Liar, Liar, Dirty Panties On Fire – Jessie Woo Puts Her Foot In It Once Again


Firstly, in 2019 this is how your typical black female looks, caked up to the eyeballs in makeup, wearing non black female hair upon their heads, sporting fake eye lashes and yet these same black women wallowing in the fakery claim that they are looking for “real men”, how backwards and foolish is that? If you were to look up the word “witchcraft” in the dictionary, a picture of Jessie Woo’s cake layered face would be right there staring back at you.

Black women are constantly attempting to deceive and hoodwink black men regarding their true image, now let’s take a look at what Jessie Woo really looks like without the extra external appendages:

Quite a different looking creature now isn’t she? Go and take a look at her Instagram and tell me if you can find any other pictures of her looking natural. Black women as a collective simply have a deep disdain for the way they look. Now remember, this Jessie Woo is the same yaki weave wearing black harridan from Madame Noire who talked about her love for the “hood niggas”, remember his video here? Please forward to the 4:00 mark:

Now, on to the contents of her minute long video. From the testimonies you contributors here at Slaying Evil have given many times in the past in relation to being out with your non black female significant others and receiving the dirtiest of dagger looks from the black witch contingent, we know that this tale of black women not having a problem with black men dating and marrying outside of their race is NOT TRUE, Jessie Woo is NOT being honest.

Remember that article I wrote back in June 2018 where I showcased a video of a black man checking a black female for being disrespectful to his wife who happened to be white, please see both the video and article below:

Jessie Woo is currently stumbling across a harsh revelation, the fact that she is unable to stem the tide of black men deciding to throw in the towel on black women and take their chances elsewhere, every time Woo is out in the streets and sees a black man with a non black female, she just like the rest of the black female contingent feels hurt and gutted.

Don’t ever allow black women to run the “we don’t care who black men are dating” Kansas City shuffle on you, they are the ones who continue to talk about black men dating out while we SYSBM thinking brothers are simply getting on with our lives, we aren’t the ones making a song and dance about black men engaged in interracial dating, THEY ARE.

The truth is the Wall of Silence is biting these benighted harriets very hard, they are now really beginning to feel the pinch and SYSBM hasn’t even reached critical mass. I don’t understand Woo, since she’s already confessed her love for “thug niggas”, why isn’t she focusing her attention on them, in 2019 why do we find so many of these “thug loving” black women all of a sudden turning their attention towards thinking black men ie the same guys they’ve already written off as “lames” and “squares” with no swag?

Then Woo attempts to reach out to thinking brothers with the “black women gave birth to you” Texas Two Step, an emotional sideways plea requesting that thinking black men return to the proverbial plantation. Remember, most black men are raised by black women and their experiences growing up certainly aren’t positive ones, let’s take a quick look at how black women typically raise and treat their children:

Black women hands down have already proven themselves to be a bunch of cold-blooded, heartless, barbaric, bloodthirsty monsters when it comes down to raising children, therefore the “black women gave birth to you” talk doesn’t travel very far at all. Then Jessie Woo goes on to talk about black women supporting black men, however yet again we must clarify what she is talking about.

Black women as a collective support WHITE MEN, DEAD BLACK MEN or the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Hot Sauce, Lil Cheezy, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey, Kat Nip ie the “thug niggas” as they are the ones in the overwhelming majority of cases being gunned down either by the police or Cheddar Boy from the block. Black women DO NOT support the so called “educated lames” and “squares” of black male society, in fact frequently the same thinking brothers will find that they are ousted from said black communities by these same women who claim to love black men.

