Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

This Open Mic Wednesday will be slightly different in that at the suggestion of King Sigma I’ve decided to start making the occasional podcast, this Open Mic Wednesday I have included some audio recordings explaining what went down with myself on Nylah Says’ channel yesterday evening including the main reason why I ended up on her channel to begin with.

I see that things are really beginning to heat up in the fact that black women are now starting to feel the fire to their chests with more black men not only choosing to walk away from them but also happily volunteering their services to build and fortify the Wall Of Silence.

As I will continue to state over and over again, SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the free thinking black man, yesterday was a solid confirmation that black women as a group are married to the Babylon system and it’s feminist religion and they will only relinquish their affiliation with both when they are dead.

Please see below my two part audio:

And here is part 2 fellas:

Anyway, enough of what I have to say, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Keep Building And Fortifying The Wall

Most High Bless

115 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Hate to call it, but Synthetic G proved us all right. She would not stop berating brothers even though she’s in a compromising position. Shes a hypocrite and a dunce.

    Her game is simple: Continuously shame thinking brothers until one unfortunate SIMP volunteers to be the clean up man for her child. She got the semen, The game is so transparent nobody with two brain cells to rub together is falling for it. She’s got the semen, now she needs a patron.

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    • Michel,

      The black Witch Cynthia G is so toxic and unbearable that I serious don’t believe any man is up to the task of taking such a contaminated individual onboard. Perkins simply used her for pump and dumb purposes and quickly moved on, even he cannot deal with her and he’s known for juggling a multitude of women.

      G is simply a dead duck at this point, she attempted to come out of hiding and beat the same “beta male coon” drums and trumpets like she did before, however now because of her compromising situation, where her words were already hot air and garbage before, now they immediately fall to the floor as soon as they proceed from her mouth.

      As I told the witch yesterday, she’s completely discredited herself and shouldn’t be fixing her mouth to speak on anything whatsoever.

      Yes sir, I agree with your suggestion, freestyle podcasts will remain separate from the articles. As per usual much appreciated for your donations and support brother.

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    • I don’t how any black man can pay Cynthia G any mind.
      She looks like a man and got knocked up by a bum who has 5 kids by multiple women yet thinks she can lecture anybody on responsibility or building. These black men must have been raised by single mothers who looked liker her or something.

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  2. A suggestion: maybe the podcast could be in this freestyle form rather than audio versions of your articles? The structured articles should be your main weapon of choice, but Wednesday’s could be you shooting the breeze about stuff?

    Anyways, you got my gift so whatever happens, I’ll still support you. #SYSBM

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    What a fantastic audio Verbs. The simps and the black women will never learn from their destructive and poor choices in life and that’s why the black community is a laughing stock in the world from other races of people. As a childfree SYSBM black man myself I disassociate myself from the worst type of black people because they will destroy my life and I heard so many horror stories from black men whos lives have been destroyed by black women due due to their stupid choices. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and I made a promise to myself not to make the same mistakes as they did like becoming a single dad or having multiple kids from multiple women because I think that is fucking discusting and I only date childfree non black woman. At the moment I am going through a tough time in my life right now due to my dad passing away in the beginning of March and burying him at the end of March and me being unemployed and looking for a new job that I like. Once I get my life sorted out, my life will be great again. Verbs your website has been a life saver for black men like myself because I always knew that there was always a problem in the black community from when I was 12 years old back in 1994 but I didn’t know how to express it because I didn’t think no one would listen to me and this website confirms that I was right all along but other black people who are stuck in the matrix are too stupid to realise it. Continue to deliver this great work Verbs and I am that glad that you understand where I am coming from.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Firstly, my condolences on your loss brother, it isn’t nice to lose a family member. Secondly, this is one of the main reasons why I continue to write these articles, to bring CONFIRMATION to the minds of thinking black men concerning what they are seeing in black society on the daily. Yes, black society as a whole is dysfunctional and black women as a collective are truly messed up, however black women and their simp underlings would have us believe otherwise.

      This is the thing, most black men like yourself grew up in a dysfunctional setting, however there are very few of them who are willing to step forward and be honest about it, most would much prefer to defend the dysfunction as normal behaviour.

      You’ll get your life sorted out bro, just deal with one thing at a time or at least don’t take onboard too many tasks at once and you’ll get through the tough times. Hard times aren’t nice, however they are needed for growth in one’s life. Thanks bro, these conversations need to take place and seeing as black women aren’t willing to have them, we’ll simply walk away from them, create our own spaces and engage in our own discussions talking about the real issues that matter. I’m always glad to be of service to the thinking brother man’s regiment.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        Thanks for the support Verbs during the difficult times in my personal life. Your website has been so good to me and its a breath of fresh air.

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    • Q,

      I don’t know what your relationship was with your dad, but know this: the fact you’re here as a strong, stable black man is worth something. My dad dropped off before I graduated university, so it will be a shock to the system. Eventually you get used to the gap in your life and, hopefully you’ll have inherited memories and life lessons to impart to others. Again I don’t know what your relationship was to the old man, so hopefully it’s not been too damaging.

