Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Please excuse the rant fellas, however this is exactly why I continue to talk about black female dysfunction, because black women everywhere are continuing to ruin the lives of black men unabated. They honestly don’t believe that rules of any nature apply to them, so as long as they continue upon their paths of destruction, I will continue to light them up via articles. Gentlemen, enjoy this Open Mic Wednesday, the floor is yours, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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  1. Greetings, brothers; for this Open Mic, I want to share my first real experience of being dick policed.

    It was last summer, while driving with my parents to the store, my mom asked me if I would marry a White female; without hesitation, I said “yes”. She then asks me why, and I respond that it’s for the same reason I’d date any other race of female: she appreciates me, she accepts me for who I am, etc.; I didn’t give a lot of reasons, but I had a feeling there was something more to the question than just curiosity. I think I even asked her if she felt some type of way about it; I asked my dad what he thought about it, but he doesn’t care about that.

    Fast forward a little, I had an incident where I’d been accused of stalking; the accusers were White females. Believe it or not, my mom had the gall to bring up when I said I’d marry a White girl, and tried to tell me a Black girl is the best option for me; she even said, “you see what these white girls did?”. Then I knew for a fact she felt some type of way about me dating out, especially when the girl is Becky; she mentioned no other race but White. I won’t let that incident turn me into one of these “keep it Black” dudes who are scared of White girls; SYSBM is still calling my name.

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    • “tried to tell me a Black girl is the best option for me; she even said, “you see what these white girls did?”

      You should have told your mother to google Brian Banks, there are probably more BM locked up from false accusations from BW than from WW. I’ll admit that in the US if the lies came from a WW the punishment may be swifter/harsher, but it still doesn’t change that BW are more than likely the greatest false accusers of BM.

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    • Joey,

      Black mothers are typically hypocritical when it comes to interracial dating because more time they will tell their daughters to get with whatever man they can while at the same time trying their best to low key bully their sons into “keeping it black”. You have to be careful what women you choose to hang around as some are just entitled idiots who believe that everybody is paying them some sort of attention.

      Fortunately, most white women aren’t like that, they won’t accuse you of anything unless you’re actually doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Assuming you’re being upfront and honest about the situation ie you’re genuinely innocent, you simply ran into a few Jezebels who wanted to stretch their wings and garner some attention.

      Black women have a deep seated hatred towards black men and are spiteful towards us by default, white and other non black females on the other hand DON’T have a heart driven vendetta against black males. Black women are the worst option for any black man hands down.

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    • Bro, I got a mother just like that. When I was in middle school and high school, the girls that I were mostly around were non black women. She always say a Black women is the best option for me, like first of all, I’m not trying to live life over other people’s expectations. Now, I don’t hate black women, it’s just that I don’t bother messing around with American Black Women, British Black Women, nor West African Women. The only type of black women I can least get around is either an Afro Latina, or a East African, that’s it. Plus Joey, Black Women be always feeling some type of way when they’re brothas with non black women, mixed women, or black women from another country. I’m just trying to figure out why everytime black women get hot temper when black men got their own preferences of females they want to date.

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  2. Verbs2015,

    Nice introductory there. Yeah black women in general enjoy making other people miserable because they themselves are miserable. Overall it’s just a lack of manners and courteousness with the majority of black women. I try to avoid them the best I can but I understand sometimes it’s impossible. Treat them as you would a rabid dog or wild animal. Don’t make eye contact, never show your teeth, make sure you don’t food have food with you etc etc and If you see one approaching you on the sidewalk try and cross the street.

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    • Odyssey,

      Thanks bro, most black women serious lack decent manners and whenever they deal with black men a mechanism of disrespect automatically locks into place. Unfortunately the location was such to where I had nowhere else to go, these black females don’t have a clue about etiquette, rules and how to conduct themselves orderly in public places.

      As you’ve stated, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid them, whenever situations like this occur it’s simply a case of taking a deep breath and hoping for the best.

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  3. This is a pretty good video talking about how BW are losing their minds because men don’t want them. He does a good job of pointing out how these chicks are snapping after realizing that men (of all races) only use them for sex and don’t marry them and swirling is a unattainable dream for the majority of them. The best that they can be is a mistress/baby momma, they are slowly realizing this and flipping out:

    This is an old school video from The Mayor of Blacktown making the same point. I smh at the part where the BW in this video was lamenting the fact that she was “educated” but BM/WM/AM/LM don’t want her and how the rejection is “So devastating”:

    Keep the Wall up.

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  4. This is Jax’s ending from Mortal Kombat 11. What do you guys think? In this ending, he takes control of the Hourglass and Sands of Time, and re-writes history so that (African) slavery never happened.

