The Alpha Vs Beta Black Manosphere Debate – Black Female Slippery Slope Logic

Here is a comment I recently left on MBD’s latest video dealing with the Alpha vs Beta debate, that video can be seen here:

“As you pointed out, the main problem I see with the Alpha vs Beta discussion is the fact that most of the dudes carrying out the judging are using these dark sirens as their measuring tool, however because they(black women) are already broken beyond repair, they cannot be used at all.

Also, how do these dudes explain the fact that a so called “Beta male” who has little to no success with Blackistani women because of their dysfunctional nature all of a sudden can score woman after woman once he decides to cross the fence and deal with non black females?

Female nature is female nature regardless of race, that is what these guys keep on telling us, right? Therefore brothers scoring high in the ranks with non black women presents a serious incongruity to the Alpha vs Beta argument(within black society). Just my 2 pence worth”.

This is my whole point, you cannot use broken/defective tools and instruments to measure anything, therefore why are black women even being brought into the equation when it comes down to determining who is an Alpha male vs who is a Beta male? It’s simple really, black women have factored themselves into the equation, this is why the Alpha vs Beta argument at least within black society is based upon slippery slope logic.

When you look at this topic from a non black societal standpoint, for the majority part the determinations of the Alpha and Beta male are based upon the man’s own characteristics, NOT upon how he is seen in the eyes of women. Now, I don’t completely X out women from the equation as women do indeed respond to the character of a man whether it be in a negative manner or in a positive one, however having women as the main foundation of determining who is an Alpha or a Beta is straight up slippery slope logic and unfortunately I’m seeing a lot of black men within the black manosphere running with this black female illogical foolishness, exalting it as if it is wisdom straight from the heavens.

Firstly, if we are going to factor in any women as a small part of the Alpha/Beta determining equation, then we MUST choose the most functional and feminine women on the planet. As stated before black women cannot be used to measure anything because they for the most part are masculine, dysfunctional and embrace the tenets of feminism which seek to separate them as far as possible from their womanhood.

The argument being put out by various Black Manospherians is as follows, “you couldn’t get the woman you wanted, therefore that makes you a Beta male” or “you’re paying for a woman’s keep, therefore this makes you a Beta male”. Dealing with the first point, what “women” are we really talking about? That’s right, the DYSFUNCTIONAL black witch, this is who these guys are really referring to when they tell you that you couldn’t get the women you wanted, though I wish they’d just come out and say it.

Dealing with the second point, what if the woman you are paying for happens to be your wife or a long-term girlfriend who knows her role and respects your position as a man, does this still make you a Beta male? In the eyes of black women 12 Gauge Mike, Roof Top Simmons, Slim Sauce, Killa Drilla, Trap House Jim and such like are viewed as “Alpha males”, however if we are going to correctly determine who is an Alpha, the above men would NOT fit the description as just like the black witch they are DYSFUNCTIONAL. So called “Alpha males” are NOT dysfunctional individuals, quite the contrary, the true Alpha male holds to a high moral compass, is principled and is all about integrity, efficiency, honesty, accountability and responsibility, just to name a few of his traits.

Being able to dick down 10000 black females DOES NOT make you an Alpha male, again, an Alpha male(in this case an Alpha black male) determination is based upon examining and scrutinising HIS CHARACTERISTICS, VALUES, MORALS AND PRINCIPLES. Stop listening to these black men who choose to fly along with dodgy black female logic labelling you as a Beta male because you weren’t as successful with black women as they were.

Again, just going along with the black female logic of a black man’s success with women being the Alpha/Beta determining factor, what happens to the black male who was somewhat unsuccessful with black women, however having made the decision to date out all of a sudden finds himself overflowing with quality non black females, what label do we now place upon him?

Now, it has been argued by a few that those black men who choose to date out will only be able to get women on their social/economic level. This all depends upon the circles you mingle in and keep, however to be honest in the grand scheme of things this is a moot point which merely aims to distract from the fact that by expanding upon your dating options, you have immediately increased your chances many fold of finding a decent, good-looking, feminine, submissive and cooperative woman. The quality of the woman is more so the focus, not her social/economic status per say.

The principle issue here is dealing with the dilemma of looking for a replacement female in light of the fact that black women as a group are DEFECTIVE BEYOND REPAIR. Black women have negative equity, white women as a group don’t, thus choosing to deal with white women can easily be seen as a serious upgrade.

