Simping Ain’t Easy


At first glance you would think that this black female from South Africa looks good, however remember that you are dealing with a photo filter, fake eye lashes, weave and heavy make up. Remember, most of these black sirens love to hide their true looks behind 200 pounds of industrial strength, heavy-duty makeup. The arrogance and the haughty attitudes of black women globally at this point is off the damn chain, even though large swaths of them are failures when it comes down to life in general, they’ll still pop bottles of champagne and sip wine as if they are on top of the world winning.

You’d think that this chick being a marketer that her Twitter account would be considerably active, however outside of that tweet she posted, when you look at the rest of the tweets she’s created, they’ve hardly gathered any attention or traction at all. This is the thing with most black women, in their delusional mind state they believe that they are above and beyond all especially black men hence what was reflected in her responses.

The simp’s responses are in white, her responses are in green. What on earth was this dude thinking? This is the dilemma that the black male simp has, because he has been trained, indoctrinated and programmed to worship and lick the muddy boots of black females, he foolishly sticks by this modern day black woman believing that she is his only option.

This is why these dudes get extremely resentful and jealous whenever they see thinking black men out and about smiling with their mixed or non black female significant others. As far as the simp is concerned his girlfriend/wife must be a black woman, nothing more, nothing less. Yet at the same time he fails to understand his particular role when it comes down to black women as a collective.

The simp fails to comprehend that he was manufactured solely for the purposes of worshipping, exalting and protecting black women unconditionally, this modern day black witch did NOT create the simp with relationship purposes in mind. As we all know, that particular role has been reserved for the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Creepy, Sledgehammer, Midnight Joe, Slim Sauce, Grim Breezy etc.

The only time that your average black female will alter the employment services of the simp, that is upgrade him to a relationship status is when she becomes a single mother(courtesy of Trap House Jim/Murk Boy) and requires a sacrificial goat(educated Trevor/blue-collar Stephen/white-collar Andrew) to step up and clean up her mess ie to buffer the ongoing harsh consequences from the stupid and reckless decisions she’s made in the past. As I’ve stated many times before, black women don’t want you thinking black men, they only want YOUR HELP, hence why these “dear black men” videos of enchantment and Wiccanism ought to be at minimum looked upon with extreme suspicion.

The pro black simp needs sex too just like the overwhelming majority of men, however because of the heavy programming received at the hands of these dark harriets, he finds it almost impossible to break free and expand upon his dating and mating options and thus finds himself juggling with a tub of vaseline in one hand and his penis in the other scrolling through various porn sites because the same black females he renders brown-nosing services to refuse to give him any snatch or even the time of day. Sounds like our occasional drop in resident pro black simp D32018 now doesn’t it?

See, if the simp would only allow himself to be deprogrammed then he would truly see this modern day black female for the gutter, straight from the sewer garbage that she is and simply move on with his life. Sex is available to these simps, however it typically means either settling for a 650 pound fully loaded oil tanker with 16 children en tow or crossing the fence which is something that they by and large refuse to do. Oh well, that is their problem, not mine, isn’t that right D32018 aka Bootlicker?

Look at these messages again, you can almost see the glee and happiness on the black woman’s face as she cuts him down. Here is an example of the first right of refusal that many black men have been talking about, black women only want thinking black men available in order to turn them down, thus meddling with their self-esteem and self-confidence(which is the black woman’s real objective).

The fact of the matter is the overwhelming majority of black women HATE confident heterosexual black men who know who they are and refuse to lower their standards for anyone, whenever they encounter such an individual they will go out of their way to dream up and strategise any dirty schemes they can use in deflating the man’s self-confidence and self-esteem, hence one of the main reasons why these black harpies refer to black men as “niggers” every 5 minutes.

Black women as a group already being dysfunctional individuals of strife and conflict are continuously exercising psychological warfare techniques ie witchcraft against black men, the problem is most black men don’t recognise what is being done to them and unfortunately fall into line instead of resisting and pushing back against the sorcery. By the way, that misandrist black witch Filoe above follows the befuddling black female decadent known as Feminista Jones, so now you can further understand her response to old simp boy.

Black men, this is what happens when you’re stuck on black women, it’s an endless cycle of jumping through 100,000 hoops and trying your utmost to please a group of women who hate your guts to the core by default. I don’t sympathise with black women at all especially when they constantly talk about “emotional black men”, yes, the same black men black women created and moulded with their own hands, smh. They create the very same black men they complain about.

