SYSBM At Work – What Thinking Black Men Can Look Forward To Dating And Marrying Out


The story behind this video is simple, as explained above in the third and fourth links Emmanuel simply wanted to make a video dedicated to his wife and the idea was brought about to merge Middle Eastern music with the body popping element of the black dance culture. As much as I’m extremely impressed with Emmanuel’s moves, it’s his eldest son that really has my jaw dropping to the floor, his movements are so smooth and perfected for somebody of such a young age.

Mad Bus Driver(MBD) has been demonstrating for the longest while(at least 5 years) what treasures await those black men who decide to take the plunge and move to expand upon their dating and marriage options. So much for the common black female talking point that black men who choose to date out can only get with fat, ugly white women, Shazia Hurd is a very attractive Desi woman, she isn’t white.

This is the problem with black women and their pro black underlings, they have white women on the brain more than they claim thinking black men do. Again, as I’ve stated before, while black women are so focused upon white women, women of other ethnicities are executing beyond easy sneak attacks and scooping up quality black men from right underneath the noses of black women, typically black men who black women didn’t want.

This takes me to another point which I must drive home once again to thinking brothers, black women don’t reject intelligent black men because we are “lame”, they pass over us for the likes of 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce because WE ARE FUNCTIONAL IE NORMAL. Black women don’t like normal individuals, they mush prefer to form coalitions with dysfunctional black men, hence their deep-seated attraction towards the gutter of black male society.

We already know Emmanuel Hurd’s story, this black man is well spoken, intelligent and he is clearly engaging himself in positive and productive activities, therefore black women because of these factors would’ve undoubtedly classified him as a “lame” and outright rejected him back in the day. At some point he realised that he couldn’t build anything with these black sirens and so Hurd decided to expand upon his dating options and the rest is history.

Now, we already know that both Emmanuel and his wife Shazia have been receiving disparaging comments and even death threats from the male Pakistani community because by now we’re quite aware of just how incredibly insecure the majority of those dudes are, don’t forget the article I wrote back in September 2018 in which I showcased this:

This is also the main reason why we see much smaller numbers of Pakistani and Indian women dating out, because the men of those communities have no hesitation in taking things to the extreme because they are so jealous. In many cases those Pakistani, Indian and other South Asian women who wish to date out typically have to cut their family members off, I wrote an article and featured a video about this very topic which can be seen here.

Now, we obviously know that black women have been on Emmanuel Hurd’s case, talking the same old “you should’ve kept it black, what, you couldn’t find a good sister” garbage knowing full well that they aren’t attracted to functional black men. The predominant reasons why black women get upset when black men date out is because they know longer have access to their money and resources and those black men are no longer within reach in order to make their lives a misery and a living hell.

Black women don’t like seeing black men happy full stop and they will go out of their way to ensure that those black men within their reach stew and marinate in the same cauldron of misery and suffering just as they are. Now since black women love and fawn over mixed race children, you’d think that Emmanuel Hurd would be doing them a favour right? Wrong, black women only love mixed race children that come from BLACK MOTHERS AND NON BLACK FATHERS. As far as most black females are concerned, the children in the video represent an abomination simply because their father is black.

It’s alright and A-OK for black women to date, marry and procreate interracial, however when a black man does it all of a sudden there is a problem and we must immediately stop the presses, smh. Emmanuel Hurd is the true definition of an Alpha male(if we really have to use the term), the man has built his family, his legacy and is constantly on the grind in order to provide for them.

Again, as MBD has pointed out before, the Alpha and Beta terms are not fixed, they can be moved which makes the entire classification system and those making the determinations and judgements look extremely questionable. In black society Emmanuel Hurd would be labelled as a Beta male, yet as can clearly be seen with his Pakistani wife he is an Alpha male. Do you see how the dynamics completely change once you begin to remove black women and their disjointed thought pattern processes from the equation?

The persecution of black men who choose to date interracial is relentless, check out this video I was sent recently in which a thinking black man with his highly attractive Latina girlfriend(Brazilian) go through and read comments in relation to another video they made previously. Again, notice the dynamic that completely goes against the common stereotypes black women and their simp flunkies continue to propagate concerning black men and the level of attractiveness they can get with once they depart the shores of Blackistan:

Did you notice the comment around the 3:07 mark, of course a black witch would roll in, attempt to conjure up the devil that is homosexuality and further try to put that on the dude. Black women never fail with their underhanded homosexual jibes towards heterosexual thinking black men even though black women are the biggest proponents and supporters of homosexuality in black society, black men overwhelmingly don’t support that lifestyle which is obviously a huge problem for black women as they overtly attempt to saturate black society with the LGBTQ agenda.

Also notice how one of the disgruntled commenters referred to his girlfriend Misssimplyfab as a “flat back”, this is the typical dumb, short sightedness of most black women in 2019, they honestly believe that having a big butt and nothing else is sufficient enough for a relationship to remain fruitful and prosperous, they don’t believe that there are any other requirements needed to grow and maintain healthy relations between boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife.

