Black Daughter Exposes Black Single Mothers For The Dysfunctional Evil Monsters They Are


Although the video was painful to watch(I cannot tolerate screaming and shouting especially from black females), the 21-year-old daughter dropped some serious truth bombs especially in that heated speech towards the end. This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars where black mothers choose to be in constant competition with their daughters instead of choosing to raise them in the correct manner.

Very few individuals have the courage to admit that it is black women namely single black mothers who are the key to why the so called “black community” and black society at large has sunk into the toilet bowl. Most folks would much prefer to shift the blame, their favourite scapegoat being the black man, however we have to remember that most black men are SINGLE AND CHILDLESS.

Conversely, we know that 77% of black children are born to single mothers as demonstrated in the following chart from which shows that only 33% of black women give birth while married:

Again, as in the case of attempting to track down the figures for the median net worth of black men(US), we additionally have another problem in that the figures relating to single black fathers and black fathers in general are extremely difficult to find. Off my head I remember Obsidian did a podcast on this very topic last year and stated at the time that black fatherhood in the US was between 27%-29%. Again, we have 2 other areas where is falling short(once again I suspect on purpose), percentage of single black fathers and the percentage of black fathers, where is this information on the website? Maybe I’ve missed it, can you guys find anything over there or find any information on the percentage of single black fathers or black fathers in general anywhere?

As I stated in my article concerning a black harridan who claimed that black men were a financial liability, any information that shows how black men are doing well seems to be buried deep. Once again, we see that there are certain parties(the usual suspects) who wish to keep the particular stereotypes perpetuating concerning black men and prison as well as black male on black male crime as opposed to talking about how the figure for black single fatherhood is significantly less than black single motherhood.

The video above confirms everything thinking black men have been stating regarding black women ie single black mothers as a group, the mother was getting dick down by a 12 Gauge Mike/Sauce Snapper/Cheddar Man/Roof Top Trey/Killa Drilla type Negro who simply had her on rotation, the mother is highly insecure and as a result believes that the daughter is also getting dicked down by said dude. Normally this does turn out to be the case, however as we all know there are indeed exceptions to the rule even though they are very rare.

The daughter stated that her Jezebel of a mother has been blaming her for everything since she was 7 years of age, yep that is the typical behaviour of the black witch, the daughter stated that the mother has been blaming her for all of her failed relationships, yep, that is your typical black witch, they’ll never look at themselves as the cause as to why they cannot keep a man, it’s always somebody else’s fault.

Again, the daughter confirmed what we have talked about many times before, how black single mothers bring man after man into their houses and around their children just so they can get some penis. The best part of the video was from the 2:06 mark where the daughter fully acknowledges that she has a dysfunctional mindset and that the reason behind this was because of her piece of trash, black witch of a mother.

The young woman also went ones step further and stated how the world needs to know how BLACK WOMEN AS A GROUP TREAT THEIR CHILDREN. The cat is really out of the bag now, very few folks outside of idiotic, brain-dead simps and dysfunctional black women themselves are willing to cover for and defend black female skullduggery and those particular black women who partake in it.

One thing that ought to be pointed out, note the skin tone of the young girl, that’s right, light-skinned, hence why she was able to be honest with herself and come to a point of reason and understanding. You’ll very rarely if ever see dark skinned black women being open and honest about their dysfunctional mindsets like the light-skinned black female above.

As we’ve stated here many times before, in order to increase your chances of finding a feminine, good-looking, submissive, honest and accountable female, you either have to dilute the black bloodline or depart from it completely. Well folks, we have some inside confirmation as to who is directly responsible for destroying the minds of black children, black single mothers. We already knew this, however to have an “insider” so to speak spill the beans is a bonus.

The overwhelming majority of black mothers are feminist evil trash, they have no maternal instincts whatsoever, they only know how to castigate and abuse children, they’ll rarely if ever praise their offspring for doing anything good. Additionally, one should never expect any hugs, kisses, love, affection or any attention from these black single mothers either, however you can expect plenty of bullying, intimidation and in many cases violence.

The mother in the video is your typical weave wearing black whore who cannot keep her legs closed, on the flip side however I must give kudos to her daughter who though she acknowledges that her mindset is somewhat messed up, she still refused to follow in the mother’s footsteps of whoredom ie bringing different men up in the house to get dicked down by nor was she dicked down by any of the mother’s boyfriends.

The long and short of the story is the daughter needs to move out as soon as possible and immediately begin deprogramming and decontaminating herself from the years of psychological, verbal and possibly physical abuse she’s suffered at the hands of her mother. Because she’s upfront and honest with herself, ml reversing the damage and healing her mindset is possible.

Again, never forget that these black sirens who dare to call themselves “mothers” will go out of their way to deliberately place obstacles, obstructions and hindrances in the paths of their children, because unlike non black women black mothers DON’T want their children excelling, doing better than or outshining them, this is the spiteful mindset of your average black female, to fragment a child’s mind and destroy it is nothing to your mainstream black witch, BLACK WOMEN HATE BLACK CHILDREN.

The young woman above yet again solidifies the case for black men to abandon black women permanently and seek out love and companionship elsewhere(which more and more black men are now doing). Most black women are broken beyond repair and those black men namely the pro black simps who still believe that they can find “the one” will discover that they can’t the hard way. Black women aka Satan’s whores bring nothing but pain, suffering, death, destruction and misery to anybody and everybody around them especially black children. The L’s continue to roll in thick and fast for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure and disgrace. #SYSBMFORLIFE #DATEOUT #BEFREEBLACKMAN #ABANDONBLACKWOMENFOREVER #SAVEBLACKCHILDREN #BREEDTHEMOUT

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Date Or Procreate With Black Jezebels, Witches Or Such Like

Most High Bless

113 thoughts on “Black Daughter Exposes Black Single Mothers For The Dysfunctional Evil Monsters They Are

  1. Between the distorted camera angles and Negress hen cackling, I couldn’t get a good view nor could I tolerate it. Yup Verbs, you summarized it in a nutshell. Black Women in general are shit mothers.Their simple-minded thought process, lack of empathy and nurturing, and overall impulsive-sociopathic tendencies make them awful mothers. I used to think eugenics was a bad idea but it may be needed.

    Not everyone should bear children nor pass down poverty, unintelligence, and dysfunction. Honestly, I feel most black women should be made sterile. They literally have no use or functions besides common everyday tasks & necessities needed for their own survival. These are the common negress priorities that BW need for daily survival:

    3)Thug Dick
    6)False Praise
    8)Scams and “Come Ups”

    All their goals, aspirations, and accomplishments are pretentious. As well their delusions of importance and contributions.

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    • Ryan,

      I’ve been stating for a while now that all black women should undergo a psychological evaluation before being allowed to have children, those who fail(which would be the overwhelming majority)should be sterilised on the spot, those few who manage to pass upon having children ought to be re-evaluated every 6 months. These women are too far gone in all aspects especially mentally to be allowed to have children when, where and with who they want.

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      • @Verbs 2015

        That hood whore is the archetype of the typical Black Female.

        If haven’t seen it Verbs, Obsidian has finally thrown in the towel and he’s realized on his podcast yesterday morning that you cannot “bring Black Females to the table”.

        He said the wedge that Black WHORES have driven between Black Men is irreconcilable and he finally amitted that the so called “black community IS DEAD!

