AVOID These Types Of Women


Now, the reason why this narcissistic, feminist, arrogant, dumb, millennial, short-term thinking black whore is able to so brazenly lay out the disjointed terms and conditions in order to date her is because as we speak there are a million and one simps hitting up her DM’s and lighting up her inbox like a fireworks display. Even though we can clearly see from what she’s said she fits the profile of the typical dysfunctional and problematic black female to a T, there will still be some foolish black men who not thinking straight will believe that they can still meet the challenge because they’ve already been swooned and suckered in by her looks, smh.

The long and short of the story is this harriet above just like your average black female simply wishes to be a whore without being judged, she wants to let Jezebel out of the cage and give her a free, unsupervised reign of the yard and as she stated, nobody can tell her to do otherwise. Again, as I’ve highlighted before notice the common insinuation, “we’re not ready to handle her dysfunction”, in other words we are “weak”. As I stated before, most black women stay guzzling down high-octane dumb fuel for life, her janky position is a sure-fire way to stay single for eternity.

How dumb can women like this get, they list a load of dysfunctional traits they possess and proceed to tout them as if they are gold and would be beneficial to the men foolish enough to date such termagants. Exactly what VALUABLE and QUALITY traits did she list in her minute long diatribe, I’ll wait? Remember, the Wall Of Silence is undefeated and arrogant haughty women like this typically find that out the hard way.

The woman above is your typical Jezebel black female, again notice the contradicting language being used here. She stated that she’s impatient and stubborn but then goes on to say how she has “high standards”, smh. Do you see why I continue to state that most black women are dumber than a rack of bricks? Then she talks about wanting chivalry, yet chivalry was originally reciprocated to feminine, obedient, submissive and cooperative females, NOT tarts, slappers, sluts and rebellious whores.

Then she went on to reveal the biggest nugget and the main reason why I believe that she is dysfunctional, her mother. Notice, she never mentioned her father as being the judge of what man she ought to keep vs no longer deal with, this is the main problem right here. One skank of a single mother who has decided to produce another skank of a daughter. She also talked about being Jamaican so it doesn’t really surprise me that she has no problems wallowing in the sewer because most Jamaican women by trade are gutter just like Western and westernised black females.

Again, she talks about being very confident, however in this case the correct word that must be used for her in particular is “narcissistic”. The fact that she stated she wears what she wants and the man has no say in the matter is a clear as day sign of disrespect, it is these types of women who will deliberately dress provocatively, warrant undesirable negative attention in the streets from other men, immediately claim these guys “aren’t being respectful” and then expect said boyfriend to put them in their place ie fight them. Watch out for these trouble making women, they are extremely dangerous and are nothing but a pain in the proverbial behind as well as a serious liability.

Fake nails, a weave on her head(I suspect), thick makeup upon her face, showing cleavage, but I thought this chick said that she was a “confident” woman? The main issue that ought to be highlighted with this female is the fact that she is clearly mentally ill. Anybody who attempts to uphold negative attributes as somehow being of value is undoubtedly 6 kegs short of a 6 pack.

I’d personally feel very uncomfortable even dicking down this kind of woman because looking at things from a spiritual standpoint she’s simply a bad omen and no doubt has a vagina full to the brim of the captured souls of those unfortunate men who chose to go there. Personally rebellious, belligerent, narcissistic sirens like this repulse me, I wouldn’t even want them for sexual gratification purposes only. To thinking black men in general sluts are looked upon with disdain because overall they are simply unattractive.

Thinking black men, take note and remember that black females like this dirty harriet above are part of the main reasons why we left off dealing with black women to begin with, you don’t have to settle for trash like this, you can find a much better, equally attractive and even better selection of women by crossing the fence and dating out. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Mentally Ill, Impatient, Stubborn Sluts And Whore

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “AVOID These Types Of Women

  1. This chick basically said I’m going to do whatever I want and you have no say in the matter, from the things that she listed its safe to assume that will include cheating too IMO, these types of chicks will ruin a man’s life if he lets them. We can’t see her from the neck down so she might be fat and like Verbs said we don’t know how she looks under the makeup, but from the little that I did see she is fairly attractive IMO. I point that out to illustrate why many brothers don’t want to deal with BW at all, even if they look good, their attitude is ugly. The attitude that many of them have after being raised by single mothers and often times in a ghetto hellhole shapes their mind and makes them unsuitable for marriage.