      Condolences and stay strong. There’s no deadline for grief.

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      • Michel.

        Thanks for the support bro. I didn’t have the best relationship with my dad due to him being a shit father and having me and my 2 other brothers with 3 different women plus I had a dysfunctional childhood growing up, so I didn’t grow up with my dad and I had to teach myself to be a man which is sad because all my friends that grew up in functional stable 2 parent homes are doing way better than me in life because they are more successful in every avenue in life and I am a late bloomer in life at the age of 36 in that my life haven’t even started yet and I am afraid it never will because everyone I know has got great careers, great jobs, the own their own homes, they travelled the world, they had stable relationships with their husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends and a lot of them are married with their own families whereas me I have non of that as a childfree black man at 36 because I made a lot mistakes when I was in my 20s and I feel like all the good looking woman regardless of race have gone and all there is left is ugly women or single mothers at my age group. Michel I am sorry that you lost your dad as well so I know how it feels.

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      • Jesus, you’re in the same boat as me! Yeah half brothers can be next to useless if the father played favourites between you. Mine just decided to up and ghost on us once Pops popped it. No great loss though, you got to be mentally better than them.

        Don’t worry too much about not being super Quinn with the mortgage, car and luxury yacht and a harem of Greek Cypriot and Turkish women 😋 we’re not meant for the White picket fence life. Better to have no long term liabilities weighing you down. What you think is the perfect relationship is some one tired of screwing the same girl over and over again. Married couples want to be single. The children are a pain in the ass, the job is slowly killing them from the inside. You get the drift…

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    • Spend as much time with your friends and family you love. It’ll be he memories you have with your father that’ll give you comfort bro I’ve been there.

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    • Quincy,

      Let me start out by extending my most heartfelt condolences to you and the lost of your father. I understand the level of pain you’re experiencing and with time you’ll heal and embark upon a new course in your life that will be productive and fulfilling. May the creator in his infinite mercy, love, and compassion guide you through this rough period. And, we brothers here at Slaying Evil are here for you….a home for Thinking Black Men!! God Bless!!

      Now… I came across this article by Tony Maceo called the Nigga Synthesis. In the article he writes about the destructive nature that is now so pervasive within the black community. He lays out the diagnosis, symptoms and the eventual outcome of this mental disorder. It reflects what we at Slaying Evil have been articulating for years. Once upon reading the article it will re-enforce our position on a comprehensive level!!! Maintain the wall and keep it moving!!


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    • You can’t tell me she’s not making stuff up about her BF smashing another dude after her brake up. I can tell she’s lying because of how long it took to explain and things are too suspect, add she has 3 parts to the “story” this is part 1.

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      • Goose,

        Just like racist white men black women are trying so desperately to make black men the new face/image of homosexuality. Just look at the chick, she’s got the typical millennial black female look, tattoos, fake up, fake eye lashes and she’s playing with her weave like its her own hair. Remember, weave wearing is an indication of a mental health disorder, therefore on that basis alone her account has to be questioned for its authenticity.

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  4. I could not hear the audio, but I will keep trying in-till I do. It’s way past time you had a podcast. Personally, I would love to see a Verbs/MBDX & either a NOLA GIRL 5, NOEY GNOME, SARHA SAYS, or some other White Female guess to counter the fuckery going on over on the man-o-sphere and the spotlight they now give BLACK QUEENS.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      I’d love to get on a hangout with MDB, the legend and the founder of the SYSBM movement, he’s created a behemoth that simply cannot be stopped. In one of MBD’s recent videos he called out the infiltration of queenies into the black manosphere as a mission to disrupt the flow of the conversation and the movement and he’s right.

      This is why thinking black men must retreat to other corners and keep the forts secured and locked down over in those specialised spaces. Black women have no ammunition left outside of shaming language, they see black men checking out of the building by the truckloads and there is nothing they can do about it whatsoever. Oh well, their problem, NOT MINE.

      On the audio, you may have to wait for it to load up first.

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  5. One thing I have noticed with this opioid crisis:

    I have white, namely white male, several coworkers, many of whom are comparatively young to be so prescribed with numerous medications. Many of these are for anxiety, which is weird and stupid as hell to me. I grew up with almost no friends and felt like I had no support system and couldn’t be myself around anyone, yet I’ve NEVER had all these anxiety problems.

    You will notice that things like “emotional support animals” and things of that nature are NEVER used by black people, black people typically don’t even use service animals!

    This is why Xanax and other prescribed opioids are effecting predominantly WHITE enclaves, namely the men. Black men really are the strongest men, because look at how much they are put upon and how little power they seemingly have.

    This is the main reason that white men want black men to think “our problems are the same”, they KNOW how much weaker they are and how lazy that they have become, but if they diminish OUR problems and make their own seem bigger, they feel better about themselves.