Brothers, what I’ve been telling you concerning many foreign black women following the modern day black female of the US becomes more and more apparent everyday, as I stated before if I were a single man the only so called “black women” I would be dealing with are those from the East of Africa, as you can clearly see here we have yet another degenerate black female from South Africa who is on the feminist bandwagon.

Black women continue to supply me with the ammunition I use against them to light their backsides up, they talk about black men “bashing” them, however what this really means is thinking black men holding them to task and calling out the skullduggery they engage in. Continue building and fortifying the Wall, increasingly as we speak more black men are becoming disgusted and repulsed by black women and their repugnant behaviour.

Black women must and will face their judgement, recompense and wrath BY THEMSELVES, nobody will be able to save these damned miscreants and anybody who foolishly attempts to will be swallowed up in the same manner. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Verbs Will Continue To Light These Black Heifers Up

Most High Bless

52 thoughts on “Simping Ain’t Easy

      • D32018 aka Bootlicker,

        Better position? These disjoined black harpies won’t even allow you to sniff their dirty panties yet alone give you the time of day. Your usefulness towards black women is janitorially based only simp, don’t forget it, you’re the one to come in, step up and clean up their mess without any sexual reciprocation I might add. Stick to your tub of vaseline and Pornhub bruh, however by all means be sure to let us know once you finally land yourself a extra wide load oil tanker with 17 children en tow, until then we’ll be waiting.

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      • >At least I’m in a better position with black women than you.

        Only if you call the nine levels of hell (a.k.a. The Ghetto Union – Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan) a better position.

        Being in the path of a river of lava is a better position than being with black women.


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      • A Billy goat on the side of a cliff is in a better position than the black witch.

        A salmon in the mouth of a brown bear is in a better position than the black witch.

        A turd clinging to the sphincter of a labrador dog is in a better position than the black witch.


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    • Michelle… I got better things to do than to entertain a bunch of self-entitled losers on the bottom of the food chain financially and sexually. #R O A S T E D


      • @d1ckh38d,

        Obviously not, since you responded. Anyway nice to see your SIMPing ass back for a very short while before you disappear again to your 350lb single mother catch of five.

        What? Still jerking off to Ghetto Gaggers again? Aw shiiiiiit.


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  1. What Black Simps DO NOT understand is they are only the “fall back” guy or “clean up” guy…..The Black Simp is never to approach the BW until after she hits the wall…..The BM programming is hard to shake. I refused to be indoctrinated at a VERY early age which made me a target. SIMPS are nothing more than mindless drones meant to defend and attack for his “QUEAN” A thinking Black Man must remember that breaking your programming will be HARD. You will face adversity and hatred from the BW, the Black Simp and the WM, but like any worthwhile journey, you will eventually unearth treasures both forbidden and hidden.

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      Breaking the BM brainwashing is going to be difficult, because it’s hardwired into the nervous system. But it can be done. All media influences from the “communiteh” need to be eliminated, family cut off and self-improvement an absolute must. Once total confidence is intalled, no BW wench, no moist SIMP and no racist WM can do shit to you (short of physical assault, you’ll have to defend yourself too).

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    • 8bitblerd,

      You would think that the high number of thinking black men telling them this would start turning some of the wheels in their heads, however it seems that they would much prefer to remain in the position of a lackey as opposed to setting themselves free. Again, their loss, not ours.

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  2. Someone should legit do an experiment where the exact same tactics are employed by a black man pretending to be a white, as well as pretending to be a Cheddar Man. You will see clearly that in these personas, they would not need to jump through the myriad of hoops and red tape.

    Black Women especially love Simping clean up mean in their 50s/60s. Now, it’s a statistical FACT that these are the GOLDEN YEARS of other groups of women, namely white woman, who by then have acquired resources and are looking to start retiring and enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, black women are, despite being edumacated, working on getting their GED, working jobs that 20 year olds work, and retirement is like a unicorn to them. Thus, in comes a simp to provide for them.

    Why isn’t their REAL man, the GOVERNMENT, held to thus clean up standard? I mean, she interacts with him more than any other male entity! Also, notice these dykes, if they don’t end up dead, never really have resources.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, we know the score when it comes to down to black women and how they interact with thugs and white men, they worship both unconditionally even to their own detriment. I don’t feel sorry for them either when both of these characters decide to clock them upside the head for failing to fall in line.

