Swirl Mountain Continues To Crumble – Black Female YouTuber Cluster B Free Me Calls Out Christelyn Karazin And Her Coven Of Witches

Thanks to TeamWhiteGirls for alerting me to this.




Now, had Cluster Be Free Me picked up a copy of Negro Wars back when I released the book in the Fall of 2015, she would have come across the following quote on page 93 concerning the black witch of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin which reads as follows:

“You also must remember that Christelyn Karazin IS A MERCHANT, she has seen how insecure and stupid the modern day black woman is and has decided to take advantage of the situation for financial gain. She is fully aware of the fact that the vast majority of black women will stew and marinate in their own pot of failure until the end of time, however if an individual refuses to use their own brain, somebody else will always step up and use it for them to their own advantage. Thus if black women can be suckered and hoodwinked by such basic propaganda, more fool them”.

Since black women as a collective have a default deep-seated hatred for black men and point-blank refuse to listen to anything we say, I decided long ago to instead reach out to thinking black men as I knew that they at least would be willing to listen to intelligence, logic, reason, wisdom and understanding.

I’ve written article after article concerning the deceitful high priestess of Swirl Mountain and the fact that she is deliberately leading black women astray via feeding them misguiding information and thus giving them the false hope that they can cross the fence and easily snag themselves a white man as opposed to first dealing with their own dysfunctional selves as they are the root of their own problems:








Again, what was Cluster Be Free Me’s transgression, speaking out against another black woman, in this case the fraudulent, failed swirler and witch Karazin and her false hope Pink Pill Brand. This is why Cluster Be Free Me has been doxxed by the Swirling Sisterhood and she has other videos on her channel documenting this. By putting forward an honest opinion ie a critical review of Christelyn’s Pink Pill Classes, in the eyes of Karazin and her dysfunctional acolytes Cluster committed a great sin and as a result must be recompensed in full for “falling short”.

A lot of folks have been deceived by the black witch/enchanter of Swirl Mountain because of that fake Valley girl accent she regularly uses, however in reality Christelyn Karazin is a very nasty piece of trash. Remember, she fully advocates for black women to murder unborn black male children just like her blood partner in crime Kendall St Charles and the rest of their black witch’s coven.

Also, how can we forget how Karazin and her motley crew went after the Vegainator just for stating his dating preferences towards non black women ie his preference NOT to swirl. You have to remember that black women are black women no matter what types of philosophies they decide to embrace, swirling black females have no problems letting Jezebel out of the cage whenever somebody says or does something they don’t like, do not allow these fake Becky accents and mannerisms this cluster of black witches use to fool you.

Now, let’s briefly deal with the black witch known as Kendall St Charles aka Breukelen Bleu, another decadent, dysfunctional black siren who these days prefers to throw stones from afar while at the same time dwelling in the shadows. I had no idea that Kendall St Charles was a co-conspirator in the great Pink Pill swindle. St Charles was yet another disgruntled black harpy who much like Cynthia G continuously ran her mouth to the hilt disparaging black men, however the thinking black men’s regiment(the great soldier Brian Solonge and 20 valiant warriors)gave her that work to the point where she was forced to beat a hasty retreat back into the dark and dusty catacomb that she crawled out from.

Nowadays Kendall St Charles lives like a troll under the bridge choosing to vent her misandry, feminist and black male child killer views within the confines of Swirl Mountain. Back in December 2016 I released an article entitled Aborting Black Male Children – The Black Woman’s New Jihad. Shortly afterwards St Charles attempted to rebut the article via a post on Facebook claiming that thinking black men were shook, however I never caught wind of that particular post until the middle of 2018, to which I responded with the article below:


Of course no sooner had I released the above article Kendall St Charles like the cowardly siren that she is took her post down from Facebook. To be honest it was my fault for not taking screenshots as we already know how black women once demonstrated to be frauds love to cover up their dirty tracks. Again, Kendall St Charles has been intelligently deconstructed and verbally battered time after time after time, she didn’t want that work back then and she sure doesn’t want it now.