    These chicks aren’t worth it, stay away and Keep the Wall up.

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    • @James

      The Jamaican broad was basically stating that she wants a cuck or playboy. Meaning, she already knows that a playboy will not judge her, because he will only hitting up after midnight anyway. The rules and dysfunctions in her mental ill persona will be the responsibility of the non-select cucks who are definitely in her DMs on her time line begging to be sugar daddy for a whiff of that spoiled box.

      At the same time, any man that brings a woman like that into their personal space has to accept the consequences of whatever happens; Cardi B robbing, drugging and having trannies rap her male pursurers anyone?

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    • James S,

      Black men who still choose to deal with black women as a collective have an extremely raw deal, most black women are like this. As soon as they see a black man especially a well to do respectable brother a disrespect mechanism immediately locks into place. Chicks like this will regret making these kinds of janky decisions, we all know how this story will end.

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    • I totally concur with the above comment. The juice ain’t worth the squeeze no more when dealing with these Abw. At this stage in my life as a “quasi-centenarian” too many of them have become a liability oppose to a benefit to a brother’s life. Thanks to feminism, white Zaddy and the social engineering machine that birth these Jezebel spirited creature, I personally won’t be finishing my remaining days on planet earth with any of them. I’m currently courting a young recently emigrated Chinese women who is two decades my junior and is ultra feminine with a lucrative business to operate. #SYSBM

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      • Mal Tribes,

        The juice has now become rancid and is only fit for being thrown in the garbage, this is how low the modern day black female has sunk. Stick with your Chinese lady sir, you’ll be much better off in the short and long terms.

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  3. She is a comedian right!?!?……..oh shit, she is serious!?!? OK, here is the thing….WHITE WOMEN her age are married, pregnant, and looking for a HOUSE not an apartment with her man, looking to start a family……this bitch is still talking as if she is a Junior in high school.
    Now, the males she’s talking to are your average simp ass black man who has been programmed to lay his manhood down to be cut up just so he can get a doggie treat.
    I look at videos like this with WHITE WOMEN and we laugh our asses off at these delusional bitches😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • “Now, the males she’s talking to are your average simp ass black man who has been programmed to lay his manhood down to be cut up just so he can get a doggie treat.”

      Exactly right. She’s talking to the buster ass, simp dudes that flood her inbox with the bullshit comments to gas her up. And yes, that includes Pookie, Ray Ray, J-Boog and Lil Rico. She ain’t talking to rational, logically thinking black men because that shit doesn’t fly with us.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      Black women never mature, they remain perpetual children in mindset and the decisions they make. This chick honestly sounds like a spoilt brat and again, the sad thing about it is there are simps lining up who are willing to tolerate her spoilt brat mentality, not this guy here, I’m good.

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  4. Never give these women the benefit of the doubt on anything. She expects a man to let her do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and you have to stand there and do nothing. Meanwhile, if you breathe sideways, she’ll drop you like it’s nothing. She (and all these women with this mentality) can and will remain desperate, delusional, in denial, and all alone. Not dating these women is a great thing.

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    • Anthonym78,

      Some wise words, women like this should be left alone. As grown men we see and know this, however the teenage mentality type simps will still choose to walk into the fire. That is their business and whatever penalties they must pay for dealing with this Jezebel is all on them.

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  5. First off, this is legit the kind of person, let alone woman, who would come up missing if she constantly came up against me with that nonsense. As Verbs said, wtf did she say that as SHE could offer? There’s no way in hell that I’d put up with some loud mouthed heifer like this, what for? Some old cheap roast beef of hers? Bitch, your roast beef ain’t special, Arby’s is down the street from me!

    Now, being honest, do you think that she would snap her damn neck like that toward Jarnavious, Nook Nook, or Lil Slim Jim? Hell no, and not just because she wants to get dug out by those dudes. She knows that she would get pooped at the very least for running her damn mouth. Hell, I’d probably pay to see it.

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    • She’s an American immigrant, so she feels comfortable with that laundry list, knowing a million and one SIMP niggaz will call her quean.

      She dare issue that list in Jamaica, the grimy thug men won’t hesitate to give her one raasclaat bitch lick in ‘im head. You dun know!. Y

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    • “Now, being honest, do you think that she would snap her damn neck like that toward Jarnavious, Nook Nook, or Lil Slim Jim?”

