Most Pro Black Women Are Frauds And Full Of Garbage – Black Male Hating Feminist Black Harpy Exposed


The above thoughts from this weave wearing, dusty looking decadent black harridan are how most black women think and feel about black men, however because black women don’t have the options available in terms of expanding upon their dating preferences, they have no choice but to deal with those black men who are still willing to deal with them and thus they usually aren’t as forthcoming with their true feelings about us.

Outside of brainwashing, indoctrination and hypnosis, I honestly don’t understand how any black man can read the above and still be encouraged to deal with black women, after all this isn’t the first time where I have showcased black women speaking their true minds concerning black men. Remember the What Black Women Really Think Of Black Men trilogy I wrote back in November and December 2016, those particular articles can be seen here, here and here.

The fact of the matter is black women as a collective hate black men because unlike themselves who are trying their hardest to escape their blackness, we accept who we are, we aren’t attempting to look like white men and we are able to present ourselves in our natural states and still get any women we want. Black women are a miserable bunch of gutter level miscreants who desire everybody else around them to be down in the dumps just as they are.

This is why black women will frequently start trouble for absolutely no reason whatsoever, nobody likes them, nobody wants them and nobody outside of their hoard of simps is paying them any attention, therefore they are forced to instigate trouble in order to receive some sort of engagement from black men and the public in general.

Again, read the above message, she wishes to see black men extinct, yet I’m still expected to deal with a crooked monster like this? And then to add insult to injury this disjointed siren is posing in front of famous monuments linked to spirituality. If Brown wanted to be more honest and realistic then she should’ve posed in front of a Baphomet statue as that would’ve been the more accurate representation of where her mindset is at.

As I mentioned before in my book Negro Wars most black women are Satanists, their actions speak clearly to this position especially when it comes down to the colossal number of unborn children black women assassinate in abortion clinics each and everyday(1876 unborn children per day in the US on average). This is one of many reasons that points to these so called pro black women being full of hot garbage, they’re eerily silent on the abortion issue.

If black women truly cared about black society then they would do everything in their power to protect the innocent within that society, however we see the complete opposite, black women would much prefer to spill the blood of the innocent as taking the lives of children satisfies your average black female far more than nurturing, protecting and preserving the lives of the same. Here are some pictures taken at various pro-life rallies, try your best to spot any black women in the crowds:

Don’t take my word for it, search engine “pro-life rallies/pro-life marches”, look at the results for yourselves and tell me that I’m making this stuff up. As per usual it is practically always WHITE WOMEN who are at the forefront of looking out for young black lives, the same lives that black women as a collective have no problems in snuffing out. That’s right, white and other non black women care more about black children than black women do, a sad state of affairs indeed.

The issue of abortion has to be one of the top reasons why I stopped dealing with black women and why I equally recommend that thinking black men do the same, you cannot repair and rebuild a nation with a bunch of child killers in your midst. Remember, certain members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood have already gone on record making it clear that they support the assassination of unborn black MALE children, this includes the black witch/high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin as well as her bum chum killer/partner in crime Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu.

Remember the article I wrote back in December 2016 concerning this, that article can be seen here. I don’t associate or hang out with child killers, if these Pan-African, pro black, pyramid heads want one reason as to why black male/black female relations are in the toilet then look no further than the issue of abortion and the horrific number of innocent unborn black that black women are killing on the daily. Remember this, it’s not White women who are killing black children, it’s black women who are doing this.

The message is the same as always black men, DATE AND MARRY OUT. Black women as a collective hate black children anyway, therefore having mixed babies will be doing yourselves a huge favour. Pro black women are full of garbage, the court jester Lila Brown is no different. Large swaths of these degenerates are failed swirliers who either got dicked down and dumped by white men in the fulfilment of their Lord and Saviour’s fantasies or they attempted to climb Swirl Mountain but were unsuccessful.

The constant cleavage showing unwashed black Jezebel better known as Irene Yvette is one failed swirler that comes to mind as well as another in the form of the black man hating misandrist black witch known as Cynthia G. Others are merely whores, slappers, tarts and sluts who are simply looking for a reformation cover in order to relaunch themselves.

Don’t forget, these same women who now claim to be for black men are the first ones to call the police on your black side if you say or do something these black witches don’t like or approve of. Black men, pro black women are NOT your friends, don’t be fooled by their pyramid head, pump the fist, black power, fight white supremacy rhetoric. Again, already knowing how relations between black men and the police can be quite volatile at times, why would these disjointed black harpies still call upon police services regarding the same black men they claim to care about? To ask the question is to answer it. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Reject The Pro Black Female Kansas City Shuffle

Most High Bless

94 thoughts on “Most Pro Black Women Are Frauds And Full Of Garbage – Black Male Hating Feminist Black Harpy Exposed

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  2. Another masterpiece blog by Verbs 2015. A great point you have mentioned in that Black Women murder their unborn babies. More So the male babies in general. In general, Black Women are not bred to be mothers. Many are using it for a title, handouts, and praise.

