Slim Sauce Speaks


Gentlemen, there he is, this is the quintessential Pookie and RayRay type character that most black women are confessing their love for, these are the types of individuals that gets these dysfunctional black females wet between the legs, this is the guy that they claim has the “swag”, this is the guy they say isn’t boring and is exciting to be around, this is the typical type of guy that most black women love opening their legs to and getting knocked up by.

Whenever you hear black women talk the “we have the backs of black men” jargon, the character above is who they are essentially referring to, we already know that they certainly aren’t talking about supporting the “educated lames” and the “squares” because black women have made it known in no uncertain terms the utter disdain and deep-seated hatred they have for level-headed, got things together, educated, free thinking, intelligent brothers.

The funny thing is when the guy above meets an untimely demise, his mother and the rest of the black witches in the neighbourhood will be the first ones lining up the block to shed crocodile tears in front of the news media cameras and claim that “he was a good boy, he didn’t do nuffin wrong”, smh. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I state that most black women procreate with these monsters, birth more of these malevolent creatures and thereafter unleash them into the community to wreak havoc.

Now, as of recent predominantly black women and their simp underlings in their efforts to stall the heavy overflow of black men walking away from them as well as the pile of ashes and rubble they call “the community” have began running the “what is the definition of Pookie and RayRay” Kansas City shuffle. DO NOT get into this debate with them, black women are fully aware of who Pookie and Ray Ray is, they’re simply just trying to keep you engaged in conversation with them ie distracting and keeping you on the plantation.

Again, black women know full well who Pookie And RayRay are, don’t get hoodwinked into such a scam and false enquiry:

Again, if there is any doubt concerning the claim that black women love these bottom of the barrel, gutter type characters of black male society, here is some additional evidence just to set the record straight and to keep the nay sayers silent:

Now, what are the chances that Slim Sauce above comes from a single mother household? I’m sure that we can all agree that is the most likely origin for this dude. The bottom line is black women as a whole raise their sons to be thugs and their daughters to be whores like themselves, as I’ve stated many times before most black women do not want their children doing better than or outshining them, therefore they will deliberately go out of their way to throw obstacles and rusty spanners into the lives of their children.

How many cases have we come across of black women putting huge debts under the names of their children so that once the son or daughter turns 18, they cannot use their own names for anything because their credit has been completely jacked up by their mothers? You’ll notice that you never hear of any cases involving black single fathers engaging in such behaviour, again, it always seems to be single black mothers.

The nerve of these harpies, referring to you as a lame and a cornball because instead of shooting up the block you are more focused on planning ahead ie preparing for the future. Again, thinking black men, don’t be jilted that black women choose the guy above over you, black women by nature are dysfunctional and thus only feel comfortable forming alliances and coalitions with other dysfunctional individuals.

You are NOT dysfunctional, this is the real reason why black women pass you over for Trap House Jim and Roof Top Trey, NOT because you are a supposed “beta male lame”, understand this and let these words sink in deep. To most black women functionality is lame and boring, however destruction, war and chaos are cool, exciting and fantastic. Don’t feel a way about trying to be the best version of yourself while black women purposely go out of their ways to choose black men who have no ambition and no future.

By the way, with black women loving up these dudes to the hilt, how many cases have we come across involving other people and in many cases children being caught up in drive by crossfire or stray bullets?

These are the feral animals along side herself this modern day decadent black witch wishes thinking black men to build for, build for what, so that they can immediately tear down what you’ve spent your hard earned cash and effort erecting? No thanks, I’ll pass. Let Damelia build with the thugs she so loves.

This is why I have to laugh at mad hatter black sirens like Cynthia G who continue to berate black men about building infrastructure. As I’ve stated many times before black women as per their contractual obligations towards the State must ensure that NOTHING is built within black society in order to continue receiving their government treats and goodies, black women really don’t want black men to build anything, this is why they love 12 Gauge Mike as he fits in well with the “keep black society on its face” agenda that black women along side their white lord and saviour are currently enforcing.