      Honestly, brother, yeah she would. Because as much as she wants those dudes to fuck her, they’re willing to put up with the type of dysfunction she brings in order to fuck her.

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    • “She knows that she would get pooped at the very least for running her damn mouth.”
      Yep, just like this woman, her thug boyfriend left her looking like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre- Dame:

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      There are too many of these types of women roaming around who are extremely brazen and have completely forgotten their place. Back in the day women like this would’ve been dealt with harshly because they would’ve been recognised for the bad seed they are and an example would’ve been made of her as a warning to other women who may have thought about engaging in the same behaviour.

      These chicks delude themselves and the simps are adding even more fuel to their delusional fires. Once again, once she gets knocked up by Scully General and Regimental Leroy then her whole perspective will change and she’ll begin begging for a thinking brother to take her onboard, smh.

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  6. “……If youre still interested in that, good luck!”

    I’m alright thanks, but good luck with issuing that laundry list with Nook Nook, Pookie and Dey Dey.

    Typical Jamaican. All mouth and no sense. Can’t forsee even five years into the future, when the black starts to crack, her ovaries start to twitch and her BM lottery tickets are running out of time. Dam eediat..

    Like the Jamaicans say quite regularly: “yu ears hard, iiii?” [you don’t listen].

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    • Michel,

      Chicks like this typically find out the hard way that such a way of life does not profit long term. However in the short term they think they’re right and things are great because there are too many brain-dead idiots gassing up their heads and jumping into their dm’s.

      Simps are at the ready to deal with this chick, however the likes of Dequan and Drilly Billy won’t hesitate to put a boot straight into her forehead.

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  7. Despite the well deserved hostility from you brothers, we need to recognize that once again the whore is at the very least being up front and honest. She’s telling you exactly what she’s about and how little she values what you actually think (which should be the biggest red flag). Just like the Jessie Woo article before this one. Anyone who gets involved with this trash deserves exactly what they get. Notice how she didn’t give reasons as to why she’d be a decent catch. All she talked about were her personality traits and what YOU would have to deal with. These are the types of whores that want us to jump headfirst into a situation to protect them, yet refuse to show any kind of respect or femininity to their man. Again, videos like this don’t bother me. They actually help weed out women who think like this and show us what the thinking black man needs to steer clear of.

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    • It sure is

      This is a textbook sign of a person with narcissistic personality disorder. Someone who doesn’t even think about what they can offer another person but instead talk about themselves, and what you can do for them. Also signs of a fragile ego, and contradictions. And you expect that you’re going to be able to reproduce a Future warrior class with this? Black folks should never ever compared yourselves to the warrior class of Africa or even their own ancestors.

      I truly do believe most ADOS came from slave bloodline. Definitely not Warrior bloodline. Anybody reads basic history knows that most of the Noble tribal members where often killed when tribes were infiltrated by European militaries. Even though that really didn’t start happening until the early to mid-1800s.

      Of course I’m labeled as somebody who hates my own people. Who the hell said you were my people? do you really think that most other tribes in the black diaspora claim everybody as their people? Or is it just the eurocentric Socialist minded black people don’t even realize that their whole perspective is European based? Who else need to claim light skin, biracials, Africans, quadroons like Kamala Harris and Amber Rose, certain pandering white folks, pass achievements of the ancestors who wouldn’t even acknowledge you because of your utter disrespect ?

      The motherfukers love white folks, end of.

      Okay rant done. Great point about these hoes exposing themselves.

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      • Mack G,

        A lot of this women jump into the realm of narcissism in order to compensate for their lack of self esteem. Even though she’ll have a truckload of simps to practice on, if an intelligent brother just happens to pass her way(not even paying the witch any attention), because she’s so drunk off the high octane gas the simps are bringing to her table on the daily, she’ll believe that she can run the same nonsense with upper tier black men, however that’s where her Jezebel stupidity will be checked and stopped.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Agreed on the honesty part but I think brothers here are more concerned with her lack of reverence, lack of respect and the fact that such a contaminant will spread her filth to others quickly if not dealt with and contained. This is why many of these women come to the West to begin with, because they know that they can give Jezebel a free run of the yard unsupervised and for the most part nobody can tell them anything.

      However one day believing they can behave as they please they’ll run into the wrong dude and then it will be “game over”, literally.