    Its like they reach some sainthood for having a child despite their past deeds and social circle. Despite what the pseudo mother earth thot-bot thinks, Black Men aren’t reducing in population. Also, the fact the most Black Women abuse, mishandle, and break their children (despite race-admixture or phenotype) & have them around unsavory characters is one of the main problems with black women.

    I could post video after video after video of children murdered by the hands of their own black mothers. What little miss tart does not realize is many of her ilk is not taken seriously nor sought after. Many of these Hotep-Kemetic Nuwabian types are third wave feminist who think they are “Backbone & mothers of civilization”. The delusions of their “Goddess”, better than thou mantra is pretty sickening. No one is buying it.

    In the real world where status, standing, finances, resources, social circle, and reputation reign supreme, black women are not a factor or even an afterthought. That pseudo goddess status is laughable. These pseudo goddesses morons are all the same.

    They pretend to be some deep-thinking, chakra-elevating, astral-projecting, pineal gland third eye weirdo who thinks they are the equivalent of Jean Grey/Phoenix from X-Men. Truth is they are dumb ass hypocrites that are dumber than a bag of rocks. Their ideology of importance is rather a delusion and more so a figment of their ego

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    • Ryan,

      Thanks bro, it’s exactly as I stated in Negro Wars, these fraudulent black females pat themselves and each other on the back thinking they have elevated themselves to a new level of consciousness, however the truth is quite the opposite, all they’ve achieved is digging themselves deeper into a bigger hole of insanity.

      What do the scriptures say about the lasts days and people clinging to their own forms of godliness, it seems fitting for this black witch right here and most others. A breeze block has more of an IQ level than your average black woman. Again, if they are so spiritual and “woke”, why are they murdering unborn children at an unprecedented rate, where is the love for children.

      Answer, there is none, black women as a collective are cold hearted leviathans and will not hesitate to use various “cloaks and coverings” in their efforts to mask their true barbaric and cold blooded nature.

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  3. Once again, it has to be said, “progressive”, “woke”, CONSCIOUS black women are even worse than their hoodrat counterparts, as they CONSCIOUSly double down on liberalism.

    Again, note that the spiritual monuments are all non-black. For pro-blacks to bring up “self hate” so much, what does this say? Hoteps love this Egypt crap, every time you see them, you should hear THIS:

    And notice that these pro blacks, male or female, NEVER mention abortion and the detrimental effect that it has had on blacks. Keep in mind that blacks have stagnated at 13% of the us population for decades. When you have such a staggering number of abortions DAILY, what do you expect? You can NOT build without families, and you can’t have those without CHILDREN!!! So how can you form a confederacy with those who will not march for your children, but WILL march to kill them?!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is your typical black witch right here, proud of the fact that she serves Satan and has the power to snuff out unborn innocent lives whenever and wherever she chooses:

      Yet we as thinking black men are expected to still date, marry and procreate with such bloodthirsty savages, no thanks, I’ll pass. As I stated before, I don’t associate nor will I ever form a coalition with a group of child killers as this would automatically imply that I agree with black women’s philosophies on abortion.

      There isn’t a spiritual bone within the bodies of the overwhelming majority of black women, they don’t know the Most High and Christ at all even though many of them attend church every Sunday to place their blood money into the hands of deviant, bootlicking church beast pastors who are dicking down any congregation members they can get their hands on, smh.

      Like you stated, both black women and their simp flunkies steer clear and give a very wide berth the topic of abortion, I even don’t think the bootlicker Derrick Jaxn has even bothered to talk about this topic at length yet, but he always can muster up the energy to go in on black men all day every day. Both parties stay being disingenuous to the core.

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  4. Another masterpiece Verbs. But actually the only thing I have to say is…SO WHAT!

    It’s the same rhetoric. Other than family members, I don’t deal with Black whores in any shape, form or fashion. I will never date and rarely intetact with the slithering sluts so I could care less what they say or what happens to them. The overwhelming majority of Black females are totally invisible to me!

    As MadBusDriverX said on a recent video, the percentage of Black Men dating and marrying interracially is SPECTACULAR and the Black Whores know it so they double down on STUPID in a futile attempt to keep Black Men on the plantation.

    So let the “Hotep Whores” slither and squirm in their self imposed pit of misery while Black Men like myself and others sit back grab a cold beverage with their White Queens and watch the SPARKS OF FAILURE FLY!

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    • This is why black women will frequently start trouble for absolutely no reason whatsoever, nobody likes them, nobody wants them and nobody outside of their hoard of simps is paying them any attention
      Unfortunately I had to deal with a bunch of them at work. The menu was this:

      Loud taking – damn near shouting for 6 hours to and fro by coach
      Six people playing music on their phones At THE SAME TIME
      One weave head got kicked off her job for her shitty attitude
      Same weave head alert got into a fight with a mixed chick
      Me with a headache shouting for calm
      The gang leaving the coach littered with KFC on the floor

      Since there were also colleagues traveling in from across the country, I can say the lads and lasses from outside London were much more fun, pleasant and easier to get along with. It is not worth the hassle of trying to fit in a crowd of 20 yr old BT1100s.


