’s trip” really means an excursion for black women to leave ON the whore and freak switch for the entire vacation, we aren’t dumb and stupid over here.

Date out black men, black women as a collective are completely morally bankrupt and fully in league with the forces of darkness. I don’t hang around with nor date devils.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Fall For The Black Witch’s Propaganda

Most High Bless

66 thoughts on “Black Men, Interracial Dating And Marriage – Sexuality Based Only Or Is There More To The Story?

  1. Again, let us never forget that this relentless jargon is coming from a woman who COULDN’T keep a man to save her damn life, the same disgruntled and bitter black harridan who flew across country over 3000 miles to get dicked down and knocked up by a 12 Gauge Mike/Slim Sauce type character by the name of Robert Perkins.

    You’re joking….

    Like I said in a previous post, sexual desire is the main reason White women (Desi girls, Latinas, Middle Eastern etc…) fantasise and seek out Black men, however what the women have is the wherewithal to use that as a foundation to build a relationship that ranges from casual through to marriage and children. In fact the WordPress blog Timmie Blaze interracial suggests IR is God-ordained.

    Looking to black women to try and understand BM WW interracial relationships is pointless – they are idiots and surface thinkers. Synthetic G doesn’t have the life experience to advise on anything or than being a government statistic. She can be summarily dismissed along with her nonexistent hairline.

    The time for discussion is over. Date out. #SYSBM

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    • Michel,

      My issue with the witch is she’s attempting to make the buck stop at sexual desire, as if black men have nothing else to offer non black women, however from the links posted above this is proven so NOT to be the case. Agreed, sexual desirability is a base to build upon.

      MBD has also been another SYSBM master teacher demonstrating how thinking black men flourish and prosper greatly with non black women. Cynthia G just like the rest of the gatekeepers of Blackistan and black female dysfunction are simply raising another topic of discussion in order to distract thinking black men from walking off the plantation, however it’s just not working.

      You’d think that these sirens would revise the ingredients they’re throwing into the cauldron trying to implement their “stick to black women sorcery” as these shade throwing antics simply aren’t having the desired effects on thinking brothers. G is a joke and must be looked upon as nothing short of a court jester.

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  2. If you still need to be convinced there is ZERO chance at happiness with a black woman, then you’re just hopeless and I wish you well in the future.
    As for the youtube pages of BM/WW youtube pages, gentlemen, go subscribe to them, hell start your own, its high time SYSBM went on offence.
    Also, there is youtuber named, “dia dahmer,” sub to her page gents, time to let our women know we’re here for them. While you’re at it, swing by “Rachel J. Anderson” page and show some love. I don’t know if “Noey Gnome” is still active but she needs to be backed up too. She point black came out with a video entitled, “Yes, i’m the White Girl who dates Black Men,” and she’s FINE AS FUCK (though I think the Black Bitter Brigade and their faggot minions went in after her and made her take it down). Time to move forward gentlemen with a loud roar!

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    • Paul Anthony,

      Most black women are raised under miserable circumstances, thus they have no clue how to bring happiness into their own lives yet alone the lives of other people. As black women as a collective sink further and further into the gutter, even more black men will begin to realise that what sounded like outlandish information and advice before will prove itself to be true and valuable in years to come. SYSBM is the only sustainable and viable way forward for the thinking brother.

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  3. I remember watching a video on YouTube some time ago where an African brother was in Colombia and he interviewed a young Colombian girl named Joanna, and he asked her thoughts about Black guys; she did mention sex, but she didn’t push that as the main reason for her attraction to brothers. I have to find that video and post it here for you all to hear it.

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    • Joey,

      You have to laugh at black women when they attempt to weave such a deceptive web of lies, they’re really beginning to feel the bite of black men leaving the building and they’re trying everything within their power to keep thinking brothers in place. The propaganda will work on their simps so they ought to be taking that talk to them.

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    • When they say that non black women only want us for “Sex” My response is so what? Women only like white men, because they see them as a ATM machine. The point I’m trying to make is everyone is used. I don’t believe in love, so i don’t get mad at silly things that black women say.

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      • Robert Hicks,

        I still believe in love and understand that it is a fundamental part of life. The overwhelming majority of people want to be loved, there are very few people in the world who desire to be hated or who don’t crave some sort of affection. That being said black women shouldn’t be taken seriously when they attempt to gauge our position in the dating market, they wish that we were on the bottom of the totem poll like they are, this is why they’re so mad.