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  8. The Jamaican woman in that video is the sort of woman that has not arrived in the Black Manosphere yet. Can you all imagine the level of caping when a woman that is average looking shows up and starts handing out compliments and finessing these dudes? It’ll be game over for Black Manosphere 2.0.

    I’m slowly falling back into pure #SYBM as 2019 moves forward. I don’t think most BM can exercise any control when even below average women show up to the male spaces. What is happening is the women are studying certain men in the Black Manosphere and massaging their egos to move in for the kill.

    I said it in 2018, and Ill say it again; Black Manosphere 2.0 will collapse on itself as women use the space to promote their own channel, and they will bring in the sort of select simps to replace the non-select simps. In the Black community, it is dominated by the women; who understand the males they ‘raised’ better than the males understand the women that ‘raised’ them.

    So, the question is: In 2019, who is really red pill, the men or the women?

    …stay tuned.

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    • “What is happening is the women are studying certain men in the Black Manosphere and massaging their egos to move in for the kill.”

      Yeah either massaging their egos or mimicking their sentiment so they can come in and eventually sow disruption and division.

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      • @James

        What is most important, is that enough free thinking BM see whats going on, and as more of the men are seduced by the succubae spirit; they will lose credibility and the same women will move on to the next victim.

        Plenty of bruthas see the game being played, and are voting with their feet. Not my job to tell other men what to do, but I’m not going to waste my time arguing or listening to post-wall mammies, rejected bedwenches, and other nigresses.

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    • King Sigma,

      I believe that we may have already seen a glimpse into the future with the cleavage showing black Jezebel known as Irene Yvette. As soon as this siren made her way onto the scene, I saw many black manospherians losing complete control of themselves and busting nuts all over the place for this chick. The thing about it is the ex swirler Yvette wasn’t even handing out compliments, just like the black witch Cynthia G she rolled into the arena finger wagging and berating black men on their so called “lack of achievements”.

      Her ducking and weaving Maywether style debating tactics are also a sight to behold, this is why I went in on her when we both appeared on Obsidian’s show last year November because I got sick and tired of her stick and move antics. Take another recent appearance on Obsidian’s show where I attempted to go in on the Renaissance Witch, however because she has moderator rights over there, every time I went to respond to her wise cracks and jokes, she muted my mic because she knew I had that fire coming straight to her chest.

      As you’ve correctly stated, these black witches are testing the waters, seeing what they can get away with, who they can enchant and seduce with vain words. You’ll notice that these harriets don’t attempt to infiltrate hardcore SYSBM forts like MBD, Slaying Evil, K Jones etc because they know that we won’t be suckered in and hoodwinked by the Okey Dokey. Now, don’t get me wrong, black harridans come here all the time to spy, report back to their witch’s coven and discuss these issues amongst themselves, however they know better than to attempt any kind of black female skullduggery over here.

      Those who practice SYSBM typically find it much easier to hold onto and uphold their integrity vs those who still believe in “the one” appearing one day and others who believe that black women as a collective will eventually see the light and change their ways for the better.

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      • @Verbs

        Its humorous to watch so-called ‘red pill’ men trip over themselves trying to secure the attention of below average women in every way possible. When you talk about these women being verbally abusive to these simps; it is a masochistic and sadistic dynamic going on. Many of those men were either raised by women like that or desired such wicked women; but were rejected.

        I was surprised to learn that a woman had a wrench on Oman channel; but that is the way things are going in 2019. Its his channel and he is doing what he believes is in his best interest; only time will tell if he was right or wrong.

        Verbs, you have your own platform to create your own narrative and promote a concentrated message; you might want to start doing podcasts and livestreams from time to time on Slaying Evil.

        The reason the post-wall mammies, bedwenchs and miscellaneous nigresses cannot penetrate #SYBM strongholds, is because those men don’t prioritize BW or any other woman for that matter. The witchcraft requires that you prioritze their validation; without that, they can only submit in silence or move on to the next victim.

        Great thing about the world we live in, we still have some freedom of association and choice. If many of these dudes can’t see how futile the situation is; then let them drown in the wickedness of the succubae nymphs.

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      • I’m still trying to figure out why a lot of these brothers are losing their minds over a female like Irene Yvette. Personally, I just don’t see anything physically attractive about her. Maybe it’s because I don’t put a premium on a woman’s big booty and tits.