The dude above is who most black women would refer to as an Alpha male, however true Alpha males DO NOT operate in dysfunction. Again, don’t fall for the “give us the definition of Pookie and Ray Ray” talking point, black women have been getting dicked down by the dude for the last 30 years but now all of a sudden the Pookie and RayRay debate has been brought to the forefront, out of nowhere we are expected to believe that black women are suffering from amnesia and need some help and clarification on the dudes they’ve been voluntarily frolicking in the hay with, keep it moving with that trickery.

Remember, gun slinging ie shooting up the block is only one aspect of the typical Pookie/Ray Ray characteristics, others can be and are not limited to gang affiliation, criminal record, frequent loitering on street corners, endless weed smoking, an excessively foul mouth, having multiple children by multiple women, not bothering to look after his own seed, juggling multiple women at a time with no long-term relationship intentions in mind, dicking down anything with a hole in it, sagging pants, gold grills, chains, rings and chaps, a barrage of tattoos, many times dread headed, a strong tendency to not be able to slip out of using street talk when dealing with a more professional environment, typically misplaces his emotions, drug peddling, most of all living from day to day instead of planning ahead for the future, lastly single mother raised, these are some of the most common/pronounced Pookie/Ray Ray traits and this is what most black women confess to being attracted to.

Finally, thinking black men wouldn’t have a problem with black women and their choice of thug Negroes if they did the following:

1. Procreated with the 12 Gauge Mikes/Slim Sauces in their own corner and didn’t allow the consequences of such stupid actions ie their devil spawn seedlings to spill out into other communities and areas.

2. Accepted their lot for making reckless decisions and were fully prepared to accept the consequences of such actions no matter how harsh and brutal they may be.

3. Stopped asking, expecting and in some cases pestering the so called “educated lames” to step up and clean up the mess that was created as a result of their failed unions with the Pookie/Ray Ray types.

Gentlemen, NEVER allow disgruntled miscreants like the skin headed misandrist Cynthia G to throw shade in your direction for refusing to build for scum and a community that can never be redeemed, I point-blank refuse to put in any effort or go to war for lost causes. You black men did the right thing walking away from black society as a whole and as free thinking soldiers choosing to embark upon missions to seek out and connect with other like-minded individuals. Additionally you also made the right decision choosing to take your chances elsewhere ie date out, don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise as the fruitfulness and prosperity in your lives already speaks volumes in terms of success. Keep the Wall up and fortified. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Hood Must Perish In Its Own Dust And Ashes

Most High Bless

54 thoughts on “Slim Sauce Speaks

  1. If you’re reading this:

    You did the right thing in turning away from the “communiteh”.

    You do the right thing in looking after your mental, spiritual physical and financial health first.

    You did the right thing in examining your past and coming to the conclusion that you were emotionally broken by the black witch.

    You did the right thing in developing your own character, pursuing your own interests and planning for your own future.

    You absolutely did the right thing in dating, marrying and having children outside your race.

    You did the right thing in staying away from all destructive influences from your own background.

    Above all, you did the right thing in saving yourself. #SYSBM

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    • Michel,

      Straight talk. These delusional pro blacks act as if it is a noble manoeuvre to put yourself in danger and peril for a community that clearly cannot be saved. Then on top of this the black witch looks upon thinking black men with utter disdain because we refused to bow down to the sacred cow ie herself. It’s only positivity, success and prosperity ahead for any black man with sense and intelligence who decides to put his own needs first and take his chances elsewhere.


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    • Thank you for posting this because I needed to read this. I felt like that something is wrong with the manosphere due to thinking black men being called “educated lames” and “beta male coons” by pookie and black women like Cynthia G who come on men’s platforms and call them the n word. Again, thank you brother for the post you put out.