Again, listen to her statement carefully regarding so called “support”, protesting black men getting shot, bailing black men out of jail, passing around black men’s mix tapes, what demographic of black men is Woo specifically referring to? That’s right, the gutter of black male society, the same “thug niggas” that she has already confessed her love for, she isn’t talking about your average blue/white-collar thinking brother, the men below will NOT be receiving the support of Woo or black women in general:

Again, thinking black men aren’t disparaging black women, all we are doing is simply highlighting their dysfunctional, out-of-pocket behaviour, degenerate habits and additionally stating that we want nothing to do with such females who engage in shameless, off the chain, Tom Foolery and skullduggery. The major problem most black women have is until recently nobody has been calling them out and they so wished for things to remain that way.

At the end of the day Jessie black men would NOT have any ammunition to use against black women if black women weren’t giving it to them, when black women commonly engage in this type of behaviour below, you cannot expect black men to sing their praises:

Black women are upset at the fact that they cannot date out as easily as black men and it burns them to the core. Not only that but as we already know black women hate to see black men happy, as far as they are concerned we ought to be down in the dumps and miserable like they are. Don’t believe them, black women hate it and get extremely upset whenever they see black men with non black women(especially white women), I already know that you brothers are going to be lighting up the comment section with many examples of black women and this particular deep-seated hatred and jealousy.

Brothers, keep the Wall up and continue implementing SYSBM, there is a heavy price to pay for the continued mocking, disparagement and ousting the builders of black society, we checked out of the building long ago and have absolutely NO PLANS TO RETURN TO IT. Black women always pretend to find a sudden interest in black men whenever we choose to cross the fence, they point-blank weren’t interested in Trevor before, however now that Trevor has a white girlfriend/wife, we’re supposed to believe that he is all of a sudden on the black woman’s radar, smh.

The truth of the matter is black women like Jessie Woo are simply upset at the fact that they no longer have the first right of refusal, thinking black men have respected the wishes of black women and have decided to leave them alone……………FOR GOOD.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Believe the Jessie Woo Kansas City Shuffle

Most High Bless

91 thoughts on “Liar, Liar, Dirty Panties On Fire – Jessie Woo Puts Her Foot In It Once Again

  1. Black women hands down have already proven themselves to be a bunch of cold-blooded, heartless, barbaric, bloodthirsty monsters when it comes down to raising children, therefore the “black women gave birth to you” talk doesn’t travel very far at all. 

    Like I said many a time, black men in the UK live next door to white families, where the style of parenting is different. We saw it, compare notes and decided to go where we are wanted, permanently.

    Any random skank, white boy etc can get salty for me being with White women, but they can’t actually do shit about it. Add in the fact that the #SYSBM brothers often have interests that attract non-Black females… and it’s a wrap.

    The Wall is up, fully automatic and protected with S-400 anti aircraft Russian missiles. #SYSBM

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    • Michel,

      Indeed, it is all about thinking black men recognising the regular dysfunction that takes place within the overwhelming majority of black single mother households, with black women in general and implementing sustainable steps i n order to AVOID such dysfunction.

      No doubt this Woo woman is single and doesn’t take it too well whenever she sees black men with white women, in fact let’s be honest here(even when black women can’t be), most black female get a bee in their bonnet whenever the subject of black men engaging in interracial dating is brought up.

      I remember Obsidian did a podcast if I recall last year talking about some black women who grilled him and a friend way back in the day when they walked into a club with some white women on their arms, mind you that same night he’d already asked out some black females who made it known that they weren’t interested, black women and their first right of refusal nonsense.

      They want you available just so that they can spitefully turn you down for the specific purpose of wounding your self confidence and self esteem, these dirty black sirens are wicked, evil pieces of trash.

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  3. Anyone who mentions that black women’s farts stink is “talking shit” about them.” Black women wallow in destructive behavior, and anyone standing in their way is the enemy.

    Black Women have the utmost problem with black men dating out, especially as it becomes more common.

    I’ve mentioned before the coworker at my internship who was a white woman married to a black man. Hell, I knew he was black when she said his name was Chauncey. Well, come to find out that not only was the black designer there recently divorced from a bitter black queen and dating a white woman (and his life had done a 180 due to events stemming from that), but the black EDITOR IN CHIEF was married to a white woman, and I saw them and their SIX KIDS out in town recently.