In terms of attractiveness, a black man for example who was dealing with a black female who is a 5 in looks can easily score a non black female who is a 7 and higher, don’t let anybody fool you into believing that you would only be able to achieve the same level as the black females you may have previously dealt with, this is a crock of nonsense on its face.

On top of this the upgrade in attractiveness becomes even more stupendous when you begin to factor foreign women into the equation. Again, never allow the nay sayers to make you lose sight of the fact that black women as a group are Jurassic Park Level deep in the gutter, thus on average most non black females would be a serious step up from your average black woman.

This is one of the main reasons why I’ve deliberately steered clear of this Alpha/Beta debate, as MBD stated in his video, if we are going to use women as the majority determining base factor, then we can obviously see that these terms are not fixed, they can be moved. A thinking black man is NOT a Beta male because he refuses to deal with dysfunctional black women, this is a defective black female talking point that sadly in 2019 I see many black men running with.

Here is a simple example that I’ve talked about before, if you have a vehicle that is continuously giving you problems, under normal circumstances you would be looked upon as wise, sensible and intelligent to get rid of it and upgrade to a vehicle that won’t give you continued drama. Nobody in their right mind would claim that you are “weak” for wanting to get rid of a problematic vehicle.

Yet when it comes to black women, they themselves as well as a number of ignorant black men continue to propagate the erroneous ideology that those black men who choose to walk away from them(black women) are “weak” because they refuse to deal with the dysfunction, drama, violence, contention, fake hair, fake eye lashes, weave, bleached skin and bastard children that commonly accompany your average garden variety black female.

What particularly bothers me with the pro black simps is why they are so amped up and concerned about what other black men are doing regarding their dating preferences. Since they love black women so much, why don’t they just get themselves one and stop bothering ie attempting to dick police those black men who are simply not interested in dealing with black females?

Black women and a few black men once again have been permitted to inject illogical reasoning into this Alpha/Beta male debate, in the black female’s eyes remember an Alpha male is a bum who has no employment, loiters on the streets all day, has a criminal record and has many women on rotation. Whereas the white/blue-collar working brother who has himself in order, avoids jail and doesn’t have a record of crime is looked upon and labelled as a Beta male.

This is why black women, their advocates/supporters should NOT be involved in Black Manosphere topics, conversations, discussions and debates, additionally this is why I don’t listen to and converse with black women very little because for the most part they have yet to display any intelligence, common sense, logic and reasoning when engaged in constructive dialogue. If to be used at all, the Alpha and Beta titles must be appropriated accordingly and not be principally based upon a negative equity dysfunctional group of women.

Something else to consider is the fact that by the “Alpha Judges” using black women as the fulcrum to determine a man’s masculinity(which is what’s really going on in this debate), this in essence is placing the woman in a position of authority over the man which comes right back to the jacked up, dysfunctional matriarchal system we currently have running black society today. But, I thought these dudes were Alpha males, does anybody else see a major problem here?

Finally, as stated before, personally my main reason for not using the Alpha and Beta male terms nor getting involved in said debate is simply because if founded upon women the determinations are not and cannot be fixed. As MBD stated, a thinking black man who would be considered a so called “Beta male” in one location can easily be looked upon as a so called “Alpha male” in another.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Get Sucked In By Black Female Talking Points And Logic

Most High Bless

65 thoughts on “The Alpha Vs Beta Black Manosphere Debate – Black Female Slippery Slope Logic

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  2. A definite symptom of intermingling with the white manosphere is the insecure incessant need to “measure up” as an alpha and be afraid of slipping one day back into a beta. Much of this stuff, because it’s born out of those insecurities, fear, and overcompensating for lack of real masculinity, are like some kind of cult or Spanish Inquisition religion, afraid of being struck down for stepping out of so called line.

    Black men and society in general has to remember that black men’s situation with their women is different from white men and their women, Chinese men and their women, so on and so forth. Thus, they need to be looked at from an INDIVIDUAL COMMUNITY level. Any one size fits all social introspection will NOT work. Also, wouldn’t using the white man’s situation as a measuring stick be cooning?

    Much of this talk is also nothing but dick policing tactics to keep black men on the plantation.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I see a lot of black men using black female talking points in this Alpha/Beta black manosphere debate, listen to a large portion of them and as soon as the above terms are mentioned, the successes or failures in relation to black women will be brought up almost immediately afterwards. You’re spot on when you talk about this topic originating from the white manosphere.