As I’ve stated many times before, black women as a collective stay guzzling down high-octane dumb fuel for life, there isn’t an ounce of intelligence to be found in the overwhelming majority of them, hence another major reason why black men should take their chances elsewhere ie date interracial in order to avoid siring retarded children with these black Jezebels.

Additionally, be aware that black women only attempt to throw the homosexuality card upon thinking black men in order to distract folks from looking in their direction where they would soon find these same homosexual jab throwing black females liberally engaged in eating snatch and licking cooch, don’t get caught out by the black female’s homosexual/down low black men Kansas City Shuffle.

Any black man who is outside the reach of black women and additionally who is involved in a prosperous relationship with a non black female black women will immediately consider to be homosexual, this is just how their disjointed, Twilight Zone mindset works. Again, if you wish to see black women, their simp goons and the witchcraft they practice at work, just listen to the comments being read out. Black women are some of the biggest dick police officers on the planet, they are always trying to control the dating preferences of black men who want nothing to do with them.

Brothers, as you can see and as MBD has been demonstrating for years, you can obtain a better life as well as a much higher calibre of female by dating out, you don’t have to settle for overweight, foul attitudes, tattooed up to the hilt, masculine looking, weave, fake eye lash and heavy make up wearing wide load cruise ships, fully loaded oil tankers and extra load capacity aircraft carriers, you can do better for yourselves despite the opposite propaganda being put out by black women and their pro black simp flunkies.

Here is yet another interracial couple on YouTube who are happily living their lives but who yet again on occasions come under fire from the usual suspects:

Finally, returning to the original topic of discussion, notice the respect that Shazia has for her husband in fully taking on board his last name, you’ll notice that of those few black women who do get married, a lot of them will typically double barrel their last names because they don’t really want to be under the authority of their husbands completely.

Now, I understand that there are non black women who also engage in this practice, however they are fewer and further between. As far as I am concerned any woman who decides to marry should take on board their husband’s last name and automatically put theirs to the side, any double barrel names in effect as far as I am personally concerned are a red flag.

Date out black men, you will be doing yourselves a huge favour and extending your life in the long run, you don’t have to tolerate the garbage that is the modern day black female, don’t be afraid to follow the examples of the black men above. Create a better and long-term legacy for yourselves, attractive Desi women are waiting for you. The future is bright for thinking black men, the future is SYSBM. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Cannot And Will Not Be Stopped

Most High Bless

107 thoughts on “SYSBM At Work – What Thinking Black Men Can Look Forward To Dating And Marrying Out

  1. Yes, them Desi girls feel a brother hard, as evidenced by that article you pointed to (We get it, you like Black Men…), and the fact that with the Pak girls, they would have to be cut off or leave the family in order to do so.

    Like I’ve said before, my half-brother saved himself with his Brit-Pak girlfriend and they now have three healthy boys. He, presumably seeing how messed up his unhinged mother behaved towards his (and my father) father, just said “fuck it” and do something completely different. (BTW, the other half-brother kept it black, and he’s thinking about divorce. Go figure?) I don’t know how they’re doing nowadays, as soon as papi dropped off, they did too…

    SYSBM is in the family already, just my turn next.

    #TeamDesiGirls #TeamWhiteGirls

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    • Michel,

      Far more Desi girls would date out if it was for the barbaric, brutal and insecure behaviours of their men. In many cases dating out for them is a guaranteed death sentence as the guys won’t hesitate to take out their own flesh and blood in the name of “honour”, smh.

      SYSBM is the smoothest way forward for for the thinking brother, keeping it black already knowing and seeing firsthand the utter disdain and hatred black women have towards black men is a fool’s errand. Black women in 2019 are a basket case and a write off, thinking black men must seek out viable alternatives.

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      • I would date a desi girl, but i don’t want her to lose her family because of it. I don’t really care about the men though. Most of them weak looking, and i would destroy them in a fight.

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      • Robert Hicks,

        A lot of the time the families of these women do them more harm than good, they are oppressors and slave drivers towards the women, besides just like Shazia above she can always start her own family.

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  2. Them desi girls are amazing. I met a few of them and they treated me with respect. It was not one insult nor no “I need money” from them.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Nope, that’ll be your typical black woman coming to you under the cover of darkness scrounging for cash, remember these are the same disgruntled sirens to call black men “broke”.

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      • Just had a chick at my job ask me for $20.00 and then when she had won some Beets Headphones, she posted up on Instagram to sell them for $200.00. I would not sell them, but of course, she behind on her bills and get this, she working in VA, but her child who is five years old, lives with her grandmother in Atlanta. What race of women always seem to leave their kids to grandma while she’s in another state “working” and getting piped down by 12 gauge mike????