    The latter dude especially was probably treated like crap by black society and black Women in particular. You can’t be anything of worth, let alone the person you were meant to be, when surrounded by a culture of not just mediocrity, but celebrating outright FAILURE. Black women want black society that way because that’s the only thing they can rule, a failed kingdom.

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    • “Black women want black society that way because that’s the only thing they can rule, a failed kingdom.”

      Amen, the single mother run Black matriarchy is a dismal failure and no one (including them) can deny it. Instead of admitting that they can’t do it alone, that they have been dating the wrong men, and that single motherhood is bad, they would rather keep things as they are and be the “Queens of the trash heap” as TBA says.

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      • James S,

        Bingo BW would rather stay in misery than admit their wrongdoings these creatures are gone beyond repair I will say it again they have morphed into a sub human species.

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      • Sean,

        Black women as a collective simply can’t put 2 and 2 together, though I feel that most of them at this stage don’t want to figure out the equation because that would mean them having to admit that black men have been right all along ie they have been wrong, dead wrong. Like you’ve stated, this modern day black female has transformed into a creature that is unrecognisable.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You notice how we’re not allowed to talk about the many shortcomings of the sacred cow aka the black witch. How on earth are a group of women who are in the gutter supposed to improve if they’re already labelled as above reproach? My concern isn’t the black witch herself but the damage she is bringing upon others around her, hence why more black men are choosing to avoid black women altogether.

      Black women don’t feel that black men are entitled to their best, thinking black men have simply made adjustments and sort out alternatives amongst non black females. Again, black women are just salty at the fact that more black men are slipping through the net, thus these harpies have less minds available to frag and destroy, we see what is really going on here.

      Imagine that, receiving more love and support from women who are outside of your race compared to your own female counterparts, smh.

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    • @afro

      This is gold: “You can’t be anything of worth, let alone the person you were meant to be, when surrounded by a culture of not just MEDIOCRITY, but celebrating outright FAILURE. Black women want black society that way because that’s the only thing they can rule, A FAILED KINGDOM.”

      Mediocrity, failure and a failed kingdom describes any community dominated by these misandrist single mothers. They bred dysfunction and chaos. Nothing you can do by walk away, let them continue to waddle in their misery.

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      • King Sigma,

        Black women wish to continue ruling over the swamp and will hold onto such a position at all costs. The great single mother, misandry, feminism experiment within black society has been a total disaster, however trying to show black women this monumental failure is falling on deaf and stubborn ears, eyes and minds.

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      • @King Sigma

        Yeah TBA was talking about that in his broadcast yesterday regarding Nipsy Hustle. He pointed out that one of the hardest things to be in the black community is a success, because the black community is filled with failures (thanks to single motherhood and BW’s desire for thug love) and if you are successful and surround yourself with failures its only a matter of time before you are robbed, ruined, or maybe even killed.

        So in a nutshell he discussed the backbone argument of SYSBM, to be successful you will more than likely have to separate yourself from a large portion the black community. SYSBM and Wall of Silence brothers already knew that, but its still refreshing to hear pro-blacks point it out occasionally. Even though they are pro-black, they cant deny the state of the black community or the state of “black love”.

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  4. Great post Verbs.

    “Don’t ever allow black women to run the “we don’t care who black men are dating” Kansas City shuffle on you”

    Truth, they are the least desired and the least married. For most of them BM are their only option and they know it, thus many of them having to swallow their pride and go “Dear Black man” or try to convince us that we need them.

    “The truth is the Wall of Silence is biting these benighted harriets very hard, they are now really beginning to feel the pinch and SYSBM hasn’t even reached critical mass.”
    “Black women are upset at the fact that they cannot date out as easily as black men and it burns them to the core.”