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      • Michel,

        Like Stephen I have to commend you for your fortitude in being able to stomach regular interactions with a bunch of uncouth savages. Again, this is happening in the UK which is yet a further testament to our brothers in the US that black female skullduggery and mental illness is an international problem. You can’t take Negroes anywhere these days especially mentally damaged, loud mouth, attention seeking black witches.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks bro. The way that black women could persuade black men to return to them would be through major self improvement on all fronts ie ACTIONS, however because black women view black men as slaves, as far as they are concerned we’re not worthy to see them at their best, in their minds who are we to demand better from them?

      Nope, instead black women as a collective continue to sink further and further into the gutter of degradation and filth yet still expect black men with sense and intelligence to take them onboard in such a decrepit state, I don’t think so. Black women have sold themselves out to Babylon and thus they will most assuredly fall and burn with it.

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  5. Bro I dont know if You heard of a Black Female Youtuber named Sara Lena but She is also one who likes to deflect and use shaming language when You disagree with Her positions about Black other Black Women. I just stated on one of Her videos in the comments that Black Women are stupid and make fucked up choices with who They let have access to Their Wombs and need to stop choosing aint shit Black Men and choose better Black Men. As usual I was called gay which is something that Black Women love to call Black Men when You disagree with and offer criticism to them and She called Me a beta Male and said I wasnt a Dominant Black Man which Black Women love. Do You see the Mental Illness of Black Women Black Man. Was wondering if You ever heard of this Black Witch Named Sara Lena. I thought She was cool at first but I unsubsribed from Her.

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    • She also claims to be Pro Black and against Feminism and White Supremacy not realising that Black Women are the right arm and enforcers of White Supremacy in Black America which is why it is destroyed and continues to be destroyed. She showed Me with the way She responeded to My comment that Black Women not only are Mentally Ill but They are Black Mens number one enemy. Black Women hate Black Men. Black Women are like retarded adult Children. The only Black Men They love are Black Thugs. Ive seen this all My life. You try to show Women who You believe are Yours love and treat Them like a Black Queen but it is not appreciated and You either get friendzoned or rejected while They give Their pussy to the worst kinds of Black Men who treat Them like shit. Its some demonic shit going on in Black America. Ive come to the conclusion that this Black Female doesnt belong to the Black Man and We need to be looking at trying to get with Black Women of other Nations or Non Black Women of other Nations. Your right Verbs2007. I agree with You 110 percent.

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      • To better inform your experience and intuition. You must consider that when you state “get with women of other nations” you should realize that in North America the people known as NBC are not properly living as a nation but rather function under the laws known as the 14th and 15th amendments which gave them the color of citizenship.

        That being said…the wand of government can extend benefits to persons, but it can not give a people an organic and nature culture nor can it legislate a sense of morality into a people. These are personal choices and collective choices.

        So when you see people in present day calling themselves STILL as slaves and by names given to prisoners of war held in forced servitude aka slavery, then know they might be giving you a heads up on their state of mental health.

        And if your emotions encourage you to entertain doubt, I ask you simply “What is the coming of age ceremony for the men and woman of this culture” and “What is the name of your peoples government and where is its headquarters?” “What are the obligations of the family”.

        /insert cricket ochestra

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      • Rule #1, never subscribe to an ABW channel, Rule #2, if you break Rule #1, don’t comment on an ABW channel. and Rule #3, Ask yourself why you forgot rule #1 in the first place.

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      • King Sigma,

        Agreed, the only reason to visit a black woman’s YouTube channel is for research purposes only, as Obsidian keeps saying, we mustn’t comment in their arena, we must always save the comments we have concerning themselves for our own.

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      • @King Sigma

        100% Truth. A lot of BW come onto YouTube pretending to be “woke” at first and then start talking shit about BM once they build a following.

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      • Bruh,

        I have to ask…. What do you actually get from watching these human failures on YouTube? Is there some kind of rare, exclusive wisdom from the ages that this Sara or Dara character personality has to share to brothers? Come on man.

        The day we as thinking brothers actively listen to some random scraggle for ANYTHING is the day you should just sign yourself voluntarily on child support.

        Unplug from the foolishness, please.

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      • Michel,

        Agreed. I cannot summon enough patience to sit through any of these vids. I still dont understand why so many go to these channels.

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    • Sean Glenn,

      You must be referring to this black witch right here:

      You’ll find that there are very few black women who will hold dysfunctional, degenerate, bad choice making black females accountable, the black witch above is no exception. Most of these black sirens are illusionary masterminds and deep level tricksters, hence why I refer to them as “witches”.

      I’ve seen a few of Lena’s videos, however what I stated in Negro Wars still stands, black women are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. Black women want thinking black men to take on the role as rehabilitators, however that isn’t our role to play.

      Again, you’re only viewed as weak in the eyes of black women if you refuse to deal with them and their dysfunctional selves, anything else in life that is dysfunctional you’ll be looked upon as wise and intelligent for walking away from it. As Obsidian has said many times before, black society is Bizarro land and black women are the ones responsible for making it that way.