    Because of this, I have absolutely TIRED of hearing these men talk about feminism or liberalism. They I have absolutely NO fondness for either of these things, white men, who pushed them in the first place, just use them as scapegoats to excuse their own slothfulness. It’s become their version of “the white man is keeping me down”, despite their comparative godhood in terms of resources and power compared to black men. Maybe stop bitching about fat blue haired feminists and deal with the fact that you need Xanax to deal with the Vietnam-flashbacks that are triggered just by you getting beaten at Super Smash Bros. or Fortnite!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Like you said black folks are built better, we can endure much more than other races. If we look at slavery, the Native Americans couldn’t hack the toil but we did. To make matters worse the dominant society are the ones making everybody else’s lives a misery but as soon as a little thunderstorm comes their way, they collapse into a helpless heap and begin complaining to the hilt.

      This leviathan called feminism was their own creation, now they’re are going to have to live with the consequences of manufacturing such a beast.

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    • Yeah. White “Deaths of despair” are being caused IMO because you have a lot of people who aren’t used to struggling being introduced to the struggle and they cant take it without the help of drugs. I agree that most people getting these medications probably shouldn’t be taking them and would be better off in therapy/dealing with the cause of their depression and anxiety. But I guess that many prefer a pill (prescribed or illegal) that makes the issues “go away” faster, even if only temporarily.

      Life in the developed world is making a lot of people soft, both physically and mentally. There was a video on Youtube where a female professor was talking about the historical stages of societal/civilization decay, and to no ones surprise she said that hedonism, gender dysphoria, etc. was in the final stage. Chronicles of Judah pointed out that with a lot of BW (and liberal women in general) if you open their purse you would find anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and all other sorts of medicines.

      When it comes specifically to physical fitness though western DOS benefited from slavery because slavery was a basically a centuries long eugenics program. Physically we are tougher than most groups, which is why western DOS usually dominate sports.

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      • We in the UK have kids aged 12-16 on cheap energy drinks just to cope with being awake. I’m old school in that if you’re tired, switch off the phone and just fucking sleep.

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      • Michel,

        I couldn’t have said it better myself, however you already know the younger generations, for many of them switching off their phones is like the world coming to an end, lol.

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    • Like you know I’m too addicted to black pussy I’m pretty happy with using escorts, but if i ever want a girlfriend I will have to get a foreign black women e.g afro latino, afro colombians.

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      • black british guy,

        I won’t judge you or anything but I just don’t understand your addiction to black pussy…..Black women are just so gross to me man. Even as a child I thought other races of women looked much better.

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  6. 2nd rant

    As James S(YSBM) andseveral others have pointed out, 9 times out of 6, the dark skinned chicks just ARE a lot uglier. A lot of this is, yep, their extra testosterone, which manifests mainly in big linebacker builds and pit bull esque faces. Now, if they had ANY AND ALL self awareness, and actually wanted a freakin man, you’d think they would see this and thus play up their femininity. Instead, they either act like the biggest bitches alive, or beg for attention and make public videos asking why men don’t want them, when the answer is clear as day.

    Again, you don’t see toothless women, paraplegic and disabled women, retarded women, or women with faces full of tumors and keloids making 4-5 VIDEOS A YEAR being butthurt that men don’t want, namely after treating said men like crap and especially taunting them for the same features that they now feel disqualifies them.

    Besides just the face (though those are typically an instant recovery), why else do you think light skinned and mixed women are deemed more attractive? Their build is thinner and more feminine, their voices are softer, they have ACTUAL hair as opposed to only being able to grow out the same fro as you and your homeboys, and typically smell much nicer. This is genetics at play, and black Women WILL be bred out. This last month, they’ve shown non-stop the H&R Block commercial with the sexy ass light skinned/mixed woman with the curly Afro. THAT is the future of black women in advertising, and probably the future of any group of black Women that actually get dates: that’s the darkest they’ll be.

    And again, as I’ve stated before, if da muddaland be so much betta, why aren’t men of ANY race, but especially these hoteps importing African women? How come in terms of dating, the only African women that ANYONE wants to deal with en masse are those of Eritrean/Ethiopian/Somali background? Because genetics.

    When it comes to a family tree AND life:
    know daggle, know strife
    No daggle, no strife

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These dark sirens are forever complaining about not being appreciated or wanted but who’s problem is that? Again, notice how as you said they don’t play up their feminine side in order to compensate for the short fall in looks, pathetic.

      The black witch Cynthia G is the quintessential example of a dark skinned black female who is plays up the “masculinity” side to the hilt but then has the audacity to ask black men what they’re building. Who on earth is going to build anything for her or black women like her……..NOBODY.

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  7. In my neck of the woods I rarely come across a dark skinned BW who is attractive, sometimes they will have a nice body but the face of a man, most of the time they have the body of a (fat) man and the face of a man. When it comes to non-dark BWs attractiveness everything that you mentioned is better and in addition to those things the fact that they don’t hate themselves is a plus as well. Many DS BW hate being black and hate that they are seen as undesirable and take this frustration out on the people around them in numerous ways, these chicks are the least married for a reason.