    This is what it ultimately comes down to, the fact that no one else wants them and they cant leave BM. If they weren’t the least desired and had non-BM interested in them they would probably not care who BM were dating. This is the same chick who said that she likes thugs though, I don’t think that many non-BW want pookie and ray ray so she should have plenty of them to choose from.

    These chicks know that no one wants them and are desperate and angry. As you pointed out we see how hard they try to cover up their blackness and its shameful. BM have no interest in hiding out black features while many BW cant wait to hide theirs. Keep the Wall up and sit back and watch the fallout.

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    • James S,

      Yep, how can black women not be concerned about black men who date out when they themselves remain single at a clip at over 70%? Black women have messed up royally, they hop, skip and jump after the gutter of black male society foolishly believing that they can forge long term relationships with these guys while at the same time snubbing and sticking two fingers up at the thinkers and the creators of black society.

      There are some black men who are looking for black women to break through these times, however having not dealt with black women for 14 years, I’m really not interested in them surrendering and throwing up a white flag, I want them to remain stubborn and thus be judged for the wickedness they have brought upon their own people.

      Tricked into embracing the religion of feminism which had totally alienated them in terms of dating and marriage. Let them continue to roll down Feminist AVE since they love strength and independence so much, they don’t seem to understand that Jezebel and solid, stable relationships don’t mix. Unfortunately, most black women will have to find this out the hard way.

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  5. Notice the whole, “gave birth to you” line that she was was quick to say. These bitches have no other merits other than “yo mama black” to fall on. Pathetic.

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    • That is a huge accomplishment because in black society, a child is literally only worth something when theyre born and the woman can begin collecting subsidies for having them. If they die, oh well. Either stick the corpse in the freezer and continue collecting benefits, or use their death to sell some hoodies and swag, nomsayin muhfugga?

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Emotional plea copping all day brother, that’s all these black sirens have. They can never introduce the quality of their characters and personalities into the picture because they already know that both are in the gutter, smh.

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      Exactly! My mama black is the reason I’m running the fuck away from you! Good God the side ways begging is a 180º fail on their part 😅


      • @michel

        Exactly, all you can do is sit back and laugh. Its a slow motion train wreck with this delusional mammies and their climb up swirl mountian.

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      • Michel,

        I have my high end Vodka watching the shit show see Porzingis was a fool to be dealing with the BW woman beast he is sacrificing his life dealing with this whore they said she tried to extort him lmao BW at their finest savagery.

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    • King Sigma,

      I honestly don’t know what these black women expect when crossing the fence, surely they understand that the dynamics are completely different when compared to black men who date and marry white women, then again maybe they don’t want to understand.

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      • @Verbs

        The delusional is real, and you have to consider the rate of mental illness among western women. The DIAGNOSED rate is 1/3 of the western female population (at least they are on their meds under a therapists care). But it could be that 2/3 of the western female population is suffering from a mental illness. Now, when you look at the western Black female population 70-80% seems likely.

        With the Porzingis case going viral, you can believe that the WM are getting on code. See, they only want those Black women for plantation ghetto gagger humiliation sex; but even that is dangerous in the 4th wave misandrist climate.

        Those swirling mammies don’t understand the difference in BM dating out versus the swirlers swirling. The thinking BM will win in the end…

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    • @King Sigma
      “Again, whose woman is she anyway?”

      Now that she has been ghetto gagged and abused by a WM she will strongly claim to be our woman, she will be wearing natural hair and kente cloth soon and speaking about how much she loves good BM. I can hear her “Dear Black man” speech now. lol

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      • @James S.

        Exactly, I can see this same bed wench showing up on Black Youtube or the Manosphere being invited to panels by Non-Select Simps and castigating said simps about how they should ‘protect’ ALL BW.

        You can’t make this stuff up; the wall of silence is Utopia for the free thinking BM…

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    • That story is a lie! White men don’t have to rape black women, if anything black women would have to rape white men. I’ve seen black women throw themselves at white men, so that story doesn’t seem legit.