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      • I went to the link and a lot of brothers are not falling for the Texas two step over there. Some woman said men should provide by paying over $2,000 in rent, the thinking black men put her in check immediately.

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  6. Great post Verbs.

    “This is why black women will frequently start trouble for absolutely no reason whatsoever, nobody likes them, nobody wants them and nobody outside of their hoard of simps is paying them any attention, therefore they are forced to instigate trouble in order to receive some sort of engagement from black men and the public in general.”

    100% truth. That’s why I preach the Wall of Silence. They are well aware of the fact that nobody wants them and they take their anger out on BM. BW claiming that they want to “Start a dialogue” and “Begin healing together with BM” is just them trying to draw you back in so they can bring you back onto the plantation and go back to talking shit to you. Beyond regular daily interaction don’t engage with them at all, they are desperate for attention at this point and are willing to do just about anything for it, cover themselves in tattoos and piercings, walk around half naked, being loud and obnoxious in public, twerking and dancing randomly in public, etc. all for DNA as Tommy says.

    Most BW who look like the one in the above picture I would avoid at all costs, they are usually lesbians, aspiring/failed swirlers, and hate BM because they cant get a man (of any race).
    Stay away and keep the Wall up.

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    • James S,

      The Wall Of Silence and the philosophy of Abandonment are working wonders for us, the frustrations of the modern day black female are manifesting themselves like we’ve never seen before, black women in 2019 are in such a desperate and delusional state that as we saw last year, they actually attempted to shame white men into dating them.

      They talk about “starting dialogues” and “healing” but meanwhile they still have no problems killing unborn children at astronomical rates, dipping their degenerate feet into the pool of feminism when convenient and continuing to feed black men into the judicial washing machine in order to get their State trinkets, treats and benefits, smh.

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      • Really , shaming white men

        It seem black women nowdays ,some are following expat black men.

        I saw a few westernized black women last week in Br……l .

        They try to emulate black men both nobody bother try to give them attention.

        The Jezbel will face 4 epidemic
        2-cat lady and dildo
        3-part time lesbian and ex -swirler
        4- faking normal and burried under student loan and consuming debts

        It seem a lot westernized women are infiltrating the manosphere :
        1- ex-swirler
        2- ex-feminazi
        3- fake tradionalist
        4- MGTOW groupies
        5- female claiming they love black men

        I guess Karma is a bitch!

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      • Roudy,

        I’ve also seen western black women in some of foreign countries I’ve visited and I personally couldn’t wait to get away from them and have them out of my sight. Remember, all they are trying to do is to get black men to fall back into line ie return to the plantation. These heifers know they are toast and are trying everything within their power to offset the harsh consequences that are coming for them down the pike. They’ll be no infiltration of black witches over here at Slaying Evil.

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  7. It’s getting to the point where ALL black whores (to include some family) need to be avoided at all costs. Black women are nothing but downright miserable people, who will do nothing but bring you down, and fuck your life up if you let them. You give an inch, she’ll take a nautical mile and will feel there’s nothing you can do about it, because she “owns you”. This is even more true if you’re dumb enough to have a child with this useless bitch.

    Black women have gotten to the point to where I can’t even stand being in their presence, hearing their voices, looking at them. I’m physically disgusted by most of them. Outside of work, I have very few interactions with these feral animals, and am quite content with it.

    With the coming realization to these clowns that nobody wants them, and their pathetic attempt to climb swirl mountain, they will be coming for any decent brothers en masse (I already see it happening out here ).

    Now more than ever, get that wall up, and refortify when you need to.

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    • Stephen,

      The thing about it is black women are so used to being dysfunctional and ruining lives that they will look at us sideways because we avoid them and thus protect our lives from their destructive hands. As far as most black women are concerned we should be honoured to be ruled over and to have our lives destroyed by them. This is the narcissistic path of your average black witch.

      I honestly don’t know how you manage to work with these creatures, I remember last year you were giving us regular accounts of the hell you was suffering interacting with these beasts in the workplace.

      Agreed, as per usual we must continue to build and fortify the Wall at all costs.

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  8. It’s like the overly black religious woman. She tell a Thinking black man to wait till marriage and focus on the lord instead of sex all the while she’s fucking Roof Top Curtis, Shantytown trey, Twelve Dice Mike, Six pack derick. Never trust black religious women.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      It’s funny how you mention the over zealous religious black witch, back over 20 years ago when I was in College I took a liking to a particular black female who was quite attractive. She too talked all of that institutional church beast pre marital sex nonsense and I took her words at face value, that was until I saw her some months later and she was pregnant. No ring on her finger, no marriage, however despite her so called “religious beliefs”, she was quite happy to get knocked up by Slim Sauce. Religious black women tend to be some of the most prolific sluts roaming around in black female society.

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      • Yes indeed. My uncle who is a pastor, had gotten many women in the same church pregnant and they did not even take his preachers license away when the board of pastors found out about it. I seen first hand how black women truly are in church and I been in Baptist churches for years.