      I’m personally not looking to measure up to anyone, at the end of the day the crux of the matter is the fact that black women as a group are defective beyond repair, therefore it is nothing short of a fool’s errand to use them or any women as some sort of gauge to determine whether a man is an Alpha male or a Beta one, black female logic reigns supreme with many of these dudes.

      If these guys were dealing with the Alpha/Beta topic based upon the character, integrity, honesty, accountability etc of that individual man and then factoring in women as a small part of the effect, then there wouldn’t be any problems, however using women namely defective black female as a fulcrum to determine Alpha or Beta positions is folly straight on it’s face.

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      • Again, notice that the aforementioned source of these topics will decry women, but use them as the measuring topic. And again, you will see the same “you gay, got a lil dick!” Lines.

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      • Their argument is to shame Black men into considering black females.Nothing they say will convince me.I may frustrate them by saying I will use their techniques and talking point on my Eritrean Lady.I know how to frustrate them as they try and fail to send Brothers back to the whorelight zone

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      • Roger Spice,

        Agreed, absolutely under no circumstances will I consider defective beyond repair products. Exactly what is so great about black women as a group in 2019 that I should consider them over non black women? This goes back to what I have stated before about improving a product before bringing it back to the table for reconsideration, these dudes fail to do this every time.


  3. The inclusion of women in the “manosphere” will be the death of it. Women (chameleons) are going to squeeze in wherever they can get some attention, it doesn’t mean that they truly agree with your ideology, but if pretending that they do gets them loads of male attention they will be there. I just watched a good video where a brother was talking about how gyms across the country are being flooded with thots, thots being women who aren’t actually there to workout, but instead to wear tight and revealing clothing, take selfies, get male attention, and take up space. The brother pointed out how a lot of men aren’t going to bars and clubs anymore and MeToo has men not talking to single women at work, so women are branching out into gyms to get male attention.

    IMO an alpha male is a man who has the fitness and finances to either support a family or go “MGTOW” and do either one of those things comfortably. A guy walking around with sagging pants, tattoos, low IQ, and looking dirty is NOT alpha, but you cant tell that to BW. BW are in no position to define what an alpha is anyway, the men that they choose to have bastard children with aren’t alpha, and many of the boys that BW single mothers raise aren’t either. Keep the Wall up.

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    • >Women (chameleons) are going to squeeze in wherever they can get some attention,

      The affliction known as Attention Desire Disorder (ADD).


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    • I agree brother! Just go to one of those live shows, and you will see women moderators. You build it & they will come to destroy it, if you allow them to do so. Unfortunately a lot of black men don’t have the backbone to tell them to fuck off!

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      • Robert Hicks,

        We soon might have to change the black manosphere to the black unisex-sphere, despite the overt treachery of the modern day black female it seems that many black men would prefer to learn their lessons the hard way, so be it.

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    • James S,

      Straight talk, we can already see the negative effect of including women in talks, debates and discussions that ought to be had by men and men alone. I came across that same gym thot video you talked about in my recommended feed. I personally hate mixed gyms because women are a distraction, the gym I used to go to was overwhelmingly men and I was glad for it, most women avoided it because the male energy in there was too strong for them.

      Exactly, lighting up the block is not Alpha, dicking down as many black women as a man can is not Alpha, sleeping with married women or women who already have other partners is not Alpha either. These guys because of black female injection have gotten these terms completely twisted, skewed and mangled.

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      • Very true. I used to train at commercial gym and you get gym thots in full makeup “working out”. I train at a hardcore gym miles better.

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      • @Black British Guy

        I go to an old raggedy gym and there are few thots there, most of the people there are guys and older folks. Most of the gym thots in my area go to the big LA Fitness gym, which is almost like a country club inside. A guy in the video’s comments remarked about that subject, he said gyms used to be cheap and functional but once women started coming they began turning them into country clubs and raising prices.

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  4. I don’t care about “alpha and beta” you can still be divorced raped and fucked over by women e.g Brad Pitt Literally voted FHM most sexiest man alive and even he got divorced raped. How many women you bang doesn’t validate your masculinity . Only insecure people look for outside validation.

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    • Black British Guy,

      I simply refuse to use the terms Alpha and Beta because they aren’t fixed ie absolutes. I’ve sat back and watched the debate and have seen some major flaws in the arguments of those accepting and using the terms.