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  4. Just the usual scare tactics the black witches and their simps try to use on brothers who date and marry out. They always try to use the stats of black men/white women relationships having a high divorce rate and how that reflects on black men being bad mating choices (bullcrap). Yet they fail to point out that those stats are only based on AMERICAN white women. White women that are foreign born, the chance of divorce falls significantly. And they fail to look at stats of black men married to other non-black women, which shows a less significance of divorce.

    This is why thinking brothers need to stop paying attention to these black whores and the men who deal with them. Who cares if they want us or not. Who cares if we don’t give them the tingles. If they didn’t want us, why should they care when other groups of women do? It is just catch 22, you can’t win either way with them. So just abandon ship and go where you’re wanted.

    And by the way, I can’t tell you the number of non-black women who wanted to introduce me to their parents. I’ve even had white fathers who told me in private that they wouldn’t mind if their daughters married me. And I thought non-black women only wanted us for sex? SMH.

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    • You run into that with some of these men who have sense. They are smart enough to want their daughter married to someone who is WORTH A DAMN. That man doesn’t really care about his daughter if he approves of some random chode she brought home simply because hes white. What is the purpose of breeding with your own if you are going to breed with the most sub-par examples of your own tribe?

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      • @Autodidact If a white father allows his daughter to marry or date outside the race they are going to make sure that the non-white individual is worth a damn.

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      • Autodidact,

        Sub par black females must be completely scrubbed from off the radar, to be honest at this point black women in general are a lost cause and alternatives should be sort out.

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    • Yoooo that literally happened to me at one of my previous jobs at a company picnic. Got to talking to this older white guy about rugby shook his hand and immediately introduced me to his daughter after I said I’m waiting to start trade school. I was kind of perplexed afterwards seeing as I thought white fathers generally didn’t want their grandkids to be mixed 😂

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      • That’s a man who realizes there are more “males” than men in this world and wants his daughter to have a MAN…regardless of hue.

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      • He probably cares more about his daughter being with a good man who will take care of her rather than what shade his grandkid’s skin will be.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      At this stage black women are a laughing stock with the numerous stunts they are pulling out of their rear ends trying in desperation to stem the flow of black men checking out of the building. The reason why I’ll occasionally still deal with the propaganda is because not all thinking black men have the tools to tackle this nonsense, some are still fresh and new to this arena and so I make the information available to them.

      We are already seasoned veterans, we already see the black witch’s sorcery for what it is. Yes, isn’t it funny how they purposely omit the stats concerning black men with foreign white women as well as other foreign non black females. As per usual black women love to pick and choose what information to run with ie the information that fits their janky narrative. SYSBM cannot be stopped, black women and their simp flunkies are going to have to accept this fact the hard way.

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  5. @Verbs

    You’re a MASTERFUL writer with the ability to cut to the heart of the matter like a skilled surgeon. This article is a Slam Dunk, Touchdown and Grand Slam all rolled into one!

    As I’ve said before, Black Men should look at the countless blogs, newspaper/magazine articles, social media posts and Youtube uploads of Black females multi decades long relentless assault of Black Men with White and other races of Women as a joyful example of just how DEVASTATINGLY EFFECTIVE and UNSTOPPABLE the #SYSBM movement has become.

    They know there’s nothing they can do except sit back and bitch, whine, moan and complain about the Tsunami of BM/WW couples growing EXPONENTIALLY day after day, week after week.

    The YouTube videos below of Black Men with their BEAUTIFUL and FEMININE White Queens is just barely scratching the surface of the army of IR couples lead by Black Men, White Women and other races of non black Women.

    Brothers need to DATE OUT! Leave the Pookies and Keishas to rot and burn in “blackistan”. If you value your sanity, health, safety, finances and LIFE, then you’ll do what the brothers below have done and get a WHITE or NON Black female and live a normal, happy and productive life.


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    • Those videos are guranteed to make Sistuhhood of Blackistan BLOW their weaves!

      I say – GOOD! The more L’s they receive, the better.

      Courtesy of L Express, of course.


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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks bro, somebody has to lay the smack down, I’m appreciate the fact that brothers like yourself continue to return here because I get straight to the point and refuse to beat around the bush. The SYSBM movement has become an undeniable behemoth, black women are still trying to pretend as if it is nothing but at the same time they are employing every technique in the book trying their best to plug the holes.

      As I’ve stated before black women are going to have to deal with the likes of Black Block, Murda Mike and Slim Sauce, there will be no bailouts for these witches. They genuinely believed that their fun in the sun would last forever, constantly disparaging thinking brothers believing that we would stick around. Sorry, we’ve already been out the door never to return.

      Dating and marrying out is imperative for the thinking brother. Let the simps clean up this modern day horror of a black female’s mess.