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    I fucking can’t stand pro black simp manginas and fake hotep black women. Black women are only angry because nobody wants to date them because of all the negative and true stereotypes that go against them. I will never date a black woman as long as I live.

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    • Yeah, I just I unfriended one just now. He posted some black victim hood bullshit and I asked a simple question. He responded in typical pro wack fashion, and called himself checking me. I simpley unfriended him and blocked him. Here is the kicker, he’s constantly talking about black this black that, but if you look at his photos, he’s always surrounded by white people (especially white women).

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      • Paul Anthony,

        The overwhelming majority of these pro wack, red, black and green pyramid heads are full of garbage, mainly for the reason that they see how dysfunctional and upside down black women have become and yet they still refuse to say anything about it. Yet they still expect us to build with broken beyond repair individuals, that is never going to happen.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women have been dusting off and sending large swaths of these simps into the battle, however it’s too little too late. Thinking black men like ourselves will NEVER return to the plantation as we are much happier individuals outside of it.

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  10. Terry Crews is backpedaling now that the feminists that he tried to side with and defend have turned on him, some dudes gotta learn the hard way.

    Yeah there is a forum like that, Slayingevil. haha

    Of course the black feminists had to try to jump in:

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  11. Here this. These pro black bitches are nothing but former ghetto gaggers who was fucked by racist white men on camera. And when they get ghetto gagged or been in a white beta male the become pro black and these pro black simps are being fooled by this black harlot. They just want something which is magical and that is what between her legs. Cynthia G and Christelyn Karazin are just nothing but dangerous harridans who has a huge hatred towards black men but has no problem with the man who is white just like the dunce Christians pray to every Sunday morning. As black men dates outside of his race because he’s had enough with the black woman’s negative behaviour, she puts on a huge sulk when she sees the black man dating a woman that she idolise because of his long wavy blonde hair. The weave wearing, ghetto hoodrat harlot has a hatred for the black heterosexual black male but she puts on this weave and getting broke by putting that weave in her hair and her simp, well he’s goanna be by her side no matter what.

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      • And they are on the pit of hell. Oprah Winfrey has a huge hatred towards black men but she loves the white man like Harvey Weinstein. Black women has a huge love to be on ghetto gaggers and get spit on and get fucked by these white betas and then turn pro black after woods.

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    • Money Cultural,

      Exactly what you said, most black women feel extremely uncomfortable around heterosexual black men especially those brothers who are secure within themselves and know who they are. As far as black women are concerned a heterosexual black man is a job incomplete as he poses a direct threat to the faux leadership position that has been bestowed upon them by Lord Whitey their saviour.

      Their State contractual obligation is to keep black society broken, thinking black men are builders by default, this is why these witches will go out of their way to emasculate and effeminise black boys from a very young age, in order to remain relevant to their white slave master black women must keep those black men who are within their reach, under their control and those who still choose to deal with them IN LINE.

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  12. Verbs,

    Here is a commercial link with this so-called comedian Tiffany Haddish coercing a WM acting as pool boy to acknowledge her presence. Notice how she initially tries to come off being feminine, then turns a complete 180 and barks at the “Pool Boy” for not extending to her the attention she “demands”!! Then after receiving that attention (basically by scaring the living shit out the dude) reverts back to being “feminine”!! Absolutely ridiculous!!! I’ve personally seen this behavior amongst BW more times than i can actually count and more so now since….more people who are non-black distance themselves from their overwhelmingly dysfunctional disposition. Keep the wall up and continue to fortify!!!


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    • Rav Zagan,

      Yes sir, again, notice black women and their Jekyll and Hyde personas, the way they flip between being calm one minute but then switching to a roid rage frenzy the next is not natural at all, in fact I would go so far as to say that such rapid behavioural changes aren’t even human. The message remains the same as always, keep the Wall up, fortified to the hilt and avoid these disjointed black sirens like the plague.

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    • Tiffany Haddish is a great example of the rampant “cooning” in black female society. When she just talks in a normal fashion, she sounds fine, and doesn’t even look as bad as most black women, especially of her hue. However, she enjoys upping the proverbial ante of stereotypical behavior, putting on a multi layer minstrel show for all to see. It’s the same thing as most black female “comedians”, namely rejected Donkey Kong family member Leslie Jones.

      Now, she apparently isn’t cooning to these pro-blacks, but a black man just finding a white woman attractive is WORSHIPING her? Make that make sense!

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    • Yet another stellar production, Verbs. Well done, brother!!!

      L Express has been delivering L’s the the Scraggle Daggle and her minions at an accelerated rate. The Wall has been growing and expanding at the same rate.

      It’s a wrap for the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan). L Express has enabled the lifetime auto-delivery option for these territories and their residents.

      L Express has also started the Matching L campaign – L Express will quadruple the number of L’s for each new post Verbs delivers to Slaying Evil. The Matching L campaign has no expiration date and will continue indefinitely.

      In addition, L Express has perfected the L manufacturing and delivery process to the point where it qualifies as a renewable resource.