      These chicks continue to struggle well into old age, playing around in their younger years not thinking about the future at all. They get knocked up and then want the so called “lames” to step up and do the grunt work taking care of their behinds, no thanks I’ll pass.

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  3. Ahh, so she follows Feminista Jones; that would explain how she initially responded to this butthurt simp. Also, take note of how she said she is far above him; same mindset as her White daddy.

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  4. Speaking of Africa. Did you hear about that Chinese man who has made a chief in Nigeria Kano state. This is a classic example of how Black people are too friendly and too willing to accept outside groups?

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    • Another nail in the coffin of pan-africanisim. China’s “debt trap diplomacy” is the modern day equivalent of the west’s colonization of Africa. The majority of these African nation’s wont be able to pay back what they owe, the Chinese are probably counting on that so that they can start seizing land and other assets from these nations. There was a nation in the news not too long ago that couldn’t pay back what they owed China, so China made them lease one of their ports to them for 99 years:

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  5. As I sit in the coffee shop, there is this (what the SYSBM soldier The Sharp Shooter would describe) a “thickum”. Blonde with big thighs and an ass.

    Now I normally go for brunette shorties, but DAMN…! I would SIMP hard for that!


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    • Michel,

      The things is at least white women generally will behave in a reciprocal manner, black women as we know will not hesitate to defecate all over a brother whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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  6. A simp and his money will soon be parted. If he really has his own place, car, degree, and business and is simping it wont be long before he gets cleaned out. Oh well, some dudes have to learn the hard way. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Like Verbs was saying, “what the hell was he thinking?”
      Then again, interracial dating is rare in South Africa.

      Dude has his own place, hard and liquid assets yet still chased after a witch who is very much underneath him. She must be a dime piece.

      Sorry, I meant she must be a ring piece*. My bad.

      *Google it!

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  7. Again we see the reason why the thinking black male is a threat to the system. Black women and white men let Shlomo shoot up half the block in a gun fight with La Cosa Nostra and Mohammed molest Linda on her way to school, but if a Tyrone trying to improve his life picks up a Becky or even worse a Lin on his way to the community college all hell breaks loose. I don’t feel sorry for these racist soyboys and greedy oil tankers, they made their bed when they sold us out on the slave ship for a position of power.


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  8. Off topic:
    Another chapter in the BW don’t gaf about their kids saga:

    New Orleans bounce rapper GameOva Reedy arrested after allegedly sending 5-year-old to school in Lyft

    “A New Orleans bounce rapper whose profanity-laced song about sex went viral on social media two years ago was arrested in St. Bernard Parish this week after authorities said she put her 5-year-old child in a ride-hailing vehicle alone and instructed the driver to take the minor to school.” “The driver said he couldn’t do that unless Oliver accompanied the child, but she allegedly made clear she wouldn’t be going along. She then went into the home and wouldn’t come back out, so the driver took the child to a Sheriff’s Office substation in Arabi, the agency said.”

    Notice the weave and the skin tone:

    Keep the Wall up. SYSBM

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  9. Simping ain’t easy but its unnecessary. The thing is this. When a black men simp they end up as the fall back guy on the last man black women who is goanna be with. Black women will sleep with Pookie and Ray Ray and open their legs to them in a flash and end up having their kids and unfortunately there are some black men are dating women with kids and that is something that no man should do.

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    • Money Cultural,

      I really don’t understand how these guys can be satisfied with being the fall back option, they ought to be feeling insulted, however their programming and indoctrination is so deep they’re profoundly entrenched in the worship of Big Booty Brenda and any of her associates.

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  10. When will these idiotic simps learn simping will get you nowhere??? Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome is the literal definition of insanity.

    Not my problem they don’t know how to learn from their mistakes.

    Refortify that wall gentlemen.

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  11. I was watching Tommy Sotomayor’s video today and I was watching Father Loses His Lyfe To BM’s New Boyfriend During Custody Exchange!

    Let me tell you something. As this simp killed is baby mama’s former man because of an argument? My goodness. When it comes to single mothers, I don’t wanna date them. I stay far way as possible.

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      • Word. Initially asking isn’t what makes him a simp. It’s continuing to push after she’s already rejected you. Which is why I can’t watch the Family Matters TV show objectively anymore. That Steve Urkel shit is played out.