    As of now, it has gotten a LOT of people angry. Most of which are the same (as much as I loathe this term, I think it potentially applies here, so I will use it) incel-types that are pissed off that the women are more conservatively dressed. While I think that these guys are making valid points (such as the double standards of having the females more conservatively dressed while the males are somewhat less clothed–one of Baraka’s alternate outfits basically has him fighting in a loincloth), Mortal Kombat was never about female sexuality–after all, it wasn’t the sex appeal of female characters that have gotten this game censored and/or banned in various countries over the years. It was the over-the-top ultra-violence and gore. That is what Mortal Kombat is about. Which is why despite the sex appeal of Sonya Blade, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Kitana, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is considered the least popular fighting game in the entire Mortal Kombat series.

    While I think that these guys make some valid points, in my opinion, Mortal Kombat 11 is as anti-SJW as it can get. Hell, the story mode kills off Sonya Blade (one of the most prominent and strongest female characters in video game history–not just fighting game history either) IN THE FIRST CHAPTER. Suuuuuuuuuure, they bring Sonya in from another timeline, but the game makes it pretty damn clear that main timeline Sonya is DEAD. Not to mention the Elder God(dess) Cetrion–got her ass kicked by Jax. Finally, Kronika–the main antagonist of Mortal Kombat 11, and the most powerful known being in the Mortal Kombat franchise to date–a woman, and she gets killed by a man (Liu Kang, who has become a god at this point).

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    • I think it’s a cool ending MK has used toning down sexual overtones to allow themselves to become more violent and overall sexist in their storylines. A fair trade.

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      • Don’t get me wrong; I think that a lot of these “incels” and Negative Nancies make some valid points about the double standards, but a lot of them are insulting and criticizing those who still buy the game. I can tell you– 9 times out of 10, they don’t give a damn about the reduced female sex appeal. Mortal Kombat was never about sex appeal.

        I can tell you: I prefer Skarlet in MK11 over her appearance in MK9.

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  5. Verbs 2015.

    On Easter Bank Holiday Monday 2019, I had an incident with a black Somalian looking woman at Starbucks in Edgware Road. What happened was there was a long queue for the men’s toilets because the women’s toilets was closed because it was out of order and wasn’t working so that everyone had to queue up for their turn to use the men’s toilets. Anyway this black Somalian looking woman came up behind me and she was desperately wanting to use the toilet and I told her that she had to wait her turn just like everyone else plus I had two women in front of me who are also looking to use the toilet before me. All of sudden the black Somalian looking woman pushed in front of me and the two women in front of me to use the toilet because one of the women felt sorry for this black women and let her use the toilet first and I went ape shit, mad and started cussing and swearing at this black women because she is being disrespectful and rude towards me and the other people on the queue because I was taught that if you are in a queue to get something or use something, you wait your turn and that is good manners in my book. Unfortunately this black women thought that it is her god given right to push past people in a queue. I had to apologise to the other people in the queue for my angry outburst, but they all understood why I did it and took my side in the incident because they all saw what happened between me and this black women and they all agreed with me and told me that they would do the same thing I did if it happened to them as well.

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    • And I thought Somalian women were meant to be better behaved than other BW? Turns out that Somalian women are as bad as other BW?

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I wish a black witch would push in front of me in that kind of situation, however because the other woman let her in front of her, your hands were somewhat tied. This is the problem with the UK, being an ultra feminist/socialist run country, there are some women here who believe that they can do whatever they want.

      I personally am not a fan of Central London and crowds, too many people on their mobile phones not looking where they are going until the last second when they are practically in your face.

      I had a friend who worked for the local council and he gave me one of those Radar keys for the disabled toilets. I rarely use public toilets but if I have to then I’ll use that key because disabled toilets are private and cut off from the normal ones.

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      • Speaking of one of idiots glued to their phone. I remember when I was jogging some white boy glued to his phone stood in my way I nearly bump into him. I can’t stand people who are glued to their phone like zombies

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I prefer using disabled toilets because they are more cleaner, you get more privicy and you are not meeting any idiots. I also hate the fact that people are glued to their phones, not looking where they are going, they barged into you and they make look like your fault even though you are the innocent one and they are the guilty one plus they don’t even say sorry and that what pisses me off and makes me go mad.

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  6. This is a classic example of how BW think they can do whatever they want . They need to learn actions have consequences. More BM need to check their bad behaviour because if they don’t learn how to behave the streets will check you. And these Non BM don’t fuck around

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    • black british guy,

      That’s why I endorse this rash of White Zaddys going upside these black hoes’ heads. From Left Hook Harry to the Deep Ellum Demolisher. Black women are their women not ours, let them put them hoes in check.

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  7. I gotta vent this morning, just to get this off my chest.