Both Kendall St Charles and Christelyn Karazin are mentally ill, mentally unstable and mentally broken individuals who ought to be immediately heavily sedated, placed into straight jackets, taken to the appropriate mental health facilities(Arkham asylum) and sectioned under the relevant mental health acts and legislations. If black women were dealt with in such a manner black society most certainly wouldn’t be in such dire straits. Unfortunately, mentally ill black females are instead left to roam the streets freely wreaking nothing but havoc and destruction in their paths.

Black women who continue to believe that silly courses and hodge podge, patch and mend, defective and fraudulent Pink Pill programmes are the get out of jail free passes they require in order to avoid having to deal with their own hearts and minds are simply fooling themselves. Cluster Be Free Me is no different to the rest of these black females, she is going to have to come to terms with and accept the fact that the reason why she doesn’t have a husband ultimately lies within HERSELF and she ought to stop trying to find an outside source to blame.

As per usual black men the message is the same, don’t be afraid to date out ie expand on your dating and mating options as these modern day black females are not an option for you and haven’t been since the days of slavery. There is no freedom around black women, it’s either their way or no way at all, they refuse to compromise(what do we expect from mentally ill individuals), they are completely unreasonable, believe that they must be the centre of attention for everything and even then are never satisfied.

Black men, go where you will be loved and appreciated and don’t even listen to what black women have to say concerning your dating choices as they tend not to be interested in “lames” until we date out and even then their so called “sudden interest” normally has a nefarious agenda behind it, namely seeking out money and resources. Don’t get caught out, don’t be that guy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid The Scragglies Like The Plague

Most High Bless

67 thoughts on “Swirl Mountain Continues To Crumble – Black Female YouTuber Cluster B Free Me Calls Out Christelyn Karazin And Her Coven Of Witches

  1. Once again, the snake eating its own tail…

    Cluster B is the literal description of personality disordered individuals (narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy and Machiavellianism). So they are both aptly named.

    Going forward, Verbs, take screenshots and documented evidence, so the posts remain on the web for later. The receipts are in, and it don’t look good for the black witch.

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    • Michel,

      Though we recognise that Karazin is running a clear racket and scam with these Pink Pill courses, that in no wise excuses black women from dealing with themselves, as I stated before, black women as a collective are the cause of their own problems and Karazin’s snake oil won’t fix their hearts and minds which are the principal areas they would need to start with.

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  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Gentlemen, sit back, break out some popcorn, grab your WW and enjoy the show.
    I have no dog in this fight, you see I’m hearing an old scraggle daggle fight what she created.
    Oh yes, the woman talking is from the “I’m a strong and independent black black woman who needs no man,” “Black men ain’t shit,” “You can’t handle a strong black woman” crowd from back in the 80s and 90s. Say what you will about chock full of nuts, she was created by this slow talking manipulator.
    Without this nut job, the likes of Christelyn Karazin would not exist.

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    • Paul Anthony,

      The swirl movement was already rapidly going down the toilet, however once the Vegainator came on the scene it was a serious wrap from that point onwards. Feminism has messed black women up royally, however because they wish to continue holding onto it, they’ll never know what it’s like to embrace proper womanhood and femininity ever again, they’ve seal their own fate and as a result most will remain single until they hit their graves. Popcorn and fresh juice is out.

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      • >The swirl movement was already rapidly going down the toilet,

        As the Swirl movement swirls down the toilet, the shit and the Tidy Bowl man jump out of the toilet in a desperate move to avoid the swirlers.


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  3. Wow, a bw calling out the dysfunctional acts of another bw….i love it lol. It definitely proves there’s fukery going on in the community and i salute Ms. Cluster. If the community was filled with her types then the black community wouldn’t be in the state its in now.

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    • Hijab Hamed,

      Though Cluster is doing the right thing by calling out the fraud Karazin, sadly it’s all too little too late as the so called community is already deep in the sewer. I suspect that more black women will be stepping forward in the near future to call out Karazin for the deceitful black siren that she is.