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    • BBG,

      That is where I stand I don’t care about Alpha vs. Beta because I know who I am I don’t need validation from anyone I know one thing I am glad I am not a Simp. If I woke up as a Simp that would be my worst nightmare come true.

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  5. I’m listening to Alan Roger Curie on Obsidian’s radio show, where he’s talking about how he has sex with multiple women who are married to men he knows and that he know executives who told married women to suck their dick. Here is something that these dudes don’t bring up. Most of the time, either you will be in a lawsuit, someone’s husband looking for you, an STD, or worse, death. This is why I always say the alpha male will always be a simp because he will get an unattractive black woman pregnant and then get mad that the beta male will not raise the alpha’s child.

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    • Those women are whores and that guy is a piece of shit. Any man who sleeps with a woman that he knows is married deserves whatever bad karma/judgement is coming to him. It’s that kind of hedonism and lack of restraint that has destroyed the community.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      This is my point, dirty macking isn’t Alpha, Currie mistakenly believes that because he has the gift of the gab for seducing women(which falls directly in line with the Dirty Dick Rodney/Slim Sauce/Creepy type characters) and because he has slept with many women, that this somehow makes him an Alpha.

      However, if we examine the true definition of an Alpha male and place the character of Alan Roger Currie along side, sorry to say it but the man falls well short.

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    • Funny thing is they openly say dirty negro minded things like that which go against the basic foundations of the family and a living nation and society.

      But then get mad and call the favorite attorney Ray S. Hasseim to bring charges to mistreatment.when other groups treat them like undesirables they confess themselves to be.

      Sounds like a bunch of low standard sex addicts trying to convince more people to keep playing the game with them so they do not feel so vulnerable and lonely (Remember: There is often some safety in large numbers).

      The proximate solution is to move out of their proximity of operation. But let them tell it some guy named “wide man?” is the source of all their woes… because surely they don’t cause their own misfortune in any meaningful or appreciable way. LOL for long days.

      Build a Nation or Play Stupid Sex Games

      But hey who in that camp really cares about the next generations (other than to enslave them or try to have turn them out and sex them up ASAP).

      No Honor.

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  6. This is exactly why the black manosphere is messed up now because when you let Alan Roger Curie and these so called mgtow/red pill men into these panels taking about how they fucked their friends wives while their husbands are in the military, you destroy the community and families especially if she gets pregnant. A lot of these dudes are upset with beta males because the beta male is walking away to other races of women and not playing the clean up man to Roof Top Trey’s kids. That’s what’s this whole thing about, which is why the beta’s not raising kids created by Pookie, and LaToya.

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    • Yeah. I think on some level most BM know not to marry single mothers, that’s probably one of the reasons why we have so many single mothers in the black community who never get married. Tons of baby mommas but few brides.

      I think a lot of BW and black single mothers have made their peace with this reality and are trying to squeeze in as side chicks.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Your average blue/white collar brother is classified as a beta by Keisha, yet would be relabelled as an Alpha by Julie. Black women have no qualifications to judge any man, they most certainly are not qualified to determine who is an Alpha vs who is Beta. Sometimes I feel that some black men give black women too much leverage over them. The man is the authority over the woman, however it seems that some black men ie the simps would much prefer for black women to “step up” and be the men they can’t be, smh.

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    • Robert,

      My thing is it’s no Alpha vs Beta it’s more like dumb vs smart. A man who continues to wallow in the decadence with BW is dumb. A man who sees the foolishness and chooses to explore a broader view of things and options is smart point blank period. All this Alpha Beta stuff are just cover up analogies.

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      • I agree all the way. What’s worse is that these women who the so called alpha male is getting pregnant are destroying resources and their own community.

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  7. Go listen to the beginning part of obsidian’s radio show, when he reads the letter from one of his supporters explaing how pookie (C Boggie and Alan Roger Curie) was banging multiple women while he was overseas and destroying the community.

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    • Some things never change…Black women and racist white males keep digging themselves an early grave with their consistent acts of stupidity and we thinking black males don’t even have to do anything. Keep that wall up and remember, “you don’t go anywhere by feeling sorry for losers’. A lesson the pro-wack Neo-Nazi goose-stepping fascists would take well to learn, if they even listened.

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  8. So let me get this straight:

    So these dusty niggaz no longer want us to clean up after dropping their seed, now they want us lames to compete head to head WITH THEM to get access to 250lb Sharkeisha with 8 kids?

    Seems like Pookie, SlimCheeze, Deyquan and Lil’ Sneezy are insecure in their “alpha” status, as they want validation from us “weak beta ass niggaz” for sleeping with these skanks.