      L Express – delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        Thanks bro. It’s good to see and hear that L Express is able to keep up with the monumental amount of L’s rolling through for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, at this critical juncture we need a robust and reliable delivery service more than ever. These L’s must reach their designated targets.

        I Verbs a noble Knight at the SYSBM roundtable will continue to churn out article after article on the modern day black witch as long as there is breath left in me.

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    • These women are evil man, they will fight tooth and nail for the right to kill babies for any reason unquestionably. The high abortion rate in the black community shows that instead of using contraception or requiring the men that they sleep with to use it BW would just rather kill their babies as a form of birth control.

      Judgement is coming for these women and we need to stay far away from them. As I have said before alot of BW are walking around with scarred up and haunted wombs.

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      • Damn right James. What about judgement time for racist white males too, greedy black females couldn’t have thrown the black man and white woman out if the home without some help….

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      • Opioid, low sperm counts, suicide, being forced out of leadership positions, statues being torn down, active shooter false flags, being erased from dollar bills (in Canada and the UK), being depicted as racist white thugs, adopting feminist policies then rejecting them in an alt-right ragequit flameout, being depicted as paedophiles, soy boys and bitter ex-colonial hipster wankers….

        Is that judgment enough?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Where is the outrage from black women over her tweet, that’s right, crickets and even more crickets, why, because most black women actually agree with what she is proposing. Yet we as thinking black men are still expected to take these women onboard, marry and have children by them. Nope, that is not going to be happening at all over here. Don’t worry, Hell has enlarged itself to receive black women just like her, Kendrick will receive her recompense and I won’t be putting out any hands to save her. Feminists and those that support them make me sick.

      Liked by 4 people

    • How delusional these black witches are. By banning vasectomy and condoms, these women are purposely trying to get black men either locked up or on child support. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these American black witches are NOT our women. Any brother who still believes otherwise is a dog-gone fool.

      By the way, don’t worry about me moving to Georgia. Any city ran by black women, better get out of Dodge while you can.

      Liked by 4 people

      • I live in Georgia, but in a couple of months, I’m moving out of Georgia, by myself.

        “How delusional these black witches are. By banning vasectomy and condoms, these women are purposely trying to get black men either locked up or on child support. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these American black witches are NOT our women.”

        Black american women are the most sorriest women on this planet earth. Boy I better be glad I threw in the damn towel on these BAWS (American Women in general). Like I said before, BAW got an extremely deep hatred for Black Men. With these women making dear black men videos talking about how they love black men, take us back, they need to answer this serious question like forreal.

        If black women “love” black men, why the hell they keep tearing down black men as a whole?

        Liked by 2 people

    • @afrofuturism1 Haven’t they always been anti-family bruh? Since the beginning of time? But Of Course! We’ve seen this movie before waaaaay toooooo many many many many times. All we see now is just nothing BUT! sequels, prequels, reenactments, reruns, all restored and now digitally remastered!(via social media and all heifer platforms in all areas and forms) And uh? I cant cosign and concur with you enough if I tried… and I’ll respectfully repeat if I may…”Anyone still holding out for a good one is an IDIOT!” Tell The Truth!!
      Man we’ve seen these………DAMN! these……what I call…..”sistahs, I’m sorry” movement seasoned trash bag capeing negroes in action….

      Oh by the way! Next up? They’ve another cunthia g extra broke bank homie and cronie by the name of “nylah says” who also has a….Ahehehehe….what I call according to what everyone of her “race monkey hustle cult followers” are saying that “she married” which in fact is her “imaginary husband” who’s nothing but a youtube negro boyfriend by the name of “taz”…..YES! go look it up! its all there! You know, I have to laugh at these funny style n*ggacunts who wanna talk about who a “true real blackman” is but then…you see these saaaaaaame n*ggacunts who wanna do…what “blackmen” do when it to these reprobates… save, cape, clothe, feed, shelter, console, and serve these punk ass sorry negroes!!!! I guess uh? the struggle….for finding a “gud blakmayan” or should I say “nemo” continues…..

      Liked by 5 people

      • Themelancholictigah,

        I’m glad that you’ve brought this up. Its funny because the same black witch Nylah Says threatened to sue me because I called her out as being a single mother. Indeed, I’ve heard that she is shacked up with the six kegs short of a six pack, happy meal without the fries and the burger, cheese fallen out of the sandwich degenerate Taz, this same dude that constantly mocks my British accent every time we’re together on the same panels(which doesn’t bother me because I’ve already called the dude a dunce on many occasions).

        The same dude that tells me how “I’m not black because I don’t come from the US”, yep, you cannot make this stuff up. The same dude who keeps stating that I have no right to talk about any facts surrounding black American culture(especially the black witch) because I’m a “foreigner”.

        As I and the contributor Robert Chavis have stated before, Taz is a very bad look on black men especially if they laugh along with his foolish banter instead of checking the dude when he says something stupid or out of pocket.

