90 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. If straight, single, or married to white women black men around the WORLD don’t see there is an agenda out there to destroy us, I don’t know what will make them see it more clearly than the past 48 hours. From Jessi Spellet (who if he was straight, he would still be in jail), to Cardi B (who ADMITS to what Dr. Cosby has vehemently denied doing YET he’s still in jail), to a gay black female mayoral candidate in Chicago with a gay WHITE WOMAN (If President Obama was married to a White Woman, he wouldn’t have been elected dog catcher let alone President). Brothers, find your WHITE WOMAN, stay OUT of the “community”, and live your life to the fullest. SYSBM in this and ALL realities throughout the multiverse!!!

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    • Facts! Obama only married Michelle for a political moved all the women he dated where white women, and Michelle looks like a man I think in a fight she would beat Obama arse. Obama was shit he did nothing for Black people i like his personality. But all he did was race bate and he destroyed race relations he doubled a debt . He was one of the worst president .

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      • Black British Guy,

        Obama was an empty suit just like I knew he would be, it’s a shame that it took black folks 6 years to finally clock onto his heavy slackness in relation to black issues.

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  2. ALSO, brothers, do NOT, I repeat DO NOT BACK DOWN!!!! As of TODAY, we can OPENLY, AND FREELY date, and marry White Women (I use the term for ALL non-black women) WITHOUT shame or repercussions.

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  3. I tell you one thing I’m loving Medellin Colombia, the women are very beautiful It’s mad how a average women are very good looking and would be a 9 in the west but are like average in Colombia. I haven’t seen any afro colombian women yet you know I have a thing for Afro latinos. What i love about being black abroad is i blend in more and I’m less likely to get robbed because being black locals think your poor. I have met a few white tourist who have been robbed. And I made sure to not wear shorts because I want to blend. I’m looking forward to going to Cali on Sunday.

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    • Black British Guy,

      Medellin is cool, however you won’t see many Afro Colombian women there, you’ll see many more in Cali. This is the thing, when you experience the beauty of Colombian women, your outlook will be very different. Robbers tend to stay away from blacks because of the violent, gun slinging stereotypes, white folks are getting robbed out there all the time. The locals will know you’re a tourist even without the shorts, lol.

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      • BBG,

        The shorts do not matter lol I heard that BS before I went do not wear shorts just keep your wits about you like you would any other place and you will be good. Yea in Medellin the Paisas rule the light skin jet black hair Colombian women. Yes more Afro Latinas in Cali but to be honest Cali is more dangerous than Medellin but you will be fine Line I said just keep your common sense about you and you will be good. Keep in mind white people be doing some stupid stuff to like going into the barrios drunk at night or getting caught in el centrist at night drunk you are asking for it. I they swear they can just freely go into Comuna 13 although they have cleaned that area up compared to the 90s and have a graffiti tour there you still can’t wLk up in there like you own shit lmao.

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    • Verbs 2015.

      I will never bleach my skin to make it lighter, never because I am proud of being a brown skinned black man who is London born and bred of Guyanese heritage. I love my non black women.

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  4. How the heck did Smollet get off Scott free?

    Black men should also be more vocal against homosexuality, as it does NOT help us to support it. The reason they’re trying to push homosexuality on black men is because they know that WHITE MEN are the face of it.

    And again, you can’t sit there and bitch all day about feminism but be all “ live and let live” about homosexuality. Not only are they intrinsically ties, but the latter is also intrinsically tied to pedophilia. And who’s the face of that?

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    • Not only did he get off Scott free but the DA sealed the records of the court proceedings. I have a feeling though that the Trump justice dept. will be coming after him and possibly the DA soon though.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      We already know that his homosexuality played the major role in him being left off scott free, what a disgrace. Indeed, black men need to more vocal against homosexuals and their lifestyle, however this would mean them having to go against the black witch and and we already know, most black men aren’t willing to go there.

      The usual suspects(racist white men and black women) want black men to be the face of homosexuality so badly. Again, homosexuality and feminism are two sides of the same coin, one must be against both. These white conservatives rail against feminism but at the same time will be best pals and forming alliances with homosexuals, smh.

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    • Smollet charges being dropped was pure political corruption to protect the Obamas, Kamala Harris and other Democrats. BUt as someone mentioned, the Department of Justice will likely look into this case. More importantly, it is more proof of how bleek the situation is in the west from a moral standpoint.

      We shall see

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    • Afro,

      Feminism and homosexuality are the same rusty decadent coin notice they both endorse toxic masculinity just because you are being a straight heterosexual male who’s not down with their cause.

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  5. Boy, what in the hell am I examining out of these stories of these BW and Non BM? I got to get this off my chest. Like I said before, these NON BM (especially these white boys) are not checking for BW like that. A few kind of are, but mostly, not really. I trying to figure out what the deal is about these BW thinking they have a gold trophy because they snag up a non bm. Really though, the non bm see the BW as a sex toy, that’s all, because they want that black exotic love.