    I’m tired of hearing these knuckleheaded negro simps and their black witches hollering that SYSBM is all about brothers chasing after white women. That clearly shows you how narrow-minded these negros are, as they clearly bypass latina women, asian women, arabian women, indian women, even east african women. The whole point of SYSBM is for brothers to build their families and legacies elsewhere. Like King Sigma said the other day, it’s only a small faction of SYSBM members who deal with white women, and even then, the white women they deal with are usually from non-western societies (look it up). And yet and still, these blackistan buffoons keep hollering about SYSBM brothers chasing white women.

    And of course we get the occasional boogie man story of some white woman getting a brother in trouble. Yet these buffoons won’t tell you that in virtually all of these cases it involves these liberal white women (think USA, and sometimes Canada and UK). Brothers who travel and deal with white women outside of America, rarely run into this problem. But blackistan buffoons won’t tell you that.

    And then you got these so called red pill brothers who want to shame thinking brothers who go out and marry non-black women, trying to scare them with cuckoldry and that non-black women are just as bad as black women when it comes to marriage. These negros will have you to believe you can’t be red pill and married at the same time. Yet I know plenty of brothers who are red pill aware and in happy and longstanding marriages with non-black women. I’m not saying brothers should be marriage-minded, marriage is not for everyone. But if you’re serious about having your own family and building your community the right way, marriage has to be on the table. And believe me, with the advent of today’s technology, there are many tools and techniques readily available online that a brother can use to influence his marriage and maintain it the way he wants. I’m not going to delve into those details, but if you look hard enough and have an open mind, you can find and utilize them. By the way, there are studies that shows a correlation between the race of the woman and the chance of the marriage being stable (less likely for divorce). But black folks aren’t ready for studies like that as that now goes into genetics and eugenics.

    Believe me, I got more to say. But being that I’m at work at this moment, I’m gonna have to save the rest to my videos coming up.

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    • @Sigma Jones I understand your frustration, but do recognize that SYBM is winning.

      Notice the sudden attention in 2019 that Hoteps, Utility & Beta drones and Black misandrists have focused on Verbs; but he keeps killing them with facts. They are attacking him and turning that Medusa gaze towards SYBM because the philosophy is undermining their con game. SYBM philosophy is counter runs counter to the Hotep Communist agenda. Likewise, it is more dangerous than the BM trying to negotiate and reform the BW.

      The man in the SYBM path is a threat because he exercises his options without prejudice; that what kills them-you dont even care enough to care anymore.

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      • King Sigma,

        Made an appearance on Obsidian’s show today and yet again I had to deal with a self proclaimed simp who tried to roll in with the “you’re a foreigner therefore you cannot speak on black US issues” argument once again, this dude was so bold that before he even spoke the first words out of his mouth were “simp mode activated”.

        See, at the end of the day as we’ve already explained, they don’t have any logic, facts or counter arguments to bring to the table so they have to attack me personally, additionally on today’s show I even had the Concrete Rose Witch call me an African Booty Scratcher, however I don’t get angry at things like that, I instead rejoice because as you said SYSBM is winning and these disgruntled black sirens through their relentless slander continue to prove the case as to why SYSBM is necessary for thinking brothers.

        Black women will be judged and no amount of name calling will change that. Popcorn and juice at the ready awaiting the fireworks to really start kicking off, lol.

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      • Verbs has the patience of a saint, so I definitely commend him for that. But you’re correct King Sigma, these people are lashing out because the thinking brothers who have total control over their mind-set, they are the ones who can indirectly decide the fate of black america. And that scares them a lot.

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      • The only reason SIMP negroes and their plantation owners the Line Backer and Cruise Ship Association of America are going in hard on verbs, is the same reason they were going in hard on MBD, Tito, Sotomayor, Rick Scorpio, Charles dude in Brazil….. #SYSBM is unstoppable.

        You can attempt to change minds online, but not everyone is watching. They can’t do shit. The time for skin based allegiances ended in 1970. Were in generation #3 of Black men with something completely different. Media presents one think, society does another. It’s no longer about stopping every brother from leaving the “communiteh”, it’s now about stemming the tide. Cynthia G, Taz the Simp and all the other characters are playing Whackamole, plugging holes in a sinking ship with Playdough.

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      • Michel,

        The Renaissance Witch, Nylah Says and Taz the Simp have now become the gatekeepers and protectors of black female skullduggery and dysfunction. The Concrete Witch is an acolyte of both the bald eagle Cynthia G and the Renaissance Witch, hence why I had to go in hard on her yesterday. She’s trying to spit knowledge to thinking brothers like she’s some sort of Princess Diana type character but meanwhile has several bastard children on deck, smh.