        These black witches love choosing trash, so be it, let them enjoy opening their legs to Slim Sauce and Trap House Jim, however when they see thinking black men saving themselves and dating out, they need to suck it up, take it on the chin, keep their mouths shut and keep it moving(which they can’t do to save their lives).

        Liked by 4 people

      • Daaaaaamn! You mean to tell me that this clown came at you with that moist ass argument? What foolishness! And see, for nylah to sit there and try to “sue” somebody….wait! Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Punk ass fraud-lan did the same thing. Smmfh…if you follow the paper trail, that’s all they know how to do. Sue sue sue! Yet chew chew chew on these dust bags! Hoe ass hypocrites!

        Liked by 3 people

      • Themelancholictigah,

        These black females are full of hot air when it comes to the law and legal issues, they’re always threatening somebody with legal action but it hardly ever amounts to anything because they just don’t know anything.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Verbs,

    Great post as usual. In typical fashion, the bitter sub-human negroid specimen in the pics above has advertised her mental illness for all the world to see. Her face is a visual testiment to her inner disharmony. And as always she is totally unaware of the fact that NO ONE other than other equally deranged black females thinks she makes any sense.

    Black females and racially sensitive white folks (especially white males) both have the same problem. Namely, poor judgement.

    Black women need guidance and leadership. No matter what field of endeavor they embark upon. Even if a black female decides to become a whore, she will need a pimp. Without him, she will do something to spoil her looks, lessen her value, or ruin her chances of attracting high priced clientale. And this applies equally to any and all of her decision making.

    Whenever a modern day black female is allowed to act or make ANY decision whatsoever based upon her own internal bitterness and warped sensibilities, she will simply end up exposing and ultimately defeating herself. She will end up reinforcing the “crazy black woman” stereotype because that is who she is and what she has become.

    Whites who act on their racial fears and insecurities are in fact very similar. I’ve always said that whenever racially obsessed white folks start talking about or dealing with race, their IQs drop about 40 points. They might even be very intelligent in every other sphere of life. But when dealing with race they too will always end up exposing their general illogic and warped psychology.

    Both groups as a general rule should rely on outside perspectives to offset their warped sensibilities. Whites when dealing with race. And black females when dealing with EVERY sphere of life.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. @Verbs

    So these same blacks that deify the idea of Africa then say a foreigner can’t comment on US black issues? Even if that foreigner is black himself, living in the UK, which is nothing but a parallel society, Earl Grey instead of Arnold Palmer flavored, John Bull instead of Uncle Sam version of the US?

    This same dude probably has opinions on things such as: ISIS, North Korea, Russia, Mexico/Illegal Immigrants, IN SPITE of being a foreigner and those people not even being black!

    These type of dudes love to deflect like Fox’s down + B in Smash Bros., but then when you start talking some facts about “da hood’s” current condition, you’re met with “wha bout de soulooshuns?!!” As if said solutions weren’t obvious! If they refuse to hold their QUEENIES accountable, there will be NO solution.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      The “you’re a foreigner” is a classic deflection tactic, as you stated truth is truth regardless of where the person who is declaring it resides. Indeed, a lot of these dudes have no idea how close UK black culture is to the US, since the 80s the UK has been steadily saturated with US programming of all kinds(especially Hip-hop, RnB, New Jack Swing) as well as anything and everything Hollywood.

      I remember many years ago David Carroll first talking about what you’ve just mentioned concerning certain black men just like the black witch not really wanting solutions. Black women just want to be worshipped whether they do right or wrong and certain black men aka the pro black simps and the cronies are quite happy with such an arrangement.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Damn right. The good thing about it is that everyone can see pro-wack fascists, greedy black females and racist white males for the house n…..s and utter fools they really are, with nowhere to hide now that their deeds are exposed for all to see.

        Judgement time has come and as the Mack Bolan books said once “The shoe’s on the other foot, and it’s kicking ass.”

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  15. There is no solution in race conversation it is a divide and conquer mechanism, it is no surprise that normally functional individuals intelligence drops when entering the “idiot room”.

    A person from the west who exclusively talks about race (a non scientific man made measure) as if it were a real thing and a primary factor in success in life has severe mental illness or is an agent of ideological subversion plain and simple.

    Keep these idiots away from the youth, they are straight poisoners worse than any “chemtrail”, far more toxic than a Fukushima Fish Sandwich w/ Fries (Chips).

    Honestly most of these yourtub personalities, have the reading comprehension and education of a 1st-3rd grade student. They should not be taken serious. I mean WIFI is free at McDonalds.There are little barriers to access to content creation and no quality control.

    As I have said before, the 14th and 15th amendments are the legal grant (privilege) for these individuals to function in USA society AS citizens

    Ever wander what the term “laughing STOCK” reaaaaaallly means? Seriously though most children being born these days can see that these “grown ups” are not sound of mind.

    And again what is there for these young girls to aspire toward when the woman they should be able to look up to are dumber than they are and yet are responsible for “disciplining” them?