        As I have always said, he’s wasting his time and energy trying speak with a group of WHORES who says with glee on a daily basis how much they HATE BLACK MEN.

        And as you said, Black Men need to keep dating interracially and let “blackistan” burn.


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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        I’m glad that Obsidian has finally seen the light and realises that you cannot build anything with black women as a collective, we’ve been stating this for the longest that the black community is dead, hence why we preach and indeed practice the SYSBM lifestyle. Obsidian has built up so much, it would be a shame to see all of what he’s built be torn into shreds by a group of infiltrating black female schemers preaching the “we love black men” Trojan horse gospel.

        Those black women that claim that they love and are down for black men should be doing their own things OUTSIDE of the camp, however they are so used to barging into black men’s spaces and not respecting them, they always feel that they have an entitled right to stick their noses into everything we do and say which is incredibly disrespectful.

        Note the basic technique these dark sirens have employed, first they attempted to destroy black male YouTubers from the outside(the hard offensive) by flagging and reporting channels in order to get them terminated, however this plan didn’t work as we see that nearly all of those who were lashed by the YouTube Gestapo are still producing content to this day.

        Now they have instead chosen to opt for the “we love you black men, we can work together”(the soft offensive) GMO gospel in order to infiltrate with little to no resistance in order to gain a foothold in various areas of the black manosphere so that they can destroy them whenever they feel the need to do so. Obsidian has stated himself numerous times that black men(at least thinking black men) and black women want completely different things from life.

        Black women want:

        Continual Conflict
        Expensive Clothes, Shoes and Jewellery
        Fake Nails
        Fake Eye Lashes
        Big Government
        Welfare Plus Other Free Handouts
        Feminism(which is anti male and anti family)
        To Rule Over Black Men And Use Us As Slaves
        Illegal Immigration
        No Borders
        No Sovereignty
        Junk Food
        The Right To Be Whores But Not Be Labelled As Them
        Bottom Of The Barrel Black Males

        Thinking black men on the other hand want:

        Peace, Tranquility and Ease Of Life
        Family(for the majority part)
        The Right To Think And Act As An Individual And Be Respected For It
        Small Government
        Cooperative Women
        National Sovereignty And Security
        Reinforced And Well Guarded Borders
        Illegals To Be Given The Boot
        Clothes And Shoes That Are Good Quality But Don’t Cost An Arm And A Leg to Purchase
        Healthy Eating
        Feminine, Submissive, Honest, Accountable, Responsible, Natural And Good Looking Women
        A Moral Compass And A High Standard

        These lists can be expanded on both parts, I simply however drafted up something basic to illustrate just how far apart black men and black women are from each other. We don’t want the same things out of life, black women with their Jihad against unborn children have made it clear in no uncertain terms that families are not even to be considered in their books, yet in order to build a strong community you need strong what, FAMILIES. Scratch black women completely off the list as they are doomed and destined for Hell, death and destruction. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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      • @Verbs 2015

        That’s exactly what Obsidian said, Black Men and Black Females want fundamentally different things and between that and the aforementioned wedge Black whores have jammed between us, the damage has been done and is irreconcilable and the “Black community” is DEAD!! He also said Black Men must continue to vote with their feet (finding other races of women) and their ballot (voting republican).

        He finally came to that conclusion after being on Renaissance Woman’s hangout.

        The level of fuckery and unaccountably he witnessed while on her hangout was so massive that it finally dawned on him that he was COMPLETELY WASTING HIS TIME.

        So no one can say that he didn’t try, but we all knew it was a waste of time to begin with.

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      • ʏօʊ ǟʀɛ ʀɨɢɦȶ ʋɛʀɮֆ ɨ ʟօօӄɛɖ ǟȶ ȶɦɛ ʟɨֆȶ օʄ աɦǟȶ ȶɦɨռӄɨռɢ ɮʟǟƈӄ ʍɛռ աǟռȶ #SᖻSᗷᘻ


    • Agreed on all counts. Black females left to their own devices can produce naught else but disfunction. The only traditions passed on by them to the next generation are those that produce failure.

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  2. Jesus Christ some of these videos were hard to watch. Number one, and I have said this before so I will say it again; black women are nothing but the opposite side of the coin of white men. They love yelling screaming and making fun of people and they love a beating people with whips…. ever noticed that white men love beating people with whips and black women know they love beating people with whips.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      Abuse and violence is the only way black women know how to interact with children. They aren’t worthy to bear anybody seed. They have the most fertile wombs on the planet and instead of cherishing the gift, they instead choose to use their wombs as weapons of war and bring woes and calamities upon their children, smh.

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    • Yes, I’ve noticed that as well. Black women, really black people in general, have adopted the ways of the slave master to raise their children. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is not even biblical, as is commonly believed. The passage in Proverbs 13:24, properly translated, means to provide guidance to your children, not beat the sh*t out of them. The rod is often used in the Bible to refer to a shepherd’s rod that was used to guide sheep. But black parents, especially single black mothers, can’t be bothered with raising their children properly. I almost feel sorry for the Pookies and Boomquishas of the world because it was their single mothers’ lack of parenting skills that turned them into the dregs that they are.

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  3. Sometimes I think some women should be forcibly sterilised for putting a child through years of mental hell. However the result in this case would have been a daughter that has clear spiritual sight over her own situation AND can change the direction of her own life – would never have been born. There is hope for her. I’m living proof that the best can survive the absolute worst.

    And notice the last two videos of children being beaten come from Jamaica. Jamaican mothers are known to be physically violent, mentally domineering, aggressive, inhumane narcissists. They revel in displaying the absolute worst of all behavioural traits with pride, even the men. There is no self reflection, empathy or kindness in their hearts or souls, they’re not national customs.

    The first chance they get, British Jamaican men seek out and are welcomed with open arms by White women. Why do you see so many (to quote Afrofuturism) “high yella” brothers in the UK?

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    • Michel,

      Indeed, there are plenty of mixed folks here in the UK. Like I said to Ryan black women shouldn’t be allowed to have children unless they pass a strict psychological examination as at this point such an approach is very necessary seeing as we are clearly dealing with a group of psychologically destroyed females.

      As stated before black women prove the case and continue to solidify the reasons as to why black men must date and marry out. Wise black men already know this, the simps however will continue to chase after their Queenies and will perish as a result.

      Black men with sense and intelligence need to guard their seed from these doomed harridans at all costs.

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    • I said it once and I’ll say it again: Yuri Bezmenov and Anatoly Goltyzn were prophets who were misunderstood and ignored when they were trying to get their message out there, and now we’re paying the price for not listening to them when they were alive. Bezmenov mentioned four stages of KGB [now DHS and FSB] active measures and I believe they are still very relevant.

      Demoralization/Ideological Subversion: Use of white male and black female supremacy to promote a anti-masculine and anti-family agenda. Promotion of feminism and other Marxist claptrap to weaken and destroy the black man and white woman via soft-kill. Removal of black man and white woman from the home via extended welfare to be replaced by the State. Telling black men ‘them white gurls going to get ya’ and white girls ‘those black men going to get ya’. Educated and thinking black men are called ‘lames’.

      Destabilization: Promotion of single motherhood and ‘independent female’ deception to further weaken and fracture the family. Promotion of hood culture in the black community as normal combined with suppression of IQ results of black men and white women to enhance the power of the State.