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Black women cannot manage their money properly because they refuse to control the Jezebel within themselves, they must buy everything their eyes see but then will come running to you begging for money in the dead of the night or behind closed doors. I only lend money to people I know who can and WILL pay it back, unfortunately most black women don’t fit into either category.

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      • …I cannot recall speaking to a black woman in recent times who did not bring up needing money in the conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT looking for any romantic relationship with them these days but I do try to journey in their demented minds to see what they are about. This is why my harsh opinions of them cannot be disputed because I go by empirical FACTS and not rumors. To top it off, countless other black men and even white men say the same thing about black women’s obsession with fleecing men’s wallets. I understand ALL women want a man with some money but black women take it to an absurd extreme and to add insult to injury they mostly do NOT have the looks to justify asking for any money!!!

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      • Rick Scorpio,

        It’s the same old story with these women, they cannot responsibly manage their finances and so they’ll roll up on black men looking to syphon cash. In the overwhelming majority of cases that money if lent out WILL NOT BE SEEN AGAIN as black women seem to think that we owe them something by default.

        Agreed, occasionally there is a necessity to dive into the swamp in order to bring about information concerning the latest on how black women are thinking and conducting themselves. I haven’t see an attractive black woman in a long time, the weaves, fake eye lashes, fake nails, heavy make up, bleached skin etc make black women look even more repulsive than they already are.

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  4. His wife is incredibly attractive, and actually embodies all that Christianity that black women claim to believe in. When’s the last time you saw a sweet, home minded motherly black woman like that, let alone one trying to spit Jesus lines at you?

    As stated, Indian and especially Pakistani men are some of the WORST, the latters’ insecurities putting even the QUEENIES to shame. Maiming, disfiguring with acid, and outright killing their women over so called “honor”, is it any wonder why their woman want nothing to do with them? It ain’t feminism that’s the problem in their culture.

    In both of the first two cases, the dudes got girlfriends/wives with some melanin, and yet still got crap from THE HIVE 🐝. Black men can’t go ten seconds without kissing black women’s asses to reassure black women that they DON’T hate them with the red hot intensity of a thousand suns. And if we deal with black women, we’ll NEVER get the warm treatment these dudes get.

    Notice how the women had similar interests to them men, namely hip hop and dancing. But I thought black women loved all those things and would support black men?

    Also, notice the last dude had a white British wife, becoming more and more common amongst British black men, but ESPECIALLY African ones.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly, just look at the quality of the woman Emmanuel Hurd has but instead I’m supposed to lick the muddy boots of and “build” for disgruntled misandrists such as the bald headed miscreant Synthetic G, really? Black women wouldn’t know the meaning of being Christ like even if it slapped them in the face and punched them in the back of the head 3 times.

      As you’ve pointed out, feminine, attractive, home minded black women died out with the dodo bird.

      Yes sir, their culture is truly jacked up, large swaths of Pakistani and Indian women simply fall into line for fear of heavy reprisals if they were to choose branching out and exploring other options. Nobody outside of their own women want these dudes.

      Your last sentence is 100% accurate, I see this here all the time, more African men checking for white females especially those from Eastern Europe.

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  5. Also, notice that his wife does not look too old, but they already have three children. Another sign of a family minded woman.

    Usually, when and definitely IF black Women get married, they will make that guy jump through ten thousands hoops to ever even possibly have ONE child. And that’s of course after being ran through by Dontravion and Lil’ Jerky Link, who left them with 8 kids, most of whom won’t make it to 20.

    And they wonder why those Democrats that they love so much wanna replace them with Mexicans? Demographics….

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  6. Ain’t nothing like seeing SYSBM in full swing. Let the haters hate. We live in a globalized dating market thanks to the advent of technology and social media. So if the losers can’t keep up with the times, their genes will simply not get passed along to the next generation. So these black witches and their simps better think long and hard before they find themselves nearly extinct.

    Any ways, great article Verbs. And I’m just dropping this here for other SYSBM brothers to enjoy:

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    • Sigma Jones,

      Thanks bro, the internet has completely changed the game, those who cannot keep up will loose out in the long run but that isn’t our problem. Another gem of a video to check out, keep them coming.

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      • @Verbs

        That brother has saved his life and legacy dating a BEAUTIFUL non Black Female!

        As you and MBD have said the black witch AKA the “Bitter Black Bitches of America LLC” see the MASS EXODUS of Black Men from “Blackistan” and now they will stop at nothing to slow the avalanche.

        Now in their desparation they’re calling Black Men “gay” who choose to flee their 300lb, masculine looking violent asses.

        I think it’s wonderful when they go there with the “gay” insult, because it just shows how DEVASTATINGLY EFFECTIVE the #SYSBM movement has been and will be!

        The PSYCHOTIC HYPOCRISY of these beasts is awe inspiring and the video below illustrates that HYPOCRISY perfectly.