        As I’ve stated before, it’s too late for them, black women are on the ropes bleeding heavily however there is nobody available to throw in the towel for them. They must and will take the L’s that are rightfully coming to them.

        They don’t like me because I refuse to give them any room to wriggle out of exercising responsibility and accountability. The black witch must be held to task for her sins and she will be.

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Black women and their pebble headed simps just don’t get it at all, I’ve dealt with this same issue in previous articles, as I’ve stated many times before black women and their pro black simp flunkies have white women on the brain far more than they claim SYSBM practicing brothers do. This is why I said in my last article that it is easy for other non black women to roll in and scoop up thinking black men from right under the noses of black women because these black sirens are too busy keeping an eye out for “dem white gurls”.

      We only need to look at the demographic of regular contributors who frequent Slaying Evil to see that not all black men who date out have a first preference for white women, from what I’ve seen there are preferences that are completely across the board over here. Black women, their simp stooges and those who are opposed to SYSBM choose to remain ignorant on purpose concerning the philosophy and lifestyle.

      I’m SYSBM and my girlfriend isn’t white, when I was on Nylah Say’s panel a while back that threw some of those dark harridans into disarray because they so badly wanted to speak ill of me “loving those white girls”.

      I don’t have a problem with white women at all, if I were single and to date one then my first preference of white female would be those from Eastern Europe. There is no black female or any watery simp who could shame me out of dating a white woman, it just wouldn’t happen. Looking forward to your video commentary on this matter, as per usual you already know what to do here when you finish making the video.

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      • @Verbs I have figured out that those opposed to free thinking BM are out of ammunition. “simp mode activated”is doesn’t get more pathetic than that; but I’m sure another Validation Drone will see that as a challenge to race to a newer low.

        The Hoteps don’t really know what to do in this digital space because they have never seen tribes of thinking BM speaking freely and bluntly; they are shook. Ironically, the faux married women that find their way to these Black male spaces are usually the loudest voices but the weakest in logic.

        Funny, ABWs used to use that “African booty scratcher’ comment as a derogatory comment towards Dark-Skinned Black men like myself. Oddly enough, the same group of Hoteps and Pro-Blacks talking about Pan-Africanism and relocating back to Africa are the same low-lifes that would use the term ‘African Booty Scratcher?’

        That is why the Hoteps are finished, they can’t grow their victim pool as long as free thinking BM are exposing the facts of the retrogression and dysfunction led by social parasites.

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      • King Sigma,

        Notice how black women and their simp underlings are always so quick to disparage the skin tone of black men men they disagree with but yet on the flip side of the coin will still claim that they “love black people”, smh. Black women have no more ammunition left, the simps now realise that they too have no rebuttals and that trying to defend black women won’t be easy at all, hence their latest tactics of desperation in attacking the messenger instead of actually dealing with the message itself.

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      • @Verbs

        Exactly! If I wanted a white girl, it’s not hard for me to travel overseas to get one. But white women aren’t my first preference, as you have rightly stated about many of us SYSBM brothers. Only in black america where everything is black and white. If you’re not dating a black woman, then you must be dating a white woman, and vice versa. Forget women from other cultures and ethnicities around the world, they don’t exist in the eyes of the citizens of blackistan.

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      • Let’s be honest, most Black do not like Africans. Hell, they love whites more than their suppose kinfolk on the continent. And besides, white people are their relatives along but not if you think about it. When challenge, their true colors come out. Because you are African brothers (when convenient) You are suppose to support and uplift us.

        Most don’t understand just how the rest of the diaspora see American Blacks. It bad enough that they know more of American Black History than them.

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  8. Does the white male worship of the the Black misandrist peasant ever end? Aparently, has heard the bedwench call:

    Some Black Manosphere takes on the Bedwench commercial:

    Ancestry.Com Commercial Shows How Much Love Masters Had For Their SLVe WMN! – Tommy S. Bedwench Commercial & Black People Still just Dont Get in the Year 2019 – Brain Solonge

    In defense of slavery romance ad – David Carrol persepective

    My thought is that is just more truth serum of how widespread the bedwench mentality is among Black women. Why do the SYBM brothers have to say about the commercial and the Bedwench narrative?

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    • Pretty much talked about this in my latest video over at BlackAvenger.TV. I’m glad that more commercials like this are coming out. It’s sad that they are now romanticizing slavery. But at they end of day, that’s what these black witches want. So brothers need to keep it moving and go on to better prospects.

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    • King Sigma,

      Phil Advise Show tried to claim that the history was inaccurate, however according to those who kept slavery journals they expressly talked about the fact that black women would literally throw themselves at their slave masters and would frequently involve themselves in sex orgies in order to “please massa”.