      Crisis: Creation and generation of ‘SJWs’ and ‘alt-right’ Stalinists along with radicalization of hoods and thugs, to be killed off later on a la ISIS/Daesh.

      Normalization: Black community destroyed and in a state of total disrepair. White women are haunted and dogged by feminism, black male resistance neutralized due to demoralization and destabilization beforehand. Racist white males and greedy black females enjoy unlimited power and privileges yet then again are removed from the equation when they are no longer needed by the State.

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      • @Anton

        Very well stated. I saw that Beznemov vid on YouTube. The first stage really stood out to me – Demoralization. That is what I have been seeing since Obama and Biden took power in 2008, a slow demoralization by all insitutions of power of the male image. Then to start 2019 you had that ‘toxic masculinity’ campaign hit hyer-drive with the APA memo and Gillette. On the bright side, red pill has spread far enough where millions of men dropped Gillette and rejected the APA memo.

        We are at the breaking point in American society, where either the red pill men will retake power or they will be out numbered by cucks, simps and the feminists. Either way, the free thinking man should always have a B and C plan ready. Let’s not forget 2019 is the 400 yr anniversary of the Descendants of American Slaves being imprisoned in America (1619-2019) year of Jubilee. But 2020 is the 100 year anniversary of the women gaining the right to vote, basically eliminating Coverture -true marriage and they want a female Prez to celebrate that symbolic moment.

        Going to get interesting politically/globally over next 12 months – see riots in France, Trudeau-Cuck scandal and Brexit for a preview of all the forces bubbling up in America…


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      • Anton Nikolaev,


        I remember watching that Bezmenov interview years ago, the dude spoke the truth and knew exactly what was going on. Its also noted how he referred to feminists as useful idiots or something along those lines. Now with all of the information available to us in the 21st century, we can clearly see that he was spot on the mark.

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      • Yes. I once posted a link to Yuri Bezmenov’s classic video on one of Verb’s earlier posts. A clear blueprint for the societal destabilization process that We The “Sheeple” are not supposed to understand or know about. Same as it happened in Russia almost a century ago. And we are watching the same old bullshit happen again right in front of our eyes.

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    • @Sigma Jones

      Appreciate the acknowledge. But in regards to the “4 Selves”

      1. Self-Education
      2. Self-Improvement
      3. Self-Empowerment
      4. Self-Actualization

      Enjoyed the points you made on your pdocast. Ironically, Obsidian threw in the towel on trying to negotiate with the average western BW, especially the unique ABW. These socially engineered fembots are destroyers of BM, BM spaces, and BM platforms, period.

      In due time, they will learn the harsh lessons, that they always need us, more than we need them…

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      • He had no other choice due to people pointing out his defense of Nicole Michelle and giving her passes just as he did to Renaissance woman.

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  4. Yep, another black women’s creation (daughters) is turning on them. Black male bums and other black females is doing a number on them. Some black sons and men are fighting back by dating and mating outside the mindset but there’s one more creation of their making black women of this ilk yet to face is their homosexual black male bestfriends… until a black woman/women catches their gay male besties in bed with these female’s boyfriends. Many of the stereotypical homosexual black males (even the ones crossdressing) are trying to act more feminine than the black female beast, that’s probably why the bed scene comes into play here where her man gets caught with another dude mentioned above.

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    • @brotherdan

      that is an interesting point that you make. With White society only using ABW for inter-racial sexual play or useful political idiots, everyone is abandoning the everyday westernized Black woman but they are too stupid to deluded to see it. Thinking BM have abandoned the majoirty of western Black females for anything but sex, and even then that is only with the most attractive ones. That mindset of going elsewhere is trickling down to the other classes of BM; who are more involved in the Black western dating pool than more well off BM who date out at the highest clip. Have you seen the wives, girlfriends and baby mothers of Pro Athletes and entertainers for a start?

      Now, the Black children of the single mother homes are leaving the western Black woman behind as well. As you mentioned, in due time, even the gay mascots they keep around will abandon them as the BW gives them a place in their households to replace them. Hence, the BM you see wearing dresses raised by said mothers. But here is the kicker, most BW hate themselves and are incapable of loving ANY group that would ally with them.

      That is why I say, go outside the American dating pool if you cant get a top 20% western BW, none of the rest are worth it when there are beautiful Black and brown skinned women in the diaspora to choose from. Then you have such a huge supply of mixed, Asian, Latina and Eurocentrics to choose from. #SYBM

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Black women continue to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures, they must be left that way, they mustn’t be saved under any circumstances. What is happening to the modern day black female in 2019 is nothing short of righteous recompense and judgement.

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  5. They blame everyone else for their faults and take their anger out on their children and anyone who gets in their way. These women should never be allowed to have children. They should also get beaten three times harder than on the videos.

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    • Anthonym78,

      Folks simply aren’t willing to listen to black women anymore, their days constantly of blaming others for the calamities they’ve brought upon themselves are over.

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  6. Yea after researching this topic an intelligent observer will eventually realize that these individuals are actually practicing 1) child slavery 2) mental enslavement conditions 3)Sacrificing their children to the “carnal gods” of society.

    But most of these negroes are just trying to see if they can get some pussy and miss the entire spiritual and military operation going on in front of their face.

    Most of these negroes never even question why they dont even have a nationality and still call themselves descendants of slaves (SLAVES ARE NON-DESCENDABLE BY THE WAY).

    They never question why they only ever talk about 400 years worth of history and never go back any further in except to randomly talk about ancient Egypt.

    This so called “community” is the equivalent of “posting in a troll thread”. If anyone ever had doubts about the “Old Testament” of the Bible or the Quran. Look no further than the north american so called negroes of the current day. They will make you a believer at the very least. What other community is so obviously ruled by the Sith.

    It Ain’t Hard To See. Negs still gonna be fiending for that pussy though, never thinking that that woman was once a child sacrificed to the evil negro god by some low level sorcerer/ess/or.

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    • Lurker,

      Black women are just plain evil and the thing about it is because they are steeped so deep into their decadence, degeneracy and debauchery, they can’t see how far gone they are. Folks who actually declare themselves as devil worshippers are looking at black women in awe as not even they can bring themselves to sink into the level of evil that black women regularly find themselves swimming in and enjoying mind you.

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  8. @verbs Here is some data on Single Fathers from the CDC that every thinking Black man should read. Basically we are the best fathers, and often better parents overall than women:

    Click to access nhsr071.pdf

    This weekend David Carrol dropped his “Tamron Hall is a modern day mammy” podcast and warned BM about these socially engineered western BW who are nothing but the most dependable auxiliary of white supremacy. Then you had Obsidian in his “Gothcha” livestream throw in the towel, when he came to the same conclusion as those BM walking the #SYBM path when in his monologue he admitted
    1) BM are voting with their feet, not debating western BW
    2) There are irreconceivable differences between your average BM and western BW
    3) Its a waste of time debating western BW, thus there is really nothing to negotiate.

    I noticed a lot of Gen-Xers and Boomers have been the most vocal in holding out for saving the majority of western BW. The trend I see among milennial BM is voting with their feet, mostly in silence. When you see BM over 45+ throwing in the towel, you know it is a wrap and the Hotep Communists are just selling ‘pie-in-the-sky’ delusions.