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        The brother swung and landed himself an extremely good pitch, despite what the nay sayers continue to ramble, this standard of female is what any thinking brother can achieve once he dates out. It’s a wrap, black women are trying their best to buffer the exodus, however all their efforts are in vain. To make matters worse on their side, they can’t even be bothered to improve themselves on all sides at least to where black men would start to think twice before crossing the fence.

        SYSBM has black women on the ropes bleeding heavily, only there is nobody to throw in the towel for them, they’ll have to lick up dust and eat gravel on this one, lol.

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  7. I think South East Asian women are very underrated I like the dark skin Indians, Sri Lankans, and Pakistani . I would love to fuck a Indian women. If i ever interracial date it would be south east Asian.

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    • Black British Guy,

      South Asian women are very underrated, I live in a predominantly South Asian neighborhood, these chicks are off the chain. I know a chick from Sri Lanka who looks fantastic and is traditional. A lot of their men don’t check for the darker skinned women but if I were single I’d be checking for them all day.

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    • Yep. Always had a thing for the South Asian phenotype. I used to know a brother from Wash. DC, who married a Pakistani woman. They had two sons and a daughter. All were beautiful.

      My own family on my dad’s side (his fathers people) are Egyptian Nubian. And I don’t mean Nubian as in the hotep fantasy bullshit. I mean they are actually ethnic Nubian. Many of them look like a cross between West Africans and South Asians. Some are dark complexioned and some look mixed, but they trace their authentic lineage back to dynastic Egyptian times. They come from a village near Aswan, south of Cairo. That’s where my dad’s dad came from when he immigrated to the US back in the 1930’s-40’s. He worked for the Egyptian Embassy in DC for many years.

      I would see some of these relatives at my grandad’s house when I was very young. But I didn’t really know them or speak Arabic, and most of them had poor English. I just remember that the family was HUGE.

      I recently re-established contact with my fathers cousin in Egypt and he wants me to come and visit the family village. He also found out that I’m not married and have no kids. Believe it or not he actually wants to find me a wife!

      He requested pictures of me which I sent. He then told me that he would show my pictures around to various unmarried females either in the village or in their greater circle of business and social networks throughout Cairo.


      He actually asked me what my “preference” was. Do I want a black woman or white one (I think he means ‘arab’ looking)! Can you believe that?!? Those were his exact words! Even though most of the relatives and aqaintances that I remember were medium to dark complexioned, apparently they must have some more ‘Arab’ looking women in their social circle.

      I was a little embarrassed by how frank and nonchalant he was when he said it. He is medium to dark skinned himself so I felt a little too embarrassed to tell him what I want.

      And truthfully, I haven’t really decided what to tell him. I feel kind of funny having this discussion with anyone else except the brothers on this site. I would probably prefer a lighter skinned female at this point, but I’m still open to all types as long as THEY ARE NOT WESTERNIZED!

      That is the No.1 criterion, bar none. I just worry about the fact that Egypt is one of the more “westernized” countries in that part of the world. The last thing I want is to be introduced to is a foreign version of the shit black females here.

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      • You’re basically being given a free gift of a non-Black woman and you’re not sure? Lol!

        Egypt are the media centre of the Middle East, along with Lebanon, so there is some western influence, but it’s from France – Not from the US. So you’re fine.

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      • Cool. I didn’t know that the influence was French. For some reason I thought it just had to be American. Nothing is definite yet. But he put the idea out there. And I’m certainly going to try to take advantage of it if feasible.

        Thing is, my dad told me many years ago when I was small that my grandfather’s people were “Nubian”, but that was more than 30+ years ago. It never registered until my dad’s cousin began to lecture me about how families need to stay together and that I had a heritage that is not only Black American.

        Problem is that I don’t speak a word of Arabic. I’m afraid they will try to set me up with a westernized English speaker. As every red pill themed men’s website has forwarned, once foreign females learn English, they become vunerable to western mental fuckery.

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    • Slowly but surely, East Asian women are certainly seeking out us brothers. They’re realizing a lot of these white guys that be chasing them don’t bring much to the table, and there has always been an undercurrent of attraction these women have for brothers. As someone who is currently dating a lovely Japanese woman, just be about your business and they will certainly have you on their radars.

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  8. In the Black community we are experiencing a brain drain where smarter black men are called “educated lames, oreo speak like a white boy” because we have a higher IQ than 85 and we act people not savages. And we get no play from BW so we go to non black women. Black women have very poor mate selection skills.

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    • Yeah its dysgenics at work. The smart brothers are remaining single or dating out and young BW are getting knocked up by pookie and ray ray, the state of the community reflects this.

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  9. SYBM is growing, and Black misandry is the cause. The enemy of BM are getting nervous, Im very interested in understanding the roots and real world consequences of Black misandry. I’ll be open to conducting livestreams of my own to bring bros together for conversations related to SYBM topics.

    I tested out a livestream yesterday:

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      • @Sigma Jones I’ll definitely keep you posted; would like to have you on panel.