      We already have Ghetto Gaggers, additionally we cannot forget the classic article I wrote back in December 2016 entitled How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God, that is a 5 part series, however part one can be viewed in the link below:

      It’s a wrap for these disjointed harpies, fortunately got it right and incredibly accurate.

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      • @Verbs

        That is why I posted the take from 3 known Black YTers, they all came to the same conclusion as you-many of these Black women worship the ground the White man walks on, and they hate their Blackness. We can just look at the way that bedwenches and swirlers throw themselves at the feet of their White God in 2019 to conclude that in a time of little to know freedom like the slavery times; they did it quicker fueled by fear and powerlessness.

        Only difference between now and then, is that the bedwench has total freedom to consent. I said on a O-Man panel a few weeks ago, that the average ABW is literally fooling everyone to believe that her colorism pleas, skin bleaching, and weave addiction are appeals to Black men-FALSE! These are strategies of non-competitive women, who want the bottom tier of WM to take pity on them and date them out of a a sense of guilt.

        This is why in 2019, I LMAO at simps still talking this mother-goddess; we gotta protect these negresses. These simp drones have no clue that the large majority of those women are the prpoerty of the White Supremacist State.

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      • Phil the advise is just a fat race baiting dick policing simp. I’m still surprised he has a audience when he’s in a interracial relationship.

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    • Look up the Placage Ball. That commerical is historically accurate. A slave and the overseer or slaveowner son. There’s so much documentation of the numerous miscegenation children that a good amount of slaves were virtually white towards the start of the Civil War. Hell there was heat between slave woman and the white european wives because their husbands OPENLY had slave mistresses. And the slave mistress received the passion that the White wives didn’t get. Unless every once in a while to hook up with one of the Young Bucks. Even though there was laws that prohibited miscegenation, it was openly accept in parts of the south.

      Hell, even confederate general Jefferson Davis praise His black Danny for raising him. And this was common. The actual history of slavery is so much more interesting than the roots slave narrative

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    • Jon,

      Black women are definitely scary, what about the Chinese dude who was scared out of his wits being chased around by the black female Comedian B Simone when she kicked out to China for a vacation:

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  9. The singer Ciara is getting one of the biggest financial payoffs of her life through her husband’s (Russell Wilson) 4-year, $140 million contract extension noting that he doesn’t have a prenuptial agreement. There’s a picture going around on social media of Ciara braiding Russell’s hair ( I thought women like her would want to change the thug-type dude into a good guy, not the other way around. I do think Ciara is trying to change the nice-guy image of Russell Wilson to be more like the men she dealt with in her former relationships to said guys in the past for example Future and Bow Wow. You have black folks (like the female below) in denial of not believing that Ciara is still being bitter over her engagement with Future ended and Wilson getting suckered in the middle of that mess concerning the dispute over Future and Ciara’s son with Wilson backing her up.

    I posted that same picture of Ciara braiding Russell Wilson’s hair on my Instagram page and here’s several responses to me from a dyke black woman from both my Junior and Senior high school years.

    @dread_head_tot (

    Soooooo…. having braids makes you a thug??? 😂😂😂😂

    How though?? He doesn’t dress like them at all. And her playing in his hair isn’t evidence enough. “It is believed” is just fancy for “rumor has it”. I doubt very seriously that she’s bitter about ANYTHING going on in her life. They’re way too blessed to be bitter. I just can’t see what you mean.

    And that’s why most ppl aren’t happy now and the reason females are still asking for the prayer she prayed to get him. They were blessed BEFORE he even got this deal. Have you done your research on them?? Money can’t make a bond. Money can’t give you the love that they have for each other. They get blessed more and more every year. She doesn’t have to make music to make money. They add to each other’s happiness. Most ppl depend on others to make them happy. They are blessed bc they have what others truly want and that’s genuine love and genuine peace. It’s not about money at all. Broke ppl think that way.

    P.S. The female that commented is an openly manly dressed lesbian. She had more girlfriends than me, then and now.


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    • @Brother

      It won’t be long before Ciara is divorcing Russell Wilson; she has secured the bag now.

      I don’t feel any empathy for Russel Wilson, because at this point it should be clear that marriage to a woman making so much less than you is financial suicide. Moving forward, the few people willing to be married, will only do so with those within their class. Ciara before she married Russel was worth around $1 million. While, Russel is worth $140 million.

      Therefore, you’d think someone of that stature would be smart enough not to marry a woman without an inheritance of $100 million (so Im talking the Paris Hilton level women inheriting Hilton Hotel chains, etc.).