    The complete break in western society between the rank and file BM will be completed in 2020, stay tuned…

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    • Sadly, more than any other part of society, the black boomers and gen xers, who created and modeled this dysfunctional ass community, will be the first to blame millennials. You can’t build a poorly made car and then get made when the breaks go out and you’re in a wreck!

      Stop asking 20/30 somethings to pitch in and help wipe up the steaming shitpile that YOU laid down!

      It is these same “elders” who hold on to “finding a good one!”, and will continually make the same mistakes throughout life, building and accomplishing nothing, but then admonishing the well to do young brothas who 9 times out of 6 are more put together and accomplished than THEY are in their entire lives.

      Black men must walk away, both from the demonic queens, and the dusty simp “elders” who defend them.

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      • @Afro

        I’ve had plenty of debates with Boomers and Gen-Xers during the last few months of 2018.

        All you need to ask them is “What have they built, passed down and how have they moved the ball forward since the Civil Rights Movement generation passed the Civil & Voting Rights Acts in 1965? You’ll get crickets, even a liberal rag like Washinton Post stated that there has been 0 progress for the rank and file Black descendants of American Slaves since 1965.

        And you know why? As the liberals of the Great Soiety stated in Moynihan’s 1965 Report on the Black American Family: Single mother household would destroy the progress of Black Americans. They were spot on, so I will listen to Boomers and Gen-Xers who speak logically, but when they start pointing at Milennials I tune them out, because they are scapegoating a generation that wont have their oldest class turn 40 until 2020.

        The Black communities of America are dead because Boomers and Gen-Xers have done nothing to push Black America in the aggregate beyond what MLK, Malcolm X and others during that era accomplished. Milennials are just walking away and saying publicly the owe the Black community nothing and the so-called Black community owes them nothing.

        The dick-policing of the Hotep Communists is just a plea that will go unanswered and they will be left to fix the mess they and their constituents have created since 1965. My prediction from 2019 forward, is that free thinking Black men won’t be arguing or debating with Hoteps or western Black women very much moving forward. All the arguments for and against have been had, and their exists a treasure trove of these discussions for future reference.

        We are in the consequences phases, sit back enjoy the clusterfuck…#SYBM

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      • Real talk, my family is the exact same way. My uncle and his piece of crap sister sat back as my father toiled to upkeep and pay on all of their “family property”, only some of which my dad actually lived on. Once my dad tragically died, my uncle suddenly wanted my brother and I to pay off all of the back taxes and renovate these money pit properties (that are in the backwoods of Tennessee, where NO ONE is moving to anyways) to basically subsidize HIS dream. Most of these “elders” in the black community have done NOTHING with their lives besides piss away opportunity and ambition, for themselves, their families, and DA CUMOONITTY, which is part of the reason why so many young blacks grow up with no gumption or ambition to be anything. And yet these sorry negroes want to be looked up to as elders?!!!

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      • Afro & King Sigma,

        “All you need to ask them is “What have they built, passed down and how have they moved the ball forward since the Civil Rights Movement generation passed the Civil & Voting Rights Acts in 1965? You’ll get crickets, even a liberal rag like Washinton Post stated that there has been 0 progress for the rank and file Black descendants of American Slaves since 1965”.


        Yes. I call them the failure generation. As they have done jack shit in the last 50 years (1970-2020). I also don’t even bother trying to debate them. There is no point. They have dealt with hopes and dreams instead of the cold hard facts of life. As a result, every other group have been able to amass something to leave to their descendants.

        Our so-called elders have have nothing but hopes and dreams to offer to the younger generation. Mainly because they have wasted their youths on foolishness which did not produce anything meaningful or allow them to prosper.

        My own family is a prime example. They invested NOTHING in my future. I’ve pretty much had to do everything for myself. Plenty of times I have wanted to tell them that if I had been born into a different family, I would be a lot better off today. They set me up for failure and then turn around and blame me for being a late starter in life.

        Every generation of black children in America must start over from scratch and try to build something out of nothing at all. Black boys especially. Most of us receive very little support during our formative years. Trying to turn nothing into something is very difficult work.

        A child who has any sign of possible brilliance should be rescued from the “communitee” post haste. Otherwise their gifts will be squandered, or worse suppressed so that they can fit in with the other mentally nd spiritually defective inhabitants of blackistan.

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      • @Xsto says, “A child who has any sign of possible brilliance should be rescued from the “communitee” post haste. Otherwise their gifts will be squandered, or worse suppressed so that they can fit in with the other mentally nd spiritually defective inhabitants of blackistan.”

        This is the reason I have always been a fan of an open voucher system for all children, where the state has to give funds that would go to failing public school students, to talented Black children. It never made sense to me, that the top 10% Black children are forced to be in class with learning disabled children for the benefit of some false sense of community. Why should the talented Black boys and girls be sacrificed because they happened to be born poor and further punished by teacher unions more concerned with appearances than actual outcomes. I was lucky enough to have been a resourceful enough kid to use standardized tests and athletics to attend college, but there are 100s of thousands of young Black children being destroyed by the current SJWs system that promotes single motherhood, immorality and irrational thinking.

        The race to the bottom in Black America is real, and a lot of BM are now speaking out against the BS. We really are alone as BM, and surrounded on all sides, but at the least we can do is be thinking BM…

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      • Notice how much better the black all boys schools do compared to the black girls schools. And how many we’ll put together, educated, corporate black guys are knocking up crackheads? But the black corporate barbies can’t get enough of Lil Skreet Skreet, Mosquito Mark, and Big Bull.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The elders are a serious problem in black society in that they are meant to be guiding the younger generations away from skullduggery and dysfunction, however what we see instead is mainly elder black men encouraging younger black men to tolerate the dysfunctional behaviours of black women, additionally many of these old codgers will even resort to using shaming tactics against those who choose to vote with their feet, smh.

        I’m glad to see that younger black men aren’t falling for the Okey Doke and are still walking away from black women in their droves. You cannot form a confederacy with devilish scum buckets who for at least the last 50 years have had no problems selling black men down the river in order to lick up the miniscule crumbs that fall from their master’s table.

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      • Now, hold on. Speaking as a Gen-Xer, I think your criticism of us is unwarranted. You have to remember, ours was the first generation to attend fully integrated schools. Many of us were the first in our families to attend college. We grew up in the Reagan 80’s where we were taught that a college degree would be our ticket to the good life, and if we worked hard (twice as hard if you’re black) and played by the rules, there would be no limits to the heights you could reach. Then reality kicked many of us in the ass when we graduated college and there were no jobs. Ours was also the first generation to be worse off than the generation before us. We are also the smallest generation in terms of numbers. All of this was new territory, and our parents and grandparents weren’t much help because the old ways of finding any job and working your way up the ladder for 40 years and retiring with a pension just didn’t exist any more. And building black businesses? Most of them were gone by the time we came of age, with the exception of your local barber/beauty shops and liquor stores. All the things we were taught growing up meant nothing, because the world changed on us damn near overnight. There was no internet, no Microsoft, no Google, no cellphones. There were nowhere near the avenues to business ownership as their are today.