        It won’t be hosting livestreams on a regular basis, maybe bi-weekly or monthly. I’ll be learning the video editing software over the summer. Just adding a panel discussion space for SYBM minded bruthas.

        As I have said before, SYBM is the future for many Thinking BM.

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    • King Sigma,

      Yes sir, I fully support any brothers who are on the front lines whether it be through making videos, podcasts or writing blogs. As you know, I’d be more than happy to participate in any livestreams you or any other SYSBM content creators host.

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      • @Verbs Thanks for offering your time on a future panel. Will definitely let you know. I believe more and more BM are going to realize that most western BW are so gone, that there best option is find feminine companionship elsewhere.

        I’m more focused on understanding this misandry mentality against Black men for 2019; outside of that I am not concerned with the Amerikandan female.

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  10. Hey guys I know this may be a bit off topic, but I think it illustrates the LYING NATURE of the typical Black Female. (VIDEO BELOW)

    Remember the LineBacker looking black hoodrat chick that got the breaks beat off of her in Deep Elum Dallas?

    Well they’ve released the 911 call from HIM! And everything he said on that call was 1000% true. You can even hear her busting his windows out in the backround.

    But the most delicious and hilarious thing is, she said he used racial slurs, but in fact on the 911 call you can clearly her her calling him a “cracker ass nigga”.

    Black females have an inability to tell the truth and she tried to play the wounded victim and got caught in A BIG ASS LIE!!

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    • I was loving those blows he was throwing. ALSO, when that educated hood rat tried to downplay the other bitches bad behavior, listen to what she SAID! There were people acting badly on BOTH sides………..who have you heard use that argument????? The black Queens head white king, President Trump. I tell you, white nationalist and black women are on the same team, playing from the same playbook.

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    • I have to say this since it was brought out that she used racially charged language: on VladTV, he featured a comedian named Godfrey (you probably remember him from “Soul Plane”); this clown tried to make the claim that White people are creative with the racial slurs; has this guy been living under a rock? No one is more creative with racial slurs than Black women (whom he praises and expressed his love for them, though he did admit to sleeping with White women). This guy is also another dick police officer who stops any brother who blames Black women for why they practice SYSBM.

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    • Note that it was said she began shouting the racial slurs at him AFTER he got done beating her up; goes to show you Black women don’t know when to stop and they live for conflict.

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  11. “They (BW) have white women on the brain MORE than thinking black men do. Again, as I’ve stated before, while BW are so focused upon WW, women of OTHER ethnicities are executing beyond easy sneak attacks and scooping up quality black men from right underneath the noses of black women, typically black men who black women didn’t want.” ~ Verbs

    This is a point that I have made countless times, MOST BM that avoid the Black-ADOS woman/Negress/Bedwench is still seeking Black women in the diaspora, or brown skinned non-BW or even Asians. Most BM are not running around looking for Becky, only a small group have a Becky fetish. Most BM want a child with a Black or brown skinned woman. However, I’m convinced that most of the ABW DO NOT want a Black or brown skinned child; they hate BLACKNESS!

    See, that is the issue these misandrists have with Thinking BM; we are deconstructing all their myths, gas-lighting tactics, and dysfunctional nature for the world to see. Yes, Black women wear weave, to be artificial WW-FAIL! Yes, Swirlers/bedwenches prefer non-Black children- FAIL! Yes, the Negress/bedwench was no longer your woman the moment she accepted the rulership of White Supremacy.

    This is the problem that Black misandrists have with the thinking Black man – Black men are not supposed to be expressive, articulate, and logical. Unlike, the Utility drone/bed buck or Validation Drone/non-sexual male orbiter-the Thinking BM is free to choose or not choose – thats why the misandrists hates the Thinking BM.

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  12. I wonder after the inevitable happens and they are replaced. Will by our collective action will there be actual marriageable bw after a few generations from the offspring of bm/non bw unions?

    I say this because it seems on paper the children of bm/non bw are leaps and bounds ahead of bw/non bm children

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  13. Wow, would you look at that. That video of the father and kids dancing, that was a nice video. That other video with the black dude and Latina woman read mean comments, I knew it was gonna be from them BAWs and racist non black men. These people can keep on saying “Stick with you own, Race mixing is disgusting, sellout, race traitor,” but at the end of the day, Relationships between Black men and non black women (or mixed women) are NOT GONNA GO AWAY!!! These BAWs nowadays, it’s a damn shame. Just looking at the BAWs nowadays make me sick to my stomach because of the shit they been doing to us Black men for years, and I don’t see why we gotta put up with all this craziness drama and other bullshit from these masculine half-a ass Black Women. Like I said before, in the near future, they’re gonna be a whole lot of race mixing taking place.

    Spanish (Colombians, Dominicans, Costa Ricans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Panamanians)
    Asians (Thai, Filipinas, Vietnamese)
    Eastern Europeans
    Skin color does not matter, As long the female have a good body type, feminine, and have respect for the man.