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  6. When it comes to interracial dating non stereotypical negro males tend to do well. Obviously Pookie and Ray Ray they can’t interracial date.

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  7. “Again, notice how the so called “lames” DO NOT have any of the same problems whenever they date out, as I’ve explained before the majority of black women are dysfunctional and so this is exactly what they’ll look for in a partner, hence why they reject the so called lame, he is NORMAL which is something black women(unlike most non black females) ARE NOT attracted to.”


    Sexuality is probably one part of the BM IR dating scene but not the whole story. Non-BW often have the benefit of growing up in a two parent home and seeing a husband and wife work together. This gives non-BW a head start in evaluating who a good man is because they had an example of one growing up in the form of their father. The corny and lame BM that BW don’t want are usually the guys who will make good husbands and fathers, many BW don’t realize this until after they have been run through by Double Barrel Daquavis and Sawed Off Shaktavious.

    Nabi did a video of this chick that I lol’ed at. I think a while back King Sigma said that pretty bright skinned hoodrats were the most dangerous type of daggle, I agree. This chick is very pretty, and if it weren’t for her adult videos and attitude, could probably get a top shelf man. But nope, she decided to date a pookie and take a drug charge for him so that he wouldn’t go to prison, well she ended up doing six months in prison, getting a felony on her record, is unable to rent an apartment due to her felony record, and she said that when she got out of prison all pookie gave her for her trouble was $1000. ROFLMBAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She complains about it all in this video, this is where thug love leads for BW, straight to dysfunction and struggle, don’t be surprised if she is on Youtube in a few years with some pro-black talk:

    Keep the Wall up.

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    • James SYSBM,

      You’ve got to love Nabi, he is forever going in on these hoes and exposing them. Yep, that’s your typical black female, they’ll have no problems garnering a criminal conviction for Trap House Jim. As I’ve stated before black women are going to have to stew and marinate in their own failures.

      I’m actually surprised that a simp hasn’t stepped to rescue the whore. She must know of a simp somewhere who is willing to put his dignity in the dirt, throw on a freshly starched cape and save her from the consequences of the stupid decisions she’s made.

      Most black women continue to make the same stupid mistakes over and over again, they never learn until it is too late. Oh well, their problem, not mine.

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    • James SYSBM,

      “Again, notice how the so called “lames” DO NOT have any of the same problems whenever they date out,”

      Precisely, so called “lame” black men have absolutely zero problems getting with non black women of various races. This shows you the problem is with the scraggle and not thinking black men. Water seeks it’s own level and dysfunctional black women by proxy seek out dysfunctional partners and ultimately seek to have dysfunctional lives. Women of other races by proxy aren’t dysfunctional and seek out order and civility and that shows up in their dating patterns.

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  8. First off, since when are black Women such prudes about who’s screwing who? The world’s jezebel complaining that someone else has sex on the brain, get outta town with that nonsense.

    Conversely, look at how black men and non-black women have ACTUAL relationships. Black Women ACTUALLY ARE wanted simply as sexual objects, which is why the “relationships” that they have with non-black men are as fake and artificial as their weave and their valley girl accents.

    Speaking of which, this Saturday, I encountered a group of girls at the theater. Two were these fine as hell white girls, and with them was their (dark skinned) black girl friend. The valley girl accent on this girl was hilarious, a sight to behold. Keep in mind that neither of her actually white friends acted in such a way. Black girls know that they have to put on an act to be around white men AND white women, they know they’re not wanted. Meanwhile, black men can be ourselves, which is why we have the success we have.

    They legit need to aggressively be bred out.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ll notice that black women believe that they are the experts on all things, Synthetic G claiming black men are only useful to non black women sexually yet isn’t she the same one who got used for sexual gratification purposes by Trap House Jim? It’s amazing how black women can walk straight into one calamity after a next and at the same time still fix their mouths to speak on issues as if they have the moral high ground and boundless knowledge to do so, lol.

      The fake valley girl accent that many of these black women put on is hilarious and a sight to behold, faking the funk yet they claim they want “REAL MEN”, what a joke. Agreed, avoidance and breeding them out are two of the best weapons the thinking black man has against these failures called black women.

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      • “The fake valley girl accent that many of these black women put on is hilarious and a sight to behold, faking the funk yet they claim they want “REAL MEN”, what a joke.” A lot of these ABW wouldn’t know a real man if one didn’t had to beat them upside the head.