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    • I see it all the time on the internet, all the more reason to not even bother engaging with them. I have tried many times in the past, it was almost always a waste of time. They will either feign ignorance of the facts, argue in circles, lie, or just start insulting you when you disprove what they are saying.

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    • Black British Guy,

      The words of Cynthia G, other black women and their simp underlings mean absolutely nothing to me, Cynthia G getting dicked down and knocked up by Robert Perkins has completely and utterly discredited herself, nothing she says can every be taken seriously(not that it was to begin with), her reputation is ruined and in complete tatters. Just like Humpty Dumpty, nobody can put that heifer’s bald headed image and reputation back together again.

      Bro, to be honest I simply laugh when black women launch shaming and insulting language against me because those particular tactics are an immediate admission of defeat.

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  8. How would you describe your body. I would describe my body as 5’5 easy on the eyes quite muscular a lot of the women i have fucked have said i have great body. I only go to the gym twice a week full body splits and jogging twice week 2.2 miles. Obviously being black I have decent muscle insertion.

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    • Medium frame all round, but with built traps, neck and shoulder muscles.

      Used to be a fat kid, was always around 15 stone in weight and a big 40″ waist, so I looked a lot like after my father. Now down to 32-34″. Got a t-shirt on now that didn’t fit for ages, now it looks like a draped bin bag!

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    • Black British Guy,

      I’m 5’11”, I also have a muscular body, however I need to lose a little weight as well. I’m going to start getting on my push bike again, apart from the impatient nutters on the road I quite enjoy cycling.

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    I’ve had my absolute fill of black bitches.

    I’m working in a bar at a big venue, with two other Black men, it starts off slowly and incident free… until the systems start playing up. Someone forgot to connect the credit card pay slots to the till machines, SMDH…
    Then in walks the team leader: a braided-up, African wide load aircraft carrier bitch, resembling Precious. Now the other black men are trying to get this beast to join in with us, joshing and trying to liven things up. But nope, she wasn’t having any of it. This hard faced, masculine looking dark skinned gimp never smiled once during our shift.

    The place I’m working in is a big venue, and is usually full of young bucks. Half of the crowd are weaved-up, indecently dressed with their breasts falling out, vulgar BW, but three brothers were chilling with something different. So the co-workers gets to talking about how difficult London girls are when dating. What they meant was black girls… I got a funny look of one of them when I told them I’ve only dated White and Middle Eastern girls….

    The same black dude, a fucking Steve Urkel looking negro starts getting all pissy with me over a customer asking for some beer. This customer came to me previously ordering a bottle, now this time, he wants a pint. As his English is poor I show him a bottle to make it clear what he wanted. But Nerd boy gets confused tapping in the order, so Nerd boy then starts telling me nicely that he can handle his own business and doesn’t need any help from me. Fine by me, I just ignored his lame ass.

    Then, the aforementioned African aircraft carrier bitch wants to cash up, and is asking me where some missing papers went, like I’ve got a fucking clue? Better yet, my till is showing errors in total money takings. The dumb bitch is asking me if I took several credit card payments at my till. Well, no, bitch, you made my till cash only, you refused to fix my card machine. How the fuck does that work in your head?

    Finally, when counting up the money, I made a mistake adding up the total and the boys had to stay behind to re-check. Well, Satan’s Walrus is whining about it: “you’re using the wrong bag!!” “You lost the papers”, “I’m wasting a lot of time over your mistake”. The difference was £22… Stressing over ONE FUCKING BAG… But yet everything else was correct?

    The whole shift, I got shitted on by this miserable bitch. If there was a fault with something, it was obviously down to me. I got the blame for small infractions, half of which wouldn’t even raise a yawn from a half-competent team leader, yet this wide load is an unprofessional, miserable fat fuck. End of shift I tell her to “fuck herself”.

    There are no words to describe the utter stupidity of Satan’s Walruses in positions of leadership. I know perfectly well what it takes to steer a group through a tough shift with angry customers. This shift was easy, and yet this Buffarilla is menstruating over easily solvable bullshit. You can also add in her supervisor – another ship container with blue braids and her supervisor, an angry Jamaican rottweiler dog looking bald bitch barking orders at me.

    I am fucking done with that place. Way too many negroes on some King of the Hill bullshit. Breed them all out. I’m now SYSBM at work, don’t care who don’t like it. Far as I’m concerned, The Wall of Silence now has Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis death troops, with elite British snipers up on watchtowers. Fuck them all.


    Oh, and a day later at a different workplace with a bigger team and a longer, tougher shift, yet everyone gets looked after well. Is it a surprise then, to discover the team leader is Portuguese and her supervisor is White?

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    • The best places to work is where there is not many negro people because you get too many wannabe head nigger in charge (HNIC). Urban Black women are some of the worst espically in LONDON.

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      • Most of these women have thrown away their femininity in order to get to where they are. Most of them are super obese and can barely walk, but the mouth on these specimens…. SMDH

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    • @Michal

      I feel for you bro. I have never had the misfortune of being under the supervision of a westernized daggle.
      You need to move into a male dominated career or find independent work.