      Lesson to learn from Russell, Bezos or any other man still wanting to get married in the West. Marry within your financial class or get zeroed out by the western Courts…

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    • BrotherDanUnlimited,

      Wilson is in some serious trouble, most folks can see the writing on the wall apart from him. He’ll learn the hard way that simping doesn’t pay at all. All we need do with Wilson is simply sit back and await his day of doom to arrive. Ciara is simply a glorified hood rat who is trying her best to convert Wilson into a Slim Sauce/12 Gauge Mike/Roof Top Trey type character as those are the kind of men she STILL likes.

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      • I remember the backlash Wilson (deservedly) got from BM after marrying Ciara, it was SAVAGE. Most of us were predicting that it would only be a matter of time before Ciara cleaned him out. BW were celebrating like they had all won the lottery when Ciara married him, Wilson had given BW hope that black baby mommas could still get a good man. I like Wilson as he seems like a good guy, but he is a SUPER SIMP.

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  10. I got nothing to say. I really have nothing to say. Black women are twerking on the internet, wearing weave trying to look white, having a bad attitude, living of the government, having kids left, right and centre, putting men on child support, sleeping with Pookie and Ray Ray, the list goes on. W

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    • Money Cultural,

      Black women and their devil spawn creations continue to mess up and bring down black society further into ruin and degradation, nothing new to see here, move on indeed.

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      • Cat got my tongue brother, because I have nothing to say about these women. Its just the same thing with these women of our race.

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  11. And when disaster strikes for them hard, they try to go back to the heterosexual black male to save them but the black man won’t but the simp will save her just to get that coochie.

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  12. What is your opinion on President Trump? My opinion Trump is the lesser evil of two better candidate then Hilary. But he won’t do fuck all about immigration he won’t save white America. He will do the okie doke on white people like Obama did for black people.

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    • Black British Guy,

      To be fair Trump is actually trying to save the country, however the Democrats lead by Schumer and Pelosi are doing everything they possibly can to put obstacles in his path. Trump was ticked off that he lost the House to the Democrats because he knew from that point they would stand in his way on anything positive towards the betterment of the country.

      The decadent billionaire George Soros who is sponsoring and responsible for the current migrant influx into Europe is the same dude responsible for the caravans and the heavy influx of migrants now invading the US/Mexico border.

      Trump has been the only President I’ve seen who has actually delivered or is trying to deliver on his campaign promises. He promised to build a wall and work would’ve started on it a long time ago had the Democrats just given him the money to begin with.

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    • I agree with Verbs. Most of what Trump is trying to do is being blocked by those damn Democrats.

      I will say that I think that Nancy Pelosi needs a good hard (redacted) to change her mind.

      Preferably from me.

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    • black british guy,

      Unlike most here I proudly voted for Hillary. I could expound at length why I voted for her, but the short version is that black men like me generally do better with white women, haha. Plus the status quo was working for me.

      I did not vote for Trump but I lowkey approve of:

      1) CUTSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      2) Federal hiring freeze (no more double minority BW hires)
      3) Muslim Ban
      4) Tranny ban in the military
      5) Black hoes getting their chins checked by emboldened racist white men (they try that with brothas and get their clocks cleaned)

      He will never get his imaginary wall, that shit is a non-starter. In order to build it, he’d have to outright seize the land of the very people who voted for him in 2016 and would need to again in 2020. Nor can he get the funding for it. There is no emergency at the border for “emergency” funds to be released.

      The presidential race is interesting so far but if I had to call it today, I’d say Trump wins another term if he doesn’t self-destruct first. Of the (D) candidates, I like Beto the most.

      BM already broke for Trump by 13% in 2016. Expect that number to go up if the DNC puts up Kamala as the nominee.

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  13. Hey did you guys see that Black Wife/White Wife swap clip that was going around on Twitter? This is a link to it

    Look at how relieved the Black Family was when the White Wife said she allows the man to be the boss in her home. Look at how happy the kids were when she said cooked meals. Just further proof that Black “Women” lack the basic skills that make women good mothers and good wives.

    Black witches know nothing other than to be stubborn and to be tyrants in their family smh. Simps on Twitter were working overtime when this came out making excuse after excuse for why Black Witches act the way they do. The Black Husband seems like a good guy but he lost because he married a Black Witch. How unfortunate.

    Liked by 4 people

    • JW,

      Such a contrast, and these black females wonder why more black men are choosing to give them the boot in favour of non black women. It is the woman’s job to manage the home, that includes cooking, these black heifers are lazy as hell man. But at the same time I can’t feel sorry for the black dude because he made two fundamental mistakes, married the black witch and had 2 children by her.

      As I’ll continue to state over and over again, black women as a whole are NOT fit for relationships or marriage. Microwave dinners, typical black female preference, these women are so lost it’s a joke at this point. The simps are dumb as hell, they cannot defend this modern day black female yet they still continue to try in vain.