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      Let black women wallow in their delusions of grandeur. If non black men were checking for them at a high clip then we would see more white male/black female couples, however instead we come across the odd few here and there and even they are becoming ever more sparse as black women sink further and further into the mire of dysfunction.

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  6. Everyone have you seen this documentary called Escaping Gangs: Death, Jail or Redemption on the bbc?
    It’s a joke I tell you this just shows the reason for decent black men to abandon the so called community. See how much support they get yet a decent black who has probably had it really bad going through a hard time but doing the right thing, be law abiding and dealing with nonsense from other groups who are disrespectful. But yet can’t even get an ounce of attention or recognition. This just goes to show where the so called community priorities are at. To think this is the UK as well.

    In regards to the Cardi B situation if Black people don’t abandon her and push her back into the Latino community then the black community is fully gone with no savagabilty. It is dead. This should be a final call to any decent black man to leave and never ever come back.

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  7. Rachel Dolezal; a ‘white” woman accused of pretending to be black, immersed herself into black culture because something about black culture resonated within her heart. She studies and rose to the level of teaching black culture and I dare say, when it comes to the TRUE uplifting of black people, she is a far better teacher than most black women and here is why I say that.
    Recently, a woman that black women do lift up and defend, just admitted to the world that she was and quite possibly still is a CRIMINAL. Unlike Miss Dolezal, this woman behaves in a manner that is the polar opposite of what it truly means to respect black culture. She embodies THE VERY WORST IN FEMALES, under educated, nasty, vile, vuger, loud, and she is a criminal that needs to be investigated, and if found guilty, locked up……this is the woman who the MAJORITY (more than 51%) of ALL black women has recently come to the defence of. Her name is CARDI B.
    I am not mad with the usual suspects; the pro-wacks, the thin skinned dark black women, the overly emotional and effienment simps that enable the bad behavior of black women, no, my anger is at the men of SYSBM.
    We sat SILENTLY while the world DESTROYED that woman. We didn’t say a FUCKING THING, we just let it happen, AND yet we DARE come here and speak of love for WW as well as or disdain for BW. For THIS and ONLY this, we should be ashamed; but we can redeem ourselves. Knowing what we know now, in the future going forward, if a WW steps up and declare her love for BM, and the community come for her, WE NEED TO PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS TO END THE BULL SHIT. No more leaving OUR women to the wolves, if she’s a WW and she expresses her love for us, and she’s penalized for it, we should come for those who come for OUR women, and we will bring HELL with us!!!!
    Over the YEARS, WE have laid our bodies on the LINE for BLACK WOMEN. We have taken on ALL COMERS when it comes to the protection of the black woman, and in 2019, what do we have to show for it???? Gay black men, hispanic men, and yes, even white men placed at the head of the table before us; in fact there is only one place where a black man can sit at the head of the table, and that is at the one prepared by OUR WHITE WOMEN. So in the future, we will NOT let our women just hang in the wind. We will AS WARRIORS will defend and protect OR WOMEN, and they will be A LOT more grateful for our sacrifice than the black woman.

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    • Rachel Dolzeal got cooked by the media, yet she still didn’t give a fuck. She never backed down.

      It’s what happens with trailblazers sometimes that you take a deep heartfelt stand that threatens to show up “societal norms” for what they are, complete bullshit. Her media crucifixion said a lot more about “the black community” that she did, and it was nasty.

      Thankfully slowly but surely more white women are speaking up about being with black men and not backing down, and this time round, we’ll be there right beside her.

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  8. And yes, like brother TITO, I’m from the Chi, and you thought the general was rough, (in my best Jack Nick Jokers voice) “wait till they get a load of me” bwhahahahahahahahh!!!!!

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  9. Verbs2015,u should look up these stats,

    ”The WHO estimates that up to 70% of women across the continent are using skin lightening creams”


    Firstly,how black women from the motherland can bleach their skin even more that black women from the diaspora SMH ?
    You would think that in africa, where majority of black countries are of black people and with little stranger population, they would not bleach their skin at a high percentage but u better think again.


    -Bleaching their skin to appear lighter

    -Nose contouring to make their wide nose thin.

    -Blue eye contact,green eye contact.

    -General preference for straight hair over their natural hair.
    which directly indicate preference for lighter skin women or white women attribute

    -Treating mixed babies like royalty

    -Bleaching their babies while pregnant smh

    -Blonde hair, green hair,…

    -Fondation of makeup to make their shade 5x more light than they really are.

    -Tell their son to not bring,or marry nappy ass girl home.

    -Calling their own hair bad hair and straight hair ”Good Hair”

    If we compare these fact to the claim that some black men have stricly a preference for light skin black women,who is not a bad thing by the way, who perpuate colorism the most seriously ?