        But despite all of these challenges, we had some good things going on. We had positive media images in TV shows like Martin, In Living Color, The Cosby Show, A Different World, etc. that inspired us and presented authentic black life to the world. We had black music with a strong revolutionary tone, like that of Public Enemy, X-Clan, PRT, KRS-One, etc. Arsenio Hall was on TV screens all around the world. We were extremely politically active and had a Congressional Black Caucus, led by Kweisi Mfume, that actually fought for black people. Black movies like Malcolm X, New Jack City and Boyz n the Hood were giving black film producers and directors a chance to showcase their talents and giving a voice to the voiceless. BET was actually a pretty good network in the 80’s and 90’s, with thought-provoking news programs and talk shows, in addition to good music video shows. And relations between black men and black women seemed pretty normal, and nowhere near as toxic as they are today. But it was probably around this time, say late 80’s to early 90’s, that black women really started to get extra. Between movies like The Color Purple and books like Waiting to Exhale, black women were starting to look at black men differently. It didn’t help that black mothers (and fathers) would tell their daughters to focus on their education and get with a man who has something. Black boomer parents raised their Gen-X daughters to believe that they deserved the best, and those same parents raised us Gen-X black men that it was up to us to live up to the standard that they set for their daughters. So, yes, we were raised to be simps. But times were different. Again, no internet. No YouTube. No to teach men about female nature, especially the nature of black women. We had to learn the hard way, and for some of us that took years.

        And you can’t really blame the boomers for how they raised us, ’cause they also lived in a different world where jobs and marriages lasted. By the way, ours (Gen-X) was also the first generation to endure no-fault divorce. Boomers didn’t have Roe v Wade growing up. They didn’t have birth control pills. But then again, boomers gave is all of that in the late 60’s and 70’s. Boomers also gave us 2nd wave feminism. So, if you want to blame the boomers for something, blame them for that. But, again, as a Gen-Xer, I don’t think any of the sh*t that’s going on right now in black society can be pinned on us. Just my 2 cents.

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      • While I can’t blame the elders for EVERYTHING, the hood didn’t happen overnight. Many of the ones trapped in the hood and run rampant upon by thug boys were gangsters in their youth themselves.

        Conversely, the boomers and those before UNDENIABLY should be blamed for the lack of businesses and integration, as they EMBRACED integration from their thinking of the white man’s ice being colder. Thus, they sat back and watched as Arabs and foreigners came in and operated the ONLY businesses in the community.

        Conversely, if not having a model or being a generation in an unprecedented situation was a viable excuse, couldn’t the young fools nowadays run with that? I mean, these young savages have no fathers the home, so you can’t blame them for being dysfunctional, right?

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      • @ afrofuturism1

        Quote: “Conversely, if not having a model or being a generation in an unprecedented situation was a viable excuse, couldn’t the young fools nowadays run with that? I mean, these young savages have no fathers the home, so you can’t blame them for being dysfunctional, right?”

        To some degree, I don’t blame them. They couldn’t help being raised by dysfunctional single black mothers. And how a person was raised matters. The video above proves that. So, they are a product of what came before. On that same token, Gen-Xers are a product of what came before. You dismiss out of hand everything I’ve said, but if you actually gave it some thought, how would you then expect Gen-Xers to have something to pass down to the next generation when we had nothing to pass down to begin with? I don’t know what vacuum of the universe you think we Gen-Xers occupied that would have made us impervious to certain social and political forces, like feminism, welfare, drugs, etc, that have affected not just black people but white people as well in varying degrees.

        I know you younger cats think things are so simple as, well black people should not have embraced integration and kept our businesses, neighborhoods, this, that and the third. But as someone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, I can tell you, black people didn’t just give up their neighborhoods. Others started moving in. Namely the immigrants. Black people didn’t just give up their businesses. They lost customers to white-owned businesses that, frankly, had better merchandise at cheaper prices. The only thing white business owners couldn’t replace were the barber and beauty shops. But even the corner liquor stores and gas stations were being taken over by immigrants who came here with resources.

        Now, you think Gen-Xers didn’t pass down anything to the younger generations. Well, I’d say that’s baloney. We may not have passed down businesses, neighborhoods and intact families (and we didn’t get those either), but what we did pass down was a culture of achievement. Despite the challenges we faced, black Gen-Xers attended college in record numbers. Having been raised in the Reagan 80’s and growing up on The Cosby Show, the 1990’s saw an upsurge in black media, entertainment, education and politics that had never been seen before or since. Black culture in the 1990’s, the decade that most of us Gen-Xers came of age, was a culture to be proud of. I can say from personal experience, being a young black man in the 90’s was a blast. Cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., were black meccas where jobs were plentiful, housing was cheap, and the women were receptive. The one caveat is that we didn’t get married in the rates we should have. I agree with Obsidian when he says strong communities are built with strong families, but marriage rates plummeted for everyone, not just black people. Again, I think you make a mistake when you dismiss out of hand the social and political forces that had a detrimental affect on black and white people as just an “excuse”.

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    • King Sigma,

      Thanks for the links, however you’ll notice that the information that I specifically talked about in relation to black fathers and single black father figures is extremely hard to come by. Certain parties don’t want the comparison made between the number of single black mothers Vs single black fathers.

      I’m glad Obsidian threw in the towel on these broads because they would’ve performed a first class hatchet job on all that he has built, especially that Renaissanse Witch. There is no reasoning with black women on any level, it’s either their way or no way at all which is why I have nothing to say to them.

      As I’ve stated before, black women must face their judgement and face it alone, there will be no escaping the wrath to come and any black men who attempt to save or form a confederacy with these sirens will suffer the same horrible fate that’s coming to them.

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      • @Verbs

        I tried very hard to find the data you were inquiring about, but so far I haven’t had any luck.
        I highly doubt this is mere coincidence that single father v. single mother data is hard to come by.
        But we have a history of data, to show that fatherless homes are cesspools of regressive acculturation and prison fodder among other dysfunctions. Likewise, we do know from the data, that collectively, western Black women are some of the poorest women on the planet with or without a college degree.

        IMO, knowing that Black men are the best fathers, have a higher net worth, and exercise a higher degree of critical thinking skills than their female counterparts, is enough to predict that single fathers are superior to single mothers on the whole. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that feminism has de-programmed women in the aggregate away from their true feminine and nurturing selves. At the same time, men have become better nurturers as an unintended consequence of less hope of finding a nurturing woman. I say this, because many men in the west, especially in Black society are being raised by non-nurturing single mothers. Therefore, they have to learn to protect, provide, and nurture themselves or become fodder for the misandrist machine.

        I’m not surprised that Obsidian threw in the towel on flipping from trying to negotiate with ABW.

        I have been saying all along, only a 1/3 American Blacks can be saved under the CURRENT gynocentric state of things. Only a serious disaster or Black swan event could change the collective predicament at this point. That is why Iretiring from arguing with ANY women, and don’t pedastalize any race of woman; the free thinking man will learn by trial, error or observation to VALUE HIS OWN PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS first and foremost #SYBM

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  9. It’s a known fact that black single mothers on a large scale treat their daughters like shit. And you can tell by the way they communicate with each other that the mother has talked to this girl like this her entire life. How the fuck can you blame a kid since the age of 7 for your inability to pick a dick? That tells you the mother cares more about dick and attention than the welfare of her child. For all the shit these bitches talk about black men needing to “step up”, it sure seems like black children’s futures take a nosedive under the tutelage of the mothers. This whole situation is a fucking disgrace and sadly, barely scratches the surface on single black mothers.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      Black men need to simply look upon black women for the trash that they are and not even pay attention to anything they have to say concerning us. I now know a good chunk of what I need to concerning these heifers, the main thing being not to breed with them, not to date or marry them and to abandon them as much as is possible. Their own decadent fruits bear out the reasoning behind such drastic but needed measures.