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  9. Look bro. Cynthia G is a fat manish looking bitch who got knocked up by a pookie who already had multiple kids out of wedlock. She has no credibility on any subject. All these women do is project. They say whitr women only want us for sex but it is really black women who only want black men for sex. thats why they pick pookie 99% of the time. They assumr other women are thr same as them thus white women only want black men for sex.

    Black women know they have hit the wall with a bunch of bastard kids, a worn out std pussy, and funky weave.
    They are looking for the “lames” but they are all single or with non-black women. All she has left is to attack every aspect of black male + non black female relationships. As you say just another Kabsas City shuffle.

    Anything would be better that dating the modern day black bitch. I wouls rather be gay than date a black woman. It’s either non-black women all day or I will just be single and work on myself untill a nice Asian woman comes along. SYSBM

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  10. Verbs 2015.

    Black women talk a lot of lies and shit when they say that non black woman only want black men for just sex when you show video evidence upon video that this isn’t true and in fact that black men have good and functioning relationships with non black women plus black men are the second most desirable man on the planet. Black women love to moan and bitch about everything especially when things are not going their way plus they always want something for nothing in this life and don’t want to work for anything. Also black women always want to force people to find them attractive even though they are they least desired women on the fucking planet because no one wants to date their manly assess. You never hear a black man forcing a woman to find him attractive. If a woman that I like is not interested in me, I move on its simple as that but black women act like spoiled children and want to attack that man who rejected them.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These black sirens love throwing shade on black men and interracial dating because they despise the fact that we engage in the act effortlessly. I honestly don’t understand how long black women believe that they could continue urinating and defecating upon good brothers, decent black men have finally had enough and have set sail for greener pastures.

      The modern day black female has the same issues come up time and time again, dishonesty, no accountability nor responsibility, lack of good health and hygiene, what brother with his head screwed on is going to wade through the rubbish above when he can simply cross the fence and find himself a decent, attractive, down to earth, feminine non black woman?

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      • Verbs 2015.

        Yep I fully agree with you Verbs. I don’t find black women attractive anyway especially when they look oil tankers, cruise ships and massive helicopters with wigs/weave, fake eyebrows, fake nails, bleached skin to look like a white woman, blue, grey and green contact lenses etc. I am not gonna waste my whole entire life looking for a mystical unicorn black women who doesn’t exist because by that time I will be dead in a grave somewhere with full of regrets.

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    • @Joey

      I knew this was the guy you where talking about and I went to his channel to locate that video and for some reason I couldn’t find it. Great job on locating and posting it. He has a few more of Russian and Spanish women talking about Black Men as well.

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  11. Greedy black females and racist soyboys will always remain on the plantation with Massa Shlomo, Slave Driver Mohammed, Sawn off Sam and 2 Clipz from the block because of their consistent pandering to and acceptance of such dysfunctional individuals. When Moshe was getting into gun battles with La Cosa Nostra and Asif was raping Laura in a back alley, nobody gave a shit when black men complained about the noise and assimilated immigrants as well as traditional white women raised the alarm about these dysfunctional attitudes Rosweiss and Al Awaki brought with them nobody gave a shit until they started affecting white men and black women.

    Notice that Shlomo and Mohammed always tend to stay away from areas filled with Asians in the West and get Slim Sause Sam and Incel Ike to do the dirty work, maybe it’s due to the fact that Bat and Leng will not hesitate to go Hotoko Shinken on their asses or put two bullets in their forehead unlike Chad and Shaniqia who raise hell at a Tyrone trying to improve his life picking up a Becky at the Community College but have no problem fucking young foreign girls and Biggie Z from the block.

    Amika, Lin, Linda and Maria all see the inability of white men to actually get things done instead of keyboard warrior behavior despite the constant dick policing and lying, no wonder black men in the UK dating out is at 55% and in the US at 25%.

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  12. I saw Endgame on Friday (no spoilers Incase you haven’t seen it yet), and went to a Mets game on Sunday. The amount of interracial couples I’ve seen (black men, non bleak women) is startling. All these brothers looked happy as can be living their best lives; their women pretty and in decent shape. On the flip side, I saw a few gaggles of scraggles and their simps Friday looking miserable. These heifers were all weaved up, foul attitudes, and disgustingly overweight. Not to mention, the few black female lesbian couples and they were something else. Yea, let’s just go with that….

    Remember now, I live about 30 mins away from Queens, an hour or so away from Manhattan (depending on traffic), so I’m not even getting the full picture of the interracial dating scene in NYC. From what I’m told, it’s insane and the SYSBM movement hasn’t even hit critical mass yet. But according to these whores all brothers get are fat white women…

    Right. They ought to keep believing that like they believe God is going to send them a Morris Chestnut, Winston Duke, lookalike (or them personally) to go beat down their doors to come wife them up. Them with all their rolls, fake everything and disgusting attitudes and personalities.