    By the way, with all these Black women commenting about “White women taking all the good black men, Black men can’t handle a strong black woman, blah blah blah,” They need to do this:

    Because it ain’t that damn serious!

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  14. Every time I see a mix family, I say this. Why don’t me and other black men don’t see that in the black family home? In the United Kingdom, 49 percent of black children are being raised in a single mother household and in the United States, its around 77 per cent. That’s how bad it is when it comes to black family home. And the reason for that is because black women keep on getting breed by Pookie, Ray Ray, 12 Gauge, Slim Sauce, Big Dick Rodney and all of the other unproductive black men but these fools are being raised by a single mother. When you see a black family, you don’t see a father but when you see a non black family including a interracial family, there is a father in the household.

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  15. I will date any woman but when it comes to black women, we need to step our standards up because black men do not have any standards at all when it comes to black women. Look how many single mothers black men date. In Jamaica, do you know how many single mothers Jamaican men date and have relationships with? Its a lot. I use to to have a thing for Jamaican women and still do but you can’t be with a single mother at all because that is a recipe for disaster. You’ll fight with the baby father who is not there for the child, you have to take care of a child or children which is not yours, the woman is a whore and she will cheat on you and they will use you financially. Its a no, no!

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    • I say black men need standards for all women period. I think some western women have gotten sloppy and believe that a man should accept them at their worst but they wouldn’t do so if the coin was flilped
      For black women it should be higher. I agree on you with that.

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      • Jon,

        I completely agree, from time you have black men bigging up fat, out of shape, obese women then you know that there is a serious problem at hand. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

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    • Bro the best pussy I have ever had was a Jamaican . I have thing for Afrocaribbean women. Being a African boy I don’t find many women attractive in Africa.

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      • Same here. Jamaican pussy is the most dangerous pussy ever. And that was the first ever pussy I had was Jamaican. I do have a thing for Caribbean girls still but I’ll date any woman.

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  16. If this ilk of black women and their male black pow-wa failures is on the “everyone came from the black woman/women” ideological belief then it shouldn’t be a problem for non-black women to be with black men because both parties plus other non-black men and women all came from the black womenzzz (if your typical pow-wa failures want to take it further and open up this stupid, can of worms ideology even wider). SYSBM.

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  17. Meanwhile in Blackistan:

    Woman nearly killed in deadly ax attack loved suspect’s violent past

    Thug “Grim Creepa” a.k.a. “Mr. 187” axes girlfriend to death, while the other hoe clings to life.

    He was probably f*cking them both before he went Lizzy Borden on the pair. They both look Latina and ratchet.

    The one hoe was expressing her love for her thug boyfriend on Facebook only days before. Dude had 13 prior arrests. The other one who died was 8 weeks pregnant with a 3 year old son.

    Live by the thug, die by the thug. Oh well.

    Liked by 3 people

    • This is why I have no sympathy for women, whether black or non-black, who willingly deal with these savages. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And to think some dumb non-black man will use this as an example to warn non-black women of black men, yet it’s clear as day that no man worth his salt was going to wife up these hoodrats.

      Liked by 3 people

    • All three of those hood roaches are trash. Trash taking out the trash I suppose…

      That’s I refuse to deal with ANY ghetto female. Black, white, latino, etc. They are all garbage.

      Liked by 2 people

  18. That brother’s dance moves are so tight, but his son definitely stole the show for me; his daughter wasn’t too bad, either. That song was perfect for the video, as well!

    As for the video with the brother and the latina, those hate comments show just how insecure and intimidated Black women and racist non Black men are when it comes to the BM/non-BW relationship dynamic. I’ve seen a post on Facebook in a group where one Black girl posted about a Black guy who met this mixed chick and spoke (supposedly to a friend of his) about how “lit” she was; she went on to ask if it’s self hate for a brother to value mixed or non Black women over Black women. Oh, and after venting her insecurity, she said she doesn’t care who dates who; I smell bull$#!+, and she is full of it!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Joey,

      In 2019 these heifers are spending most of their time and effort raising dud questions and trying to get thinking black men engaged in meaningless and pointless debates when they ought to be focusing heavily upon self improvement. The question raised is simply another trick in a long line of others the black witch is using trying to keep black men engaged in conversation with them ie remaining on the plantation instead of leaving and implementing SYSBM.

      Black women always roll with the “I don’t care who black men date” talk but from the many articles I’ve written in conjunction with the mountain loads of evidence I’ve showcased, we know that talk is a flat out lie.