    The concept of MERIT and rule by MERIT should always have a place in a FUNCTIONAL AND ADAPTIVE CIVILIZATION. Most of these individuals couldnt tell you anything useless about civilization, science, law, history, even basic questions about family structure.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Excellent comment, Lurker. These pro-black, Back to Africa, Hotep niggas talk about race just like the White Nationalists. What they will never accept is that the White racial classification did not exist in this country prior to 1681. Before that Blacks and Whites lived together with no racial tension. You even had black men who had a white wife. We need to start looking at implementing rights for individuals and let this groupism go the way of the dodo. Notice when a black man starts to think for himself and go out on his own he prospers. Whites can claim to be rugged individualists, but the hard truth is they can only succeeded on a mass scale with the support of a racially exclusive elaborate institutional support system. Individualism works for free thinking Black Men.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Hell, whites didn’t consider Italians and Irish, who would unilaterally be considered white nowadays, as being part of their number for the longest but.

        White men create a system meant to help THEMSELVES, but when others start whooping them at their own game (Asians, Jews, some black men), they suddenly take on the mantle of victimhood that they criticize ANYONE else for having.

        Liked by 2 people

      • “Before that Blacks and Whites lived together with no racial tension. You even had black men who had a white wife”.

        Unfortunately, this is simply incorrect. There has NEVER been a time in US history where blacks and whites lived together with no racial tension. White people have had the same historical interactions with every group different from themselves. Especially black people. They have NEVER lived with ANY other race of people without racial tension.

        At that time (mid-to-late 17th century/early 18th century), many poor whites were sent to America as debtors or indentured servants. Being a debtor, having a criminal record., or just being poor with no other options would often result in being sent to the colonies as an indentured servant. And they were not free. Neither were the African slaves who were brought here. They occupied a similar but not equal social strata. Most of the IR marriages you speak of were between these two groups. However, at the end of the day, the whites were still white and the slaves were still black. Because of this, they were in a similar predicament, but were NEVER on equal footing. So they were able to commiserate about the situation they found themselves in. They even sometimes revolted or ran away together. This ability to see eye to eye with fellow servants did NOT translate to other whites. And it did NOT last beyond this era.

        The laws were soon changed and poor whites were no longer forced into servitude. ‘Black’ became synonymous with slave. And all whites were given a social/political status above that of blacks regardless of whether they were slave, freedmen, or free persons of color. Regardless of class, wealth, or any other classification. As soon as this happened, any overt unity between the two groups soon evaporated. The IR marriages ceased and these formally friendly whites turned their backs on their former black co-conspiritors.

        At NO time was there any sort of equal society wherein race was unimportant. Even though racial prejudice and attitudes had yet to be formally codified into law, those attitudes were always present. As they still are today. It was these attitudes which were always present which were finally set into law.

        The legality of IR marriages between slaves/freedmen and poor whites/white indentured servants would only be temporary. Slavery became the bread and butter of the new rapidly growing nation (at least in the southern agricultural states). Industrious slaves increasingly purchased their freedom from whatever saved capital they were able to glean from side work they were allowed to do in their limited spare time. There was also the “Moor” classification…

        The ever increasing numbers of freedmen walking around set a bad precident in the minds of white slave holders as far as keeping their slaves in line. It’s no coincidence that this period all the way up until the ‘slave codes’ were codified into law, saw the highest number of slave revolts.

        These freedmen and mixed race individuals demanded to be treated equally with whites before the law. Particularly if they were educated and/or owned property. These ‘uppity’ freedmen demanding equality, the constant slave runaways, slave revolts, and as well as the IR marriages which produced many mixed race individuals became a major concern of slave holders and free whites in general. The laws were changed, and the slave codes inacted in order to destroy any concept of equality between the races.

        “Whites can claim to be rugged individualists, but the hard truth is they can only succeeded on a mass scale with the support of a racially exclusive elaborate institutional support system”.

        All true. This is the true nature of ANY system run by whites or any other caste minded group of people. And why I have to disagree with the other statement you made:

        “We need to start looking at implementing rights for individuals and let this groupism go the way of the dodo”.

        Unfortunately, we will be alone in this effort. NO ONE else is doing this. And no one else will. There is too much at stake. Look around. NO other group will do this. Not East Asians, not South Asians, not Latinos, not Arabs, Persians, nor ANY other group.

        And especially not White people, who are always on code. It’s just like when white women paid lip service to Hillary Clinton and then voted for Trump in record numbers. I am a dyed in the wool iconoclast. And so I can certainly relate to being a free thinker as I’ve been a loner most of my life. However, I’ve had to learn a hard lesson about life. Groups simply have greater power to manifest goals in the real world.

        Everyone else except the classic black man seems to intrinsically understand that their truly is strength in numbers. You stand together or go down alone. You cannot stand against multiple threats by yourself. Even black females seem to understand this (if nothing else).

        Unfortunately, I fear that many of us will have to learn the hard way that we are not somehow wiser than everyone else. If everyone else recognizes the need to stand together for that which is important, then either we are wiser than all of them put together, or we are simply deluding ourselves.

        Out of fear of one another.

        Liked by 1 person

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