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      • No doubt. I don’t even concern myself with the opinions of black women because they’re usually rooted in hypocrisy, emotion and irrationality. I just find it funny how people look at issues like this and blame the absence of the father as the reason for the girl’s attitude when clearly the mother is the adult in the house who fosters and facilitates it.

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  10. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are the are worst parents in the world. As a childfree black man at 36, I prefer to date non black women who are also childfree. I feel sorry for those black kids who are being born into these dysfunctional single mother households.

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    • “I feel sorry for those black kids who are being born into these dysfunctional single mother households.”

      Those were my thoughts as well when I first saw the video that Verbs posted. You cant pick your family and most black children have the misfortune of being born to a single black mother.

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      • James S.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 per cent. I was born into a dysfunctional family and it is a miracle that I am still alive.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Smart move, not dating or dealing with black women will literally put years back onto your life. Let the simps step up and deal with the devil spawn seedlings of these black females since they love black women so much.

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  11. On a side note, there is a scraggle at my job who is sending me signals that she is interested. She isn’t bad looking and she is decently built. And I don’t have a problem with dark skinned girls.

    But, alas. I just can’t even bear the thought anymore. She is weaved to the hilt and Jezebel can and will rear her ugly head at a moments notice. And the last time I was with a scraggle was awhile back but I still remember the weave stench of corn chips and mold. This is what I hear in my head when I even think of getting with a black female today:

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    • @Xsto

      You make a good point, because I am hearing from more and more thinking BM that they don’t even want to fuck with the ABW succubus type that is moderately attractive. There seems to be an under-current among thinking Black men, that even most of the moderately attractive ABW aren’t worth the headache, baggage, and inherent risks even short-term. Since you are referring to women at work, go check David Carroll recent podcast “Tamron Hall is a mammy” and his discussion of social engineered ABW fembots or workplace mammies and the threat to the thinking Black man.

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    • Xstopalopoketl,

      Four words, DON’T DO IT BRO, don’t be victim, don’t be that guy. Remember, weave wearing by itself equates to mental illness, let’s not even factor in smelly weaves, lol.

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    • Damn! I messed up. I was trying to be funny there. That link was to a forboding piece of video game music. I was saying that I hear this whenever I even think about getting with another black female.

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  12. Right. Tommy Sotomayor did a video about that young lady and I give her every single credit of what she did, because her mother is nothing but ghetto wretched, hoodrat whore that belongs to the sewer. I

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  13. I won the lottery when it comes to black mother. I come from a two parent home which is a fairly rare in the black community these days. So my mum was femine she did beat me only when I was young and silly. But I only saw black dysfunction when I go to Africa and go to black parts of london

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  14. Let me tell you something. The reason why she was bullying her daughter because her hoodrat mother has hit the wall and see don’t have the body like her daughter. For instance, when the mother had wide hip, big breast and a booty, the daughter will have that and the mother will get jealous and becomes competitive just she wearing her weave and copying the white woman just to get a white man. I have seen the other videos and let me tell you something. I saw the video of the young girl getting punched. Then I have seen the Jamaican fatty beating the hell out of the young girl with the machete and the Jamaican woman who beat the girl because she was on Facebook. Right I know that these young people especially these young girls need to get of on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, they need to focus on their education but come on, beating them like this, its fucking insane and they are filming the beatings as well and that’s how these girls are so violent because these girls are being raised by this ghetto, hoodrat, peasant known as the single mother.

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  15. A lot of BM are waking up to the pure anti-Black male hate in western society. I was shocked when I saw the super simp Terry Crews asking about Black Male media and safe spaces online for straight BM free from SJW overseers:

    The red pill is spreading as a REACTION to growing misandry and open hatred of Black men. When you see simps of a Terry Crews fame seeking safe spaces for straigth BM, you know we are approaching critical mass #SYBM

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      • @Verbs

        A lot of folks missed that tweet from Terry Crews and it is deep because he is what I’d call an Alpha Simp. He was capping hard for METOO over the last few months, then they hit him with mysogny accusations last week and he changed his tune fast. So, I say he got his red pill moment real fast. Once more of the so-called male feminists like Terry Crews wake up, we can really start to dismantle this artificial gynocentric state.

        I did reach out to Terry Crews and point him to the Black Manosphere, Black AVenger and re-tweeted your topics on my Twitter page. In due time, the Black Manopshere will be the home of free thinking BM all over the planet, they can no longer hold us back; the Internet has freed the Black male voice #SYBM was always the inevitable conclusion because we really have no friends, and on a good day we might have temporary allies.

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  16. Also, notice all these videos of these chicks beating the hell out of these kids. Where are all the videos of black men doing that? I thought we were violent, right?

    Notice that you don’t even see black men fighting their sons or anything like that. That’s because black men realize, even if it comes to blows like that, there’s such a thing as DECORUM, something most black women don’t understand. If you have to beat your kid like that to control them, that should make you ASHAMED, NOT PROUD! Better yet, it ain’t an exhibition for the rest of the world to gawk at!

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    • That’s actually a pretty good thought if we were the demons we were made out to be there’d be literal movies of black men doing messed up things to children with full comment sections ablaze. I can only think of two and the men were stating why they were whoopin the entire time while someone else was recording unfortunately

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  17. I can’t stand niggas like this dude here in the video. I wonder if he feels the same way about the abusive black bitches in the above videos. This same dude is promoting that Black Separatism Romanticism crap. I believe we are entering a new era for humanity and these old ass 20th century mindsets are not welcome there. He needs to be careful what he wishes for. He also accused Martin Luther King of being a boule and an agent. Notice almost all the guys that say we need to date black women are always single.

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    • I literally would not mind seeing more of these idiots catching dirt naps, as they are the reason these idiot queens have survived for so long.

      Notice the same old damn arguments too. Hell called US “swirling”, and said the “yo momma black” argument.

      Now, this dude’s black ass would be the FIRST to get rejected by these queens for his complexion. And yeah, where’s HIS QUEEN? These dudes’ balls stay blue, and their idea of date night involves Xhamster, several Kleenex, and a well greased dick that looks like it was just pulled out of a bucket of chicken.

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    • I couldn’t make it past 30 seconds of listening to this clown. All of that sisters and brothers and Melnated man shit gave me a headache, but I will point something out, THIS IS THE FACE OF MALE LEADERSHIP in the community. Uneducated, slow thinking, and full of regurgitate bullshit.

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    • One of the things that irks me about the Hotep Communist type is their intensity in dick policing and trying to dictate how other BM of free will and liberty should live their lives. As per usual, these same Communists, never live the lives they preach. As was mentioned, if these cucks were so concerned about the state of the ABW; they would be marrying them up. Moreover, they would be fighting to de-criminalize polygamy so they could provide a husband to these unwanted women; who outnumber BM without even considering all the factors that go into SMV.