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      • Robert she’s doing that to make him look bad I don’t believe it myself they are saying she forged some papers saying that Porzingis agreed to pay for a relative of the BW beast to go to college or something and she tried to extort money from him.

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    • @d1ckh38d will be back to call us “misogynoir” and “uncle Tom coons” yet still be head bobbing to Round and Brown. Just give her two more weeks to finish up using her current estrogen replacement therapy patch. #ROASTEDPEANUTS

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  6. Jessie Woo is the just like the black worthless woman who has kids left, right and centre but Pookie and Ray Ray including John John and Tech 9. This woman want the man I see in the street in Harlesden, North West London are get breeded by them worthless individuals. In Great Britain, 55 per cent of black men has now made in a interracial relationship/marriage, probably the highest in Europe and maybe the highest in the world. The reason why its so high in the United Kingdom is not only that black women want the bad boy, the thug, the bum, the criminal, the unproductive black man because use heterosexual black males have seen the dysfunctional behaviour for a very long time and we see the dysfunction on display so it was like the black heterosexual male is like he might as well date outside their race. And you see these black women they don’t say that “Why are black men are dating outside of their race? I thought they love black women. I thought they love the dark skin black woman, I thought they love the big booty and so on.” Oh no they call him a coon, a sell out, house nigger, you can’t handle a strong black woman which us black men has heard over the years. But when a black woman says that, you are handling something which is dangerous like a black thick tail scorpion and once you get hit by the venomous stinger, that is it. In America, the interracial relationship is about 30 per cent but it could be growing higher if black women behave like this Jessie Woo however in the United Kingdom, black women are suffering more then any other woman in the world.

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    • It’s crazy how high it is in the UK. And you know it will only grow. I’ve noticed here in Cleveland/Chattanooga, the African and carribean men who come her for school will very quickly and very easily get themselves either VERY light skinned mixed women or better yet, non-black (namely white) women. You know that if the blackest men on earth want nothing to do with the QUEENS, no one should want them.

      And think about that! Africans are supposed to be, according to patronizing whites, the “good niggras”. If the best of the best, who aren’t thugs, are off the radar of most QUEENIES, that lets you KNOW that they don’t want good men.

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      • @ afrofuturisim

        I’m not surprised. Most of the African men that I have met have been cool, the women though (specifically West African) are just about the same as BW here. Overweight, weaved up, stank attitude.

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    • Money is telling the truth. Everywhere in London black men are dating out. Young bucks are choosing early on, because they see their YouTube idols, their friends and their own network doing exactly the same thing, no problem, no stigma attached.

      Us Knights underwent the terror of being raised by such violent and narcissistic families and said to ourselves “fuck this, we out” as soon as we could. Not even the threat of 90s racist violence from the likes of the BNP skinheads stopped us from moving in heavy on White women, Indian/Pakistani women and (since 2000) Eastern European women. The couple across the street from me are in their 50s!

      Lots and lots of examples all across the UK. Not a fucking thing any bald beer bellied England “patriot”, craft beer drinking, lumberjack neckbeard racist WM or BW can do about it. #SYSBM.

      In fact, the ones I see that are still hanging out with BW are the Nigerian blokes.

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  7. And Jessie Woo is the typical black women that I have avoided for many years. Her face caked up with make up and has weave trying to look like a white woman. These type of black harlots are just like the thug, the homosexual male, the white beta male and the simp, they are all against the black heterosexual male or the good black man but put them all together and its like a team losing every single game home and away. Black women are extremely upset that black men can date outside their race but they are some black men are with black women but I was thinking about this. Are these black who are with black women, are they are in a relationship with black women who are single mothers? I don’t know but these black women like Jessie Woo are butt hurt because she wants a white man and he’s not impressive with that weave on her head trying to look like Becky.