    If we are intellectually honest, black women are the queen of colorism and perpetuate it the most,that why that made me laugh when they talk about it cause they are the one who perpetuate it the most,but want blame black men,to feel good about themselves.

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    • Kinda off topic but:
      TBH I’m getting pretty close to not giving AF about Africa anymore. Between the ghettoness spreading in West Africa and the fact that the continent is being slowly re-colonized by the Chinese, I’m not sure what to think about it. Combine that with the fact that many ADOS pro-blacks are pressing the US gov for reparations (which I support) and slowly bringing up the fact that some West African nations were complicit in the slave trade too. If ADOS want reparations from white people for slavery Its only fair that that they bring up the ones who sold our ancestors to them as well.

      I never quite understood why whites catch hell for slavery, but West Africans and Arabs get a pass for some reason.

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      • As African born in the UK I don’t care about Africa I will go back to my native land after my service in the royal navy. Either 12 years or 22 years

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      • @Black British Guy

        Back in the day I worked with some African university students at an old job, they were all cool, but none of them seemed to want to go back to Africa after graduation. Vladimir Putin even allegedly commented on this:
        ““When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to France for Medical treatment.

        He invests in Germany. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.

        If he dies, he will be buried in his native country of Africa.

        Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?”

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  10. In the black community USA/uk. I know to many negroes males who want to be rappers/entertainment /sports people. It’s only 1% of people who make it its like winning the euromillions jackpot I wouldn’t hold my breath. If we want to change the system we need to become the system. E. G we need to more black doctors, nurses, military officers, mps, etc

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    • Black British Guy,

      Back many years ago I used to listen to Hip-hop alone, however now as I’m older I listen to a much wider variety of music genres. As long as the music is good I’m down for listening to it.

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  11. Another story to file in the “BW don’t care about their children folder:


    Some BW named her child “Demon”, I’m sure she pronounces it DEE-MOAN, but it’s still spelled DEMON. Did she not think about this or did she think it was cute/funny and would get attention and not care? Who knows, but the kid is the one who has to live with the name. Hopefully he has a good future in sports, because otherwise he may have a hard time with a name like that. Keep the Wall up.

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    • Jesus Christ help me……

      When you literally name your child demon, do you think that there won’t be any societal implications, let alone spiritual?

      But remember, she’s Mother Earth and she’s so godly!

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  12. Funny how the Alpha Purple pill simp Derrick Jaxn has found himself in the crosshairs of the sisterhood of failure and #metoo lynch mob.

    I’m telling you, there is no negotiating with these misandrists and copping pleas as a male feminist just sets the clock on you being defamed, slandered or worse imprisoned on trumped up charges. However, if the sisterhood of failure succeeds in destroying boo-licking Jax; he did it to himself by going men to line his pockets.

    Feminism is totally out of control…#SYBM is the oasis in the desert in 2019.

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    • King Sigma,

      Indeed, these dark sirens especially hate the black men who lick their muddy boots, they wait for these dudes to slip up before moving in for the jugular. All past brown nosing deeds are instantly forgotten and now it becomes all about crucifying said simp. Derrick Jaxn will one day pay a heavy price for his treacherous actions, maybe his day of reckoning could be closer than we think.

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      • @Verbs

        I’m not surprised to see this happen to Derrick Jaxn, as I have been taking notes on the #metoo trend since it kicked off in 2017. I noted that the so-called male feminist (blue pill simp) is usually sacrificed at some point by the witches because they are spirits of chaos and destruction. Only strong manhood can bring order to the matriarchal chaos, Funny, simps Castrate themselves to kiss the stinky ass of the misandrist but it backfires in due time one way or the other at some point.

        We will see what develops of this Derrick Jaxn scandal. As you said, when the heifers come for the male feminist simp they come for the neck…the love misery and drama; for the sake of loving it.

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    • Even the so called alpha male ain’t safe around these black witches. I always felt like Derrick Jaxn was being too careless around them and would eventually get caught up when one of them turned on him (it’s not a matter of if, but when will a black woman turn on a black man).

      Ain’t sorry for him at all. Maybe after he gets raked over the coals, he may finally turn over to SYSBM.

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      • Things like this are the reason why the so-called community can take a orbital bombardment and go straight to hell. Another good reason to walk away and let bootlicking racist white males and greedy black females take a trip.

        Black men need to understand that black women and their counterparts in racist white men have shown no interest in actually building anything or producing anything of worth, racist white men will blame the Semitic peoples for every problem under the sun but who captured Becky and Jamal and sold them to Muhammad or Shlomo again? Who enjoyed the position of being Moshe’s second in command while Simon sweated in the heat of the plantation and Ann was being sexually assaulted by the planter?