    On second thought, take back Winston Duke, he’s with a beautiful mixed Asian and white woman. Hahahaha.

    If there’s anybody here who’s on the fence, take that leap of faith and date out. We can almost guarantee you’ll never go back and will come to the conclusion the “black community” is a dysfunctional hellhole that needs to be burned to the ground post haste.

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    • In five years or less, she’ll be making “dear black men” videos after zaddy is done ghetto gagging her.

      As you’d say, keep the wall up.

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      • These chicks are super delusional. These fat and unattractive BW think (or at least act like) they are dimes. No humility, these chicks can look like Quasimodo but still act like they are Beyonce or something. They clowned this girl so hard that she already deleted her twitter account, maybe that was a good thing, maybe she will wake up and humble herself now. They are the least desired and least married for a reason and their egos are out of control.

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      • Hopefully she isn’t serious. Like I said many of these chicks are delusional, they think they are more attractive and desirable than they actually are. When confronted with the reality of their undesirability we see whats becoming of them, they are typically going into one out of two extremes and either lashing out at BM (and anyone else around them) or going online and swearing their love and allegiance to the good BM (dear black man). Either way the Wall is kicking their asses.

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      • Lol!

        I wonder what non-black male is ghetto gagging that horrible looking creature. When she gets over the thrill of cheap nasty sex with dirty, loser, (probably) white guys, she will eventually realize that even those bums won’t make any sort of commitment to her.

        1.She will then quietly wash the ejaculate from “Brad’s” last quickie, before he dumped her, off of her face. 2.Then don a headwrap and some afrocentric garb. 3. Finally, she will be forced by reality itself in some round about way, to look in a mirror and come to terms with what she actually looks like. 4. She will soon after turn up in some black male space seeking ‘dialog’.

        Black females are so delusional it’s tragic. Or funny. Or both. I think the proper term is ‘tragicomic’.

        It must be nice living in your own private universe…

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    • @James SYSBM

      I went to his Twitter and let me tell you I had quite a laugh reading the comments. This bitch looks like an extra from “Planet of the Apes”🐵🐵.

      This is why the Daggles will forever remain the LEAST dated, married, desired and attractive group of whores on the planet.

      We’ll just refer to it/her as “Gummy Smalls” as one of the commenters coined…LOL

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  13. First off all, Cynthia G needs to focus of being a mother and second of all, Robert Perkins better beware because this child support is raping the men financially. When a black man dates outside his race, the ghetto ratchet black whore criticise him, judging him, calling him coon, nigger, sell out and all sort of nonsense and the simps are taking up with her. But not only black women love being weave and getting bald by weaving, they say nothing about black women getting banged in ghetto gaggers. And I bet you the white beta male want to bust a nut in her when he ghetto gagging her on the camera.

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  14. The reason why 72 per cent of black women are not married is all because of one thing, the dysfunction of black women so its like the black heterosexual male is like he roll the hell out of there and moved on and dated outside their race or be single of the rest of their lives.

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  15. Cynthia G is upset because she didn’t get that $5,000 from obsidian to have a debate with him. No one really paying her any attention, she just want us educated lames to raise her child once it’s born. Watch, in a few months her tone will change to us educated lames to mentor her child.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      *she just want us educated lames to raise her child once it’s born. Watch, in a few months her tone will change to us educated lames to mentor her child*

      Exactly I’m glad you peeped this also. I suspected all along her anger towards black men in general was because she wanted to get pregnant by one but was mad at all the BM/WW interracial couples. I remember her making a video some years back about black guys in her comment section fawning over a white female youtuber named “shucks” and you could literally hear the anger and frustration in her voice I’ll always remember that video because she genuinely sounded bothered/hurt by it..

      Now that she has a baby on the way notice she has changed her tune from “black men ain’t shit” to “educated lames” ain’t shit that’s because she has what she wanted which is a baby by a black man. Now she needs a black “beta” provider to look after the child and will continue to badger them with insults for going to non black men (especially white women) until she gets what she wants.

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  16. Star Cookies twitter
    Oct 18 2018 text…
    CYN: I’m 6 weeks
    … star cookies: YOU PREGONAT!

    We are going into May. Wake up people!

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  17. When black men date out, not only they have to deal with the hate, animosity, and jealousy from random black women, but they also have to deal with the hate from the men from where that woman comes from. Racist crackers, ragheads, and others who date/smut out black women dont have to worry about that. Not even in Africa.

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