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  4. Now, this shows you the type of woman who would use/partake of this swirling ideology: masculine, DARK skinned women. We all know that swirling is a dark skinned woman’s game. Notice how deep her voice was.

    Now, I thought that these women wanted to protect the downtrodden and put upon SISTAS? So, why are they attacking one of their own? I mean, I KNOW why, but does Karazin not realize how this further ruins her OWN image? As we can see from both women, self reflection is not a talent of theirs.

    Interracial dating amongst black women is declining from already low numbers, whereas black men are dating out more than ever. The world SURELY sees this and laughs at such a masculine, unwanted group of women.

    Again, it has to be brought up the differences between black men dating out and black women doing it. Black men stay THEMSELVES, be they jocks, nerds, geeks, artists, etc.

    As we can see from Karazin and others, they use fake valley girl accents and feign interest in all manner of make believe lives to snag someone who they really share nothing with, and who will just be a sperm donor and status symbol, especially when they get that lite skinded bebeh wif dat gud hayer.

    You do not see ANY other group of women doing this to attract white men. Hell, Asian women if anything play up their ASIANNESS, not pretend to be a white girlfriend, because they know what white men want and it makes them more exotic.

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    • I don’t know about you guys, but I always put on a Ted Koppel toupee and a deep news anchor voice to attract non-black women.

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      • Excuse me their missy, but by the by, you are quite ravishing in nature! Would you mind catching some Frasier, eating chitterlings and mayonnaise, and rubbing our uglies? My dearest thanks!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly, when Obsidian showed photos of the Pink Pill summit Karazin hosted a while ago on one of his livestream shows, over 95% of the black women in attendance were dark skinned and OVERWEIGHT.

      Most black women aren’t that bright at all, they wait until they are well out of their prime years for the light to go off in their heads ie for them to finally get a clue. Wasting all of their their lives chasing feminism but then can’t seem to figure out why men are giving them a wide berth, smh.

      Again, the very men who could’ve schooled up these Pink Pillers on the decadent exploits of Karazin they refuse to listen to because in their minds it is all about staying ahead of black men, not being in co-partnership with us.

      Black women have lost terribly, the worst is still yet to unravel and as they’re only just starting to feel the effects now, there unfortunately are still large numbers of black females walking around with their chests puffed out, however their arrogance and pride will soon be deflated. Pride always comes before a fall.

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      • Verbs2015,

        “Most black women aren’t that bright at all”

        This in particular is the major problem with black women. Before the fatness or anything else, most black women are colossal idiots. I’d probably be even willing to put up with their fatness if they weren’t so fucking stupid….

        Liked by 2 people

      • Odyssey,

        And what makes it worse is the fact that they think they know it all, but they can’t seem to figure out why they continue to run into problem after problem, smh.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Verbs

        I wonder if Karazin told those women to lose weight and learn to co-operate with a man or did she keep feeding them the typical BW lie of “You are strong and independent and have a college degree, that makes you prime marriage material.”? These chicks are doomed to perpetual baby momma and side piece status (if that) if they don’t swallow their pride start making some big changes.

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      • James S,

        Karazin is nothing short of a deceitful buzzard, therefore there is no doubt in my mind that she opted to lie to her “students” in order to keep the money flowing in.

        I couldn’t care less for black women as a collective, they’ve been dogging black men out for years but now all of a sudden the chickens have come home to roost, they’re pulling every trick out of the hat in order to avoid the harsh consequences and judgement coming for them down the pike.

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  5. @Verbs 2015

    When I saw that video I just couldn’t stop laughing. You hit the nail on the head with everything you said, Crystalline “chock-full nuts” Karazin is a used car salesman and Cluster B was the Daggle sucker who got reeled in for the slaughter.

    I just love sitting back with my popcorn and beverage watching the “Buffarillas” continously rolling down swirl mountain as they make their futile attempts to reach its summit.

    As Afrofuturism1 said, Black Men interracial date, we dont “swirl”, and the difference is, Black Men don’t have to augment their appearance or changed their personalities we can just go in simply being ourselves, whereas black females have to augment their appearances with weave, skin bleaching, multi colored contacts and then change the personality by adopting the valley girl accent and trying to act like the wholesome White Women they wish they were.