      Liked by 4 people

      • White women for the win. Plus she can cook. Oh my sweet jesus. Once they get fried chicken with seasoning salt down to a T, goodbye black hoodrats. SYSBM for the few, the proud, the educated.

        Liked by 2 people

    • That Black witch called the white husband “rude” and “a caveman”; why, because he’s structured his home on patriarchal principles? He wasted no time in cutting to the chase: finding out if she is wife material. Plus, who else found it funny when he asked her if she’s part Indian?

      I kinda feel for that Black husband; he probably feels like he’s dreaming (in that the White wife is submissive, cooks for her family, and doesn’t boss her man around), but he’s not. He’s the type of guy who’d buy that “yo momma Black” nonsense.

      Liked by 5 people

      • The brothers smile says it all. He’s in heaven and love her grace and presence alone. That is white girl magic.

        Liked by 5 people

    • Hahahaha great clip, JW! The white woman makes home cooked meals while the black woman doesn’t do shit. The black kids almost fainted when the white woman said she cooked. The black kids are gonna be begging the white mom to adopt them. Sistas are horrible, they just stay losing.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Kameron Brown,

      Typical black witch, she is either raping, molesting, beating, intimidating, bullying or killing children, smh. But I’m expected to date, marry and procreate with such savages, no thanks, I’ll pass on that.

      Liked by 3 people

  14. Have you all seen this. It seems this topic we spoke of before when it comes to white men and trying to say that the black men’s plight is same as theirs when it’s evidently not. I’m suspicious of those MRA’s

    When things were affecting black men no one gave a damn but now it’s affecting white men and all other men they think us black men should give a damn. As I say f*** them. They started this nonsense. No sympathy from me they will get.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Just like when black men start bringing up the issues with black women. You must talk about black men, too. white men are not that much different oh, they’re generally narcissistic and selfish. They belong together

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Well, well, well. I’ve just come back from an interview with a recruitment company and just five minutes, I’ve walked out.

    One mean looking liberal fat cow greets me at the door (fine…) By that’s nothing compared to the Black witch which followed right behind her. “do you have your passport”, “have you logged on to our app?” I’m asking for a little time to connect my tablet to WiFi, she walks off in a huff. The last thing I heard her say under her breath: “well hurry up then…”.

    At this point I sit for a second taking in the sheer rudeness from everyone involved. After 10 seconds, I ask for my passport and leave. Guess who’s holding the door open for me…?

    I’ve put up with too much crap in my lifetime to stand there and take more crap from a slavery-era looking wench for a potential job opening. Nothing like a black witch to shit in your cornflakes.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Good work, Michel. More black men should just man up and walk away when they sense disrespect instead of hanging around, begging for scraps. The right job is right around the corner. Keep strong, my friend.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Cheers Schadenfreude. It’s been great knowing when to walk from a bad situation within 5 minutes rather than taking 10 years of your life. Honor your gut feeling!

        Black men have been conditioned to putting up with some serious nonsense, that even just walking away seems like a weak move to do, when in fact it’s the correct, mature response to bad behaviour and disrespect. You weren’t out on this earth to be anyone’s psychic garbage can.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Verbs,

        I’d heard your grievance on the bike lane mishap thinking “I’m lucky here, no trouble from the black witch this week….”

        The sad thing is there are now a group of 18-25 year olds who are now willing to take that kind of appaling attitude for the sake of £8 an hour. Not me.

        Liked by 3 people

  16. What is your opinion Charlie Therzon raising her adopted black son as girl. This is one of the many reasons why i don’t think white people should be allowed to adopt black children.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. With the welfare your paying dumb people to breed more. And we have a underclass of people who don’t have the iq to function in society thanks to the welfare. Especially in Britian in USA. And when the welfare state collapses so many negroes and people will riot and die. The cities will burn

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  18. I noticed today that Obsidian is getting alot of flack for not holding thinking black men accountable for being part of the OOW birth rate. since he is talking about Black women and the pookies ninjas, he MUST include the thinking black man. Also being called a hypocrite for wanting to get hot women because you know Black man can’t have standards. Of course, Obsidian and other thinking black man got thrown on the bus and and label lame incels for not getting with big booty Brenda. At least 2 live streams going in on him and really thinking black man in general today. Because you know you just got to get over it, learn some game, self improve, to get Brenda. Even though she is easier than shooting fish in a barrel and worn out well, even though she is not most of our types. And even then she may cheat on you with a Pookie type dudes.

    He wanted to negotiate with these women, right. Now he’s going to get thrown under the bus. Not trying to defend him, cuz he did get himself into this. But most black men don’t really have a heart and all because he has standards and he don’t hold thinking black men responsible for the mess in the community. Because us thinking black man are responsible for this.