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      • Robert,

        You are welcome bro. The builders of Black society get no respect whatsoever, so it’s right to take heed, steel ourselves and go elsewhere. Go where we are appreciated.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Black women and their simp flunkies have tried to make it seem as if thinking black men are the problem, even now I still see a few men in the black manosphere for dear life still attempting to hold onto this Alpha/Beta farce of a talking point and they’re still using black women as the measuring tool for this, smh.

        Cynthia G has completely burned herself out to cinders, she is a pile of ashes and rubble right now as we speak, thus anything she says concerning black men immediately falls to the ground void. She’s simply trying to come at black men with the same fire in her chest as she did in times past, however she’s refusing to acknowledge that the circumstances(at least for her) have now changed completely.

        When you completely discredit yourself you no longer have a voice, this is exactly what has happened to Cynthia G. Her best move from here on out ought to be simply falling back into the shadows and focusing on preparing for her soon to be born child.

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  3. This well mannered individual above is the mutant spawn of the black woman, a sort of post apocalyptic, dumbed down, drugged up, evolutionarily backwards creature trying and failing miserably to masquerade as a human being.

    These creatures only know violence, death, destruction, stupidity, and “runninnin up in dem hoes!”

    Black women enjoy having these idiots around, as it’s essentially easier access to these same vices that they themselves love so much. Whenever black women complain about no good black men to choose from, remind them of how corporate black men do NOT end up with crackheads, but the most “well to do” of black women will still resort to getting bent over and reamed by LaJeremy, Lil Stank Mouth, Tyruvious, Slick Turnip, Big Buggin’, Mini Meat, or Jailhouse Daddy.

    We’ve said before how black women are just like white men. Just like white men created and pushed feminism/liberalism, only to complain once it bit them in the butt, black women created this legion of monsters, so don’t feel sorry for them when THEY fall victim.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      But your average black female will not hesitate to get in this guy’s corner and bat for him to the hilt. It’s as plain as day which category of black men the overwhelming majority of black women have the backs of and it isn’t the functional, educated and intelligent brothers.

      Again, if these heifers fully accepted the consequences of their foolish decisions and didn’t constantly look for a bail out everytime their relationships with the likes of Side Drifter and Top Shotter went down the toilet, there wouldn’t be a problem.

      Black women are going to have to settle with the mini leviathans they’ve created, for them there will be no escaping the approaching judgement and the wrath to come.

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      • When Lil’ Turdhead and Motor Dick get shot up by the same cops that these QUEENIES called on them, they’ll seek the utmost justice!…. by selling hoodies and shirt with their visage.

        The only time a black woman cares about a life is when she can merchandise it after it’s ended.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Indeed, on the very few occasions black women concern themselves with black men who are still alive is when they are specifically gaining something from them and even then this doesn’t really mean anything as if they can obtain the same things with the dude dead, it makes no difference to them whatsoever.

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  4. I was only able to watch about 5 seconds of the first video. The black community is done and now the women who broke it want good BM to come in and clean it up. We must continue to tell them NO, let them go to pookie and ray ray with their problems, let them go complain to the men that they chose to have their bastard kids with when things get tough. As Verbs said don’t even bother trying to engage them in debate or discussion on the matter, like a con man on the street they want to keep you talking because they know that once you walk away they can’t con you.

    Stay away and keep the Wall up. Let them have their hellhole matriarchy.

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    • James S,

      Good black men point blank refuse to build for a bunch of wicked and unappreciative scoundrels, black women must be smoking some industrial strength high grade flakka if they really expect the same dudes they rejected, shunned and ousted from black society to roll back into the fire to save the day, straight up delusions of grandeur on their part.

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      • Verbs2015 & James S —– A view, held by many, is that non-black women tend to get many of the black men that black women do not want. Most black women shout: BLACK MEN ARE NOT BUILDERS !!! These black women, however, fail to understand that young black women, as a group, prefer dysfunctional black men that have the same mindset as young black women. —- The view of many is that young black men that are builders are not compatible with mainstream young black women.