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    • Money Cultural,

      A dark skinned black woman has to be very careful what colours she chooses to wear whether clothing wise or on her face, this is why I have to laugh whenever I see dark skinned black females wearing bright red, blue and green lipstick. These women literally mimic white women and believe they can rock the same fashions, however they look no different to circus clowns. I’ve seen some black women wearing so much make up to the point where they literally look like ghost or the walking dead.

      Then we also have to take into consideration the skin bleaching epidemic which yet again is another angle black women are utilising in their efforts to climb the mountain of whiteness. We shouldn’t be surprised at the ease in which black women shaft black men, they have melded themselves to Babylon and thus they will go down with it.

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      • And these simps want these women? When we call out the b.s of black women’s dysfunction, these simps will defend them. It’s just a strategy to get between their legs and these black harridans will trap these simps with what they have between their thighs.

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      • @Verbs
        “I’ve seen some black women wearing so much make up to the point where they literally look like ghost or the walking dead.”

        That’s what I think when I see blacks that have bleached their skin, they look like corpses. When BW do it and put on weave and some makeup they look like circus clowns. BW celebrities in the US are still bleaching their skin, but I haven’t noticed everyday BW doing it here, and I hope they don’t start.

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      • James S,

        The skin bleaching epidemic especially amongst African women here in the UK is rampant, Michel and Money Cultural will testify to the same. These women look like certifiable freaks and rightly ought to be locked up in Arkham Asylum.

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  8. Can we just take take the time to CHEER the freed black man who STOOD UP FOR HIS WHITE WIFE?????? I said it once and I’ll say it it again, we will defend OUR women from the BLACK QUEEN and protect them from the WHITE KING.

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  9. You will absolutely see more and more stories of white men going Mortal Kombat in these QUEENIES, fatalities included. The mainstream media has attempted for decades to suppress these stories, but they can only hold back SYSBM for so long. Despite this, black women wont put the brakes on their attempts at swirling. Instead, they will line up more than likely to become prey to a Race Playing Ted Bundy/John Wayne Gacy.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The massive problem the mainstream media has in the 21st century is the fact that it no longer has the monopoly on news content, your average individual no longer has to go through these mainstream news outlets for the latest news material hot off the press. How many times have and do we come across viral videos on Facebook, YouTube, Worldstar Hip-hop, Instagram, other social media platforms and websites?

      It’s gotten so bad for the dinosaur mainstream media that they themselves now frequently resort to searching for breaking news via social media, how many times have we seen them breaking stories in relation to videos posted on Facebook?

      The long and short of it is the mainstream media has now become irrelevant, when they had the monopoly they fed us nothing short of garbage, now that the individual has access to real news and additionally is able to bring the news to others via citizen journalism, he/she isn’t going back to an entity that is known for fake news and going out it’s way to deceive the people, the Trump Administration and the allegations of colluding with Russia which have now been proven to be completely false anyone?

      Fake news outlet CNN ran with the Democrat’s Russia collusion fairytale hard and fast, however now they’re having to deal with plummeting viewership as a result. We simply don’t need the likes of MSNBC, BBC News, ITN News, Sky News, CNN, Reuters, AP and such like any longer, black female skullduggery will be brought to the forefront via other mediums, so will the sufferings and the deaths of those black females who attempted to climb Swirl Mountain but failed miserably.

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      • The world, namely white men and white people in general, are about to see what black men have been dealing with. The world will legit be in shock. I remember when sotomayor exposed the weave nonsense and how long black women will keep it “plugged in”, to the disgust of his non-black viewers. Imagine that times 7656677, it’s about to get BAD, and black women are going to become freak shows, even more so than ever before.

        The mainstream media/journalists pull themselves up as being so important all the while pushing out stories that are barely if at all a rung above the gossip you hear on TMZ/Perez Hilton. Despite this, they act as if they are God’s gift to humanity and act like wounded puppies if you don’t kiss their ass 24/7.