      Black women are the least desired women on the planet, more of their male counterparts are choosing to give them a wide berth and instead are choosing the likes of Julie, Ming, Lopez, Shazzy, Suzuki, Patel etc, they see this, at the same time they complain about not being able to find black men “on their level”, yet they still want us to believe that they don’t care who thinking black men date, lol. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I’m at a point where both black female talking points and non-black male racial bitterness are sounding more and more to me like the adults in those old Charlie Brown cartoons.
        In fact whenever I hear hotep dick policing, “Whitesplaining”, loser male racial whining, or general black female nitwittery, all I hear is…

        Liked by 2 people

      • Xstopalopoketl,

        Concerning the black witch and her simp flunkies, in 2019 and beyond to her it’s all about trying to stop the flow of black men walking off the plantation, part of her plan is to regurgitate the same old talking points in order to keep black men locked in conversation to where they’ll be distracted, however this form of sorcery still isn’t working simply because most thinking black men are choosing to walk away IN SILENCE.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Verbs 2015.

    What a fantastic post in regarding black men that get involved in mixed race relationships. It’s good to see black men dating outside of our race, practising the SYSBM lifestyle, reaching our potential and expanding our dating options with non black women because no matter what part of London I go to I see more and more black men dating non black woman and having kids with these women and I don’t allow the media and societal brainwashing to believe that black men ain’t shit and that they can’t attract a good looking quality non black women because this racist media believes that black men are ugly and no good looking woman wants them because of the negative stereotypes that’s aimed at us because of this stupid fake propaganda that the racist media wants the world to believe about us decent black men. Decent black men are more desirable to non black women more than we realise. As for me myself I love my childfree beautiful Turkish Women, Greek Women, Indian Women and White Women with brown/Hazel eyes. I am SYSBM for life. Fuck these black women feminists, pro black men and racist white men or racist non black men who hate seeing black men happy because their fake propaganda and fake lies of black men is being exposed very well.

    Liked by 4 people

    • When Fairy Liquid and Gucci put Black men with their White partners / children on billboards, it’s a wrap. The media are telling you to go SYSBM!

      Forget what bullshit you’re being fed from family, Black men with healthy self-esteem and powerful confidence can scoop up any non-Black women from any background: Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish, even one American expat from Battersea couldn’t help herself today…

      It’s wide open for your black ass (MBD).

      Liked by 3 people

    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Thanks bro, it is a good sight to see black men saving themselves from the scraggle daggle, feral beasts and rabid bitten monsters. London is the haven for interracial dating especially when black men are involved. The media propaganda concerning black men being the lowest of the low scum and unproductive as a group hasn’t worked, non black women are instead opting to see for themselves.

      Misandrists such as Cynthia G would have black men believe that they are only desired by non black women because of their sexuality, however the evidence of so many black male/non black female couples clearly paints a different picture. These black sirens wished that we were at the bottom of the dating totem pole like they are. They really hate seeing how easy it is for us to pick up non black women simply being ourselves.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you 100 per cent bro. Its a good thing that non black women are using there brains and seeing for themselves that not all black men are bad and in fact that we make great boyfriends, husbands and fathers despite what the racist media tells them about the negative stereotypes that’s aimed towards us.

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  20. Here is an example of what most thinking BM can look forward to if they don’t marry out or go SYSBM:

    The media is seriously pushing this woman right now, partially for her love of “black female body positivity” (fat acceptance/promotion). She is black, overweight, weaved up, and apparently mentally unstable:

    “Lizzo, born as Melissa Viviane Jefferson, grew up in Houston and stopped talking for three months when she was 20 years old.
    “I don’t know what was wrong. It was dark,” she told Great Big Story.” “”I want to see tons of plus-size pop stars,” she said. “I want to see black girl magic. I just want to see us way more.””

    “Lizzo songs like “Coconut Oil” and “Good As Hell” are unapologetic, self-love mantras that empower a demographic we rarely see celebrated: plus-sized black women. In her music they’re depicted as confident, sexual and a lot of fun.”

    Why the hell should we celebrate obesity??????? Obesity is unattractive and more importantly its unhealthy. Far too many of our “queens” are overweight, mentally ill, thug lovers who are destroying the community with help from the WM (welfare). 3/4 of them are overweight and they don’t care about losing weight, they want to shame you into thinking that obesity is attractive, stay away and keep the Wall up.

    Liked by 4 people

    • That word “empower” has lost its meaning; a more fitting word for this fat acceptance nonsense is “enable” because they aren’t improving on anything.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Those hungry hippos are empowering shit alright – with their EARTHQUAKE dance!

        If that dance was on a cruise ship, tsunami warnings would sound off in every coastal region on earth!


        Liked by 3 people

      • “Lizzo, born as Melissa Viviane Jefferson, grew up in Houston and stopped talking for three months when she was 20 years old.”

        She may have stopped talking for three months, but she obviously didn’t stop eating during the same period.

        The only thing those disgusting sweathogs are empowering is the bank account of the local Chinese Take Out. Or the local Korean weave outlet. And as far as a new hero for morbidly obese black females to look up to, I’m all for it.

        To the ranks of Spiderman, Batman, & Supergirl we can now add Elephantitis Woman.

        Faster than a speeding tortoise!

        More powerful flatulence than a cheese eating warthog!