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    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      Exactly, Karazin was the one who coined the term “swirling”, it applies to BLACK WOMEN who date out, NOT black men. You’d think dusty black witches like Cynthia G would acknowledge this, however at the same time in 2019 expecting a black woman to be honest is a nothing short of a fool’s errand.

      Like I stated in Negro Wars, it’s not up to black women if they choose to swirl or not, it is non black men who choose to give them the opportunity, however many cannot seem to accept this.

      I’m not fooled by the fake Becky accents and supposed behavioural changes in the slightest, as we have clearly seen the swirling sisterhood is no different to your average black female, the devils within them will still manifest themselves at some point regardless.

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  6. Swirl Mountain was hit with a GIANT bunker-busting L courtesy of L Express.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free.


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      • Verbs,

        Not to worry. L Express just made a substantial investment in additional aircraft, trains, and trucks to handle the extra demand. L Express also acquired a controlling stake in The Wall to sustain current levels of growth.

        In summary:

        The Wall will continue to grow and L Express will continue their sustained delivery of L’s 24x7x265 worldwide.


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      • REUTERS: China is willing to lift it’s bitter trade dispute against the United States in exchange for the construction of an underwater freightliner spanning the Pacific ocean. This underwater rail line will be capable of transporting 5000 metric tons of cargo a minute. Combined with the scheduled opening of 12 Amazon Warehouses in Nanjing, this allows China to boost the handling, processing and shipping of L’s to the continental United States and the Sistuh’s Republic of Blackistan. – Troy McLure

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  7. Verbs 2015.

    The black women swirl movement is a fucking shambles and its no wonder why black women bitter on that black men can date interracially easily whereas black women can’t because no man wants them as they are the least desired women on the fucking planet.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women are not happy at all, extremely jealous and well upset at seeing black men date out with such ease and simplicity, this is why they continue to circulate the old “white women are going to get you” wives tales and the “watch out for those white girls” slogans, however this witchcraft is no longer effective.

      Failing that they’ll resort to the old “your mother’s black” shaming language, however this isn’t working either. It’s a wrap for these broads.

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  8. I’m not against interracial dating none of my business but I wouldn’t do it. If I had a girlfriend it would be a dark skin black women or light skin women obviously foreign.

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    • Black British Guy,

      As we’ve seen from the article I recently wrote with the video of the Nigerian female talking out of pocket, refusing to dilute that black bloodline can carry a huge risk, I personally wouldn’t be so dogmatic on the “gotta keep it black” talk, not in these times.

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  9. Got this just in time, as we can all see the BOW black female bitches and “We WUZ KANGZ” house n….s receiving a barrage full of Ls courtesy of hard reality and the wall of silence. They can all see that nobody wants to deal with them anymore due to their spoilt and entitled attitude, having destroyed some of the most advanced civilizations in the world and driven the community over the cliff due to their lust for position and power, and as a result nobody gives a shit about their whining when Big Booty Jane, Amika, Lopez, Ming and Ling find themselves genuine kings that racist white men and power-hungry black women dismissed as ‘ain’t shit’ and traitors.

    Black men in general have very limited access to resources and power considering the path of history, but are able to compete on equal footing and even exceed white men and black women who have been given all the means to succeed. The mass shootings and general upsurge of conflicts and battles involving black bitches might be due to the realization that nobody gives a shit about either racist white males and greedy black b…s anymore, the State had its fun using white men as a wrecking ball to achieve its goals combined with the support of the black female and then disposed of them when they were no longer necessary.

    It’s funny how racist white males call themselves infallible ‘kangz’ but who invented modern capitalism and battled against slavery before anybody else even recognized the dangers of it again?

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    • Antón Nikolaev,

      Again, black women have dug up, thawed out, dusted off and unleashed a mountain load of simps into black society, how can they then turn around and say that there are very few good men to choose from when they have so many of these simps who worship them and are willing to do anything for them?