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      • When Sky News is more credible and reliable than the BBC, something has gone very wrong! For years the BBC has taken a “wait and see” approach to news. Yet now we see from other news organizations like RT that they to are not above going a little Fox News on our asses. An example was the difference in coverage of the morning after the Grenfell fire was breathtaking: Sky had sober live coverage of the burnt out building in real time, whilst BBC News were replaying the fire footage over and over again on a loop, within a Nancy Grace type feature!
        Luckily none of our channels went with Trump, largely because we’re on day 2,543 of Brexit.

        On topic, though, you should see the IR couples in our advertising; Halifax bank, Clarks shoes and even my local council are SYSBM. It’s so blatant, you’d have neckbeards in the US complaining about the “race mixing conspiracy”!!!!

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    • Robert Chavis,

      I’m glad you posted this, I think I’ll write an article on the clip, it speaks volumes as to why modern day black women continue to lose out hard to non black females.

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    • Great clip. You can tell that the BM in the video was one of the “corny” brothers that no BW would have wanted back in the day when he was doing community theater. Now that he is with a non-BW the loud, aggressive, obnoxious dark skinned BW is mad. This is another example showing that BW know that they are in a tough spot good BM are avoiding them and non-BM don’t want them.

      If these chicks had options they wouldn’t be angry, but they don’t have options outside of being chronically single, lesbianism, side piece, baby mamma, or trying to snag one of the few good BM that are avoiding them.

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  10. Verbs 2015.

    Jessie Woo is a ugly fake looking weaved up black women who looks like a fucking manniquin. She hates the fact that good black men date outside their race but the irony of it all is that she only goes for thug black men or bad boy type of black men and that she refuses to date good black men. As a childfree black man myself I refuse to date single mothers or black women and I don’t give a shit on who gets offended or who tries to shame me because at the end of the day I am my own man and I refuse to live by other peoples rules or societies rules.

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    • @Quincy

      You need not apologize to anybody for your choice. In this climate, where the Black gunocentric culture in the West is comparable to a modern day death cult (see Nipsey Hussle murder by fellow Crip gang member “Shitty Cuz). However, its not Black women per se, but the majority of socially engineered American Black Women like Jessie Woo. You are wise to avoid the Jessie Woo’s of the world at all costs, but remember, the Black Diaspora is 97% non-American Black women.

      Let’s not be so quick to place the Scarlet Letter on the majority because of the ABW super-miniscule minority of 3% (globally 20 million of 600 billion).

      Yet, I get your point. You have this Woo THOT talking about she likes thugs on one hand, but wants a ‘good BM”. This is Thot talk for wanting to turn Thugs into “competent, productive BM” ; not going to happen. Be thankful for the Internet, because the more these Daggles keep talking, the easier it is to avoid them.

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      • Im pretty sure its been established on this blog it doesnt matter the location the dysfunction of black females is rampant.Black Men from america the uk africa south america and the Caribbean all have the experience when come to black……

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      • @8 Limb

        You are conflating my points without proper proof. No it hasn’t been well established on this blog or not. Because Im getting different reports from Black men that travel throughout the diaspora; that their experience with Black women outside America or even within America; with NON-ABW is much different.

        You don’t get to disregard the experience of those BM and myself included, to simply de-nigrate an entire group of global Black women. There is always naunce when talking about social relationshions. Don’t take my word for it, go view vids from passport bros on Youtube, or

        Those bruthas are being treated much better by non-ABW Black women, than by ABW; thats their experience-myself included. See, for me, culture matters and their is obvious difference between Black women raised in strong patriarchal families or communities than those raise in fatherless homes.

        Nuance is critical in these discussions.

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  11. @King Sigma

    The overarching message about black women from “da muddaland”, namely Nigerians and Kenyans, is that they are just as bad as their American counterparts, even worse when it comes to child abuse. Hell, the only African women ANYONE raves about is Ethiopian/Somali women, who are mixed anyways.