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    • They will throw a party for the guy fresh out of prison and then afterward throw their legs open for him. The brother who is fresh out of college won’t even be in the same area as these whores if he is smart.

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      • College brothers for years have talked about how the black females in their schools would rather mess with the townies than their fellow students. Black chicks always seek out the low-level street niggas, even the ones who are so-called “not like that” a.k.a the Cosby Show-type bougie black chicks.

        Keep the wall up, brothers. Thank God for SYSBM.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        A few years back I was talking to a married black woman who has two young boys, she gave them my book Negro Wars to read and she also advices them to steer well clear of the black female contingent. The younger bucks are recognising black female dysfunction for exactly what it is and they want no part of it.

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    • Alex C —- Black females will throw a party for the black man that just got out of PRISON. [Note jails are usually for short-term stays. ]

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  5. At this point, I really don’t care what these BAWs sleep with anymore because the more they keep exposing themselves about what type of dudes they sleep with, the least desirable they’ll be. The first video, how old is that boy like 5 or 9 years old? He oughta be shooting them books and getting an education instead of trying to show out and trying to be ghetto fabulous. The other 3 videos, what came out of their mouths be a reason why black men are starting to turn the other way. And later on in these females lives, they’ll say where are the good black men, black men ain’t this, all these black men either gay or in jail, or this one “ALL THE NON BLACK WOMEN ARE TAKING ALL THE GOOD BLACK MEN!” First of all, the good black men left these BAWs a long time ago when they said they see good black men as weak. They were saying “Oh you corny, you lame, you square, you too soft, you’re a nice guy. At this point, the BAWs is officially undesirable. It completely official. If I was dating a black female, trust me, it won’t be an American one, west african, nor Caribbean neither. Either an Afro Latina or a East African (maybe IDK). And for them dudes that be saying they holding out for “the one”, they need to expand their dating options, because that holding out for “the one” been played out. I’m a keep doing this every time I post a comment, I got a menu of females I prefer, and American, Canadian, UK, Australian, and West African are not on it. Skin color doesn’t matter to me as long they have a good body shape, FEMININE, and that’s gonna be by my side.

    Spanish (Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Colombians, Costa Ricans, Panamanians)
    Asians (Thais, Filipinas, Vietnamese)
    Eastern European

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    • D.K Phantom,

      This is why I have to laugh at the black love crowd as they are deluding themselves believing that they can successfully forge a sustainable and long term relationship with a group of women who are dysfunctional and in the toilet. Why even bother listening to the “not all” crowd anymore, at the end of the day if there existed a plentiful supply of good black women to go around, they would’ve done brought examples forward already.

      Lastly, if there are no good black men around then why is it that non black women have no problems finding them, again we must understand what constitutes as a “good black man” in the minds of most black females.

      Black women would class the dude above as a “good black man”, the problem is there aren’t enough of these guys to go round because most are either in jail or the grave. So a shortage of good black men according to black women simply means not enough A Squeezies, 12 Gauge Mikes and Trap House Jims available for the obvious reasons.

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  6. The prophet Rick Scorpio years ago posted a video about these violent, borderline retards. The kid in the first video and the lead-poisoned retard in this one are cut from the same cloth. If you’re a young black man with ambitions and who has his shit together, abandon ship. I’m an old man according to King Sigma, take my advice, young men.

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    • @Schadenfreude

      Old man is relevant, to a 25 or 30 year old; 50 years seems old.
      But based on sexual marketplace value, 50 years old is the SMV peak for the male in western society.