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  9. @Mack G

    It can be very frustrating trying to understand the groveling type of Blacks. Technically, most people by definition came from the paesant, slave & proleteriat classes. Throughout human history most people have been in the working and slave classes. Whereas, only a small percentage have been in the ruling class; thats the way that social hierarchy has been structured for at least 10,000 years maybe since forever.

    So, the true nobility, scholars, and warriors in the Black Diaspora become frustrated because they are being unfairly lumped in and stereotyped with the peasants which always outnumber the natural leadership class. They look around at the Black Rednecks among us, and feel like they are in a land zombies; because you are fully aware of the dysfunction and backwardness of these people; who are not YOUR people.

    Luckily, platforms like Slayin Evil are exposing the propaganda and drawing a line in the sand between the free thinking Black men and the rest.

    For too long, the free thinking BM has sacrificed for the so-called ‘greater good’ but those days are over. It is time for free thinking BM to pursue their happiness in whatever way they choose.

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  10. These morons just don’t get it.
    10 years from now she will be asking where have all the “good guys” gone?
    After she has 2-3 kids by whatever S.I.M.P. she ensnared.
    It bemuses me how they are incapable of seeing: REALITY, How the world views them, their bleek future (unless she’s smart enough to snatch a baller….she’s fucked).
    Dudes aren’t falling for this nonsense anymore (except Offset).

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    • @MGTOW Strong

      How dumb do you have to be to make a wicked heifer like Card B. the mother of your child? That is why most men are long gone, they can’t see any further than that fur box; rather it be diseased, beaten into oblivion, or what not; these dudes are spellbound by it; and therefore enslaved to it as well.

      That box is a soul catcher and dream taker; be careful and wise

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    • Man avoid any and all black whores as much as you can help. Keep them out of your personal life, and triple that sentiment in your love life. This whore is a walking contradiction to the point it’s not even worth discussing, and listening to her is nauseating.

      No thinking brother or any non bm with a spine, and a set of stones and common sense will ever put up with this dysfunctional behavior.

      The Wall Of Silence gets higher and more fortified. Be on the lookout for more dear black men videos to come out after Shamiqua is done getting ghetto gagged. Don’t fall for it.

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      • Stephen,

        SYSBM will continue to be the secure fort of the thinking black man, you absolutely cannot go wrong exing these black witches out of your life, additionally black men who have passports and are travelling are also doing themselves some huge favours in that they are experiencing different cultures and women from those cultures who know exactly how to treat men right.

        Black women simply cannot compete, hence why as of recent they have been sending out hoards of simps who have been mocking those particular black men who own passports and travel outside of their residing country.

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  11. Avoid any and all black whores as much as you can help. Keep them out of your personal life, and triple that sentiment in your love life. This whore is a walking contradiction to the point it’s not even worth discussing, and listening to her is nauseating.

    No thinking brother or any non bm with a spine, and a set of stones and common sense will ever put up with this dysfunctional behavior.

    The Wall Of Silence continues to gets higher and more fortified. Be on the lookout for more dear black men videos to come out after Shamiqua is done getting ghetto gagged. Don’t fall for it. And if you do, you deserve whatever misery comes from that horrible decision.

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  12. She has high standards? Really though? Let me tell you something. If she has high standards then why the hell is she chasing thugs, criminals, bad boys, pretty boys, street dudes, worthless men, hopeless men and unproductive men? Because that who the black women want and love. And when they have kids with these worthless peasants, then they try go get a good black man. And As he rejects her hard, there is nothing she can’t do but to date and be in relationships with these simps because simps love single mothers. When a black woman ends up in a relationship with a simp or a captain save a hoe, its black woman’s worse nightmare come true because that’s the man black women do not want whatsoever and as a simp comes into the black woman’s life, her world will be crashing down.

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    • Money Cultural,

      It’s the same story with these broads, it isn’t as if one black woman will look at the mistakes of another and say to herself, “I’m not going to be a jackhead like her”, nope these women all voluntarily walk into the same traps even though they know that the consequences will be detrimental towards themselves long term.

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      • How can any black man be in a relationship with a black woman? He can’t if we have these types of harlots around the black community. And when they have kids by different dudes, she wants good black man? really though?

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    • Jesus Christ, literally 4-6 times a year, it’s the same shit with these black Women, the same topics! Either colorism, or black men’s interracial dating that leaves these QUEENIES unwanted.