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  12. Update (4.2.2019): L’Daijohnique Lee ABW beaten in Dallas-Deep Ellum parking lot may be charged in the case by Dallas PD, sources say:

    But I thought white daddy loved his ghetto gag queens, swirlers, mammies and bed-wenches? But if their white Gof can do no wrong; who am I to judge?

    Liked by 4 people

    • First off, I think you’re trolling with that name every time I see it.

      Secondly, white daddy ain’t playing. You do see that their woman status doesn’t protect them from him, now does it?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bro, talk to her single mother who trolled the fucked out of her and didnt use birth control.
        White Daddy is 2nd guessing his ghetto gagging sessions. Think about it, he made to tragic mistakes over the last 60 years, (1) unleashing 3rd and 4th wave feminism on society (2) and creating the socially engineered daggle. Ironically, both are coming back to bite him in the ass like Frankenstein with a menstrual cycle.

        Guess what, white man gets no pity from me because he created both forces to opress BM and deny us equal opportunity. Won’t be long before the WM they love pack up shop, wave the white flag and move to Asia…

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      • Oh yeah, these white dudes nowadays are just complaining about the same stuff they built/co-signed. I have no pity for them or comaradery to offer. They should be slapped in the damn face every time they compare their situation to ours.

        Also, black Women name their kids these stupid names but they claim to love them? That’s honestly abusive as shit, and anyone who defends them legit has Stockholm syndrome.

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    • Damn right. Let the racist white men all move to Asia where they can get the cheap whores they desire so much and the welfare queens swirl all they want. Europe, Africa and the Americas could use some rebuilding anyways. There is a reason why New York and San Francisco look like the Mega Cities of Judge Dredd and Cyberpunk 2077 and Singapore is the real life Asian version of Wakanda.

      If white men and black women are as powerful as they claim to be, why are Mohammed and Schlomo recruiting bums and losers to blow things up and cause chaos to gain even more power over the rest of the population, and even patrolling their own communities under Sharia and Noahide Law? Why are the traditional Nordic countries now overburdened by migrants who refuse to assimilate and instead force their will upon the native population? Hold on…how did Al-Awaki even get into the West in the first place and why is he assaulting Emily and Becky who were just coming home from school? I thought white males were kings to be obeyed at all costs and black women the mothers of civilization despite both groups having no concrete efforts to show for their imaginary regalia?

      Kings and Queens protect their people,are proud of their culture and don’t sell out to foreigners, then blame the entrepreneurship of the foreigners for the problems that they helped create. Issues like these are like a game of Russian roulette: things would have been easier if the victim hadn’t been stupid enough to find himself pointing a loaded gun at his head.

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      • Black women and white men were pumped and dumped by the state once it got what it wanted from the community. Things like these are reasons why thinking black men need to leave the clusterf…k that was once known as the West and move on to better pastures. Shaniqia and Brad don’t want or desire us near them: they made their bed with thugs, hoods, gangsters and terrorists and must lie in it.

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  13. Ahehehehe….that waffle house p***y riot brothas. Smmfh+facepalm+chuckling…You know along time ago, these would be the same tratchets who’ll say “I ain fighin ova no nagga” but when I look at this shirts and bras and drawls and weave ripping session, You…you really have to conclude that it was all over and about a goddamn t-bone, dey dey, ying yang, baby bae, swag mac, or any be be’s kid ass negroes!! Do you see them out in public squabbling over a salt worthy brotha??? Naaaaaaw thats all RSVP reserved for the above mentioned. But if you notice they call it “blak luv fo da communoty cuz we fighin fo aw blak mayan!”

    I know there might be a video out there showing a negro heifer squabbling for a white boy….somewhere….thats homework for me but If I or anyone else can find it, post it here!!

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  14. That “Black women gave birth to you” crap is so lame and annoying; it’s another way for them to say “yo momma Black”. It’s the stupidest thing to think speaking against any Black women is like speaking ill of your mother; only the Black harridan sees this as logical.

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