      Take solace in having the highest SMV position at 50; women peak at 18-19…

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  7. The first video is downright confusing. He looks to be, I don’t know, 15 or 16 years old? I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. I’m not surprised by the remaining three clips. So many women in my family, especially the young generation on my father’s side, spew this kind of nonsense, yet, they get upset when they see black men en masse date women of other races and ethnicities. What sane man what’s to be around that type of behavior? My fiancee’s mother, who’s Senegalese, dated plenty of thugs in her youth. My fiancee’s father is a thug-type of guy, been in and out of prison since she was ten or eleven. About two weeks ago, it was the first time I met him after he was released from prison. It was his first time he has seen his child in the past fourteen years. He explained that black women, unfortunately, have lost touch with reality which makes them believe that forming a relationship with thugs will result in a fairy tale ending.

    The crazy thing is that he was surprised that his daughter is engaged to someone like me. He said, “wow, I didn’t expect you to bring a gentleman like this. I was expecting someone like me or worse.” And apparently, during his youth, he was the complete opposite. Black girls couldn’t stand him, so he dated a couple of white girls and his family dogged him out. Black girls started flocking to him. And the girl he wanted the most desired thuggish boys, so he changed for her, my fiancee’s mother. She caused him to go to jail, she physically abused him, snitched and cheated on him. During my younger years, I was so close to dating out because so many girls were like the chicks above. I then met my soon-to-be fiancee at a local bookstore four days later seven years ago. She’s beautiful, elegant, feminine, smart, kind. She honestly makes me a better person. It’s a damn shame that black women can’t be functional, normal human beings.

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    • “She’s beautiful, elegant, feminine, smart, kind. She honestly makes me a better person. It’s a damn shame that black women can’t be functional, normal human beings.”

      Given what your fiances parents were like I’m surprised that she turned out that well, at least you took seven years to get to know her to be sure. Was she raised by her mother?

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    • DM.Robinson,

      The last thing a thinking black man should ever do is covert himself to satisfy the needs of dysfunctional women. Normal women gravitate towards men who are also functional and have their heads screwed on, its only within black society do we see black women en masse homing in for bums and thugs. Dating out is key for thinking brothers and family members who attempt to shame you out of doing it must be ignored, given the middle finger or both.

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    • @Schadenfreude

      Just click on share feom the video, then in the comment section long press in the area you want to put it and click paste.

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      • @#TeamWhiteGirls

        That’s what I’ve been doing? But the link appears in the post and not the embedded video itself. I want it so brothers can just view the video here without clicking over to YouTube. Weird.

        Thanks bro.

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  8. There is one reason why this ilk of black women have an utter disdain and deep-seated hatred for level-headed, got things together, educated, free thinking, intelligent, SYSBM brothers is simply that those women can’t control us like they do to their Dookies and B-rays of their hood culture and environment. These same women also control your low-to-no self-esteemed cleanup men due to the lack of attention they didn’t get from said women above in their younger years. The cleanup man/men in his/their mind(s) feel that he/they can’t do any better than what’s being offered and decideded just to mate with them aka date down.

    Verbs, do you want to know why all of the sudden, out of nowhere the Pookie and RayRay debate has been brought to the forefront as of recent? The answer: one name… Nipsey Hussle, the Pook-RayRay Crip gang member and cleanup man of their commmunity of whom they now loved and deemed as a messiah.

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    • BrotherdanUnlimited,

      Yep, we already see how black women get incredibly upset whenever they run into men they can’t control, manipulate, hoodwink and run game on, this is one of the main tenets of the feminist religion, have men in a subservient position. It’s these black witches who really run these hoods and the likes of 12 Gauge Mike and Lil Ronny are their underlings and flunkies carrying out all the dirty work and heavy lifting.

      As for Nipsey Hussle, he is yet another example of how shallow and short sighted most black folks are, they always seem to appreciate people like him more once they hit the grave, smh.

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  9. These are the men that black women love with a huge passion. They go for the men with their paints sagging like some homosexual. No heterosexual male will ever dress like that whatsoever. And black women call these thugs Alpha males? You got to be kidding me. No alpha male will be in destruction, dysfunction and chaos. And when they had enough with these worthless peasants, these harlots not only end up as single mothers but they try to get a good black man. But when the so called good black man rejects them, they get upset so they end up with the captain a hoe and they don’t that type of man.