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  12. Verbs 2015.

    I will never simp for no ugly ass black women or any other woman for that matter because I have pride, dignity, self respect and high standards when it comes to dating good looking non black women as a childfree black man..

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The quality of black women as a group has sunk deep into the toilet, as I’ve stated before they aren’t even worth a bar of soap at this stage. SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable solution for the thinking black man.

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      • > The quality of black women as a group has sunk deep into the toilet,

        Even toilets have standards. The quality has sunk deep into the outhouse.


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  13. Men we don’t like single mothers because I’m not going to pay full priced for a used car only a simp dates a single mother. Tell what looks even more stupid when you see this white boys dating black single mothers with their black children the look stupid. I know a few white boys who are dating black single mothers.

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  14. As a former simp and former black quean lover (those were some terrible years lol), I bear witness to the fact that feeling sorry for or trying to reason with BW and their thug allies is a FOOLS ERRAND. Wasting your precious time, energy, and money trying to help a hopeless group of witches and thugs has a damn near negative ROI.

    If your a teenage brother who is about to turn 18, take it from me, get the HELL OUT of your moms place once you do. Idc how nice and kind she pretends to be before you move out. Go to college, join the military, work and save, etc. Do whatever you have to do to be independent from the Black witch. And for the love of Ra, do not let the BW demon trick you into moving back in when you fall on hard times. I fell for that nonsense, and I’m still trying to recover mentally from the trauma.

    Their is a high price to pay for simpin for BW or any female for that fact,whether its your girlfriend or your mom. Always show love and be respectful, but NEVER compromise your own wellbeing for the sake of a female, especially the Black witch. Take a page from the book of Moorish history and build a future for yourself and prodigy, simping be damned.


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    • SunGodRa,

      That type of situation is truly a beast, where you fall upon hard times and have little to no choice but to move back in with the black witch you managed to set yourself free from in the first place. It’s as if you can almost see them rubbing their hands together with glee and smiling as they hold open the door and welcome you back into the house as they think up new ways to mess with and destroy your mind and your life.

      The black witch is a goner and I’m truly glad to see more black men choosing to abandon ship and seek out love and companionship elsewhere. Most of us SYSBM brothers have unfortunately been down Simp Avenue at some stage of our lives. However, at least we’ve snapped out of that chapter and can now pass on sound knowledge, wisdom and understanding to those behind us especially the younger generations.

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    • “And for the love of Ra, do not let the BW demon trick you into moving back in when you fall on hard times. I fell for that nonsense, and I’m still trying to recover mentally from the trauma.”

      Sage advice. I’m currently living through just such a nightmare. But I’m also making various moves as I’ve talked about…

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      • @Xstopalopoletl
        That’s the key brother, keep moving and don’t stop until you’re free and living the life that you want for yourself. I feel your pain more than you can imagine lol.

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  15. Ha Ha these dumps never learn just like you said Verbs that’s why these BW think they sit atop MT Everest because these simps pander to them just for a pat on the head with the BW demon saying good dog. I tell you simps just do not learn.

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  16. Oh man, such great advice has been given here.

    As a former 1st lieutenant of the Imperial Simp Brigade, I can attest that the reprogramming process is one of the most difficult ordeals that a man will ever face. For years, you’re told by your single mother, aunts, their pastor, and every form of media that a man’s sole purpose is to pander and cape to single moms, thots turned ‘born-again’ virgins, hairhats, and other women no matter the circumstances. And for fear of reprisals (i.e. the belt), we do it while thinking that we’ll finally score a date, especially after factoring in the 80/20 rule where few guys in the hood are getting laid other than Pookie and Junebug.

    My advice to young, black men is to immediately leave such neighborhoods behind the instant you are financially capable of doing so. Go to college away from that side of town and stay there. Enlist in the military. Get an effin passport and travel. DO NOT get suckered into saving some single mother who was hot to trot before catching one nut too many from the neighborhood playboy. DO NOT call yourself wifing up some thot who found a chastity belt eight seconds before meeting you and now want to wait until marriage after getting bent over by half of the block for free.

    The vast majority of these chicks have already made their beds and truth be told, really don’t want to share that bed with you anyway. They want NOTHING TO DO with whom they deem as non-select and hate such guys with the heat index of a thousand suns. Guys like Steph Curry are painfully finding that out the hard way…

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