    F*** that and f*** them f****** disgraceful permanent slave class Negroes. They’re f****** disgrace to those who came before them and gave up their lives so we had to be f****** stereotypes. you can have them hoes. I am sysbm. You can have them overrated ran through stinky coochie females and their brown-nosers. but I wish him luck on trying to negotiate. But just because your martyr does not mean you won’t be looked at as a fool.

    Apparently they didn’t learn from Tommy Sotomayor cautionary Tale. That’s all for now

    Liked by 2 people

    • Why is Obsidian still negotiating with the “communiteh”? Didn’t he learn his lesson the other time he was sacrificed by the Container Ship Association of America? Guess not…

      We’re lame incels for choosing to avoid being the clean up man to unrelated thug babies, yet we’re also part of the 85% OOW rate? Which one is it? It can’t be both? Lead water drinking negroes logic.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Obsidian needs to learn the hard way, this is what happens when you allow women into a male space. Especially black women. I don’t care about the “black manosphere” because it’s turn to shit when they started allowing black women on their streams.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Michel,

        To label thinking black men incels I have to admit is an absolutely ridiculous stretch as we don’t have any problems getting cooperative non black females at all. An incel by strict definition is unable to get any women, hence why he is labelled an incel to begin with.

        Again, as I stated to Mack G, if we were to remove 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce from the single black mother equation, the amount of thinking black men to count up wouldn’t even register on the smallest map.

        Thinking black men are not the majority bulk of males who have contributed towards single black motherhood, therefore by default it’s simply a waste of time introducing them into the discussion.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Mack G,

      Let’s be honest, the number of thinking black men who have contributed to the near 80% out of wedlock birthrate pales in significance when compared to the likes of 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce. Again, we already know and have seen first hand the type of black men most black women prefer, thinking black men ARE NOT THE MAIN CULPRITS responsible for black women having so many children out of wedlock.

      If we were to remove the likes of Roof Top Trey and Trap House Jim from the single mother epidemic equation, the number of thinking black men to count up would be nothing short of a trickle, anybody who implies that thinking black men have made the same impact as Creepy Deckan in terms of contributing towards the single black female epidemic is not being honest at all.

      Also, the fact of the matter is the woman has the first and final say as to who she allows to enter into her, if she chooses not to have sex with Lil Cheezy, outside of rape(which is the exception to the rule) there is little to nothing that he can do about it aside from moving on. Black women INVITE the gutter dudes in to have sex with them, the few thinking black men who do get caught up normally are hemmed up in order for the particular female involved to get herself on the government payroll because she already knows that the thinking brother more time has money and resources.

      Again, we can include thinking black men in the single black mother equation, however the numbers in relation to their part in baby motherism are insignificant. To me, attempting to sidetrack and push some of the focus upon thinking black men when it comes to this issue, their numbers aren’t even a drop in the ocean, this is a Kansas City shuffle aimed at getting the likes of Lil Greezy, Cheddar Boy and All Gravy off the hook.

      These dudes below are the ones who hold the majority bulk of the responsibility for contributing towards the single black mother epidemic, these are the men who ought to be focused on, not thinking brothers:–theyre-paying-child-support-them.html

      Dealing with the Big Booty Brenda Issue, the fact of the matter is black women in the 21st century aren’t of any significant quality that demand black men “step their game up” or “improve” for them. Any improvements embarked upon must be made for one’s self as they will simply be wasted upon this modern day black woman.

      Unattractive, overweight, foul attitudes, bad hygiene, lack of moral compass, no pride taken in physical appearance, weaves, fake eye lashes, fake nails, 50000 pounds of industrial strength make up, single mothers by the truckload, again, is this what I’m supposed to step my game up for? I think not.

      We now know why most black women ACROSS THE BOARD choose the likes of 12 Gauge Mike And Roof Top Trey over thinking black men, the former are DYSFUNCTIONAL, the latter are NORMAL. Black women DON’T LIKE NORMAL MEN period, thus once again THEY are the problem, not the thinking brothers.

      Finally, unlike Grim Rock, Rat Boy and Slim Sauce, thinking black men have repented for their past mistakes, are on a path of correction and openly encourage and advise other brothers NOT to make the same mistakes they did.

      Unlike Obsidian I’m not trying to negotiate with the black witch because as far as I am concerned based upon her appalling track record and her continued road of destruction, she needs to face some harsh judgements and severe recompenses for her crimes against black men and black society as a whole. Black men like ourselves who practice SYSBM DO NOT have a problem getting women and generally end up getting with much higher tier females as opposed to sticking with the likes of black women as a group.

      Liked by 4 people

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