      Nope, the Hotep Commist is just the modern day pastor appealing to emotional weakness of their targeted audience. Outside of rhetoric, they will build nothing, innovate nothing, protect and provide for nobody. Such incompetents are a joke…

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      • “Nope, the Hotep Commist is just the modern day pastor appealing to emotional weakness of their targeted audience. Outside of rhetoric, they will build nothing, innovate nothing, protect and provide for nobody. Such incompetents are a joke…”

        Nailed it bro.

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  18. The interesting thing about the younger female in the video which this thread is about is I am SURE she is the same exact way her degenerate mother is .
    Black women ONLY seem to get upset, bothered, and recognize how violent, mentally ill, destructive, and absolutely beyond logic is when they are on the receiving end of another black female’s madness.
    I guarantee if her mother was doing this to some ‘ain’t shit nigga’ (as black women call black men), I’m sure her daughter would be in the background cheering on her mother’s insanity. Does anyone believe this young woman, who of course already has children, when she gets upset would act any differently than her mother?
    I don’t. Black women behave the way they do because they are raised by black women like her mother. Black women are all about manipulation, doing anything to get sympathy from people, and are extremely good at masking their true intentions and nature. Are there a handful of black women who are raised by their mentally ill mothers who can actually not turn out like their mothers? Probably.
    But 99 percent of the time the black daughter who is crying and telling the world how abusive, violent, and mean spirited her mother is, is EXACTLY the same way. The girl who is crying on the video and allegedly exposing how evil her mother is, is a manipulator like most black women are.
    Do I believe the daughter has probably been abused and mistreated from birth? Probably.
    Do I believe that the daughter is any different from the mother? Absolutely not.
    Nothing black women do or say I ever believe is authentic. Everything with black women is misdirection, half truths, or a flat out lie. I don’t trust anything that comes out of the mouth of black women because they are liars by nature, and there is no truth in them.
    The female who is crying, and telling the world how abusive her mother is because she is tired of her mother’s nonsense. But I’m sure she behaves the same way, but pretends to be a harmless victim.
    Black women learn their treacherous behavior from their mothers. The girl in the video with her mother without a doubt carries the same venom, irrational behavior, and abusive/confrontational spirit that her mother does.
    How many times have we heard black women say ‘I don’t have female friends’, ‘I don’t like bitches’, ‘You can’t trust bitches’, etc, etc, etc…? Black women say things like this because black women understand how evil black women are.
    What the same black women who say these things about other black women won’t admit is that they are the SAME WAY as the women they are telling the world are so bad. This is basically what is happening in the video. The daughter is just looking for sympathy.
    She is more than likely no different than her mother. How could she be? She witnessed and internalized the behavior of her mother from day one.
    I have always said that black women wear a mask in order to deceive people who are unaware of the nature of black women. But behind that mask lies a demon who through cunning deception try to manipulate everything and everyone around them in order to fulfill their insane pathology.
    The daughter in the video is no different in my opinion.

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  19. My Brother from across the Atlantic, it is with a sad and heavy heart that I write to you…

    I’ve been listening and observing the goings-on in the Black Manosphere for close to two years now, soaking up knowledge on things from Black Men’s perspective, in particular our community and our “women.” As of late, I’ve been cycling between you, Jap, and Xanathos for my content…

    I’ve answered the call, so to speak, that you’ve been putting out to American brothas: the actual/ballpark net worth of African American Men, and whether or not it, collectively, it is higher than that of African American women’s net worth ($5.00USD), a claim I disputed — until I read the article! And by reading that article as well as looking at the USA Census data on Social Security (my only viable choice for getting a clear picture on income by race and gender. The 2020 U.S. Census will be more telling, hopefully.) I was able to find some “numbers” for you (us). From there I was able to work my way to some shocking articles and eye-opening independent studies about U.S. wealth data…

    As you’re aware, the entire Western world is dealing with Mass Immigration, or as I lovingly call it: The Great Replacement. 2043, in and around that time, is the projected calendar date for when white Heritage America (85%, 1980s; 67%, 2010s) will become, demographically, a minority group (roughly 47%, 2040s) in the country founded by their ancestors. Be that as it may, this “white minority,” however, will have vacuumed up close to 80% of all wealth in “America” by that time. [There’s more to this but let’s keep it about Us for now.] (I mean, is there any wonder why the Deep State wants more Latinos in America… Neo Slavery, perhaps?) This Replacement on top of the social engineering prior to now (No-Fault Divorce, Welfare, Mass Incarceration, Crack, AIDS, homosexuality, Why-Study-When-I-Can-Rap/Catch, etc.) has stymied any and all chances of Us actually “catching up ” to white America financially. (I believe many in the Black Manosphere have stuck a fork in the Black Community on several occasions. Some truth there possibly as the situation is bleak for all of us. I’m in Los Angeles and Blacks here, poor, middle-of-the-road, and wealthy, are finding themselves outnumbered — by everyone, not just piling on Latinos.)

    Cutting to the chase, a 2016 study has dubbed what is happening to us as “The Road to Zero Wealth,” pertaining to a point in time a little past 2043 — white America will be a wealth-holding minority juggernaut by then — when Blacks (and Latino) will have $0 net worth (wealth). The authors of another study referring to this study go on to say that African Americans would need 288 years to be on par (and Latinos only 84 years) with the kind of wealth white Heritage America has today. In pouring over so many studies and documents so much jumps out at me, some highlights:

    — Black Women lean heavily on SSI in their later years having spent so much of their wage-earning years (18-49) on high consumption of material goods. White Heritage American women don’t rely heavily on SSI as they tend to be married and/or receive inheritances.

    — SSI-wise, Black Men pay into a system that doesn’t factor in that, on average, Black Men die sooner than men of all races (70.9 years). Interestingly, despite what the average rap video promotes, Black Men across all age groups are quite frugal. Their tendency to rely on SSI seems to be merely them getting back what they put in.

    — The top 13% percent of Black families with both parents holding degrees and who are staunchly middle-class (incomes over 60 thousand USD and up for each spouse) currently have the equivalent wealth of lower-tier, middle class white families who have only high school diplomas, or one parent holding a degree.

    — The housing collapse ravaged any chance of Black America righting itself. The hardest hit were unmarried/head-of-household African American women who were most likely duped into buying homes that they couldn’t afford and could no longer keep up with their mortgages. As they don’t receive inheritances or spousal support, this was a major blow to their opportunity of building wealth.

    — In America, the median Black family has $17,600USD in wealth while the median white family has $138,200USD. This marks the first time in U.S. history that the wealth gap between Blacks and whites has exceeded $100,000. [Also, some conflicting numbers on this but the gap in all exceeds $100,000.]

    Again my reasoning for going this route looking for “numbers” was due to Black Americas new competition with (im)migrants from other countries who, more often than not, work for less; virtually no savings and estate transfers or inheritances; our lack of family formation and in-group economics; and our aversion to white-collar/S.T.E.M. jobs that offer benefits and high salaries has placed our economic security (SURVIVAL?) on what we can earn working jobs well into our 70s, jobs that more often than not tend to be strenuous, risky, and have no upward career path, and the last slice of pizza for a racial group that has been relying on government assistance for sustenance is Social Security, it in itself is being heavily drained by all Americans, and by people here illegally. [I suspect this is why there are so many ripples…Amoral Black Men terrorizing the community, (Thinking) Black Men abandoning the community sensing it’s over, some Black Women looking for a White Zaddy, and many Black Women wallowing in delusion feeling like they’ll live young, wild, and free on the government’s teat forever… or a simp’s. Just a thought.]