      I forget who said it but I believe the quote is something like “when the enemy is destroying itself, let it continue to do so”, words to that effect or similar. The simps are going to find out the hard way that black women are not their friends and only want them for money and resources.

      Additionally, the white men who created and support this modern day black female in the destruction of her own people just like the black witch will NOT be able to escape their coming judgement and recompense.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Damn right Verbs. As the proverb says “The shoe’s on the other foot and kicking ass.” The dysfunction of black females and racist white men is on display for all to see nowadays.

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  10. There is no course you can take, “pink pill” or otherwise, that would make a straight white man in his prime want Cluster. These hoes are so delusional. Drinking my fruit juice and watching them slowly go to hell.

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  11. Here this now. When a black woman dates a white man, she will got too far by mocking him. But when she gets ghetto gagged by her white man, she wants to go back to black men and says “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” When a black woman puts on their weave, they are not impressing the black men because we don’t love it, its because that she is trying to get a white man and some of the time she try to use him but he just wanna give her the ghetto gaggers treatment and recycle her but unfortunately the simps with take her out of the recycle bin and calling her black queen, the queen of the throne and the black woman is God and all sort of shit which is getting on my nerves. As I look at black women now, its like they are just nothing but damage goods.

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    • Money Cultural,

      Black heifers like this delusional swirler will learn their lessons the hard way:

      Indeed, the sad thing about these failed swirlers is that there will always be a dusty simp ready and willing to accept them back into the fold and to wife them up, the benighted black Jezebel Irene Yvette is a classic example of this.

      Liked by 5 people

      • I saw a snippet of this on Tariq Nasheed’s Twitter. I guarantee this masculine bedwench will come begging back to black men after that redneck and his friends are done ghetto gagging her, and like you say, Verbs, she’ll find some simp to pick up the pieces.

        Not us.


        Liked by 3 people

      • Schadenfreude,

        Exactly, NOT US. Black women are going to have to accept that the only men available to them outside of Roof Top Trey, Trap House Jim and 12 Gauge Mike are the simps they have flooded black society with. Let them save these unwashed harpies.

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  12. The cuts are coming in deep for black women and white men especially now that the stores are closing up in the black community. The white store owners are closing up shop for good as black women with bad credit are deeply screwed. Keep your credit scores high. Oh, and these black women will engage in civil war due to R Kelly and attacking Michael Jackson. A lot of thinking black men are leaving in mass, that’s why black women are upset that they’re getting pregnant by simps and dusty men, just ask Cynthia G.

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  13. What did you think BW were going to do it is in their ravenous nature to turn on each other with the SYSBM movement getting stronger and the vile BW creature in fighting their doom is eminent. I’m going to kick my feet up get my high end vodka have my lemon pepper grilled chicken breast and salad eat good and watch the destruction of BW with glee and joy.

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    • What did you expect bro, as I said before the State doesn’t give a s…t about black women and racist white men. Now that they are fully exposed the simps expect us to go and try and save these animals, not this time guys!

      Shanicha and Brad threw us and Becky out of the house in exchange for state benefits and power, the blame for what happened lies squarely on their shoulders and they should suck it up

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      • Sean, it’s dead bro, don’t listen to these “we can rebuild the community” bootlickers, they preach nothing but empty words. If the “community” could’ve been saved it would’ve been a long time ago.

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  14. The hellhole that is the black community is dying an overdue death, Mount Swirlympus is crashing down on these brain dead, bitter black bitches, more brothers and building and fortifying the wall of silence, and the cuts and L’s keep coming in. It’s only March, and I honestly can’t keep up with all the hilarious and huge L’s black whores have gotten.

    Stay vigilant out there gentlemen, it’s avout to get realll ugly….

    Liked by 7 people

    • Damn straight. As greedy black b….s and racist white males find their privileges being revoked and being slowly exposed as laughing stocks and utter jokes and disgraces expect more incidents of acting up and possibly attacks on thinking black men and their partners as things get worse. Keep those self-defense skills sharpened, you never know when you might need them.

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