        Able to make even the most sex starved simp limper than cooked spaghetti!

        Able to cause four alarm fires simply by her fat thighs rubbing together when she walks!

        I’m sure we can all sleep just a little easier knowing that Elephantitis Woman is somewhere out there in the dark of night consuming cholesterol that might otherwise harden our arteries.

        Liked by 3 people

    • I seen that look in a black woman’s eyes before, yeah, she’s mentally ill for real. The liberal media is using her as a weapon. I know the playbook.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Lizzo? More like Lesbo, amiright?

      I had overheard a local fat feminist bigging Lizzo up, black women are so stupid that they essentially create a path for white and non black women to swoop in by making themselves so unattractive.

      Also, notice that despite her trying to “go against” the media image, she’s EXACTLY what black women are stereotyped as: fat, dark skinned, ugly, manly. You will that light skinned and mixed women, who typically already are at least somewhat attractive, will not be the ones pushing for this “empowerment”.

      Seriously, what is up with all these black female rappers? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s bad enough that blacks as a whole have universally embraced rap to the detriment of their actual musical talent, but there’s NOTHING more unattractive than a woman rapping, sounding and typically looking like any old thug from the block.

      Liked by 4 people

    • James S,

      Sorry, no fatties welcome here. Fat acceptance is nothing short of an excuse to continue being irresponsible with one’s health. Mentally ill sirens aren’t welcome here either.

      Liked by 4 people

  21. Also, I think their might need to be an article in place concerning how black women claim black men are simply desired for their sexuality, even though it’s bkack women who are used as nothing but ghetto Gaggers, and how black men are the ones who have legitimate interracial RELATIONSHIPS, not extended fetish sessions.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Of course Black men are desired for our sexuality! Why do you think 90% of non-Black women dream of sleeping with us at least once? Let’s be real here. Marriage, dating and casual relationships are nothing without sexual desire. We’ve got it in spades, others hate us because of it.

      Tell these Ghetto Gaggers they aren’t desired by anybody, they are strongly despised. They’re the ones engaging in brief, depraved slavery sex…

      Liked by 3 people

      • Michel,

        The problem with black witches like the bald eagle Cynthia G is they are trying to make out as if the buck stops with sex appeal when it comes to black male/non black female relations, I’m going to have to put the heifer straight on that one. With sex appeal included most black male/non black female relations are based upon much more, the fetish side of the coin which I will acknowledge does exist is in a minority of cases.

        Liked by 2 people

  22. DAMN! L’s are droppin’ left and right on the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan).

    Deliveries courtesy of L Express.

    L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Jw2017blog,

      The video you posted above reminds of the a similar video I wrote an article to where a black witch decided to throw hot water on her boyfriend. Black women are simply full of spite and hatred and black men who still choose to interact and deal with these women are more time their preferred victims. Avoid the black witch at all costs.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. No amount of criticism or demonization from Black Women will ever stop me from interacting with all of the fine Desi females out here, many of whom are running fast after thinking brothers, as evidenced by the brother in this article. I could go on about my experiences and how so many of them have an undercover love for thinking brothers, that many of them are unfortunately unable to express openly (with the exception of Caribbean Desi’s, they are able to be pretty open about it without much consequence).

    Here we have a group of feminine, polite, melanated women who wear their own hair (which ironically is purchased by BW to wear on their heads) and who pursue thinking Black men. BW somehow want me to feel guilty about dating that? Make that make sense.

    It’s no secret that I’m a card carrying member of #TeamDesiGirls and no amount of Hotep talk from BW or their allies can stop that. And someone mentioned how gorgeous these darker and tanned Desi girls are, I say let the evidence speak for itself  😍

    Liked by 4 people

    • SunGodRa,

      Here is yet another point that has to be raised once again, if black women are going to purchase Indian hair to stitch into or glue upon their heads then why shouldn’t I simply go for the Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan woman to begin with?

      These disjointed, mentally unstable black female miscreants are forever talking about melanin and the importance of it(all while at the same time wearing heavy make up and bleaching their skin in order to look lighter), the South Asian female fulfils the melanin criteria for those black men who prefer melanated women. Desi women all the way.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Exactly! If BW are so concerned about brothers being with melanated women, shouldn’t they be jumping for joy when they see brothers with Desi women?

        Of course not, because BW don’t care about logical consistency. BW would much prefer that brothers continue to be clean up men for thug-loving queans with ghetto attitudes and a myriad of health problems. No thanks, I’ve had all I can take.


        Liked by 3 people

  24. …I would love to have a Latina woman like the one in pink. You see, I am a lone wolf type person in real life so all the opinions, stares and hurt feeling are completely meaningless to me. As a black man, I am invisible to most black women so they can continue to see me as such when I have a woman who is nothing like them by my side!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  25. Pingback: Typical Black Queans, What Black Men Who Still Choose To Deal With Them Can Expect – The Package | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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