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  10. This is my opinion the most attractive women in order. 1 Black.2.South east Asian E.G Pakistani, Indian i like the dark skin.3.White.4 Latino. 5. East Asian


  11. Good morning brothas. I hope you guys are having a good Wednesday. Lately, the L’s are not looking too good for the black women as they continually destroy themselves, putting themselves in situations they shouldn’t been in. I’m still young, but I’m glad I ain’t caught up with no black women bullcrap at all in america. Plus, I really glad the fact that I threw in the damn towel for these American Women (Especially the black american women). With these black american women, it’s gonna take a long time for them to wake the hell up because in the near future, I can feel that there’s gonna be a lot of interracial dating going on with black men and non black women (maybe black women from other countries like Latin America or East African, and mixed women). With these BAWs, they can keep on protesting, putting on a fake movement, keep crying that ain’t no good black men out there, complaining and crap, because the more they keep this up, the more black men are not gonna be around the bush for them. Like I said on the Friday article with Jessie Woo, I got a menu of women I prefer, and American, Canada, UK, and Australia are not on the women.

    Spanish (Cubans, Costa Ricans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans)
    Eastern Europe

    Fellas, let the black American women keep on protesting and trying to start movements so they can become desirable, let them simps handle them. We got options, there no limitations. I’m a be in Brazil doing the Lambada:

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  12. Got a video coming down the pipe where I’m going to delve a bit into two events I recently dealt. An SYSBM wedding and a typical black community funeral. And the atmosphere is just night and day. Tale of Two Cultures.

    By the way Verbs, I believe it’s time we fellas over here have our own SYSBM Google Hangout.

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    • Have you ever noticed that Muslim extermists normally harass and sexually assault vunerable white women but tend to avoid the Asian areas of town? Last month the Muslims did a community patrol in New York and apart from some keyboard warrior behavior nothing was done.

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      • That’s because Mohammed and Shlomo know Bat and Leng won’t hesitate to go Hotoko Shinken on their asses and fight them through other means. When was the last time you saw a suicide bombing or mass shooting in an Asian country, even a Muslim one?

        The Asians don’t play, Mohammed and Shlomo know that and stick to the white ‘kang’ who destroyed thousands of years of civilization in only 300 years, greedy black women who sold out on the slave ship for position and power as well as goose stepping fascist simps whom they can mainpulate easily into doing their dirty work.

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      • I watched a video a while back about extremism in the East, the Chinese and the Russians don’t play with Muslim extremists.

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      • James S,

        Truth, I believe I may have seen the same video clip, the Chinese were hemming Muslims up left and right in particular areas of mainland China and those dudes were even the extreme variety.

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      • @Michel

        Exactly! Hardly anyone knew who Nipsey Hussle was until his untimely death. And these same negros will lose their minds if Jordan decided to pull his product from the shelves.

        If there was ever proof for the need of eugenics in black america, here you go.

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      • Michel,

        *Yet those same Blackistani negroes will rob and shoot each other for the latest Jordans?*

        Exactly…..they will shoot each other for footwear just like they shot Nipsey Hussle for selling footwear.

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    • Reynagirl14,

      Most dark skinned non mixed black women to be honest look horrific, I honestly believe that the feminism the majority of them have subscribed to has literally morphed them into different creatures, hence the mannish facial features and the common wide load cruise liner body build that often accompanies such a facial monstrosity.

      In relation to the video that was a part of the article, notice how most of the women on the panel were overweight, then you’ve got the overweight chick with the pink short hair and the nose ring and she wonders why men aren’t interested in her. I’m not walking down the street with an overweight version of Zippo the circus clown, sorry.

      This is where most black women fail, because ATTRACTION is never brought up as a factor as to why many of them can’t land a mate. The hard and honest truth black women as a collective don’t want to hear is most of them don’t look attractive, they’ve let themselves go and no longer care about their appearance. The featured video speaks volumes to this.

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    • I read through that article and there is so much to point out in it, but I don’t get the point of publishing stuff like this, if its to change preferences it wont work, you cant shame people into finding you attractive, people like who they like. IMO there are attractive dark skinned BW, but they are in the minority.

      “lighter-skinned illegitimate offspring were given preferential treatment over their darker counterparts, often working in the house as opposed to the fields. This order has since been perpetuated by systemic racism and internalized by black people. It remains alive even now, insidiously snaking into my life.”
      I disagree, personally I think that light skinned women are prettier (among other things) on average which is why they get more dates.

      “Meanwhile, everywhere we look, women like me see successful black men coupled with fair-skinned female partners who pass the paper bag test” ““Black women in general marry less than other races but darker-skinned black women marry men of lower social status than the lightest-skinned black women.””
      I keep saying this, this is why they are so angry and hate filled. Fair skinned BW get the best BM and have the best chances at swirling, meanwhile nobody really wants dark skinned BW except for sex.