    In closing, I’ve run into the same problem you’re having… In order to get some sense of net worth I needed to know exactly what Black men have stuffed in their mattresses as far as assets and what’s hanging over their heads as far as debts. In looking at many of these studies, articles, and government websites, African Americans, collectively and individually, don’t have much in the way of assets. But, boy, we sure as hell have run up a tab and made use of other people’s money… It’s surprising that people still give us loans or offer us a line of credit — that and we don’t know how to avoid enslaving ourselves to debtors from the onset… I guess that was why I originally side-eyed the Black Women having a net worth of $5.00USD claim… Not to pile on, American women, ALL American women, have run up a disproportionate amount of debt in this country, Black Women in particular have too played their part in it.

    The one thing I can point to Slaying Evil, Brother, is the median weekly earnings for FULL-TIME workers from the 2010 U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. African American men earned $633USD per week ($32,916USD; year) while African American women $592USD ($30,784USD; year). Again these are older statistics as new ones are coming with next year’s census. I used 2010 here to mirror the article discussing Black Women’s net worth. (As it was a Women’s study, it made no mention of men’s net worth. Link to graph:

    But if African American women’s net worth is only $5USD, it hurts me to say this, but African American men’s can’t be that much higher: I’m guessing by no more than a few dollars… $12USD.

    I know many may disagree, which is fair, but take into consideration that the top 20% of Black America would be entry level in the white middle class. Their assets — aside from their reckless consumption; virtually every dollar they spend is outside of the Black Community — isn’t enough to offset everyone else’s liabilities.

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    • Gregnett,

      You have to remember that black men aren’t putting billions of dollars into the weave, fake nails, fake eye lashes and other external appendages of vanity, black men as a whole are much more sensible and intelligent with their resources. I suspect that if the median net worth of black men(US) was as low as that of black women, it most assuredly would’ve been advertised and used as a comparator.

      Thinking black men who steer clear of black women will do just fine, it’s those black men who refuse to heed the warnings and choose to stick with a group of women who are a serious liability on every level, those will be the individuals who will find themselves in financial dire straits down the pike.

      The modern day black female is the key to the preservation of one’s resources, in other words she must be completely ousted from the building and resource equation in order for black men to fully protect their assets. Thinking black men who have implemented SYSBM are doing just fine and are managing their assets with little to no issues whatsoever.

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      • Verbs2015 — Agreed. Even if black men are making the same amount of money as black women, we must all note that a razor cut of the hair is cheaper than hair weaves or glued on wigs. Even if a black man buys the latest pair of Jordan shoes in 2019, he will probably still have those shoes in 2020. The out-of-control spending of black women accounts for their $5.00 (USD) net worth.

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    • @gregnett You dropped some dynamite in the post thought-provoking intel. But as Verbs pointed out, free thinking BM will be fine, they are the BM most prepared for the present and future. You mention 2043, as a browning moment. Problem with such long term predictions, they almost never come true. Remember, Xenophobia and fear of the other is rising among the western white populations; which is why the right wing is on the rise in Europe, America and Canada as we have this discussion. Trump won the White House on Xenophobia and has mad immigration reform a everyday topic. I don’t believe for a minute that the majority of White Americans are going to stand by without changing the Immigration and Nationality ACt.

      Remember, before 1965 White America limited the number of Black and Brown immigrants to America severely. They only amended it as a chess move to water down long term prospects of the Civil Rights Movement; which we have seen clearly. My prediction is that there will be a 2nd Civil War before White Americans allow a browning of America. Why? Because like the election of Lincoln set of secession leading to the 1st Civil War. The current political situation in the west is Extreme Left or Right and we are talking Socialism vs. White Nationalism. Right now, the leading contender for the Democratic nomination is Bernie Sanders – A Socialist. To the whites that yo mention with all that wealth, any Socialist is like Abraham Lincoln and The Radical Republicans of the 1860s “coming to take away their wealth and power.”

      Anyone who believes these white rich folks will just stand by as a Socialist is elected and redistributes their wealth without a fight; definitely has more faith in humanity than I do.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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      • Browning of America ? If one reads the nonsense in The New York Times, one will get a steady stream of the so-called changing demographics of the USA. The USA demographics are changing in the sense that the nation is getting more white. Most Hispanics, when classified by race, are white. 50% of Chinese women, for example, marry white males. The USA, according to demographic trends will get even more white. Finally, one must consider that ethnic Italians were, early in the last century, often viewed as non-white. In fact, any Caucasian that was from a non-English speaking nation was viewed as another race of people.

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    • Ehhh, my house is secure as is my savings. Just met a nice young tight bunny for fun….you said you came with a heavy heart…lighten bro, or better still, “why so serious?” 😂😂😂😂 sorry had to drop a Mr. J line in there, but seriously bro, the men here (and the others like us around the world) I believe are doing and will be alright.

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  20. After watching the videos posted after the article, the only feeling that courses through my body is rage……

    These poor defenseless children.

    They end up turning into Symone Sanders.

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  21. This deceitful siren right here, she’s still trying to play the “black women are a desired group of women” mantra. Desired by who exactly? Talk about severe delusions of grandeur and extreme damage control trying desperately to save her disintegrating Pink Pill/Swirling brand.

    As I stated before, Swirl Mountain is crumbling rapidly and it’s high priestess won’t be able to save it from falling:

    Liked by 3 people

    • Popular for what exactly?
      I’m not even going to bother clicking on that video.
      All she is doing is setting these women up for disappointment. They will attempt to swirl and then get ghetto gagged and/or rejected and then become lesbians or fake pro-blacks.

      Liked by 3 people

    • The more I think about the daughters of the Trade, workplace mammies, and these white zaddy worshippers. The more I am convinced of the role the bed wenches played in helping to really spark the Atlantic Slave trade. They actually want to be the permanent concubines of the White men, knowing damn well that these men will never and CANNOT place them on equal footing with the white female. Why? Its genocide, because if this swirling fantasy had any legs, it would mean the eventual genetic annhilation of the white race. Let’s not forget, globally, the white race is a minority less than 10% on the planet I believe.

      These bed wenches are living a delusion, and thats fine with me. But what is disgusting is allowing these women any time around thinking BM. These toxic bed wenches are the daughters of the trade. Death, destruction and slavery follows in their path. Soemthing to consider…

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  22. Speaking of black children paying for their mother’s poor choices:

    Mom’s Boyfriend — a Convicted Child Abuser — Charged With Murder in Killing of Trinity Love Jones

    “A man identified by the victim’s family members as the boyfriend of a woman whose slain 9-year-old daughter was found partially stuffed in a duffel bag in Hacienda Heights has been charged with murder, authorities announced Tuesday.”

    “Family members of the young victim told KTLA on Monday that Hunt is the boyfriend of Trinity’s mother, Taquesta Graham. Graham is a registered sex offender, having been convicted in 2009 of enticing a minor female for prostitution, according to the Megan’s Law website. She was last released in 2016 and reported to be living in Santa Fe Springs.

    Hunt, meanwhile, has a prior child abuse conviction in San Diego County from 2005, according to the criminal complaint.”

    Keep the Wall up.

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