      Can you get anymore desperate or pathetic? You don’t see people with cerebral palsy complaining that people mainly wanna **** people with non-****ed up backs!

      Also, look at these chicks! That dark skin chick looked like a darker, MUCH fatter version of Theo Huxtable. They have short ass hair, piercings everywhere, and look like stunt doubles for The Juggernaut, but it’s MEN’S fault for not liking them??!!

      BREED THEM OUT!!!!! I’m tired of seeing these ugly, fat nasty mutants run amok, I HATE em!!!

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      • I watched 2 min of that and closed it. All but one of those women looked to be overweight and most of them looked like men in the face. I think that when it comes to feminine facial features dark skinned BW just don’t have them, they look like men. That’s just the facial features though, there is no excuse for them being fat, that is something that they could control of they put in the effort.

        Dark skinned BW aren’t very attractive compared to other women, that’s unfortunate but it seems like all men, black and non-black, are in agreement on that based on desirability studies. Dark skinned BW are usually the most vicious and the most hateful of the feminists because no one wants them and society doesn’t view them as feminine. BM are typically the targets of their anger, all the more reason to stay away and keep the Wall up.

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      • >No one gives a fuck these cruise ships are single. Good. Let them whine and complain about it. They’ll eventually eat each other out.

        Or have the cruise ship full of Daggles sail into the Bermuda Triangle – never to be seen again.


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  13. Book of Sirach
    Women – Evil and Virtuous
    12 Worst of all wounds is that of the heart, worst of all evils is that of a woman.
    13 Worst of all sufferings is that from one’s foes, worst of all vengeance is that of one’s enemies:
    14 No poison worse than that of a serpent, no venom greater than that of a woman.
    15 With a dragon or a lion I would rather dwell than live with an evil woman.
    16 Wickedness changes a woman’s looks, and makes her sullen as a female bear.
    17 When her husband sits among his neighbors, a bitter sigh escapes him unawares.

    18 There is scarce any evil like that in a woman; may she fall to the lot of the sinner!
    19 Like a sandy hill to aged feet is a railing wife to a quiet man.
    20 Stumble not through woman’s beauty, nor be greedy for her wealth;
    21 The man is a slave, in disgrace and shame, when a wife supports her husband.
    22 Depressed mind, saddened face, broken heart – this from an evil wife.
    Feeble hands and quaking knees – from a wife who brings no happiness to her husband.
    23 In woman was sin’s beginning, and because of her we all die.
    24 Allow water no outlet, and be not indulgent to an erring wife.
    25 If she walks not by your side, cut her away from you.

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  14. More babble from another delusional fully loaded oil tanker, and she is Jamaican as well:
    These chicks are delusional and nuts, stay away from them. They can be built like a bag of fertilizer with a weave on top of it yet still complain about having to lower their standards for someone, a good BM would have to lower his standards to be with her. She also acknowledges side-chick culture, which as I always say is increasingly the only way that a lot of BW can get a man, as a mistress. Keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      Well, outside of a desperate simp or a cuck, which non black man is going to take onboard this delusional heifer, none. Watching the delusions of grandeur concerning this broads is incredible, at least check first to see if non black men are checking for you to begin with. The modern day black witch isn’t even worth a bar of soap at this stage.

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      • Yeah one brother pointed that out in the comments, WM and AM don’t even want fat women of their race, why would they want a fat BW? These chicks think that because they have a college degree in something that it erases the fact that they are fat and unattractive.

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      • >WM and AM don’t even want fat women of their race, why would they want a fat BW?

        They’re not into oil trucks, so why would they want a supertanker?


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      • Exactly. Racist soy boys and greedy black women stay losing, there is a reason why Chicago and San Francisco look like something out of a Cyberpunk dystopia and Dubai, Shanghai and Tokyo look like Asian Wakandas. Mei and Ling are too busy supporting their men to pull the type of bullshit racist white males and black females do, when was the last time you saw Mohammed or even Shlomo attempting Zinghe or playing cop in the Asian section of town like he owns the place? None.

        These guys know Ken and Ban won’t hesitate to go Hotoko Shinkenfaster than they can go Allah Akubar…BOOM or have some idiot go on a rampage, that’s why the rely on their flunkies the black queen and the white king to do the dirty work.


  15. Black bitches like this really think men are going to jump through hoops for them LMAO! The majority of Black Women are idiots. Why would any brotha with their shit together mess with trash like this?

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