      “His research shows that a scarcity in available “high-status” husbands (defined as higher levels of education, not growing up on public assistance, coming from neighborhoods that had less crime), effectively leave black men in control of the dating selection process.” ““[Black men] have unnatural power within marriage markets that enables them to bid up cursory characteristics like skin shade,””
      “High status” being good BM, good BM have TONS of power in the black dating process (and the ability to date out) and have the ability to be picky (unlike many BW), which is why so many BW are left single. We didn’t need research to tell us this. Good BM are putting up the Wall of Silence and we see the devastating effects its having.

      ““Black men will say, ‘complexion doesn’t matter’, but they might give that lighter complexion woman who is very comparable to a darker-complexion woman a chance, when they wouldn’t give that darker-skinned woman a chance.””
      Its called preferences, BM are allowed to have them. Many of the brothers who say things like ‘complexion doesn’t matter’ in public don’t actually believe it, they just say it to avoid getting their heads chopped off by the dark skinned SJW squad.

      ““I feel like dark-skinned women were just the women that men had behind closed doors.”
      Yep, like I always say, mistresses and side-chicks.

      Keep the Wall up.

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  13. That was great. These black men who defend these worthless women like Cynthia G who got breed by a simp, I can’t take them seriously. As I see that black men saying that their woman is alright, that’s when I know that they have a very low esteem and I mean very low esteem. They have no confidence at all that’s why that they date single mothers and women who are below average. And black women, they are the most dysfunctional women in the world and their dysfunction is on display so black men, the black heterosexual men, they decided to wall away from black women because they are not putting up with black women’s behaviour.

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  14. Black women complain about black men being bums and all sorts of nonsense but they produce bums when they sleep with these worthless men that they love, adore and desire. And when Pookie and Ray Ray walk away from them and not being there for the child, they start complaining. And when the child grow up, he becomes Pookie and Ray Ray, so black women need to stop complaining with the bullshit they are saying.

    Liked by 3 people

      • There is a reason why the destruction of the black community by racist white men and greedy black females was necessary to the powers that be, how far do you think feminism and thug behavior could have gone if Simon and Becky were in the home raising strong and worthwhile individuals?

        There is a reason why SJW ideology, white male and black female supremacy and fascist simphood are at an all-time high these days.

        Lack of proper parenting and a culture of entitlement and instant gratification has led to this crisis.

        Racist white men and black females dug their own graves when they tried to use feminism, fascism and gas-lighting to keep black men on the plantation for Massa State and guess what…. we thinking black men have packed up and left them to their fate.

        When was the last time you saw Ming, Amika or Mei doing the shit these soyboys and greedy oil tankers pull, there’s a reason why Dubai, Osaka and Singapore look like Wakanda and NYC and Detroit look like Mega City One or some early version of Warhammer 40k.

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      • They will soon suffer the consequences. These white beta males are good for is to wear nappies and go gugu gaga. The black woman will continue to sleep around and have baby after baby after baby and continue to destroy the black community and the simps not only but to defend the hood rat but he will be willing to date the hood rat, ghetto gagging whore.

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  15. Greetings, brethren; this is my first time posting on an Open Mic Wednesday. I’d love to post more often, but, as you can imagine, I’m busy with work.

    I want to share my 2 cents on the subject of Black women being replaced: I, too, am noticing more and more that the dark skinned Black female is being “phased out” through the implementation of SYSBM, but I also see it in how they are represented in the public eye. As a boy, I looked at any women of color with a brown skin tone as “Black”; come to find out, many of them are mulattoes, Afro Latinas, etc. Basically, any female with some Negroid heritage was viewed as Black.

    I remember earlier this year, my parents and I were watching some videos filmed in Africa, and one of them was a BBC documentary on a city in an African country (the name of the country has slipped me) where it is inhabited by only women who are against the “cruel, patriarchal practices” of genital mutilation and arranged marriages. Guess who they had as the host? A young, moderately attractive British mulatto who wore an Afro; they couldn’t even put a women who looked like Christelyn Karazin, Simone56, or Cynthia G.

    I’ve also been thinking about why it is that they’re being replaced; here are some reasons I’ve come up with:
    (1) Mixed and non Black women look better.
    (2) Mixed and non Black women are often times easier to approach and get along with.
    (3) Black women hate themselves and go to extreme lengths to look like non Black women.
    (4) Black women have adopted and currently support feminism and LGBT to attack heterosexual Black men.
    (5) Black women promote agendas that aim to eliminate the strong Black man and/or replace him with men of other ethnicities (White men, in particular).

    These are a few of the reasons I can think of; if there is anything I missed, comment it below. Also, comment if you’ve observed the same.

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  16. I don’t take anything Cynthia G says seriously. She just an average chick with weave who has a simp (Taz) who defends anything she says. The writing is on the wall, black women are done and all they can do is yell and shame because way too many educated lames are leaving blackstain in droves.

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  17. I would have asked Cynthia G if black men ain’t building, why did you get pregnant by one. Kinda of backwards don’t you think????