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    • Money Cultural,

      The sagging pants issue has already been explained in terms of its origin, they know where that culture comes from and exactly how it got started and yet you’ll still see these same dudes walking around the streets with their butt cheeks hanging out, indeed, homosexuals are having a field day watching these guys on the daily. Black women are going to have to stick with the Pookies, Ray Ray’s and the simps that they’ve created as no thinking brother is going to ever deal with such a mess.

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      • They say that sagging pants is fashion. How can they say that when its a homosexual thing and when I see black men exposing their bum cheeks on the street, I want to yells to them faggots!

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  10. There is a war between the black heterosexual male and the thugs, white beta males, black women and her thugs because the black heterosexual male acts masculine and they reason why he has that masculinity is because he was raised in a two parent home. He had a father in the household and the haters are raised in a single mother house hold so the beta male, the thug, black women and the simp cannot lead and the black man can. If a war breaks out the beta male, the thug, black women and the simp will lose beg time because the leader is the black woman and once she leads then its game over. If it was a game of chess, us heterosexual black males will be them easily.

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  11. I can’t bear to listen to ignorant dudes like that thug in the first video; just like the Black queans who seek him out (and raised him, too), he repeats himself like he’s a retarded child.

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  12. LOL

    This is what BW do though, constantly talking about relationships even though they are the least married and the least desired, steady giving dating and relationship advice even though they have never been married and have bastard kids with losers.

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  13. Just returned from Prague, Kiev, and Odessa. Do many beautiful and pleasant white woman loving my black skin. Now I’m back in the Terror Dome and see this post should have stayed in Eastern Europe a few more days dammit Sean. I could not understand the ignorant little M&M face looking guy in the first video the thug black youth can hardly speak simple English nowadays. But these are the spawns of your subhuman black women good luck simps and other assorted stupid black people who want to save the do called black community. The black community is done nothing but post apocalyptic wasteland.

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  14. So I see in the new commercial that black women are lining up to glorify being bought and married to their slave masters.

    Black Women are absolute ****ing joke, and if that were a black man and a white woman, he’d be called all kinds of coons.

    They need to become a genetic retro console, a relic.


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  15. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague. Black women love the devil(ie the worst type of black man to pro create with) but at the same time they complain and moan about these same type of men to good black men when things don’t work out and they end up being single mothers with multiple kids from multiple baby fathers. I ain’t playing no captain save a hoe because I have pride, dignity, respect and self preservation for myself as a childfree black man to date childfree beautiful non black women.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      What a hot mess, all I see is weave, fake eyelashes, heavy make up, tattoos and for the most part full loaded oil tankers and wide load cruise liners. These are the standards of horrors that black women expect thinking black men to take onboard. If you compare this to a picture of black women on the beach 50-60 years ago, the difference is overtly evidence, here’s some I found earlier:

      Notice the immediate and obvious differences, no tattoos, no weaves, no fake eye lashes, no make up, additionally they are all attractive and in shape. Black women have fallen so far down the toilet its ridiculous at this point, as Obsidian would say compare and contrast.

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  16. You know, me as a soon to be 53 year old man I would’ve almost dismissed this article only for the fact that I know all about this stuff already. But I read through it and saw those vids and at the age I’m at I’m effected on the the OTHER end of this spectrum. I’m in the age group where these women are now looking for the “nice” man after their kids are either in their late teens or grown maybe being their boys are the now “Pookie” and “Ray Ray” and the girls have multiple kids. Yes I’ve been avoiding these women since my adult years and really since 2002. Thankfully I have no kids by American black women and none at all. I’m thankfull for my passport and the means to travel now as well. Something I shoulda did in the mid 1990s.

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