    Newsflash: banging 3000 women doesn’t make you alpha, it means you suck at relationships AND you have nothing going for you.

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    • Michel,

      If these guys were dealing with quality females then I could understand their position a little, however when one decides to deal with a group of women who are positively buried deep in the gutter, you really have to scratch your head when they commonly refer to themselves as “alpha males”.

      These dudes completely skip over examining and scrutinising their own qualities and home in straight upon the black witch as their main foundation for determination, smdh.

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  9. I’m currently working on doing a video about this alpha vs beta debate, but I’ll give my preliminary intake here:

    Personally, I could care less whether I attract these black women or not. If they don’t want me during their prime, then alright, it is what it is. My issue, with these entitled black women, is when they get upset over two things about beta males (aka the brothers that are worth anything):

    1. They get upset when these same so called beta males are being selected by quality non-black women.

    2. They also get upset when these same so called beta males actually follow-through with their promise that they will not be clean-up men for the mistakes and dysfunctions black women created.

    Us thinking brothers (the ones black women and their ilk call us lames and beta males) have realized a long time ago that we will never be alpha in the eyes of black women. And even if we tried, it’s a waste of time because we clearly see what type of men these black women want (hint: Blackistan). So my philosophy is, go where you are wanted. Billions of women on this planet. If one woman doesn’t see you as alpha, another one will. And if you can’t attract a woman from any race, that is a personal problem, not a societal problem. So there is no reason any thinking brother should try to improve himself for a group of females who are clearly on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes down to dating and relationships globally. Any man who vouches for them is a dog-gone fool.

    Definitely got more to say, but I’m saving the rest for the new video coming up.

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  10. Verbs,

    Once again my brother….. a absolutely excellent analysis on the Alpha/Beta debate!!! So excellent I’ll remain silent because your views are identical to mine!!! Well done Verbs…well done indeed!!!


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  11. I’ve been preaching this forever and noone has out debated me for it. If a guy can’t get a woman stateside but get loads of women abroad how would he still be a beta? These lames and broads try to go with “them women want your money” arguement but what about the broads doing child support fraud or banging the weedman for free weave?

    Not to mention if u can be put out the house at a moment’s notice u ain’t a alpha period. I’ve always said the main blacks that worry about titles have nothing else going for them. U don’t see asians going around saying who’s alpha or beta ijs.

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    • Exactly brother. There is a major reason why many black men in the manosphere are single by choice and “hedonistic” is because they’re only banging basic ass black women. Just look at Alan Roger Currie for example,he banged multiple married women and yet, in his 50’s, he still single and not with ANY of the women he had sex with??? That proves that alpha males are full of shit.

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    • Hijab Hamed,

      What makes me laugh is the overwhelming majority of these so called “alpha males” judging other black men are acting as if black women in 2019 are of the highest quality, however as we all know and can clearly see nothing could be further from the truth.

      If a foreign woman is after a man’s money, it’s not as if the man can’t see her for who she truly is, the true Alpha will simply cut her off and continue his search for somebody who isn’t a money grabber which won’t be difficult at all because foreign women as a whole are looking at things from a traditional, family oriented standpoint.

      This Alpha/Beta debate in my opinion is fruitless and is simply a distraction from the real problem at hand, the modern day black female.

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  12. Right, when black women is looking for a man, they do not look for the black heterosexual male because they look at him as a threat and the will not date a black man who is been raised in a two parent home either. So they will go for the Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, 12 Gauge, Mac 10 Mic and Big Dick Rodney. Because she feels like these thugs are alpha males but these men are not alpha males at all because they are no masculine. These worthless thugs do nothing but breed one woman to another and these good for nothing heifer harridans find that attractive. They lust over these type of men. And as they have children by these worthless street dudes, she try to go for the black heterosexual male, he will reject her in a flash because he will not deal with a woman with kids so black women has no choice but to be in a relationship with the simp. An alpha male is the dominate male. He like the leader of the group. He’s top of the hierarchy and the beta male is the follower. He follows the alpha. A man that will leads will not have kids like these black harlots who has more then three or five kids but different men. A beta male will think about the next woman his goanna smash and breed but suffer the consequences of child support.

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    • Money Cultural,

      This is exactly what happens when black men allow black women to lead them, black women will lead them straight into the twilight zone and the realms of nonsensical stupidity. The thugs can have black women as far as I am concerned, I’m simply no longer interested in black females, this is why I recommend that thinking black men date out and this will be my position permanently.