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  18. Lately I’ve been looking back into past moments of my life and it has really helped me to understand why the Black man, both in the modern day and in antiquity, is and has been viewed as such a threat to other races of men and their women. In my opinion it would have to be the natural charisma and style many thinking BM possess, such that other races of men simply cannot imitate (at least not very well).

    One particular incident in my life involving a beautiful Desi girl in college really drives my point home.

    I had been casually talking this girl up for a while, lets say a little over a month or so, and many a guy had tried to ask her out. How do I know this? Came straight from the proverbial horses mouth, she told me herself about several guys who had tried to ask her out on dates and she kindly had to say no. Mind you these weren’t run of the mill college guys, these were men of accomplishment. One Indian guy I remember had a 4.0 in HONORS Computer Science and a nice car to boot. Did she give him a chance? Nope. She herself told me that she was not interested in this guy, even after his multiple attempts to impress her. Mind you the guy was super cool and an acquaintance of mine actually.

    After turning down multiple guys, who had more money, academic success, and resources than I, who did she spend the most time with? Yours truly. She asked me to hang out multiple times, made excuses to spend time with me, always mysteriously showed up in places were I was, constantly laughed at things I said, etc. I will note that she made it a point to make sure her friends didn’t know we were hanging out so much and got angry if I said too much (she really didn’t want her parents to find out either for obvious reasons).

    I say all of that to say this. How is it that a young Black college man, with pretty okay grades, no car, and hardly any money, be able to attract this fine Desi girl that men of status could not? All I had to my name was my personality, wit, a few dollars to buy food with, and a sense of knowing how to dress and take care of my appearance. On paper these men should have won that game, but in reality they did not. I’m sure they were just as surprised as I was.

    The personality, charisma, and charm of the Moors has been passed down through blood and pumps in the veins of the modern day BM and the women of other races can sense that (whether consciously or subconsciously). Another similar incident happened prior to this involving several women, but I hate to ramble on lol.

    Either way, this just shows why other groups of men continue to cheat the Black man out of a fair deal in life via negative media portrayals, because on a level playing feild, the game is already won. Mind you I’m still learning, and still observing but this is one thing I couldn’t help but notice.


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    • There’s also another angle to this, which is almost never discussed.

      Women want to connect to their inner wild. The last 6000 years of rigid social structures by White society has divorced us from our natural selves.

      Black men represent that raw, primal, source of vitality. It’s not found anywhere else. White men are scared of it.

      Women are emotion based and want to connect to this base raw power that’s been missing in them for some time (some are scared of it, understandably due to ancestral memories of being burned at the stake).

      This is what your Desi girl wanted with you. To feel. Money, honours, fame, prestige can’t buy that type of sexual feeling with a Black man.

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  19. @Verbs

    I’m glad you decided to add audio to your website; this was an excellent first podcast sir.

    This is what I mean by Black Manosphere 3.0; controlling your own platform and creating your own narrative. Also, this helps connect with those that are more auditory(those that would rather hear an audioBook than read a paperback)l. Mixing it up with your articles is good diversification.

    On another note, if possible maybe you could interview Mad Bus Driver, Rolando Power Man, and For Us Black men; these are all guys that are attacked by many sides of YouTube for choosing the #SYBM path to self-actualization.

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  20. I am 5ft 7in tall and slim build.

    My type of woman that iam attracted to is.

    Turkish Women or Turkish Cypriot Women.

    Greek Women or Greek Cypriot Women.

    White Women with Brown/Hazel eyes.

    Indian Women.

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  21. So when is the google hangout so I can be in attendance?

    Side note, I know we have this corner of the internet steeped in truth but how can we spread its gospel. I know it’s occuring naturally but I can help but feel if there’s a will there’s a way to get the younger brothers before they are too indoctrinated and at least will be able to freely choose.

    Oh and though I have a weakness for the chocolate and more for latinas. Had some forbidden white girls and I was looking forward to the head stereotype but I think my sample size was too small 😂

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  22. I’d bet that a BW is behind this. 11 years old and claiming to be Gay? This poor boy was probably pushed/groomed into the “lifestyle” by Gabrielle or his birth mother.:
    Dwyane Wade supports son at Miami’s pride parade, stepmom Gabrielle Union joins in the fun

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  23. I enjoyed talking to you and Mad Bus Driver on Obsidian’s channel this morning. I was the guy talking to Gab at the end about there is no black culture if you kicked out the educated lames and then complained about them taking their resources with them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Robert Chavis,

      Indeed, I’m looking forward to doing Google hangouts and other work with MBD, the SYSBM lifestyle is one of the main foundational pillars that allows black men to be free and to walk away from the proverbial plantation and the black females that manage it. You cannot throw out the very people you need to build, that’s retarded, however that is exactly what black women and their simp underlings have done. It’s always a pleasure to speak with like minded individuals like yourself bro.