        One thing pro-wacks have to understand is that racist white men and greedy black females love acting like they’re still on the plantation, which is why they call black men the n word and treat us like slaves. But guess what: despite all the advantages they have been given by Massa State we can still compete with and beat them, which drives the beta males insane!

        Keep that wall up and remember, “You don’t go anywhere by feeling sorry for losers.”


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      • Pretty sure jaxn has a baby with a white woman so sysbm aint nothing new to him just pandering to daggles $$$$$

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      • Meh, Derrick and men lime him are most often predators and abusers. Look at any bunch of male feminists supporting metoo or anti gamergate forbexample, 90% of those men will have past or present deeds exposed and be jailed…almost always rape, stalking, assault or some kind of abuse of women.

        This was easy to see coming, it follows a pattern.

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    • King,

      I have been saying this for the longest these simps who defend BW do not understand these women do not line them for real and will turn their back on them the first chance they are given. These simps still pander to BW for doggie treats simps are just as bad as feminist and homosexuals.

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      • @Sean

        You are speaking the truth, and it will be interesting to watch this Derrick Jaxn #metoo scandal unfold.

        I have always called him the king of the Purple Pill simps, because his pandering and lies was so transparent. Jaxn knows the game, hence the reason he is finding himself in this developing scandal. He was just telling women what they wanted to hear to get the check and the pussy. However, once the delusion is lifted, the female vampires come for blood; and male feminists are easy prey for the succubae.

        Problem with the purple pillers pandering, at some point you have to produce results for the customers; when you fail to do so they come for a refund-your money, status, or blood is the cost.

        ..stay tuned.

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  13. What do you guys like doing sexual aside from sticking your dick in a vagina, I love eating booty and pussy. And love giving facials and I dunno why this turns me on when fucking in missionary and the women starts grabbing my arse

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  14. @James S.

    Excellent observation on the part of Africa. That continent is about to get RAPED, but because it isn’t white people doing it, no one says anything. Not even these hoteps say anything, do they think the Chinese are their friends?

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    • The Chinese are also increasing their influence in the Caribbean. Another thing to think about..


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      • Thebackhand,

        Yep the Chinese are increasing there presence hard in the Caribbean they are building houses in DR the Russians are also starting to set up shop.

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    • >That continent is about to get RAPED

      Ass-raped with giant fried egg rolls. Without the benefit of lubricant.

      Note the silence from the Hoteps, Pan Africanists, pyramid-heads and their ilk.

      #SO_IS_THE_GHETTO_UNION (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan)

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    • Notice the shade!

      Also notice that it’s the GIRLS fighting. Black girls fight way more than black boys, way more than black MEN. And if the school was KNOWN for it, why are you saying stuff now? Black women only care about their kids after the fact.

      As for “aul wimmin r liek dat”, when white women’s children die, be it from rare diseases, drugs, alcohol, suicide, drunk driving, domestic abuse, what have you, they make foundations, organizations, non profits, and scholarships in the memory of their child to help someone else. When black women’s children die, typically because of situations the mother caused, the black women just use it as an excuse to either get on the news or, even better, out their kids’ face on T-shirts and hoodies to sell.

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      • >the black women just use it as an excuse to either get on the news or, even better, out their kids’ face on T-shirts and hoodies to sell.

        That’s one of the major symptoms of ADD (Attention Desire Disorder)

        Brothers, avoid the drama. SYSBM is the way forward!


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      • “When black women’s children die, typically because of situations the mother caused, the black women just use it as an excuse to either get on the news or, even better, out their kids’ face on T-shirts and hoodies to sell.”

        Or use it to hustle up some money on GoFundMe. There was a BW years ago that had a young son that died and the black community gave her a few thousand to pay for the funeral, she used the money to buy a car and go on vacation. Of course she got angry when people called her out afterward.

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      • Yep, saw where sotomayor lit her up for buying a CAH! Plus, she and the kids dad were gang members, which was why he was killed. She then said the kid would’ve wanted her to have the car. Wouldn’t he have wanted you to have it to drive HIM to school? Better yet, wouldn’t he have wanted to get out of that ****ed up environment?

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    • Here’s the tweet:

      Trump has ordered the Commerce Department to negotiate with L Express with regards a 100% increase in the shipment of L’s in the U.S.A. on a continuous 24x7x365 schedule until further notice.

      L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free


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  15. Hello,to all of you fellas.

    Verbs2015,u would had a lot of laugh at this one,skip to 4:10
    Dark skin black women bein,in the bottom of the bottom positiob in the dating scene trying again to shame,guilt trip,force black men into dating them.
    ”As a black man you shouldn’t have preference for light skin women”
    WTF? U can simply cannot make this shit up. U was right when u talk about black women see black men as their slave.

    They can have preference for:

    But in these siren mind bm cannot have pref for lightnskin women ?
    U will notice that white men who prefer blonde over redhead etc are never shamed only stupid black women to shame them like that.

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