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      • How can we date black women? These women want these thugs who have a unproductive life, bums, hopeless men and worthless men. But when they have kids with these men they try to get a good black man but he doesn’t want a single mother so these hopeless harridans are left with the simps and these simpletons will date these women in a flash.

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  13. Black women aren’t even qualified to tie their own shoes, much less tell me what qualifies as an alpha or beta male. These chicks are utterly delusional, and complete wastes of life, and my time.

    I have never attempted to live up (or down if we’re being completely honest) to their lack of expectations. Their opinions are irrelevant, as are most of them. Let the simps and pro whacks have them. Sysbm all day, every day.

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    • Greedy black women and racist white men are so stupid and arrogant they don’t even realize they’re digging their own graves. But according to the pro-wack fascists we’re supposed to pick up these worthless ‘queens’ for the sake of the community, don’t make me laugh.

      There is a reason why Europe is basically returning to the pre-Columbus days and Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore are meccas of wealth and prosperity, Ling and Mei are too busy supporting their men to find the time for the crap greedy black women and their counterparts in racist white men pull.

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  14. If ABW are choosing the true Alphas; why are they complaining about protection? The Alpha male is supposed to be the protector and leader of the tribe/pack; right? What we have in the Black community are “bed bucks” claiming the title of Alpha; but this is paradoxical; if the Alpha is the leader and protector of the tribe. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the tue Alpha of the Black community is the State/Government. This within the western context is rooted in the history of the slave master as the true Alpha on the plantation, rather he was 4’11 like James Madison or 7 feet tall; what was relevant was/is POWER! And the bed buck was mostly timid servant loving his master.

    Likewise, of the 9 areas of activity, sex is just oen area; why is an ‘Alpha’ in the sex arena the one most proudly pedastalized by too many BM?

    1. Economics
    2. Education
    3. Entertainment
    4. Labor
    5. Law
    6. Politics
    7. Religion
    8. Sex
    9. War/Counter-War

    So, if a man is Alpha in 8/9 areas of human activity and has all the power controlling the Bed Buck, his woman, and children; who is the true Alpha in modern society?

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    • This is what most simps, pro-wacks, greedy black women and racist white males refused to acknowledge: black women and white men handed white women and black men over to the slave ship and were the main enforcers of plantation law during the days of slavery, calling black men the n word and abusing them anyway they wanted to, now that Massa State has abandoned Brad and Shaniqua and they have to deal with the consequences of their actions they again turn on us.

      When Big Booty Jane and Lopez see that Mike is too busy plotting with Reniqua to keep the top spot in the dating market to deal with Hernandez the MS-13 or cartel member and Al-Awasi and/or Shlomo staking his claim due to the lax policies of these same white male house slaves who call themselves ‘alt-right’ these days , it is obvious what will happen next, this is why black women and white men throw their toys out of the pram when black men date out. We do not have the opportunities given to these two groups since the days of
      chattel slavery yet we can still keep up with and outperform them when necessary.

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  15. Verbs called it right. The whole conversation is a false-flag operation. Pure entertainment designed for mental detainees.

    The terms are bogus to begin with. Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    Just a bunch of non-sense social control rhetoric pushed on people with weak and insecure foundations of truth by whomever believes that such measure will be likely to deceive such an individual or get them to perform to some end beneficial to the fear pusher.

    Like I said before these types are always looking for your approval and validation. The worst of salesmen. Needy and non-beneficial.

    LOL Imagine a bunch of “civilized men” spending time to give opinions about things naturally derived from some apparent factual reality. Many of these expert guys would be better off talking about wrestling or comic books or video games, honestly. There their imaginative thought style would be better put to use and better rewarded IN REALITY.

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    • Damn right. As I said before let racist white males, greedy black women and goose stepping fascist simps rot on the burning socialist plantation: after all who sold Becky and Jamal to Shlomo and Mohammed?

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  16. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to get drawn into the Alpha male/Beta male debate because I think it is foolish, a waste of time and it does not define your character as a man. What defines you as a man how you treat people and how you live your life. As a childfree black man at 36, I live life on my terms, not based on these stupid made up societal rules that black women and thug black men are trying to live by. Also I love dating my non black women and I don’t care on who gets offended. What makes me laugh is that black women always get offended over the smallest of things that aren’t relevant or important.

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