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      • Greedy black b….s and their counterpart in beta white males never seem to learn. Not surprised that many of these soyboys are turning into ‘fishes’ as we call them in Jamaica, seems like they can’t handle competition that well. Another reason to leave the Capital Wasteland and move on to better pastures, leave the blood and soil crap to goose stepping fascist simps, wanna be NazBol white males and the black witch. They helped turn thousands of years of progressive and innovation into dust starting from the slave ship and they have no one but themselves to blame for it.

        They let Mohammed and Shlomo who had no interest in assimilating or giving up their barbarian habits in while stepping on the black man to keep Massa State happy. Now that Al-Shavai is assaulting Paula in a dark alley and some thug hired by Moshe or Abdul is wrecking havoc because somebody finally stood up to his blatant disregard for the laws of his host country, these idiots want us to come back and save them.

        To these fools who blame the Semetic peoples for every problem under the sun I have only one question:

        Who sold Becky and Simon to Roschvuz for money and trinkets and helped Simon Legree prevent any rebellion on the plantation?

        This form of irresponsibility is the reason why many of these beta males stay losers and these black bitches stay single.

        Walk away guys. Walk away.

        White men and black women chose Mohammed and Shlomo from the slave ship, we are under no obligation to save or even help them.

        Liked by 2 people

  24. By the ways bros whether you are #WOS #sysbm #mgtow #ebm #rpb #blackmaleexpat #mwioc #ibmor #classicmen etc. I just bought a book called Man’s guide to Brazil for first time travellers by Yesh Yonas. I’m only 9% in but it looks promising will do a review on it and will see how useful this info is on my travels. Bros leave these agents of chaos and those that support them to their own destruction. #GetOut let the scraggle “daggle” ! Let the simp “simp” let the pimp “preach” #sysbm

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  25. I don’t under any circumstances go to feminist females pages I have a #WOS principle. I deal only with non western women as the great Dr. Kirigakure would state, “women with out feminism 2.0 software installed as there main operating system.” To the brothers that do I’m going to pray for you and hope you fare well, keep your head’s up and be very aware the fuckery knows no color.

    Liked by 3 people

    • G1,

      Somebody has to be the one to dig in the dirt and bring the information forward for others to see. Like Schadenfreude has said before, Verbs2015 wades through the swamps and gutters of Blackistan to bring forward the info so you don’t have to.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. More Ls to Swirl Mountain. This white man told swirlers that he’s not interested in dating/marrying black women period.

    Tucker • 4 days ago
    “I want a white family.” The words stick with me for the rest of the
    day, weighing me down like a bale of cotton. It brings tears to my eyes.”

    Here we see what is the crux of the whole debate. Whites who want to pass their White European genes down to their children, and because they wish to help their race survive and flourish and because they understand the reality that White genes are fragile and easily overwhelmed and destroyed when mixed with non-White genes – and because they prefer that their children and grandchildren look like them – instead of like some bizarre, abnormal looking African Bantu, Somali, Hutus, or Tutsis – in this black woman’s Hollywood brainwashed mind, these Whites are somehow cruel and evil.

    How can anyone dream up a better definition of hard core racism than that? This black female, and probably millions of other black or non-white women, resent the most fundamentally critical and biologically necessary behavior by White Europeans to secure the survival of their species. She clearly believes that Whites (males, in her case) are evil for wishing to produce children only with other White women – which is the only reproductive path that can ensure that White Europeans do not become extinct.

    White racial survival behaviors ‘brings tears to her eyes’? Does anyone think that this black female would have this kind of attitude had she and her ancestors been left alone in Africa and never brought to a nation created by, and intended for, White Europeans?

    The Hollywood gang is responsible for filling this woman’s head full of these kinds of twisted notions. She feels intimidated by having to compete with the most beautiful and desirable women (well, up until feminism, gross tattoos, neon purple hair and disgusting body piercings became a fixation for far too many white females) on Earth? Who’s fault is that?

    Answer: The owners of those slave ships and the horribly short sighted Southern plantation owners who bought those African blacks to be their cheap labor, instead of paying poor White Southern men a fair wage to work on their farms. And, then, following the end of the War of Northern Aggression – the failure to repatriate the freed black slaves back to Africa.

    One final question for this woman, and for every other non-white female who is consumed with bitterness over not being able to latch onto a White male and hijack a few White European genes. At some level, these women are admitting that they find White men to be the most attractive marriage material. Which means, at some level, they either admire, envy or are willing to acknowledge what White females these days themselves seem to be incapable of acknowledging – White males are a valuable resource for marriage and father material, primarily because they are usually excellent resource providers. Not all, mind you – we have our share of White male losers and deadbeats, but in general – there seems to be considerably less dysfunctionality within the White male demographic group when compared to, say, black males. So, here is my question:

    If these women admire and respect White men (and envy White women for their beauty) why do they wish to see White men (or women) flush their racial genetics down the drain and volunteer to submerge it under the continent of Africa or any other non-white demographic of mankind? If we give in to their demands to miscegenate, then within a few short decades, White Europeans will disappear and become extinct.

    If that were to happen, what would women like this black female then have to whine about?

    See, swirlers. White men, who you so love above Black men, are just not into you. He wants white women only.


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